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ALBANY, FRIDAY, DEC. 31, 1875.
Spain will send more troops to Cuba ;
the Cubans will gobble them.
-- A late dispatch says only one passen
ger was lost in the Louisiana Bordeaux
rtbe others lost were ot the crew.
It is not the correct thiDg for a gen
tleman to wink at a lady. It is always
the lady's place to wink first.;
- The little ones of the Orphans' Home
m Salem have been famished with new
'suits. ' ' :-
Commissioner Dufur has sent 2,000
pounds of Oregon botanical specimens to
the Centennial. - -'
Benton couuty assessment roll foots
up e2,000,000, and the tax levy is 15
mills. - ".--. - .
There are 150,000 bushels : of wheat
stored at Cbrvallis, and the town is live-
.' A fresh strike, the richest yet was
made in the. Gold Hill Ledge, Boise,
recently, v
A shipment of 208 bales ot bops were
last week made to San Francisco from
Puyallup, and 200 bales are yet to go.
- Three-fourths of the women of Boston
-dare not sneeze with their mouths open
owing to their inability to hold on to
thoir teeth I
In the Supreme Court, January 11th,
the cases will come up to test the right
of tae States to regulate railroad rates.
In another year the 'decision may be
High military officers in Cuba want
to return to Spain with Yalmaseda.
He won't let them. They ought to be
sent back for wishing to go in such odi
ous company.
The Universities of Glasgow and
Aberdeen have elected a Conservative
to Parliament. His last name is Gor
don and too much' comes before for space
here. He will take it to Parliament
with him.
It is rumored that Mr. McCreight,
Q.'A. C, will be a candidate for the
Mayorality of Victoria at the coming
-municipal election. Mayor Drummond
will offer himself for re-election.
John Bragger & Son, in the hosiery
manufacturing line in Manchester, N.
IL, have failed for $100,000, and have
$30,000 to show for it. . These Braggers
hardly ever do pan out. ' 1 - ' :
At Urban, Ohio, a saloon keeper
named Fuld welder discovered a large
vein of. crude petroleum flowing into
his well. An examination showed five
gallons on the surface of the water.
. As a geographical wonder it is stated
that the Tweed has been lately seen in
the streets of Havana. ' But if is the
Boss, not the Scotch river, that per-
formed the feat. He reached Cuba in a
schooner V :yr-V.
, It is said that when a Chinese bank
fails all the officers have their heads cat
off and flung into a corner with the
assets: and it has been five hundred
'years since there was a bank failure in
that country. v
At Oakland, last Friday, in a trot,
mile heats, 3 in 5, in harness, free for
all 2:34 horses, for a purse of $200, J.
t O. Welch drove Bell-flower, the Oregon
mare, and won in 2:41, 2:36$, 2:32.
She beat Lilly White,' American Boy,
American Maid, Roan Charley, Dan,
and Sorrel Dick. VJ't
JL.l.Two barrels C Boorbon; Whisky,
marked "J. Bean, Marshfield,"; vCoos
'Bay) bave been picked np in Barclay
." Sound by Indians, and brought to Vic
toria. The barrels fbrmed partpf the
; cargo ot the schooner, SimeTime, from
s San Francisco, previously Reported lost
f-with, all on board. The savages reso
lutely refused to drink the spirits.
' Since the report of the Secretary of
the Interior, Zack Chandler, we notice
the feeling ot opposition to his appoint-
- meet to the bead of that Department is
r giving way, and in place of said oppoei.
-tioo, a strong ieeliog is growing np that
' Old Zack u jast tbs man fbr tbe pom
tioo. ' HV seems to; feav ,it.daoe; got
the varies fisijsctanadert nu control
: well sa and .takes :.vigoroni'- :om
mon sense vies s ot thorn' - Seme of the
' fj-r-rnah tlit ( first so vioroasljrop.
-ims&ittfl. freerrl ftfe ,hk ejjxnpfcrssti
f l-aveirc.!a50wlf tbeir EastiJuS, ead
- f . - f.i3 1!. X i 3 tjSts .they aa - of' tlx
titc- ..-'--It; -:Qzzz-X.lAm the
The Haddon Hall, wheat ship, from
San Francisco for Cork, put into Cowea.
Her cargo had shifted, her crew were
sick, and she had lost some of, her sails.
To keep the needy men of Montreal
from utter destitution 1,500 of them
have been given employment at seven
cents an hour. j
An incediary put a stop to a suit for
possefsion of a frame house in Walla
Walla by burning it down. Capt. Arm
strong owned it.
: At the Walla Walla races, two
mile heats, Osceola won easily in 3:44J
and 3:48, badly distancing Emma 51c
Coraick and Rosa Mansfield.
The Democrats have organized a
Club at Pendleton, . and Turner, of
Umatilla, will at the next meeting
move the adoption of the Ohio Infla
tion platform. .!
More grain has been put in this sea
son in Butter creek county, Umatilla,
than In any past season, and fine weather
has been enjoyed. Improvements are
going on.
A yield ot 1202 pounds of hops to the
acre is the way they do it up in Uma
tilla county, and the crop 'was all sold
to local brewers, for 16 cents per pound
$204 per acre. Pretty good pay.
Matt. Carpenter having been charged
by the Chicago Tribune with complici
ty in the late whisky frauds, writes a let
ter to the Tribune, stating that he will
6ue the proprietors thereof for libel, and
advises them to be gathering their evi
dence toprove their charges.
The Democrats have not had the
organization of the House of - Represen
tatives since 1857, when they elected
James L. Orr, of South Carolina, Sp?aR
er. At the opening of Congress in
1850 the famous struggle between the
two adverse parties commenced. The
House began balloting on December 5th,
1859, and on February 1st, 1860, W.
L. Pennington was elected. Ever since
that time the Democrats, until now,
have been in a minority in Congress.
Henry Stiles is dead. Dou't know
him? Why, ho was the first son of
white parents born where Cincinnati
now stands, and lived in Detroit when
old Cass ran his sword into the ground
and broke it in two rather than to
submit to the disgrace of surrendering
it as Gen. Hull cowardly if not treason
ably surrendered, the army under him.
He was not the subject of "I Am
Sitting on the Stile, Mary." The "style'
these days of pull backs is not good tor
; The Hingham Manufacturing Com
pany, of Boston, has failed for $180,000,
assets nix, and the Clerk is under arrest
for perjury." They call it a fraudulent
failure because none of the capital swore
to was paid' in. Wherein it differs
from the honest firms or companies who
have been in the failing line this lively
season of bankruptcies seems to be in
the non-payment of capital or indebted
ness. Honor among thieves does not
hold good when the rogues are high
toned bankers, manufacturers, mer
chants, etc. Think of Duncan, Sher
man fc Co.
.The suggeetiftu ot the President re
garding the school question has, in a
measure been acted upon by Representa
tive Blaine, who bas proposed a consti
tutional amendment, providing that no.
State shall make airy law respecting the
establishment of religion or prohibiting
tbe free exercise thereof ; aud no money
raised by taxation in any State for the
support of publio schools, or derived
from any publio fund thereof, or any
public land devoted thereto, shall ever
be under the control of any religious
sect, and that no money or lands so
donated shall be divided among religions
sects or denominations.
According to tbe ancient Egyptian as
tronomy there were seven planets two,
the son and moon, circling around the
earth, the rest circling around the sun,
xnese planets tbey arranged in order
(beginning with the planet ot tbe long
est period), as follows : 1, Satnrn ; 2
Jupiter 3, Mars 4, the Sun ; 5, Ve
nus ; 6, Mercury j 7,: Moon. The seven
days in order were assigned to the pla
net which ruled the first hour," and thus
tbe days were named as follows : The
SunV day (Suuday); the Moon's .day
(Monday, Luodi); Mars day (Tuesday,
Mardi) ; Mercury's day (Wednesday,
Jlercredi) ; Jupiter's day ' (Thursday,
Jeadi) Venusf . day (Friday,3 Veneris
desii Vacdredi) j Sa turn's day (Satur
day, Italian SaMaio), Dion Cassias,
who wrote in the third century ot oar
F?-? -ves -this explanation of tbe Egyp.
tian Wekj and of the method in which
the arranst-mect was derived from their
t j-sl. :a'cf astronomy.',' ."
""1 . rsdlvLia HigH School has 50 pupils
tli Tfirj&T terra, " , ' -
Since Gen. Bbcock has been arraign
ed as among those who have been de-1
frauding the Geueral Government of its
"re venues, he threatens, if the prosecution j
is not discontinued, that he will make
terrible disclosures, effecting leading men
ot the njitioq, including even the Presi
dent, We are among those who, what
ever else may be said of President GrantJ
do not believe that aught can be truth
fully Baid against his integrity. So far"
in bis administration there has not been
shown a single scrap of testimony that
would leal the worst eaemy of the Presi
dent to believe he was guilty of taking
bribes. No responsible man will assert
to the contrary if there is even a ghost
of a 6how that he will be called upon to
produce evidence to support the charge.
We hope every man who has participat
ed in the whisky frauds will be prosecut
ed to the fullest extent ot the law, Gen.
Babcock among the rest. The Presi
dent has stocd by Secretary Bristow all
through his campaign against the whis
ky ring, telling him to spare none but
bring the guilty to justice s speedily i$
possible. It PisSTent Grant bad ever
in any way participated in the frand, he
would never have so warmly sustain.
ed and supported the . Secretary in the
breaking np and exposure of the ring.
Bring Babcock to the bar, and let him
make his boastful threats good ; as far
as the President is concerned, wo Lave
no fears for the result !
Indian Wae. The small speck of
war, caused by the Joseph", band of
tho Nez Perce Indians withdrawing
from their peaceful avocation of taking
scalps, and embarking in tbe more lu
crative employment of stealing horses
gives occasion for the Statesman tosay
that, in all probability. Gen. Martin
Van Buren Brown will be compelled to
sinch himself for war, and issue orders
for Capt. McComas, of La Grande,
and Lieut. Baker, of Portland, to hold
their eleven men in readiness to march
to the front, at least as early as the
coming 4th of July ! The great army of
savages who are causing this great com
motion, aud against whom Gen. Brown
will be called upon to exercise his great
military strategy, consists of nearly for
ty Siwashes ! . In this terrible emergen
cy the General has tho sympathy of the
people of the entire world ! 1
There is evidently work for the Good
Templars at the hitherto quiet town of
Wheatland. A few days since a" half-
breed opened a saloon, and the firTjjg Ccsimixs boasts that h
night about a dozen persons got beastly
drunk. One man was drunk and layiiig
in the road who had in his pocket the
snug little sum of $1,330 gold. A friend
went through" his pockets, took the
money and locked it up in the safe for
his inebriated. friend. The next morn
ing, after the effects ot the whisky began
to die, the ungrateful wretch wanted to
(hoot his friend for taking care of bis
Mr. Blaine proposes to forever settle
the possibility of any danger tl .at might
arise under tins discussion of what might
be termed the religious phase ot the
school question, by an amendment to the
Constiution of the United States, forever
prohibiting the appropriation of one
dollar of the school funds for, sectarian
purposep. Oar State Constitutions
would then be uniform, and the matter
would be lifted out of politics.
By the personal solicitation ot Presi
dent McCosh, a wealthy merchant of
Princeton New Jersey, has given five
billiard tables to the college at that
place. The President believes the stu
dents will now have less inducements to
visit billiard saloons where intoxicating
liquors are sold. ;
The will ot Georgianna Mary Dia
mond ot Philadelphia gives $30,000 in
bequests to different societies, of j the
Catholic Ch.Bch i $1,000 to Archbishop
Wood, and after a number, of pYtvw,4
bequests, it is provided that the remain
der of the estate go to the Society of St.
Joseph and the St. John's Orphan Asy
lum, share and share alike. . . - ,
The largest flouring mill in America
is owned by n6n.! O. G. Washbume, ot
Minneapolis, .Minn. It is seven stories
hlgb and crowded with machinery from
top to bottom. Its cost was $300,090,
has forty ran ot burrs, and : tarns oat
1,000 barrels of flour per day.'
,-. Mr, : Allan Magruder, of Baltimore,
will contribute to tbe January Atlantis
an account ot Mr. Lincoln's . interview
with Judge Campbell jast after the fall
of Richmond, in which evidence is giv
enot the breadth asd geperosity.of Mr.
Lincoln's views about the restoration, ot
the Union.
r- .. -. .x
Fiie attempt have been made to
have Utah admitted as a State. ' ' The
first was in March, 1849, when Brignaa
was nominate Governor Wells Attoiv
ney General ftnd, J ohn Taylor Associate
Justice. j.Tfca ether? attempt were,, in
March,-18J3, January, . 18S2, Zlsrch,
1872, and December, 1875. Next,
It is remarkable ; that 38 ladies , in
Hew York, daring the past year, have
become converts, . unsolicited by any
Habbi, to the Jewish: faith. It is not
any mora remarkable that each" of the
38 married rich gentlemen of the same
faith. But it is more remarkable that
the gentleman in each case proposes to
a lady not of his own faith, and nearly
as remarkable that tho lady in each
case accepted a proposal from one whose
faith so soon seemed better for her than
her own.
Perhaps there was never before so
large a proportion of the members of
Congress who were entirely without
congressional experience. The New
York Tribuife states that of the 366
members, composing both houses, 170
are there for the first time.
, James B, Beede, lately died, left an
estate valued at $4,000,000. Besides
many private bequests, he left to public
charities a, total, of nearly $100,000,
and to his widow and six children the
ShjsJ&rge ? -rtune. ' He was one1
of the "solid meiMf Boston."
A Walla Walla woman pugilistically
inclined, walked into a saloon the other
evening and commenced a vigorous as
sault on a man. She exercised her mus
cle to 6uch good advantage, thst the
object of her attack 6oon found himself
uncomfortably stretched out under a
billiard table.
They have made the pleasant discov
ery in Chicago that the only survey ever
made of the Lake Front was rejected by
the Commissioner of tho United States
Land Office, and that as a consequence
the track still belongs to the United
Reports from the Oro Fino and Pierce
districts, in Idaho, and other "parts of
Idaho, intimate that the coming season
will be the most prosperous in the car
Tying on of mining operations of any
they have had there for a long time.
Col. A. C. Gil!em, ot the First Caval
ry, U. S., and who for a while com
manded in the war against the Modocs,
in 1873, died a few days ago at his
home, ne&r Nashville, Tennessee.
A fkightful calamity happened in
Ililhken. Switzerland, Christmas day, at
a festival in the school house. The
floor broke away, and eight' persons
were killed and fifty injured.
Reformed Episcopal Church has new
fifty-two Congregations and as many
clergymen! whereas two years ago it
had only eight clergymen and not a
single congregation.
The Comptroller of the Currency
has ordered a statement from all the
National Banks of their condition to
be clawed from the closing hour of bus
iness, December 17th.
There are giantesses in Minnesota, it
seems. A country paper there in de
scribing the burning of a dwelling
mentions the rescue, "by way of a
window, ot the servant-girl, fifteen feet
in height." .
Exultant. Tbe Detroit News goes
off in this style :
Good ! The Apaches have shot an
Indian agent 1 "Let no guilty man es
cape." WM. JU ASTeiTB WILL.
' The New York papers give reports
of the will of the late millionaire. Ho
left an estate worth between fifty and
one ' hundred millions. To his two
daughters, married, and grandchildren,
he left snug fortunes; to his sons John
Jacob and William B., the bulk of his
vast wealth. - And these are his other
bequests : - 1
To 'the widow of Benjamin Astor,
an annuity during her Jife.. of $200
To the American Bible S
$10,000, - v
TO the Society for Relief of Respect
able Aged Indigent Females, $5,000.
' To the Institution for the Blind, 5,000
To the New York Lying-in Asylum,
$5,000:"- j '
' To the Ladies' Repository, $5,000.
To the Exempt Firemen's Benevolent
Fund of the' Volunteer Fire. Depart
ment, $10,000.
To Philip Kissam, Agustus F. SaU
terlee, William W. Bruce and Thomas
M. Beare, $3,500 to each of them, pro
vided .he shall be in my. service at the
time of my death. .
' A ; bare $200 a year to widowed
Astor, and $40,000 in all to Chanty !
Oat of every ose of his millions the
manificent sum t, say $500, is devoted
to Charity i: Or dollar in everv $2.-
00! Faith, -'Hope, and Charity, but
the greatest of ihese , is Charity 1 It
does rllxseera pe one' of those cases
ct te eye of a needle and a camel, told
of iu lha ,Holy fBook. No wonder
i aaay rbymed it:,' , "Tfaim as are rich
rr;ayrideia chaisas; and thim as are
:rmay go t? blazes." But," then,
u uutjom id the sentiment.
Wm, Blake & Co., of Boston, have just
cast a chime of nine bells for a church upon
St. Paul's island, in the Bering Sea, not
far from the Strait3 of Alaska, and about
3,0(ft miles- from San Francisco. The
congregation are the Russian employes of
the AlaRka Commercial Company, and
their faith is that of the Greek church.
There are about 75 houses on the island.
Some notion of the extraordinary prices
ruling in the city of London for real estate
may be got from a recent sale to Messrs.
Samuel Brothers, the Lndgate Hill tailors.
The lease of the ground on which Nos. 65
and 67 stand, with the houses; has been
sold for a sum which, added to the capital
ized ground rent, represents about $7,000
per foot frontage tor the freehold. The
situation is one of the best in London tor
general business purposes, but land near
the Bank fetches a still higher price.
Statistics of toe Speakers. Readers
with a morbid taste tor statistics will pro
bably be interested in knowing that Mass
achusetts has .had the honor of supplying
the Speakers during 10 years, all told ; Vir
glnfci during 13 years; Kentucky daring
16 years; Indiana has had the Speaker 8
year3; Pennsylvania, Maine. New Jersey
and North Carolina 6 years apiece ; Ten
nessee 5 ; New York and South Carolina 3
apiece , Georgia and Connecticut 2 apiece.
The first Speaker, Muhlenberg, of Penn
sylvania (elected April 1, 1789), seems to
have beeu chosen purely on personal
grounds, as were Trumbull, of ConnectK-nt
(175)1). and Dayton, of New York (1795),
Muhlenberg was called to the chair a sec
ond time in (1793). by the way. Sedgwick,
of Massachusetts (1799). was elected by the
Federalists on the party issue.- In 1S01 he
was succeeded by Macon, ot North Caroli
na, a Democrat. Since and including his
term the Democrats have held the chair 49
years, the Whigs 7, the Republicans 18.
Joaquin Miller has been giving the story
the story of his life to a correspondent of
the Louisville Conrier-Journal. lie says
he came "from a God-forsaken, impecuni
ous, wandering racf," that his isther "is a
gentleman, a tender, soulful man, so mild
that he would not kill a squirrel, so knit
with peaceful instincts that he wouldn't
participate iu a Fourth of July celebration.'
As near as he can tell, the poet says he
was born in- Cincinnati in 1841. lie ran
away from home iu Calilornia, was capt
ured by the Modocs. lived with them near
ly Ave years, loved them, learned their lan
guage, fought with them, and escaped
trom them to San Francisco in 1353. He.
then went, to Oregon, studied law, aud
was admitted to the bar in 1S00. His
practice of law was "not worth a cent,"
and he soon became the editor of a news
paper tor a short time. In 18G6 he was
elected District Judge ot Oregon, and
served In that position four years. Of his
marriage he said: "I was married at Port
Orford in 1SG3. I don't khow of one
pleasant moment after that for years.
Kvery man and woman will have his or
her say about that part of my life. If I
read a certain book eorrectly there is but
one who arbitrates finally. But that sort
of sentiment aside, I leave no scandal to
feed the world on it loves it. Uon t it?
nor have I anybody's forgiveness to ask.
1 may De mistaKen, but I don t think the
world will, ever look in Joaquin Miller s
face expecting him to give it what he has
buried." When asked about bis first poem
le replied : "1 think my hrst poem, my
very first poem, was babbled at my
mother's breast, tor I never looked at
her, or think of her, but I thought, and
in song, I've a blessed mother." He is
at work on a new poem, called "Adrianne:
A Dream of Italy. '
An Illumination or Tbe Pyramids.
Dr. Kussel sends to the London Times
the following description ot an illumination
ot the Pyramids on the occasion of the visit
ot the Prince ot Wales to Egypt :
'A sumptuous dinner was provided in
the chalet or kiosqm? that was bnilt for the
convenience of the Empress of tlie French
at the time of her visit. After dinner
came the event of the evening tle illumi
nation of the Great Pyramid. It was a
bold undertaking the lighting lip of a
pyramidal mass four hundred and sixty feet
high, presenting two sides, each seven
hundred aud thirty feet long, and broken
into constantly recurring shadows oy over
two hundred courses ot stone, each forming
a ledge or platform round the pyramid.
However, complete success rewarded the
courage of the two Pashas. First, Bengal
fires placed at short intervals around the
hyramid were lighted and each stone shone
out as clear as day. Rockets, Roman can
dles, and othcrinore complicated eux d'r
tiflen filled the air with many colors. Then
lights of all imaginable colors' which had
been placed on every course of stone and
up each angle or the pyramid were so sim
ultaneously lit that the blaze seemed to run
up the vast mass aud in a moment envelop
it in one great niaze oi variegated nre,
while magnesian wire shone out bright and
clear trom the apex. Every sort of fire
work crackled and blazed and made cascades
of colored stars in the heavens. The sight
was marvelous. The Prince and his suite
expressed themselves greatly pleased. But
still more emphatic was the hum ot appro
bation trom hundreds of Bedouins who were
squatted about like statues in white dra
pery on the sand. - Soon all was gray aud
cold again, and the desert and Pyramids;
and the lonely sad-eyed Sphinx were left
behind in th gloom, while the royal party
gal lopped off to their paraee to drees for a
seeiai representation at the opera house
given by the French theatrical company,
lately arrived iu Cairo for the winter
Two little girls, Nettie . Smith aud
Ann Conlin, were drowned by break in a;
through the ice, at Lawrence, on Christ
mas. S. A. Johns, of Pendleton, has a Sir
Henry colt, 2 years old, 16 hands
high, and of 1200 pounds weight.
The sales of. tho publio lands last
year show a falling ofl from the preced
ing year of 2,500,000, acres. - j '
The Colonist claims that the gold
yield of British Columbia for 1875 will
be $2,4000,000. '
Nkw Firm. Sum Miller has bought tbo Wag
on and bmitlishop : heretofore . occupied by
Peters A Speidel, together with the material
and unfinished wort, and is now prepared to
furnish anything In his line, consisting of
Carriages, Buggies, Lumber Wagons, Hacks,
Ac., aud general smithing neatly and with dis
patch. I employ none but the best of mechan
ics, and insure satisfaction. All work war
ranted. 1 think I can wake It an object for
yon to buy of me, in price, style and durability
of work. 1 nue- the best of material, hickorv
and oak, from the Eastern States. Call and e.
amine for yourselves ; all I want la a fair trial.
I have had several years of experience on this
coast, and with the knowledge thus gained, am
oartain I can please you. I guarantee to seU fur
cash as low as can he bought in this city. A
large lot of lumber wagons, side and end spring
carriages and h&cics on hand. Patronize home
manufactory do not send yonr money off on t
of the country. Act the part of wlso men, and
build ni vour own State, aud you will prosper
With Dr. Pluqimer, First Street, .
Watches and Jewelry carefully re-
13 paired and warrantoa. -
Kolice to Stochliolders.
There vrasis be"Ia mbetejgo ' H
stockholders of the LAn a County Agricultu
ral Association, at their office in Albany, Linn
county, Oregon, ort Thuiday. the Sth day of
January, 18?(i, at 2 o'clock P. M., for the purpose
of electing Seven Direct ors. ,
CP. BL'KKHAET, President.
W. W. Parbish. Sec.
Albany, Dec. 10, 1873-12td ; , r
ALL PEBSONS knowing themselves Indebted
by note or account to John Briggs, are
hereby notified that he calls for a settlement,
and requests that they will govern themselves
accordingly. JOHN BRUOS,
Albany, Doc. S, 1875-11 v8
Millinery Goods !
ILudies' Furnishing Goods t
General Emporium
srus. S. A. Johns, at her new store on Broad
albln street, near the corner of Second, otters
the ladies a splendid stock of new
of every description, all of the latest and most
fashionable styles. She also has a complete as
sortment of
Ladies' aiul Children Fnrntalifnc tioods
null I'mliTwear!
of every tll!nty nnd style, embracing
SMicqnes, (braided or einbroidored)
and all kinds of ladies and children's under
wear, which will be sold very low.
Call and examine goods.
mrs. u. a. jomrs.
Albany, Nov. 2G, 1375-10v8
NOTICE is hereby given that in pursuance of
a deeroe of the Circuit Courv of the Si ate of
Oregon, for the county of Linn, made and en
tered of record at. the October term of said court
in the year 1875, In asnitthereln pending where
II. A. Itogue et al. wre plaint id's, and C. P.
Hogne et al.. were defendants, appointing me,
the undersigned, sole referee to sell the follow
ing described real estate, tn-wit :
First tract of land described as follows:
Commencing at a iKint sixty rods south of the
N fc corner of section 1 in Tp 13 S of range 4 west
of the Willamette meridian. In Linn county,
Oregon, thence south to a point 28rod8F3nth of
the southeast comer of the N E X of sttion 1
in Tp 13 S of B 4 W of tho Willamette meridian,
in Linn county, Oregon thence in a northwest
ei-ly direction to a point on the open section line
68 rods wet of the S E corner of the N E H of
section 1 aboveTlescribed, thence west to the S
W corner of the N K X oi section 1 above des
cribed, thence north to the X W corner of the
X K K of section 1 above descrlled, thence north
40 rods, thence east 50 l-ods, thence south lou
rods, thence eat 110 rods to the place of begin
ning, saving nnd reserving from the tract nlxwa
described a strip of land in the southwest corner
thereof, ooniaimng about ,5? acres, and deeded
hv James P. Hogue to Benjamin Brattain on
the 14fh dav of October, 18(5 and duly recorded
in book F of the Records of Deeds in Linn coun
ty, Oregon, on page 730 thereof, on the 12t.h day
oi' October, ISfiii. The tract to be sold as above
described contains 128 acres, more or less.
Suctnui Tbe north X ot the S W X of section
ft, in Tp VI south of range 4 west of the Willam
ette meridian, In Linn county, Oregon, contain
ing 80 acres.
Third - The south X of the S W X of section 3(5
in Tp 12 S of range 4 west of the Willamette me
ridian, in Linn county, Oregon, together with
the SEX of the S E X of section 85 In Tp 12
south of range 4 west of the Willamette merid
ian, in Linn county, Oregon, containing 140
J-Vurth The east yz of the X E If, and lots 3
and 4 of Sect ion 2, in Tp 13 south of range 4 west,
of the Willamette meridian, containing 120
SO.inoncres. ' . . . ' - . .
Fifth The sonth of lots 5 and 15, in block
Xo. 14, In the city of Albany, in Linn county,
jregon. as descnljed on the plat of said city on
file In the office of the County Cleric of Linn
conntv. Oregon.
And wlieixais a commission was issued ont of
said Court, under the seal tliercof,directlng me
to sell said premises, by. virtue ot said decree
and commission, I will, as such Referee, sell to
the highest bidder, at the Court House door, in
Linn county, Oregon, on the
3lh day orisnnnry, 1876,
between five hours of one (1) and four (4) o'clock
P. M. of said day, the real property above des
cribed, in the parcels as herein descriied.
Terms of Sale Gold coin, cash in hand.
December 10, 1875. Retereo.
money to Loan ! ! !
To parties purchasing the farming lands des
cribed alove, which are to be sold at public ven
dne. nt the Con it House door in Albany, on Sat
urday the l"th day of January, 1876:
If you want a splendid farm, now is your op
portunity. If you only want a snug, cosey little home,
now is your opportunity.
One of the best farms in Linn county to ho
sold in parocls.-
Half a dozen men can now secure homes for
themselves and families, witn a very snuiU
amount of readv money-
The undersigned, together with other parties
interested in this property, propose to advance
or loan money on long tinie to the parties who
uinv purchase the above described farming
lands, on notes secured by mortgage on tho
land purchased. Io the amount of three-fourths
( h) or the purchase price, and will bo in attend
ance on the day of sale, ready to back the pur
chasers to any amount, on these terms.
Although the terms of the Referee's sale are
cash, it will be seen at once that parties desiring
to purchase will not necessarily be required to
have more than one-fourth IX) of the purchas
ing price available.
For any further information call on or address
me at Shcdd, Oregon. CP. UOUVE.
Dec. 10, 1875-12W4
inre- and Fresh -.v-?
Perfumeries, v ' '
i- ? i - 'U - '
For Solely Medical Vac;
School Books, Stationery,
Oigrars and Tobacco
63T P rescript hjuscarefally fnied,' " ' V.
Pictures and Picture Frames.
Would announce to the citizens of Albany and.
vicinity, that he is prepared to furnish all kind
of PICTURE FRA&'ES to order, at short notice.
Pict ares framed, and old frames repaired. Oall
at his office on First street, one door weet of -Broadalbln,
and leave your orders. . S41
Cbemic&l .Paint,
Titt'tJBiST AlliJ ClffiAPEST USED,
S58 -a.oni3a x
Large and Tatuanle Traet oi.
Farming;. Isanti for 8ale
JL of which is rich bottom land. OW the prem
ises are fair buildings, bouse, imm, urmrtryf
sheds, etc.; also good bearing orchard of frtrti
trees 200 acres of t he very best pasture land f
50 acres of timber land, ash and maple, the best
of farming land when cleared. A never falling
stream of water runs through tbe farm. There
is also a splendid quarry of Mnio-rock on the
place, pronounced by experts A 1 rook. Four
hundred acres are ander fence. It is one of the
most, desirable and cheapest farms In Donglaa
county, lying IX miles from the O. A C. railroad
at Oakland. For raiticulurs as to price. eto
apply, in this city, to
j. h. BOCGirrox, m. d.
Albany, May 1. 1875.
Election of Directs.
Notice la hereby given to the subscribers
of the capital stock of Linn Engine Com
pany No. 2. of Albany, that a meeting ot,
said subscribers will be held at the Court in AlDany, Linn county, Oregon, on
MONDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1875, t
o'clock P. M., for the purpose ot electing
a Board of Directors.
P. II. Raymond. Sec. Pre.
Albany, Not. 20, 1878-lOvS
1ST All W
FimiiturG Eooms.
Bags leave to announce to the citizens of thta
city and surrounding country, that he has open,
ed a large stock of IH
23 X
in the building lately ocenpied by Jr. Plmn
mer's drug store, on First street, where cau be
had, on most reasonable terms, .
Parlor Sets,
Bedroom Suits,
: Sofas,
- Easy Cnalrs,
Center Tables,
and in fact everything else needed to
My goods are well made and of the very
Laical and Handsomest Styles.
C3y"UIlT ITT" RE niannfhctnred to order, at
sltort notice.
EST1 Furniture rcnulred and out In aood shana
on short notice. .. . . .
Give me a call. -
Albany, Nov. 20, 1875 10v8
. JSeatly executed, ,;; ,,.
Call at the Register 01
. ... , And- - '
Machine Shop,
A. F. CHERRY Proprietor,
Hanufaclures Steam Engiaes,
Tlour and Saw mill Macliln
r And .
And an klna of
- Particular attention paid to repairing all
kinds of machinery. 41 v
Groceries & Provisions.
establishment on eonier of Ellsworth
and First streets, with a fresh stock of
Groeerlest, Provisions, Candles, Cigars, To
- haoco; Jto., to which he invites the fctten
Hon of our cltizuna.
In connection with the store he win keep) .
a nakery, and will always have on hand
full upply of fresh bread, crackers, Ac
ff3T Call and see he ; ' , ;
.I '".:''.'..,'. john sciansEB. I
February 124v4 , ..
;:;-;W.': D. "'; bWL'W 'I'll C,
good Hroom ever made ia Ahxtnv,
has returned from Caiiftfim in, and hty- tea
'. pernMuiently in this -dty,-whtire he nae
again oommenoed the manufacture of ail
,. :'. kinds ofj ji.-, Ci4':i.r'4, ' -. ' "'
- Ae.. at his factory on First street, at .f"tn
MetKhr"s old stand.east of Msgnolia i .is,
where be Invites those wish Ina a hrutciaH
broom to call and secure it of him.
- -V. , BiXMSfi.
Albany, Oct. M, W 6vT ,
i I
I i
W '