The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, May 28, 1875, Image 8

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Comrr Ferry and ftrnt StreetM., '
One copss-on-ifyoar.. ............... W 50
One copy, l months - SS
To clubs of t enty, eell copy. u :VL "
Sntwcriliera rMrskife Of Linn opunty will be
Charged 20 cents etrti-2 To ft tho year-as
that is the mmmiit of pnsttw per annom
which we are retired to pay m each paper
Mailed by us. - -
Fit ID AY,. ,
SI AY S3, 1S75-
; 4 4 4
T"h" following nnmed gentlemen areatlthor
feed tt rswrfvb md receipt for subscript Jon
tO the KTOI9TKB 111 IIUl lovtuiiira inT-umuimi ;
Messrs. tunc c uuuni.
Robert Ola..
.......... .llurrUbura.
O. V. Tompkins.,
S. II.
. r In Mir lit on Lcrmnon.
A . Wheeler l'o . . .Sliwld.
Messrs. Smith & liruUcld junction tnty.
J. It. Irvine Scio.
Tho. II. Reynolds. M ..Salem.
W. Wiiturhonae ... ............Monmouth.
Laying tub Corner-stone, Etc.
Jlighr. Rev; B. Wlstar Morris with the
gsitaiKe of otlnrs of tlie Episcopal clergy,
will, on Monday nrxt (May 31st), at 4:30
V. "M., lay the cornerstone of the St.
Feters church, on the corner ot Lyon -and
Sixth streets. Tlie ceremonies will be in
teresting and Impressive. Bishop Morris
will also hold services in the evening at tlie
Congregational churchy which . las Jieen
v kindly tendered tor tlie occasion-. The citi
zens of Albany are cordially invited to be
present on both occasions. . -Xy.'u
In the Tilton-Beccher case, ex-Judge
Porter, for the defense, whs to conclude
his argument on the 25th, wlieu Evarts,
on the same side, would orate. In one,
two, three, four, five or six weeks, more
or less, the lawyers will probably have
said tlieir say ; tlie Judge wHl then doubt
less consume some time in summing up,
wlien tlie case will be given to the jury.
And lu what a condition will that jury be
In ! ', ; ; . " i -
Bro. Abbott, of the Pendleton Tribune,
objects to Lafayette Lane as the Democratic
candidate for, (ingress, because lie drinks
too j ranch M sod com ; objects to Ben.
Harden for the same reason, and the ad
ditional, reason that Beri. is. so slovenly.
Bro. Abbott, , while assuring' his renders
tliat We have lejieatediy supported swill
. tubs and brandy casks for office; but we
are getting slightly tired ot it, and we hope
will not be placed under tlie necessity of
dolngso again," informs Messrs. Lane and
Tlaytlen. tliat although they are partakers
of benzine" and "rot-gnu' (his own
terms y lie will zealously support Hie Demo
cratic nominee, no matter whether, it, be
Lane or Haydeu! Comment is unneces
sary. "The State Board ot Immigration is doing
tt noble work for Oregon ' in spreading
abroad reliable information with regard to
our resources, climate, soil, eteU' and in
securing homes and employment for those
who are constantly arriving from the okler
States. The Board is an honorary one, glv
Vlng their time and attention wfthout "money
and without price. To enable them to be
of still greater benefit to Oregon, " tliey
need money to secure tlie publication ot
facts" and figures regarding tlie State, to
t' pay postage, etc-, and therefore ask our
citizens to aid tliem, eacli to the extent ot
his'or her ability. It has been suggested
that If tlie newspapers over the State would
; present the matter and receive subscriptions
from their patrons, tltey could largely aid
the Board in Its important work. " Tle sug
gestion is a good one. " We will therefore
.. recti re and forward all moneys donated by
subscribers and others, to tlie Board of Im
migration, giving from' time to time,
through our columns, the names of the per
son, and the amounts donated. In this
way all can be assured that tlieir donations
will be received by the Board, without
trouble or loss of time to them. Send in
your donations now. while they are needed
the most.-
The Sioux chiefs now at Washington,
were quartered at tlie Fremont. House by
the Government.' Part of tbetn became
dissatisfied with the liotel because it was a
temperance house and they could get no
whisky, and they changed to tlie Washing
ton bouse, when Assistant Secretary Cowan
notified the proprietor that Government
would pay no bills contracted by them.
These redskins seem to have acted badly
ever since their arrival la Washington, and
from the tact that, they cannot agree among
themselves, that; they, are .suspicions and,
1 somewhat arrogant, It is feared no satisfac
tory treaty will be arrived at for the trans
fer ofbe Black Hills to the General Goy
- crnment. It is reported that thousands of
miners, from almost every point ot the
compass, are hurrying Into the Black Hills
. country, encouraged to risk tlieir lives and
property by tales of the fabulous wealth to
. be btaJaedln the gulches and" streams of
'V that new IJorado, and although the millr.
tary has strict orders to keep them out of
the country, coming in such numbers it
" will be simply an Imposibility to do it. If
half the stories regarding the richness and
beauty of that country be true, the whole
army of the United States would not be
, able to keep but daring and reckles white
men, who will dare any danger, face any
. undertaking, no matter how hazardous, tor
the sake of glittering gold. The Indians
may1 make some opposition, but they will
; step down and out before the reckless dar
ing and untiring energy of the gold hunters.
If the Black Hills are as represented, rich
in deposits of gold and silver, the daring
- and enterprising American will go there
and get it, despite tlie Indians or the Gov
ernment. ' i
Onr Democratic brothers of tlie quill are
having a high old tiaae quarreling over
who shall and who shiJl not be the candi
date for Congress, and are telllngf some
thrC2ing anecdotes" on each other. "Go
it husband, go it bear. '
On TuesJrjr ie General Msembij of
Bbodo Island t' -ctci Henry Llppct or
Dudley Baxter, of Loudon, died recently.
The widow of the late Kinir Otbo, ot
Greece, Amelia, died on the 20th.
A twenty minutes' earthquake at Santa
Barbara, Cal., on the morning of the 20th.
: The N. Y. Legtslatura adjourned sine
diepu the 2nd. '.I'5'." ' v V: 'rZ'.
Forest fires were destroying vast amounts
of property in Pennsylvania oh the 22d.
Gen. Custer's expedition starts tor the
Black Hilla in June.
It Is again announced that the Pope of
Rome is seriously ill. ;
Los Angeles, California, Is infested by a
band of incendiaries. - ,. ,
The President and family go to Long
Branch next month..
K. B. Pomeroy has been annointed 17.
S. Attorney for Arizona. '
Tlie next grand lodge I.O.O.F. for tills
State will meet at Salem.
The notorious counterfeiter, Peter Mc
Cartney, has again escaped from the U. S.
Jesse D. Bright ex-United States Senator.
died at his residence in Baltimore on the
20th Inst., aged 63
Abraham Jackson, a prominent lawyer
of Boston,' has flowu. leavlne a deficit in
Lhis accounts of more than $700,000.
It Is thought under the Influence of the
recent pleasant weather, three-fourths of a
cmp will be harvested In California.
, Scarlet fever prevails fa its most vtra
ient form in Sacramento, proving fatal In
many cases. - ' a-
The San Francisco board of underwriters
offer a reward of $1,000 for the arrest and
conviction of any one guilty of arson in
that city. ; : i- - -.. . .
France has appolntecl two commissioners
to represent lier in the Philadelphia cen
tennial, one to reside in the United States
and the other In France. ' -
' Cardinal Mcdoskey was presented. on
the 20tlt, with a diamond cross valued at
20,000. by a young lady of St, Vincent
Institute, New York.
The colored man. J. H. Thomas, who
killed his wife and her sister at Detroit last
month, has been sentenced to prison for
Hill Beadiy. the stage man, well known
all over this const, was stricken with paral
ysis on the 20th. In San Francisco, and
died on the morning of tlie 23d. He leaves
one child a little girl.
An article that appeared in the Paris
Fignro last week, suggesting tiiat tlie re
venge of France be postponed a hundred
years, caused a great sensation ; it is even
asserted that the article was made the sub
ject of a cabinet discussion.
Tlie Sioux delegation at Washington
promises to be expensive and troublesome.
Tliere U an evideiit want of harmonv
among the chiefs they are also disatlfled
with tlie Government interpreter, while
Government officials are suspicious of the
half-breed interpreters. .
A sentimental, cuss was Jake Young.
On the night ot the 23d, in the suburbs of
Brooklyn. X. "Y he murdered his second
wife by cutting off her head with an ax.
Hi tlien went ro tlie cemetery and dast!
out his own brain on the grave of his first
wife.. .... -
On tlie 25th the Republican State Con
vention of Pennsylvania renominated II.irt
ranft for Governor, and Hi W. Rawle,
Mayor of Erie, for State Treasurer.j ; -
President Jewett lias been appointed Re
ceiver of the great Erie railroad.
In California wool commands 17023c fbr
fidl, and 253.T0c for Spring. , , ,
On the 28th in Boston. J. D. Dow's ding
store blew up, killing several and wound
ing a large number. Loss near $100,000.
Cause of the disaster not known.
The Boston defaulter, Abraham Jackson,
has been arrested.
Tlie Orejonitm reporter lias seen a thirty
five pound gold brick, fromi the Virtue
lode, near Baker City. Oregon, which lie
wanted to get away with. but. could not
owing to the strict watch kept over It. :
f In the raid on the fraudulent distillers.
Government -has seized $200,000 worth of
"crooked" whisky and other ' property
liable to forfeiture.
The crop prospect in Nebraska is cheer
ing, and if the grasshoppers do not visit
the State, large yields of corn and flax' are
confidently anticipated.
Fires in the forests ot Pennsylvania have
done immense damage besides valuable
timber, destroying fencing, houses, etc
The aggregate will foot np an Immense
Supervisor Munn, of the revenue service,
is accused of taking a . hand in the
4 crooked whisky transaction, and the
dtscoverey of the,fact led to his receiving a
request to resign.
The bearer of an anoymotw letter con
taining an offer to assassinate Bismarck
for one . million florins, was arrested In
Vienna few 'days since. jJSTo name giv-
-Tbtf sbire of tbtfSctiutiaaf YtHiirn
no lenger the ' highest-Irf Europe. ; The
steepJa of the Church of St; Nicholas, at
Hamburg, just completed, is 472 feet high,
six feet higher : than the one' In ' Stras
bourg. ,..., . , - -
There is just at; present huge discontent
in the Democratic' camp. The difficulty
seems to be - that there Is a general im
pression ' 'among the faithful ' that the
Democracy are about to carry 'everything
before them and capture all, the offices, but
that there will not be enough offices to go
round. - '- ' '
' A physician desiring to enter Into the
practice of his profession in Nevada must
first file with the ' Recorder a copy . of his
diploma; and If he undertakes to practice
without so dcSij.'he subject to heavy
penalties. ' Nevada should be ' shunned by
quacks. ' .
While the bells iA a Jfew Orleans Roman
Catholic Church were ringing for 'vespers
the other eves; Sag, the iron castings fell
from the belfry arid struck and ' killed a lit
tle boy underneath. The child was watch
ing the sexton pcR the rope, when the tags
TOSght dropped pii bis ead, crashing the
sfcun. : : - "
The Grangers of Independence have in
corporated as u warehouse and shipping
company. They have purchased the nec
essary land and will at once proceed to
erect a warehouse 60x160 feet, with all the
latest machinery and Improvements at
tached.. They win also erect a grist mill.
All the necessary; money has been subscribed.
Arthur Cox, the man arrested at Salem on
a charge of conspiracy to release the pris
oners confined in the penitentiary there,
on Tuesday was held to answer at the
next term of the Marion County Circuit
Court In the sum of $600. The charge,
made by convict Wilson, was that Cox had
brought into the prison and enclosure arms
and ammunition and was . to secure more;
that convicts Wilson, Bargeman, (Shulta),
Alexander, Hardy and Green' were In the
plot ; tliat Alexander's father, . who lives
in Iowa, was In the plot, financially; that
he, Wilson, didn't want to escape he tried
in once, was caught and had his bead allay
ed; that lie Wilson had been In the pen
itentiary five years and still had three
yeaVs to serve. Bill Watklns. In Lis evi
dence, showed a feeling of bitter hatred
towards tlie prisoner, Cox, asserting that
he wanted to hang him. It looks some
like the. whole thing is simply a plot to get
A. pox into trouble and it has.
Daniel CTConner, a wealthy, former of Coo
cohnty; Iowa, on the. 18th attempted rVIh
hbi.flatiirhtcr, aged IS. and threatened her wlh
death tf "he told of the crime. She went to her
nncle, howeye, and tokl him, and otaers went
to arrest him. 'Heating tbrui coming ile shot
and tilled himself. ..
The Otoe? and Dematrat. of St. Lonto, hnre
been united, and wJU hereafter appear as', the
CHab. ami Drmncrat, intoing- a beet about as
large a the Bjkhstek. -
The General Aseeinbly of the Presbyterhu
Chttrch of 'the C 8., known esperlany as the
Southern General Aasnmbly, met in St. Lonis,
Ma, Mny 0th, Dr Rmherfnrdlt ehiuub, on
Klerenth and Pine streets. The Asxtmbht rep.
rexonts all the Southern Statesand Illinois,' Iow
nd Mlssoori. A larwe repnwentation is piv
sent. After being called to order. Dr. J. Girard,
moderator of last seRson, delivered an opening
address. Dr. M. Hofte, of Riclimond. Va., was
then elected moderator, and the aaaembly ad
jonrned. I
A telegram from Qncbce snys: A letter re
ceived from the light hoiue keeper at tlieaoath
weot point of Antiomta Island, says that on tho
M of November last the brntlne Orimtrnn
ashore seven miles from that island. The cap
tain and seven men were frozen t death ' in
the rltrginff, and six men perished In attempt.
inw to reach shore. Joyce, chief mate, and
Moore, deck band, landed safely bat badly f fu
lfil. 1 '
Mrn Abrnltana EJaeolsi lanaBie.i '"
The appended telegrams explain tbenuelres :
CniCAOo, May 20. -Mrs. Abraham Lincoln,
widow of the line president, was yesterday
adjudged insane by a Jury in the county court,
.and this morning was removed to a private
asylum at lintavia. III. The Inqniry was made
on the petition of her son, Bobt. T. Lincoln.
.The evldenee of a number of physicians, the
proprietor and several employe of tlie Orahd
-PHcirlc Hotel, where nbe has been staying since
her return from Florida, and of her son and
numerous friends, all showed tha she was
undoubtedly Insane. Her insanity has been of
a milil type. ut after the trial she became vio
lent and was obliged to be pluoed under res
1'HlfAOArt, Mny 20 It- has been known by
Mrs. 1. 1 noon's family and friends for several
years tliat her mind was unsettled to a degree
which fully warranted her being called insnne,
bnt a natural reluctance to take any steps which
would make the fact known to -the general
public has heretofore influenced them against
restraining her in any way oJ her liberty, or
putting her under medlvnl treatment lor Iter
mind. Kecently, however, ber condition "has
been so iiuu-1 worse hat It beehtne alwolntely
iMwwury that something should be done fortbe
nufortunate lady.
VHK'Aii,!. May SO. Mrs. "Lincoln, who has
been kept under clnsesnrveillancosinceleavlng
tha court ronin )-esterday, escaped from her
court room yesterday, esittpetl from her room
to-day, went to a drug store and ordered
iHaiamum ami other dniRs with thu Intent inn
of euiiiniittlng snlelde, lmt the druggist, who
wa acquainted with her, fixed up a simple
cointiouiid. whlrh was taken by her in a few
minutes after leaving tha drug store. Tho
effort was harmless. She will be taken to tlie
asylum at Bataria to-ninrrowr. .,
The deaf mnte school at Salem has 19 pupils.
(lams are furnished at 60c a bucketful In
tniplre city.
Yamhill county la out ot debt, with a balance
in the treasury. . . - .
Tlie new quiekltver mines near Bosebnrg,
retntly struck, promise blgthlng.
Tlie prospect for Trait is said to be good in
Coos county. . i
..r1,ont,,'nreMMaetno'r appcaraneeln
Millard county, Utah. t
Latxring men are wanted by tho hop-grower
In Tacomn vulloy. I .
Tlie first strawberries of the season have
been picked at Seattle. .' j
The snow fell to the depth oS Inohea at
Silver City, Idaho, on the 16th of this mouth.
A vessel, name unknown, has been chartered .
in San Francisco to load with spats on the
Sound for Cork, Ireland. .... . . . j . . ,
The number of logging camps in the yiotnity
of Olympia have been largely increased thia
year, and are all running full banded. .
The Courier' Seattle correspondent says,
Bcriah Brown has been appointed clerk of the
district court vfor Mr. Andrews removed.
In the last issue of the Idaho rati, T.J.
Sutton announced that his connection with
that paper ceased with that issue. .
Some fifteen or twenty emigrants,' lately ar
rived, have gone to the Seattle coalmine in
search of employment.
the Steilacooin JErpnsst baa been designated
by the county commissioners as the official
paper of Pierce county. . , , .. -. ,
Wm. Fowler has resigned the office of sheriff
of Island connty. Mr. James Watson, Of Cove,
land, now holds the position. , fi 4; -
A Colorado tombstone remarks: '"He was.'
Jjung, he was fair, but the Injlns raised Ws
The miners about Bear river an Bmunnanv ' t
w.or!f,- ?nd bad.. good head of water as early at i
The nop-varCsOn tha Island, above CorrsIUa
are thriving finely, and , pronuse a heavy
yields'? - -. . ... . - w ,i . .-f t
Place rvlUa, 10ahMs pat of rhaeocu ' oeaia, itvnd
bntfer;nd thelnlneTsara In a . state of griev
onsncMM abont ieir -i in wardeaae.,',iV .
- TnVpnae CifrT-lBi-iggs, n aged, wWoV
tady. In faougal county; was , robbed o 90o
during ber absence. . T . '
Chewacan , valley waa visited y-snowstorm
on April tit h, the worst aver experienced In tha
valley. The thermometer was down to 10 de
grees below sero, .
Hon. Kd ward Eldridge efera to give a van,
able mill site, with water-power, to any party
or parties who will improve the same. Ad
dress Kdward Kldridge, Whanxrai, Wf T. v 1 .
Gradually the town' of Lewfston is .dwio
dllng in numbers. Many who came to 'winter
have departed to- their' respective ptaceM of
bustnesa to resume their summer's avocations.
;. The wheat crop In Washington county looks
spledid. likewise the oats and grass, but there
has beetwt little too much dampness lor gar
' Ws understand that a military hospital is
being built at Camp MoTiermlt. Idaho.' Sev
eral government teams have recently- arrived,
wilGSs&a ". ' . -' -
A tiny black fly is said to be kining the
grasshoppers in Colorado, and tha naahmMi
are praying that it may achieve a complete 1
The Corinne Maa says that; th Western
tTntoa repair outflt is getting in readiness to
start along the Helena line and thoroughly
overhaul it. . '
The land ofBeeat the DeJles, with Capt. L.
Coffin as register, and - Mr. C. H. Thorn tmry as
receiver, will be opened fbcbasi&esa ?on tlie 1st
of Jane. ....... -..j
K. M. Lamaon, Judge Hi' Hurley and 'A, B,
Barbank have been appointed as a local board
of inunlgmtlon for YanihUl county by the
State boar " - ' . .
"' Olympia now boaots of two boat clubs, the
faember of Which "We ladles,' Ic ft under
stood tat acbalienpn mSa lm made to row for
the silver cup .which - was"Wiiy'? wu;j
tf:: yearsago the coming Fourth oT4. ,.nd
tjiuiwaspiousliip of the Territory.-- f. . -
Flaxisaprofltablecropln Oregon. If every
fltrmer In the State wonld produce It tint de
mand would still keep up a steady price.
Mr. John Harden Is getting along finely,
building the wagon road around the Cascades,
and has it completed within one and a half
mites of the lower landing. , -'
The Pioneer and Historical Society of Oregon,
on the 17th, Instructed thecotnmlttee on rooms
form library in Astoria, to proceed and fix the
same for use and occupation. . ,
Edward Ashley! your sister, Mrs. Sarah Ann
t'rabtree, of Baxter Springs; Cherokee county,
Kansas, Is anxions to hear from yon. . If you
are in Oregon write to her immediately.
The saloons at Baker City, which have bil
liard tables refuse to pay license on the same
to the city, and consequently do not charge for
billiards now. . , -
' Prof. Baird acknowledges (page K8 late re
port t, the receipt of two specimen salmon for
the Smithsouinn Institute, sent from Astoria
by Mr. James Welch.
Wm. Brown, while, working at the Owyhee
ferry, for David IJorsey, was drowned one day
last. week. He -fell into the stream and all
efforts to rescue bun were unavailing, ;
Marshall A Pealey, plneer miners. Olive
Creek, Grant county, picked np from their
"ground sluice " one day week before last, the
stun ot S8.000 In nuggets,- weighing all tha way
from half an ounce to six ounces. . .
Powers Co., of Vye Valley, Baker county,
made a clean-up from a short run in their
placer claims, and had the proceeds run Into a
bar at theasnrofftcetn Baker City on Mon
day of last week. The bar was worth tlAOO.
The people of Grant county expect big t hings
from their quarts and cinnabar mines. Mr.
Thnmhury, at Camp Watson, states that cinna
bar haabeen found in that locality, .
. Mr. Taney, who lives In Coast Fork precinct,
Laneeonntyihaaacalf about three weeks old
that was born blind and tailless. There are
creases in the skin where the eyes should be.
Suit lias been;' commenced by W. W. More
bind, of California. In the U.S. drcnlt court
for he district Ol Oregon to, recover from Ma
rion connty the-blpuk in Salem, on which the
court honse stands. s
'WhSp riyer, In Jttngxswnty, Wj, Twttias been,
giving some trouble of late running where
some of the sett:nrsdid not want it, and where
others did.. Judge Letts has lieen called npon
Rec&ntly saya the'HUlsboro InrUpemirnt, a
man. by the' name of fhannon, and several
other rowdicVralsed a disturbance In the Sun
day school at Crnbh's nlaoe on (Tale's creek, -and
Shannon was knocked dnwnnnd dragged out,
and the other parties were alio ejected.
I Last week Mr. Rast, who Hesin the lower
part of Washington county, staked oneof his
lmrseaont to-grass near his house, and when
he went to see hint found that he had been hit
over tlie nostrils, just below theses, and the
hones of the nose were"1 crushed In terrlbly. so
that the horse will have jbe killed,
.1 From different aectfons of the Pfflret Sonnd
ronntry reports reach.the Olvmpla AnWrthat
the crops' are doing splendidly, and gle prom
ise, at this time, of returning a greater yield
per acre than at any previous season. i
Week before last, at Fort .Snmpter, Ah Sum
was shot by An nine, his partner in a minng
claim. They were quarreling about the own
ership of a pine, one ctalminga half interest.
uiic i iic in ner cinwnea ino wnoie 01 tne pine,
when An IHng ran and got his pistol and shot
Ah Sum. who was lytnor down, through the
shoulder, but did not kill him. . -.
i Mr. G. P. TerrpU,. of. Salem, received a note
dated 90th inst.i from SmlthM Ferry, Santiam,
which snys: .UA party of men came out from
Qnartaville yesterday, who snv that they have
a rich thing. They have struck .diggings that
pay il cents to the pan. and are on their way
to Albany for -mora -men and a snpplv of pro
visions. They expect to return Immediately
The BeHlngham,'BBy Mad says: Messrs.
STirtz A Hardin, who recentlv located a few
miles up tho Nootnack, are perfecting plans
for the construction of a flonr and sawmill on
tlieir property. Th nilll will be run bv water
power, nod :1s intended 'in supply the local
wan ta of the people of the Xootsack and country
i The Miner of the 7th. contains a somewhat
lengthy historical sketch of Arizona, embrac
ing all that 1s know to lie trap, and some of
the more plausible speculation with reference
lp a prehistoric rape, that once occupied that
Territory- -.
I Some of the goldMjdto' have been obtained
In the Black Hills has been exhibited at Sioux
l'lty. Old miners soy It lias been dng several
years, as it shows signs of wear from handling.
The exposure caused considerable excitement.
The exhibitors, between two days, left the
city. ... 1 . , . ,. . , .
1 The ttaofa racentdate hasa review of the
condition ortheState and Territories of the
Paotne slope, remarking that "IIhIio tostatioit
ary. Thecliktf hoptt of th Territory nt pres
ent for advancement is fixed on a number of
quarts mines which are being opened, and
some or them are very promising. "
Sheriff K-Livlttisyoipf Douglas :,conntyi
Inst Wednesday turned over to Superintendent
Watklns a pian namimt liavid C. Clark, who
has been neutenced to five sears' Imprisonment
for horse stealing n llougla county. Clark
was a horse trainerraitd eihlblted hU skill In
that line at the State fair four or five years
ago. i-;-.i--s-
j About two ywrs. agtv MnWm.. Ewing. a
gentletAtn who ivyfl resided near Portland for
some tint, removed to South America with his
family. His object was to permanent I v reside
there. A few wtknifo. Mr. Kwina; returned
with bis family, thoroughly disgusted with
tlM olliniite and soil of South Ainerca. and fully
satisfied to make Oregon his future home.
1 The volume of water tn the Colorado equals
Kiagara; it rreelves, through Its tributaries,
t lie drutnase of more than soo,OM snuare miles
of Territory, from which It derives the red
send, giving tlie name of Colorado (Red) river.
The current In the great canvon equals in ve
locity a railway train running forty to fifty
miles an hour. The' ruins of London could be
thrown Into the chastn without filling it up.
j Says a Montana paper: "A nie travels on
horseback, while truth goes' afoot, f has been
excmplined. A typographical error In this
naner some four or five weeks ilnwimiia
price of bay read STO instead 'of $30 per ton,
ni-t tiww reinvuww mm uun o iieer
sheinandon several other routes. We have
stated several times -that Montana is the best
country ont of door, and exchanges avoid re
peat ing It as they do. religion. "
j A correspondent of the Jgrpnrfer says the
growth of Hood River -Valley, touching fmtt
trues and vegetables, are the most gtantlc I
have ever seen In Oregon.' Peaches seem to bo
their "."strong- anft, "perhaps the oniv safe
peach location north of -California: and It Is
good for apples, pears, pit Ins, cherries, black
berries, rasnherrtes. strawberriea, gooseborrisa.
In fact, all kinds of berries. As for fish, the
mountain -trout of Hood river, cannot be
equaled.---'. ,'j'-.;
! Five hnndred miles above the mouth- of the
Colorado occu rs a, phenomenon unique upon
earth the great gorge or canyon of the Colo
rado - This canyon Is 917 miles long, and the
walls vary in bight from 4.000 to 6,S33 feet. At
.the greatest elevation the width is. from five to
ten miles. For aires the great river, has been
(Cutting its bed down through the .-limestone,
down through-the Mndstone, down Into the
granite. How long baa it taken- the -attrition
of the ' asndVbcaring stream to cut its way 900
miles long and 6,000 feet deep?. ', .i' "
Two nttlesoosofH. BrttHieri llvmg on Lewis
and' Clarke river,' aged 'respectively -Hi and 7
yearss .met with -an accident a- lew days ago
which rates then as young barosa. 'It- appears
that th hound tracked a deer into the river,
and these little fellow (Jake and Frank BnaUlar.
went ma ixm--ant beading on" tile deer,
-worried tt f-sr tkreWtot' hours, then final fi.
-captnred and rooght4thooev-. The deer weigh?
ed about 60 pounds..
-: ProcMials to bridire-the Winatuetfe at Kntrene7
are asked - for. . The- following to tlie-general
puuiof Said bridge i Main spaa , !30 feet in the
clear; fhort span, 85 feet in the clear ; two-pi era
of wood- II I led with 'stone' Abridge to be 33 feef
'aoove.low water-mark j- pier on the right bank
to be-hollton nilimr rientli'of water at. w,tn
-near-left bask for.. . the second "pier, so feet at
w water 5 length of apron on rightbank, tin
10- uc eonsrrucieu on .piling; engrn ot
apron on. left bank, SOfeet, m be constructed on
trestle work ; both pans-0 be eovered sided
in and minted. - ' - - , . . .
.. The Jntcti 'farmer report that on the 90th , nit.,'
Justifying SehontB for San' Jtrancisco, went -
hv iwb luiwiuHw wixn a revolver in nana, to
compel -the sailors to do duty, When the latter
at bnee attacked and handled., him . rather
roughly.- During the-assault the mate was
quite severely stabbed. He wae taken on shore
by somoof the sailors, bad the wound sewed np
and dressocL and then he and the men went
.beckon board aaabw when the vessel shortly
after proceeded to sea. . , : : , ,
-a fw oays ago tba steamer Otter arrived at
Victoria rom Fort Wrttngell, with, a few pas
sengera. . The Stikine river was not open When
yTr , wngeji,;Dnc awge quanntiea
of loo was coming down.' and It was suDnosed
to be mpiaiy breaking P. Tba (Jrrtrude had
already reached- Wrangel! n. safety, and the
WentiH was sighted between Point Stanhope
n c?no O"1! abmnv 45 mile from Wran
geil. The Otter brought down neither mails
nor express from Caesiar. Johnston left Wran
pou to try to get tip the river two days before
the Otter arrived. A correspondent, writing to
a late Victoria paper f wnrflfc AngeU nnder date
of May 8th, says: The rivsr is. open about
six miles an. and huge blocks of lea are float
ing down. It is very cold this morning. The
Jit ipe got np steam this morning at 8 o'clock
and started np the river. The-steamer Git
(rude will possibly jn no the- river in a day or
two. She fes j'-wie freight' and passengers
la saw 1 m.iiu. -Petals a finn-rata place for- sav
ing money, there being not a drop of liquor in
town, it bein a ptobii?(te( arUoie." -
Th Independent tny9i The whole neighbor
boodintho vicinity of McLeodV saw mffl,
Washington county, is in arms. Two men.
Schorb and Bnrlinsrame, have Jumped Mr.
Herald's and W. McLeods homestead claims
and propose to hold them. The people in the
nehctibortiood have taken sides in the matter,
and the Interest is increasing. Several wagon
loads of them rook up their line of march for
Oregon City this week, where the matter wlU
be examined for adjustment in the land oftioe
!.? v)ffe' J"ben they return active hos
tilities wUl probably commence. . .
- The btteiliornecr says that last winter Mr. J.
Taylor, of Snoqnalmle, while passing along
about a mile from Mr. Fares farm, on that
river, discovered a white man's akull. The
next day, when he Intended to ascertain far
ther In regard to the matter, there came on a
boayy snow fell, and his investigation was
rendered Impracticable for so long a time that
the circumstance was for gotten until last
week, when he. In company with Mr. Man
ning, visited the spot and found the same
skull, and also a boot with the bones of a foot
in it, besides a Ballard carbine, and a pocket
book with two dollars and ten cents in it. No
her portions of the man's bones could be
found. The remains are supposed by the peo
ple In that vicinity to be those of a crazy man
from near Cadyville, who was in that neigh
borhood some four years ago.
" Otter hunting ia recognised Industry on
the coast part or-Washington Territory. ' At
Neah bay the Indians monopolize it,, while at
t. ray's harbor white men take nearly all the
furs. The latter depend entirely on their
skiU with the rifle for their success. The
otters frequent the vicinity of the lieach for
many miles up and down the coast, bnt rarely
come in nearer than three hundred yards.
The hunter fix np short ladders at intervals
along the beach, of sufficient hight that the
surface of the water cm, be seen from the top of
them over and beyond the never ceasing surfc
On one of these the hunter will perch him
self for hours watching for tho otter, firing at
one whenever it presents itself, lie that near or
far. There have lieen occassional instances
where they have been killed at 8n yards dis
tance: Sometimes a hunter will expend a
month, shooting every day thirty orforty shots
and not kill an otter. Again, be will get two
in a day. We believe the average Is about two
a month to each hunter. Some seasons are
better than others. There have been times
when the more fortunate and skillful marks
men have killed enough to bring them tM0
andS,O0Oayeareeh. This is rare.' The furs
vary in value, and range from $30 to ISO each.
Ague without ever'ls-fao great "shakes.
The worth of woman double you, O
man. . - j
Garlks eaters are not crowded in street
cars.. s
At a recent toot-race between two girls
the one with the. blue garter beat.
A door step Is often the first step in life
taken by a little waif.
Questions of the day one 1 or two f z,
sore? able or ible ? u in or u out f
If there is anything on earth that beats
four aces it is a kind and amiable wife.
'And still 4ie spelled, and still the won
der grew tliat one small bead could carry
all lie knew. "
A little man observed that he had two
negative qualities: he never lay long in
bed aud he never wanted a great coat.
Gold in New York 115J3116.
, iLegal tenders 80987.
y Dates from London to the 35th Inst-,
give thU: The Mark Lane Hxpreat, in its
weekly review of the breadstuff's market,
says A drought has been felt in France
and a poor yield Is probable. This, coupled
with the abundance of grasshoppers in the
United States, will make low rates of short
duration, notwithstanding continental mar
kets are down sixpence to a shilling. ,
Late dates from California are more en
couraging for the farmers there, but it is
not deemed likely that her exports will be
more tlian 300,000. or 330.000 tons, as
agaiust nearly 450,000. for the year 1874. -
The wheat crop of the Eastern States, it
is asserted, will tall considerably short in
quality and quantity. v
The Chilean wheat crop was harvested
in February, and was a small and inferior
one, making her exports light for 1875.
Tlie stocks of lpomo grown wheat in
Belgium, Holland, Spain, France and
Germany are greatly reduced, aud the
prospects of winter wheat are not so favor
able as previously reported, especially iu
France. Germany .and Hungary, the un
exampled cold weatlier liaving retarded
the crop, while in many localities it was
badly injured by severe frosts. In France
and Germany a much smaller area has
been sown to wheat than usual, while a
larger area has been put into barley.
Australia is said to have harvested a good
crop, with 175,000 tons surplus wheat. .
The estimated surplus for export, from
the Northwestern States last year was 151,
000,000 bushels. Now, says the N. Y.
Tribime, should present apprehensions be
realized, there will be but little for export
the coming fall.
From the above reports it would seem
tliat our farmers should be In the best of
spirits, tor the Indications at present are
that Oregon will raise unusually large
crops of grain, which will be in demand at
remunerative prices.
j Home markets show little variation in
prices from last reports. Wheat is quoted
at 80c; beta, 50c; butter, 20c; eggs, 16c. '
There is considerable Interest manirlested
in the wool clip of this season, and there
are a number of buyers in the market. : In
Portland' prices range from 22 to 23c.
Dealers declare that present advices
from the East do not Justify , the ex
pectation ot . any . important advance,
and that even the present prices cannot be
maintained through the season. However,
it is believed that the fine quality of wool
which Oregon produces, If carefully re
paredr fbr market,' wiM;rolr at a Somewhat
higher .figure -than' the above quotations.
The present prices, offered here, 20322,'ic
per lb. -. -
Following are the present quotations, in
this market:
Potatoes fll 25 W bushel. '
Apples, green, retailing from stores at
76c per box.-
Chickens. 2 5093 V dozen. -
Hams.l3gc; shoulders 8c; sides 11c
Lard, in 10Jh cans, $1 75; in bulk, 14c
White beans 4c V ft. -'
Onions scarce nominally $1 80 per
busheltrom stores. :
Beet, on foot, 3c; pork, 5c ; ' mutton
sheep, per head, $2.
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian '
' Thls standard article la eompoudded with
the greatest care.
Its effects areas wonderful and satlsfiustory
eotortorMl KrRy fcdi ,laIr ltB yonthful
- It renMves .all cnreUpna, itching and dan
"c,Up by 118 8e becomes White
atrongr . ttIVW a00-
. Am n . 1 ' ' ' . '
j...., ,m l umuig naa neon round so
elfuotual, or desirable. .
i 1 tm . A r a . . -.
,V 2: " " V "Jr. are Asaayer of Massachu-
y. . - cuiiiuuer it IMtemTmra.
Uon tot it Intended purposes. JeVraro-
, IIVVJ?!1 .tores the eapO.
I"".- t jivn uuu vigor, nreventin
liafilnesa. and nwktno th. i.i1" .ll,n
Ducrclnham'o Dye,.
fP Taj? vrHitrsx9t
We yW. ood deal In the papers of
styilsS W- - in 'Washington. Butler's
UirnaaV t-ogh not stylish, has been much
ad m -Arcadian. -
Sew To-Day.
- . . jwular annual meeting of the stock
5.,???r.ibe. Eale Woolen Mills Company
i"Jj?.nld at the offloe of the Compnnyin
.W A. WHEIiLKK, Secretary
New and Beantlfnl Furniture 1
TIm Hetaler Chair rawblde ' bottoiua
"--...' and the
33 e 1 d. i n g Bro o m !
all in good supply at W. . Beldlng'k shop on
First street east of Magnolia Mills. Call and
examine goods and prices.
May U-Sv7 . , W. D. BBLDIKG.
. Por Oale 1
- - -
, JLIme. Slitngres, piaster Paris,
. , JL-atli, Hair, etc.,
and for sale low, at the warehonse of
Tbe Hlirbeat Cnan Vrtce PaJd r -vVel.
Albany, May 14, T-SSv7 ;
A )Lar?e and Valuable Vract or
FaVsnlng Eatnd for Cele.
THREE ntTSDRKD ACRES of plow land, 900
of which is rich bot tom land. On the prem
ises are foir buildings, honse, barn, granary,
sheds, etc; also good bearing orchard of fruit
trees; SO0 acres of the very best pasture land ;
50 acres of timber land, ash and maple, the best
of farming land when cleared. A never failing
stream of water runs through the-(arm. There
is also a splendid quarry of lime-rockon the
ekioe, pronounced by experts A 1 rock. Four
undred acres are nnder fence. It is one-of the
most desirable and cheapest farms in IKraglaa
counts, lying 1 H mUes from the Ot A O. railroad
at Oakland. For particulars as to price, etc,
apply, in this city, to -.-..-,..
Albany, May 14, 1875. . i
Pictures and Picture " Frames.
Would Wnnounce to the citizens of Albany and
Vicinltu that he is nramrad to furnish all Vlnris
of PICTtTRK FRAMES to order, at short notice.
Picturenframed. and old frames rentlred. Call
at his ofltw on First street, one door west of
BroadalbVn. and leave your orders. St-7
Allen, administrator of the estate of Alfred
Allen, doceaied, on the ftth dav of May, 1875,
filed his final account in said estate in the
County Court for Linn county, Oregon, for final
settlement, and that by order of said Court,
Wednesday, the etti day or Jane, 175,
bas been appointed to hear objections to said
account, and for the settlement of the name. .
Published by order of tho County Court-
- B. II. AU.KX,
May 7, lS7VaSw4 Administrator.
With your Coin for
Cheap Groceries !
Having paid Cash for his stock, he offers superi
or inducements to consumers. All kinds of
accepted as the equivalent of cash in ezchange
for goods.
Superior Glassware. Cutlery, Notions, Perfn
merv, etc, in large quantltius. at whoicmile or
Cigars ajd To
a Sipeclrlty.
stock of
selected with care, and bought for coin at '
Scandalously Low Figures !
and as we bought low we can and will sell them
at prices that will ,
Astonish Everybody.
Come and see our selections of
lreo Ueods,
Phiutsa, .... '.....'
RrllllMBtm, :
Ribbons, Collars Collarettes,
Lnces, &tc.f &e.,
for the ladles, and onr complete lines of
Readymade Clothing.
' t'snlsicm, 1
' Bootat, :", . .
MatiT '
of all descriptions for men and hoys. Also, full
assortments of .
Groceries, Croctery ni Glassware.
for everybody.
The best goods, at the lowest rates every time.
' fcTt'ouui and see.
Lebanon , Oregon, October SO, 1874.
, ,l REAPERS A fflOWEBs.
' Hataie'a Header, (Wood's improved.)
TneBnaael aaaal TtawatwrThireahera, -
'i cv: :; i..:.t(. r . . - .2.f 4. it .-'- ..,.
X i,irV: ;rf,(best piarhlnas on theeoastj
Wtateaw ism ataweaAed DriU.
titnr Plows, and other machines. .
Call, ane, and get price and terms before baying
elsewhere, at my Blacksmith Shop, corner Sec
ond and Eltewortb. sta., Albany, Oregon.
1 "Ayers Baraaparilla, '
Fee PaurlfyteaT the BIsmI.'.
ion ooinponna
the vegetable altera
tlvea. ta.rm.Tm-41lB
U I f lS, tw 'n. -ZZ
AYL ' fManrfrake with the
"i3i. ,J. '"a iron makes a
:js- 'a KSsmaat eflfectnal mi
' 5of . series of com.
a, srf P'sJnts which are very
Pr pnwntii anu amict
1 ing. It purifies the
1 blood, purges out tlie
M . BiiMuB raramg uumors in the
system, that undermine health and settle into
uvummnn ujnurueis. UUptlOIUOI tile Skin
are the appearance on the surface of humor
that should be expelled from the blckd; in
ternal derangemets are the detumtnatioR of
these same humor to aouiernternal organ, or
61Sf"'ZLh,0!w '?-HydBrange, and whose
substance they disease and dwttiwy. AVer's
S4S5.A,IM'exp1" tnw homors from the
bkKMi. Wlien they aregone, the disorders tbey
produce disppear. ttuch as Ulceration, of the
Tfertl fitonacA, Kidney t, Lstno. Emotion and
Head, ntnffvorm, UUsera and Sure. Mhevma
Urn. JftwadrtTiWs in the Bona, fhteZnd
Jlead, finale If'enJkn, 8triisJ
Aw? internal aenUtnn'andiZ
General Debility. WUfiTtueir departure helith
returns, f
.ATB a to Iwell, Ksm
Poetical and Analytical Chemists?
Sash A IXior Factory a geneml-overnaul-ing
and repairing, and greatly increased their
facilities for doing work, by putting in a new
watkk vhkel, a new SHAPING MACHINK
and a new FLA NER AND MATCHER, all mado
In Oregon by Oregon meclianics and out of
Oregon iron, and are a credit to Oregon.
The Planer and Matcher Is specially adapted
to matching Flooring and Rtratlc, which we
makeasiecialfy. and are now prepared to do
wit hout delay, as we can -clisnge the machine
from one kind of work to another in . a few
minutes, and with our excellent water-power
are always ready to run any or ail oar, ma
chinery. . ,
We keep DOORS, SASH and MOLDING always
on hand, or make to order with dispatch. WW
have made arrangements by which we are now t
prepared to furnish Soxfi and Sash-Doora. ,
primed and glased, to order, at very near Port
land priced, and propose to make it to tba
interest of Builders to buy at bom and
encourage home interests.
With our new 8h apkb we are prepared to do
any kind of circular or irregular work, much
oe'jer than It lias ever boon done in Albany.
We have two tMw f rial rw,., ..nM fn. thik
special benefit of those wishing to grind axes or!
tools of any kind. .
l i "hort, we have spared neither money or
"i uuihk up our snop w aoing an ainaa
or work in our line with neatness, cheapneaa
and dispatch, amd have nansertollF reduewst
JMtr IwHfeea for wwrk. All of which we bop
the public will appreciate, and continue to give
us a liberal share of their patronage.
Caktrk will alway be on hand, with com
petent mechanics, ready to serve those who
may favor us with their orders.
HatfantetfM Mlswsrk and prSrea,
Albany. Or., April 9, 1875.
FOll BTEltniODT tit '
r!-''-r' - -w"v -v -f-vj r-w
Y FOR old Har.
By Ocean Steamer, at
Albany, Oregon,
Cheaper than the Cheapest.
Albany, March 98, 1875-t8v7 '
X Hmwrkrcper esna matte Hert
viioeaosn nttss ainsMit it. .....
This well known and long established TEABT '
PO DER is now in great demand. -SahMr-in-creaslng
dairy. Now 85 gross per day to tho .
trade. I. CALL AG HAN now sole uuntibw.
turv and proprietor, uses no drugs no bono
dtwt; pure whhe cream of Tartar, Imported
direct and gixnmd so. tho premite8, being the
chief ingredient. , - ''h '
Always on hand and for sole at lowest prices s
'allag:tKra-s Teasl Pvwdcr, In In cans, av
superior article.-.- i
(allagban a reuaa or Tartar, in all stylo.
"alUjgt.nai-a Fur Kagtlsn Bi-arl
of Mod sibmI SJMlenttu.
"' -ALSU- . ...
'renns ,r Tartar 4'rystars and Enarltola.
BKarksaalc or hud a, tn keg... ,
. 'AI.I.AirAM A ., ataanfiirtnren
'lil FRONT STRKE. San Francisco.
"32 . t. Jim, -
' , T E .W ELRY,
Silver & Plated Varo,
The ResLQfachlne Blade.
' w.tasSrrsf riai bottle. .
j-Kaas fteesi tm won vv Half a ?.
Is Pawanotea lijfirwtte, PrMtrns tsiw
fl4r, Iaevraaes;
r bm BUtlr, s?. vvwaSa Urn ralltaa; wait '
and Torning Ui.: y. - tr .:'''
Bw yoii wsm' Par, BlooiulaiaT Caa. '
plMiMiT If ti a few appltcauna V
BifiAir HACXC UA BALM wlU cwtut
yo S yemr ihw V eiat. It
wy with Kaaihs, Bldtestra and PIms.
ri ' Ovrdnal tba rilhd trtn
iSa. dt f