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Wholesale and Hetsttl Dealer In
vacs::3, novis;
-C3YE33, ETC.
' Pint ntreeS, Albaas y. Ornw. -
- - Oasli.
Here's .-"llsePtece
.Has received and is offering for sale a wen Mice-,
Which be is determined to sell
for. . r
C a s li , or HercMaMs Prate !
Please rive me a call, and examine
Goods and Prices.
B. H. (lAl'QHTOV.
Lebanon, Or.
O. - S. CO.
tber notice, freight from
PEE T05!
AH down freight will be delivered at FOBT
Free of I) raj-age and Wharfage,
At Reduced Rates.
SoavU wlU. Icavo AT.BAS Y for COBVALLIS or
- -.- - .
Tor farther particulars, apply to
Albany, Nov. Sd, Ml AftsU
Hem, Elevator!
I at wheat and oats. We call the attention of
feraters to the met that we have erected the n-
nest wart-now o in me wsipjh m -m nre ciinim
i -r- in nosltion to handle shUhIHc
trttflHIv All
iiainemw quantity of grain.
Our lioam has
tpaciiy ror
2G3,CC0 bushels - of - Wheat !
at one time, and U lorated on the margin of the
frota t lie O. A G. B. K-, o that shipment may
le made dallv by rail, an das often by water as
Imatuiff facilities offer. We have two Ihw suc
tion tens. In addition to other fans, attached
In the house, run, by water power, and are
tuna prepareato -
4tl the wheat received. Caa take in and clean
' in w hnshnla wr dav. Cleaned wheat is worth
mneh more In all foreign markets than font
wheat, and none slMHtld be shipped without
cleaning. Onrcharges wOllssnvecentsalnwhel
on wheat, ana loar cents on wi. n c imio
to fnmish those storing wheat with ns, free to
, those whose w neat we pnrcnase, ana mi ine
t inMt msb nrioa to those who sell their wheat
from oar honse to other tmyers. Persons stor.
l.r -nil h in it tihertv to sell to whom thev
Mw, Those who reside on the west side of
the river will havo ferriage free. W ill te in
the market it buyers, and expect b b,e to
oay the highest possible price. Having pre
rared onrsel ves to do a large onsiness,- we hope
ioroar absvra of -tba. pautfe pnironage. - -
Bt7rJulr31 ' Albany; Oregon.
Lzlh ncs? & Esrfeer Shop.
. fnilv thank tltaeitijsens of Albany and vt-
ctaHv for the liberal patronage nesiowea m
hiss tor the nast seven years, nJ hopes ror ine
fuUirea continuation of their nayprs. ror mm
friends in the nppar part of town, be m open
ed a neat mtle next """ T " " hi,
raloon. where a good workman will always be
Id attendance to wan u-sm iTViSS nnm
Dec. 11. 17 i. ; JOB W8BB1EB,
sonure. Albany, on t te post " f 7?"
Th- tarif v ntiufAV has fseenpronouweea tne
vi uy ilia o9,mwn. . . .1
any other nntil you ave seen and n;-fa"?,
nnntifnl Insrrnnienta. . Wllflua.
. . rj" . hutuM. Deht uny
iKMtwr Asrr. Endoreed lr : KMUeat
prafeaahm. Pa. Wt. HALfS BALSAM fox the
longs cure Coughs, Colds and Conanmptton.
i and all diaoaaea of the Throat and Cheat; w,
is one MZNUTB. "n4"
' .VA small pabm OP OWE mnfTDRE DACBE8
I 4X two miles from AJtmov. with house, oom
I uodlons bn-m.andmnali$rGiird of cocetrsea.
AJwt. Atnniitip ImnnumlL mm A llRV ll-"!'llt
8pnn.iT e. yfklH LOV ASD IfcttMS
aRy. tnvi.t lntuinis to em irnt seea-
mgahoms nwrthlstrinrinr atty.. J-twswweksn
Siven immadiatelv." For mn; -" qnira Of
; , Washington H 14 ata,Aluaoy Of,
St. ''QaSfjssi H(rtel,
. Cawme Waahtes-M aaal FIrat
Matthews & Morrison,
House newly furnished throughout. Tba
beat the market afford always on Uie table.
Free Ceaeb aad firesa IM H
Eschangd Hotel,
. : Corner rlrat and Washington street. - '
... , ALBANY, OREGOX, - ;
J. H. Esc&e&stOt Proprietor.
--FlrWMirftie .atew management; this" popular
Luotei Das JbeeiF refitted -and .rcfnmtohed. arid
now offers The ravelina; nubile the best aeeom-
mndarkms on the most reasonable terms.
Lelmnoai Mall and Stase Line.
MAIL PATS-.Monday, Wednesday and Fri
day. ; . . i . -7n32 '-
0. P. S. PL15I3IER, M. D
bbvch, ;
full stock of Trusses and Surgical appliances.
W Beta ember PLIXHEB.
r7 n28
Ratlslng- and moving Bufldlngrs.
V V announce to the citizens of A limn v and
surrounding country that, having supplied our
selves with the necessary, machinery for rais
ing ana removing onuaings. we arereaayai an
times to receive orders for such work, which
we will do in short order at lowest rates. We
guarantee entire satisfaction in au wora nnaer
taken by us.
Orders left at the Register office promptly
attenteato. Apply to.
Albany, Or- April Si. 1875. 31 v7
Mannlhctnrcrs of
Leave vnur rt!cr tit 1uaW shon In the old
Foster building, on First street, below A. Ca
rotbers tt Co.
Dealers In .
Clothing:, Boot mm! Shan, Hate, Uroee
rtesv, rasj.j moatfa, Sletlesns Khotg-utis
tntols, Sails. Bone. Mirrors,
Wallpaper Wood smkI Willow .
Ware, Trwnfca and Valises,
PWket Cailery, .e
I 8nld very low either for caxh, or to prompt pay
r in cnstoiner on time. v7
A IT. BELL PARKKB, late of Oregon City,
leg leave to inform the public that they
have purchased the entire stock ot ilrng. nieu-
Icinex. Ac., formerly ownedbv It. C Hill A Sim.
and that they design continuing thti bnine
at the old stand, where they purpose keeping in
the fnrnre a full nssortmentof
Druijt. ,
Toilet Artlele, "
. , '-Perfatnay,
and everything usually found in a first-class
While earnestly soliciting a ontinnanoe of
the liberal patronage heretofore extended to tins
old house, we hope at the same time, by fair
and liberal dealing, and careful attention to the
wants of customers, to merit the esteem of any
x:w friends who may tavor us with their or
ders. Particular attention will be given to the com
pounding of physician's prescription and am
ily recipes, at all hours of the dayor night.
' A. If. HEUi lc PABKEH.
. Successors to B. C. A Sow. ;
Albany, October , 7-n4t
From this date until further notice, I will sell a
Stoves & Ranges
d3 GD
Albany, Deo. 16, 1874-U
Old Beuyera, Bawtw and TSiresbera
Bepal?ed and made almost aa good as new
rizvv r.iACitinc chop
S now prepared to do all kinds ot
TSriaT $tmmtmg awMl Orgaslng.
Also, an-v Ironwork and general Blaaksoiltb
ing tba uaa may dernand.
Fenmez rkueeM wtil be kept cn hand at an
tine, . . ,, , . flnS)
Bring on that wood, f ' J:;
Wheat la quoted at 80c. ' ' ".
Wild strawberries are ripe.
Prof. Warren returned last week. ,
Wm. Gearhart died on Monday evening.
A good stage of water in the Willamette.
Wm, Parrlsh and family have gone to
the mountains. g
Alex. Pnrdom left for Portland on Mon
day. ! '; - r: :
John Lay ton has commenced, delivering
orics. ior c ruman a new diock. .
t -1 v. . . a. i ,
Tlie Pioneer Hosiery, at .Tefferson,
started into work on the first of the .week.
Delicious soda at the drug establishment
Of iMessrs, Bell & Parker." " ,
Plenty of glorious sunshine during the
week. 'f'-C ' ' . ' '
CdroT-fcknes8 in TJdonsof t!s,
county genenvly fevers or r mlHt type. -
The Grand Xodge of Good Templars con
venes in Portland.on the 8th of June. '--jr'
Our hotels have ieen . having a big rotf
for some weeks. ' ; k L "
W. C. Tweedale is Ma receipt of fresh 1
groceries, etc .- . v . . "
" The waters having gone down,' the mills
are enable to grind once more. " " 7 i
Doc. Lister sells groceries aud provisions
way down for cash. .1
Mr. Bales has purchased a farm near
Peterson's Butte.
Trade fair during the week, but not rush
ing. . j
Don't forget the orthographical contest
at the Opera Honse Tuesday night. !
Sociable at the Methodist parsonage to
night, to which you are invited. ; . '
Maple syrup at Win. Tweedale's splen
did on slapjacks. Urn. V j -
A. seeat ueai ot sickness in and near
Swaet Home. I ; .
Money, money, meney! Scarce, scarce,
scarce! :.
AVm. Powersy of Shedd, was in the city
Wednesday. . i
The mornings and evenings have been
remarkably cool cool enough for fires.
llurd s (Jo. have received their new
planer. . - i
Colored stockings both for; adults and
children, are more fashionable this season
tlutia lat. r - ' . !
Mr. J. Ketchttm, from Seattle, W. T
arrived in the city Tuesday, ou a visit to
relatives and friends. j , j
The picture men closed out .Tuesday
night, liaving sold a large number of line
pictures, liandsotiiely framed, our citizens.
The annual meeting of the atockhoklers
in the Kagle Woolen Mills transpires on
me unn ot . i one, at Brownsville. .
Bishop Morris will Iiokl ser
vices in the Congregational church on Mon
day evening next.
Itats are getting thtcker'n anything in
this city, and the question is often asked
What is the best way to get rid of thctn.
Thomas Clemens starts for Old Missouri
next week, with tlie intention of bringing
to Oregon his titlier and mother.
The Sunday School picnic at I-cbanou
last Friday was largely attended, and
proved a piy ami festive occasion. :
Tames Lorent. Sen., starts for the land
of hi nativity, France, iu a week or two,
probably to remain.
Tlie first and secontl nines of tlie Wil
lamettes played a match game lat Friday,
tlie second nine coming off victorious.
Billv Beacli came down from thePalouse
country last week, looking well preserved
and liearty. ' '
The stockholders in the Grange Union
are requested to meet at 10 o'clock A. M.
to-morrow. In the Court House. Business.
We were visited by a slight rainfall on
Tuesday. Tlie street-sprinkler is having
an easy time this spring.
The ladies bold their. Sociable at the
Methodist parsonage, on Third between
Calipooia and Baker Streets, this evening.
Everybody is invited.
Fanny Potion brotigh up 3G0 packages of
merchandise for tlie niercliants of Lebanon
on Monday night. Slathers ot goods, are
sold at Lebanon. j ,;- " ., ri
;The dltchdown Lyon , street is being
finished hi first class style. It is to be
flnmed all the way, and will cost like scis
sors. : " ' ... ' ,
j The FannlfTatton brought np an im
mense load of freight Monday night, among
the rest a portion of the iron front for
Dave Froman's net bricks. ""'
- The new hotel at Sodavtlle, kept by D.
M. Foote, is winning golden opinions. It
is neatly furnished, and the table is all that
could be wished.-
P&xUm ' will soon be in readiness to ac
commodate you with those new style pic
tures which get away with everybody, at
bis new place on Second and Ferry streets.
The corner-stone ot the new Episcopal
church will be laid, with appropriate cere
monies on Monday at o'clock P. M
Bishop Morris presiding
We will sell an interest in this paper to
a reliable man on fair terms, if application
be made soon. Business is Increasing, and
we want an assistant.
Continued sickness in our family, in
addition to an abundance of office work,
doesn't allow ns any. elegant leisure to
speak of. -
The Greenhorn claim j on the Santlam,
Doc. Herren Informs us, la in good shape,
ready to oaatasence operations, the hy
draalto working like a charm. '
L 8J Waldrlp, of Idaho, a former resi
dent of this' city, was in 'the city on Mon
day, He came down to purchase ; the
machinery fop a jrrist mill to take back
with him, '
t .
Camp meets to-night."' . -
On Tuesday night Mrs, Allen Parker re
ceived a telegram frdm her husband who
was then in New York, where"he calculated
to remain until tomorrow, when he would
embark for Europe. . . ' : j !:; :
Avcamproeettng will be held near Ib-
anoriT corhrnenclrig Juno 35th. On the
80th, the Synod transpires In connection
with the meeting. AU are; invited to par
ticipate. ' ' :" J :-'
Eer. Isaiah Wilson, of the M. K. Church,
administered". the rites-ofaptlsp by im-
meipoa on Sunday lasts to Mr. Carother,
In, the Willamette at foot of Ellsworth
street.'' . - ' ' . ' j- j'!
A. CflTotliers&Co. will soon, receive a
new generator, capable or turning one 950
dozen of soda every day. v The soda fonn-
fain aijd apparatus wiljrCost over4300taud
win be elegant enough fctfnybodjw . .
We are indebted to .Sen&tor Mitchell for
ivahiable ptiWkj-aocutaysntR.'tbe 1as(eJng
1R wiigr6SlJOi -atCBuruLf-vsmiM'iijiiiac
report of the spocjar sesslpfl or tSft Senate
from tM4thfothe 26tti of Marcfii 1473, .
- Dr. Alexander has received the mourn
ful intelligence of the death of Ma father,
John Alexander, , near Keosauqua Van
Buren county, Iowa; on the 6th Inst., in.
his 78th year. ' 1
The base ball , match between the Cor-
vallls club and' the Wlllaaiettes of this city.
was won by the first named.- As the Cor
vallis boys wen the first game also, this
gives them the championship.
If parties-who have land to sell will call
and. leave a description, number of acres.
price, etc., with ns, we may be enabled to
send them a purchaser and it won't cost
them a cent. , r
- Luther - Elkins, 7Esq is erecting a neat
dwelling on the -corner of Third and Ferry
streets.' It is impossible for" Mr. Elkins to
be Idle he must be doing -something, ' if
it's only building houses and improving the
city.-:- , . r"? - . :
Persons wishing to employ help of.any
kind, are invitedto call and see' ns and
make their want known. We will, en
deavor to send them Just such help as they
require, and will not charge them one cent
for the trouble.
A basket, picnic, ituder the auspices of
the Good Templars, comes off at Jefferson
to-morrow. Everybody Is invited to fill
their baskets and join in the fun. Rev. P.
S. Knight, of Salem, has been invited to
deliver an address on the occasion i'.
Aud this is .what schooling doeaibr the
boys WOHam Scott, if yoo ever cornv
gate-ypni" ."'brow at me li tliat way again.
1 shall temporarily deposit otr books on
the sidewalk, and caiiwthe llood Jo coagi
ulste. untler youJef qptic.
William t?-
An advanced little rooster who was asked
which was the greatest evil, "hurting an
other's feelings or his finger, replted, the
former. When asked for a reason for the
belief that was in him, be replied: 'Cos
yon can't tie a rag round the feelings, ami
you can around the finger!
If people who suffer from the dull stu
pidity tliat meets us everywhere in Spring,
and too often in all seasons of the year.
knew how quick it could be tHired by Aak
ing Acer's Sttrmparilla to purge the ' bile
from their systems, we should have better
neighbors as well as clearer heads -to deal
- For a lay out ' of , delicious, ripe, wild
strawberries, on Tuesday, we are Indebted
to ottr ktud-hearted ami thoughtful neigh
bor, Mrs. J. I, jftmiom. -,They - were
sent to her from Pass Creek by her son
John, and she kindly divided with u.
Wliat a blessed thing it is to have such
friends. - '
A large number of beautiful op paintings
ami ciiromos were soia at auction Monday
night. Tlie highest price paid we believe
for a pair of oil paintings was $75, Messrs.
Saml. E. Young and W. II. McFarland
eacli paying that sum for a magnificent pair
oil paiutlugs tn elegant frames, A large
number of our citizens Indulged their taste
for the beautiful in purchasing pictures,
paying as high as f23 for a single chromo.
Daniel Clark, Master of the State Grange,
will meet tlie members of tlie Patrons of
Husbandry, for the purpose of laying be
fore them matters of importance to the or
ganization, at the .'following ' times and
places in this county ; ' At Peoria Orange
on Monday, May Slst ; Bro wnsvll ley Tues
day, June 1st . Knox Butte, Wednesday,
J une, 2d ; Sautlam,"Thttrsdayj ' Jdfae 3d
Meetings will be held at 1 'o'clock P. M. of
tlie days stated.
It Is suggested that the Granges In each
county in tho State, should, publish and
send to the Eastern States, a reliable and
truthful description of such county, and
thus aid in spreading abroad reliable infor
mation concerning our State. The sugges
tion is a good one, and If taken hold ot In
the proper spirit, would be more effectual
and prove of greater benefit to the State at
large than any ; other mode that could be
adopted. ;:';v;'v';'- ' r: ';M ;A'
Tlie other evening, at one of our down
town residenoesynav large rat was discovered
in the kitchen, 'after all the doors had been
closed. ' Then the fun commenced, as the
death of hat "rat waa decreed, there and
then. , After chasing that rat around the
kitchen without making an impression on
him, it occurred to the parties that there
was a way to get rid of that rat without so
much labor; and while bis ratsMp waa rest
ing behind a barrel, kerosene was- poured
over him, a piece" of lighted paper thrown
on to htm, and then for a few minutes a
ball of fire might have been seen leaping
and vaulting over that room. ' It might
bays been fan to the lookers-on, but tww
death to the rat. - - " - :
28, 1875.
'. - : I . it- . .-j ' t
The Kkgisteb is the official city paper.
John Lay ton will burn another kiln of
brick Immediately.
Mr, Pierce has procured a new wire
rope for hit ferry at this place.
Emigrants continue pouring Into this
city, In search of homes .
Frank; Wood goes to Greenhorn to-day.
to start up work. .
Hallock Griffin has returned from San
We learn, that father Royal Is improv
ing. , - ' ..
R, S. 3hank!ln, of Peoria, died of lung
fever Thursday night of last week, leaving
iHaaiily of five children.
Jas. Harmon, Esq.,! has consented to
deliver an address before' t&a. Monmouth
College literary socle tie on tho l&tb prox.
Robert. GUlllaod, an of the toll-gate
keeper in .Sweet Hone valleyv died on
Monday last, of pnentnonla. -
gh Grange Business Council wuTeiset
at tea la this city on T&esdayr June
etn-.-.t.; f.v- , , .... - . .
AsonotL. C.-Borirt received kick
inj the month frotn a vicious horse, on
Tuesday. Xo bones broken.
As we go to press, we learn that Mrs.
Warren has somewhat Improved and is
feeling quite cheerful. , Ti . :
A large time was had yesterday .at the
Gpod Templar's picnic at Robert's bridge.
It was a pleasant occasion.
Butter and eggs have fallen since last re-
portr the first 6o per pound, and the latter
2c pec dozen.
Mr. W. D. Belding has been confined to
his bouse for a week or two past, with
something like rheumatism in his feet.
As nearly all the Good Templars in this
burg went to tlwfplcnic yesterday, the city
was very quiet, f;
Mr. A. Cowan started tor Sim Reed's
farm in Washington county, with several
fine mares, on Wednesday.
We understand that Jack Grouse, for
merly of this city, is engaged in business at
or near Syracuse, X Y.
J. J. Comstock, of Pass Creek, was in
the city on Tuesday. looking as portly and
handsome as he did fifty years ago.
We are glad to learn that Miss Eva
Goltra is recovering from her recent dan
gerous illness.
From the number of warehouses in Jef
ferson It is anticipated that tho storage and
handling of grain will be reduced to a low
figure the coming season. -
A government officer is to examine the
Willamette river from this city to Eugene,
in order to ascertain the cost of improving
t-v - - '
At the auction of pictures on Monday
aad Tttesday nhrhfav our -people iiiwated
;bont $3,000 cash tn ciiromos and oil paint-
Ilia Greenhorn Company have employed
a Superintendent, an old and experienced
miner, who will commence at once to de
velop their mining claim.
. The Odd Fellows of this city are making
preparations for a grand excursion, extend
ing ten days or two week's time, to come
off soon. It'll be jolly enough for any
body. .. -----;- .. . -
Prof. B. D. Kennedy-will be at the St.
Charles not el from to-day until Monday,
where lie will receive visUa and describe
diameter. On Monday he departs for
Salem, where lie will probably lecture In
the Opera House on that evening. We
besspeak for tlie lecturer a full house, as be
Is away np as a phrenologist, etc
A sable son of Africa called at the Mag
nolia Mills on Wednesday, and demanded
some bran or other mill stuff, from Frank
Parton, tlie miller. Frank declined letting
the colored man have what he wanted, on
the ground of being short, when his sable-
ship demanded : "Do you understand, sir,
de meaning of de cihll foce bill ?" Frank
caved at once and with good grace, and
the colored gentleman get away with bis
mill stuff. . ......
. .The Committee appointed to confer with
the City Council, onr Tuesday evening. In
behalf of the Hook and Ladders, presented
the matter .when the Council authorized
the Company to secure as large an amount
as possible by voluntary subscription, when
the city, would donate the balance. The
Mayor instructed the Committee to secure
the best outfit that could., be obtained.
With an efficient book and ladder company,
onr fire department' can hope to cope suc
cessfully with any fire that nwy unfortu
nately visit property in tlw dty
, A 'ltet of fifty-one, names -having been
secured tor the organization, of a hook and
ladder company, a preliminary meeting
was held In the hall of Albany Fire Co. Jfo.
1, 'en Monday evening at which a com
mittee, consisting ot Messrs, W. H. Dodd,
3. K. Weatherford and H."; D. Godley,
were appointed on constitution and by
laws, and a committee, consisting of
Messrs. L. C. Bice, X. Senders and C H.
Stewart, were appointed to ask the City
Council, In behalf of the Company, to
make the necessary appropriation to. pur
chase books, ladders, etc., both committees
to report at an adjoured meeting, to be held
at the same place on Monday evening next.
Oa the heels ot the organisation of the
hook and ladder will come the organization
of a fire department, with tta Chief etc
WOOIi WAJTE-F. C. Harper A Co. will
pay the highest cash price tor all the wool they
can get, and would respectfully Inforns every
body that they have -a fine stock of general
.merchandise: for sale very low lor cash, or to
prompt paying customers on thud. tstf.
Ms. JsjfES Moons WDJ conusance, oa. or
about the 10th day of May, delivering fresh
MUX. Batter, F gga and Tegetabtea to the citi
seas of Albany. How Is the time to make year
arraegenMnta, as Mr. Moore wiQ tea a team
daily, and do as he agreea, aistt.
f ' ... v; NO. 37.
" ''"'i"' "'"""-"y" ' '---------saaaa
'" 'XJsrr or u.'riJSaui
Rematnina; In the" Albany Foetofflce, way
37, 187.1. Persons calltns: for these letters must
give the date on which they were ad vartiaed:
Gray, Anna Ml' ' " ' Bennedlok, E. C. v
Btrage, ainry v- oivwu, nu..
XTs KX aAiKUinvi iu
May 19 -- O Daqidson.' Corvallia
Bnrk. eltv
J Allchin, eoonty
M Pike. Linn OO
r in oi
rtrsn, county .
kderson- Cor
Aliemand, Benton eo Wm
li uaviason. ati
J Blevtns, Tansrent
Geo Grimes, Tangent -F
Easliell, Tansrent
W 8 Woodcock, Cor-,
Mtsa F Baskins, Cor
vallis J J Beard, county,
J Lopran, county
J Maxwell, county ".
W J Clark, Salem
A Blevtns, Tang"t
P feFraneis. Illinois
J H Tavkrr. crty
J B Onbard, .
W B TUlard, Polk co
E Bovle Tnnirent
J Taylor, Corvallis .
J Jnstiaec Corvallis "
J B etites. CorvalHs.
S Aoktn, Chlcajro 111
LeFranots. Ill - -
. A Huff. Kansas
Lanra Janes, Oresrao Frank May, Kansas
eity- v - ! H Dohse, CorvaUis -J
H only. Frlsee, -. P (i Eddy.Salem
.Iuh Smith, tin 'li lfvK fiilom
B G Strahan, CowaTBs jf Looney, Jetfgrson
sfiss Lizzie Wins. Boae-T (irabani. CorvallS:--'.
vuie .... - , -ia.lMy. wrvauis
i bunc . V S chwaru inland J!
Nteo Otty; tendon Ot I. Hanson, Portland" - .
- T tiraiw
4 A He Bins, Ltnn CO . A B urjgge. ueomWfH i .
W M Soott.Linn eo:: N Mm, Junction -.-..
J YanMay Corvallia L BliOl, Boseburg
W Baldwin, Corvalli W W FranrtStUorviw .
P M Fronk. Marion- A B Webriell. Wasoo oo
T J-Cook. Lomr-Tom I Jacobs. CcwvalUa -.- -
J A Miller, Long Toa L IT Quwiette, P'tland ' j
J B Cooper, Folk eo W J Clark, Salem-- (
i. zwower, w us aonora, jorvi-,
Wm Piper, Salem , -C Moors. Corvallis
Mbllat, Sr.len F Canthorn, Corvallis
Blum. Portland r ' J J HoncJc Corvallis
J a Palmer, Corvallis J H Glass, Corvallis
li jjonse A sister uor u r oeuress, uktbiiis
vallU -- ---v a Brocks, Corvallis
F Maefcln, Corvallis - CD Baybnrn, Corv'l's
L L Colby, 9alem . t-F Bamgartner, Corvht 1
J M Grlgsby, Salem B McLatran, Corvallis
May 20 W 8t Clair, Corvallis .
T MeMahon.connty - Mrs Atwood, Corvallis
an n a xiainuion, unas jjooMi,uirv&uu .
Dalles - C March,, county -- . ,
J Bohtnson, TtaRes C Louster, Salem
Miss t wttimn, lialies f j.r raneis, losa
Z Job, Corvallis A Huff, KttnsnB
K T Wilson, Solem - Mav M ' -si
J' V OUaAMIItf,IWlMI V ..11(1.11. ...
C Marsell. Jefferson C W fieri tmer, Wis
F H Sberan, New Xork C Loar, Colfax
A Huff. Kansas
jrs is cnrismao, te
dan Col lax
J W Leanv, Halsey
H Webb. Portland -M
Blnke, city
J S WUIkinson.e F " .
. E Ptere,'
J Kverette, Halsey
8 B Orer, Portland
B M McTeer, Soda
Snrtnacs -
F May, city
J S Mickols, Salem
J H Lawton, Salem
O Reynolds, Salem
JBeed, Salem -M
P Bnmham, Me
i: narsnaii, rortiana
John Staurer. Iowa -
j p Kpes, Astoria
B F Sam watt. Lewis M Get. Astoria
ville 1 M Jones, city
Wm Fisher, Portland L Stimpson, city
it n eieuman, n-'ia
C Marsh. Portland
K h steanum, Pt.'iand o r uearasiey, eaiem
S Chapman. Kan
H Cavendish. Salem
May SI
rvev. Pol
Mrs Sales. Salem H Watts.
Mrs Atwood, Corvallis W P Breeding, Psion so
A V MeCarty, Corvallis Wm Miller, Portland
J O Davidson, CorvVs
Msr 19 M H Madhran, Springr
J F Calbrcath, CorvTs Hill
T Morris, Lebonon Mim Davidson, Benna
J McBrtde. St Helena Vistn
W L Rcneily, Tangent MIms Llnvllle, . Beuna
W B Brown, CorvTs - Vista . ?
M 8 Woodois, Corv'ls E Fenteuson, P'tland
G Clark, Cirvatlis H Wilson. W W
C P Bishop, Browns- T Humphrey, Htllsbro
ville W H Humphrey, Iowa
W E Wells, Brown 'vie N H Looney, Jetterson
Mrs. J Sprinirer, Port- 1) H Looney, Jefferson
land E Meyer. Salem
Mrs C Bunnoll, Lewis- II M Brnnk. Sulem
. ton I T B Jsiiies, Salem
J F Hill. Brownsville F May, city ' J "
T Kay, Brownsville W HBruok.. - -
V TliiaJT!, tly W T JorUan, Polk co
W J Qwtnn. Portland' U B.ilanna, Polk eo -J
Smtth, Portland J Tatonr, tnfm
T S Thomnsnn. Ptland J Orchard.aulem
N JB Huuiphrey, eity B Williams. Tangent
iross. Missouri
S B Thompson, Leb
8 F Gross, Mo
Frank Uross, Mo
L Gross, Mo
Belle Gross. Mo
anon .
Mlsa Looney, Jefferson
G W Settlemler, city
C K Templeton, city .
W II Oueener. cltv
K Bokman, Pniand
W Kichter. city
Miss Bokman, Ft land M Kewrrass. Corvallis
K P Thompson, Lob- T G. Smith. Salem
anon 8 Tlliard, city
May SO W Tillard. city -
Geo Stevens, CotvI'b S L Shedd, Corvallis
W M Chambers, SUets J 8 McNeil, Halsey
J Watroner. Corvallis J P Sullivan, Boston
II B Welch, Fr1sco - M V Brown, city ' .
W Grant, Salem N B Humphrey, city
J K Weatherford, city A Compton, Lebanon .
C Alder. Salem - - B L Creed, Lebanon
Mrs L Hindi dan J Cnrl. Solo
Salem J Webber. dry.
B B Grimes, Salem L- Bel Ills A wife Bose.
J Teal, Portland burg
W r lMnm.ljlaiiai J Lane. Halsev
Hill, city
J Curt Scfo
C Starr. Maine
T Morris A with Leb- J Briinrs. city
anoii M Chambers, Sllets
J B Wimauns, Tanjrent J luick, Leuanon
tc tuocum, Tangent
J ilackleman, Saiem
n P Mfuion. SkIo -
W Keart
T K Conley, B P'tland
C. V Tm. irriafO ,-- W J Blalll. eltv
J H Daly, THseo J A Crawford, city
A Hchuman, Portland J Williams, HUlsboro
J B Mahar, Wis 8 T Do rant, Portlaad
J D Brown, Salem - ' - G Humphrey, city .
A B Webdett, Wasoo OO W H Beach, eity '
S Davis, New York : P Murray, Salem -
sirs Davis. ew xonc may
S IJodint. Maine
M Bradley, Salem
A 8 Miller, Dayton
F G Babcock, Salem
J B Kennedy, P'tland
Mrs WUllanis, Ptland
B S Newcomb, Hlaboro
Miss C Thayer, PUlaad
A 8peennan, Ptland .
W L Button, Ptland
M Snvder, Lebanon
J Wassom, Lebanoa ..
H B Miller, 8 V
C Marsh, city
J D Brown, Salem
W A Hart. Portland
J K Mercer, Portland
C J Christie, Pniand
C A VolJum. Ft land
J Bird, , Portland
A Balefcrh, Portland '
A J McCue. Portland
H ensuing, Portland
J Burke, Portland
J Delmore, Portland
T E Conley, East Pt
J Williams, E P'tland
Mlsa A Davis, Beuna
K sen, saiem
J A Campbell. JeffVa B W Don
laea. Lebanoa
may t.
lV si
W E Watts. P'tland
T M Chance. IT
B Simpson, Portland
M A Phillips, Ptland
G F Mosher, Ptland
A M Smith, Benna
Vista -M
AUstott 1am Me
A O Anderson, Mo
E Moller, Portland -Mrs
Parrott, Peoria
MlasParott, Peoria
W Piper, Srlem
W B Brown, Taqnlna
W W Beaoh, city. ,.
B J Smith, 8 F
W & Howell, S F
F A CbenOweth, Coo
vallis -
H Gatennan, Salem
J B Hanna, Eugene
W J Quin, Corv'l'a ,
H Gerth, Corvallis
T E MagtUgan, Mon--i
mouth ...
C Marsh, City '
St Davis A wife Van-
F A Chenoweth, Coty
J H Walker, O city -D
Lee, Corvallis -"
J S Palmer, Corvallis
H J Bissor, Corvallis
E Casteel. Corvallis
J Bales, CorvalUs
W H Cornelius. Co
Cornelius, Corvls jr H Lawton, Salem
t: H MoClaine. Corvls F S Kendall. Halsev
Diller. eeattle . J A Cold well, Benna
C W Bell, 8 F - Vista
J Davidson, comity B Bidgetvay, Lebanon
D P Hedges, county J J Cowthet, Lebanon
A W Stannard, Browa- K C Head rick, I F
ville WJHardy.SF
A Bartseh, Portland M N Chapman, Salem
E P MoClure. P'tland
G Shimtde. Mo
O Compton, Lebanoa
W Kay, Lebanon .
T Kay, Brownlvnle ,
J B Templeton, HaK
D Lneliing-, Portland :
W W Taylor, Portland
W A Ph&ltps, Ptland
C Levin, SaJem
J Bills A son Salens -
iy A J Jcnnlnm.),mii
CBTempleson. Halsey J Allen, Tangent :
B May A wife 8hedd A Thompeon, Aurora
; i 'v"-'. . " 'JI '' :'- '"'' '
Nkw Ftbic Sam Millar has bought the Waay
on and Smlthshtm heretofore oeeupied by
Peters SpeideL together with the material
and nnfintehoa work, and Is now prepared te
furnish to his line, eoaaisrtin of
Carriages, fcugjrW Lumber WaKona, Eaeks,
5 and geuerui smuhins neatly and with dfc?
pasch. . X employ none but tbe best of aaeehaa.
". and insure Hraction. All work war
fV.L4iink make it an object fat
yon to buy of me. In price, style and durabfKty
ot ?r"r,k- I e tha Wt of material, hiekexv
and oak, from tjie Eastern States. Cab and
iorJ?u,reel 1 aU I want la a fw-r tr-.
I have bad aeverad years of experience on tn.
Sl?f?Tn3Lwit , " knoledsje thus Rajned. ma
om-taln I can pleu a yon. guarantee to sedicr
S4 " bMcht in this eity. A
Inrge lot of lumber aaroaa. sldeandendsprlna;
t.;jcs 0.1-hand, patronise Uo
mamihiotory do not and your money off out
of the country. Act the part of wise men, and
bnild np your owu State, and you wiU prosner
'," -v,. ' A - - i ttiU .;
. It is underBtood tLU Nesmlib refuse to
be a candidate Icr re-electioo t Coogreas.
A Tebbtble Falx A branch of the
Santlam Canal runs north along Tine street
to Thfrd, where it empties into the Cali
pooia,' the ditch being fl timed for some little
distance from its month. After leaving;
the ditch or' flame the water; has a clear
fell ot from 30 to 35 feet to meet the waters
of the Callpoolaj On Sunday the water
had been shut off and wry little water tf
any was running through the diteh. About
one o'clock Sunday afternoon, Willie Hen-,
derson, agedjaboirt niue. and , a younger
brother, stepHchllSren of Mr. pngscery were
playing about tbeTnotith of tlie ditch, when
Willie got into and In attempting to
kick some, small article, slipped and fell
headlong out of the'mouth of the ditch on
to the rocks belo, a distance, as above
stated, bef ween Sfah 25 fet; iThe Httle
fellow manlfes'grea coohTess and pres
ence of mftHT.'ai be-calleil to his tittle w
brodwr. 'tellnig Ma&'2rm$: the house.
jdwi ee.jifMl tell 4hiher tQWp&&ilppm'
examination,lfbund that' 'the little fellow's :
left arjn was-.brolcen Ih two places, -between
the shottlder ana eioow, anq oetween ine .
wrist .and elbow f that ie 'had received a
terrible cut, across the forehead which laid
the skull bare for two ; or three Inches ;
that be had received cuts on bir face and
lips, and ' that both knees t were pretty
severely bruised. Cllie doctor took several
stitches to close the wound on tbe forehead,
set and bandaged 'the arm, etc., alK which,
the little fellow bore with becoming forti
tude. It was a fearful fall, and the wonder .
Is that he escaped so well. Willie's left
arm was broken; some years ago, from a
fall from a fence. He seems to be peculi
arly unfortunate. Dr. O. P. S. Plum
roer was also called in. and assisted in ad
justing tbe fracture, etc.
A , ' Spell " fob the Poob, Tbe Toa
dies' Aid Society of this city will give
'spell" af the Opera nouse on Tuesday
night (June 1st), to which an admission fee .
of twenty-five cents will be charged.' The
entertainment will be enlivened by music,
and ice cream and cake-will be served tn
the way of refreshments. The committees
appointed at tlie last meeting of the Aid
Society are requested to make their report
at once. The Society has been laboring
faithfully ever since its inauguration to
succor the afflicted, and the needy wherever
found, and with the small .means in its .
bands, J ha accomplished Wonders. . Now -the
excliequer of the Society is empty, and
there ace still calls for charity, This being
tlie state of affairs, tlie ladies of the Society
ask the citizens ef this city generally -to
turn. cast ort"Trtsday eveiiuig. and by thus
meraJij patroiiialiig tbft Aspell " they will
place money in tlie treasttry-of the Society,'
which. : indlviilually, tliey will not miss,
while the Society will lie ot 1:1 hied to con
tinue affording relief to nil worthy persona
who may seek or need its aid. Let every
body go. ': : ' :y
Officebs Elected. At tlie annual
meeting of the Halsey Farmers' Union on
the 15th Inst., C. Gray, Esq., was re-
elected President. Messrs. Jacob Thomp
son and Wm. McCoy were elected assistant
directors. J. II. Reed was elected Secre
tary, and Seth W. Hayes Treasurer alto
gether making a good, substantial Board.
The financial a flairs of tlie Company are In
prosperous coudition, thanks to Piestdent
Gray's ability and honest administration.
Cascsb Can be Ccbed.' We warrant a
cure on Cancers and "old sores." Have
also new vegetable remedies for diseases of
tbe eye, which have cured a great many
cases considered hopelessly blind. Office
at Geo. F. Settlemlcrs, Second street, near
Democrat office, Albany, Oregon. -
K. G. & Mrs. Pbeshaw, !
Wool, Etc. Only 100,000 pounds good!
wool wanted, for which I intend to pay the
highest market price In cash. For wool
sacks and twine, inquire at N. Banm's.
May 14, 1875. ''. tf.
My Traatfle Bed.
As I rrrmmajred thronsh the attic,
Liefninir to tho fulling rain.
As it pattered on the slrfngles
And against the window rane ;
Peeping aver chests and boxes
Which with dust were thickly spread.
Saw I, in the farthest comer.
What was onoe my trundle bed. -
So I drew It from tho recess
Where it had remained so long.
Hearing all the while the tnnaio
Of my mother voice in song.
As she sang, tn sweetest acoenta
. V What 1 since have often road :
M Hush, my dear, lie si ia and slumber.
Holy angels guard toy bed."
As I listened, recollections
That I thought had been forgot.
Came" with all tbe gush of nieiu'rv.
Bushing, tlironglnsr. to the snot"; .
And I wandered back to childhood,
To those mei ry days of yore.
When I knelt beside mv mother, "
By this bed upon the'llooc.
. Then it was, with hands so gently
Placed upon my infant head.
That she tanght my lips to ntter
Carefully the words she said ; '
Never cru they be foicotten.
Deep are they in mem'17 driven :
... "Hallowed be thy name, O rather!
t3 Father, Thou Who art tn Heaven."
This she taught me, then she told nse
Jf Its import great and deep.
After which I kiarned to ntter
: jjNowIlayTnedown tosloep." ,
Then it was, with hands uplifted,
' And tn aooentasotX and mild,
That my mother asked, O Father,
Father, do Thou bless my ehild I
Tears have passed, and that dear mother
. Long has mouldered tieath the sod,
- And I trust her sainted spirit i
v Bevels in the home of God;
-. - Bat that, scene at summer t w IHgbt
. . Neveraa frota mcm'ry fled,
- And it comes in all its freshness :
When I see my trundle bed.
Two months ago Governor Smith, of
Georgia, refused to graiit a rein3aitl'"
from -Governor Porter, tf T"jse 'e, fop
a ma named Knitrht, on C.sf-
tbe r-Tieved parties bad s'jea Bi""
Geo- . On Wednesday of last Oov
ernw Porter refused to grant a fl.t Ion
from Smith for a man JT"
sayins that when Smith coe i
requiiTilloo ha would recogubsa one fceoa
- . .