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Corner fern, rt fc-e.'
me copy, nii months 1 so I
t Hut la tlx KniMint rf iwuta r. y..i niinnm
which e are required to pay dn each paper
.FRIDAY, MAY 7, 187
lie-following n. tried Kratlemeti are author
ised to rooetve and receipt for subscriptions
tb the HwiifTKit in the localities mentioned :
Meaere, hir Jfc Heuio.. i....Bfrtwrmvtlie.
Robert Gins t'mwfbrdsvllle.
w. K 8miih !,.. ..i . ..'ffalsay .
P. Tompkins. . ...... Himisbum.
. H. ClaneWn. :-A.ii.! .'A ;i .' .ItianciiJ:
A. Wheeler A (v ....... Snadd.
Mows. Rmlth A BnwllelJ ..Jnaction Otty.
Thiw. H. ReynolOa.. .....SBlonu
w. Wurerhou- ... . ....v. ....... MoaruonUu
CaBni, riremawt "iWMff lira D-l iteuKla
Milled. ' Mad, i-itglaeeff Liaojferoualy
WwuKlnl .
r ' , k- ' f r '
Through politetiess JtyrrfL Rice,
we are Indebted for the following account
of the disaster to the steamer Senator on
Thursday : Tlte steamer Semitnr, running
between Portland rOresouX'iU-WHUi
way to OeogoaA CU W bnwC
lnatantly killing theCaptalmireuiau and
two deckhands, and badly voyijtyng, Jlie
engineer. She sunk in Ave miuntes after
the dUaster; nothing but tlte pilot-house
bring above1 water. Passengers aiid crew
mved by ma!l boats. ' The; 'acckleiit bi.
peneU aboht 3 Vlock p." u. of Thnrwlay.
At list accounts the body of. the Captai
Had hot been found. , , f ( , ,, J
Since writing the above we get the fol
lowing additional partisiterayjttlbngtlie
killed are Capt. McGill; Purser, John
Ixjcey; one,flrenian anid wtf aA&affdl g
Xve reported. How - many .more were
killed it w:w impossible to find out up to a
;iato. hour last eventual it; ras siild)
however, that there were sevcu or eight
puseugers among the killed.' ' 1
I Waterloo, April 29. 1S75.
Me. EDrtOR: Onf usually quteC.towu
was this morning the scene of quite an ex
citement. About eIock laud o1oesSauu
men running from the mill drew the atten
tion of all to the river, where two men o ho
bad gone over the dam, were seen stand
ing waist deep in the water, just above the
falls. Four men, Jim Stearns, Frank
Davidson, AViu. buinnKirs . jAipbrose
Privit- were bringing a raift of logs to the
. tnlll, when' at the , proper ..point, as they
supposed, two of them left the raft and
weut to the shore in a skilt holdimr tha
end of a rope fastened to the raft, with '
which to snub it and swing it into the race.
But ky soine htishap tliey iao,6te'1!t13e',
too far out, leaving barely rope enough, t,
reach the shore; and after holding to it a
his grip on it, and the raft moved directly
toward tlie dam. Wfieir It passed wer,
Davklson and Summers got mio the dam
and remained there Some thne. -BnfDfvidk
son, endeavoring' to hokl ' on to Smurrterv
caused hlui to-lose his footing, atid they
both rolled togetlier Into the boiling-waters
below.- ' " ' '
Gaining tltelr feet, they stood In wnter
about mid-deep, waiting for help. 'ITie
kln was brought aad pot In the river be-,
low the dam, wi etl Privit, with admirable
management, went directly to them, and
after nine scratnbliiig, rgettfcflf iiiihdii
getting out, they were all feateUi .but in
stead ot cotulnz back, tlie effort was made
ww b vay'nMafc ruui Ik tcoq CTIIlCUb
to those witnessing the scene-4hat fbfvatflf
not be done, and soon appeared manifest to
tlie oaremarTkT ttmied the bow of the
boatdown stream, andall awaite4he respjt
with feelings which can better be imagined
than describfedjta'be fklff,3JBi raSSr k'
1own the "b!ghute," but as-it struck the
recoil at the foot, the bow rose high in tlie
air, the water ru$hd Uato tbeterpswfna,
it, and the three men were left to battle
with the waves.1 -Wheal tlie 1iowi'wtuVr
turned down stream, one ran into the mill
to get an axe to cut the min-witnwbii
the only skiff below the falls was-fastened.
From thence be saw Privi& and Suaunera
To e
Single ownles... ... ' Ton mt. . J '"""f'K "
SSSSSi KXXi who. iron.
cllmbing op ioyi!-lj4irf WMea, blacksmith s'nops, etc
them. Davidsdn5 was 'seen for araoment l
. , , f . .i .. . ' , . ,
(cnnu rous utraier uowu, moiiooiess, DUt
moving rapidly with the current He was
soon after found clinging to some bushes.
Being Jtaken from the water lie was soon
able to walk to the bouse. AU-r-now
lolnr well. SANTf
..." 711 r' -H
" Crawtor4rrU2e XUmKiZ
"Ev. Regitek TjW innyijol',.U
little valley are abcyt a T&ovte ajsd
most of the grain U vp aad Jd- -selJ
Everyone was v.-tshUfz for V& t, t, thJy
were highly gratlaedby.a. :t3!jSwein
and lasted all day Sabbath Belg &jyj)tf
warm1 rain it started the grassland leaves
with renewed vigor. T ' 1 "
Since the opening fnS'llr4j5!fs?
assumed a business aspect. Four sawuills
are in full blast, and owing to their' great
advantage la, , obtalcffig-i choice Jtimb J
they are turning ' out perhaps 'ifhe Det
quality of lumber of any tatUs in tbe-Wl- 4
lunette' valley. , , . t r, r
A' greats maiiy perso4l Are 'engftged -tn
the manfactcre of cedar fence-posts, which
is getting tobe, quite a branch, of industry,
as it affords wpltfetafeW'any menVas
well as teams which are used in hauling
them down to the prairie where they are
sold. :-. . C'il.O'i fi".Ai'J
Dr. W. H. Rowland organized an en
campment of the Independent Champ tor
of the Red Cross, on the 17th nit. Foity
eight members were enrolled. The follow
ing cfT.cers were elected ,tofsf f 'Tstj;
term s Robt. Glass, E.Crf P. v. Craw
ford, E. Conn.; O. II. ByH"1, W. f3ec.;
Jane Glas 7 7 '.tfwi '.f RiggS S.
C. ; Ca-sa : .. . :r JX.s-J. w' Conoway,
Cof tl-j It.; Jancy Carey, U.C-; atl
urtber mSih fioin? s -QiXlAW fl
county, Orezou
IteocinterSittvl 853, died Jv
off Us JEihreStlSex-GSaer. W
"Ts-JJl8M. lurid il TO&n. i mouffia and O.,
eve a 44
nm mwy, vregou, juay jtn.
Ti --SrttoJfliw. .luwau'i
being unfolded, discloslmr life's irlorlons
the brightness f his in
teliectk Ms gent ndrinnlng 1 tnatincrs
and comprelienslve juxlgement,t whieh-waa4
ot measured by his years, might, have l
fairly looked forwRrd to-a life of more than 4
4 oammon usefiiTness, ta taken iwyfremlis
by tint ioU fVRaVQoniuhi)ttopv,' aad4.fpntlejuaa'.pii. U.prabubla.prad)M!cia'.of.:
leaves a void In ttils commwnitj-which ;-w!l fne lode livsXevauai; the Cemstc1t;'fher!
not soon be Hlled. ; ' Tlie silver cord 1st:
loosed; 1$4 ioWeu jlJowt U, brokert j ihe
pitcher Is brokeh Rttbe fountain,, the: wheft;
is jbrokeu at uie cistern. The chtst returhS1
io the earth aAit wa'rfnd"thesj(iilt toteba.
who gave it." . Hov aatliy sweet the com.
soiation oflbretl by ,n)b hb;:doetfUjili,
thing well, j to the bereaved .paretit, 'thjtf
sorrowing nrotuers anu sisters Uttbls tliclr
home pt fatMjoi"', l ' "T'f;'
Mr.f RiUard .during bU , sfiortbf igh
enjoyed many, advantages,! which he
never failed to improve in' the1 most' thor-
ough mauuer.
He Visited the Risterh !tAtef-with his
ymnta it aTiuCmatficdilJukl&e for V&itit tfi!rty-five million dolIaW
rger at BoLse-City during the-four year
the latter ocenpietl the Exectitlve Chair of
tliat, Territory, - After his return to his na-
tive county, be attended school.' pursutug
his studies with that thoroughness wMcb
Characterized his every action, and went
. through a course tit tlie 'Xational Business
College in tlie city, of Portland wherejtie
graduated with honor on tlie 17th dav of
May, 1S72. Since that timelie has been
I conducting the, In,jE business of BajUajxl &
McKuiglit at Lebanon, up to the time he
was prostrated wJ&,the;iItaei9iv'bfcb tcx-k
minated in his death.
jMr. Ballard wits by in tuition a gentleman
in the better sense of the term ; kind afid
courteous Jn hi bearing to yeung ' and ekf,
r taking delight in paying a kuightlv hom-
age to pit reins, anu neia ms yottngef
brothers and sisters in the most affectionate
regards. He was perfectly conscious to t he
hjs$. A few moments before dissolution
took place, a younger sister temored a nap
kin from mxw&&$&$$$m$
interfere wltn his breathing, which had be
come vcrry labored, 'lie seetnedf quite
grateful for Uifa.?yet ac.j Jiyjdnes
rds his sister, smiled and gently
said, f Thank yoa.'Carrie
They- were'
his last words.
Loving son, affectionate brother, kind
ttiehd, courteoiyl ?ceiflenian, ihn&hl. Aid I
farewell. Fragrant be the flowers that
round thy bed shall flourish. May the
earliest buds of spring unfold their blos
soms there, tttmKtymtatfT1'0 Gerulans are convinced that there
ters, the cnorming w4JdT blrdabf your nth
-- - - a.1 sia- . vi'-e-
tive' Oregon, which vou loved so .welL.
ciiniuit ineir sweetest meioutes oe r your
lowly resting placelAndrshairwe 'ftot
Met again? Yes. lathe bright!rnorning
of the resenrecJk)TaiftBdttjrn alrthl 4
dross, In the heayenlysiijitude.,01;. the
angels, not In the sad cerements, of. the,
grave, the brigli?fiilchfge?ice4gloriKed by
eontact; with kindred' i!id,l!bif,4hefever
"vernal fhare- of the" other side- 'We shall j
surfely meet again.
''JFltOir SfTlOI Anhfl(man wlin mmA
Jbm Sniio, the-Ct'rf firftsyiia'tteK
day, gives us the following items:
W. B. Dunbar, G.W.C.T:; organized a
Good T-bmflgftt VW OBjilpiB
MP"g'fc wiui eignieen cnarser niemoers.
Tlie Wfcrr is J. I'Mhierj' WVT; Alinle
Hamilton; Sec. B. F. Irvine: -LD. J. D.
bnhi3ie; PWGT. D. F CreaswelU :t -v
The tnembcrbf,iBe;'p E; Churcli wlli
erect a $2,000 edifice hi Scio. this season;
1 1,300 has already been 'suDSCribedJ" i -
There are about , 1 59 children of school
age in the dlstrlct.T50 of whom are' attud-
Strjbe j district school, taught by tft.; T,
O. Jory. The pi rectors voted to exclude
all studies only such' as are required bylaw,
.wjiich causes considerable Teeling"among
patronspf the acel - r
yTl-reare iuibuak ultheWty ingi
general raercantile.bnBue. ,Tiiere' lire
two drujjj stores, ppe.fhiflctiring iiUi two
hotels, qne !chtftyh," Jbelongtpg, tp; fbi JCbrhif
4 tiaar denonfinaUotv ami tliree- saloonsf, be-
AVeiy fiurly attended Sunday Schoo., I
M rl4J !UHUgi4IIHU( Sw I1CIU lit uit; VIII AUXA
cnurcti, teupejnte4euJ3r..JurottXey.
Ou Thurstlfrv feeniiH of lae 'week'Tlie
spelling jmajua atrocfe the town; and an old
fashioned t&'t.'SMj&Xmt
developed that Srfo 4iad some orthogrftpn
ail slia
id it the-Sco.syisjidooUj
illenge'to the AanjucpeJlists to I
very nanM 49 tilareorf
Ith ot St-yt&s spring n
the two M. D's., J. . Martin and
J. S. Herndon, are. kept busy. ,
; The frmers..weracomglaipiBg of, the
Miwsk of rain "as thelground was l cettine too
bard to plow. The late rlHba ve probacy
softened Uie.gTouna. ;." .! i f -t ; k;
amor Grocer having been generously tender-
Ing.beeii aarlgecereualy aecepted by the
lClt ejfgryb" geteyUor ttie ,
Wmtt aM-tp$$$IMilfil$ '.fnfft.',
lm7 Aie steamer. wui jeate ihU city
early on the morning pu the :21st, retunin
lng about 8 o"cbSk l&tlmwim-t.'to tU
Hufnor la
iiafeiSe a an
juet the
bad, and;
evening a grana Dan wUioe! glva at the
r"rsiiuie,. It- is jnot f?ary "tor jsbs
i ayiat itwilU tm ant -eujovubla occ-
"fciou, for t.lie Onesters, like the crops In
Oregon, never fall in carrying anything
they undertake to the .1 idlest sncuess-t) .a
- 1 I&U4J t--" rf " utortisi
Anothe attempted . assassination ot
Prince Bismarck lias been" prevented.
This time It'wfis'ai' hlcer who' wowlcjf
.hae dond the debJ m- !' ' '- '
. ft. i .toin'.'.yiF'.,'..
Orcgpu's Congressman elect, Hon. Geo.
La DbwT" dletl at his resldertc In
letod'ibn fa Saturday , uivrning, of rheu-
niaiism c-i uie nean. wi A nis wui necessitate
"the ordering of a special election to fill the"
Vacancy sometime between" now and the
meeting pi l&e 'iiet' $iri&r4& ytfiifiii couV
?e oit the first Mdajrliii. December.!, .
oacAterurfrieuda , tvJU beglu to have
soni faint -Idea4 of the vsst wealth to be
railfecd on this coast wlielT they have pe-
ruseil "the "appended reportof scientific
are scores of otljer lodes. 'Beattemf all oyer
ttije Puitk: ooosty that will yiekl m the
coming yehrs millions upon milHons of tte'
T v
'7recious v
openkl, but
are awaiting the necessary I
capital to develop their richness. We have
our bonanzas in Oregon that "wOU yet yield
their millions, while a vast number of our
k gulches and gravel bars contain gold in fair
paying qiuuititieniieu properly worked.
L Bnt to the Professor's report: Professor
Sehirnier, offche lenver uilnti .woo, under
instroctionj ' troui . Duector Ltiidennan,
visited Virgluhv feity 'lUt JXard'C. eeAnated!
the probable nrodnetiofr ot the Comstock
for' 1878, iflMlei
'OT the Oaliibrnla ahd the ConSolldaLed
rginla faesafetKs, acccfo4ibf. J
Sdiirmer's'estUuate, 4 EU be atft tlie rate on
iiw numoti uqnap per moiiwi as soon, as .
the additional milling capacity now In;
cortrse of erection shall be completed.. Prof.,
Schirmer'a estloaates f the yield t the-
CornHtocW wlll increase the' temiW btdlloti
protluct of the'TJnitetl States-this; jppar t$
Bf?5,000,000, and "for" the next year SfKXf,-
000,000. The weight of tlie bullion to be
L dissolved in acid, in onler to seiKirate the
two metals, will be sftbmte thousand
tons per annum, and will consume about
three thousand tons of acid.
The Fran r o-U cr uuiu Troubles to ,hm JK
Rumors from London are to tlie effect
that war is impending between Germany
France,) - TiiOj riuilitry element -joj
iiany-feels that the fate treaty 'with'
Fiance was entirely too lenient, and that
indemnity paid has already returned tb
Freneii coffers The ppssussioii f Bell'oHrt
by France is deemed dangerous to Germany.
France has rapidly recuperated and will
oon be able to furnish a formidable army
for alllancetvtthlthefi .iifttiont,i wlilM 1
Germany is no richer now than before tlie
war. Germany's present military arinamen
is a burden ot expense that cannot be borne
much lougeWanlyela)te tare nut disafm
in the face ot'France." " " ''
t'TiiWrir -t a n mAMi npAnirinita lima !. KA
m w iiiviv piuihiuu ttiiic Mian tiiu
present to st enrejtor l helt counti'y a long eH
of prosjK'rity and peace, and therefore de-r
dare that war ought to be promptly unf
derttkten. Their policy is to! march imi
j mediately upon Paris, fefkingAlp n position
new ireary 01 peace cotliu DC
would take away Belfourt
from France, limit her active.
to be ana exact ten millnrls fir ensh,-i
paid in twenty years. If France refuse to
lgh shell a treaty, then Paris could be
attacked and detroyetL, i jiave simpljr
given an QtAltn-Tihe tBioks given for
believing that tliere is good foundation for
the rumor ot a renewal of hostilities between
tferraniny and France. , The London Times
ridicules the idea that there is danger of
such a war, and we hope the Time Is
right. ; .
HaiJf FARErice Ufa lreeo''siit1
by the'O. & 0. llailroad to persons attend-
ih tlis Oregon Presbytery at Portland.
'gooil 4"om tlie 4th to the 10th; to C'hain
pion3 bf the Bed Cross froia 10th to 15th!;
to Grapd Loilge IOOF, from 17th to 24th,
all to Portland and return. Good enough.
- - i , .
' hx-?cnator Pratt, says .the, telegraph,
has been tendered and accepted the office of
Commissioner ot Internal Revenue, dis
pfaaring Douglass.- This was k surprise to
J Douglass if to no one else. tjQ , 3
kr- I
fc 0cd in New Yorkafejd 0 3 fj?f
"pegiil tenders 87 (388J.J ' 1
in'4&ie Jtelegraph brings information thit
, , . ....... r r-fsO?
HTWhekt is getting scarce, and millers and
. tkera who have special demands to sup
;ry;are; paying a Jheorf - Uie article
' hat the Liverpool quotations would just
ify shippers In paying, the price offered at
r,)?irtlaBd being $ 1 50 per cental, while tlie
f whatever the amount may be, reinalulng
in first glands here, will doubtless be car-
nextJiamet.Uinna!r tlien
f obtain an advance On present prices, j
Our buyers lire now offering 75o per
4 bushel for wheat an advance of 6c per
bushel ilnce last report. fW affs ITgarfi
ot no transactions, however, at the advance
Oats command 50c here, while in Port-
land they are quoted at , 60S ri f busheJi i
liASlluling sacks.
; Egg3' are in good supply at 18c per
dozen. ; :'! '!; - : -""'Cjpt
J'Bntteir is quite plentiful, of a fair Jto
good quality, and is quoted at 25c per
pound, i ;'''
$T other-changes to'teian'inarkets
enetally dulirUi Stail MWi'ni
'1 ',.L Tm ... - ' I..T. Ij
i AOUi ji rancisco uates io uw aiii jcive:
Wbeat-kChoico to cdiuaion, ftiflO&l 60
per cental. Oats $2 05$2 20. Onions
uf434 40. Potatses f 2 ; new, $2 5033.
Butrer-t2530. Eggs Oregon,
JSppfig chickens, ff47 per dozen ; hens,
'SS ; roosters, f69 ; t ducks, f89 ;
geese, $12CfT13, VYool t'prling, tmry
and heavy, 13
Potatoes JLf,ia V bushel. I
Apples, green, retailhig from stores at
62Jcperbox. , i
rdiickens. $2 5033 f1 do?n. . i
" tHahns 13 iixs : she-alders j 9c t sides lie
b m M- .. i ' ' , ' ..... "
rr'ii,1u la caiJs l 25; in bulk lbc
if. White beans u. , ..
iOnloti 4 scarce fiombiAlly' 4 f I 60 pef
bushelf rom'ftores." " '-'; '' '' "' :
! Beet, cWftiot, 6c pork;;' 5b;j 'muttoh.
?iurumexM)g bas , alreajy commenced rit
. The( niannfiirtnre of brick ' will bo js com
menced in Astoria very soon. , V. " ':' ' r
' Erysliielns - la prevailing throughout
polk cotiufy lri jnallgnant form. ' ' ;
u The Astoria Jfehalem valley and Wash-,
Injglon county wagon road matter will be
the subject -of legislative Invesiigatlon I J
u Btg'.BiPtlitorrU; Vlited the
Dalles on Sunday before last and confirm
ed five persons, i Darinsr the services lield
Dr. Nevlus during the preceding week.
ii,. M .. ji..i .4,ii.i., :
baptisefl.;' The pontract tor the new church
at tlie Dalles,. to be built by the Episcppa
linns, will be let within die next week. .
A large number of horses, mules, cattle
and hogs will1 be ..driven out of Jackson
county tiiis year " . . -. .- -
The wheat crop of Walla Walla ' county;
lit is estimatedrijl reach . one ' million
V busliels, the eomlpg hardest. fii r a
D, S.' K., Bnlek-organized a grange at
sHot Spriiigs on. tifi.lj5th;iilt.V;. .". ' ri -C
llie .animal Rieeting of tlie Jackson
ounty Agricultural Sutler y will be held
mt Uie conrt" hoiise, tt" Jacksonville, . on
i!Uurd;iy,' May ) ..'i875b OiUcers of the
society for the ensuing year w ill then
elected.' w;: -r'"": : ;
Mr., Bivshcyv living! across
the creek
north ot Roscburg. permitted a traveler to
go through his field to shun tlie mud. . Tlie
gentleman. Im4 a dog which took oocasion
to worry one of Mr. Sosbey'sflne slieep so
severely tliat It died: ". ! , ' , , v f
Several' car-load of vegetables started
from California fof Chicago were stopped
at Salt' Lake by ; the ' blockade and' wei-e'
disposed of at auction, and for a few days
peas,' cabbage ami cauliflower ; were dirt
cheap among the Mormons. !
Rye seems to grow on any kind of laud -in
Walla Walla county and yields a ' heavy
crop. f'Xo use is made of it,,s however, ex
cept as hay. A , good field ot rye will i
yield from two to three tons of hay to" tlie
acre, and that of the very best quality. -i
The President ofth SLskIyou ,(Ciil.) Ag
ricultural Society reiuesU the jouriial to j
state that tlie: residents of Jackson "and j
Lane counties, in Oregon, are ' privileged 1
to contest for . premiums at their county i
fair next fall, and are resiiectfully" invited
to bring In stock', Liid products '':for cxhibi- j
tiOn.; :;.i,v: f -': '. -I : ...:.!! ! -ir I
f f A WTlter in the Farmer wliose letter is
dated at. SublimitySpeaks bt the new dis
ease amoug sheep, and says s v '-It would i
seem as though that avery sheep that dies
it is takeu for granted that this dease was
the cause of its deatlu i, Jfow, I tliink tliere
are other diseases 'that aro as prevalent
and much more rb be"' feaml ; probably
the worst is the scab ;.' of 'winch . tliere is a
great deal iii U4s V'Vfcinity.' "I kfiow of
several large bands whljh', have tlie ACiibVv
bere Uie owjjers.liaye' lost ifrora 25 to SO
per cent, of the old Stock this winter and
nearly all the lahibsT 1 thlnfc.' so faf "as I
liave beeiv'able lev observe, tkit ,'oyer-stock
lng and the' want of -sufficient food Is the
prime canse the fatality1
among .feep'.-;-;,:., f,,'
A restauraut-. keeper : named :Oeehr, , nt
Salt Lake City, attempted Suicide last week
by the hari fcari prooesr.; The wound, in
tlie center pf , the ? abdomen, ; show xliat
Geehr Inflicted Us ivfih air bis force,' and,;
if he did liot stab himself twice, must have'
tumed the blade after peneating' to' the
intestiiiesin -such a manner as to make
jagged incisions on the sides of the prhici
pal wottucVaiid tlirohgh this the bowels :
protnidedt while great loss of blood foUow-'-ed
the putthig..-..r. : Uvt'nth-f. ;
fter: searching. tfier mill race at .Salem
thoroughly tor Jke .body ot ' the'iid uamed
Howell, he y was found hid iu a lumber
pile, dry as a chip; "; Ilfs Httlef sister liad
fallen Into tlie water and ' was rescued, and
pfvaai thought' Be wa somewhere fai the
race.- I -Ji'M, naii&-rv:ir-tvx--.
- We learn tliajF tlie" stage company ' will
not commence fuunfarg on summer time
phveen iiosebisrg hifHl Redding for a week'
or ten days yet,' as: the", routls'ln i Rome' por
tlons of ibis State are rather rough. -, , '. .,(
Goose Lake -valley has the appeftrance
bi prosperity; Stock looking well, and
farmers .are busy plowing and sowing. t r
Messi-s, Foud ray, Watsou i Planning
have rpeiieniployetrntningit (nnnel ' Into,
their quartz ledge ou .Brush creek, "ack-.
on county. . .Work fa. progressing finely:
and tlie prOEpects are considered good1.'' ,: '
The; jsonvUleiJMe says iI,,VlIorC
Henry Kllppek wb the other day arrived
from tbiEllbb.leuir niatlrt '
progressUig finely there. vlPie, main p ledge
.has beenr found,; which s ifour ieet Wide
and constantly Increasing to width.;'','1
TbesTin.was shown, Ias't'yek4l1iomo,
of the . ore froin the enormous ciunubiir
t edge ou the hills three mileS southeast of
uacKsonviue, owneu .joy iessrs.; Jtnigerv
Coats, Foudray , i and lOthers. ; It is flue
looking roclc fid will doubtless 'yield
The working of placer mines hi. Souths
era Oregon, has not been - very extensive
ilt season, owing to tlie IUnited supply ot
water.; .Quite a little sum has been clean
ed up, however, 'considering the: obstacles'
in the way. '" An abundance of , water Is all
that is needed to make time lively again,
rbr there 1a'p!nty bf good mlplng: ground
. ,! " I . J ' " r li' . '
ielt. j , . ,, ( , - Jir - ' 1 Ti- ' ! i
The PJain4eater aays : .."Since the wea
tlicr has cleared off," Mr. Rockies' ledge,'
in the canyon, south of Cauyonville, has
' 1 iW-' W
tills is one of the easiest worked ledges in
the State. -It haw almost' entirely quit
jielding'soff-soap, but greenbacks quaN
teti and halves still --are- produced "band
somtelyi . StriiRHs ofetuck -up- ever his
success; bui -still' jrttlna bis genial qiiall-
tles. " j VVm-I"? I -. v? " l-l'5 ''? -''I
Grain; of all kinds, a s in the ground
Is growing fcapidiy,,;: t ! ',x
j'J , f , i aagBWBMMBWaaMaaaaRaaaaa
Tlie Vancouver Register says : "It is a
matter ..that we can no longer disguise.'
Y that the mluiug Interests In Clarke county
are assuming such proportions that we are
disposed; to believe that our hills' are full Of
rich treasure. A party of several men left
this city this week for the. purpose of de
veloping what are called the 8tar -mines,
in;tlie : eastern- part of this county TIw
best of results are looked for, as competent
men are now engaged in th business, ?'
As an Instance of the ad vantages of home
muufHctnre3, the Walla Walla SpMt says:.
- Aiie Aiayton woolcr mills have already
saved to that county four times as , much
money as it cost to build them. Every
week brlnff3. a lonrl tA ' ttiia ' 'k.u' t to' '
gratifying to know that very few blankets,'
flannels, tweeds or hardtlmes are now';imr
ported, the articles produced by this e
tablishmentf being of ti tyiperior ' quality
and furnished at lower rates that the same
can be obtained at abroad. When the
systetri of patronizing home productions,'
becomes more general ,we will , hear less
complaint in regard to tlie scarcity of
money.?' ' :.'- ' '" ;:' ' ' ' " ;--
i M. Kelly, editor of tlie Boise Stidesimn,
oft Saturday before last; was assaulted bit
tlie street by a man named Scholl, bccaiMe
of an article which had appeared in Kelly's
.paper. Kelly was beuteu and slightly cut.'
Afterwani . Kelly- sou, inquiring lor an
ofBcer to have Scholl arrcsted,; steppwl
into the district attorney's office, where
Scholl happened to be, when Scholl started,
after hlm as lie had after ' his father, but
got a good deal the worst of the fight. '.
; ;The Walla Walla Union of last Saturday
says : , ;The reports from all parts of the
country agree iu saying that Uie waters In
all the streams, except the Snake and Col
umbia rivers, are receding. The streams
in this valley are now all within the banks
and offer no obstruction to travel, " except
tlie Tonchet. ' But the Touchet on the
Wallula road lias so long been overflowing
its . banks that the lower ground, over
-Which the ro:d passes. fc so soft that it is
impossible to cross without miring down."
Thomas Monroe, of Walla Walla, at
tempted to commit suicide a few days ago,
by cutting some "deep gashes in his arm
and thigh. For a long time Mr. Monroe
lias been m ill health, and finally, last fall,
had to be thrown on the county ; for sup
port. He appears to have allowed this to
Work upon his mind until he has become
;tired oflife, . and sougtit to And relief In
suicide. , . . . ; '
' '.The voters ot Astoria school district.
Voted on thh 24th lilt., to levy a tax of two
mills on the assessable property of the dis
trict (450,000) for the purpose of improve
ment of tlie block lately purchased for tlie
school of Messrs. . Hobsou & Warren.
This will give about !f900. The block Is a :
handsome one, purchased on three years i
.time, at flicoO. ;i ; , , '
' ' The depot at Walla ; Wall ot tlie W.
W. AC. R. R.. has been located at or
near the junction of Main and Rose streets
i the lower part of the city, about three- ,
fourths of a mile from the bridge at tlie
upper end of town.; ' !..'! '
l'-4Tlie Walla Walla ,Statenqtt is, told tliat
grasslioppers are making heir appearauce
in myriads along, the toot of the moun
tains, and that tlie settlers in that locality
appiehend' tliat ' tliey wlir" destroy !, the
crops. We hope these forebodings will
not be realized. r ; .;,v '.
s I A teamster who came down from Lewis
ton to Walla Walla a few dars ntm - cir
that Snake river is already very high at
tfiat place, and is still rising. He says the
people' there look for almost : unprecedeut
cdly higl .water, yet that it is not liable to
oany injury tip there.' . '-'" ",.
4 lr. II. D. Cook, of Walla Walla, has
just returned from Ynkima, apd reports
tiie Yakima river as having , been higlier
last week th,-w It Ims beeo . knowu for ; tlie
past four j-eai-s. it had fallen a little be
fore he left, but , will probably rise agaiu
still higher than It has yet been; ' !
'! A man was" recently robbed of $200. at
Ogden, and then iad been, gagged and
placed on the railroad track." Fortunately,
Tie . was.43fscovered and released before a
train came along. ., ,,-, ., , .: , . s , iv .
H. The Valla Walla Spirit Icnrns that tlie
water in the Touchet river is falling rapid
ly though asi yet, teams are unable to ford
it. iThe mail and express have arrived
Regularly.,;,.,,- : j,;:'.;?4;i:";;.;v y-
, A; j-ouug man named Lerwell, near
Oeryais, was run over ou the 27th ult. by
a span of horses attached to a Iiarrow. He
isvery badly hurt.. ; . ? . V",
- -Henry Goldoun, a seven-year oldster
Tell head foremost Into a well at Corvailia,
in which the water Was;25 feet deep, but
was fortunately rescued by his parent. :.. ..
' Chief Justice Lewis met With a painful,
though not very serious accident, at 'Port
Towjisend," 'on Montlay ' evening, of last'
week,- spraining his ankle by stepping out
a broken sidewalk.- ; . i
- A man wbo called himself George Mil
ler was engaged at . work, on , Mr. Settle
inler's farm near Parkersvflle, on Pudding
river, disappeared , few days ago' taking
with him a pair of calf boots mid a gold
. watch belonging to his employer.
',: The Dayton, . W.' T.',', woolen mills are
now running on full time with a .complete
set of hands, and the demand tor woolen
goods appears to be equal to the supply.
The Jeflerson. Institute Is doing , admir
ably under ! the charge of , Professor Jc C
Carapbcili Wiib is giving the best 'satisfac
tion under his able management and skill
as instructor. , ; , ; - . ,
'".The ofneers of the Eugene 'library tor
the ensuing' year." are : President, J. J.
Walton, Jr ; SecrcUry.W. Ti' Campbell;
Cor. Secretary, F. Il. Ornbbs J'Trrasurer)
A', ft. Vn Hontenl Committees:, On
Library Dr. Patterson, A. W. Stowell
and 'F. H. Grubbs. Finance Hendricks,
DoitIs and Tiianliauser. - Rooms Wal
ton, Van Rotiten and Campbell.
P. F.Blair, ot Lane County, a man over
62 years of age, turned himself loose- brie
day this week, and ; sowed fifteen acres of
.wneas ny nana. : Ale. is iui old , setUer,
tOO. . ; ,-; .. .. .. .,, . .... , 1
tn going over to Tillamook by land five
miles ot snow must be crossed., ' , ' r '
The Indian, school at feah.,said
to be la a very flourishing condition, nnder
the .fiuperhitendence - of Agent , Hunting.
ton. '
, - .From, ;Mr. AdJ.Edgar, '", who lately re-
turped Irotn a trip to 'Grant '.couuty, the
Mountaineer J earns tliat the mining news
irorn that section as very encouraging, , ,Tlie
quarts mines' of Elk1 Creek af.d '.vicinity
are prospecting well, and th&jCabel mine
is payi)g luiiid'sqine, divideiuls.,, The ciu
riabar mines! that Were- discovered in the
year '04 or '05,'but abawdbned pn' accotint
of the hostility oi' the' Indians, is ng-.iiii
Wing VOspectetT and " bjie"id "by Messrs
Dr.! jM f Iff ,'llorsleyf : Johij Ray, ' Gilbert
Reynolds and ' n Denis,: who have form
ed a company for tiiat purpose. 5 Mri Ed
gar says he saw over a hundred pounds of
pure quicksilver that came from this
nihie.. .'lliey have .put up, a furnace, and
viih a: rude .apparatus have commenced
turning but the pure quicksilver, ' and In
sunlctehtf a uan titles already- tb supply the
heme maiket.,; These mines are situated a
few1' miles from the John Day river, on
the south side, and', about 25 miles thUJ
side of Canyon City. 1 ' -
si Sew ToDaj .
Plctum ' and Picture ; Frames.
Woulil-atinoiinci' to tlie citizens or Albany lnl
Ticinlly. t hntfco is promped ty funilf li nil klmis
of PICTUKE I'HAMKS to orjcr, at short notion,
rk-tniv framed, and old framvs rurnirtMl. Call
athiKofUtw oiv Ji'lrst. Mrmt, fniu Ro- w(Mt-of
Broodalbin and iuvc your onlui-a. 34-7
, ! : l ). FINAL RI TXKMKNT. '- ' '- :
Allen. almln1stmtor of tlie estate of Alfn-d
Allen, deeensed, on llw 5th dav of Mav, 187.1,
filed hi. final ancmriit- In aid estnle'in the
County Court for Linn oouDtv.o-e?oii, for flnul
settlement, and, that y order of suid Court,
Wcdaewtny, tbe Sib flay of June, IH75,
lias neon appointed to hear object Ions to said
aopoiint. anil for the settlement of theamne. ,
Fahlished by order of the Connty Conrt. ? ' ' '
! - "- .i."'.-i' R. II. ALI.KX. --!
May 7, WVnJtwl -, . AdniinUtrator.
. C3rO;
mi. Li'sTEirs
Witlifyar Coin for '.
Having rtiid Cash for stock, heoffrrs snpert
or inducements to tonsumera. All kinds of
accepted as tbe equivalent of ousb In e.jxrlmnge
for goods.
Superior Glassware. Cntlerr. Kotionx. Perftt-
Tnuni , etc., iu large quan tities, at Uoleaulo or
Ot Ctgmrm and Tobacco SipedrHy. 7
An e now a'" at a g k'i r i'c est
itoek of
. selected with care, uud bouulit fpr in at .,
ScandalonMly Low, Figures !
and as we bought low we can ariif" will sell them
, ... j . - : at prices that WiU
Astonish Everybody.
Come and aeo our nelectloiisof - '
-jr.. , - , Dnutioodii,
- , ' JmuM
.....j: -'- siMwi,,- .,,,;'-"' -"
. -fi- PiqilCM, 1 ( i'io;..t ;'
,.Itrll)lniite, -
l . MitreUIeM, ' - , ; " f,' , .
PttplliM, ' ..-.;..!. ; ' i ':
Iiktre. :,V !" i, ':-- -:j.n r '!. "--..'
Itibtoonn, '.Collars, I! Collarette,
;';'". - Lat-ei, &e.,-ce., -.,'-'; .;,;,,;.
far 'the ladies, .and our complete lines of . ,
i- Readymade Clothing,
-" ,! Cottooadt-M, ,
' --CaMfinert,
; riOtkS, .H V rt.-
NlioeM,. r-.;;; . -o! r'f':i'-'. -;
. ltoota, . . ...
ps, . .-- ,- ,-;.'' , - ;':,",
of oil description for tnoh and boys. Also, fnll
. -i.vj i i itsaoriaienls of , i . i- '--.-
Groceries CrodcErir and' Glassware
' 1 4 ; ::. . lor evoryliody. - ' i' M-.v.y -
. Tho liet (rood's at the lowest rates every time;
; 6StjOin "d evL . j -i ii. .
, tioauon , u rex cut, uqtoner a", hm.
;. ' BtlElts& IOQWlEitS,.
' llMlne'it IIo4e), (Wood's improvcHl.I " '
: j -oqiUljbplMUAarru.'iiao r
;' i The' BtisMl aad VibtorTlreher, ' '
: i i:'(ot,uiaaUac8po theoat. !;
v'; WtalMi'af TerertfceM rilli!,ratfc ':
Htmr Plow, uud other machine,.: . ( j , ,." and jt price and" term tiefor bn'vJnW
elsowhera. at, my Riul&tmiitu Khop corner i&eo
pii ana tuiiswoi-ui sis., Aiuinv,urivoii
fit AN K WOOD,
., The, TlMrttfftabJr DVnahlr I'all,
'- ' :" - ":t" iM'tf-' r-iif"' f . ,Ppvvr ':-''H- ii j
- m , uis? ware n 1st, 1875, and ending Juno lts,
'1875.' at Xhtt farm -of : tlm .-mdannirnHd. - two
AiUes north.of SUedd, Station, on the road lead-
Oreijoa. 'i" .. . .
Those desiring-ou obtain Kood-pastueon rear
sonahle terms. n , . .
. VICTOK is the finest bull tn the Stale, having
taken tne flrst. pttntnm ovr all comiietitors
w i)u oiawiun u.uwuregon HtM t bit. i
M t :.63rTEBMS KEJMTABIJS.fE9 ' ' '
!1 ' n.B. ft'T.B. 8PKESGER.
Stm3! 1 1 . .....
' " 'so Ejrrs ieb bottue. 1
' ' . . E '
Ila been to iwe ever Half -frntmr-1
Promote th'rowthVrearv
-olor, laereaae tbe .Vio Md, Btmuty
f (be narr, Prevae rattter "
uitl Turutaic Ur7 . ' , l
Do yW Wa "a. Pwe, BloomJaar
plexloX Jf 'ao'!,lW tPiMaMeae
away wttb Bedaeam' BtoWtoee m
plea.' Overtooaoa' the Jw.,PI,e
aee rbeai, fatHTMC iecHeet.,;,-
. Wild pigeon
ons are plenty, among ff fZ)
idfSafenj prAlricrs H h. & I
wneac nciua 01 saiena prairie.' ' nu"f- t Ol
'xanuers are getting aiung spicutui
with tlie ix work, not wiOistatidlng the back ,
wardness of the spring.- r -: , r v:I
Two or tliree good teachera are; wanted
by the school superintendent of Benton
un.v .. . :..:'.
-jrearGrfic( VaU CaJifoniJa, tlie -stager, '.'t
was stopped by a couple of : hlgii waybien,, J
and while one covered the passengera whhjj'j '
his Umibfe-ljaiTeit-d gun.t tlie othtui wen t t
'through them, talking pleantly oll? tnf'.f
while. " He stoitod ttuit Iie
blankets nil a round over the etHiiitiyrluua"
ing for work, but had not been able tflixl
a job. Tlie Chinese he remakedr wcwit
ruining this country, and, white men wfH,),',.'
be compelled, to go - into tin road egetiey
business. He regretted to have to rub tito'j V
passengers.. but times he said; were very" f
hanl, and the grass was Very liort,.and liv ,:'
fiict, tlie disagreeable occurrence wa taii1,-.'
voidable.. , ..-' .V
1 fi H
' ; Oi? flAS
AjTcisca . v.,,,-r
- Ot A
Tho Great I'aii
the Iarimr. t
Kincr, Mechanj
til 'is : i-'.-l-
r tlie Fsmllr
As a Flmlde 0psnloa
t'ir.le liie "TCsekJl'V Is
A Frra Copi&ta whoever reli1a flllA.
;'.' 3 CopieJ, One T ar, qlO CO
6 Copis - - - ' fei8 OO i
.IO Copfes ------ QftS 00.;
I'ayablefn odvsnee in I . 8. GokSCoio
n enuim.ent in Curren
ilflient JUP of -
the PatiCc Toast
vo every suUi ile
.,ZE TOUXO CO.,' Z'roitrie
... Kau FraDrino. .
'All PtMtmurtvri are authorised
ire eubfccriMiofm. - Bpeeitaen
1 sent free. hk:xu roa o.ik.
(jrateful Thonsands proclaim
ClXEG.AU I5ITTKII.S the IlllJSt womler-
ful invijrorunt that ever uustaineU
the iduking svstein. " ": ' ,: - : '
No i'ersoa can take tlioso Hit- '
tors according' to directions, nixl .ro
ina'm long unwell, providctl tlicir
bones arc not destroyed .by 7 mineral
jMiison or other means, nnd j vital or
jjanx w.tteJ heroin n-pair. " !': ' ' '-':
lUlious, licmitteiit., rsA '
tPralltteiit F'vns.,whicli aro;t
prevalent iiv the valleys of our jfreat
.rivers throughout the 1,'nitcd StatoA,
csjipciiilly. those Of tlio Mississippi,
Ohin, .Missouri, Illinois, Tciincssoe, '
Cuniijci lalid, Ai kajisaa, licit; t'ohi
rado, Urazos, liio Grande. I'carl,
Alalianirt, MoLilo,, Savnnmdi. - lio
nnnko, James, , niul . many olliers,
with their vast tributaries, through-"
out our entire country during tbo
Siunnifcr and Autumn, ami remarka
bly, so during . (seasons of , imtisual ..
heat and tlryncss, aro invariably ae
coinpauicd by , c'xtensivo itcriii;o-
incuts of tho stomach and liver, atnl
other ulMhuuhut -vlsccnu In their,
treatment, h purrsi:ive, exerting a
powcrfut iiilSticneo upwii Ihcso, rari- ;
ous organa.- is cssontially nccoasiiry. .
There is no c:'.t!ramic for the purposoJ
equal to Dr. J, Valkkkh Vixegar.
IllTTEns, as they will Kwmlilv nmioro '
tho dark-colored vi-hlinultprvitli which '
the bowels tiro loaded, ut llioniua lima
stiinulutiner tlio wereliou.-i of tlio liver, .
and generally nistorinjt the henitiiy fuiio
Uonsoflliotliestiroorpatis.' - " : "
Fortify tlio Ixxly Hninst dls-,
Paso -by purifying ail iu fluids it!t
VlXKO.tlt HlTTKas. C oiiinitif
tako hold- of a nytttem thn fortf-nnnwl. ' ...
lysiepsisi or ludiestinii, iifad-
acliu, I'ani lu tlm KhouMerv C'wneli".
'rijrhtness of tlm. CheKf. liiatstini. inr.
KmclatioiiH t tlie Stomach, li.iii Tahiti,
ill the Mouth. t;ilioi Attnek. l'a!iila-
tion mf the Jlenrt, InHaiiimaiion ( tlio
liuugs, I'ain in.tho rei;iou uf the ki'diiey;
and n htimlnnl otlier pitiufnl nvmnimtv. ,.
are tho oll'.riiiir.i.f Drin-pt-ut. One
tie will pruvo u taller giuinuiti-e of it
merit tliuu a Iciipthv aiivertiMMiit-ut. .
. Scrofula, or KiiiR Kvil, ; wmw
SwelliH-? L'ker.s. Kiyiilel!U. Swr-lled ,7
Ceck, Ooitro, ScnrulotiJnlluiimlti!;
Indoleilt' Ififiiiinttiation. Merearial airre-..
tions, Old Sores, tr'mnUHi of tlie tikiii. .;;
bore Ej'QM, Dtc. lu tliej. afi in ail oilier.
eoHstitntiomd DiMeaxe. Walkkk'h
koa Rl3n-rKiishave 'Itota-ti .their p-eatcnf-ative
io-er,iu .tha mobt.oluale ami?
-- ;;"tt '.f VI .'!
STAB WJEElliY. " v;
; j of th pacific ctSsT. ; . .
a mien
For Jullaiiiatory UJaQroulc:;:.t,:
llheumatsstjijGout, iiiliou7,iomit' " l """r
tout and Intermittent Fever. Ii-ani w f! i''!,4t
of the Bhiod, Liver, Kidney nl Hlmhior. ., -)
these Hitter hare n eijuak (inch Ih. j - a !'
eases aro couxed' by filiated HUhmIj. '.!'' -'LI.VJ
Blechanical Dispases. lcrson . , . i?
engaged Ju liivt and.ilinentlw.meh aa ' . ,- '" ' '
riuiirtHH, Type-wjtlor. Gld-1iilerK til -" :'; ,'f
Miners, as itioy advance in lif, are ma-.. ''', ;,
ject to paralysiM tf the IJwelij I'm pttanl ' i-r.-s
against thin, take a 'tWo if WiUBul ';;;;;;!
VDtKOaa BlTTKltS oceai'iollttily.'V -- ,1 , . , j
For Sklu DiseaseN, Eruiitlons, :' -
Totter. SttlMlhemn. Uiotcfies.Snoni. Tim-' "! . "
pies. Pustules, lioils. Carbuncles, limn-,
worms. Scald-head. Sore Kye. Kryie
las, Itchj Scurfs,- I)incolratina of I lie ;
Skiu, lluiiiurii aud IUuase of the Skin f .
whatever namo or uuuire. aro literally
dug up and earried dut of tlio sj-ntoni fn a
short time by the use of these Hitturs. .
, Pin, Tape, aud other Worms.
larking in the system of su many thou
sands, are auuctuaUv destrovod and re-"
t'i'ml V
moved. 'o system of medicine, uo rcr
inifugea, no aiilbeluiiiiitic will free toe (
avKtein from worms like these BiUcra.
For Female Coniplatnta, inyouug
or old, married or siuglo, at the daw n of '
-womanhood, or the turn of life, thea Ton
ic Hitters display so decided an inflaeiteei .
that improvement is soon perceptible.-
' Cleanse the Vitiated JJIool
-whenever you find its impurities bursting
through the skin in.l'imples, Eraptious,
or Sores; cleanse it when yoa tiud it ob
structed audMupgiah in the veins: einanm
it when it is foul ; your fooling will tell
yon when. Keep tuehlooti pure, uud tie.,
health of the svatem wiU foiiuw. ". -,
-, . K. M. SletXl A.L.U oi C. ( -t.
Pruppata & Oen. Anil, fcun KrunifMv. Olifiv
jyiL ti cor. of WnliiLlB ami Uliarilon Wa-N. V, :
iiold bj; wUlliuitU aaaJ iuaU'.
""--"; ,'J:-:-.- : '' '"' '";? i" . :
rt !'
fill !