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mm-' iw ii
1 ' Comrr Ferry and First Street.
Om enpy, on yer .....4 50
me cony, sIk month 1 00
- To clubs of twenty, each copy 2 00
single woples.. ,. Tun cent.
tkilMerthors outshle of Linn county will be
charge SO cents extm-W 70 for the year as
that Is the amount of postaire per annum
whtcti w are roqnired to pay on paper
totalled by as. , : .
" FRIDAY,- MAY 7, 1875.
; Ajrsata i
' the Register.
Th following named srentlemen arcauthor
ll to receive and receipt for subscriptions
to the RroiHTm In the localities mentioned :
Muiiiin. Kirk & Hume........ Brownsville.
Robert Ota.... ;...Crawford9vllle.
W. P.flaiith....-, Halsey.
V. P. Tomoklns . Harriabura.
ft. dang-titon .........Lelmnon.
. w neoier A ;o sneau.
ossrs. Smith A Braatletd Junction 1tv.
. B. Irvine ....................... ....Suio.
oa. H. Revnnlds siem.
Water house Monmouth.
BesiKms Agkxt. We have secured the ser
vices of Mr. HE2CRI F. Sates, who whJU hereaf
ter act as Bualne Agent for the Register.
Deferred items.
$tcMlnnvtUo tas base hall every Pnrnrday.
Lafsyette has spelAng school once a week. j
On the itth W. Andrew Aadersan. a native
Swede, about S3 rears old. was accidentally
1rowncHnr opposite the lower end of the
"rows of nmrshfleld. Re and mthers were rail.
'dltnsjsuacew. In some ankrrawn wny he fell
Vvrbnardvand was mat missed by his com
panions tin thev heard his erv for tuwiatance.
- At was theft too late to lend arty aid. The body
has not been rtaxivered. Mr. Anderson was a
tady. industrious Man, without family or
nanva ra wis country.
. Tbrtrt 4rts "wiich ever vwcu'rred In San
Jose, CallfornsV. broke oit a P. M., April
Its t. lna sbad in the renrrff XVultacc stable.
thirst street, near Sun fermndo. The Are
-anroad to- adtotalaa slteds and eaiurht in the
Iroof of !St. Josephs Catholic church. A stiff
breeze Mowinsr. the church was soon In ftaroe
'and destroyed. , With jtrrat dlmcnlty the tire
'was prevented from sprradinir farther. Loss
'on church and contents, .o,00O; U&,000 In
surance on building and $2,000 on organ.
" A horrlNe accllenttccnrred at. Eugene City
laaVSaturdtty evonine. which isshockin:
us In the
Mr. Henrv Mstrtemmi, proprietor of
the Knijene City Tfrew-ry
ts tno victim nt
'the. -accident which has cost kim his life.
VThB entjazed at work aiwmt oive or ns
harwe vats tilled to the brim with hot. smtdiwr
Mwfli W walked nmn a board which tilted and
Varew him In. lie was rescued form 11ms vat as
mm m nrvMtblit- and when llrtliod oat wns a
most pitiable stent tohehold.- He died this
morning t fur o'clock, after Intense suocrrag
irotu LUC emeus oi l ne immemun.
The two followinir Item arc from Seattle, VT.
T nnrlnr ilnte nf Anril 4Sd : Clia. Vlckcrs. till!
rrond engineer of the steamer PotiHatfuky, mu
vm-idenrnlTy killed ils inornlnir. It appears
Yrotn the eyldenee that he had been oiling the
ncrine, and was lnntciiur down ihe crank pit at
the top of the engine, when the crank came
tnm and tmnffht. him. strikinir hint on the
back or the head and on the breast, killing htm
almost tnamntly. An Inqnet wa heid on the
tbodv this afternoon and a verdict i;t accordance
'with tte above nusts reoueieu.
Mt. VT.'H. Smith Im left at the Orearon Olty
Kabmriv ofnne a niece., of rock from an iron
tedire tie has just discovered on the C.Hckaimw
rir. It appca to be the lx-wt rock of the
kind yet seen, Iho Iron lx-inp almost pure. The
uo'u nvBr lim hat In width, and evidently
inezliaustib.e. The rock lnu not yet been te-
imtL. but the iudlca: ions are that it will prore to
lie very rich, end belli locnt-'i war the river
and mty t acee. cannor. toll to lie of great
value, aud luust alt met capti ul to work it out.
The rvrbvindlrr learns of a case where two
men slopped yonnn man on Oak creek, a few
dnvs tm, and Informed him that It was their
intention-to nxe him np. The yonna man
irew from the folds of his coat an "Arkansas
TnMhnii'ii Mnnie two foet lonK. and Informed
-th rMitlmmi thdt ho wa anxious to carve
.i.. im Uf hud not done such a thinjr in
Tint tarn wnnlil-lie-aMtanilantS COI1-
lnUHlthev were not exactly ready to lie ent
,,, Into rwirter hunaa ttteaka. and uaietly slid
, ioT on i heir ears.
n... rw.Wv iTr Dnrliur teif
M-r. lxyeJoy (V, lielow thU city were
.vi.rarr.:! tn nnfttnir III) f ITlit in a n.
Thev met with (rood smwess and their fruit
found ready market. They put up peaches,
plums, blackberries and other fruits, which
Un hum nraunnml bv aond ilKUttS to be
qual to any imported. A boat X dozen cans
of peaches were pn "P. and a irreater amount
.r rwiit a Havlnv met with eneourafre-
u lent and. ready sale for all that they put up
last season, thev propose to engage in the busi
ness more extensively this season t bun last.
A letter to the ' Brvmier says : Threeyears
ago, one little passenger steamer was sufficient
to accommodate the travel on Coos Bay. To
dsy three steamboats are so well patronized
that their owners have the construction of two
t t.. mnlomnla Mrtn fnr. tllA OOminiE SttOl.
mer. Two mean steamers make regular trips
between here and 6an Kmnclsco. while twenty
sailinor vessels were tn the Bay at one time
dnrin the winter, and as Ivy or three new
ml mines are beins opened, at least throe
that nvjant tnnmure will be reouired
here within a year. The Inmbertme business
is alw increattinir, and other 1 tranches ot Indus
try are beginning to be encouraged. Oregon Is
destined to become a great and wealthy State ;
and the advantage she possesses are being re
alised. California aas long oeia uregw J iu
throat, but can lioia on no mngcr.
George 8. Downing, of 8nhHmiry, gives the
Jt-cnrri some interesting information ronw
ing the lm of sheep In his neighborhood from
the new disease of which we bavegiven several
accounts. He bas lost 90 sheep out of a b-nd
nf -boot 2SS ! his brother. John Downing, has
lost 100 bead; W. W. Brooks 4.1 head, and
sheep are constantly dying nil eronnd him. It
seems to be believed that tliU terrible disease
1 has been brought to our country by importa
tions from Kngland, where it has long pre-
vailed. It ptobably exists, or the worm -'
tm iiu nimi. hat Hmt do not cause
ih mmriii'.' iiiiIhm in the absence of
trreen or nonrishlng feed they arc driven to
attack toe mucous imingi oi we mnmi,
ach, etc, and then great mortality results.
Tm "v. mhi 4tM a letter to' the JaoVw
MM describing the symptoms of sheep af
fected with partte In the tnngs, atoioach
and boweta, atnf recom mends the use of
turpentine, as follows: "Dati teaspoonful In a
teacupfuJ of water to m lamb, and double this
dose toafuU-growB sheep, each morning for
three or four days, no food having been given
during the previous night. The symptoms,
m described, were so alike I thought I would
rythe turnentine. I did not, however, ad
minister It in that way, but adopted, I think.
more practical p!sn. I put one-half pint of
terpentine on three pounds of salt, put it in
troughs, and let 'e nook (7 bead) eat,
sick and w.l alike. 'Jts Idld three or four
times at intervals of three or jonr days, wnen
there was very nersewnblei Improvement.. o
more have died, or are likely ":.,,;. '
A friend -informs the Bolse fSnbvnvtn that
there are fovtyor ftfty local ion Rat South Mown-;
tain which my prove of equal riahness with
the famous Bay State. Goloonda or Treka.
' Those having a knowledge of the country are
impatient ta ltave the WC disappear, so as to
enable them to get out and locate ledges, be
lieving as thev do. that the wealth Is not nil
" around South Mountain town. The hills to the
east, south and west of the town are literally
studded with if ttwa-ai ledges. The timber that
supplies the bett coal if sevon to ten miles dis
tant. Juniper being the favorite." The ores have
been hoisted to r by windlass, but a whim is
Iwlng put up over the Buy Slate mine fop hoist
ing. Steam hoisting works may be erected dur
ing the unnuuer. ' .;: '.
tio rUmrJ.- KV1! Mr. T.
IT. Striagham, a
li.M . ... finlWl In hnslnesa
i in Seattle
and tn sett ing with bis creditors 'retained
nothing for himself. One year ago this numt n
be made a Battlement In the-timecr, abootitalf
way between the bay and Ike Washington,
with no oilier aimo than the labor of bis
own liamls bji?1 that of bis wlfa and a boy 13
years of aire. lie has now a eoinftiriahle bouae,
over ehotne fruit trees, growing, over one
hundred or whieil will bear froi the present
year; half an-aora in atrawherriea and half an.
acre in bl4-.kherr', ramlierrie and. grapes,
with all kinds of vc-retabies in abundance for
a family and a tine large dww-yard filled with
strawberries and flower aao, ia short, the
making of abtt uul. home. In year or two
the fruit and oiu.-r proi-'.;rs -of this place will
bring in an imav-e s-i-ent far the support
of the family. . fcir. eriftm has, In the
meantime, worked in ttie siy aunrly every day
at painting, airi lie has emptoyed no extra heip
on his plaue. The onooriuuiiies re abnBOant
lor otbers to do hjcewue. ; . .
fiays the Bollingiatn1 Buy Th sod l"ni
telusrenoe of the cinrwning of J. T. Klliiv of
Cypress Iniand, in this eoanty, waar received
hers last bitnrtay, through Mr, John Jrtlnn,
aib-snt si Is a uainmi resort tran. The tacts
avsts.eln n ttie eabe t brief y a follows:
Cap Kli's as they e i hio. rm in from
Cypress imand in a-roji tv.-t o "3 -y even
ing, ajth uit. end snent t.jms fn'.urwin i rfv at
Jwnouie, trnnu--j' huciaKdxs and p"iing
uppne at Um B. b. ii, i.o.' uir iur huums'f
and two of his neighbors; Ttlton and Kittle. I
He started borne on Thursday morning. That I
day it blew pretty stormy in the bay outside
the point, but not anongn to deter the exper
ienced boatman to cross over to tht. islands.
The following day the Indians on the reserva
tioa picked up a boat right side up, three miles
south of I be village, with mast and salt set, con
taining a coat, bbuiketa, some groceries, mail
matter, Ac The Indians turned the boat and
enntants over n the airent. who came to town
on Sunday and reported the facts. Mr. Baxter
has identified some papers which had been
given Mr. Kills, so there can be no doubt of the
casualty or the person lost.
Mrs. Carrie M. Foltz, VT. P. Heady.
A. Gesner and C. H. Hull have been
elected to ie present the Salem Encamp
ment, f. C. R. C, at the Grand - Encamp
ment ttwt meets In Portland, May iiui.
A shark measnrlnar six feet in lenirth.
was diMovered in the bay a half mile be
low Olympia. a few days since, where the
tide had k-ft it floundering aoonc in snaj
low water. It was shot and takea oat on
the beach, whore auite a eootily number
or citizens gathered tooDserve its wonarous
structure. .-.
Information is wanted ot .T. D. Atter-
burj whowa formerly employetlin Alk-
m's locking camp, uoos uay. tie leit mere
last fall on a saillns vessel for California.
Any information addressed to P. Atter-
bury, Koseburz; wui oe uiaiivuuiy re
ceived. .
Jacob D. B rower, a deaf mute, went
into the comDosine rooms ot the Statesman,
a few d.tys since, and with but a few
words of instruction as to how to space
and justify the lines, committed to memo
ry all the Doxes ot uie capuai ana lower
cases, and set up during rite day, from re
print, over 1,500 ems. Tliere was scarcely
an error in Uie matter sec np. taking
Into consideration that nr. sower lias
never set a type in bis life before, the feat
was a remarkable one.
Sonire Johnson, of Salem, has a sreat
butter-prod iK-i tig cow. She had a' calf
about the middle of February, 1873. From
that date she continued to (rive milk tor 24
consecutive mouths, and a vera zed about
one pound of butter per day, or about 700
pounds during the two years, besides fur-
iuniiig plenty oi nunc ior Tamiiy use dur
ing the two years, besides furnishing plenty
or mtiK for family use ourtnsr that time.
This valuable cow had a calf the 11th of!
last Mitrch, aud from the 29th nit., until
the 14th ot April she yielded 34 pounds of
ontter, a uttie more tnn two itountis per
ti:iy. Tins cow was led uurfiig the time on
cue oay ana Drun.
The Enternrtse savs : "A larm nanther
has been intruding his nnwelcotne presence
in the vicinity of Capt. Hedce's fcirtn.
about a mile from Oregon (Sty, and other
piaces.ciose oy. He lias got away with
several sheep, and on last hsturdny quite a
lorce srarieci ouc to capture uie chap, Dut
tlie hunt was uiisucce.ssfu.1. lie makes
himself quite free, and we are informed
that lie kept the family occunyins air.
Milne's place close in the house all day. he
having taken np a position in front of the
giite, to the disgust and the disapproval of
tlie occupnuts. He'll fool around until he
gets nurt, prootiDiy. ' v
Tlie Eehn says : Articles of Incorpora
tion were oieu in the secretary s omce, in
Olympia. on tlie 7th of April, by the
Snohomish Telegraph Company. The
object ot said company is the "construction,
maintaining and operating or one or more
lines Detween bnonointsn iity awl some
suitable point on the line ot the Western
Linioti leleerauh Com nan v in Snohomish
county, wiiTt privilege to extend said Ikies
at such tunes and at such places as may be
ueemeu proper ny trie company.
Amount of stock, 6.-2,000. with
power to increase the same. Principal
place of business. Snohomish City. Di
rectors, E. I), hmith, E. C. Ferguson,
Isaac Calhcart, David Sheridan and J. D.
The Independent says: During the
past six months we have liad more sick
ness and deaths from dieea.-te in Washing
ton county tlian has been known at any
previous year for the same leiietn or time
In the full and winter of '68, we believe,
there was a great deal of sickness from
typhoid and malarial fevers, -but not to
compare with this year. In the district of
Wapnto lake, which though of a swampy
character, lias mtherto been quite healthy.
about a dozen adult persons have died, and
Forest Grove, where people scarcely ever
die unless with old age. has bad four
deatlis. but one of these that of Mr. Kuee
who died recently from consumption was
Imported from ttie East. While II Ilia bo ro
and Cornelius, if our memory serves us,
havQ escaped with a single death each. "
The Independent says : "At the recent
term of the Washington county court the
connty commissioners ordered the treas
urer to borrow for the use of the county
$3,000, with which, togetlier with the
$6,000 in the treasury, they intend to pay
off $5,000 in notes held against the county,
and take np all county orders issued be
fore the 1st of April, amounting to over
$2,000, aud have enough left to pay nec
essary expenses until the next annual tax
shall be paid. The commissioners think
that tlie tax for this year can be reduced
from 1S' mills, as it is now. to 14 mills,
and that this tax will pay the expenses of
the connty, and clear it of debt by the end
of the next fiscal year. "
Says the Salem Statesman had this item:
A little one waa born lost Friday morning 1
in Dallas whose paternal ancestor is involv
ed in doubt. , Ttie mother is a young lady
who hitlierto has been regarded as a pat
tern of her sex. She accuses a well known
married man of that city as being the
father ot the newcomer but those who are
acquainted with tlie gentleman think the
young lady is badly mistaken. The mother
of the young mother, who Is a widow,
was to have been married last Snnday,
but this unexpected event has caused a
postponement of the - wedding festivi
ties. ; ; . ' ' : - '
A letter to the Statetman from Crooked
finger Prairie, Marion eorwtyy says the
fanners In Butte creek, Abiqua and Crooked-finger
districts are Improving, the
present fine weather In ftatsbing np tbeir
spring-seeding. Fall-sowed grain Is con
siderably injured in this section. Quite a
number of cattle have died dtiring the last
mouth, the principal losers being Messrs.
John Ilartman and Wm. Wbitiock. who
itave lost some fifteen head each. Crooked-finger
prairie is situated twenty-five
miles northeast of Salem, aud distant
some five miles from the main settlement.
It contains five families, comfortably sit
uated, with, then stock In better condition
than those in the valley. This prairie
produced last year over 3,000 bushels ot
grain, oat growing six aud seven feet
high. Mr.CVW. McCown, of this prairie,
manufactured, last year, from? 13 cows,
from May to December, 1,409 lbs butter,
toe which be realized SO eeau per ft, $420.
! y Says the FlaO, i , The KeKenste Canal
" project we perswne Is still uppermost In
the minds of our local capitalists, and in
the' now' near future when' the swollen
streams shall have subsided and the soft
spot that now reaches from Uie Coast range
to the Cascades, and from the Calipooia
' mountains to away cp north some where,
has become a little hardened so that big
folks can' get around without endangering
tne land, we bu&ji, no uouui near, uiwio
About it.
Tfaa .Vancouver
Kegttier,,-fays. t. - 'A
in this county. In
'Strange turn round
stead of eocrt- lasting fmA "weeks.1 as tn
former yes !n th's !cs. It closed ia less
than four cjj Not a single case came
before eiir t gFsn ortoe petty J'iry
this court, Wfcen aM si .3re ti.d the Mke
ever occur ! J re, ' '4 speaks well tor
oar CoUr.tU river t. T.;ry; , JLet peace
and harmony prevail. r " "
The Reyitter learns that a Mr. Pbelan.
who lately came to Clarke county, and
took lip a claim some eight miles from
Vancouver, and wno nas oeen, employed
by Mr. S. W. - Brown in cutting cord
Wood near town for the last two or three
weeks, returned one dar last week to look
after his household, aud to his consterna
tion he found on his arrival that by some
deans unknown to himself or any one
else, his house and eflects had : been con
sumed by tire. j '(
The Olympia Transcript savs V ""The
ship Qra6e Darlinih, reported last winter
blown ashore at Geographe bay, on the
west coast of Australia, where she bad
gone to load with railroad ties for Little
ton, New Zealand,- was gotten oft and
after being repaired, sailed' for, Pnzet
Sound. She bas been due for several
days, and may arrive in the Sound at any
nour. &ne is owned ny Messrs. Adams,
Blinn & Co., of San Francisco, and Capt.
Marshall Blinn, of Olympia. , i
It is wimid that Spotted Tall Is favorable
to a sale of the now famous; Black Hill
country. He will, of course, expect a
naudsome equivalent from tne government
before his people consent to tlie extinguish
ment of the Indian title to that region.
Whetlier the old chief has taken any pains
to "salt" the new Eldorado, thereby bop
lug to drive a good bargain with the gov
ernment, has not yet transpired. , -
The Port Townsend Armts says : The
Quillehttyte country has recently been ex
plored by an agent with a view to its occu
pancy by a colony of Germans from Ger
many. Tlie gentleman, we understand.
Is much pleased with his observations, and
ere long, it is confidently asserted, ' the
emigrants will be ou their way to, their
new Home. " , I
The Journal says Mark Stevens did a
good thing in Eugene. He sent tn a com
munication to tlie common council stating
that there had been some talk, prior to
the election, in regard loa reduction In
the salary of the treasurer, to conform
with the duties of the office, and now: that
he was to hold the office for anotlier year,
and had held It some time, lie would most
cheerfully consent to a liberal reduction.
and owing to the present depressed con
dition ot the city finances he would accept
tne mere nominal sum of $37 60 per quarter
in ueu oi tlie tormer saiarv a per cent.
on all moneys paid out. Well, the coun
cil bit at this like brook trout, and com
plimented Mark highly on his magnani
mity, and that he was an exception to tne
average office-holder. But you cannot
imagine their chagrin, after wasting such
complimentary terms on the desert air.
to make a calculation and nnu nts salary
bad never exceeded $125 a .year ! Tliey
are now firm believers in that old adage of
"Look before you leap." fee one lor
The remnant of the Coos Bay Indians
had a mind pow-wow at North Bend last
Satitrdar nlsrlit. occasioned bv one of the
old men taking a trip to tlie liappy hunt
ing grounds. The young craves ami unsny
maidens made the night ntueou wim
their veils and howllne. and at early dawn
burned the house wherein the old Sachem
A correspondent of the nillsboro paper
savs: "The Good Templars' Lodge at
Columbia Academy numbers 62 members.
and is growing at each meeting. The
Grange numbers about 80 members and is
still increasing, uotn tne temperance
ami Grange movements go right on. and
the members mean "biz. "
At the late session ot the State Temper
ance Alliance, a committee of ladies was
annointed to consider and report on the
proposition to form a woman's State Tem
perance Union. The ladies named were
Mrs. Carrie M. Folte, Mrs. C. A. Co-
hnrn. Mrs. Belle W. Cooke, Mrs. Dr,
Watts and Mrs. ZUpha M. Raymond
Thev reported against it.
Sheriff Tozler informs the Independent
that there is f7!i0 of delinquent tax tin
collected in Washington county. Last
year tlie delinquent tax in this county
amounted to about $5,000. But the most
ot tills was owned' by tlie Oregon Ileal
Estate Company and the O. C. It. R
Company. These companies have paid
their tax this year. . ,
A Nevada woman recently ' knocked
down seven burglars, one after anotlier.
Her husband watched her from the top of
Uie stairs, and he felt so ortmnn or battle
that he couldn't cool off nntll he had jerk
ed his eight-year-old hoy out ot bed and
"whaled" him soundly for not getting up
anu neipmg ms mocner.
Hon. John Clarke, the recently appoint
ed judge in Idaho Territory, seems to be
winning ttie good opinion of all who have
business in ins court. : -
. Thore were five vessels at Port Gamble
on Monday of last, week, to load with Inm-
Der. i ne union ana erpctua were to
guil this week. ' -j
PmsiTtoif of BTBI.K TttiM.-A dsys Jonr-
ney a-awininy-Tnreeanaone-nitn Tones.
A Sshbath day's Journey was about an Eng.
usn mi m;.
Ezekiol's reed was eleven feet, nearly,
A enntr. is iwenty-ti
A hand's breadth Is
eqnal to three and five
ehrtbs inches.
A finger's brrndth is eqnal to one Inch.
: . A shekel of silver was about fifty cents.
A shekel of jrold was SB.
A talent of silver was SSS S2.
A talentof void wa13.80a.
A piece of silver, or a penny, was thirteen
cenis. .
A farthing was three cents.
' A mite wr l-a than a quarter of a cent.
A irorali was one cent.
An enah, or bath, contains seven ' gallons and
nve pints. r
A hln was one gallon and two pints.
: A firkin was seven pints.
' An omer was six pints.
A cab was three pints.
Matt Carpenter is a queer duck, and pos
sses much of Tom Benton's art of saving
mean ana . crusning uungs. - Aiier ms de
feat for the Senate he .wrote a letter to the
editor of the Milwaukee News, in which
the following cheerful passage occurs :
I had hoped that after I was out of the
Senate you would stop misrepresenting me
by original statements or copied falsehoods.
1 am not so unreasonable as to exriect von
to stop short, for that wonld subject you to
apoplexy; but If yon can taper off so
gradually as not to produce a shock to your
nervous system, x should be very much
Colored society In Washington Is deep
ly interested in an aristocratic wedding, to
take place at an early day. The- maid of
Mrs. Jones, the wife of Senator Jones is
to be led to the altar by General Butler's
cook. ) Great preparations are making for
the nappy event, and it is rumored tnat
the mansion ; of Senator Jones will be
thrown open. In order that the, favored
pair may bold a reception. (
Some villagers near Antloch. tn - Asia
Minor, .dog. np a lead coffin having a lid
resembling woven learners, inese were
supposed to bo the sajaroander. or phoenix.
and on patting a piece, of it into the fire It
did not melt, but assumed a different hue.
The Government has given directions for
tne preservation ox wnac remains oi tms
reiic s ' t.-'. . j . ...
Tlie Scientific American bas found an
old lady who has not washed for fifty
years. ; She is so dirty that death and the
devil keep at a respectful distance. Henry
Clay Dean t Henry Clay Dean! We have
found your affinity. ..-..::.!-,.- .
In Paris, recently, a beautiful yonnd girl
belonging to the Rothschilds family, was
run over by a street car while returning
from tne theater. ; car wneeis qui not
crush her body, but she grew taint and died
VK1UI V iwwuuft ;uuv. ; j
Africa is a great tact ; we catf not get
rid of it, and we are fast becoming con
vinced that it -may be turned to a better
use than we have hitherto made of it. , Tlie
Africans are irrepressible; they bays; the'
gift of vitality above most men, and live -and
multiply ' under ctrcurnstasces that
would be death to' other races. The na
tives of Tasmania liave disappeared ; the !
Australians are nearly- extinct, it is bnt an '
actuary's question as to when we shall see i
tlie last of New Zealanders. and tlie It- j
dlans of America die out in the presence of
the white man. Not so the African.
Place him where yon wilL so long as he
gets sunshine, and -under what circum
stances you may. and Israel . In Egypt
scarcely Increased faster. It Is estimated
that there are nearly 15.000,000 of people
of African descent in the mainlands and
Islands of America. Africa itself Is more
thickly peopled than was supposed. Instead
of 30, 000,000V It probabiy contains 100,
000,000, of people., We cannot hope to
possess ourselves of Africa as we did of
America, ior, suto oy siue imn m on na
own' soil, the African would sorely prove
the stronger. So, whether we meet with
him in his owu land or elsewhere. It Is
manifestly to our own interests (to say
nothing of higher motives) to make the
best of Win. J t is in Africa ltselt we must
look to the highest possibilities ot the race,
for those outside are slaves or the descend
ants of slaves. They live also In the lands
of tbeir thraldom, aud in the presence of
those who are, or those ,who nave been,
tbeir masters, x ou may free them an.
but yon will not purge them from tlie ill
effects of slavery uniply by emancipating
them. It will take many years to get rid
ot the mischief which long generations of
slavery have wrought in their natures.
Had the Israelites, after their ; eiiiaricrpa
tlon, remained in Egypt in the presence of
tneir iormer masters, tney womu . nave
been slaves In nature still. And so It was
with tlie free colored men in the United
States and West " Indies. Their associa
tions tend to keep alive tlie recollections
of tlie past and to check noblest aspira
tions. The galling discomfort, if not of
legal DroscriDtion. yet of bitter caste pre
judice in the whiles, and which manifests
Itself tn every-tiay lire in a tnonsana cruet
and annoying ways, are greatly against
them. These people, therefore, afford as
yet no fair criterion ot what the AfjlCRn
nice is capable. I believe, however, that
the possibilities ot the Africans on their
own soil are not inferior to those of any
race of men on tlie earth. Their civiliza
tion triay, in some things, prove unlike
our own, their range ot virtue and vice
somewhat different, yet I do . not think
they will prove mentally our interiors, or
tliat their moral standard ! will be lower.
I say this from no theory evolved from
my own Inner consciousness. . but from a
conviction which is the result of a personal
knowledge or them .-vomniu Magazine.
Pitch kh Broken at the Fcttxtain.
They lately had an ice sensation in Daven
port, lowa. trie poor people living on
tlie river-side had a hole In the Ice where
thev went with, tbeir buckets and drew
clear, ready-made ice-water. The bole
was about twenty inches in diameter, and
tlie consumers keen tlie well open and in
rood order. - The other morrilas a river
side dweller saw a bucket on the ice near
the well, and told his little daughter to go
and see wliose it was. She went and soon
came running back terrified and said there
was a dead woman in the water-hole. The
man stirred around amongst his neighbors
to fiud out who was mLssimr. He found a
man sleeping in bed whose wife had got
up at five o'clock in the morning and gone
to the river to get water to make his coffee.
He had fallen asleep again and was not
aware of how long tlie partner of his bed
had been gone. A little procession of
poor people was made across the Ice to tlie
water-hole. There was the missing woman,
lying face upward, staring at the sky
through a thin sheet of loa that bad closed
over her after her death struggle was past.
There were marks ot blood on the brink.
where she had cut her bands clutching at
Uie ice. She had become wedged in the
narrow aperture so that she could not sink
and float away 'under the thick, frozen
sheet with the current of the river. Her
bucket was right-side up and close to the
nrinK. one stepped into toe wen oy acci
dent, in the shadows of the dark morning.
and could not drag herself out. -' She faced
futurity just as she, lav. and the pitying
frost tenderly spread, a thin veil over her
wnite iace. rue poor people, dweuers on
the river-side, have abandoned tbeir water
hole, and no mora dripping buckets are
carried across tlie ice since the pitcher, was
Droaen at tne lonntaui.
A Frmr Cent Lawsuit's Concomi
tamts. A paper . minted ' in Scran boa,
I'enn.. tells this sngarestive stonr : "Some
days since we gave the details of a dunning
suit, to recover fifty cents Hill vs. Mc
Donald. Defendant paid the amount and
Alderman's costs. . Plaintiff on return day
came with witnesses, and tor that claimed
costs amounting to $36 ; sued McDonald
and eot ludgment. whereanon a cow and
heifer were levied upon and sold, and the
judgment satisfied. But It was a FUan's
row. and a suit. Filan vs. C E. Welch,
constable, was brought to recover the value
a - a .sjbb . 1
ottoe cow. w Hereupon piaintui gocjuug
ment for 940 the value of. said sine,
Then Welch, to be made whole, sues Mc
Donald and loses his case. Everybody gets
mad at everybody, and Alderman Lochiln
sues McDonald for trespass committed h
his cattle, and the defendant claims I
wasn't his cattle that did the trespassing.
This case Is not deckled, having been ad-
journeu." . . . ... .
Saloon life at Dubuque according to
the Times ; "A woman entered a saloon
yesterday just as her husband stepped np
to the bar to drink, and handing the old
fellow one on the side of the neacL turned
to the proprietor and spoke her piece, as
follows: See here, sir, you darned mis-
eraoie sauna, tms nas gone iar enongu.
During the crusade I prayed for "you, and
since then have come to yon with tears tn
mv eves, bnt It seems have done no
good, and now if you ever sell him another
dron of whiskv. T"'!! ramie down - here and
snatch yon bald-headed quicker than h
can singe a 'cat. Yon - bear . ray gentle
voice f ' And then she took the old man
by the south ear and lovingly waltzed Lira
off toward home. " ' " '
'The Academy says: "Colonel Gordon
has discovered the real character of Abou
Saood, the slave-dealing rufilan, .against
whom he was warned by Sir Samuel Baker,
but who waa nevertheless engaged for the
expedition. Certain correspondents of tlie
Times, both in England and Egypt, thought
proper to doubtSir Samuel Baker's estimate
of Abou Saood's character, and insinuated
that he had acted harshly towards this arch
slave-hunter, and that Colonel Gordon's
tact and judgment would show the man in
a different light. The result shows that Sir
Samuel Baker was quite right.' ' ' -
' The Journal dea Debats, in a short histor
ical sketch of the Marsbalate of France,
states that the first person on whom that
dignity was conferred was certain Pierre
Fierre, created In 1185, and the last Mar
shall nominated under the old Monarchy
was the Comte de Rochambeau. Washing
ton's companion In arms, in 1891. The
total number of Marshals created between
1185 and 1791 was 258. Under tlie first
Empire (1804) 1813) twenty-five Marshals
of France Were created. "
. Colonel Pratt, of Lexington, Kentucky,
says an old lady on his pension-roll, now
living in that city, was 101 years old last
October. But the old lady is killing her
self smoking a pipe, i She has been at it
now for the last century, and he think; sh.e
c&u$ stand it many years longer. , j. . "
When Tllton took Mrs.- Woodhun In
bathing, all for the, nobler purpose of shield
ing poor Beecher. Ae fairly discounted fte
late A. Ward's famous desire to sacrifice
all of his wife's relations rattier than have
the war prolonged and the South trium
pliant Boston Globe. ,
Three scavengers, employed tn cleaning
the cesspool of a bridge on Richmond ter
Xewr York, on the SOth nit., found
gold coin In the pool amounting to between
$2,000 and $3,000. supposed to have been
placed there by E. N. Wlnson, the bank
defaulter who fled to Europe. The treses
ure Is ncriv In the tabids ot the polios.
The tallest man in Lowell. Ma., Is
Columbus Tyler, a bartender, who Is seven
feet two Inches In hlght, 18 years old. and
weighs 215 pounds. His father fls six feet
five inches in bight, his mother five feet
ten inches, and bis sister, 15 years of&
who has not yet "got her growth, six
feet eight inches, the average higfat of the
auiuy oemg six iees six incites.
wrrn new and past
Latest and most Desirable
Styles f
Is undoubtedly
When you wish
Posters, or
Visiting Cards,
Duslness Cards,
Dill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Call Tickets,
But why parUcnlarlze, when it Is geo
erally acknowledged that we are ,
When it somes to
tVKp - . fcaditeo spectmcTi-v sEts "4
,- m-, mmai
. irisata
pormaiwHitly In this city, where 1 fa
msmuaea tne aaa
liSsotar Of all
BrooisSf Brushes, Wisps,
wat htafaefowy on rirKt street, at Jofia '
Uetstors old sttthl,oast rf Majrnoli M iUa,
where be' invites those wihiniiailrstelaas
bro6n to call aaxi secure. U of him.
Albany, Oct. f8fl87vT
- i i - i i iii ; ii .
Jtleal JPilea
truohMsome' oonrpUrat i-arino be
50.,1Fhen " y evidetooes of sueenar
rniht be placed Wore yon avsi-f day
enres tff supposed boiieless-oasest Your
physician fn forms yotf that, the longer yoa.
Uo tiraoomptelnt to exist, yon lessen ,
J' eheWoes tor reBef. ixptryncthat
WsllMri aI easat.
A. Vmttomn 4c 'a.s pffe Iff US rsmI
areantlieyaroreonnimendetltolie. Will "
corn Chronic, Blind aud Bleerilnir Piles ia
"T short time, and are amL-t u '
This preparation Is srat by mall or es-
at tl Mper nackaare.
"" wM,uui uk u niteo status
STV ; Doa 33, Alhaay, Oregon. "
The Eugene firemen are making ar
raneemenu for a grand ball at Lane's '
Hall on Christmas eve.
rictslcr Gliaist
- ; Can be bad at the following- places:
Barrtstmjnr.. .-...flam. May
Jnnettoa City Smith. A BrasSald
Brownsville....... ...........Kirk A Hudms
Halsey ........................j. M XCorsan
. ficlo J. Bt wv
Albany, Graf A CoUar
A roll supply can also be obtained at my
ola soon on First street, Attmny. Otwoo.
, -. . . . . ; . ... .- ; ! ; ' i i' J
..' . . i And: -'-'-!' ;.''-' '.'
3 a. o Is i vi e Shop
A.F.CIIBURT Pretprfetof,
HsUrafaetares Steta Eagfaes,
. . . f . ! i ? 'f 'l-'.r r :',
Fler and Saw mill nacBla
' " And alt klnos of . . .- i
Particolar attention paid torepairin all ; '
bibosoi maenmery. 41 vs
Dealers la - :
ouonriu, eius, rAim,
AH the popular
nenom rEBrrjimT,
sussl Toilet: Clsads. . . ;
r'artlcular care and promptness irivsa)
Physicians' prescriptions and Faintly See
ipes. .. . - .;.' '
Albany, OregonvS
tSrcccries 4 ProTisfcss.
establishment on comer of Kliswortll
and First streets, with a fresh stock of
Groceries, Provisions, Candles, Cigars, To
bacco, Ac., to whhsh tie Invites the atten
tion of our citizens. . ,
In eonnaotlon with the store lie wPHreep
a Bakery, and will always have on hand a
fall supply of fresh bvead, crackers, Ac
Call and see me. 1
"'. join? scincKER.'
February 18-Mvt
. i AXBAjrr,
corner First and Ferrv strenta. Bast-
denee Corner Fifth and Ferry streets.
Otnee hours from 8 to IS o'clock a. m a
1 to S o'clock p. m. , ISvS
THK. BAT TEAJB . ftrmX UwjSs
bay tree. Thankful for past favors,
and wishing to merit the eoatlmasno of
: the same, the BAT TKAM will always bo
ready, and easily found, to do any hanluis;
within the city limits, -lot a asasoaahio .
compen sallow. tgjTB ellvevjr r irsran
Ktsat)t. ,-. . . A. KAkOIA. T
. Froiirietor.
- i in ii i i f. i i ii i n i i
c;, '.ytm'' Cm1 ' TWEEaAiUE. f -
Groceries, " I?ro-vislcins,
tgmnm, kaiy
r"sssi nssaes niUSW sva
t&"Oaaandae kim. , S4
Albany ' Dobk ; Ctoro.
Bcnooi noos:s,tfiana tMOKs,euKMmery
Fancy Articles, Ac.
Books imported to order, at sbortnt prsv
XI. J. 0OI7GXlTO2sv XI.
Medical collere or Kew Torn, ata
member of Bellevie HospitelafedieaSCol. '
leee. New York. Omxm-ln A. Caroxhara ..
A drag store, Albany, Oragoa.
ceo. n, nsijs,
TTJTIX phacticb m IXTTH Oemts
Vf oftblstate OrrtusUt Veawbrlele
Ittp etalraj Jflrst street... ' , . .t v7 ,
"" asVasMasV sfc-'saW
8aFc.eosss V FbysIcisaC
OFFICK Fli st street, batwesa Fw-f
and Washington. RskIimencw-A :xrd
street, two blocks below oresst Of KaiHox.;
(U vnnrea, Albany, Oregon.. - vante.
.. 1 ... V
; jrxm
Aftfawmey atasol CmsSo ai Imt ". ,
added to.
F'hysieiAii, Sturgeon, etc
FFICB-On First street, over Weed"1
vS mtMM ilnhL IfcMrikKK4KfrinMttjlV
remaepme of jonn u. nmuennau, near y
&ie Foundry, First street, Alljany,
; uciooerss, may
!v; soxm A MII.L, ' . ''.
3, XV. nJklAtIN,
mm fXaiselexr at Later. '
t&ILX. PKffrnCK IN Ali THK COurt
Vf In tbe'SoVSd and tb Judicial IMs-' '
triots. In tHS fitrbreme Court of Oregon s
and Hi thelf.-S. District and Circuit Courts. i !
Omos-M Farrish brick (up stairs), In' '
MHos occupied by the lata'K. H. UlMrm.
First Street, Albany, Oregon. toISvfl-
. joins coruiER.
1 -r ftlM
AJJOaSnr', Kb4S.
'1 .'-f'.-f-
. TVBJora jcivkd, subject to",
interesi auowea on timoaeposits in coin
Xxchanra on Portland, San Francisco,
and New York, tor sale at lowest rates,
n Collectiotas madearicl promptly remitted.
BelersH. W. CorOett, Henry railing,.
Banking hoars from 8 A.-A. to P. M.
- Albany, Feb. 1. I87MSvS .
ilssnSsssBBBSBWBanuaw '
r-.:- ' .. . DtMtter In
BAN Gs E S .
Of the best patterns)
v PDt WAlE, '
And the usual assortment! of furnishing
ds to be obtained ft a tin store. - - . .. 1
Repairs neatly and promptly executed ; J
w reasnnable terms. . -' I
te lrireads .
Pee.5.1SS64 - i . . ,
,VSa? f.f S
Crooerles, .
. &C "
cheae &ozz cash t '
..,(i;' . - . i ; ,
... , ... , , . 1
v TMfatbsplstw-to get Cne'BRST BAK
OADlS mr tterfttt In Albany. Parties .,, ,
ml atwaya do wen toaan and see for then. '
selves. , M ,- j .t ,-;' '
ItiM street, Albaay, Oregon. vs' : ;
Cttver , & Plcted , VJaro,
i. :jfy iJ ,.''. ' -;.'S "i t vt4. l . f
Agskts roii THE,
:.iril ' 1 .J'Sk W ! "i" Wr"m m,im M-Wm . "1 J J :-'T
'. . ' ' at, j.-SHlSlC- 't'
j il A .. ... i-.....- -.4.! f I ...
-j 1
.., : ,,ji.. !. i!i;'t: "5 ' 'V;
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