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    FRIDAY MAY 7, 1878.
Several new cases of yellow fever are
reported at Key West, Florida.
Seventeen car loads of emigrant arrived
In Sacramento oo the 4th from Uw East.
The Pope ol Come was announced again
tinder the physician care on the 4th.
The Presbyterian Synod in session . In
London on Uw 4th, cordially endorsed
Moody and Sankey. .. , h,
Tbey bav been having heavy dews In.
portions of California, which, It to claimed,
will help the crops. ' '
The. American Evangelists, Moody and
Sankey, have Immense auSkncea to Lon
don, averaging S7.000 on week days, and
48,000 on Sundays. , -
At the dty election In Montgomery,
Alabama, on the 4th instant, the Democrats
carried the day the first time since the
Congressman TV. 8. King, who arrived
at Mhmeapons on the Sd, says he Is all
right, and will so make it appear by docd
SMOtary evidence at the proper time. :
' The Demccrafsof Shelbrvllle, Ind elec
ted the Mayor and city ticket on the 4 th,
the first Hm such a thing has happened
then in forty-five years. .f; ; ,
Near Hndaon, X. Y on the 4th,
wealthy but eccentric farmer named Hnd
aon Van Dnsen, shot and kilted his mother
and then killed himself. ' ;"
- The Hew Oregon Iron ' Works have re
ceived the contract for the construction of
Cwiiew cotter lor the Colombia river, at
Jt Is said that at least one of the passe n-
grs on the Jtjax left without telling his
wife, and that he took another woman witli
him ftom Portland.
. The Democrats were badly beaten In the
Logansport, Indiana, city election on the
4th Inst the citizen's ticket getting away'
with eight oat of ten oouucllmen by a ma.
Jority of 810." - ' .'
It having come to the ears of die State
Board of Immigration that emigrants had
been badly treated npon their arrival at
Portland that they bad been preyed upon
and robbed by sharps and thieves they
have taken the matter In hand, ami inti
mate that they will prosecute to the fullest
extent ot the law parties who are caught
attempting to fleece strangers who arrive
ajpon oar snores. - The Commissioners were
Appointed for that purpose, and we are
lad to see them ready and willing to act
promptly when ' called npon so to . do.
When It Is known .that the Commission
will protect emigrants from Imposition. It
wCl deter thieves and blackgnards from
Attempting their villainoas games, and still
more encourage emigration to ear shores.
Says a Walla Tfalla paper: Six miles
the railroad track from WaBnla Is al
ready laid, and one hundred hands In con-
.stent employ are poshing the- work along
with all possible speed. In fifteen" days
he track will be fully completed to the
Toochet Station, after which the company
-wIU commence carrying freight and pas
sengers both ways.' The iron has now alt
arrived at Walhala for the completion of
the road: within nine miles of Walla Walla,
and the balance to fully complete the road
has been contracted for and win arrive in
due time, so that Walla WaUiansmay con
fident!? expect to bear the whistle of the
locoaotve by the middle of Angast or first
f September. i... . .
The tide seems to have turned at last,
and Oregon Is beginning to receive her Jest
dues. The terrible cojd of last winter la
the as&ent States, the grass hopper and
other plagues of the middle and border
States, has induced a very large emigration
from the Sates so plagued to the great
West, and the great bulk of this vast army
at hungry people are beading for Califor
nia. Thousands have already arrived In
CtNtfidVttoaTWA OMtforUyfwhom, It
wesMseera, are without means, having ex
hausted fbeir little all In getting there, and1
the pspera of California; are, becoming
Jams at t&e terrible tafias, and are al
ready fcredlcSlog hard times for the emi
grant. , The fciksre, almost total, of the
crops there, -tbM; season, wlli be more
severely ft-lt than ever. ' The Journals now,
ta tlselr desperation, have avaiutned to the
tact timt Cbere is sweh a country as Oregon,
and they are even puhiUldsg commendable
notices, telling '$o Dew:arrivls ib&iltls
possible .under 1mm circBmstaniw, they
may fbidOregda a" jpretfy fair.eountry after'
ail. Thus tt to that our sister gtaje, being
ovoti-siowded and not knowing what to do
with so many eeosle who wIU scon be aik-
iag Sead corileH9elgly acknowi-
edges Cm existence of Oregon. Wel!
of Oregon do not take pleasure la the aKie-
tions and trembles of ewr sister State; we
are sorry aad grieve with her In her ralsfbr
tune, for the lots of ber crops is a great
misfortune and one that wiUgroatly retard
her growth and protpei-ityi The tacts
"v about Oregon ' are begtniilng', ta fee'tdiown.
and acsnowtedgBdl even In CallfornLa we
. rejoice at t&U. Whila.a failure of ps
In Csllforala is not a rare thing, the con-.
trary is, fee (act hi Orroa. . Cere sach a
ttlsjt as na mJlre .f&nure of the crops was
know j . our fUrroers , can . always
l.'r crcpa ox cereaa., For
honest, Ir T .irtrtaa taen,- wilh small capital,
Orsoa iftfJucemecis surpassed , by
none, e do not ariyiw parties, no matter
bow in rTiooa. or emmstlA: whp;.are
entlxly wUhU means, tot come to Orer3
';Sfict3. &s&.ISscsifey.Ss nm 'well
I. IT. Mossmal lis been appointed G ea
ger for Washington Territory. f
II. M. Atktnsin, the new Commissioner
of Pensions, ww swrn In and took pos
session of the eUce at Washington on the
1st Instant. i if . T (-;
J. J. Pryor, an actor, fell dead in the
dressing room f th Opera House during
Uw performancsof Little Nell, at Toledo,
Ohio, of heart diaeise, on the evening of
ea cj alftss
T The Secretny
of: the Treasury has
autboriaed the
stant secretary at New
York to sell five hill Ion gold during the
present montk
: The steamship Orijtamnte, from London
to San Francisco, on the 1st Instv was at
Portsmouth undergoing repairs received
in the coUiska with the steamer Effinch.
In the lower bouse of the Prussian Diet,
on the 1st tost.; Dr. Falk, Minister of
Public Instruction, introduced a bill tor tlie
suppression of religious ortlezs In Prussia.
The berk Sarah Scott, from Portland,
Or arrived at Qoeenstown on the 1st In
stant. ; 'j'j
French and English gun-boats are ordered
to the banks of Newfoundland, to prevent
threatened troable between the fishermen
of each couutry thU summer.
The answer 6f Belgium to the last Ger
man note Is prouounced satkfadtory, and
terminates the controversy.
' On Sunday lat Henry Ward Bcecher
received Into Plymouth chnrch 105 mem
bers, 75 on protewion of faith and 30 by
letter from sister churches. After baptiz
ing 8 of the new members, Beecber an
nounced that children would be baptized
next Sunday. Henry C. Bowen and
family were among the communicants.
; The earnings of the Union Pacific Bail
road last month were $1,062,952, an in
crease of 320,103 over the same mouth
last year. :
' Thomas M. Edwards, a member of Con
gress from New Hampshire four years, and
flrt President of the Cheshire railroad, died
at Keen, N. H., on the 3d lust.
Still man Witt, who sailed, in the Servia
for Europe, for the benefit ot liis healtli,
died at sea. He was largely interested iu
western railroads.
Eastern- telegrams to the 3d say that
little if any damage has resulted to wheat
in Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri
and ; Minnesota ; by the heavy frosts ot
Saturday. The only harm done seems to
have been confined to early vegetables,
fruit suffering but little.
The coal strike in Pennsylvania si ill
continues, with ditturbarces reported at
several places
The river St. Lawrence Is reported clear
of ice to Quebec
The steamer Alhamfm went ashore at
Cape Sable on Sunday. Steamer probably
a total loss. : Passengers and mail all safe.
Baron Schwarta-Senborn, Austrian Min
ister, says his resignation has been accep
ted. ! The Baron will make a tour of this
country before returning to Austria.
Now it Is reported tint Secretary Fish
win resign to accent the appointment as
Minister to England in place of Schenck,
who Is to resign
Gen. Sberidau Is soon to be married to
Miss Rucker, a daughter of Gen. Kncker.
Lieut-Col. Hatch, cammanding at Fort
Sill, reports, that the frequent complaints
made .by Indians camped near the post,
that they -are suffering from hunger, in
duced him to Investigate tiie matter, and
he finds the complaints true. He says
there is evident maladministration of In
dian! affairs at Fort Sill and Witchla
agencies, and adds : "So long as this
maladministration exists, the military
authorities cannot be, and wilj not consent
to be, held accountable for any outbreak
which may occur on their part."
A telegram from London, dated May 3d,
reports that the Carltet committee has re
ceived telegrams reporting great victories
by Don Carlos forces, under command of
Saballo at Breda, Lerida and Santa Coloma
King Alfonso's - forces numbered 40,000
men. Tbey lost five chief officers at Breda
and 350 at Santa Coloma.' Another victory
for the Carlists under Castello Is reported
from : Aragon. - Government troops
said o have lost all their artillery and
many prisoners. The AUbnsist General
Delstre was killed.
The Unita OatXolt&t, of Borne comments
In bitter terms en .the Installation of the
Prince of Wales as head of the order of
Masons In Great Britain, and declares that
the act ideudfles Anglican Protestantism
with Mssootenu i j. i
The schooner Jefferson Borden Patterson,
master, sailed from New Orleans, March
5th, lor London. ',, , When 18 days from, the
former port, a mutiny broke out. Captain
Patterson and ofBcers lought the men with
revolvers -and knives! After a terrible
struggle, In which; the first and second
mates were killed, the captaht socceeded In
d!bllng and securing all the men who
resisted. He hailed passing Vessels' and
obtained enough hands to work the ship.
and proceeded on the voyage to. London.
" From Yuma, Arizona, come reports that
the Huahtpals are quiet,' but the Apache-
Mohaves are on the. war path." Crops on
the Gila are iugood condition. Mines north
of the Gila are the absorbing topic. Set
tlements are.; nearly depopulated, the men
rushing Into; the mountains. Parties
turning for supplies, bring rich specimens.
Several parties are now out who were hunt
ing Apaches-over; the fame ground years
ago, and 'ire supposed to have made rich
discoveries but. to have kept thect dark
until they could return wlthBsafety.
- sA man named Dav!a, who attempted to
go from Seattle to Port Madison one day
last week la a small boat, was soon flound
ering In the sea, his boat having been up
set by a galei . He was saved as by a' mb
'--'Hr. G. W. Lonndagin, who resides on
theCoppei, near ' Waitsburg,' W. Tn ' Is
ereotlng ' machinery, and . cultivating ell
beans preparatory to manufacturing castor
' Tae, flowrteg mill at Jefierson Is . still
. . L r'
xtinangt aad i&kiruga eood artiola pf
; .fT .
. Cacr-
LIST OF PlsBJ9II7n9 ' "r
vTo"ia a.WAaiMt at thx 'f
OT ALBikJiT, UN OCTUBKB 5, S. I, S tf, IMiO.
CUkSB KO. I'al.
B. Calloway, SuperinlenUeut, ,
Best bull 8 years old ami upward.... 6 00" (3 SO
S " " .... 6 00 S SO
l " . .... a wi i aa
Beetcalf... S 00 1 00
Best cow S years old and upward..
5 00 3 SO
4 00 1 00
heifer 1 voir old and at) ward... S oo 1 00
heller calf S 00 1 00
No. -Devon. No. S Hereford, No. 4
A-vreshires. No. S Alderaeys Stune premi
ums mKo. 1.
rKxhlhitor In Xos. 1. S. S. 4 and S. moat fur
nish mtts factory evldenue of Mice and Dedlxree
in wrlUiig.3
No. 6 GkaiD Cattle, cross breeds.
. Bulla.
Beet bull S years old and upward.... 0 00 3 SO
" .... 4 00 S 00
1 " .... 9 00 1 00
Best calf. 3 00 1 00
Best cow S years old and upward .
4 00
5 00
.3 00
S 00
1 SO
1 00
S 00
Best milch cow of any Mood.
.... 4 00
RI7L.K. -Kxhibitors coinnetine for nramhiin
for the best milch cow ot'onv blood. shaU furn
ish the Superintendent a ccrtiiled stateuoent of
the amounv. oy weifrnx, m miuc proanoca oy
t)M9 cow entered by tlietn, daring ten days pre.
ceding the exhibition, with a statement of the
aire n the calf at the time the uUI$ was whjbed,
and kind and amount of food.
No. 7 Fat Cattle.
Best ox S years bid and upward ...
.. 4 OS 9 00
.. 4 00 i 00
Oompetitora In this department are required
to file with the Corresponding Secretary, a
statement of the aice of the animal, time, man
ner, kind, quality and coat of feeding, and all
the expenses connected with tuo uttteuiuy.
No. 8 Sweepstakes.
Best bull of any breed 8 00 4 00
Beatcow of any breed.... ..... 8 00 4 00
CXA9W SO. II. Boraaaw.
J. A. Crawford, Superintendent.
No. 1 Thoroughbred.
Best stallion 4 yrsoldand unw,rd....8 00 t 00
" . S - .... 5 00 9 SO
4 00
9 00
3 00
1 .
t 00
1 00
Best stickling colt...;
9 00
No. 2 Thoroughbred,
Best mare 4 years old aud upw'rd.... 8 00
4 00
9 50
3 OO
5 00
1 "
4 00
2 00
1 0O
Best stickling-colt.....
9 00 1 00
In the denarttnent of thorouirhUred animals.
wnnther cattle or horses, none will licucrmitted
to compete out such as tutvc patfeiactory pedl-
No. 3 Graded.
Best stallion 4 yrs old and upw'rd.... 5 on
9 50
2 00
1 60
1 00
1 00
a . .... uu
3 " .... 3 00
1 " too
Best suckling colt 9 US
. NO. 4 GRADKD. .
Best mare 4 years old and upw'rd.... 5 00
2 50
2 00
1 50
1 OO
1 00
a .... uu
" 9 " " .... 3 00
" 1 " " .... 2 00
Best suckling colt S 00
No. S Sweepstakes.
Best brood mare 4 years old and up
ward and oolt 8 00
Best (elding 4 yerus old and upward 8 00
4 00
1 60
NO. 6. V
Best span of carriage horses or mares - '
owneu ov one person.............. a uu Ml
The above to bo tested. ,
. NO.,7.
Best span of homes or mares for all
work 10 00 5 00
Best span of draft horses or mares for
an worn .. . 1U W 9 oo
rl'be above to be owned bv one ueraon. and to
beteated.) . i
CXAKS K4W III. Running?.
Hugh Fields, Superintendent.
Bnnnmar 3 in 5. free to all : purse. 8250.
1st hone. SUK 3d horse (85
Running 2 In S, for Oregon and Washington
-l'orroory nuaeu norsea; pnrse, vi.hi
1st horse S100 1 3d horse 830
Running, single dash 1 mile, free to all ; purse,
1st horse.. SB7 ; 2d horse..... 833
Running, single dash 1 mi be, 9 year olds; purse
1st horse.. ...887 1 2d horse.... 833
CXJkSH HO. IV .--Trotting- Rale, j
Trottinir. 3 in 5. free to all: nurse 82-0 1
1st horse 8160 1 2d hone. 8S5
Trottiug. 3 in 8, for horses that have no record
01 Having made less tune man minutes;
purse, 8u0
1st 1
horse... ....100 i 2d horse 850
Trotting, 2 In 3, for horses that have no record
of having made less time than &30; purse, sno
1st horse fiO 1 3d horse 830
-i roning, a in s, tor s year otas ; purse, fno
1st horse .840 3d horse 820
Pacbur. 9 In 3. free to all : purse. 8G0
1st horse JHQ d horse 820
Horses to make each heat In less than S
minutes, or no premium wIU be paid, and the
entrance fee, will be forfeited to the Associa
tion. Any person entering a none, not en tinea
to go in the race on acount of age or record,
shall forfeit the entrance money to the Associa
tion. In ail I rials of speed, there shall be three
to enter and two to start in the race. Any
bone that distances the field, shall be entitled
to Doin premiums. ,
( JAXH KO. Tr-Xnles sad Jack
Nimrod Price, Superintendent.
Best Jack....... S3 08
Bestjennette 5 00
Best span of work mules....?......... 8 00
Beat Buckling mule 300
3 50
9 50
1 60
1 60
CLASS NO. VI. feneep.
R. L. Rudd, Superintendent. j
Best buck 9 years old and upward.. ..84 00 83 00
Best buck 1 year old and upward..... 3 00 1 AO
Best " Iamb 9 00 1 00
Beat ewe 9 years old and upward..... 8 00 1 60
Best ewe 1 year old and upward...... 2 50 1 60
Best ewe Iamb 9 00 100
Best sample wool, qual z white neeoe 9 00 -1 op
No. 2 French Merinos, No. 3 -Spanish, No.
4--Southdown, No. 6 New Oxfordshire, No. 6
Cotswold, 'o. 7 -Graded, and No. 8 Leicester,
le premiums Ju
Best buck of any breed for wool. 5 00 3 SO
Best ewe of any breed for wool... v... 8 00 150
Best weather of any breed for wool.. 3 00 1 00
No. 10 Angora Goats, full blood.
Best buck 2 years eld and upward... .98 00 81 50
I 44 ' . .... 9 00 1 00
lamb 1 00 50
ewe 9 vears old and upward.... 8 00 1 50
" ewe 1 " .... 9 00 1 00
ewe JtunD 1 w . ou
StrLS L Those exhibiting aheeo for nre.
ntlnmi offered for wool shalTexhlbit the shorn
fleece with the sheep together with astatement
oktbe time of its growth.
Kl-li 3. The committee shall take into con
sideration the quality as Well a the weight of
ineneece. . ; . . . . r . .
CBVAnS) HO. TIISwIm Sc Pwultry
TJMMnaa Froman, Superiatendent.
No. 1 Chester White. . i .
Beat boar 9 years old and upward.... 85 00 82 60
1 - a w inu
S months old 1 60 75
Best litter of pigs not over six months :
01a ou zoo
No. 9 Berkshire. No. a Crossbreeds. No. 4
Graded, same premiums as No. L
No, Sweepstaxsjl ; f. :
Beat boa' of any breed, .......;.,,..85 00 84 50
Beat sow of any breeid.,.,,......,,,,. S 00 50
Best pair of aeese, ........ .
Best pair of ducks..,....,..
Best pair of chickens
. Best pair of guinea fowls..
,..,,..83 00 (1 00
...... 9 00 J 00
... 3 OT 1 00
8 00 I 50
Best pair of pea fowls-......... S 00 1 60
sTKiAJW KO, YIH.-4JrUn ausd Ve?efele,
, Joseph Hamilton, Superintendent.
7. No-.l. : vv!:..:;';.
To bo gvowa by the parson competing,
Best 9 acres of fall wheat. .:.........830 00 810 00
Best acres of snrin? wheat... W 09 . 10 00
Best acres of oats.. ....90 00 10 00
rne auove products to be exmmtea in the
Pavilion, in samples of not less U)an onebuslfel
of each kind. ,
Partaea eomnetinir for the above nremiums
are requested to earefoliy measure the ground.
iu, K.-wH3w ui sworn wiineaMiK, hn jjstvmh.
threshing and caeasurinf or weighing to
be done in trie praamum at
disinterested wtt-
neaees, whom allkiavu shall be attached to the
anpiicatioa lor the pcemiumj , - - '
tnjst 1 acre 01 umotby bay .....810 00 85 00
Eeatlacreof corn.. 8 00 4 OA
iMsat 1 acre 01 omom corn... . .v. . 10 00
s 00
a 00
iMist H acre of white beans. . , : .. . . ... S 00
Ft samp's of broom corn ico
Best 1 bushel of lal) wheat 2 00
liest 1 bushel of spring wheatt., . oo
: 50
1 00
Bust J bushel of oats 2 00 1 00
Best 1 bushel buckwheat loo 60
Best 1 bushel of rye 1 00 SO
Best 1 bushel of,..4 1 OS , se
xrom l uunutji 01 wniie COm. ........ . X W "
Best 1 bushel of yellow corn,... . . . 1 00 i ' SO
Best assortment of grains.;........;.. 8 00 1 AO
Best assortment of grains... ......... S 00 1 50
Best 1 acre of flax i S 00 50
Best 1 peck of timothy seed.. 1 00 . 50
Best 1 peck of White clover seed, ... 1 00 '60
Btwtpeckof red clover seed.-.. 1 00 60
NO. 2.
BestlpeclriBf white beans.. ..T.;:." 00
Best 1 peck of peas 100
Best X bushel of potatoes.'. ...... 1 00 ,
- vi. .i i.'i n i T5 ............
Beat X bushel of sweet potatoes grown
ii irretron ,
Best sample of pumpkins.
Bust sample of squashes..
Bust sample of onions. .. . .
9 00
1 00
1 00
..... 1 00
1 00
..... 1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
..... 1 00
2 00
est sample or beets
Best sample of carrots
Best sample or parsnips...
Best sample of turnips....
Best sample of tomatoes....
ium samples orcaooaee.
nest samples of eest plant.
xw samples cuunnowcr.
Best exhibit of vegetables... .i...-.
Rulk. In all cases where persons compete
for- premiums by the acre or part of an acre,
there shall be three to enter.
. , No. 3 Melons.
! o be grown by the exhibitor.
Best watermelons.. ...1 00 50
Best muskmekms 1 00 60
; No. 3 Flour.
Best wheat flour (50 lbs).. ............ ..$1 00 50
Best corn meal (30 H) 100 50
Best buckwheat flour (50 n).... 1 00 50
CLASS KO. IXk lsneatie Jtaanftetarc,
Martin Lupor, Superintendent.
. . . , NO. 1. - , ,: ...
Best 10 Ihr butter not less .than 4
months old.-
83 00 81 50
Best 10 U.S cheese not less than. 4
months old 200
Best 10 Iks lard not les than 4 months
old 1 00
Bust 4 lbs candles.......... 1 00
Best 4 V&saip 1 00
Hest bacon ham... 9 00
Best bacon side 3 00
Best bucon shoulder. 2 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
No. a.-::;
BestOregon Joans, 8 yards............ 1 00 50
Best Oregon sticks ..........100 . 50
Best Oregon cloth, all Wool..... M 1 00 50
Best Oregon blankets 9 00 1 00
Best pair Oregon mittens 1 00 60
Best pair Oregon buckskin glove 1 00 50
Best Oregon brooms. 1 docun. ........ 1 08 50
C'EJUMB NO. X. Home Work.
Mrs. Jason Wheeler, Superintendent.
.. ...j : : .... NO. 1... j.,,:-.;' ;
To be exhibited by the maker,
apron, braided..! 00 SO.coverlet, W00I..I 50
apron, eiubr'd..! 00
afghati 1 00
Imsket, fancy... 1 00
basket, hanging
bead work...l 00
" acorn work.. I 00
" cone work. . 1 00
" wall 1 00
blanket for liirt
embroidered..! 00
bouquet cryst ali
zedurs Allowrs.l 00
cushion toilet
embrVlered.-l 00
cushion, snfa...l 00
" look...l 00
collar, tatting.. 1 00
crocnet....! uu
embr'd 1 00
transf er'd.l 00
cover, stand cro
chet ...... 1 00
" table, embi'd.l 00
' pillow, crocht.1 00
" chair, embr'd .1 00
counterpane em
br'd crochet..! 00
chemise 00
corset 1 00
comfort, e'ts tn.i 00'd inft..l i
60 mat, lamp. 1 00
5nl worsted 1 00
501" worst'd, floor.i 00
50!mUtens, link...l 00
501" - knlt....l 00
embd lnft....l 00
Indies wool.,.1 00
" ladies silk.. ..1 00
cap for lady.w...l 00
cravat, gents.
100 " citx:het..l 00
box shell 1 00
drees, white !n..l 00
night, ladys.l 00
60 1 necklace, leel..l 00
50' " imitation
6l coral 1 00
50 ottoman cover. . 1 00
wmte, mint. 1 uu
braid, child.. 1 00
so pants made by
lady.. ......2 00 100
edging, crochet.
tutting 1 00
embroid'd wrstd
50 quilt, white 1 00 60.
I" patchwork ..1 00
50 fancy 1 00
50" worsted 100
silk 1 00
bead 1 00
nannou s van run.
Irug. hearth 1 00
nouie-mane...s uu iou shirt, wntte.
1 00
1 00
frame, shell.... 1 00 50 slips, pillow
, seeu...,.t w
4 1 -photo...! 00
501 emtH-'ded .1 00
50 " croohet ...1 00
60 skirts, white 1
so; " embr'd. 1
SO " bi-aided. 1
fruit, wax 1 00
tlowcrs, wax....i oil
" liair 100
pocket, watch.. 1 00
501 " forinrt.l
zopuyr..i uu
" for inrt -
flannel ..1
" HmIv I
gown, geut s
" dressing 1 00
gnnrd, watch... 1 00
gloves, h'ked..l 00
60;boyssuit plain. .1
made by
hand .-. .1
knit.....l 00
buck 1 00
suit for lady
embr'd. 1 00
drawn embr'd. 1 00
h a u d k crchief,
stockings, knit
cotton ..1
transferred....! uu
Jeans. 3 yards -
(socks, woolen ... I
nome-maue..a uu 4uui
shawl, crochet . . 1
sack, crochet...! .
unsey, 9 yaris
" nome-miuie.s uu w
linen, stach and
Iad 9 mvsc.l
oroeb tbo'se.1
infant " ho'se..l
work, leather... 1 00
Ix-ud ..1 11O
rock 1 uo
ironea 1 uu
8llTpere,cinlr'dl 00
tuty, worsteo...! uu
crocuet....i w
ttted......l 00
vest made by
lady 1 00
work, burr.. ....1
" straw 1 00 50
" hair 1 50
raised worsted. 1 00 50
yarn white home
made ..1 00 50
44 colored home-
sneu 1 uu
rarnet. wool ....3 00 MO
carpet, rag 3 00 loot
'made 1 00 50
Miu;hine and hand work wl'l not compete In
the alove, as first and second premiums will
be given to articles of the same kind, for the
best machine and hand work.
No. 2 Millinery and Maktau-making.
velvet bonnet.. 1 00
cloak ladies 1 00 60
fancy.. ..'.1 uo
bonnet, ladys
silk 1 00 50
bonnet, silk
t rimed 1 00 60
hat straw 1 00 50
ladies' hat, vel
vet. ........ ...l 00
chllds velvet
hat 1 00
bead dress.: la-
cap lnants.....l Oil 60
dys 1 00
SOjdress ladys 1 OS 50
NO 3
Work by Misses under Fifteen.
shirt, hnd mde.I 00
quilt patch
work... ..1 00
apron calico
I 00
.1 00
.1 00
1 00
.1 00.
oeaa worn.....
stockings knit.
crochet work...! 00 : Swdarned worstd
" tatting 100. .Sol ." cotton
dress, calico....! 00
Ritt.k. Machine and band work win not
compete In the above, a first and second pre
miums Will lie given it nriusivs ui 1 im buuiv
kind, for the heat inacuine ana turn a wosxi.
Claw So,XI.Wsrlui sf Art,
' A. T. Arntdl, Buperlutendent.
Best exhibtt mechanical dentistry 83 00 1 00
Best oil painting on canvas..... 3 1
Best printing, newspaper 3 1
Bent printing, cards, Ac .....2 1
Rt nrlnt.lnir. posters, in colors 9 1
- u pUiin 1 50
. .- watercolors. ...... ....... I 60
" " siirns .3
' Oriental 1 ' 90
Diaf Milnnttnn nlmtosraDUS ........... 2
Beat penmanship 1 60
Best drawing pencil .................... 1 50
Best nionochromntio 1 60
Best erayon ..,.. ' 60
Best sandpaper... .,...-.......-. 1 po
BestzeDhvr wrstd pctrs, needlwk.... 1 50
Claaa XlI.Flowera and Irsbcrvea.
: Mrs. Joseph Nixon, Superintendent,
" NoV 1 Flowers.
Best exhibit of greatest variery and
-4 f HmmmIi TlOtj. . ... .J
nest oouquetoi roesf.,..,...... ...... j
- everlasting flowrs 1
; : 'mix01 flowers,,,.... 1.;.
t- ' ' .'..' NO, iPWKXES.
Best ptcktes, eueumberi. . , , '. . '. . .'. . . . . .t 00
; ' .. mixed.. ...,.,...., .v. 1
si sweet, ,
, . . j ; ' ' No. 3-tBread. ' , , .
Best bread, salt rising...........
.'.31 00
. . . . . . ......... .
- soda biscuit... ............. 1
- '" " No. 4 Cakes. '
Best assortment of four cakes .....i..85 00 9 SO
; : - No, 5 esektes.
Best exh,blt of preserves, S kinds,,,, 83 00 3 50
: J.; NO, 6 JeUJKS. i -
Best exhibit of Jellies, 8 kinds ..,.,,,,,85 00 9 80
' f 1 : ; -fi NO. 7 M ARMALAPB.
Best slum marmalade ...81 00 B0
Best quinoa mar nrnlade ....... 1 ' ' 50
No, 8 C ANNEwFHtjnpi Glasses)
Best exhibit canned fruit, 8 kinds,., ,.88 00 3 00
CLAM xmrrttitl A? yfim.
. .. . Jajqes Finlayu, Buperinteodent-,
,t . NO.. IpAFFLES, , .
Best 90 vartot4es, 4 specimens each..,. .83, 00 1 50
NO. Pears,
Best 10 varieties, 4 specimens each,. ..83 3 50
No: 3 Peaches. '
Best twenty peaches. . . . . . t, . .83
NO. 4 PLUMS. '
Beat twentypluiBS,.....,.,..,t.viv9
. No. ,6-jGRATES. t
For tbe greatest number of good va
" rtetteaand best grown specimens,
three bunohes each.... ........,,83 ,
Best six specimens, one variety.. 1
- ; - No. 8 Wine, etc. -- -
Best currant wii4o.v"l.,.w...,v..w. 1
Best grape wine ..... 1
Best cider -vinegaf.;: .... ...,.'.....:.;t.. 1
' 8ft
., 60
V-.. V- .NO. 7 i-BCTTER
Best jar of aple butter! . Uv . 1 . . .31
,i . " peacuj r ............... l
. " rear . " ' .... 1
i ! " v Plum '' 1
' " Tomato 1
v No. 8 Dried Frtjits.
Best three pounds dried apples.. w.... 81
" v peaches j.... 1
" ciwrants........ 1
" " pluma. ....... i
sweet corn 1
1 cherries 1
" " gooseberries 1
: ' x ;. ' pears 1
- ' .' " tomatoes ........ 1
Best exhibit of dried fruits 3 1
. I .. ....... ..
CL.VSS SO. XIV Mechanical JeparV
, . - meat, v . ." , :
j W. t. Anderson, Superintendent.
best wagon
3 60 best saddle.... 3
2 50 set team hrns. 4
3 50:sampl leather. 5
1 OOjbest bureau... S
1 50
2 50
1 So
1 50
1 50
1 50
1 50
2 50
- onggy
ex. wairou . a
" plow 8
" gang plow. . 3
" sulky " .... 3
seed sower.. 5
cultivator.. 4
' harrow. .... 3
" reaper or
' header.... 5
par fine boots. 1
par course " 1
pur car names 4
1 &0 DeUatead 4
1 501
sofa S
hay press... s
2 50f
" grub'g . me 4
' ditch'g " 4
" straw cutter 3
" faning miU. 3
" cheese press. 3
' churn 2
" Windw sash. 9
1 50
2 50
." . 60
Best blacksmith work, 4 pieces . '. ...... 83
" tin work, ten pieces............. 3
M castings, 5 pieces S
revolving windmill S
stove, made in Oregon. ....i.. . 4
exhibit of cooper work. ........ 3
washing machine 2
" chairs, half dozen 9
window sash 3
sample of doors ....... 2
. j : force pump 9
" suction pump......,- .1...... 8
- " mirlnff miuthlne., . . . . . . 4'
Parties cxhihltimr articles In the above class.
ena bave eit her the eash premium or a diploma,
as they choose.
) t'l.A&N XV.-Plowlna;. '
St n ben Powell, Superintendent.
Best plowing ...810 85
Plowing nutt"h to commence as directed by
the Judges, and to be continued In snch a
manner as they shall deem best for a fair and
impartial trial. Parties competing to bave
choice bet ween a diploma and the cash premi
um as offered.
i C'l.ANS XVI. IUtlimtriMnteul.
George Simpson. Superintendent. '
Best equestrienne .....85 00 89 80
A.' A'. Settlemire; Superintendent.
Best nrraiiired and conducted farm.
three to enter .....830 810
All Jhrms romnetinir must be entered bv the
first day of September nert, so that the Com-
Kntranee Fees-
The entrance fees on all articles In the Pa
villion will be 15 per cent. t)n all other articles,
including stock and trials of speed, the entrance
fees will be 20 ter cent. All entrance fees
must be mid ut the time the entry is made.
A 11 nt ri4 itmxt. Im, miutft hv 11 n'clneJr nfmn.
on the second day of the Fair, as no entries
win i w receiveu aiier tuat time, except on
u-uiis oi speeu.
All articles not enumerated in the- foregoing
list, shall be entitled to enter for premiums,
and the Judges shall have the right to rule
out all articles thHt have no merit, and the
Board of Directora shall decide ntmn the
amount of premium on each article that is ad-
JudKC.'! wort.ny.
4 lie upiun!imeiiii win np;iuinT ooniiniHmn
in their respeijUve classes, by 10 o'clock A. M.
of the second dav, and present their names to
tlie Board of Directors for approval, and at 3
o'clock P. M. mil at the Secretary's desk and
receive the entry books ann instructions from
the President. And such Superintendents
hail enter the awards of tlie Jndges. in all
rases, in the several classes in which they may
aot as such suuerluleudcnts.
. Rales for Running and trottuur.
1. No person shall act as Judire in anv race in
which he is interested.
8. The persons enterlne for a race will draw
for position on the track, under the supervision
of the Judges.
8. In trotting and pneing, all animals to
carry 145 pounds in addition to the vehtcln.
4. The premium will bo withheld from any
and all parties, if in the opinion of the Judges, '
ir is not a lair rnai oi speeti ; anu no loCKeying,
fonl riding ordriving, will be allowed.
5. No competitor in a race will he allowed
any advantage by the break of his animal.
tt. Any animal that is not in readiness at
the precise time appointed, shall forfeit all
claims to the contest.
7. Three are to enter and two are to start in
all trials of speed; PmrhlrcU that if no more
tlmu two entries no made in any race, then
two-thirds of the first and second premiums
win op pait.
8. The time between heals sball be 20 min
utes for mile heats. 3-1 minutes for two mile
heats, 40 mlnntes for three mile heats, and 45
minutes for fonr mile heats.
The following weizhta shall be carried.
to-wit : Two vears old. a feat her : Three vears
old, 80 pounds : Four years old, 90 pounds ;
five years old. 100 pounds: six years old, 110
pounds ; Seven years old. 115 pounds, with an
allowance of three pounds for mares and geld-
lnsrs, una two pounds allowed in weisiiing-onr.
it, -i ne nisranoe stanu snail oe nity yams
from the Judges stand, for mile heats, and
fifty additional yards for every mile In a heat.
unless it lie for the best 3 in 5, then eighty
yards to the mile.
11. All disputes shall be decided according
to the rules of the Rational Turf Association.
1. All articles and annuals mi.4 remain
throughout the Fair, and no premium will be
paid on any article or animal taken away be
fore the close of the Fair, without a written
permit, from the President is first filed with
the secretary.
, 9. A II entries (except trials of speed) to he
made by 12 o'clock M. of the second day, and
on exhibition by 2 o'clock of the same dav.
-1 3. All animals and aU articles entered for
premiums, to nay 20 per eent. on the amount
offered on auch animals or articles, except
such articles as are in the Pavilion ; they shall
pay an entrance foe of fifteen per cent- on the
premiums enereu.
4. AU animals eomnetinz for premiums, and
all premium animals, must le paraded on the
trade at sucn nmo as tue rrcsiueni, utrougn
the Marshal, shall designate.
5. Kn person shall be required to pay any
license for the sale of hav, grain, meat, or fuel,
npon the grounds of the Association during
the Fair.
8. The Secretary shall receive all tickets and
badges, and charge each person with the num
ber ho delivers to then.
7. The Marshal of the Pavilion shall have
charge of the PavilUm, and shall have power to
appoint aids to assist him in his duties. He
shall see that all articles on exhibition in and
about the Pavilion, or lielonging to the Society,
or exhibitors, are carefully preserved, and
perform such other duties as the Board of
Directors sball direct.
J 8. No person shall be allowed to sell or give
Sway articles on the Fair grounds of the Linn
Count v Agricultural Association, either during
the annual Fair, or any time before the com
mencement or the sauie, until the license lor
the privilege shall bave been- paid for, and a
receipt therefor obtained from the Secretary.
9. . Anv person driving a hack or other ve
hicle taster than a reasonable gait, on any of
the streets or ruaus wit n in tne r air grounds.
shall forfeit, his Uuenee, and be liable to a
10. All articles and animals entered for ex
hibition must have a card, with the number of
entry, as entered oy ute entry -cwtk, anu ex
hibitors, in all cases, tuufct obtain their cards
previous. to placing their articles or animals on
exhibition. Cards for animals must be placed
in a conspicuous place on their stalls or pens,
and cavds for other Articles must be attached to
them. ' - ' it - '
; U. An animal may be entered so as to oom-
pele for three premiums oury, except In trials
of speed, as follows: First, auigly,
In its uro-
per class 1 secondly, as of a he!
1U us
ur pair ; . and.
tniroiy, in sweepsiaKes. . .
19. ' Anv iwrfttn Mitnptttff atoelc or anv kind,
and misrepresenting its age, will fowelt the
entrance money, and be excluded from coin
iwtltinn. - 1 .-. --! -
ia. . when t.hA naci-ntarv baa made an entry
for a premium, be shall not charge it, unless he
nas oommiuea an error. - . r
il Judinw win nunl no premium when
nnnA of t.l,u .nlinaiu or arliclea entered are
worthy of a premium: and when there Is no
compotltioU, orily one-half the premium, will bo
paid. j'- T .-
14. Ne premium shall be" awarded to any
manntaoturod articles to which a premium has
heretofore been awarded by this Society.
15. Any exhibitor who shall interfere with,
or attempt to influence the Judges while task
ing their awards, shall be excluded from com
petition. , ..." , .- -.-17.
to all eases, except in trials qf speed, the
Judges shali, without consulting together,
write on paper their choice for the premiums,
and give the same to the Superintendent; and
after examination, if no choice has been made,
they may consult and agree upon their awards.
-18. Blue ribbon shall represent first pre.
mlums ; red, second premiums. ' - '
19. Premiums not called for within ninety
days from the close ot the Fair, will be forfeited,
and revert to the Association.
90. If animals occupying stalls, are hot ex
: btbited in the ring or on the track at the ap
grimed time for their class, as stated in the
roKtamme for the day, the owner or exhibitor
wiifbe charged one dollar per day for each
stall so occupied.
' SI. i All rxuouliin esrewin. Im ta&en of stock.
or articles entered for exhibition, or otherwise
brought upon the grounds, but the Society will
. :Ant Im nwrnAtmiblA for ksB or dAmafffl. . -
.23. Any rules and regulations found neces
sary, not comoiiiea otumn, viu oe juwbuiuw
on the grounds.
23. All persons owning stands or booths on
. the fairgrounds, sot applying to the - Secretary
or bis authorized agent for license for the
same, eilhur lu pursoa or by leter, within one
tM-n esal'"- I f It ' I.Yi.Wifs'iiIliiii..inai..Vr.
week previous to the first day of the Fair of
each year, shall be deemed to have forfeited
their right to the use of t be same for the sea
son. . ..:- j .' -i
. jny person wno a nan onnr upon tne
fairgrounds an animal having a eon tasioua
disease, sha l be liable to a fine of not leas than
n ve aotiara nor more than arty dollars.
'y Uind Rcsjsrks.
A eeneral invitation is tBXtendml to rhenlt
bens ot Oregon and the adjoining 81st and
Territories, to oompste lua- preuiiuuis at Um
appraacliing Fair. " -
filcer f the Amocl tton.
- C. P. BCBKBABTr president i Alban y , Or
egon. ' V ' -
' - - f r-- ii'iA.i. . s;- .. . f
J. A. CRAWFORD," Vice President; Albany,
Oregon. " -f. - - -
FRANK PARTON, Treasurer; Albany, Ore
gon. .iT -i s-t : ii' sf,"."",' -J. -
W. W. FARRtSlI, Secretary; Albany, Ore
gon. "" ...,.-. . . .... ... -
W. R.
fjANHON, Chief Marshal ; Albany,
Mb. James Moorx Will commence,' on or
about the 10th day of slayi delivering frvsh
Milk, Butter, Kggs and Vegetables to the citi
zens of Albany,, How Is the time to make your
arrangements, a Mr. Moore will run a team
daily, and do as be agrees. -' - hSStf. ";
Nfw MI1.1.IJIEKY. Mrs. Jennie C. Purdrtm
has received her spring styles of hats, bonnets,
millinery, etc., and invites the attention of the
ladies to them. Bonnets and hats neatly and
tastily trimmed lu the latest styles, and rtll or
ders for millinery and millinery work carefully
and expeditiously , filled, at lowest rates. Call
and see at her store on First, between Ellsworth
and Baker streets. '
Kkw FiBJf. Sam Stiller has bought the Wag
on and Smlthsbop heretofore occupied by
Peters Speldel, together wit the material
and unfinished work, and is now prepared to
furnish anything in his line, consisting of
Carriages. Buggies, Lumlier Wagons. Hacks,
Ac, and general smithing neatly and with dis
patch. 1 employ none but. the best of mechan
ics, and insure satisfaction. All work war
ranted. I think I can make it an ohjuct lor
vou to buy of tue, in price, style and dumbilitv
bf work. I use the best of material, hickory
and oak, from the Eastern States, Cull and ex
amine for yourselves ; all I want Is a (air trial.
1 have had several years of experience on this
coast, and with the knowledge thus gained, am
certain I can please you. I guarantee to sell for
cash as low as can be bought in this city. A
large lot of lumber wagons, side and end spring
carriages and backs on hand. Patronize home
manufHctory do not send your money olfont
of the country. Act the part of wise men. and
build up your own State, and you will prosper
. Go to Gird's For 'imported llavanas.
JJe says lie's got 'em, and everybody knows
tliat Gird is the sole heir to George Wash
ington's "little hatchet. " Further re
mark is unnecessary.
Instrumental Music if r. G. S. Nick-
erson proffers his services to the citizens ot
Albany & a teacher ot instrnmcntal mrtic
on the piano or orpin, lerms twelve
dollars for twenty-tour lessons. Lftorw
given at tlie residence of pupil. Siitisfac-
tion gimranieeu. ureters lerc at tne Aiixmy
Book Store promptly attended to.
Albany, April 24,-1875. 2w
. a '
Rf.moval. H. Weed lias removed tlie
Bee-Hive Store " to Freeland's building,
two doors west of the old stand, on First
street, where lie will be happy to meet liis
old iiatrons ana mends, lie oirers ine
nnblic Groceries. Provisions, Jfcc. at re
duced prices for cash or Produce.. Call and
see him. tf. ,
Slathers of New Goods : Our enter-
prislng merchant. N. Banm, arrived last
Saturday from San Francisco, with the
largest stock of general merchandise ever
btouuht to this city, comnrisine the latest
styles of ladies' fancy dress and drjT nood..
aud tlie neatest and best cuts and styles of
men's and boy's clothing in tact a full
assortment of every line, which lie intends
to sell according to tlie times lower than
anv house in the city. Give him & call be-
tote purchasing elsewhere.. tf.
New Miijjneuy. Mrs. C. C. Engllsli
has received a nice Invoice of tlie latest in
millinery, among them some of the pret
tiest and most stylish bonnets and hats
wev' seen in many a day. Mrs. English
is a lady possessed of tlie most exquisite
taste, and can tell you just what will suit
your complexion and style to a dot. Call
at tier store on First street, east of A.
Carothers & Co., and least your eyes on
handsome millinery. ; Mrs. E. wishes to
engage tho services ol a first class dress
maker at once. v
PrortniES. Mr. J. M. Flsk's Picture
Gallery would charm the idea of a con-
nolasetir. All shades; colors and kinds ot
chromos and lithorraphs can be found in
his assortment. Mr. Fisk means business.
sells low for coin, and will , accommodate
you with anything in the picture line from
George Washington's "little fiatchet " to
Napoleon crossing the Alps Uis floral
pictures, in sets, are simply superb,
Family Eecords. handsomely framed.
with snaces for Dhotomaiihs. are not onlv
tastenil and elegant, but tbey preserve tlie
remembrance of friends no fkmilv sitoUld
be without one. The pictures -My -Fa-
vonte " and "Mr riayinate," tne nrst.
Mary andber slice p. the other her brother
anu ms " purp, in pairs or sineie.
ots'i ne. oenc we couia mi up tne
paper In description, but don t Intand to
ao if, lor iryou are possessed or an appre-
iauon oi rrue menc ana works or arc,
call at tlie Picture Gallery on Broadalbin
between First and Second streets, where
you will . be, received by Mri B isk,: who
will at once direct your attention front his
nanosomo ngure, Dy exniDiung in his
modest suavity, an assortment ot pictures
not excelled lu too valley, . We have not
seen more elegaiif chromos anywhere.
We ' mlirht also mention, that. Mr. F,
frames picture cheaper than anybody. 2a
It is sf.i.pom that WK KOTK7K anvthlns in
the n?etieal line, nor would we now, unless e
eould he convinced that we are not doing our
duty as a journalist in reeommending to the
nnblta the eelebrateel botanical preparations of
lr. Henry.. Whoever indaces the victim of
Scrofula or any other disease of the blood, to oa
Dr. Henry's Kztraet of 8,rsaparilkv, has begun
a good, work. - There can be no question a to
the result or TiHSmeoicmp h pmrvwwi in. i
la a sura cure Tor scroruia, Kneumatism, wait
nhmim. and indeed all eoraolaiats arisintc mun
vilated or impure blood. Itiataat what a good
physioian would praseribe for these complaints,
nil wfloonfldentlvraoominend it as. heina the
best article now in use. lr. HenryCagh Hal.
sara Is the most eoecuve remeuy iov any ajaee
tions of the Throat or Lungs that we Wavpevur
known. It contains no deleterious drqgs, and
can be taken with impunity and certainty of re
lief. For the core or (Jougns,OMi, ftore i nroar.
nteu. ttetands without a rival. Dr. Henry's Lin I-
ment, as an alleviator of pain, ia unrivalled by
any preparation before the public; the most
kxnficol will be eosvinced bv a sin trie trial. It
will prove Itself a friend in need" which no
nunuy souuiu viuswhk, ... ,
The Salt Lake Tribune aayg that a largo
number of people met at Laramla i-ccently
to witness the first rolling of railroad : Iron
ever ' maiiutactored. la the ; Bocky moun
XX Sash & Ixjot Factory, a - genwi mJir
mc anu repniiiiig, anu greatly increases ifiteir
facilities for iloing work, by. putttoig in a uww)
water wheki, a new SMAPINtii UAC0UII9
and a new PLAN' tR AN I MATOMKR. all made
in Oregon by Uregou meehuuius -attdiomSnaSa
Oregon iron, and are a credit lo tlregon.
A iie l-iimermid Matcher is special Jr aaaptea
to matching Fkmring and Itnstic which wd
makeasjNtcialty. and are now prepared to
without delav, as we can change the macbind
from ne kind of. work to another ia httfrZS
mtnntes.and wifli oar excellent water-pow1
are always ready to run any or all Our ms"
We keep DOORS, SASH and MOLPflftf alway
on liand, or make lo order with Sistxitcs. we
have made arrHiigcmenrM by which are now
ifi" to turnisn rasn anaisusiKHoors,
primed and glazed, to onlcr, at very tiear Port
land prices, and propose to make it to tho .
interest of Builders to- A'v HOSCK and
enconrage home interests. ' .' i
With our new Shaper We itfW ftrepared to do
any kind of circular or irregtllaF workimuclt
uciier iiinn n nas ever heen dotle rn'ATuany.
We have two new iMtiilaimic,. (out for ths
special benefit of those ,wisii lug tbriUdaxesor
ivinvvi bviij ailltl,
In short, We have snared ttWtheT" uissiey or
lal Mir in fittinir nn mir sl,n at dnlnar nil kinds
of work in our line with neatness, cheapness
mm unimcii, hrq imveiBttteriaiiy rHanr
onr prices for work. A 11 of wlihdl tee hone
thd public will appreciate, and continue o giv
us a liberal share f their patronages Js
Kn. HlHTltt vlllaU.wlu..u. .l,hM.nU
PCtent mechnnics, ready ta Her-;hoa whet
inay favor us with their orders.' J"...
NsitlsflseUvK as to wsrh sod price.
Albany. Or., Apl-fl 9, 1875.
f Ti K
'.v -. :.y ?f K :-. .. '-toil - k.ik C
By Ocean Steamer, at
Uml & Slioe Store.
........ . .' .
-A.llaiiy, Oregon,
Clicnpcr llian tlie Cheapest
Albany, March 20, 1870-28v7 : - 'i
ike bknt n the
So llousefceeper na Mhe Kwrrl
WMiemnM amis vtiuiwM It.
Tlilswell known and long established YEAST .
POWDER is now in great demand. Sales ln '.
creasing dailv. Now K gross per day to the
trade. D. CALLaUHAK now strie liiannftw
ture and proprietor, uses no drugs no bone
oust; pure wnuc cream w iiniir, impomi
direct and ground on the premises, being the
chief ingredient. - - -
Always on hand and for sale at lowest prices z '
Callairlinii's Yeaat Powder, in 1 & cam, svi-
smxtrior article.
OiIlaglian'M fretun of Tartar, in all style
of nackiures. .
Calliiirlinii'a Inre English ltlarfOSBtv
or noun hhi mieraURK '
Crenm Tsrtr Cryatal sad Eaa;llatg "
wcsrnoasM oi iMHia, in irgs.
tf; i KUKBALK BY-; 'J'.I5-'",f " J
lit FBOKT 8TREE, Sun rrancisco.
Aycr'n Afcue Cure.
tfe for tUm Sijwcdy l ellef r
Fever snS Airii)', latermts tm
Sent Fern. 4til Feverl?r
Kciulttent Fever, mnk.
true, FerloIleal or SSI I
Fever. Ae., anal iadeed alt.
tlie aneeMas wss-n anan .
frous nialarlonn. utarak. sr.,
miasmatic polmas, Has been widnly used,.,
duriugtbe last t went y-flve years, iu the treal
ment of these distressing tllwnses, and with
kmc -h nnvttj-in7 iiiu,w tlist it bus ffnincMS tha
reputation of being tnfullihle. Tho shakes, or-,
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tne disease is ountntcieu azaw. a nw ihh, nmun
ft an accepted tcbioiIv, and tmted spi'cltic.
for the Fever and Ague of tVe West, and tiie )
Chills Jind Fever of the South. r -wft if
Ayer's Ague Cure eradicates the noxioo-,,,.f
poison from the system, and leaves the pa-.,n
t lent; as well as before the attack. It.,;',,
Uutroughly expellsthe d'seaso. so tlurt uo Llver miii
tkiinpliiints. Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Iyser- a.
tery or Debility follow the -tire. Indeed, wherO
umoniunini IIW utWAnaiwwvu mmiTOinm .
from Miasmatic Poison, it removes tberansa
of them and ihr dlsnnnear. Not only is It in.. . .
effectual rare, but, if taken occasionally by J t
IwiRnuoxpowa to raarm, wm cajjti iiv .
poison and protect tlium from attack. Trav- .
elters and temiiorary residents In every and all;. !
Ague localities are thus enabled to defy tho ' '
disease. The General Debility which is so apt 1 !
to enone from continued exposure to Malaria. , '
and Miasm, has no'speediur remedy, for. ;.
Mver Casatallatasa, tt is an excellent remedy.. '
JT. C. ATKH a liwllr Wasa.,
; HiwMrsi siki Anuvttcai twsnni.:
Cirsoid by all Druggists and Dealers in
vi-i. i vhavi
.u.t.iuw ,.....- ., ... - -
Ayer's Cathartic, mils,'
For all the Farnaac of a Faaalljr Jtrywi , J
V t.. .1... . V'.".. IIW
Jannuice. Dyspepsia t,
Imligiwtton, Dysentery, - 1
Foul Stomach and'';.
Hreatb, Krysipelaa. .' V?
Headache, Pile, Eheo-' ";'
mat Ism, Eruptions'
and Skin lAseases, '' '
iiinonwiBiw, ijivervom-
plaint, Dropsy, fetter,1
Timor) and Sale
.'-HKiwum, worms, tfout,
-Neuralgia, as a Dinner
Fill, and Purifvtnir tho -
Blond, are the most congenial purgative y- t-
Cerfecteal: - Their effect abandaatiy -ahew--
ow much they excel all ether Pills. They are
safe and pleasant to lake, but powerful to cure, i r r
They purge out the ftml humors of tb blood; i
they stimulate the sluggish or disnrderetl .,i i
organ into not Ion; and they Impart bealt b and 5-'
tone to the whole being. Tbey eore aot only tiu
the every day complaints of every body, but.
fnnnidaliile anddangerous dlse&sea. I&oetaklll.
ful nhyskrlans, most eminent clergymen, and ' '"
oar lieHteiUxens, send certi4eata of cutva tmtt j
forntml and of git lienents they bave derived
from these Pills. Vhev are the safest and beet 1
physio for children, because mild as well h . i
etteotual. Beimi sugar coated, they are easy . , ,
to take; ami bcino purely vegetable, theyaro ' "
' rKtARl! BY ' .'.'.'.'. ,
Dr. J. C. ATKB tc. C, Lowell, Has..
Pictleal and Analytical Chemist" "
lter Irons 'WlaeonaUs, ' , .'
Tbe anrjandMl iptttfr u.i..i J r
ortwosuice by subscriber In Lebanon,
who forwarded, tt to -us,, with a request to '
copy aiid answer. Tho letter reads as fbl
lows : - . .
- Vf AcsAr, VW March 17, 73,
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