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    ! TT r : 1 .""Sk. :-.-:;-r I
Le : , , L , I : .rr--:.&I - L. I - - '
Wbolemlo and ftotiill IHjalcr iu
EST GOODS,';.; :
" FiMTHlH0;;,.,;:
chcceries, r:i'-;xj-:i-
tSOTS '&
VAC0:.'3, PLOWS,
Here' 1 the Place !;
C3 3SC Clauottton
Xkw raoetTed and 1 offering for aale a wU eUx-
Which b&-is dartormiiusd to sell V" i
' ' for-' ,:T;. , .
Gash, or SertotaMe TroaiicB !
Please give me call, and esamiM ' - l
Goods ' and, Irices.
t ' ' -
S. 7 CO.
J- titer bmk, Ireigoi mint . .
in nrn rreisrht will bo delivered at rOKT
Free or Drayae ami Wuarfuge,
At tzeduced nates.
Boala vlll leave AlBAXT fnt COUVAI.L1S or
For fiirtber imrticnlaps apply to
Albany, Xov. d, T-tt AKM
IT.o Elevator!
mt wheat and oativ. We enll tlie attenthm or
tensers to the fact that we have erected the 11
acmt warehouse in the Stalest a Uinre expense.
av4aretn position to hsndle KattontctorUy an
iMtnense quantity of gmin. our house has a
capacity for
tC3,CC3' bushels of Wheat !
f nn. Mirits.nna istorated on t he marsh, of tlte
Wltlansetle Ktvx-r. andjvi'led witliasidetrack
from the 1. C. K- K.. so tlmt shipments may
b. msyle dally by raii,nnd us often liy water as
boating fltcJUtlcK "oir.-r. We have 1 wo lance j
tkM tans, in addition to ot her fans, attached
to the booMO. mu by water power, and arc.
thus prepared to
Uthe wheat reoelted.- Vim take in and rtean
MecMHMheis per day. n-aned wheat is worth
nToen taore rn all fWelijn nwirltets than ft ml
wht. and none slxmld lw shimed withnnt
M' -fevat, and four cen ts on oata. We'havo
' IXTy: ;TIIO'C:SA!l: -'..SACKS-
to fnmtsh those storing wht with na, free to
those ti-ci wheat we purchase, and at the
owes ea 1 price I those who sell their wheat
(mm r HUM to other buyers. Persons stor
Sa n are atlilKrty toselt U whoin they
plBase- Tlin who nwide on tiu wejt aide of
tZi n ww a,and exi i-tn be able to
t ! w i rooM P""-.- arln pre
iZraa ourx j i do hirae hunexa, we hope
focovr !saw f tS.rhlus iironifQ . , r.
nuunis. ;
: . ' Albany, OreKO..
uss fiXsrfcer Shop.
J..SixUuiiSc ihacitlaensof AUjay and
friends m tn sf..-r lrt rttowj Je 1 n
dtnll inas.ii"! next "r"' T,"JJ
n . v.t theinosttiivorabhs terms
T w k . . k f t. iAK V x--nTrtnonB-ejl the
beat by t J '-' !P'- Jodsre. list; by
any o?-f nntrli vott ve seen and J
twsilUi'Ji laairnisttAKk a. tfMw-i.
- IxrOSTaJiT. Eadocwad by th . Kedioal
yrofoMioR.', P. Win. If Att-'S BALSAM for Oie
lungs aoure Coagta, tot;U and GoMamptloa,
- and all 6lrwv pf tbeTbroat end Clieat,. D..
la one J0ATTJ3-
yg KAX.EI . . ,
m7" l" rnr.'vl 't! oArd of elwu Uvea,
? i 7rt i ui ,. ta. and hay - -
,'Ts. - " . , i " to enuK rola s"-H-
fci,';,.. ,.,, 'm .,sl .Plndiy. ifMo
i'al ,k!sl UthKlU-,
v7 ccc.?-s-;.r.3ll!fcAiUu,Jr0ri
St. Charles Hotel,
orntr Wwhint ou and "irt Sts
Matthews & Morrison,
ITctnsn nctrlV frhs4icl tllfonjrttont. The
bout the urkt afford always on tlie table. .
Free t'wch . . from b Hmm .
Exchange Hotel,
Corner First and Washington streets,
; ALB AXY, OliEftOV,
J. II. Backcnsto, Proprietor.
fndrr the new nuntaireinenf. tli ttopalar
Hotel ha leen refitted ami retamismMl. and
now olter the travelinsr public Ihe best aeeoMi-
iuxla: ions mi t ne moat rciuonale lenni.
Free coach to and from the House. 33-7
Lebanon 3Iail and Stage IIite,
W. B. BOXACA, Prop'r.
A f AIT. DATS Monday, Wednesday and Fri-
0. P. S. PLiMMER, M. D.,
DRl'tW, .
itjif I'M :ri es,
A fall stock of Trasses and farcical appliances.
Raising ami moving Buildings.
annoHnoe to ttw citiienx of Aliwnj- and
mimnin-liiii; country that. lia1nwppJled onr
elves with the neeeosary niachiitery for rais
ing and renovtnjr tMilldinsrs. wearcreadyHt all
tiniM to vrceive oruVra for such work, which
we wtil do in short order at lowest rates. We
(CUhituiWu cntitv Hatteatclitm iti nil work under
taken by iih. 1
Orders left at. th Rkuisticji office promptly
attentea H. APP'y to. . ,
Ahiany, Or April 23. 1S73-- v7
Manwfect urers at
Ijenve j our arders nf their shop in the old
Foster bnilding, ou First street, bcvr A. Ca
rol hers &. Co. - . SJv7
. - , Dealers in
ST C3-0 O 33 53 -
(lothisur, Ilooto and Kboea, Hat) rore
rlea, Fsarj timsbi ottonM, HliotjctiM
and Piatobi, Nnils, Itoie, .ffirrora,
Wall paper, Wood and 'Wlllowr
Ware, Trunks and Yalfetvs,
Joeliet Cntlery, Ar Ae.,
SSold very low either for cash, or to prompt pay
n33 in customers on time. : v
An. BKLI. PARKER. Inte or Oregon City,
liejr leave to inform the public, that they
1m ve pnrclaed the entire stock ol drnsjs. nied
iciiies Ac. formerlyownedby R. C Hill Son,
and that they desien continuine the business
at the old stand, where they pnrpose keeping in
the f urure a full uortmcnt of
Drugs, , , .s. u, --.-.
f Clieiuiada, ,-
J Toilet Article,
' Perfumery.,
and everything uenally found in a first-class
dnur store. t
While earnestly soltcitinar a enmtinnance of
the liberal pntronojte heretofore extonfled to the
old hnnsc, we hope at the SHine time, by fsir
and lilieral dcalintt, and careful attention to the
wants of customers, to merit the esteem of any
3t kw friends who may favor n with their or
ders. - . '' r
Part Icular at 1 entlon will be irl ven ,to the com
ponndintr of pivsician prescript ions and fam
ily recipes, at all hours or the dnyor tile lit.
. . SnccesMors to K. C HiLI. Sox.
" Albany, October U, 74-ii4lf . ... ,
From this dais nntil fort her notice, I will sell a
- -: choice soEcnot'or
Stoves & .Ranges J
puaips, hose, etc:
: Albany, Peo. 18, 18T4-1S
mot .
Old Btspen, M.arcra and Tbjrcabera .
Bepoired and made almost &s good as new
" 1 EIEBK13LI, & PirXSATX'. ',
, 75 new prepared to do all kind of . '
Wd 'fwrntras, Sawtair ' :.
Also, any Ironwork and general Blaelonaith
insr the trailo may demand. a- ; .
Fencing FJckeia will ho kept on hand st all
tiwe.... -,:u. . TTnW .
Eaiae Interests.
1 jLwr or I.tTTEHS
Remaitiin? In the Albsnv Postoffiec. May
ihd, 1m5. Persona ealltnfrfov these ktersmas
give the date on which they were advertised!
AkkerhiknHenfy gtuvehs, J. H;
ivnno. m. ... i iiomuson, ni.
tcJifnnaii,.iTS H. . Tboniiwon, l. , i .
p. u.Ramoxd, f. at.
For the week ending Mny 5th I
'axcbxcax f.xcnAKt-.fe.
A nrti 4a. ' Vi S nittonttuv.
V f Reynolds, t'thpua J W iliatb. Junction
A Mitchell, city V Williams. Kosebtuw
I ILisels. Pawnee city R tulth. 8F
Nebraska A Murmv. Iowa .
W S Woodcock. Corvls V Robinson. KY .
J B Lee, Corvallis. WWarkiccity
Altss P t;iaric,8nluut JArhiatrona-. inrtlantt
Miss V, Harris, Corvals J Wheeler, Lowell Mas
II Foder.SF 6 Williams, Portland
J i Moore, Steamer F, . Jlaiue
Patton v Maj-8, .
Miss o Mills, Oren cy EH McCoy. SF
U Robinson, city "W IHao,TTaanIa -A
V iters, Peoria - A J H Beck, 1 aqntna
J R Pa-sa. Peoria ' . It Mtnsnn, Corvallis ; .
A Moore, Portland " 7 1 Cordaab, Crvallhl ,
R Ilalid, Portland , i Finer, Corvallia
T O-Neil. Portland K S Parker, city
B Kennev, Porllaud J A W Moore, city
JIUson. .SF 1 MJons.cily
H F Snhpxive, Indea- A n Perhnni, Corvallia
aapoiis. Msi v 3-
Aprlia. 1 53 " JWormet, Portland
0 S Patterson. ?rn fy M Blake, county
MrsLexan, Oorvallis ti W Houck. A wife
J Miller. Hostnn Mass J L Hill A wife, city
J F Fletcher. Jefferson H O Hunter, iCreswcll
A T Smith. Portland ti Patterson, Saieui
II C Hunter. Cresweil , J Mcllermatt, Harsh"
S Perkins, ITmpqiuv H C Brvaat, Vuiuixjua
F Williams, Roseburg J Perkins, Umpqua
1 M Jones, City J A Xickolaoa, Mlsouri
J Bern-. Count rv I Hazels, Harrisburg
R Fnirchiids, Sp. T Flasity, Portland
R F Forcn. Lebanon A Minns. Arownsville
C H Friendly. Portland J M Harrison, Saletu
J C Head. Scio J T Cooper. Monmouth
J M How wf, X d'jfhter Weller, city
Aori ,-" J Roller, AVoodland
d Anderson, citv J H Rnllev. Indiana
W II .Incrncr, city P S KynstonJ California
K H W bit-k, Portland T Timrason, Portland
W S Blakev, Detroit W 11 Queener, city
May 1. L Cbcascr, leiuion
C Bogardtts, city E R Oaies, Corv allis
' April 48. ' JoeFbilavtTorralll
C Wilson, Tanm-nt O A Brown, Stilem
8 W Morttan. Mo ; T O Howard, Portland
E Barnes. Primeville L O Ralston, Albanv
WSStrontr. Portland ii IJ Patterson Walla
E R Ritlireway. Lebnon Wslln
W H Bnwikii', Ysijninw J Wheeler. Albany
H W Snow, Yaiinma t:ilnmpbrev, eitv
P R Clnrk. Portland R I. Creed, Lebanon
J H Norton, F Mrs L Carter Lebanon
C Inrudlelianm. Portld W R Hall. Harrtsltursr
J Williams. Portland .1 T. Cowan, Lebanon.
J Hndson. Lebanon C Henline, Sublimity
J T Hnrnev. Oswevo J C Phiillps. Snblimttv
E Mnoris. Snbliuilty 1 F t "resswwll, East
OA Brown, isalem Portland 1
II A Join-s Waltic Rnch C F Mitchell, Wyoming
T K Conlcv. E Portlnd Territorr i
T R Sstwyer. E Portlnd E Baker. Wyoming T.
II Foster, E Portktnd J 'Williams. Lank city
April 20. Wisconsin I
JR Wellii.trton, Polkco A W Hcnt, Pelk county
AV Smith, Polk county J M Sawyer. Hsrisbarg
,1 It Irvine, Scio .1 Jones, X Yi .
AV R Itenrlmrn. Portrd C Smith. N Yt
.1 If Tenipleman, Scio A S Hall, Hortland
W Tncker. Scio i May i.
L O Ralston. Albany T. Ma-fin. city
J Kknucht, Harrisburg J R Willintns, Tansrent
J Teal, l'ort luiit L T Hcnedy. Iibnnon
A Rent, Polk conntv T E Conlev, K Portland
L R livcnport, Portld O Hniiarti city
L Hyman, S V L S Backns, citv
Arcioslermnu, Salem L R Winter. Htv
S Farrar, Sulcm T P Shinlev. eitv
H A Jones, Wlare Rnch W L Johnson. Vn Cy
S T Williams, Murion L T Haskins. Vn Cy
April 30. J MUamisoni Salem
E Baker. OorvalMs i MayS.
J Collins. Corvnllis E R Calls. Corvnlli
Miss K Cax-es. Tnnicent W R ImrvUarJSilvcrtrm
Miss L A AYiiiiaius, W M Pituiaui. torva'is
Tangent J Harris. Cn-vnllts
A Murray, Salem J L Meek. HHshoro
A Philips. Cornelius J E Bnndv. Hillslioro
S Kirch, l'ortlanI V, Miller, Portland
C W Farlev Portland M Mitchelli Portland
E W Moore. Taugcut B H Alien, llAlaey
A th-r. citv CBim-, Halsev
I Willliollun, Oreleans n M tonaca,.I.bnnn
Precimrt W Wrenn. t'ormlris
L W Cailwell, Oregon J ACampltell.Ietrerson
city Mrs L Carters Lebanon
Fti AValne. Portland C B fallnn, Peoria
J Cootello, French I'rie Mrs II Bvland. Ib'tion
J Ross, HaiTisbnrg C F Mitchell, WvoTery
' MrsMiller, Eugenecitv E N Tndv, Hnrrlsb'g
AV H Cornelius, Corvlls K it IninVv, Portland
t" If McClain, Corvallia L W Smith, Rosebnrg
II J Rtzeor, Corv allis Ay E Strnnckj Iavtn
J Boles, Corvallis W Castings, country
A Kicor, Corvallia Miller, connty
J AA'asson, U'lwmm J Bryant, Albany
J Coiiistock, Couisi'cks j Msy t.
Mills. ; J L Johnson.! Iebanon
L o Ralston. All any -! W Mnnrot?, Portland
B AV IJonaca, Lelianon AV J Rizeor, 1or-allis
H Oinwiddie. Browsvie W H Cornelius, Cordis
J Burcaw, citv J Bales, Cor"nllls
T T .ay, Brownsville C H MoCtein. Corvallis
O T Fubell, liallas A Rim-, Corvallia
J T AValdo. Knllns - H B Miller, ft P
A Smith, BuenavlBfa "3 AVilliams, Harrishnrg
C Williams, Albany W S strong. Tangent
W T Franklin, iiuena J RWlirnway, Lelmnon
A'ista AV IHmaca. Iebnnon
MT 1. AV V Clementa. 8 Home
J Hanson. MVn Ciry es Smith, covntrv
T L Brown; Tangent R O Fnvhes, Harriabnrg
M Hurst. Corvnllis K U tieary, Eugene Cy
L Offin, Corvallis i
7- !
Cosjpllmextarv. We fiiitl the following
well bestowed compliment npoi our lute
fellow citizen, Dr. Geary, in the Eugene
City Journal of last, week : '"Rev. Dr.
Geary lutving accepted the call of the Pres
byterian Church of Eugeue, enters upon
his labors with many tokens of success and
appreciation. Tlte citizens of Eugene aixi
vicinity have reason to congratulate -themselves
in securing the services of so able a
man ami one so well known for his at
tractive and superior qualities ot mint! and
heart.. The Dr. is no narrow minded sec
tarian and every church in the place will
find iu liira 4 co-operative fiiend, and all
moral institutions and iuterests will find In
him a strengthening power.1' J
" Officers Jxsta llkd.-t-R. Fox,' D.,
installed officers of Western Star Lodge,
No. 10, 1.O.G.T on Tuesday evening last,
as follows: WCT. J. Liggett; BUS, Lizsie
Martin; LIIS, Ida Dawson; "WVT, Llssa
Williams.; WS, A. N. Arnold; WAS, Una
Ridotit; WFS, F. M. Wadsworth; LD, A.
B. Morris;' WM, B. F. Purdom; WDM,
Sarah Dawscn; WC Rev. I. Wilson; WIG,
Ella Eldoulr WOG, E. Cheadle; PWCT,
W. L. Smith. -
' Good Templars. The following named
persona were Installed as officers of Tangent
Banner Lodge Xo. 200, on Saturday eveu
lng last; WCT, C, P. Davis; WVT, Laura
King; WS, M. Powell; "WAS, Ella Luper;
WS"S, Wm; Wheelerj WT, John Luper;
WM, Geo. Gurnes; WDM, J. Beard; WES,
Arzu Jordan; ' WLS, . Alice Kibllnger,
PWCT. E.' B. McClure; ' WlGr Geo, Crook;
WOO, Sam Jordan. - . .
Pbteb's Parlor Music For May, Is a
superb number, filled with choice rriuslc
Cor the piano. Published by J. I Peters,
New York, at $4 per year. . : ,'
, .Birttcr is scarce in :he Olympia market,
and almost the only sweet article to be had
comes from California, and readily brings
40 cccU per pound. ' ' '
Kgg5 ISC. -
Oats 50c
Butter 23C. t , "
Wheat 73c
Therala tell lu torrents yestertlay, ;
Col.15 Joe. .Meek wasta lecture at the
Colirt llotise last night, fKe.
C. B, Montague) of Lebanon, called on
ns Wednesday
The Corvallis fire boys gives ball hi that
city Uils evening.
Some of die little folks in Lebanon know
what it is to have the mumps. - : t.
See premium list of Linn Connty Agri
cultural Society lot 187S In this issue. f
Our supply of material has not arrived,
but we are expecting it every day. f 1 J -.
Wc liear every now and then of a case of
measelstu the city orHtirjr adjacent.
Col. Joe Meek lectured "at tlie Court
Hotise on TueacJay night-. ;;
Miss Clarke, of S;iletnr visited frieods in
thl city on Tuesday. , ;
; Harrisburg "is still . ahead- .She. now
claims a child with six toes on each foot.
' As Dr.' Lister, sells ibr cash only, he can
afford to sell lower tliau anybody. .
' Fred. McCor is finishing up a neat two
story dwelling en the southeast comer- of
bis lot on Fifth tl Baker streets.'
- The skating rink runs fuil all the time,
and is a regular gold mine to the proprie
tor. - Y.'.i '
There are ow.: nine lodges of Good
Templars in Linn county, all with large
Hiembersliips. "
. Col. Meek was over at Scio last week
and enjoyed the hospitality for which its
citizens are so felebratecl. T ; ,i ,
Ottr eld friend Albert Bales returned
n-mn California last week on the steamer
AJax. He says Oregon Is the place. X
,; A magnificent orsan at Rev. 3fn Wil
son's, for sale cheap. A ' Hue -piano, also,
can be obtained at low figures at the same
place. " ' '
. Dr. Lister cant write, and therefore
can't keep books ; but you'd better guess
he'll treat you squarely and honestly.
Call and see.
Mr. A. B. Morris last week received a
fine Berkshire sow, pure blood, one of a
lot recently Imported by S. G. Reed
Its a beauty. ".
, After the mo.ning services next Sunday
at tlie M. E. Church, the ordinance of
baptism will be administered by immer
sion to several who prefer that mode. "
Mrs. John Barrows and her daughter
were pasaeugers ou tlie last steamer from
Frisco to Portland, arriving In this city ou
' I'.pn. Aici- arianu at last accounts, was
on the eve of departure front Waltsbur
W. T., to California. , We fear Eph miss
ed it when lie left Webfbot. ;
A grand May ball is to be given at Cri-
der's hall, Dallas, on tlie evening of Thurs
day, the 13th inst.. to which we have re-
-ceived an iutite. S. C. -Stiles cets up the
muck-A-mttuk. ,
Tlie boat from Saieui with toe firemen of
that ciry en mnle for Corvallis, was expect
ed to reach this city about midnight last
evening, when refreshments would be ' fur
nished them by Albany Onesters.
Charley Hogue, of Shedd, last Saturday
brought into our sanctum something he
called one of Thompson's , rooster's eggs.
It is in sliape something like a homed
toad, with a long tail like a comet. ; Ifs
the funniest looking egg, yon bet.
There are thirteen hundred acres of good
land, in tlie vicinity of Ilalsey, for sale at
an average of $27 50 per acre. Parties
desiring to buy farms can purchase iu 80
acre tracts. ....... .
Mr. C.-Gray, Presfclent of tlie Ilalsey
Farmers Union, called on Monday. Mr.
Gray is the most efficient and tlioronghly
successful President the Company ever
had. ,f,v fK 'z'ix
Mr. E. B. Purdom , will put a neat
frame around ' your, clirotuos, engravings,
etc, for very little money aud there is
nothing that adds so much to the attract
iveness of home as beautifiil pictures on
the walls. Call aud see bis specimens. -
; The steamer Ajcat was met by a fearful
storm on her way up last week, and was
compelled to run into Porf Orford, ' where
she lay fi fry-six hours before It was deem
ed safe to proceed ou her journey to Port
land. Ob for a railroad. '
The chapel of Albany Collegiate Insti
tute was crowded on Thursday evening of
last week, April 20th, the oocasslon of the
annual commencement of that Institution.
The graduates were Miss.' 3L Alexander,
daughter of. Dr. W. F. Alexander, and
Messrs. J. T. Tate and C. 'P. Davis, upon
whom avus conferred the degree of A. B.
- We understand that a large number of
persons have been engaged, for some weeks
past iu prospecting the bars of the Sattti-
am for placer diggings, some ot .whom re
port having found flattering prospects,
We shall be disappointed if several. lively
mining camps are not in operation . along
the Sautiam during the summer. - a. :
Joe Webber being eternltied1 to keep
up with the spirit ot the times, the first of
the week enlarged and entirely overnauieu
bis barber shop on First street,' bet weeu
Ferry and "Broadalbin. It 1a now about
rwrlen as larra as fortaerlv. and of course
mucli more convenient and roomy." Every
thing being kept neat and orderly, makes
Joe's shop very attractive. . i -:
iifn.w la 'rerafirkablv "scarce here
abouts, and it dcei out eyes good when a
thoughtM subscr.L-cr comes la and "plauks
" tfw coin - AVb are oven to inflic
tions of this kind," end invite as many
can make it ooim -.Sent, to "come and see
as. ; We're an orphinj; aud treed coiii-
Tom Hughes, well known in tliis county.
a brother of Uncle Geo. Hughes, . We learn
is at present a resident of Nevada. ' ? '
One of the great needs tu this, county is
good road winter roads roads which can
be traveled winter and summer, and over
which loaded teams may' pass with iinptuv
ity or grain either, t We- propose -to go
after this matter hereafter.
Mr. AV'aters, a member of the editorial
fraternity from Nebraska, called a' mo
ment on Tuesday motuing, accom pa nied
by our old friend Doc. McCnliy.. This, is
M r. W;s second visit to Oregon, Jils first
visit having been made In 1852.,, ... i ,;;
Dr. J. I. Tate and family took yester
day's train for Portland, where hey will
take the ocean steamer for Frisco, and
from thence to file Eastern States by rail.
They will be absent several uonUi.Bort
voyage. - rr !: 't-' --t . '..
The find; of. the' week four menengtged
irt nmnlng logs In the Santlam at Waterloo,
were thrown into the water, and badanar
row escape from drowning. Happily they
escaped, with only slight bruises and wet
,.A. Carotltors & Co.. received an order
fortlieircelebratetl PilePHls; frtmt yPenn
ylvania, on Wednesday. These pills have
a reputation Second to no other remedy in
the cure of this ' troublesome and painful
A tin wlding is what's the matter, and
tiu iuvitation cards have heen circulating
lively the last few days. Somebody's folks'
will have tin ware to dispose of soon, if
we are to judge by tlie orders at the tin-
shops ':-':v;; :;..v.v;:;, x:''
A. L. Stiuson is putting tlie sock factory
at Jpfferson in order, adding improvements
which will increase tlie amount of work
hereafter turned out. Tlie name has been
changed from Beaver Hosiery Company to
Pioneer Hosiery Company - '.
Tlie " spell" which was to have-come off
Tuesday evening at" the Congregationaf
church, was: postponed on account of tlie
lecture given by Col.. Joe Meek on that
evening at the -Court House. Tlie spell
will come off next Frklay evening, May
14th. at the Congregational church, when
the chief spell ist will get away with that
big dictionary. ' ' " " " T : ; .. V
. Last Week a lady of this city undertook
to hasten the movements of her husband
ty administering a hearty kick. : Tt did
hurry " hubby'; some, but the lady was
the most, severely hurt of the two. as she
was so lame for several days that she had
to be assisted in walking. Moral Beware
how you attempt to kick cho "bead of the
family.", " -
r ' AV. T. Coon aud family arrived on -tlie
last steamer " front San Francisco. ? Mr.
Coon owns a fine farm near Peoria in this
county. He left here for the States, nine
or ten years ago. a bachelor, vowing lie
wotdd not return until he obtained A wife.
He has religiously kept his vow, returning
with a wife and five ehifdren. We wel
come him back to his Webfbot home."' :
Tlie fine school building near Mr.' A. G,
Marshall's, in this county, was burned to
the ground about 11 o'clock last Sunday
night. Tlie re had been no fire in or about
the premises during the day, and it is sup
posed to be the work of at. , iuceudiary,
The books and everything iu the building
were destroyed. , . .
Geo. Weller's counter, built by. Mart.
Brigham, is perhaps as neat . a piece of
workmanship as is to be seen in the State.
It is fourteen feet In length andtweiifjyi
three inches iu width, tlie top being Im
ported black Avalnut bordered by oak.
with mouldings of oak, and ash base.
Jerry Winter did the painting; and lt'ia a
little the neatest job in the1 way of 'polish
and discrimination in colors., we ve seen.
It is certainly a commendable job of work
all through., ;. '' ' : .
The '-clothesline thieves have reached
this city, we are sorry to say. On , Mon
day night somebody went to the residence
of Wrii, Gird, during his absence, ori cor
ner of Second and Broadalbin streets, and
entering the yard, robbed tlie clothes Hue
of its entire contents, a large days wash
ing, except a v few small . articles such ,aj
stockings, which were scattered over the
yard, as ii the thief was in a hurry. : Tlie
theft must have occurred about ten .o'clock
at night.; ;; J - ' '-.
". A party of gentlemen went from Olym
pia last week to the newly discovered coal
fields on the headwaters ot the Fuyallup,
andou last Thnrsday returned, after an
absence of a week, sunbrowned and tired
with a rough trip They bring back some
very fine specimens ot coal, some bltunw
inous, and others that according to every
test yet made of them give evidence of be
ing anthracite. ! ; -?: ; -
It is "not known how many acres of new
hops have beeu put in this year iu Tacoma
Valley, is known that all the roots
have been planted which could be obtain
ed. Laborers have been scarce.' and $35
and $45 a month "have been the' ruling
rates ot wages. - New dwellings,, drying
houses, warehouse, barns, fences, &Cn use
up the lumber unite as fust as the ; two
sawmills can' cat it Oner of the' mills Is
running both night and day. Ten cents a
pound are now offered for hops on the
poles, the buyers doing their owu cuttinj
i A grand picnic will come off at Lebanon,
in the interest Of the Sunday Schools, on
Friday, May 21st. Rev. W. R, Bishop will
deliver the address,' which is & aufiideut
guarantee that It will bo high tipi ' :The
brass band will be in attendance, ' and a
good time may be i expected, as our Lebanon
people are as whotesouled and jolly a set as
are to be found on this green earth. A
ceneral luvitation is extended to all to
participate.'"; .-' .''. '..
i 1 it'.
A large delegation of proiaiitait gssn tie-
men from Lebanon at id the Fork visiter
this city ou ' Wednesday; nnahmg until
the: following day. They camerfM inter
view the County Court In l ie tiatter of
buikling bridge - across the Ssatiam at
Lebanon. e. Tlie whole conutrr about Leba
non and the Forks are alive totlieqnestioa
of the erection of tlie britUreu-Ietiundiug it
as a. right. As the neonle nirnishr the
money for, bridge buikling ant) all other
county; wtirk.,, whenever- their, reasonable
wishes are properly piade known k the
county autlioritie, tbey should at eaee be
granted, as said officers are only the ser
vants of . tlie people, and were .pbtued la
office to tatrry out tlie behests of their uuts-
ters. , We are pleased to know that the
course of tlie Regltxr in thia matter has
taet with fUUest Approbation of the
people, as it has persUteuUy and upooaU
occasions, insisted upon the--absolute.
eessity of a bridge across tin river at that
point o .the coo veuieoce. f the resklenta
hi that portion of the eouuty- nt . (.
Bill Foreh 'was in town oa Wednesday.
Most everybody knew Bill ras hi town.
Bill Is the arch' hoodloon of the J Forks.
Bill is; aud he dtirsnt deny it. BUf had a
" patent clothespin," Bill did, and he was
exhibiting his model ' for general fcv
spection. After nearly the entire city had
" seen (or rather felt) the point, we struck
Bill on the corner. We were glad to
Bill, of course ; and BUI was glad to see
ui as we are assured from the1 tact that he
at once turned over that ratted clothespin
for pur inspection. ' We didn't told ' that
new-fangleil patent mor'n twoj seconds till
tlie , pint " - had - penetrated the 'index
finger of our left hand to the fcone- We
carefully handed that - patent back, Jtnd
hereby , pronouBce 'Bill's patent a: grand
hitiiibug-r howllng-fraod a nliserable
sell-tr-and ii lie has or ever gets a patent on
it, we propose to stump tlie Forks agin
the blasted Patent Office fori granting,
patent fbr ; so miserable, an; object. of per
verted genius! If anybody gets sold on
that dotbespiu after reading this, tltcn let
'eiU, that's all-i -. '...:.
Yesterday morning tlie Comity Court
granted the petition fbr a bridge- to - span
tlie Santiam at Lebanon. Tlie county Is to
pay half the expense of the erection of
such bridse, provided that the counry will
noi pay more than 5 $5,000 . for rttch prir
pose; While the county Avill pay half the
expense, -it requires that before work.1
commenced on tlie bridge, U subscribers
to tlie bridge fund give sufficient tewrid ti
secure the pay tnent of the other latlf. Xo
one can grumble at this, as tlie petitioners
lutve got all - -they asked, and our county
officer's deserve cormnendatiou for their
prompt action in the matter, i ' ' t-i
Jno. Hurd went to Portland on Wcdne
day. oh business connected with' the saw
'mill of nnrd & Co of this city. ' He says
the new planer ordered vHll exceed Any
thing in OregoW 'for quality and 'style-of
work turned out ' The old original Oregon :
phtneisVMr.1 J. B.r Coiriley, iwilf boss the
newplaner.1 -"" -'': 1 vr " '" '
,.-' i ..... - v . , ' s,.
Rev. Dri E. It. Geary, now a resident
of Eugene City, came down to this city on
Tuesday's train, returning on Wednesday.
Himself and family are pleased with their
new home. ' V , '
- : its"-;:, :
- A. Carothers & fto have .oId their
splendid soda fountain to parties in Salem.
Tliey propose, ,t however, . to have a new
one in operation, of larger capacity, iu the
course of a month... . .,
; Mrs. C. C EugMsh Is kept very .busy
at tier new - millinery establishment on"
First street, Her discriminating taste and
clear judgment in tlie selection of Articles
iu her line is generally, acknowledged Igf
the ladies, who are loud in her praise, f ; 0
Messrs. Moutague& McCaliy, of Lebanon,
are in receipt of a massive stock Of general
nierchatMl'ise, among whicli are many nov
elties that will be specially appreviated by
the ladies. Call and preaaaiiue. ! ii -'-'
Messrs; iCIenierit & Conmt,' of Grass
Rklge, received the beltuut for their saw
mill on the Santlam, the first of the week,'
aud; tiiv mill wiB soon be snatching plank
right from tlt& tree. ! ' ti '.',
Dr Ev Of Smith" uifbmls f that air
the tooth-pullers in the State : meet tu ' this
city the; -first of next monthr "tjxik out
for yeur molars.'1 " ;' -
The roercliauts are having tlie dirt; from
their places of business swept from, the
sidewalk to the center of tlie street This
is certaluly commendable- ..iU , jw
The Sute repartment, was dosed too
Monday, land no: business transacted, tta
honor to the memory Of Geo. A Ja Dow,
who died on the 1st lust '.Us .w ;
' The longest heels we ever aw on ! boots
were attached to the pnir -worti by John
Sch wtickliamer when- In this city on Fri
day; Admiring trowds followed' John.' t
Wo hear ot a family of hew. comers in
this city who Are dreadful Ty afflicted with
measles a chance for' the Ladies 'Aid
Society.' :" " ' V: ' ! " ' '
Lpok oufe fbr'1tfart.-4.Brown.,,Ite,ii 'got
possession of that patent elothespiufraatS,
and is peddling "Tights to ciery fnan he
; Judge Ilaley and various, other Dem
ocratic dlguitariesi ' ' poreliased" 'patent
clothespins yesterday; ' Everybody ' buys
am ; -
Reuben Doty, of Daltasreports., having
struck diggings ou the So o tiara where, he
can get from 7 to 15 cents to the pan, a's
going after those diggings."
, The Social Club meets at our reside" cs
next Friday- evenings All. are iuvliea
.e-M-r-e-b-o-d-y. i 1
aNO; SI-
1 .--rr
Pft)C Wjrrreu started fur I be Hast yestisr.Lii
day Prosperous gstes frWs. t .
"Xateiy members of omr EvmEy Lave been;
aCirlngwitS the tf-HlsC " ; ' "
The erysipelas Es aronmf, and every noW ";
and than, catcbaa sovteof, tfie boya, , fed t .iT
Our paper, arrived yererday. , WC1 .brT-(
all 0- K. next week, t, , , . .km ,
t The hops about MaddWare eomins up
finely, and give' prospects of a large yield?
Writing school states Triesdhy wninKyfl'
frizes are to- be AWanh! asxTAlI 'are InS !&
ylted to be present. '
Mrs. Browii, SLtrfa mo&er, we learn la, ,
Improving. The first of the week. she was
AonSht tofedangejonsly OT; ' ' "f "
Jlou. Geo. K. Helm is hirprovrngslpwlyw
and I his physician ' thinks ho will inZ
tftrongh allrfglst, ,h .vi i-reaao-'-
The Salem; fireiTKir prr ,jup ihe ; riverM
to CbrvaJUs yesterday, to help the Corvallis. 'i -
boy celebrata toay , t -uJ'mm
The threatened invasfnas of the Indians
on Tuesday nig, tildil eotne Wr.-PeW
naps (was coxrstortayi -r. nr. nnifi
h See notice-of ffwtl jetfleneit In the estaTa '
of Alfred Allen, tTevtI.,-B. n. Allen, ''aS-""''
aainis&ator, on 4 th brtge Tlhls rssue. . .
i !Theraiufn of tfas forepart of the weelfe ,1, "
axm nxs ui luaummujtr vtuoe lO Uie It 11-
iRmette'VaTley, msarlngfall crops.
Launor L. Balfcp-d, sen of ex-Qov. 'Bat-
lard, of Lebanon, wko ditw ou tbe4tUint.rr .
sras buried at that placw yeertlay, .; vii,.,
- Te usual dull times arw upon- tv and
war abide with ns for a few weeks Iot)ger,.ir '
dottoUeas. , '
! .Father Kojal has been v?fy sfcfc tfttrins'
tlie weet very near death's door lint wo'
are glad to learn thtrt he is unprovlng at ' " "
Uiis writing. :r-Jvn.:-!v i .1 uts s
The subscriptions &j aitTfe Santlam t
bridge at Lebanon amounted to L0Q, Jt
can easily .be increased to $5,000 should tlie . , .j,
bridge'eost H0,00f', U-'Vj '
jArf F-Cherry is buHdlng a reskfenco-.,, v
and ! office opposite-- bfefewud.-y. The "
dweUItigwfll b lea ShtbraSftja-Btoorl
andabalf Mgbufy U,u: i.ij-.itii.'tiiil 1 13
Mr. Alle Partef; wa fn;. Burlington, c i
iow, on Wednesday, as his wS was la-, t ;
formed by telegram received here on that- .
.yj '.a-A'i . .1- "f.5r l;r.Tf inii . u -,ri v i
. Tlie new style, lamp at A. Carotltera ot
Co.' aUracts attention. , It requires ?.T,'
chimney and therefore .Is a ooch cheaper , ,1.
fight than others. Jt gives a earw steady ,r
lightj and wl probacy, supersede other i,,,
stylek.,,. 0 jjj,?',,- f-.-;; if.jt- tav4 - 1 1 '
, Miss Kate Jackson Jbaf .been' employed
by toe ,,Sdjol , .Directors, r-ndj will nen'. -4.f
school in the new Udldiug Oal'hird, .be. -tween
RaUroad aut Motitjpinery ; streets,,'
on MopAtay. flK desiri-iig to seiid their .ijSa
children to a. most, excellent teacber, will
take notice of this &t-.','--l'.--'-
';Gei-Wnyonngj,'E,-.8loan:haTe the.
contract for the erection of a divellliig for
John H. Cleian ou the; k weft ;f ;hls
present , residence. iTbe ; tuam buUd!g ,
will ba 16x27, with mm 'il,18-c8a all., one
ana MUWKrFriziW)' tSli.St. V.tft A
JftFH a wa i BI.K " UrtHAl A ue t srocv i V
land 'J?Ma4p. Jottrmd give tho-fbHewicg? .'
accotnit of ,tl sticcessful reuioval of a 7i-r-a
tumor by Drs. RaflVrty, Koottage ahdL. i
F. Smith. Wedont know Who Miaa EHa i i n
B - i " is, but here's the accotmtt-nvr s'mt
A remarkable surgfcal operation; toteiw;j U
esting to tlte general publiuaiid pltysiciana ,
alike, wits lately performed liv Dr. Itafiety,
of East Fortlaud, assisted by Dr. Knotuge, '
of tlie Insane Asylum, mkI Dr. Is fiVSV.
Smith, of the United States-army, sta
tioned at -Vancouver. The .patient was ...:-
llws Ella' B- of Albauy, and the '
cause of complaint coiisteted of an 'encf?tsd"f '
tumor emerghig from .the., Uioracie tavlty .,.5
just below the. inferior angle ot tuescapu!ah
aiKl-containing liearly'a qlutrt of brown '
aerura Intermixed wkh pus, widen the ex.4
ploringiueedte revetdeu-prevloua to- ,tkt,?-!.-:-i
PSJU. Jt ' J VV: !"-H.;-'f ttv
tiunor oa Friday, the ' 23d 0y of Apnii -'
The patient was placed fully wider the lo-r i ,1
flnetioe of anesthetius, ami tlie tumor care-;-fully
Isolated from the Integument dQwit to , ' '
its exit fiW tlaftaotatJetVriy; Wftere;U
was. very, ntuch ! cotMtrkrU, as lb iutaml I,-.
through U rib6 ,, On severing it -at, Uasp.1
point the aii passed fully hi and put of tha "
lnterual portion of tlie cyst. "Iti- the af. -'
dressing-tha IwtMiodiWms adtuhed 4qr Jthaui.ata
interruptive suture, and a camrwes applied f
tightly over, the part from which the tumor "'
was, r moved, wldch favored- Union by the
first intrtttion.-'. Conaklnrahl' Swt 'was en it
tertained. by the S'lrroona as. to ubsequenf
rasolta.' On tlie thliu day after the ojera-"; . .
tion there was littleinpiiyaaailavbtit iiuno1 1 u
to causa any aerto dlikaitenee l On tha:; iV t
utnlh tlay, lMrwever, tlie? ivowid (jlieal(rl hyr f fc
file 'first iutebUoiik and 'tlie lady was tBs-tiiarged-
from ' fortlier' treatment -alio'
tlaner p;beded Irons .this ipera.tSon i
delicate lu its nature . awd, remarkable la ir ti v .
stwcesful petTormance," Was timt of a . col-. ''
lapse ;of the , liuigs: 1 Umier the ' tdrcurii I" '
AT, xutuety prpt-eeiiea no remave
stances wniat auunoea the opersuoo, ,
ble disturbanoa of the luigVid probaU
the cofJapw loenaonetf,..;,.,- , r f, ..n,. v,
young iiury, oi course, w vtry toua
i hnr rimtMitatioria of i raiJUM) ! U - the "
fn her nrotestationa of iratltote 40 - the
doctor, and there is no doiibt sis bIjoiiIJ be-- v
lier cure is unusuaL and waa-oue attended . .
tvlth greatdanger.' Maiiyphysictaus wouVt
tiavo proBoooced her ease as hopetesn. and 'v 4"
left her to. die. As it to shelaow wellaad -t- t
rid of tlie tumor. ttd the fears of an ua ,
timely end which 1; gave, rise to. . , ; '
. j O. j - , n 11 '- ?
vTwo Ntw Lorfcl-fp-week: W.' Kl v,: ' n
Dunbar, G. W. C. cfOrcson. ora n'a- J ' pi
ed two Ledges of Good Te'rnpiars, one In a
Ibanoh,' April -Jta?' anrf5 the'1 other hi ""5
Swsot HSaieon uiy'Ma'ylstr. ' The'
Lebanon1 lMS 'hl&jtiilAT-3 ' "i
eight hafttt'mii!era.''3!toS .?'i
4QeM ttect-rWm'' C3a-ig!ifeni:,JW.,C.T j -
.Kt4 1McSJMld,'--W'iriTil'FTii6&!llIiS- -' '
Xa!ht, W J3 . X: SIcDonaldJ PT.C.T; ' '
H5d,Ri S. lioUrtSj L.C. $ ,,4 !'-'-; 'i' '
Sweet Hoia Lpd -a -raala' wii v ' '
tlii?ry-ftjr darter K-es'jers. :, 1"L tofUdew ' , -
2ct, foIfa-'saj'.'we -4aaxBS 'tbetA 'aMi f j"- .'
Robart JEartV.-WXJTi E'C.""J4tlii-;
I Wj I Bro. Dunbar la a weaker.' ' '