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r' 3
NO. 25.1
- CO
' CO
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
First Btreet, Albany, Oregon
Term? Cash.
. . ' . . 20v7 '
: Here's I he Place !
S- H.m Glauglif on
Has received and i offering for sale a well
selected stock of
WUieli he Is determined to sell .
Cass, or lerctotaWe Proince !
Please give me a call, and examine
Goods and Prices.
s. ii. cT4ixftro.. '
Lebanon, Or. 15 v7
O- S. S- CO.
further notice, freight from
All down freight will be delivered at
Free of Draynsc and WJiarf
age, At Reduced Rates.
Boats will leave ALBANY for CORVAL
32 -r x v
For farther particulars, apply to
Albany, Nov. 2d, Ti-VS AjeDtM ,
Hew Elevator !
X tion of wlimt and oats. We call the at
tention of farmers to the fact that we have
erected the finest warehouse in the Slate,
at a lai tte esnonse. and are in position to
handle satisfactorily an iiumensc quan
tity ot grain, our House lias a capacity ior
209,000 bushels of Wheat
at one time, and Is located on the marsrin
of the Willamette Kiver, and provided with
a flise trade Irmn the o. Ac .. K. K.. so tnat
shipments mav Ije made daily uv rail, and
asoiien oy water as ooaunii lacnuies oner.
ive nave two lartre suction- lans, lu auui-
tlon to other fans, attached to the house.
run by water power, and are thus pre
pared u
D Zj 33 -A. OXT
all the whffat received. Can take In and
dean 10.000bnshelsrerdav. Cloaned wheat
Is worrti mncn more in ail roreijrn TnnrRets
than feral wheat, and none should be ship
ped wit liont clean injr. Our charges will be
tiva cents a bushel on wheat, and fonr
cents on ottia. n e uuvc
to furnish thow storinif wheat with tn,
free to those wliose wheat we purchase.
and at the lowest cash price to those who
sentiieir wneat irom our house to other
buyers. Persons s:orlnr with ns are at
liberty to sell to whom they please. Those
who reside on the west side of the river
will have ferriage free. Will be In the
market as buyers, an d expect to be able to
pay the hlKhest possible price. Having
prepared ourselves to-do a larsre bnstness.
wn nope tor oar snare oi t lie puniio pat
July31n47- Albany, Oregon.
Bath Hons? & iiarber Shop
rpHE CNDERSIGSED would respectfully
JL thank the citizens of Allmny and vi
cinity for the liberal patronate 'bestowed
on hfra for the rinst seven veai-s. nnd hones
for the future a comin nation of their fa
vors. Fortheavoinniouatlonof transient
customers, and friends in the npper part
oi town, lie nas openea a neai iitrie euop
next dOor to Taylor A MontKoinery's Sa
loon, where a ood workman will always
be In attendance to wait upon rmtrons. -
. iwo. iu ust, - . jug tttutit.
Silfcr-Plated AVare!
el of Raven Mlver-f'lMtrd Wr,
KUtcs Ktetl l attery, etc., direct from
the Factory. We will sell Table Spoons at
$3 per set, and Teaopoons at ! 50. and oth
er gooda proportionately low.
Li PfU)rmfii?e- Albanv. on the most fi vnr.
able ternub The ESTEY OKOAN has been,
pronounced the best by tha most compe
tent Judges. ' Dor.t Imy any other nntil
yon nave seen and heard these beautiful
- ' ' FOR
. Keatly executed,
CU ttt the Register Oicc.
Iliis just opened a fine stock of .
Boots c3 Slioea
California made, to which be Invites the
attention of the citizens of Albany and vl
clnttv. C-tiooils inantifactured toorder,
in latest styles, with bet of (Stock. Xtore
corner Bi'Oii'lnlbin and First streets, Chas.
Mealeyt old stand. Call and examine my
A llmny. Oct. HI, 1875v7
Ilalne's Mender, (Wood's Improved.)
Coqulltkrl' Iiidlnua Farm Wagon.
The Russel mid Vibrator Tbrcslurs,
(best machines on the coast.
Stateamnu Forcefeed Drill.
Star Plows, and other machines.
Call, see, and jret price and terms before
buving elsewhere, at my Blacksmith Shop,
corner Second and Ellsworth sts., Albany,
Oregon. .
H. BELL PARKER, late of Orejron
City, Uv leave to inform the public
that they lmve nurchnsed tle entire stock
ot drills, medicines, Ac. formerly owned
by R. C. llill A Son. and that they design
continuing the business at the old stand,
where they purpose keeping in the farore
a full assortment of
Patent Jbtlicines,
Toilet Article,
and everything usually fonnd in a flrst
clns tirii sioixi.
Whil earnestly so'icitinz a continnance
of the litieral pa'ronnire heretofore extend
ed to the Uii) house, wo hope at the same
time, by fair and liberal dealing, and care
ful at ten lion to the wants of customers, to
merit the esteem of any skw friends who
may favor us wit h t heir orders.
Particular attention will lie given to the
compounding of physician's prescriptions
ami family recipes, at all hours of the day
S;uicessoi-3 to R. C. IlILL 4 SON.
Albany, October 9, Tl-n-ilf.
V. stock of
selected with care, and bought for coin at
Scandalously Low Figures !
and as. we !onlit low we can and will sell
then at prices that will
Astonish Everybody.
Come and see our selections of
Ilresa Goodi,
Ribbons, Collars, Collarettes,
Ijaecf, Ac, &c, ?
for the ladies, and our complete lines of
Ready made Clothing.
- Hosiery,
. toiionaaes,
of all descriptions for men andboys. Also
mil assortments or
Groceries. "Croclrery & Glassware.
for everybody.
The best goods, at the lawest rates every
time. rjr-Come and see.
Lebanon, th-egon, October 30, 1874.
From this date until further notice, I will
sen a -CHOICE
Stoves & Banges
Albany, Dec. 10, 1874-13
The Tlioroujrlibreel nevonsblre 1 nil,
r Victor Second,
inoucfiig March 1st, 1S7 . and ending
June 1st. Mi t. at. the farm of Hie under
signed, two miles north of Shedd Station, J
rislmrir, Linn county, Oregon. ' i
Those desiring can obtain good pasture
on reasonable term..
VICTOR is the flm-t l ull in the State,
having taken the firs' vuoinium over all
comiwHtors when exhibited at the Oregon
oiaie r air.
IMPORTANT. Endorsed by the Medi
cal profession. DR. Wat. HALL'S BAL
SAM for the longs cares Coughs, Colds
and Consumption, and ail diseases of the
Throat and Chesf. Da. TOWXSLEVS
MXNt'TE. . 7n48
acres, two miles from Altmnv. ibith
house, commodious barn, and small orch
ard of choice trees. Also, fanning Imple
ments, and hay somcient for Spring use.
inducements to emigrants seeking a home
nwriiiiiiiiri'ingcuy. fossessioa given
immediately. For rArtieulnrs enquire of
Cor, Washington and 2d sts., Albany Or.
1 . 85
640 acres, t he ot her 2S7 acres, with good
buildings. , These taiins lay near Lebanon.
For terms and mrtii'iiiani anniv tn tVin
underslKiied. L- KLKINS.
Aioany, Aiarcn s, 1875. , - w
. "march 6th, 1875.
Editor Kegister : It becomes my
painful duty to record another item
from Providence Sehoolhonse.
The school Is just out, that so much
has been said agd written about. The
day that has been long looked lor,
came last Friday, and the teacher that
teaches; that the earth is flat, as might ;
be expected, was out of humor with
certain: parties especially the friend
of the "forks and concluded to have
revenge out of somebody. So. for a
very trifling offence, he called up a
little boy some twelve years of age
(son of jCliarles Charlton), and stripped
him down to a thin, shirt, and whipped
him unmercifully, leaving marks tlint
could ' be counted fifty yards. The
flesh wis tartly bruised. - It majce my
heart sick to think .of it.. The fntlier
of the boy had the young teacher
(Franklin Crabtree), arrested and
brought! before the Hon. H. Derthick,
and fined fifty dollars and costs, and
everybody . said amen. , He has left
for Arizona, and there is many a tear
that will not be shed on account of
his sudden departure.
I still remain,
informed our readers last jWeek,
articles of incorporation have been
filed inaugurating the Harrisbur &
McKenzte Canal and Water Ditch
Co. The intention of the gentlemen
forming) the Company is to secure
stock subscriptions amounting to
$80,000, 'said subscriptions to be used
in the construction of a canal conveying
the waters of the McKenzie to Harris-
burg. It is intended to takd the water
from the McKenzie at Spore's terry,
a distance of probably fourteen or
fifteen miles from Harrisburg. We
are told the enterprise la an entirely
feasible one, and the highest hopes of
success are entertained. It is quite
an undertaking for Harrisburg, but
it her citizens are thoroughly aroused
and fully understand the benefits which
will naturally flow from the comple
tion of ''such an improvement, who
can doubt of its success? Still the
gentlemen who have it in hand have
a huge work before them a task
that will require perseverance and
un relaxing energy. Often those t who
a re. to be he most benefitted by a new
enterprise are the last and most un
willing to see and aid it. But we
Uofcx- tuaG the citizens of ILinlsbnrg
have not only the means but the lib
erality aiid energy to successfully
carry ouC the work, and that the
Harrisburg & McKenzie Canal may
soon become an acknowledged fact.
All enterprises of this character de
serve at least the good -will of every
citizen who is anxious to advance the
best interests of his county and State.
Let us haVe the Canal, and the soouer
the better.
Sherrill's Seed Sower and Cultivator.--We
liave called the atten
tion of our readers "to the merits of
this excellent machine on more than
one occasion, and we do so again,
believing that it is to the interest of
our agricultural friends to investigate
for themselves, and thus establish the
fact each for himself of its excellence.
We may be mistaken in our estimate
of the machine, but we are inclined to
believe, until better evidence is ad
duced, that it is the best combined
machine made, no matter where it
halls from or who made it, for sowing
and cultivating wheat, oats, barley,
flax seed. etc. To give the farmers of
this portion of the county a chance to
see and examine for themselves, Mr.
Slierrill has one of his machines on
exhibition with W. H. Dodd & Co.,
in the Register Building, wliere all
are cordially invited to come and ex
amine for themselves.
Nice Butter. On Saturday last
Mr. C. T. Ingrain presented us with
some splendid batter, the first real
nice butter we had been able to secure
up to that time for weeks. It; was
nice, sweeC butter, in great yellow
rolls the kind tlint makes your mouth
water to look at and it had been
"put' up" ; sometime last Summer.
Friend Ingram has somebody about
his house that knows bow to iqake
butter. i' 1 ' - -;
Stoves ajcd Tinware. Those ot
our readers who do their trading tn
Harrisburg, ! and who may be in want
of anything in . the Stove or tinware
line, are advised to give our old friend.
Mr. O.' P. Tompkins, a call. He has
a varied stock ot goods, is a good
workman, a straightforward, honest
and accommodating dealer, who will
serve you well, and at as low fignres
as he ran and do justice tobimselt.
Dou't fail to give Ol. a call.
. . 1 MARRIED. . -
' At the residence of ttie bride's par
ents, in this city. March 10th, by Rev.
O. Dickinson. Mr. J. J. Murphy and
Mrs. Elizabeth C Chorcli both of
Marion county, Oregon. '
Some fifty guests - were gathered at
the residence of Dr. Lister to witness
the ceremony, and. a pleasant, social
evening was spent. Our best wishes
attend the happy pair.
gave us a friendly call on Monday.
Out latch-string always bangs out. '
Woman Sam-awe In Albany.
The friends of woman enfrar)i!se.
ment met la Pacific Onera House Uth, 1875. .IrscaUtag lor these
Q...., J" " "Pr "use fYW-.n"i8t Rive the date on which they
Sunday, March 6th, at two P. M., for
the purpose of forming a Linn County
Woman Suffrage Association.
Meeting called to order by Mrs. A.
J. Dunlway.
On motion, Mr. D. D. Gray was
elected Chairman, and Mrs. L. Flinn,
Secretary pro tern,
Mrs. Gray opened the meeting with
an appropriate address.
A committee on Constitution was
appointed, consisting of Mrs. M. M.
Blain, Mrs. A. E. Mercer and Mrs.
E. 8. Merrill. .
Mrs. buniway was appointed on
Order of Business.
:. Committee on Constitution sub
mitted the following report : v
Waereas, We, tle undersigned,
citizens of LI tin county, tate of
Oregon, realize that one. half of the
.people of the United State are denied
the prlf fleges of the elective franc4iser
aud are therefore taxed without repre
sentation afid goverened wltliottt con
sent thereby rendering the Constitu
tion of the Republic practically inop
erative as tar as citizens, thus disen
franchised are concerned ; and.
W HEKF.AS, We now deem it advi
sable to form an Association for the
purpose of considering the ways and
means necessary for the promotion ot
the political interests of the whole
people; therefore.
Resolved, That, in order that we
may properly organize, and profitably
carry on this work, we hereby adopt,
and pledge ourselves to support this
Article I. This Society shall be
called tlte Linn County Woman
Suffrage Association, and shall be
auxiliary to the Oregon State Woman
Suffrage Association.
Article II. Its officers shall con
sist of a President, Vice President,
Recording Secretary, Corresponding
Secretary. Treasurer, and Executive
Committee of five.
Article III. Officers shall be
elected for tle term of one year, and
shall continue in office until their
successors are duly , elected and in
stalled. Article IV. This Constitution
may be altered or amended by a two
thirds vote of nil the members of tlie
Association present at any public
business meeting, provided due notice
ot such alterations or amendments
have been submitted at the last meet
ing previous to the time of such action.
Article V. Any person may be
come h member of this Association by
signing this Constitution, and paying
into its treasury an annual fee of fifty
On motion, the report was laid on
the table, to be taken up after the
election and installation of the per
manent officers.
: un motion, air. lv u. uray was
elected President for the ensuing year,
and Mrs. M. M. Blain, Vice Presi
dent. Recording Secretary, Mrs. L.
Flinn ; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs.
A. E. Mercer; Treasurer, Mrs. D.
M. Thompson ; Executive Committee,
Mr. A. Pierce, Mrs. D. L. E. Luper,
Mrs. L. M. Putnam, Mrs. E. F.
Settlemeir and Mrs. E. S. Merrill.
On motion, the Constitution was
taken from the table, discussed and
unanimously adopted.
On motion, the President named
the following Committee on By-Laws,
with instructions to report at the next
meeting : Mrs.- J. H. Foster, Mrs.
M. M. Blain and Mrs. A. E. Mer
cer.; ;
On motion, the Secretary was in
structed to furnish a copy of the
minutes ot this meeting for publication
tn the Albany Register. Democrat and
Granger, and in the Portland JVete
Northwest. '
A vote of thanks was tendered to
Mrs. D ml way tor her assistance in
organizing the Association; also to
the Mayor of the city for the free use
of the Opera House tor the occasion.
On motion, adjourned to meet at
the residence of Mrs. J. H. Foster on
Saturday. March 13th, at 2 P. M.
D. D. GRAY, Pres
Mrs. L. Flinn, Sec.
- Poetry Oram the Forks.
Written expressly for the Albany Rkois-
Titers was a teacher at Providence,
Who whipped and beat his scholars;
They took him before his Honor, the Esq.,
And fined him fifty dollars.
This same young man ot the Santiam, , .
Rides a bljr brows pony, .
And every time that court comes round,
- He goes to Arizona.
As soon as Bonham leaves the chair.
And the excitement uets cooled down,
Arizona will lose a fool,
, And Linn will get her bound I
He swears bv alt that's (rood and bad,
He'll never teach anot her school!
And In the district where he taught,
They never want another fool.
It is ski.tkx that wk Kortca anything
In the medical line, nor wonld we now,
unless me 01m be convinced that we are
not doing our dnty as a Journalist in re
commending to the public the celebrated
botanical preparations of Dr. Heniy.
Whoever Induces the victim of Scrofula or
anv other disease of the blood, to use Dr.
Henry's Extract of 6arerjarU'tt, has began
good work. Tfverectsn he no question as
to the result of this medicine If persevered
i-n. It is a rare euro for Scrofnla, Rheuma
tism, Salt Kheum, and indeed all com
plaints arising from viiated or Impure
blood. It is lust what a good physician
would prescribe for these complaints, and
we confidently recommend it as being the
best article now in use. Dr. Henry's
Congh Balsam Is the most effective remedy
for any affections of the Throat or Langs
that we have ever known. It contains no
detetertoua drugs, and can be taken with
impunity and certainty of relief. For the
core of Coughs, Colds, Bore Th roat, etc, it
stands without a rival. Dr. Henry's Lini
ment as an alleviator of pairs, is unrivalled
by any preparation before the public ; the
most skeptical will be convinced by a
single trial. It will prove itself a "friend
in need" which no family should be with
out. ' - - ' -'.-
i ACeakol-For a good sixteen horse
power Engine and Boiler, with necessary
fixtures, at a bargain, call on E. Carter
A Co., at their 8ash & Door Factory,
Albany. They are preparing to run their
machinery by water, and have their en
giat tnd bolTqr tpr gaje, cbeajv , SUC
Remain injr 1b the Albany Postofflce,
were advertised :
Adams, Mrs. Mary,
Bit roc, Lnret y.
Carter, Benton,
Campbell, T. H.
Cooper, Frank,
DodMOn, R. 1).
Davidson, Henry,
Davidson, T. B. .
Fisher, Isaac,
Hamilton, Henry,
Knntrs. Wm.
McDerned, Mrs.
Miller, Mary T.
Robinson, Wm. L
Reynolds, E. 1
Sharp, Lewis,
Smith, Edward,
Thompson, W. H.
Thompson, Wm.
Thomas, David,
lineman, Moses,
White, Henry,
McMahan, Miss. M
Wilson, John P.
Roll of Honor. Following is a
list of the names of the pupils of the
Crawfordsville School, ending Feb
ruary, 1875, whose standing m deport
ment Is 90 per cent. . :;. .
Commodore Carey Ann Johnson,
Fannie Carey, .-.Sarah King,
Martha Carey, J Sat Irah King,
John Care t '' David King,
Margaret Cargy,
Resha Carey,' "
T. B. Carey,
Oeorge Colbert,
Othen Uonover,
I on Crawford, .
Beverly Crawford.
Marson King,
Mary King, 1 .
Jane Leslie, .
Maggie Leslie,
Amanda MeCawr "
Hot tic Robinett, - . -Mnssrle
Afiam Shanks. H . .
G. D. Johnson,
Andrew Shanks.
O. IT. BYLAND. Teacher.
- Fun Alive. A first clasat wedding
came off put in the prairie a tew days
ago, which afforded the "boys" a huge
old time. The minister who was sent
for to do up the job came much earlier
than he was expected, and informed
the to-be-married that he had but just
so much time, and if they wished to
be united they must hurry up. Thus
urged, and before the guests; had ar
rived, the two were hurried into the
presence of tlie minister, who "spliced"
tliem tight before they bad time to
think. The newly made husband, as
soon as ! he "got his wind," com
menced lamentations both loud and
long, in the langnage of our inforaiant
he "boo-hooed all over the yard, till
eventually his wife got tip on lier
ear" and declared that it the boys
would chiravari him she'd pay all the
expenses.; And tlie fun grew fast and
furious, until some of the visitors in
formed the newly made bride it was
time to retire. She thereupon in
formed the crowd that site didn't in
tend to go to bed until site got ready.
Two of her lady friends then, jokingly,
took liold, of her to go through the
ceremony of putting her to bed, when
she incontinentaily threw herself into
an attitude, struck out manfully with
her ."mawleys," knocking both ladies
"out of time," one of tliem falling
into a jar ot yeast, sadly demoralizing
her "good clothes." Of course we
won't mention names, but those folks,
living within at 1 10 u sat id miles ot Leb
anon, who got away with all the big
cake, because the ceremony was per
formed before thejr St there; deserve
the severest censure, perhaps not T The
moral of all this seems to be that there
are girls in Old Linn that 'know
their rights, and knowing, dare main
tain !" j
Wheat, 624'c f
Oats, 40c
Eggs, 15c.
Butter none in market.
Fruit trees at A. Carothers & Co's.
The finest honey we have seen tor
many a day, came from John Schmeer's
during the week.
The election tor School Directors,
we believe, comes off this month. As
the office is important, let the best
men be selected. ..-. .'.'
We are glad to see Mr. Jas. Nixon
is able to be out again after being
confined to bis house so long with
rheumatism. - '
Mr. N. Payne is lying veir- low
with typhoid fever, at the residence of
his father, Mr. Mart. Payne, In this
city. - - J -
Messrs. Althouse A Co.. ha ve order
ed a water wheel, which ' will pro
bably be put tn ' and ready for biz, as
soon as the ' ditch down Lyon street
is dug. -'.!:':'. . --''f-.v'.; ... :
There were twenty accessions to
the church on Sunday, after the morn
ing sermon at the M. E. Church
eighteen joining the old cburcli, and
two tlie Southern branch. :
Win. E. Howell, of Salem, agent
for the Uuion Gas Macliine, called a
moment on Monday. He' is making
an effort to induce the formation of a
gas company In this - city. Good
enough. j . , .
Rev. Mr- Handsacker, of Salem,
held divine iaervtce in this city at the
Baptist Church on Sunday. We
understand 'that an effort Is being
made to secure bis entire services by
the Baptists of this place. . ;
Last Friday the Willamette Chief ran
on to a snag a short distance below
Buena Vista. She ' was immediately
ran into shoal water where she sank
to her guards. She had 175 tons of
wheat on board, all of which la re
ported sate.
The most of the butter sold from the
counters of dealers of late, seems to be
butter that was "salted down" last
tall or summer. A good deal of butter
has also been Imported Butter has
been retailing at 4050c a pounds ;
Jas. SherrUL Esq., of Harrisburg,
called on Monday; W are glad to
learn that the Cultivator and Seed
Sower patented andt manafactttred by
him, is meeting with tlie fullest suc-
The sutt in the Circuit Court en
titled Andrew Wiley vs Ii. Elktu
et at., to recover money, was simply
a suit against tlie late Directors of the
Willamette Valley & Cascade Moun
tain. Wagon Road Cv '
Orgeana Encampment . meets to
night. - ' ;
Circuit Court convened on Men-
day, Judge Bonham presiding.
. The Register has been selected to
do the city printing for the balance
of the year until January, 1876.
A meeting of the stockholders in
the Alden Fruit Perserving Co., of
Albany, is called for Monday, in the
Court House.
Mr. Robert Glass, of Crawfords
ville, gave us a call yesterday. Ore
gon don't produce much better men
than Mr. Glass, and we are proud to
number him among our friends..
Rev. I. D. Driver, after efficient
labor at the revival meetings during
the week In this city, goes to his
quarterly meeting in Corvallis, which
transpires to-day and to-morrow.
We are Indebted to Mr. Henry
Myer, 'the popular Treasurer for we
dont know bow long of tlie Fire Com
pany, lor a couple of boxes of fragrant
cigars. ? We think ot Our Henry"
when we smoke.
The Canal C6mpany have peen en
gaged during the week in widening
the ditch dug along: Water street to
convey water to the sawmill and the
foundry, so as to furnish water to
Carter & Co's. planer. -
The new Taylor press of the Demo
crat was started up on Monday, and,
Mait; tells us, worked splendidly.
The Detnocrat. will get into its new
office soon, when it wiU be pleasantly
and conveniently situated. It seems
to be ou the high road to fortune.
Success to, Mart, and Claib.
Any one wishing to purchase a
first class piano, (in use but a short
time, and as good as when taken from
the store, at a very low price, should
call at the residence of Mr. John
Schmver, corner of First a ud Ells- i
worth streets, where they can see and '
test the itistrnment.
Messrs. Porter, ot Shedd, O. H.
Byland, of Crawfordsville, Jas. Slier
rill and ,W. Churchill, of Harrisburg,
Rev. Mr. White, of Corvallis, Mr.
Johnson, ot tlie Forks, have favored
us with calls during the week. We
feel all tlie better tor their words of
kindness and commendation. Our
friends are always welcome come
often. '
Albany Lodge No. 4. I. O. O. F.,
a week or two since undertook to get
up a library. So far nearly one hun
dred volumes have been donated to
the Library, and more are promised.
At the regular meeting of the Lodge
on AVeduesday ' night, Bro. John
Briggs was elected Librarian, and
Bro. Clark, Assistant. , We hope in
a short, time to have a large and valu
able library.
An ordinance has passed the City
Council to its second reading, grant
ing tlie Canal Co. the right of way
along Lyon street, from the Canal to
the planing mill owned by Messrs,
Althouse, Backensto & Ketchum, on
the bank of tlte Willamette, tor a
water ditch, we are informed. It is
intended also to extend this ditch op
Water street to Simpson's waretiouse,
The Interest in the religious meet
ings that have been held nightly for
several weeks past in this city, are
gathering in interest. The noon-day
prayer-meetings, too, are daily grow
ing larger and more interesting, and
soon the old furniture store will be
unable to bold tlie numbers seeking
admittance. God is certainly reviv
ing the people of this whole com
munity, and christians everywhere
will pray that the good work may
continue, until not only this com in u
nitybut the people of the entire coast
may feel the power of divine love.
Slight rainfall yesterday forenoon.
A breach of promise and seduction ease,
in which Miss Mann was Plain tilf, closed
at Danville, 111., on the ftth, the jury award
ing Miss Maun SLVMO. .
The telegram chronicles the mysterious
death of Pbtl. W.-Hermans, commission
merchant, at St. Louis, on the tttb. His
body was found, in a terribly mangled
condition, on the North Mission railroad
track, two blocks above North Market
street depot. The supposition is tnat lie
wandered on the track while in a state of
insanity, and was kilieil by the train,
At Columbus, Ohio, on the 6th, Wm. Mo
Donald, a well-known and formerly
wealthy oltisen, was found dead in the
canal. His habits having been of a dissi
pated character of late years, it is not
known whether his death wasaceidental or
premeditated. , .
Gen. Cotton declines to be a director of
the P. M. 6. & Co. ,
On the 5th, G. Schry's residence, at Sun
bury, Penn., was burned, together with
two chUdran. , Their mother was also
fatally burned. ' f . , .
Says a Fonda, NVT., telegram of the Sth:
Early ttxlay the Bank of Hays A Wells, at
Johnstown, was found to be in tin urea, and
on entrance being forced, the charred re
mains of Ed ward Tost, who slept In the
bank, was found. Tlie money, watch and
diamond pin of Yost's are missing. No at
tempt was made to rob the bank.
There is a rumor that Plymouth church
has subscribed. tl"0JoO to defray the ex
penes of the Beecher-Tllton trial. The
rumor goes so far into 'details as to relate
the action of Bowen, who entered a hearty
protest against the appropriation and
utterly relused to be a party to it.
Dispatches from Canada report a general
improvement In the money market there,
which began a week or ten days ago, and
steadily continues. ', , ;1 ,
Hon, James Bnfflngton, of Massachu
setts, Representative from the First Con
gressional District, arrived home front
Washington, on tha 7th, with his family.
He went to the residence of his son-in-law,
were he died within an hour. He was 68
Ssars old, and 'had been Indisposed for a
ng time. .- ;.-'-:...-. -.. ..
- A special correspondent, writing from
Sioux City, gives a long report of the in
terview with Ephraim Wik-ber, an old
citizen of tltat place, and one of t be party
who went oat to the Black Hills last fa)L
and has recently returned. He reiterates
previous-accounts of the richness of t he
mines, and asserts that vhey found no un
friendly Indians. Game was plenty, and
though the weather waseoid the party did
not suifer. One of the original party that
left Sioux City, M. H. Bones, hailing from
San Francisco, died on the way to the
mines. Tbe business men of Sioux City
have organized a Black Hills Transporta
tion Companv, and expect tostarl the. first
trxia about te lt oATU, ,
A. J. Crnne, 1st collector, of internal
revenue of the3-.l district of Vermont, who
Tilead gntltv to embezzlement, as dlsbnrs
ng agent of the government, and to mak
ing t'nWe entries ascoliec'or, wnsscnleneed
tolsmonlhs Imprisonment and to pay a
line of $3,000, at Burlington on the 61 h.
It Is probable that the Department of '
8tate will, tlurttif? the present executive
session of the henate, transmit to that
body sinlry documents on the subject of
Spanish stialis. ,
A London fclegi-ani of the Sth Inst, says
the Archbishop of Canterbury and York,
and all t he !)isho)w except two, have Issued
a pastoral congnitulatinir the clervy and
laity on the prosjierify rftid proeress of the
church, and strongly admonishing the
formenignlnst ailcgeu rltimlistlcpinctiees,
causing isolation of the clergy from -the
people, v . 4
On thefnifflit of thefith, tlie heaviest snow
storm ever experienced fell lit M inrlils,
Tenn. Fifteen Inches of snow toll, drift
ing in ninny places w ns to stop t he street
cars. Onilio same niwhtat :uiro. III., the
snow fell to the depth of elsht inches the
heaviest known lor ninny years...
' The speech of MlnisferCiiRhing to King
Alfonso will contain only the customary
formal expressions of friendship of the
United Slates for fcipnin. Ila, Jfowever, has
special Inst ruet ions to govern him in the
neKOiiations which were initiated nnder
the laie republican government and are
now to he or. sum mined. These neaotiii
tions conteiupiiile the full srf t k-nient of
all inestious ending Tietween the two
guvei-nment, while Miulster Curbing,
like his n-.l'tssors, will !so exert him
self -to negotiate a new litmty of cooiini-ris
anl navigation, none-having Iw-en nmile
with firHin skree Kiis, home favorable ar
rangements 'nspeetlng our trade with
Cuba will continue to be pressed by our
At Waliinton on the 6th. the Secretary
of tlie Interior nia-ienn important decision
in the case of Arrbcorcheu nunlnKt the
State of Caiifomlaand snn'lry preemption
c-laitnnnts to kinds within the limits of the
Los Percllos ici-hiiIs. Arroeorcliea's appli
cation to purchase it. at 1 21 pir acre as
an innocent purchaser nnder the rejected
luexuran grant, is reinseu on its merits.
Th Alutn I7niver-itv imrl filifi- Ar.rtisjiM. .
tion is declared, voi'l and the land awarded
to nre-ciiintkm -clniiiiH. An entirelv new
and important principle IsestabllHhed by
the decision, that an irreirniar or in valid
81 are select ion does not withdraw public
land from pruempttou settlement.
The . followlne Pneiflo const measnres
foiled to receive final action by this Con
gress: Clayton and Luttreli's movementa
for a tax oh imitation chnnipattnc, to pro
tect California .wine milkers; Lntti'ell's
resolui ion for an in vestt-'iif Ion of Central
Paciiicaniiirs; Kendall's hiils prohibiting
uniust ruiiwav. discriinlniitions. to en-'
courage the sinking of Artesian wolls,
nnil to pay Nevada Indian war claims;
Alitcnen 111111 jNcsinttii 1111 to alU tlie
building of the Portland, Dulles and Klt
Lake Railroad. AH Oregon and Wash
ington Territory hills roHiwcttng swaino
lands, liiiinely: Nez Perce-and Kiamath myiupia Tine ttais ana
lands, and the Seattle and Walla, and
Hosebura raili-oails. - Also all bills propos
ing to compel or.nrlz miners 10 outcnt
and pay forcluinis.
Wall street. New York, wns excited on
the mh Inst. Karly in the day a strong
etfort was made to unsettle matters by
making gold scarce 11 ml dcur. Lewis were
tailed in freely ami liorrowers had to pay
one sixteenth ir diem for short time.
Till blah into soon brought linveamonnts
ofgol i into the loun markctund especially
iroin nana uiitiKs, ami very foon goia
was loaueil fii of interest. The move
ment lul l noeifeet on the money market,
and call Itmus were easy at 4 to r. j or cent.
On slock exchntre lhcrcvvii further lm
pTOvement and a buoyant feeling lu many "
siiaros. Bonio 01 ine ucars ui ivuipteu 10
cover, and in doing o carried up prices,
it whs known tlutt nUiitt $ha I'M) gold
had Ihimi taken out ol ilioiniwiccniiii tlint :
everything five liL.d been done which was
oecmctt mttssnry to secure 1 lie success of
the squeeze promised for to-day.
- A spec'al from Omaha soys General Ord,
cnmmniiuing.thc district of Nebraska, has
received lnfm-umiinu from Col. Bradley, .
commanding i'oit Laramie, that the two
men who ni rived tliere limn Black Hills,
refmrt twenty men, one woninn undone
child in the ttlacjr Hills, terribly destitute
of sipiplics aiKliinost starving, their only
resources liuinn puimi', wli'.ch is dllllcult to '
obtain on account ot severe wca; her. Gen,
Ord telegraphed I'.nidiey to sen A troov .'
with fcuppd.; for t heir relief as worn as 1 lie
weather wiil iM'rniit. and 10 bring them
back. General ord h!m orders the new ex
pedition preparing to leave t-ionx City lor
the Ililis, to e slopped and comie:lel 10
return even If it Inxoincs necessnrv to des
troy tlieir out tit. General Micridan has
telegraphed Gen. Ord to clenn the Black
Hills ol' all miners aud allow no mure to
The New York PM' snecliil says: "On
all sides wt hear compliments wr Secre
tary Kristnw. Instead of kciiin oid, he
has kirpt within the luw, ifiiardiitg the
sinking fund, and made possible an In
crease of t:ttt,0o0,H" 01 sold in this market
within the next three mouths, and that,
in addition to the regular and known dis
bursements, the withdrawal ol legal ten
ders to the amount of w percent, of the
new Imnk notes issued, while only carry- .
ingoutlaw, giva ejnal sal isfuction. On
the whole, we hear tunny regrets expressed
that Secretary Bristow could not have
been in the trensury during the time his
present jioMtion was occujilcd by Bout
well and liiclutrdscn.
Gov. Howard, of Khode Island, on tho
Bth Inst., presented to theStme fonate of
that Slate the reixjrt of the chief constable
relative to otllciiU Interfeivnte of t. 8,
Marshal Coggshall. at the n-cent seizure
of liquors, wtiichwere under ihe protec
tion of the State. Ou presenting the re
port the governor made a siv.-cch, in ihe
coarse of which he mid: In the collision
between Ihe ofliccrs si u ted mid the I nln i
S ates, ha? was called on by a uicniherof
the consfnlmlarv and inloruied of Ihe
existing dlfllcully and aWHl to lnterlere
in the matter. Although there was no
doubt in my -own mind that I might
direct a portion of the military establish
ment of the State to sustain the Slate
officer, and the law, yet prudence required
that the question uiiiiht lienor be dovidedt
by tlie court rather thun by tho interven
tion of the miiilary. 1 then-lore directed
the constubii nry to make 110 lurther ctTort .
to seize the liquor then held by the V. H.
marshul and the chief of police. Asa
result this has been plaiarded us a victory
on the part of the V. S. marshal and hie .
deputy. I agree Inlly with the universal
opinion that these attachments are col
lusive and a thinly disguised slutme, and '
1 shaie 1 lie general sense of moi'liikation
at ihe indisniiy 1o which onr ccninioii
wealth was suhjcWed. 1 realize alo the'
gravity ol the si unit ion and recognize it
as our Imperative duty to take measnr
for an early and proper a tjusi meat or t ho
question. Thcie have betm dinned into
our cars for the paxl six months threats in -regard
to Fort Anderson and revenue
cullers, tint so long as these threats are
words, they liave ljen tivated as such;
yet when it is gravely stated bv a respec
table and iniellixcuv Journal that troopa -. ,
from Fort Adams and the C". S. l-eventie
cutler Wmi l Jsezter,- had been, p aced at
the disposition of the luarv-liu!, it. seems
protier toask why is this ilonef It must
be tor tlie purpose of wughig w ar on I be
tieople of a Stute who, from tlie dnte of
its settlement, have lietm noted tor t hei r
intclliseiice,eonservatLsm and patriotism.
Your prttMnce here, senators. Is a mockei-y
and a farce when such proceedings as
these are saslnined by the federal gov
ernment. Your honomble judiciary and
executive may as well resian their oftlces
and leave 1 lie control and Utrwiwm of
State atl'alrs to the subordinates of tho
V. 8. government. -No graver question
has been foix-ed upon the State since Ha
first" settlement. It Is a vilal qiimt,(in, '
for in it are involved the soverehj-nt v of
the State and lis harmonious rem lions,
with the L'nltetl Wales. The Hrtie Stale '
Of Rhode Island iseullllexl on sucirpoints
to equal respiet as larger Stales or the
general government itself.
From the following telegram, dated
Richmond, A a., March Sth, 11 would seem ,
that there was a full rteteriuinai Ion on t he
part of members of the Siaie Lcxi-minie, '
now iu session there, to annnl und make
of no etfeet as far as- possible ihe civil :'
Rights Bill passed by the last t'ongi. a.
The telegram says: Gilman, of this city. '
lntroduccil a bill in the House topunih '
Jiarties creating dlsturliancen In lintels,
theaters, etc It provides that pet sous ,
who create disturbance in hotels by Ixiih
tnroos demands for accommodation, niter
the proprietor or agent has declined 1o
entertain for want of i-ooru - fr w ren
sonnble siiecifleil cttiises, shall Ik- m. vlwd
by fine and itnprisoiiiiicut. In t... ,.f
t healers, inana-irrs have the righ t i:ua
reservtHl seat tickets, stamped r. 1.
ferable,and when a person not tl i "i-i -.ul
purchaser demand admittance, the vic ,
keepercan refuse hlm.bnt tho niomv j
be retunded, and If ho refusesto take
money and thereby-creates a disturbance.,
lie w ill be liable to arrest an d fine. In hot 1 1
eases half the fine goes to the hotel
or maunder, as the ease uuiy be. -'i hero '
are similar provisions in reaard u
steajaers aiid railroads
. f