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NO. 25
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a., cp.rcrsfc
Dealers In Merchandise and Produce. A
good assortment of all kinds of Goods al
ways in store at lowest market rates.
Agents for sale of Wagons, Grain Drills,
Cider Mills. Churns, &c, c.
Medical Colleare of New York, late
manure at Rellevieu H spital Medical Col-
raie,sew lorn. urricE-in a. (.aroiuera
A Co. 'a drug store, Albany, Oregon.
- CEO. It. IIELJl,
Attorney and t'oaniwlar jts Law,
ot t hi ate. Office In Fox's brick
tup stairs) First street. . 6v7
Has jnst opened a line stock of ;
ots c&3 Slioei
California made, to which he Invites the
attention of the citixens of Albany and v 1-
cimiv. Kr-sioous manniacturea tooruer.
in latest styles, with best of stock. Store
corner Rma-lalbin and First streets, Chas.
Mealey s ola stand. Call and examine my '
BllKTM . 1.171. At3 I iU.l
. 1. T . .T'l T L' II 11' .Ilk
Albany. Oct. 16. 1874-5v7
Maine's Headers, (Wood's Improved.) I
Coqulllar-irs Indiana Farm Wagon
The Bnssel and Vibrator Thresherm,
' (best machines on the coast.
Rtalcsnan Foreereed Drill.
Star Plows, and other machines.
Call. see. and zet price and terms before
buying elsewhere, at my Blacksmith Shop,
corner aeconu auu cuswonuBn., aiwdj,
Oregon. i
v T good Broom ever made in Albany,
has returned from California, and located
permanently in this city, where he has
again enmmencea uie manutacture oi au
kinds Qf
Brooms, Crushes, Wisps,
4c. RtJiis taetory on First street, at John
Metzler' old stand. east of Masmolla Mills.
where be invites those wishing a first class
broom to call ami secure it oi uttn.
Albany, Oct. WL 1374-5 v7
stock of
Fil l. I'-WTITKR CiUlltSl
aelocted with care, and bought for coin tu
Scandalously Low Fisurcs !
and as we bought low we can and will sell I
Astonish Everybody.
Lome una see onr selections ox
rlil we,
Ribbons, Collars, Collarettes,
Lace, &c., Ac,
for t he ladies, and onr complete lines of
Readymade Clothing:,
' Hoots,
' raps, -Hals,
of all descriptions for men and boys. Also
tun assortments oi
Groceries, Croctoy & Glassware.
The best roods, at the la west rates every 1
nine. fcLorae nnu see.
Lebanon, Oregon, October 30, 1874.
4 H. RET.I, A PARKER, late of Oresron
xV Citv. tiear leave to intorm the mibltc
tnat. tney nave piircnaaea tne entire stock
of drugs, medicines, .. formerly owned
by R. C Hill Ation. and that they design
continuinar tbe business at the old stand.
wlteretliev tmrpose keeping iu the farore
nuiAoriaeai ox
Drug, . ,
r. Patent Medicines,
y i ' Toilet Articles. '
' Perfumery,
and everything usually found In a first.
eiass aruir store. ... .
. While earnestly soliciting a continuance
ot tne iioerai patronage neretotore extena
ed to the old house, we hope at tbe same
time, by fair and liberal dealing, and care
ful attention to the wants of customers, to
merit the esteem of any new trienda who
u mv favor us wltb their orders.
Part tenhtr attention will be given to the
compounding of physician's prescriptions
anu iainiiy recipes, at ail noursot tue aay
or nigui iv
Successors to K. C. UlLI. a SOU.
AJbany, October , '7-n4tf
rrom this date until further notice, I will
choick sEixcnes or
Stoves & Ranges
...J.. W. n. MCTAELAND.
. Albany, Pee, M, 17-13 ' ,.
: ; Wholesale and Retail Dealer in.
street, Albany, Oregon.
Terms Cash.
Here's the Place.!
Si XX. ClauQlif on
Has received and Is offering for sale a well
select eu si Oct oi ;
- Which he is determined to sell
" for
Casli, or MercliaiitaMe Prince !
Please give me a call, and examine
Goods and Prices;
. II. (XAt'C-HTOX.
Lebanon, Or.
o. ts. s. oo.
luri ner nonce, iiturm xrom
AH down freight will be delivered at
Free of Drayajre and Wliarf-
At Reduced Rates.
Boats will leavfi A LB AW for CORVAL-
Lis or iuiuLAa D i
vr ery
For further particulars, apply to
Albany, Nov. 2d, T4-12 Agents
ITew Elevator !
tion of wluat and oats. We call the at
tention of farmers to the fact that we have
erected the finest warehouse in the State,
at a large expense, and are in position to
minute sattsiactortiy an immense quan
tity of grain. Our house has a capacity for
200.C00 bushels of Wheat
at one time, and is located on the margin
of the Willamette River, and provided with
a side track trom t he O. & C. K. R.. so that
shimnenta mnv be made dallv by rail, and
asotten by waierasooaiingiacuiiiesouer.
we nave two mrge suciion luns, in wiu
tion toother tans, attached to the house.
run by water power, and are tnus pre
pared to
all the wheat received. Can take In and
clean 10.000 bushels per day. Cleaned wheat
is wort tt mucn more in an loreign markets
than foul wheat, and none should be ship
ped w ithont clean ing. Our cbai-ges will be ;
Ave cents a Dnsnei on wneat, ana xour
cent on oata. We bave -
to furnish - those atorlng wheat with ua,
free to those whose wheat we purchase.
and at the lowest cash price to those who
sell their wheat from our nonse to ot per
buyers. Persons storing with us are at
liberty to sell to whom thev please. Those
who reside on the west side of tbo river
will have ferriage free. Will be in lbe
market as buyers, and expect to be able to
pay the highest, possible price. Having'
prepared ourselves to do a Harare business, '
we hope for our share of the public pat
" ronage. -
July81n47-6 - ' ; r Albany, Oregon. -
Rath Hons? & Barber Shop
nWE VS DERSIGNED would respectfully
- JL thank tbecitizens of Albany and vi
cinity for the liberal patronage bestowed
. on hfm for the paal seven years, and hopes
for the future a continuation of their tn
vora. For t heaceoiumodaMon of transient
customers, and friends In the upper part
of town, be lias oiiened a neat Hi tie shop
next aoor 10 inyior Moninnnierjr n -kwn,
where a good workman will always
be In attendsnee to wait nmn -natrons- . .
Dec. 11. 1874. ' JOJS w.tB.i.
Siher-PIated .Ware!
fj of Rowers Mlver-f'tatvd Ware,
Mlver-nteel nUrry, etc.- direct fnn
I he Factory. We will sell Table Spoons st
S3 per set, and Teaspoons at tl 60,andotli
er goods proportionately low.
X323ty ;3v Organ t.
naTtT organs SOLD AT TH'B M. E
-E Parsonage, Ailwny. on themost favor
able terms. Tbe EST E Y ORGAN has lwen
pronounced the beat by t ho most compe
tent Judges. Doit buy any other nutil
von huve seen and heard these beautiful
nstruments. - - I- WILSON.
v? :f OLAriftaOEEOO,
(!" Neatly executed, "
Call at the Register OQce.
Home latorests
j SnEDts Oregon. "
Ei. Register : Onr bnsy little town is
In a state of terrible excitement over the
t singular and mj-sterlous disappearance of
an old resident and Ma son. on the night
of the 5th ult. From circumstances re
cently developed in connection with the -
auarr, two nooie. nonorea nnu uim ihijb
have undoubtedly been forfeited to the
insatiable, love of , blood, possessed by
ihnwhpiiAUnf iwr" (wolves in sheen's
clothing) that one so often meets upon the
highways and Jbvwavsof theeonntry Im-
lonr been snsnected of beinsr an organized
and associated JUrek otthupx, and since the
lamemame ocenrrenee oi tne oi ner hwh,
evid(noe at once conclusive and Incontro
vertible has transnlred, provlnar that they ,
uissfmee even ineir innnieroiis wem
nro:o;vpes. In the scientific refinement of
imrhhritv they exhibit in their mode of
rtlnosinic of the bniUei of their victims.
The fiiin-r of horror and rljthteons indis-
narion wntcn idis terrioie event nas nr
mased in the breasts of tle extensive
circle of friends and rein Ives of the noble
aad beloved departed, in too terrible and
too aeeu.tprpy pen to ticscnoe.- unt jus
tice Is not dead, slie has on!v-slTW. Vsn
xeance is npon their track, and retribution
wiM lie nieted out tothetn.swtft. sure, stem
and Wrtrek-nttns, their wild ways, meek
lacev ana wnue coats to ine contrary
This heartrendln'r affair hanjrs like a
pall over the half community, shnttin-r
out the sunshine of safety and security in
our nonses, as on ly i ne snauows irora Tire
Intra of the'dark ansrel can. And now,
In conclusion. I exnress the universal sen
timent ot thoir frinds and fatnllv. when I
say fiirwell ("or. generous, du'ifnlnnd nse-
iiti "sunn- woug" w ix
P. 8. The sfc-ro (Fs) evidentlv killed the
doss (Csl, and have drnjrged their bodies
Into some of their dens, hidden beyond
t nc Ken ot man. ana wnere mortal eve win
never penetrate. Hence it will become
neceesnrv to resort to the use of the "eye'
o the "Cir Court."
ale, purps. .
CiRcrrr Court. Tlie following en
titled causes appear upon the dockiet
to be tried at the Mai-ch term of the
TJnnj County Circuit Court, which
convenes in this city on Monday next :'
State of Oregon vs Jacob Todd ; sailing
liquorwithout license.
Thomas Slonteiih etalvs J. H. Foster
et ul : in eonitv.
John Lee vs L. Elkins et al ; to recover
Andrew Wiley vs L. Elkins et al; tore
cover, money.
Antf O'Brien vs Richard O'Brien suit
for divorce.
Win. E. Newhouse vs Wm. Peters etal;
to foreclose mortuaae.
James Kenny vs T. C- Winn, J. E. Bent-
lev et, M i to foreclosie mortiraite.
Jno. T. Harbin vs W. A. Skinner 4 Cress-
well : to recover monev.
Wis. Harris vs Wm. McCalllster; tore
cover monev.
Jasi H. Perry et al vs Geo. W. Garland
ami Clarissa. iTiirland : for imrtltion.
Maggie M. McC'ouncll vs A. R. McCon-
nell; tor divorce.
Sitan Mulky vs Wm. Pitman etal. - -;
Wm. Pitman vs Wilson Uumn.
S'aie of Oregon, vs Corvailis i Y. B. W.
R. Co.
Jno. T. Harbin vs Jno. T. Gil more; ac
tion sr luw lor monev.
Board ot School Commissioners vs Susan
W. Thorp etai: to lot-eclosa uiongae.
Albany A Santmm W. D. or C. Co. vs
E. H. Grinin : to recover money.
Jno. T. Craig vs Francis Kendall elal;
A. Cnrrtthers Linn County.
- L. Fieischner A Co. vs Eagle Woolen
Mills t o; t foreclose mortsnure.
U. Cheadle vs E. 8. Merrill; to recover
moni-y. .
J. B. Constable vs Rttel Cnstar ; to re
cover money.
C. H. Paine vs Sophia Paine ; for di
C. W. Cowan vs Chas. Wilson.
Wi W. MeGohon vs G. A. Hill. Co. Clk,
of Lino Co writ of mandamus.
Henry Seller et al vs Laura B. Mooret
al : to a met title.
Jennie Grubb vs C. W. Grubb; for di
vonoe. Garrison Gerst vs Sarah Huston and E.
B. r rum : to recover money.
The suit asainst G. A. Hill Is brought
against hfm for acting in his official ca
pacity as County Clerk byanthoritv of the
Comity Court, and ho is inadethe parly to
this suil in order to test the legality of the
action of the said Court. The Clerk Is
simply sued as an olicer of the Coust, and
noi, tor inuiviauHi aescrepancies.
Resolutions of Grange. The
following resolutions were unanimously
adopted by Salem Grange:
Jfryd. That we as Patrons decline to
Join ourselves to or in any way aid t lie for-
nuauon oi ine xv.rui western uonmieixial
Ctimpany at this time, and we wonld re-
spcctfnjly caution tbe nieinbership of
other Granges from lieing induced hastily
to enter into combinations with tills or
any other business scheme. .
Jicaalved, That in view of the danger of
cenam pariies muiicing memoersoiine
Order to loin combinations to their own
hurt, tbe Secretary of this Grange is re-
quesieu to nave ine loregoing published
ii tlie Willamette J'armr. with tbe liotw
that other papers friendly to our order
will copy. J. J1XNTO, Secretary.
SALEM, Feb. 87, 187 J.
It is seldom- that we KOT Ct anything
in tne medical line, nor would we now.
nntess we coma oe convmcea tnat wears
not doing our duty as a Journalist in re
commending 10 rue puuuc tne celebrated
botanical preparations of Dr. Heniv.
Whoever Induces the victim of Scrofula or
any other disease of the blood, to use Dr
Henry's Ext ract of Sarxapaiilln. has liegun
a icond work. There can h no nnstio as
to the result of this medicine it persevered.
in. i it is a sure cure tor seminia. unenma
ttsm. Salt Rheum, and Indeed alt cotn-
C taints arising from viiated or Impure
loo-l. It is lust what a good physician
would prescribe for these complaints, and
we confidently recommend It as beimr the
best article now in use. Dr. Henry's
Cough Balsam is the most effective remedy
ior any hbwirhis oi lue xuroat or .Lungs
that we have ever known. -. It contains no
deleterious drugs, and cart be taken with
impunity and certainty of relief. Fori he
cure of Conichs, Colds, Sore Throat, etc. It
stands without a rival. Dr. Henry's Lini
ment as an alleviator of pain, is unrivalled
by any preia ration before the publie i tbe
most skeptical will be convinced by a
sfngle trial. It will prove itself a frtcnd
in need" wuicn no family should be wltb-
out. . -
A CtiANCE. For a good sixteen horse
power Engine and Boiler, with necessary
fixtures, at a bargain, call on E. Carter
ft Co., at their Sash A loor Factory,
Albany. They are preparing to run their
machinery by water, and have their ear
gihe and boiler for sale, cheap. . S4tf
. Gold Discovery in Polk. -lust
over in Polk county, flvo miles from
Independence, they have discovered a
quartz ledge ttiat is somewhat rich
from all accounts. Xat. Holman, tbe
discoverer, took 100 pounds to town.
oat of which he obtained $407 in gold.
or at the rate of $8,140 per ton.; If
this is a true statement, we don't
wonder that the citizens of Independ
ence have all moved out on to that
qdartz ledge. " - '
Evidence. We been favored
with a pamphlet containing over 100
pages ot the evidence in the Tllton
Beecher case, as reported by the offl
cial eteiiogioplier. The pamphlet
aiso couiatits a portrait or rneotiore
liiron. 'Anose', who would like to
read tne run eviuence in the above
entitled cause should send to McDlvltt,
uampopuos to., Ill Nassaa street,
JJew York., Tlie pamphlet ir pub-
uButu iu ixiu tnat progresses,,
. DisfNCORpORATED. At ft meeting
tt the Home Manufacturing Coupany
at Salem on Tuesday of last week, the
Counpany was dissolved by the rote of
ft majority of the stockholders, pour
hundred and thirty of the 8ix bohdred
shares were represented. Two hun
dred And sixty shares paid up the full
assessment of $10 ach, while one
hnndred and seventy shares paid $2 50
each, leaving one hundred and seventy
sliares on which Uiere was not cent
paid, . Tbe expenses incurred amount
to 1500, which the Directors Wflf pay,'
returning the overjflus, we suppose, to
ie subscribers, who paid np, prorata.
- ii N s i ---, - s .r .
Seed "Whsat Mor VVASHTKcrroN
CODNTT. The late freeze np klMed
all the lnll-sowh wheat In portlons of
Washington oonnty. The fields pro
tected from the cold east winds by
tiinbej were Injured but little, but
where -there was no t imber to protect
the wheat, not a spear will be raised.
Mr. E. E. Fanning, now a resident
of TVaslilnsrton county, came back to
tlte okl dart, " Linn county. last
Tuesday, to procure seed wheat for
himself and neighbors. He will pur
chase about six hundred and fifty
bushels of wheat, for which be will
pay 72,l cents, per bushel.
- .
Canal Co. Articles of Incorpora
tion were filed yesterday Incorporat
ing the Hnrrisbnrg & McKenzie Canal
and Water Ditch Co. Incorporators
J. F. Hendrix, Hiram Smith, R. A
Bumpy, ; W. H. Baber, M. Fuller
and Samuel Seller. Capital stock.
f0,000. In shares of $100 each. The
: canal wilt be in the neighborhood ot
fifteen miles in length, and will cost
about $50,000.
A Histort of the Wrongs of
Alaska. Is the title of a neat little
pamphlet of forty-three pages, printed
by order of the Anti-Monopoly Asso
ciation of the Pacific coast. It speaks
In strong language of tho "Serfdom
of the civilized inhabitants ot St.
George and St. Paul islands in Alaska,
and of the fur-seal monopoly that hag
been granted by the Government. "
Quarterly Meeting For the M
E. Churh of this city commences to
morrow The Presiding Elder, Rev,
I. D. Driver, will preach on Saturday
evening, and probably twice on Sun
day. The church will scarcely hold
the half of those who will desire to be
present on these occasions, Mr., Dri
ver being the most talented Methodist
divine on the Pacific coast. ; .:
Another Pioneer Gone. At his
residence in Marlon county, Oregon,
on the 21st of February, 1S75. Mr.
Joseph Davis, in tbe 74th year of bis
i .
Teachers' Instttcte Will be held
in this city, commencing on Thursday,
April 1st, and holding tbe balance A
the week.
B. II. M. Postal order for $5 re-
i celved. Thanks. Will attend to the
other matter as &oon as space will
' Resolutions of Condolence.
At a regular meeting of Western
StarXodge No. ia I.O.G.T., held on
the 2d of March, 1375, the following
tesoUitions were adoptd :
Whihieas, ; It has pleased Divine
Providence to remove our beloved
sister, 1. I.. iMUtams. from our
midst and transplant her to tlie borne
appoint! for ttiose or wnom lie saia.
'it tsenoiign, mine tip niguer;" ana.
Whereas, We realize that our loss.
though irreparable, U ber eternal gain,
Jieaolted, That we bow in this afflic
tion to tlie dispensation ot Him whose
wavs are past tliMlinz out. -
Itesolrm. mat we tenoer our Heart
- . .... " . .
felt condolence to the bereaved bos-
baud and family of our beloved sister.
and that we recommend them to the
mercies of Qim who teinperetli the
wiials to the shorn lamb.
lietoived. That It sliall be our pur-
nose to emulate tlie virtues of our de-
liarted friend and sister,' knowing that
lite Aiiseeinir ive is ever anon as, ana
ever beckon ing us ou iu tbe way of
truth and charity. T
Eeaoived. That a cony or these reso-
. .. . . . ., t- ........ ,,
lotions ne sent to tne oereavea nuiiuy,
and tbe city papers for publication.
Wheat has fell tn price,' and is now
quoted at 6i cents per bosheL
Hate Backensto took charge of tbe
any - - . .a
Exchange Hotel on Monday.
The first day of March was blustery,
cloudy, raw and generally, disagree
Mrs. Annie Harper has been quite
sick during the week,, with fever, but
Is reported recovering at this daw.,
During the week, Mr. A. I. San
son, of Jefferson, was engaged in patt
ing up Brown & Stuart's Taylor press.
Little or no butter lias made Its ap
pearance in our markets during the
week. Price, 25o to 37c per ponna,
Boats are making regular trips to
Harrisburg now. The Ohio came
down on Monday with 4,800 bushels
of wheat on board. " . 1 ; , .
Mr. LU Elkins offers two fine large
farms, adjoining Lebanon, tor sale or
rent; Here is a chance for somebody.
See advertisement' in tills issue.
A splendid piano can be seen at the
Methodist parsouage, "brand new,
iv.r cheat. A ciiance to gee a
first-cla&s piano cheap. -
Our city is well provided with dogs
of blab and low dsgre.
, Tbe conversions at the revival meet
ings number nearly thirty ,
j Considerable rain fell during the
week. .
. ,JJ., Brenner, of Brownsville, was
hereabouts on yesterday. -
Dvntlst Ballad "Ob, wbo can tell
the jaws we feel ?" . ?'
; Mrs;: Dnnlway lectures at the Opera
Honse this evening don't forget that.
Calvin B. McDonald deHVered his
"Massacre ; of Gleneoe"- to a fine
audience at Lebanon Monday night. ;,
Brisham Yonnir has sufficiently re
covered to sit np , and get married oo-
easionaiiy. , ; , . ?t
No change in prices of prod ace
generally." '' -..., " x 3--V-
One-armed Brown was in the city
Wednesday, bunting up Indian wit
nesses who' are wanted in Uncle Sam's
Court at Portland.
Mr. Sneneer. f Moodns. Conn..
cast a' despairing took upon his twenty
first child tlie ot Iter day. - No wonder
they call a repenting rifle a Spencer.
The Govermnetit Simgboat is at
Broonsville Slough, busily engaged la
clearing tlie Willamette of snags and.
other obstructions. ' ; ' : "" :'' ' , -
Bev. Mr. Bowersox, " of Salem,
came np on Monday, and is rendering
valuable aid in the revival meetings
now progressing. '
One of the most interesting and
hotly contesteci law suits ever known
in Michigan arose from the fact that
two women claimed tlie same waterfall..,;-
-.. ,
Land generally in Linn county has
been in splendid condition for plow'
ing. and hundreds of acres have been
plowed, and are now ready for seed
ing, f - .
Geo. W. Young is erecting a new
business house on First street, west of
Thompson fc Irving's saddle shop, for
Dave Thompson, v
Frank Wood returns to his mines at
Greenhorn this week, to finish rivet
ing tho pipe. A few days more and
the water ditch will be finished, and
then look out for business.1
Mrs. I jt ing, an Umana woman.
glided softly up behind King Kalakana
and stole a kiss ! But the joke of the
thing Is that the Omaha 'wags passed
on a goou-iooKiug negro ror tne King.
Mr. C. Fggert and wife, of .Law
rence. Kansas, arrived In this city a
few days since, and are stopping with
Mr. E. B. Purdom.
Mc Alexander has so far recovered
front hLs long sickness, that be went to
work on Tuesday. , Mc hasn't been
able to , work at bis trade for more
than two years. ; "
Capt. Scott Business Mannger, ppd
i Calvin B. McDonalds Edltprv of tbe
ISalein o'tatestttan called on Monday,
loth reporting themselves In excellent
Gen. F. Settlemelr and party have
returned from Greenhorn. Mr. Set-
tlemelr's eyes suffered from the trip,
and he has been compelled to keep bis
room a good portion of tbe time in
consequence since his return, we learn.
It is said that sometime during tbe
present year a party of one timxlred
Ensrlishmeti Is coniinsr over to this
mmilrv nn a orrnnrl huflsln limit. 'Tat !
The 'orn of the 'unter is 'eard on
tbe 'ill
Mrs. Fred Hill and Mrs. B. C. Hill
went down to Salem tlie first of tbe
week, to visit Mrs. Andrew Hill, who
recently arrived in that city from Cali
fornia, and wbo is supposed to be in
tbe last stages of consumption
Theodore Burmester, Esq., formerly
a resident or this city, now or salt
Lake, recently shot himself in tbe band
while carelessly handling a revolver.
Last week the Groter. Capt. Wilson,
made tbe quickest time ever made
between Harrisburg and Portland.
She made the: trip In twenty-four
hours', the river being very low, lay
ing at Salem one night. The distance
is one hundred and ninety miles.
Mrs. Dale, of -Detroit, held a hot
buckwheat cake over, ber husband's
countenance for several minutes be
cause he expressed bis disapproval of
free love doctrines. .:i This family
roust be run on an unsectarlan basis.
said Mrs, D. . ; ;
Mrs. Dnnlway, lectured on Friday
and Saturday evenings of last week. In
the Opera House, to large audiences.
She delivered a lecture on temperance
on Tuesday evening at the same place.
Mrs. Danlway is aa excellent and en
tertaining lecturer.
Mnbscriptton papers, soliciting "sign
era" for stock in tbe content plated Mc
Kenzie Canal project, we are informed,
will soon be'; circulated 4 among the
citizens along the line of the Canal,
when it will soon , be determined
whether the people of Linn county are
in earnest In tbe matter.
Having secured interests in one of
the "bars" on the raging Santlam, we
propose to see how much gold we have
laying dormant in it during tbe sum
mer. - If it doesn't pan out better than
tlte printing business, -we will not be
a candidate for the U. S Senate ; that
ranch ia determined on, at any rate.
A Boston man has died and left two
hundred dollars to a Uiilversallst
church. It would do an okl-fashtoned
MeUsodlst preacher good to tell a re
vival comrregatlon just what has be
come of this mas.
The revival meetings at the M. E.
Church have' been 'continued nightly
during the Week. ' Services on Sunday
were conducted by Bev. Jos. Emery,
or Corvailis, and tbe chnrcn was
crowded. In tbe evening tbe crowd
was so great that . many were com-
pelled to go elsewhere, not being able
to get hardly standing room. The
interest to the meetings is apparently
Mr. Charles , Elkins left tills etty on
Tuesday; for 5 Eastern Oregon, near
Camp Harney, , Wbere bimself , and
father have a, large band of cattle.
Recent letters received here from that
section, say that stock has fared well
there, and little or no loss has been
met. We wish Charley the best of
success.1' ' ..
Mr. Wm. Talley has returned from
atrip out south, tthere be went In
search of a ranch.- He was nine days
in the ' saddle, and found the roads
anything but inviting. He has secured
a splendid place about midway of the
Alsea valley, some fifty - miles trom
this city, wbere be Intends removing
when the weather will admit.
W. I. May field, editor and pro
prietor of the Spirit -of the West.
Walla Walla, W. T., formerly of
Oregon, has been granred a pension
for services rendered ' in tbe Rogue
Blvar Iinllan war. . , ,
Fran V Wood came to from Green
horn last Friday. He says a few days
more ot blasting and the water-ditch
will be completed. The ditch Is
calculated to CArry 800 Inches of water.
Whether the diggings wilt pay or not
Is a qnestion that time aud actual
trial alone will settle. We a re in hopes
tbe boys will make It pan out rich. :
Several lights of the world honored
our city on Wednesday by a visit
among whom were Capt.' Scott. Busi
ness Manager of the Salem Statesman ;
Calvin B. McDonald, Editor-in-Chief
of the Statesman ; Hugh Small, travel
ing correspondent of the ' Orvgoninn,
and One-armed Brown, Indian Agent.
High zephyrs prevailed during tbe
day.' , , :- .... ; .;,.,.,,
They tried to scare a' man In Mis
souri by tbreatenine to tar and feather
him ;' bnt he. replied : "Come on with
your old tar; I've been there six
times, and I've got a receipt ror wasn
ing it off." ;
Anyone desirious of purchasing a
nice little farm of one hundred acres,
on which is a good dwelling and out
houses, an ot chard ot choice trees, etc.
should call on E. S. Merrill, on cor
ner of Washington and Second streets.
Bead advertisement on 8th page.
There has been quite a number of
ministers In attendance on tbe revival
meetings at tbe M. E. Church tn this
city during the week,' lending their
aid and counsel in tbe good work.
Among them we noticed Bev. Mr,
White, Prslding Elder of Willamette
District of the Southern Methodist
Chnrch, and Bev. J. Emery, of the
same Church, both of Corvailis : Rev.
J. Bowersox, Evangelical, and. Bev.
L. Ai. Powell, M. E. Church, both of
Salem, " and Rev.lf; Clark, M." E.
Church. ofSliedd. ' ''
The Grand Masters of both the Odd
Fellows and Masonic Lodges of Kan
sas having issued calls tor aid for tbe
suffering bretbern in that State, we
are pleased to announce that the
lodges of this city liave responded
handsomely, and stand ready to "go
down " as often as necessity may re
quire. Our people only want to be
assured that whatever they donate
will be properly applied, when they
win not stand back a moment, but
come down wltb tbe rbino without a
word. .. i .
Mr. X. Baum got on board the
northern-bound train oa Wednesday
for Portland, where be will embark on
tbe ocean steamer for San Francisco.
Should be survive the perils of tbe
ocean and reach the greatest mart of
trade on the Pacific coast, be will pro
ceed at once to Investigate for himself
as to who lias the latest, most stylish
and inviting dry goods, clothing, etc,
and where be . can , purchase to tbe
greatest advantage. After having
made Ids decision on these necessary
points, be will proceed to purchase a
larger stock of goods (so be says) than
be ever purchased before for this mar
ket. Baum's taste,' good judgment
and shrewdness assures us In tbe state
ment that his new stock will be un
excelled In variety, style and cheap-
Tbe Local Option law passed the Penn
sylvan la House on tbe night of tbe Mlh
On the sth tilt, the credentials of SamL
3, K. McMillan, 0. a. Senator from Min
nesota from March 4, were prssented In
tbe senate, ana ptscea on me.
The Hospodor of Moatenetrro 1ms in
formed powers that the Padgnarltsa afiair
lias not yet oeen completely secueo.
Old John Bender, who has so long
battled the officers of the law, has at last
beea arrested at Florence, Arizona. We
hope this diabolical old murderer will get
Bis jus aues ana no more.
At Salt Lake on tbe SSth ult, Charles
Williamson ana joun tmitn were eacn
sentenced to seven years for stealing
note from a dead man. . , , .
Philip Sbafer, convicted of Murder is to
us nong at salt Lace on tne xta ox dune.
An Annsnolis letter says that Gordon
Claude, a naval cadet, was expelled from
the Naval Academy on the S4th ttlt. for
reruaing to lenee witu a coiorea cauew
John A. Tracy, a prominent railroad
man, and one of t be chief business men in
Western Pennsylvania, died at Lrt, Feb.
wui. - t
James MY Tjrtter, ef Indiana, has been
nominated by tbePrestdenvSeoondAssis
tant Postmaster General. -
T1ws Pacific Mall Co started an attorney,
test Friday," for Minnesota, to attach tlie
property of Bill King, with a view tore
cover tbe amount received by him in eon
nsetion with tbe subsidy. . -
Pstsey Marley, the stags robber, wbo
escaped from Slteritr Fife, of Lincoln, by
Jumping from a train in motion, Was eap
tursd last Friday morning at Oreana,
erada, by Natobas,tiis Piuis Chief,
from Philadelphia under date of Feb.
Vh, we have an account of dUwters on
the Sobnylkill caused by tlie lee: The Ice
on the Schnylklil. at Manayunk, broke np
yesterday afternoon. Iuring tne ntgbt
the rive? rose rapidly Sit foet above the
usual night, and emy four feet bciow the
highest point ever reached, submerging
all the bouses in tne lower pan m iowii
miHi fnrcinar oecapants to abandon them
Xu the mUls except one bare ucpended,
throwing at least persons outf em
The amount of Indemnity promised tf
Spain to the United States ts $40,000.
Delos VT. CfiAmpltn, ft young jtober of
the board of trade of Chicago city, dwrW
the capital prize of f),000la the LOuiaviiMf
lottery, .i ;' , :L"
The total Imports Of raw silk renefved St
New York last month. s reported by tbe
SUk Association of America, aaotmted lot
The publio d'bt statement snows a tl
crease during February of 6,SS0,18 f eoitf
lifclancc, (7A,A28.0e9: currency bsicrnce, 1(V
819,007; coin ceTtrflcAtes. 23a,00 ;
posits for legal umders, IISU.OOO. ' '
Advices from Santander revfve te rs-' -port
tost Gen. Concha is to be appointed
to command the Army 'Of the North.
Gns. Monones, Lotna and Blanco have
resigned. The Carlist s are preparina for
a grand effort against Poycerda. -,
A Mcmpfifs telegram of tne 1st (nst, my0
that on Saturday last detectlvo Wm. pla
kerton arrested Kd. Johnson, leader of
the party who robbed prady, southern ex-
press messeneer.
four weeks
since, and who is a notorions outlaw and
I'lim. u.iciikci. xmi im viif
since, ai
The wall of a chnrcn' An' Tmaae ittroet
New York, on the evening Of the SSth nit.,
which was burned few days ago, fell,
crushing through the roof or S"t. Andrew's
church which was filled With people st
vespers. Six persons were killed and M
otbert seriously injursd. - ,
An Inlrr-Oacan Wsshifurton imeulal save
the statement that the President would
not call an extra session if tlie river sntf
harbor appropriation bills failed. Is sit
error, so far as the Hitter bill is eonerrned
Should that fall the cabinet hold that an
extra session would be absolutely neotsy
'The library drswtatf fiMrsn it Imlu
Ville. Kv.. on tbe 37th nit. Ths fiKntnn
announced that as only S8 per cent, of
tne tickets nsd bee sold, the prises would
be scaled in the same proportion. The
cspit tl prtze-KB.wo-ttiu drawn by tteket
No. tj271 tke sewnd-,0(XH-as draws
Ths srrnnsl reixwi, of tfi crhWmmA tnw
Itngton and Qulnvy railroad, just nad
public, shows its total earnings to be H
S45A17: .net earnine. S5.1l.w : mtai
amount surplus earnings, Sv 148,737' ; in
crease of gross eftrnlnn for Itfji over tIS
previous yeao is rii. wnue iu gain to
net earnings are 1SLS47.
A Washington telegram sttysf Ala extra-
session of the Senate begins on Friday
next (to-day), and will not. It Is supposed,
continue over one week. Ths business'
will tie in secret, session on tne Hawaiian
and Belgian trestles ana sr action
such nominations, as tns
make, which will be raw.
A telegram fronv- London, dated Feb
28, says: Seven battalions of Carlists at'
tackea tstiuoaon i naay. Anererigoroow
bombardment tbev assaulted the forts
of Puenta Nnevo and Arbolaneha, whict!
were taken ana retaken tnree times, tu
fighting was desperate on both aides. That
Carlists were finally repulsed. Tbe Al'
fonsists1 loss is 150 killed and wounded.
Tlie Alfonsists' subsequently attacked the
Carlists in tbeir entrenchments and were
in turn repulsed, with a loss of W10 kUisd-
and wounded.
IXtv York snedal savs Victoria Woo &
hull lias addressed a letter to the Uerattt
and Time; threatening them with li'nel
suits for. misqnottng Tracy's onentnr
speech in which be was made to sneak of
ber as the most notorious prostitute tbo
world baa ever known. The report of the
Tribune and other papers give tbe expres'
sion as tbe most notorious preacher and .
praotioer of free love, etc. The Woodhull
expresses her purpose to nave a sett leroeut
with whoever is responsible for tbis sistw
der on her, w aether it be Tracy or tbsf
papers. : .:. 1 -..
Waslrlnarton dlsnateh ssvs it is pronoaed
to provide a small sum in the sundry civil
appropriation bill for an Artie expedition
Tbe secretary of the navy favors it, also a
number of Senators snd members. Tbe
navy department will be authorised by
tbe bill fa provide and fit proper shivs.
and man them wiin ofBcers and men, at- ,
teaay unaer pay ana awaiting sea aury.
The extra expense-will ttotmbe more than .
50,000, but It Is proposed to make tbe ac
tion by government oontlnrmt on prlvsto
subscriptions to the amount of SM r
The president of the geographical society'
says it will heartily co-operate in aay ex , :
pedltion whether undertaken by govern'
meat or private enterprise.
In his lecture room In New York test
Sunday night, Henry Ward Beecher
touched the scandal in substance as foW
lows : "For thirty years I have preaobed
to you and have tried to expound too
word of God. In my old age. my Father '
has seen beet to afflict me with severe and
prokintred trials. I am not half mansions
about tbe result of this trial as that 1 shall
live during its continuance and after Its
termination, and I pray that my exampls
may be that of a trusting, patient touower'
of Christ Jesus, and 1 pray that your many
prayers may oe answeraa, simpiyinaii
mav be known to men as a Christian.''
The ternitn Ulon of his invocation was,
"help us so to live that we mav be able tot
say: 'Thy will be done; if tney are wiUi
bs, w no can oe against u. -
Tbe annual renort of tbe Penasvlyannv
Railroad Company shows ths proas earn
ings of all lines east snd west of Plttabnrs
during the year, mi,ViSJs&l : expenses, iu
eluding rentals, interest, dividends, etc,
3,423,643 ; net earnings, aa,A17,SM : earn
ings oi tne mam uneanu lis Pennsylvania
branches, t22,&3,371 ; expenses, Incindiag .
rental, tl2.7Ul.M8 : net earnings after pay
ing rentals, t9tS&,4, A statement ria
uvstotne lines west oi nnsounj snows ;
tlist the net result after paying au tosses,
rentals, interest and other liabiiittee of
every nature, working expenses, etc., fs
surplus profit of SS444I38, more t Man. aeyw -per
cent on the entire capital stock Of ths
Pennsylvania Company.
The annual report of tbe Pennsylvania
Bsilroad Co. has been published, and from
tbis report advocates of legislation looking
to the enactmentofTaws regulating fretgtst -and
fares on railways, are afforded a .
splendid argument. Tbe report of this
road shows that the gross earnings ef thm
road for the year were Ha8i,Sftl ; that tas
expense account footed up )eav-
ing a net income of mM'iMM I ttat is,
after paying regular dividends On stock. .
snd current expenses, the Company sua
hsve over twenty-three millions snd a
half for fun ber dividends. Nearly thirty
per sent, of the receipts of the road wers
net profit. This is certainly a muwndi.I
paying property lor tbs manipalatora f
tlie road. - ,., . .... , . ,.)
- The & F. Chronical favors ths tKmina
tion of Hon. Newton Booth as ths next
Republican nominee for the office of Pres
ident of the United States. ''The mtnet '
abilities of Senator Booth, both ssa states
man and scholar, are generally acknowl
edged. "In hi opposition to monopoli,' -says
tbe Chntnide. "he lias been bmi e
pbatlo, He has ldentltled idmself satie
active opponent and the outspoken met,, y
of sll moneyed combinations Which have
threatened tbe rights of ths people. With-,
out being agrarian or Communistic, his
sympathies have been finooonnced for tlia
industrial eiaases, and wnenever sod.
wherever there has been arrayed tbe In
tereat of capital against labor he baa, with
out being t he enemy of tbe one, been tbe
staunch friend of the other." ;. . '.-!
The Lake Superior papers are talking
seriously about the formation of a new
State out of siloes taken from Wisconsin
and Michigan. The territory to be ereated
Into a Stale lies between (lretn Bay (north
and east of Menominee R(ver) and Laks
Superior, now apart of Michigan, with tbe
addition of s strip from tbe northern part
of Wisconsin. A good many masons are
Snt forward for the formatkm of new
tates, but the real mason Is rarely sis;
tinned, A new State calls for a new set of
ofnoBft. There are execuOvwoukwrs,
rial officers, Icjtlsuulve ofncwrs, snd the
thonsand ahd one attaches of each defsirt
mailt. That is what a new State means,
Ands new i-'te starting fair is always
permitted to d-jote a del j. ' - - ,-
" A dilapidated-looking .being. With a
handkerchief tied over his eye, a straw
hat danarllpg In shrrartsaliout bis ears, ts
back of his vest split fivnn buckw to tif k,
hNkiorra1d knurs re"- it throj-sh
jiia disjointed pants);;: arm in a
sling, and a hravy sii s. t,"rti"T hi
treuibltng limbs, pin4 -n k.rtfiset
Square. Kvwyhsdy rnns.i ttft in htut
about tlie explosion, but this Wreck of hu .
msnity, turtitnsr his Kftnhed snd blewSimr
face upon ttoeerowd.said tn tretuo,i i.- t
hopeful tones: "tentlemen, you .,) t
none of you want to buy a siiintw,
team of green mules, runnlrt,' do yo-i
They AiAat.Jui1inotm JHcmm-pe. . .t
Tbe BeeclKer-THton Uteratare t
in lured tlxi sale Of oomlcalmanacs t
year.,' :;j . ; . .. .
i,. Jr.