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CD" 52
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! r a. wheeler. cp.rrvaM.
-( - C B. WHEKLEK. .
rH A. WHIXLEB 4c . CO.,
Ferwar3iiig & Coiiiss'n Merchants.
' Dealers in Merchandise and Produce. A
Kood assortment of all kinds of Goods al
ways in store at lowest market rates.
Agents for sale of Wagons, Grain Drills,
Cider MMs, Churns, Ac., Ac.
"CASH paid for WHEAt, OATS, TORE,
'rsMimrATE or the inYversitv
VA Medical College of New York, late
member ofBeileviou H -spUal Medical VoU
!?? e.,r York. Oj. WF.-Fn A. Carather
Uo.'s drag store, Albany, Oigoii.
, -T : ' '
Atssrmejr ami Ovmwlsr M Law,
. of thlsState. Office in Fox's brick
ftrp-atalra) First street. evV j
Has Just opened a fine stock of
Boots cJfcj SHoes
California made, to which he invites the
attention ofthe citizens of Albany and vi
clmty. er-iUood manufactured to order,
in latest styles, with liet. of stock. Store
comer Broadalbln and First streets, Chas.
Mcaley'sokl stand. Call and examine my
Albany, Oct. 10, lSJ-5v7 i.
Ulne"to Ileers, (Wood's improved.)
'oqntaarrs IntUiuia Fauna Wagon.
The Basel u Vibrator Threshers,
(best machines on the coast.
WslwuiM Foreereed Drill.
eimm, and other machines.
Call, see, and ewt price and terms before
a elsewhere, at my Blacksmith Shop,
er Second and Ellsworth sts., Albany,
12 It OO 31 FACTORY !
ha rcturacd from California, and Jocateti
permanently in this citv. where he has
asain cniamenced tho manulacture of all
Drooras, Brushes, Wisps,
;Acat hialaotnrr on Ftrat rt f ri.rv
3Ii:tz!er's old stand, east of Magnolia Mills,
where fce invites those wtlii
-wwu ivap'Mfl secure H orintn. -
Albany, Oct. IS, 1874-5v7
slock of
selected witkearc, and bo tight for coin at
fecandalouIjr Loir Figure I
and as we hoaht low we can nml will sell
iiteiB ac prices tnat will
Astonish Everybody.
Come aud nee our selections of
ftrcaa Ooorts,
Ribbons, Collars, Collarettes,
Lace, dec, Ac.,
for the ladies, and our complete lines of
Ready made Clothing,
. ntbs,
f raJ-'
Hat. .
oi au uescnfitvms rr men and boys. Also
lutiwmnnienn oi
Groceries, Crociery & Glassware.
r everybody.
The best irools. at th i...t naaann.
time. CSiJ-Uome and see.
Lelianon, Oregon. October 30, 1874.
AH; JELL ft PARKER, late of Oregon
City. ber have to inform the public
that thev liave mtr,.wH .v..
of dras. me'lWnes, c.. formerly owned
by R. C. Hill ft Son. and that they design
continuing the bairiness at the old stand,
where they narnase keeninar In rli fnniM
l roll aswrtmeat r
Toilet Article,
and everything moaUy found In a first-
. While earnestlv nnliMMnv ,nn.,.na
of the iinenal nttmin
rt tottesoLDhoTise, we hope at the same
fni attention the wantsof ctwtomers, to
merit the esteem an v mew friends who
uuiy aror u wun tnelr orders.
Panic Jar attention win t rtin in
eotnnonadlnz of rairair-iunia ,,.rintn
uii nours oi me aay
m. im. PjIRHER.
fiaocesfor to r iim .m
Albany October t, -74-nttf
(No.M Montgomery Block.)
' n AIKE3f -attokney-at-law
and Commander or th .
of th
of the Kepotillcln CtUifornia and Nevada,
will give prompt attention to the eollec-
1 son t Auuuuimi - i vei ray now due
California and Nevada vi....
charged more than three hnndred miles
from home. Soldiers can depend on fair
nmimR. iniTHmn.i icivcn iree or cnaree.
When wrttlns enclose staran
tate eompaa V and regiment, and whether
yon have a discharge. Congress has ex
tended the time for nlmar pjim. f,-r ,.
ditlonal Bounty under Act of July 28, law.
to January 1875, so all such claims must be
made before that time. Origtnal Bounty
nt ildn has been allowed all toinnio.H.i.n
enllsuvl July SCd. isi for three
years, u not mia tne aame when disclianr.
d. - Land Warrants can can lie obtained
for services renosrea DetoreMVi, hnt not
for aerriees in the late war. - Pensions for
tee war and war of 1812 obtained and
Increased when allowed for lese than dis-
abulrr warrant, nnino pensions are al
lowea to Mexican and Florida war soldiers.
State of Texas has gmnted Pensions to snr
fririBg veterans of Texas Revolution. New
Orleans and Mobile Prize Monev s now
due and being paid. W. K. Aiken also at
ad to General Law god Collnetion Buai-
Wholesale and Retail' Dealer la !
& SHOE?,
SEEttljRILlS, p
Here's Ihe- Place !
S EC. Gluunlitoxa
iiasTeceiveu and is offering for sale a well
Which he is determined to rM
Cash nr MfirnhflntaTilR PrnflnnR i
Please fire me a call, and examine
Goods find Prices.
m. ii. aAiQHTox.
Lebunon, Ot. . Uv7
o. s. s. oo.
further notice, freight from
WILL BE ' : .
.A.,,L?,rn 're'Kht win 1 deUvered at
Free or Dra) a?e and Wharf-
j At Reduced Rates.
BoatswHI leave AtB.VNY for COBYAL-
ias or Portland
For further particulars, apply to
Albany, Nov. 2d, Vi-lS Agents .
ITew Elevator !
tion of wheat and oats. We call t he at
tention of farmers to the fact that we have
erected the finest wnrehonse in the State,
at a large exnense, and are In position to
handle satisfactorily an immense quan
tity of grain. Our bouse has a capacity for
200,000 bushels of Wheat
01 1 tie w iiiatnette Klver, and provided with
a side, track from the O. ft C. R. R.. so that
shipments tnay be made Ottily bv rail, and
... . c" y as uoaiinyiacutttes otter.
We have two large suction fans. In addi
tion to oilier tans, attached to the house.
""mjj- power, ana are tnus pre
pared to 1 "
all the wheat received. Can take In and
clean 10.000 bushels per day. Cleaned wheat
is worth much more in all foreign markets
than foul wheat, and inna alinnlri luali.
ped without cleaning. Ourchargeswlllhe
nve cents a bnshel on wheat, and four
cents on oata. We have
to furnish those storimr whest wt th n
tree to those whose wheat we purchase,
and at the lowest cash price to those who
sen meir wueat irom our house to other
buyers. Persons storinir with m at
liberty to sell to whom they please. Those
who reside on the west sine of tho river
win nave ferriage tree, will be in the
market as buyers, and expect to be able to
pav the hlsrhest. nosslbln nrira uvi
prepared ourselves to do a large business,
we hope for our share of the public pat-
Milan. . i
, , , .1 PARKER ft MORRIS,
July31n47-6 i Albany, Oregon.
Bath House & Barber Shop
rTOE UNDERSIGNED would respectfully
X thank the cittsens of Albany and vi
cinity for the liberal patronage bestowed
on him for the past seven years, and hopes
for the fn tn re a continuation of their fa
vors. For the accommodation of trnnsinnt.
customers, and friends In the upper part
of town, be lias opened a -neat little shop
next door to Taylor ft Montgomery's Sa
loon, where a good workman will always
bo in attendance to wait upon matrons.
ii, m iviiuniH
Dec. II. 187-1.
Silver-Plated Ware!
tj of Roarers' Oliver-Plate! Ware.
ttllver-Kseel . atlcry, etc.. direct frinn
t lie Factory. ; We will sell Table Spoons at
$3 per set, and Teaspoons at 1 60, and oth
er goods proportionately low.
33j3toy H Organs.
Parsonage. Allmny. on the most favor-
able terms. The ESTEY ORGAN has been
pronounced the best by the most compe
tent Judges. Don't buy any other until
you have seen and beard these beautiful
i FOR "
Neatly executed.
Call at the Register 0ire
8M(t WW
i Wlisi Mi ii Hl
Ed. Registes : Seeing that- there
appears to be a general Inquiry In re
gard to tlie resources and advatinges
of the different localities in the Wil
lamette Valley, not only from the
East and new comers, but by the pub
lic generally, and believing that this
part of "Okl Linn" possesses many
inducements both for the emigrant and
capitalist. I propose through your val
uable paper to note a few . Items which
I hope will prove of general Interest
to all. . " . r
Is located on the CahttoofA. riven-
twenty-two mites southeast of Albaayi
and six miles, due east of Halsey on
the Or& C.'BaUroad. from which
point to Browusville there Is a. daily.
mall carried during a'greaterporOeu
w uw jcar, ay
over,' I must say, a meet detestably
bad road during the rainy season. , If
there Is any one thing toft we rleod
more than another it Is A paMaVe'road
to Halsey.
Brownsville. like most other things
and places, lias two sides to it ; and as
South Brownsville has not yet been
able to convince North Brownsville,
and rise reroa, tliat onp side Is better
than the other, of course my opinion
would not be of much value In the
pre mi iea; If South Brownsville says
it is warmer there in Winter, North
Brownsville says it is cooler there In
'Summer; and If North Brownsville
says we can walk ' upon our pretty
hills to view the fair surroundings aiid'
inhale the health-giving breezes; South
Brownsville rejoins we liave the level
ground for a race-track, or for base ball
practice ; so taken together, you see.
we can suit the tase ot the most fastid
But as South Brownsville is Browns
ville proper, it must first claim our at
tention'. It is, I believe, one of the
oldest 'settlements In ' Linn county,
being located partly on the original
donation claim of Alexander Kirk and
James Blakely. Mr. Kirk sold his
entire farm a few years ago, and now
resides at Weston, Umatilla county,
Oresrou. Mr. Blakely still resides on
his fine farm near town. The town
contains three general stores, one of
which has done a srootL cnntlnnraia
business tor twelve years pait, while
Hietrther two are dolug vety' wW
we can judge by the amount of stock
they carry and I have not beard ot
a merchant ever becoming a bankrupt
Iiere. e have a fine district school-
house, which cost about $2,000, with
a prosperous school in charge of Rev
W. K. BLthop. There are also four
neat churches, belonging respectively
to the M. E. Church, Presbyterian,
United Presbyterian and Christian de
nominations, each Laving a resident
pastor. The M. E. Church, during
the last season, erected a neat par
soimge. The M. E. Church South
also have an organized church here,
with Bev. J. E. Bradley as pastor.
The Cumberlaud Presbyterians too
have quite a large membership, with
Kev. W. 11. Bishop as pastor. , For
some years past the M. E. Church
has maintained a flourishing Sunday
School, under tiie superlntendency ot
A. E. Ellis, Esq.. where it Is a real
pleasure to sit and listen to the various
exercises, singing, etc, on Sabbath
W as a
in tne way oi industries, tne re are
three blacksmith shops, one of which
I bear is about to hoist a Granger
sign ; a cabinet shop, shoemaker shop,
1 a a
Duccnersnop, miiunery snop. and a
comfortable hotel, and a livery and
feed stable, the latter two being under
the proprietorship of. Mr. W. C.
Baird. The town contains about four
hundred Inhabitants, and is without
any saloon or doggery whatever.
In my next I shall likely say a few
words about North Brownsville.
Passing along the foot-bills in the
direction of Brownsville, the .county
presents a cheerful aspect showing
rapid growth end Improvement in ell
the branches pertaining to agriculture.
Brownsville, too, gives evidence of
growth and advancement, and im
provements ot various kinds are to be
seen in almost every pert of the city.
New buildings are being erected, side
walks put down, and other marks of
thrift, showing an abiding faith in the
future of the city, and all adding to
its size, beauty and convenience. ; An
act paased by the last Legislature of
our r btate. Incorporating ; North
Brownsville, has already been produc
xn. guuu itouii, aim . J. IS
rapidly assuming the proportions and
putting on the airs of a city. : An ex
cellent school, under the direction ot
Prof. Gilbert, one of the best educators
and most fluished scholars In the State,
with an average attendance of eighty
pupils, we believe, is onf of the attrac
tions of the city. Ttie high moral
and literary attainments pt the citi
zens of Brownsville are due in no small
degree to the efficient labors of Prof.
A series of protracted meetings have
lately been held by tin Baptists, result
ing in grant good and many accessions
to the clmrch. The other denomina
tions formed a union, and held taeet
ipga!o, which were attended with
f like good fondes, not only In ackllnr
to the ttksmbershlp, but ki creating a
better feeling of bruCharhootl and fel
lowship among the different churches
represented. : The Otrbtlxa detiomi
nation at present are conducting a
serkiof neetlnss, which are well at
leed4d,aadltlstobe hoped, wiUre
all ta the aonMspSlsluBeat of untold
The holidays passed off very pleas
anCf bete. The different Christmas
t. parties and social gatherings
weft well attended and beartlly en-'
Joyed. Among the most Interesting of ,
these gathering, was the blrthday-da v
party In honor of me eighteenth Mrth-
csy oriiss Mary Leach, at the resl-
de ct Henry Keys, Esq., near the
Faory, 00 New Tears' eve. A good
f numJwref the young and handsome
dentsiset 3rowqssvllle and vMnltT
.sreretHssm-and atswityhtidetoyable
evening wajr speat In trlppin the
1 '. - saguc woouD mtxs. ;
At thlsplacn, are doing Brie' bnsiness,
running on regular time, and turning
out slathers of airklnds' of woolen
fabrics of the best quality, which find
ready sale In all the markets of the
State ; In fact, on the entire coast the
goods from this factory stand A 1, and
command the highest price. The
Company running the mills deserve
the highest praise for their persever
ance and Industry, and their deter
mination to put none but the best
quality or goods ott the market By
this course they hare established a rep
utation for their goods, equalled by
few other establishments and Inferior
to noiie. -Thus honesty, and Industry
are meetliur their due reward.
Quite a number of citizens en the
north side are making extensive prep
arations for- planting hops during the
coming seasou. This loacation has
been pretty well tested In former
years, and found to be excellent for
hop raising. They mature without
injury from blight or early frosts. A
large crop ot superior hops Is confi
dently anticipated in this vicinity the
coming season, and as the article is in
demand and readily brings the cash,
we hope their anticipations . may be
fully realized. . . , .
Is on the west skle of the Calapoola.
j11 l0,t l' pi.
trr,zomhf1ltme are totaled here, an of
whom seem to be doing a good busi
ness and running large stocks of goods.
A fine scliool Is taught here by Rev.
W. B. Bishop, which is in a flourish
ing condition, - with an attendance of
sixty or? seventy scholars,, and. .the
promise of a steady Increase. - The
residents generally seem to be pros
perous and happy. The general health
of the town and vicinity is very
good, while other portions of
county are lew favored In this respect.
Passing from this point to
A distance ot sixteen miles plus x
(which means that the distance Is
altogether owing to the season ot the
year or the condition of the roads at
this season , of the year the. distance
would seem orach greater,) on every
side oT the road indications of thrift
and prosperity abundantly abound.
Everywhere farmers were busy im
piovlng their farms and making prep
arations for the coming seed-time,
when an Increased acreage will be
seeded. On my arrival In Harrisburg
I found business not overly brisk.
One cause of the quiet In business cir
cles was the absence of the steamboats
which usually make regular trips up
the Willamette, during the winter sea
son, to this place. The Ohio, made
one trip during my stay (the first of
the season), carrying away about sixty
tons xf freight. There Is . a large
amount of grain, wheat, oats, etc..
stored at this point. It the river ware
bouses, awaiting boats to carry it-, to
market. . Wheat; Is very low a( pres
ent In this market commanding but
60 and 55 cents per bushel, and dull
sale at that. The wheat rings here and
at Portland have it all their own way,
consequently business of all Jdndsis
dull. . .. . . ...
Here Is another flourishing school,
with about one hundred scholars in
regular attendance.
A comfortable church edifice had
been erected and Just finished, and
the dedication services were had dur
ing my stay. As usual In most enter
prises of this character on this coast,
the ladies deserve the greatest share of
credit for the success of the enterprise.
-'' .H7 Jtrxcnoii crrr,-. .
Lane county, la fbinr miles south of
Harrisburg on the line of the O, 4 C.
K. B. Between these points, on both
skies of the Willamette, . is one oT the
finest belts ' of farming .lands liT the
rich and producing Immense crops of 1 promoted : C. P. Burkbart, Presl
"pienduf grain, the ' yield per acre of I dent ; John A. Crawford, Vice Prest-
wneat being from 25 to. 4& bushels,
nd of oats from SO to 90 The country
eeems to be well Improved, and large
narns and ' neat looking and well
painted dwellings are the Rile.
; Junction City, being located In a
plendkl- section of country can not
help being a town of no small dimen
Rlons and ijpportaDce la lbs near for
tuiti. At present there .are iar dry
goods stores, two drug stores, two ho
tels, two saloon, two barber bnr.
two millinery establishments, oneeab-
inet shop, four blacksmith shops, one
wagon factory, and lour warehouses
with an aggregate storage capacity of
over 800,000 bushels. A large amount
of grain was stored and shipped from
here daring the last season. Grain
commands but fltty cents per bushel.
witn dull aie. Most of the wheat at
this point and along the line of the
railroad has been loaned by the ware
housemen to the wheat dealers In Port
land, we were told, and as a conse
qnenee times were dull and money
scarce. The baneful effects of this
system of loaning wheat to the bis
dealers In Portland, thus ennablins
tnem to fill vast contracts without In
vesting a dollar, are severely felt by
tne former. It Is certainly a big thing
ror tne shippers and warehousemen,
bnt it is "death on the farmer." But
we are inclhsBdtIaktae fcrmesee
the Willamette Valley have cot their
eye teeth" at last, ,and that hereafter
this 'loaning swindle" will net be
practised to any great extent.
More anon. :; .. '.'-:?' i
, " BzfobterI
starving. Kansas. On Monday
Mr. Wyatt, Agent for Wells, Fargo
4 Co. in this city, received a tetter
from General Superintendent John J.
Valentine, San Francisco, enclosing a
mans subscription list, headed by a
statement of the starving condition of
the citizens In portions of Nebraska
and Kansas. In the letter Mr. Val
entine urges the necessity of immedi
ate action In securing help for the
starving and naked people In those
States. He says the statement which
beads the subscription list is no Idle
story, but oue that Is exceptionally
worthy of consideration. "It is not
exceeding the actual facts to say that
women and children beseech relief
from bitter dUtress, and question
jrrovKience because their prayers are
seemingly unlieard or unansweied.
The present need of the sufferers Is
not only urgent, as has been set forth.
but 'vlll continue tor the next four
months, therefore we entreat our
agents and all who sympathize with
misfortune, to give instant heed to
this appeal, and to continue their ef
forts personally and persistently
All money or clothing for the sufferers
will be carried by Weils, Fargo A
Cp.'s Express company to destination
free. . Mr. Wyatt lias the subscription
list mentioned above at his office, and
will be pleased to recetvr slgftati
accompanied by donations of money
or clothing. There seems to be no
doubt, now, that utter destitution pre
vails In Kansas and Nebraska, and
the tearfully cold weather of the last
few days, has only added to their suf
ferings. Our utlzens have only to
know that this Is a real call upon their
charity, to make them loosen their
purse-strings and give with a liberal
hand. Let all who can spare give
freely and at once, that the money
may speed on Its way to give life and
renew hope In the breasts of those un
fortunate people. Call at the Express
Office In Clark & WyatTs store. First
Dreadful Accident. Last Satur
day, as Mr. . Washington Lines was
returning on foot from Jefferson to
his home near Miller's Station in this
county, and while upon the long trestle
that spans the Santiam bottom this I
side of Jefferson, he heard the train
coming, and stepped out on one of
the stringers to get out of harm's way.
At the end ofthe stringer was a barrel
of frozen water, agaiust which Mr.
Lines was leaning. All at once the
barrel slipped or gave way, precipitat
ing him to the ground, some twenty-
five feet, resulting In breaking his
right arm near the wrist, dtslocatinr
his thigh, bruising other portions of
Ms body and shaking him up fearfully.
A party passing shortly after found
and assisted him In reaching Jefferson,
wnere proper medical attention was ,
at once given him. It was a fearful
fall, and the wonder is that he did not
sustain greater Injuries.
The Work Goes Os. W. r; Don-
bar, G.W.C.T., on the 21st inst., or
ganized a lodge of Good Templars at
Harrisburg, . with thirty-six charter
members. The following gentlemen
were installed as officers : G. L. Mai.
tory, W.C.T.; Lewis Fuller, W. S.$
M. Fuller. P.W.C.T-, and G. ,W.
Davis, Lodge Deputy. On the Sad
Inst, he also organized a lodge at
Muddy Station, with thirty-four mem
bers. Following are the ofilcers : J.
P. Alford, W.C.T. A. Gregg. W,
S.; G. W. Alford, P.W.C.T and J.
H. Frakes, Lodge Deputy. .
Oiticers Elected. At a meeting
of the Directors ot the Linn County
Agricultural Association at the Recor
der's office hi this city, on Saturday
last, the ' following gentlemen were
dent . W. W. Parrish, Secretary ;
Frank; Psrton, Treasurer. Good
enough, . :-''': -;-- . ; .'
The n. T. weekly WrrmESs. -Is
a splendU eight page weekly, con
taining news, miscellany, and a large
amount oi Interesting reading matter.'
It to a thorough temperance advocate,
and is generally sound on the main
questions of the day. tient tnuhscrlb-1
era tor fl 20 per annum, postaee paid.
street, New York. ....
' Sabbath? School Union. The Al
bany Sabbath School Union wf!T be
held in theM. E. Church, on Monday
evening next February lat, 1875k
FoUwing la the programme:
1. Music,'..;' v
2. Reading Scripture lesson, sod
5. Music.
' . Beading minutes of last meeting.
Brief reports of Sabbath Schools dur
ing the past three months: (written
report solicited.) .
6. Music
; . Beading by Miss Lizzie Geary.
7. Music.
8. Essay by Mr. Cbas. E. Wolver
ton. Subject: The Sunday Scliool
Teacher. ... . : '. .
;.. 8. Music. "- ' " -
10. Bible class exercuWby 3. F.
Baekaosto. ,,, llMbJect : The prominent
devoted Crlstian women o the BlUe,
and benediction. y- ". j
A Joke A4 story b told on
couple of citizen of Linn county, "one
of whom Is a J. to this effect: A
quantity of fowls were wanted ' for a
certain grand occasion, and the Com-
inittee" were doubtful about obtain
ing them in the usual way. However,
after mature deliberation, they hit on
the following admirable plan. 'An In
dian in the neighborhood, somewhat
noted as a good purveyor," was em
ployed to procure a certain number of
fat chickens, and at the same time a
hint dropped as to where they could
be obtained. The fowls were forth
coming In due time, and appropriated.
.But a very snort time elapsed after
the disappearance of the fowls, before
the SI wash was arrested, charged with
stealing chickens, and brought before
one of the "Committee," the aforesaid
J ustlce ofthe Peaee, for trial. Guilty
or not guilty ?" said the stern and In
flexible Judge. "Guilty," responded
the Si wash. "If that l tho m
said the Judge, with severe justice ir
radiating every feature of his classical
countenance, "I fine you five dollars.
and I'll pay the fine myself. The
prisoner Is discharged." Biz Is biz.
weeks past we have been engaged hi
gathering valuable statistics of the
business of Linn county during lh74.
together with varied Information
yarding her resources, character and
price ot lands. Industries, etc, in fact,
just such Information as has been
sought tor in vain by tltousands tu the
East, who are anxious to find homes
on the Pacific coast for themselves and
little ones. We hope : to have the
matter arranged- and ready for the
printer in two weeks, when we shall
Issue the same In the Register, print
ing a large extra addition to supply
those wishing copies to send to friends
In the Eastern States. Copies neatly
done up in wrappers supplied at this
office at ten cents per copy. Orders
by mail promptly filled. Send in or
ders next week. '
Anniversary Ball. A grand an
niversary ball will be sriven at the
Opera House In this city on the eve
ning of Monday, February 22d. That
it will be brilliant and gay no one who
has ever attended a ball In this city
will question. The hall Is large and
well adapted to the purpose the muaie
always the best, aud the managers
polite, affable and obliging, and the
coming ball will not be one white be
hind any of its predecessors In any of
these requisites. See card elsewhere
In this Issue. 7
Tmt Event of the New Year.
The holidays are ended, and the seri
ous work of the New Year begins.
The first Important event before q to
the last drawing of the library Gift
Concerts, which takes place In Louis
ville, Ky February a7th. Thledraw-
!ng will as certainly - take place on
that date as the tay arrives, and to
guarantee this Gov. Bramlette offers
to return their money to ticket-hold
ers If the drawing to not bad at the
time aoDointea. , vr nas more con ki
be asked 1 All that Is needed Is to buy
your tickets in ev and you may
count on navtng your prizes on the
37th day of next Febroary, ;
IT IS seldom that vi motick anvthln
in the medical line, nor would we now,
antes we could be convinced that we are
toot dolnir our duty as a jonrnaitst In re-
comroenuws to ine puDue tne eeieoratea
botanical preparations or . Or. Heniy.
Whoever Induces the victim of Scrofula or
aay other disease of the blood, to nse Dr.
HenrvM Extract of Sarnatiartlla. has beiroa
a anod work. There can be noquestloti as
to roe result oi t nis menioine ii perseverea
in. It Is a sure cure for Serofula. Bheuma-
tism. Salt Rheum, and Indeed all eout-
Biainta artitntf from Yitated or tmnora
lood. It is Just what a good physician
would prescribe for these complaints, and
we confidently recommend it as being1 the
beat article now in use. Dr. Henrvte
Obogrh Balsam to the most effective remedy
for any affections of the Throat or Lunats
that we have ever known. It contains nn
deleterious drugs, and can be taken with
Impunity and certainty of relief, for the
cure of Couhs, Coliis. Bore l b mat. etc., it
stands without a rival. Dr. Henry's Lint
meat as an alie viator of patn, la unrivalled
by any preparation before the pnbiio: the
most skeptical will be convinced by a
stna-le trial. If will nrovn ltaelf . Mfni1
In need" which no fiuully shoald be wlta-
Lnrst Co. Bible Soctett. The an
nual business meeting of this society
will occur. on the evening of the 6th
prpx., at the Congregational Cbiirch.
A meeting will also he held, at which
addsseswlll be delivered In behalf of
the Bible cause, on the evening ofthe
7th prox at the M. E, Church. .
Born. To the wife of C. D. Simp.
son, Jan. 28th, a daughter 13 pounds.
Charley's ahead. . '
A slight snowfall Wednesdav lht
SteewaU jgm, ... ......
Jtefnass toefclog
f5wtctir?Jcpergaoo. - ;
CmtSs JrYter down wfi fha rypbefct
feven':' '.";,- . -
C0osfAWt illtism suxws
The new lafWHtlseassnt baadeS'
tDoHan,f mef hi of Interestto soon.
. Boads not so wf as night bt 3
pected. "
, Bebekah taestfng te moaiqw eve- ,
nlng. ;
Considerable lung fcm'rfpofsd la (
the county.
Sarol. E. Young's litfeDcy t vmrf -:
ill, with Indication ef aearftvsr.
rammboa3rsr xpdeat. tassMh '
their trips next week. - ' ':
' ' Syivander a)wsobSs &fpd, t '
very icfsat lSr e sowffyi '
MCm Llssto Smith Is slowly mufasi -mg
froma nrt attdto lustve. '
Squire MontSfue, of Lahaaoav pa&Sr
our city a visit on Wednesday.
Hiram Smith, Esq., of Umtrhban
called on Tuesday. "
Tuesday night was the coldest .
the week,. the thernMoaeter markic
20 above zero. t
Mr. Iwiac Young to very low with-. '
rheumatism, with little hops of lew;
covery. ... -
No loss of stock from the raceatee
weather In tine county, as Jar as wo
have beanL ,
James Nixon fa tuflering frota a '
attack of inflaomwtorj rimtMt1sv
we are sorry to learn. v - i
Bead the communications- ht thfe
Issue. Let our friends from all paras
of the county write.
JakeNorcross to laid np with saw
vere attack of erysfpelas, weanrla-
W. B. Carter, of the CbrviTils G.
telle, walked Into the city-early Tnee- -
day morning. -
Cord wood sells T from t3 (flrt to '
4 50 (ash and maple per cord. Oak
would probably command a still higher
price, bnt there' Is none in market. ' '
Dont forget the NeforastKansa
sufferers, hut drop Into the express
office and leave your mite. It win g
free.' ,.- .-...';- . '
The grand anniversary .hall on the,
22d of February, at the Opera Houssv
wUl doubtless be largely attendsdr
our balls always arc. :
- Oue hundred and forty persons p
took ot the suiaptuous repast fnrntobs4
by the Masons of Lebanon, the ether
evening, at their installation. . .
The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
D. Bekllng. aged two Weeks. jfUd on
Tuesday sight, and was hortedilea
Tbtirsday 'j t
A planer to to he added, to Jehn
Hard's new saw-entll i soon aatha
mill U ready for bwut and navisa.
tion opens. "
One-armed Brown visited TebafiMi.
a few days ago, at tlie request of tti.
sens,' to remove cultus Indiana Jhat
section, accused .of stealmgcttaena, ,
au J. Marks U selling a Silver PoU
Ish which seems to be just the thing
for keeping silver, copper and plated
ware bright and shining. , r -
The .Feaay Patton came up from
Salem on Wednesday aernoatv -, Hhc
found no dlfficalty In soaklns t&e tia.
She went on up to CorvaRto. ,
Mr. K. S. Owen, of MUJer's station.
presented thb) office with some esosK
lent sweet cider on Wednesday.
The weather during the week has
been somewltat win teruh-.not exceed
ingly cold, to be sure,' but nut warm
enough to hurt.
Wc have received Baker City and
Watt Walla papers to the lUv 'They
tell of pretty cold weather in tb
mountains. , . t
Mm. S. B. Story took the train for
her home In East Portland on Toss. '
day. Her re torn was hastened by the
news ot the suddenscvarc lUoesse
her husband. ;,.fl,,.!.;lrr'
Benewed lnteresi Is-taken Aft the
bars of the Sarrtfam and the; eart .
spring will find large numbers of
people In. that region, prpspectk fot
placer diggings, and,, gold andfUrca
hearing quarts. . ....
Capt. Shields took dvwn to Saleea.
the other day, the balance of Ua&
county's contribution l t W &iat'
treasury. ..The total amount , pM to,
for 1874, Including poll ,tx. wa
little over 128,800.
A Polk county man says he ,wCi
vote to dissolve the Home ISafesjSu-fv
Ing Company, and addi Marion -eottQw.
ly will then erect a tectory with tsH
000 capital; Linn cooutjv will do
same, instead or twocotiss eoMteec
Ing for the location wkli 4ly Mimi& -
Our old fHend E, Ei I'smjia i ,
old his fine farm in til taanrv r- l
chased a half section; t WaAfc-to :
county, near Hlltotcesv saomt U&Z ' '
family and howehfOa r " tsocm tt :'.
He sold his farm hs. ' ? .
t7,m . Ws wish Urn tV
perity In his new hj&me - . , ,
The Benton CowotV-A!-
IWa," was laid amon astir tal?a m V-.'-il . .
dayjby tb humw ps'C Lt ,
B. Carter,'. Esq., of the Ck-all'a
. Friend ZKlp has rs-oesSsJ la'
Jetting wt not only a be5 an a&M
tivc ptectof wwk,: has mm .
matlou with trsiwitA
gvVa Va?l kau.;,;o!(eiy t
'' Av