The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, November 20, 1874, Image 6

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IT. S. official IaiMr for OnfM.
"H"" "
War in the Argentine Republic
'.as ended. Avellaneda resigns the
1 'residency, and new elections are
soon to be held.
It is stated that during the last
nine years the net profits of the
Chicago Tribune has been $147,
000 yearly.
The death ot Cardinal Mezzo
fanti, the Abbe Tiichtcr, is an
nounced at Munich, October 17th.
The Cardinal spoke eighty lan
guages. j At four o'clock on the morning
t the 17th, at New Orleans, the
isteam packet Kinpire, Capt. Jean
Treere, sunk. It is thought 14
-passengers, and many ot the crew
were drowned.
t is said the President will, in
his forthcoming message, take a de
cided stand in favor of the resump
tion of specie payment. He thinks
a plan may be devised by Congress ;
, .t
whereby the (government may re-
same in 1876.
A terrific rain storm visited San
tiago de Cuba on the 14th. Kail
roads were washed away, and large
quantities of sugar cane all over
the country leveled. The town of
Suna and Tonalo, on the north
ooast, were flooded, and stock,
houses, goods, etc., carried off.
Kiots, caused by the forcible in
troduction by the Government of
church reform and the appointment
of priests by Imperial ' authority,
have recently occurred in Poland.
The local authorities had been re
inforced by troops from Warsaw,
and main of the rioters arrested.
The big event in San Francisco
on the lith was the sale of the ;
. , r,.. , .ii
Tick estate. I lie sales on that day
ac(Tre"-ated 81,950,925. The Lick j
, " , ' '
tiouse was bid oft bv (). I.ivermore I
at $920,000, but the bid is not
likely lo be confirmed1, as the prop
erty is worth more than that.
From San Franeisco we learn
that the great running race came
off at Hay District Fair grounds on
the 14th last Saturday. The race
was made by Katie Pease, Joe
Daniels, Alpha, Hock Hocking,
Tliad. Stevens, Hubbard, Henry
and Hardwood. Katie Pease won
the race in two straight heats, in
7:13, taking the purse of $25,000.
The Alden Fruit Drying Com- j
pany qf Salem, having everything j
in reailinoss. sailod in on MY.ndriv
and put up a lot of apples. The
machinery was all new, and the
process of drying was performed by
inexperienced persons, nevertheless
they succeeded in the first attempt
in producing splendid specimens of
dried apples, the fruit looking
bright, was dried evenly, and not a
charred or burned piece in the lot
Salemites are not only satisfied,
but are inclined to feel gay over
their success. Those of our people
who have been waiting to hear
what success was met with by the
Salem Company, can now take
.courage and invest in the same
business here. It is a matter that
mr cjtizens should take pride in
pushing to success. Again we urge
the subscription of the necessary
stock to open up a fxuit drying com
jpany in this city.
The grain shipping business in
n ... . " , . ,u . I
California seems to be in a ruffled
state at present. Through the iail-
. -.. , r, , .
ure of Morgan's Sons, and the re-
pudiation of charters by Hart,
-r. . p ... . , '
i-M&ll, lj nuiuu uiiiijf ui iiiuiu
ships have been thrown upon the A corpulent gentleman from Salem. !
market. Freights rule very low as ! J"" Lsitll got I
J chucked ma Uiudhole by a break-down I
a consequence, and the Executive of the Monmouth and Independence
Committee of the California State one , ,-' I
stage coach was a sulky, and the shafts :
Grange, acting as shipping agents ; qulled out and the man went hack-i
for the Grangers, chartered a vessel : w:m's-
. on m, , ,!. ..i, h 'i'he Eugene. To vrnal learns that there
at 2 10s, and other vessels have jg p,,,.solls. , horses Uul 4 ,vagous j
been secured at as low figures as ! snowed in at Crescent Lake, on the
n e - ci - rpi , T... j .Military Road across the Cascades. '
2 ts Cd. lhese ships came to pern who furnished tl hernia
California expecting to obtain 4 tion came over to Pit Openings on
c x snow-shoes, and sent tlie news by mail.
or more for freighting. Parties Suow ,e flrst on 3J .jst !
chartering to Morgan's Sons have The Democrat tells ot a Benton conn-i
instrueted pilots to liead ofi" incom-
1 . I
ing vessels to other ports for bush-
ness. Fifteen or more vessels have
thus been sent elsewhere, and prob- , ntbore will fi.tlnw The do.
..... .v. -
termination of farmers to hold their
wheat for better prices ( present rates
b - fi cAfi i r a inn
eitift $1 501 55 i 100
makes it extremely difficult for Cap- '
. . - , . .i
tanis to get freights, even at the
present low quotations. It seems j
to be the prevailing opinion amonx
, .
farmers that by holding on to their ,
grain until Spring they can obtain
, - i
a better price than now, giving '
them a fair reward for their labor, xiie law organizing Eake comity
which the present price does not do. (loes "ot 8 "'to effect until next Jan
2 ,. . uary ninety days after its approval by
I lie same feeling exists among our the Governor, it therefore is a part of
farmers. There seems to be no Macn 'lXascJuties yeh ,.The
. I fee bill, with the 25 per cent, addition
possibility of losing more than the in the cast; of Jackson county omitted.
interest on the monev value ot the wi!i apply to the officers of the new
- I county. We believe they won't get
wheat, and there is at least a fair rich o if the positions right away.
expectation that they will make good ! The corvallis Gazette says on last
interest by holding on. Therefore Satarday the Directors of the WiJlain-
i t jr i ette Valley and Coast Railroad Com-
we need not look for any remark- j muy Inet-jMlrslla,lt to Ilotice. 15llt Iit.
able abundance of loose coin in these tie business of importance was trans-
i acted at that time, beyond accepting
parts for some time to come. r,1L, gl..1lt on.lniJi and other prOTiVtoii
I made Dy the late legislature. As an
Articles of incorporation were evidence of tl interest felt in tfie eu
1 , . I terprise, h. Case came all the wav
filed m thebecretary of State s office j from Newport, sixty miles, to attend j
at Salem, on Monday, incorporat- ! tl)0 meetfug. He says the people j
1 - over there are all alive on the subject, !
ing the "Granger s Publishing Com- and will do everything in their power j " ,,f ),; itv Tko inmnwn. I" push forward the enterprise. Not- i
tors are Messrs. S. Montgomery,
M. Luper, G. F. Simpson, A. Par-
ker and A. I. Morris. Capital
i . nr.-. , i- r,., A dispatch ttom Wicniti river. In-'
stock, S4,U00; shares, $2o. lhejjm,, Territory, Nov. 4th. via Fort
object ot the Company, we believe. Iodge. reports that the most gallant.
. . , , Irving and desperate Indian tight of
is to resuscitate the Oreyon trran- the whole campaign occurred y ester- I
ger. ,
In New York City the Demo
cratic candidate for Governoi got
a- noo i -i i 7. -. i tv-eight men. 1 he engagement com-
8 1 ,000 votes, while the Democratic ,end at 1:30 p. Mnh l00 chey.
candidate for Mayor ot tne city got i enues or Arrapahoes and Kiowas, ex
hut 57,000. ceedinglv well mounted and in full
Snow three and
n half door. In
...... ...
the P.lue Mountains, and on the
coast range, toward Tillamook, two
and a half feet.
Ym. Cullen Bryant, the journ
alist and noet. comnleted his 80th
year on the 3d inst.
The vote ot" Ohio at the late
election was 42,000 less thjan in
I loll..
Paoific Slopers,
Two dwelling houses, a barn, a saw
mill and 440 acres of laud in Folk. coun
ty, sold at auction the other day for
Two ex-editors tell into a mill race
at Dallas a few days ago. Hoodlum-
had fixed the planks across the race on
Michael Donovan and Samuel White
were sent to the Penitentiary from
Wasco county, last week, for larceny.
The sherifrs and clerk's fee bill.
when in force, will reduce the expeti-
ses of Yamhill Co. over $1,800 per an
Jean St. Luc de Roboatn has been
indicted by the grand jury ot Jackson
county for malicious injury, to an ani
mal. From ITon. E. C. Mason, Superin
tendent ot the Southern Oregon wagon
road, the Times learns that this road
lacks but.two or three days' work of
being finished as far as Jenny creek.
The latest feature of the Chrotno
gift business comes from Dexter, Me.
They have a church there which gives
a chrouio to every .iev .convert.
The Umuqna river is reported as ,
overflowing and weather still ruin v.
The El)gie Guard saySi a corvailts I
attorney, while attending court at that j
jimee. last, vieeiv, was mistaken ior the
-.Spotted Boy," and while at supper a j
hoodlum rushed in and informed him I
that his "snake" was about to get I
a way.
, vvom-U1 r''1, l.'' exhibited
SjU.UOO in gold, remarking that this
was the result of her own industry in
n.aking butter, selling eggs chickens.
etc.. and that her husbnd had never
seen the money before and didn't know
'' il existence. Such a wife is worth
I neoic wno snot a man named isl.ime.
at Rye valley. Baker county, week be
fore last, has been arrested and held to
aiISWer c a cliat trfaasaote with in-
tent to kill. Blaine had a close call.
being shot in the breast, but will prob-
ably recover.
The Coos Record says the yrimg,
whl'? 'i'k'"'g the turn at the East port
coal hunker, lost steerage-way and ran
jlltl the Empire, doing considerable
damage to both vessels. It is a ba
place at all times, and exceedingly s
when the wind blows hard.
bad !
l thst:l in I'l i ht fli.. litwrnl Ttirmiii-, in (
which they have subscribed for stock.
',c avs '"' tlli,lks he can get $10,000 or
day about thirty miles from this place
on McClellan creek. It was conducted
by Captain J. H. Farnsworth, com
manding a portion ofCotnpany II. 8th
T. S. Cavalry, numbering only twen-
tiiihting trim, and having the ad van-
t!& ot' h'.-rler ground and equal arms
, . U
tnd a more abundant :
uppi v of ammunition than Faros- '
worth's plucky fellows. The latter j
fought like tigers, disputing every
inch of ground till dark, losing one
man killed and tour wounded. Fit
teen Indians were killed
lild a large
number ot the ponies and fifty or more
of the savages were wounded. The '
exhaustion of his ammunition and tie
sire to care for his wounded men com- j
pelted Captain Farnsworth to retreat,
yet reluctantly, under cover of night, j
to tins point, whence he had been sent
k,. f Willi.,... it un.
r '."i S . ........... x. .mi. 1 ' I
l tilted States Cavalry, commanding i
Wingate's batUilion, to discover the!
Whereabouts of the Indians. They !
were supposed to be in this vicinity,
as a Cheyenne spy had been captured i may favor us with their orders,
by Major Price individually, and oth- i Particular attention will be given to the
oi-s InH hwn smii iwnr thk nnlnt ' compounding of physician's prescriptions
era nan oeen seetl neai tills point. A- j aml family recipes, at aU hours of the day
bout dark our soldiers slowly emerged i or nig at
! out ot the hollow where they had been
hemmed in, atal making a neck or i
nothing charge, succeeded in reaching j
the plains. The Indiatfs did not dare (
to pursue, and they showed evident j
signs of severe punishment and having i
euougti ot it lor the time. Captain
Farnsworth immediately struck out
j for his place, where we are resting af-
ter having marched forty-live miles
between dark and sunrise. It is, a ter
ribly cold night, causing the wounded
men to sutler greatly. The horses had
not eaten anything since morningrahd
had performed a full day's march of
twenty-three miles before the action.
The causalities are all of Company H,
Eighth Cavalry; Private YVm. Darth
ram, killed; Corporal Thos. J. Thomp
son, dangerously wounded, Trumpe
ter .Herman Teller, seriously wounded;
blacksmith Henry Fields, seriously
wounded; private 4ohn I&bison slight
ly wauudevh
Oldest Uoxiso
1- stock, which will lc found, as usual, to contain the best goods at IWslowtwi .
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Come and see us. and bring along your Chickens, Butter, EfWrs, I.rsed M-mt - a"
thins that lias a market value, and we will give you a fair swop ; .and If yon iimj a
greenbacks, gold notes, or even gold coin, we would take that ratbertluui spouairauw.
" First and C streets, right opposite the Saddle Butte, tsliedd, Oregon.
Paints & Oils, Hats & laps, Groceries, Wagons,
Farming Implements, Machinery,
&c, etc..
Managers of Farmers'
&e., &c. Etc.,
Union Warehouse.
Sm:ii, Liun county, Oregon, Sept.
1MK I'l.l
If you want nice Toilet Goods,
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Albany, ct. 23, "74-;y7
15 EI. I.
R l'Al'.KKR. late of Oresron
it v. beir leave to inlorni the miblie :
Timt iney nave puivnasea tne enure stock i
of drags, medicines, formerly owned
by It. (j. Hill A Son. and that tltjey design 1
continuing the business at tne old stand.
j where they purpose keeping in the furore i
a full assortment of
Patent yUedicfius.
Toilet Articles,
and everything usually found in a tirst-
i class drug store.
While earnestly solk-iting a continuance
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ed to the om house, we hope at the same
time, by fair and nu-ral dealing, ancl care-
merit the esteem of any xkw friends who
A. II. 1S1.I.I, A- 1 A IttiS lt.
Successors to li. ( '. Hull, .v Son.
Albany, October '.I, '74-n4tf
For ITinety Days
(ioods, for the next NINETY lAl'k
and no humbug. Call and convince your
self J. BLOOM,
Cor. First and Washington sts.,
Albany, Oregon.
6iT CasU paid for Hides, Furs and Elk
Horns. M0t7
Albany, November 0, 174.
in tno "xtclc3.
Etc.. Etc., Etc.
and Commission
Merchants in
t2.". 1S71.
Oriianientul, AIiirisiioiim
Plastering Paper Board.
taking the place ta L.uiuher and ritstvr
in ceilhi)$.
For cheapness, dnrahility, comfort ojhJ
health, we rt'connia-nd it.
It costs less than bne-fourtli the cost t
Wall l'uxR'r, Plastering or Ceillnaf.
li is a perfect non-condnctor, keeping
lu'at oi'T in Sunnm ra'id i siii in Winter,
sa injr in 1 ucl. in one year.l lie cosl of paper.
It is not so easily injured bv Icnocks a?
plnstcring ; does liot shrink, admits noeold
winds, and is vennin prtK.t.
'liirri'd Micitlliiiis-.
This is a bard, compact, Straw Board,
saturated with tar and oi
render it WATEH, HAT and Vhlt.MlN
I'ltOOF. It is used under sidingon outside
of studding. It is fmpervions to damp
ness, cold and heat; and is verv much
em-at'cr and Detler than brick tilling oi-
i board limn;?
oofiK Felt,
Made from woolen nui". anil thorotif;liK
saturaled with tar is adapte ! 10 all kind's
of roofs does not swell or shrink, thereby
cracking the covering; and will not r-oak
water if exposed. We have also a tight Eels
lor use under slate, shingles or tin.
Carpet Lining;,
Will save onolmlf the wear of a Carpet
warranted moth proof; can be used for
years, and is very cheap.
Svnd for circular.
W. It. BE.AIX,
Eirst-St., bet. Ferry A Broadalbin.
Albany, Oregon, October Hi, IsTI-jvT
x- sloek of
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caiiduloihil) Low Fi-?ure
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full assortments of
Groceries, Grocfcery & Glassware.
for everybody.
Lebanon , Oregon, October 80, 1874.