The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, November 20, 1874, Image 3

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See. 11. That there is hereby ftp-
,..4. ... ... i
preprinted, out of any money in the
treasury ot the United States not oth-
erwise appropriated, the stun of twelve i
thousand dollars' for the support and j
relief of the Otoe and Miseouria tribe
of Indians, to he available iuamediate
lv: this amount to he used, under the
direction of tlie Secretary of the Inte
rior, in rebuilding agency-btiiidiiigs in
place of those recently destroyed by
fire, and for the support of the desti
tute Indians ot said tribe: I'meid&l,
That the nionoA hereby appropriated
shall 1h; repaid to the Treasury of the
United States from the proceeds of tin
sale of the lands of said Indians, here
tofore authorized by act of June tenth,
eighteen hundred and seventy-two,
entitled "An act for the relief of cer
tain tribes ot Indians in tlie Nortliern
sttperinteiHlency," which repayment
the Secretary ol the Interior shall
cause to be made as soon as the money
arising from such sale shall be avail
able. See. 12. That the Secretary of the
Interior cause to be prepared and de
livered to the Public Printer by. the
first day of November, eighteen litis--
ured and seventy-four, a tabular state
ment of the items paid out of the ap
propriations made for the Indian De
partment for the year ending June
thirtieth eighteen hundred and seventy-four,
each item biting placed un
der the appropriation trom which it
was paid, in such manner as U show
the disposition made of each appropri
ation and the .amount Unexpended of
each; also an itemized statement ol the
salaries and incidental expenses paid
at each agency lor the said year, and
the appropriations out of which paid,
and the number of Indians at each
agency; and that the same be laid be
fore Congress on the first day of the
next session; and that the report ol'flie
Commissioner ot Indian Affairs, with
tlie reports of asrents. be printed and
laid before Congress on the first day of
the next ses-ion.
Approved, .lime "22, 1S74.
AX ACT to provide lor Ihe stamping
of unstamped instrument:, docu
ments or papers.
Ilv U i n tetai hg the Si ante awt UotOfe
nf ttejtpexeMtatit1 "f the I '' d Sinteso
Anm ir.i i Vimytes OMetuUett,
That all iustrrmeiits. docttments,
and papers heretofore made, signed or
issued, and subject to a -lamp duty or
tax under any law heretofore existing
and remaining unstamped, may be
stamped by any person having an in
terest therein, or. where tlie original
i- lost, a copy thereof', at any time
prior to the first d January, eighteen
hundred anil seventy-six. And said
instrument-, documents, ami papers
and any record thereof, shall he as
vaiid. to all intents and iurposes. as it
stamped when made, signed or i-sed.
but no right acquired in good faith
shall in any manner le effected by
-ncli stamping as aforesaid. Prorideil,
That to render such stamping valid,
the person desiring to stamp the same
shall appear with tlie instrument, doc
; unielit. or rRiper. or copy thereof, be
' fore some judge or clerk of a court of
; rei ord. and before litin affix tlie proper
stamp; and the said judge or clerk
shall indorse ou such writing or copy
i ceniticate. under his hand, when
made by said judge, and under bis
hand and seal, when made by said
clerk, setting forth the date at which,
and tlie place where-, the stamp was so
a Mixed, the name of the person pre-.
: senting said writing or copy, the tact
that it was thus affixed, and that the
stamp was duly cancelled in bis pres-
See. -2. That all laws or parts of
; laws in conflict with the above, are
I hereby repealed.
Approved, June 2.!. 171.
( T for Hie creation of a cor! ir .Ik1
,f 1
n anti duqHsitioti oi i-ertain
iiv(l into tin Trpairy nn
r ma'lv by the tribunal of
const ii DtcU by virt iiiv oi ; , ,.
il Uhi tr:itV eoneiu led ::t
n ilit? eigtitUof Mav. anno
'liicen bnnln-l ami icv?titv-
, I"'
I yniini
nn', I -.'! wci.'ii tli'1 l?nftol fta!col A;i:t i
it a an-1 i he Qotsen l ; real Britain.
n ff vnvt'tl bt( the 8t nuie mxf ffi.tis o
Ji r x wVr.'r .v of th i'fihtl .V att a of .1.-.' -
i t in i ' inf-V:-' tt9tf. nth!- ,
Thatlfte rrc i lent ot :1k T'ni'- l States
an 1 In is hereby antliortxcJ to notttl
ua'e, n'rl by :ui l w iili the a'ivu- anl cfn-si-nt
of ihi' N'imtr. itppoitit live snitable
i r ;. w ho Rhal constitute a ctirt, i r
I- m-iiu ii ;h tin. . urt of '( fin in i-s'n -rs
oi .Vtabjiftta Claims." Ka-b of tle jurlties
an nihi'roffircrs ot rsai 1 eonrt shall lake
tin- oatl
nt office presi
I ll
law ti
all oiiici-rs ot
itlent shall d.-s
a- of the ?aid
dge of the
the I
1 1
1 :
The Pn
meat, t
sidini; i
iv a;
i p
ftes to i.e p re
fold all vai-au-said
court by
n it :
li iua
n-a-Hiot tiraTh, i-ii:nat ion. or inatuity, ,
OT rvfus1 or n.'irh'et of any or either if
ii I j:i'!" to rli- lwarjrf tlie pntlesof his ,
IM-ii inn. -ha!l be title-I in tlsesauie inan
ner as vacancies ocenrin; in oftiees umlcr j
the i on- i;nuonof the CnltCil siatcs are
tllle !.
See. 2. That ihe saM jiifljros shall raect
an-l onraniz: saiU court in the cily of
Washintotu w befff the sai'l court siia I!
lioj.l its -inintrs. Three .hi lire- of sai I ,
court shall nm-iituie a quorum lor tin
transaction of ln-ine--. an l the agree
ment of three slmll be neeesarv to tlcuxilc I
any fwstn arisfon lx;lre saXtl eonrt.
Be. 3. Thai the suil otmrt he, and ir is .
hereliv. anthorizod to publish notice of its 1 to make all netvlfnl rules and
n'.a'io'is not eontraveninsr Mie laws of .
1 Stales or tin orov iions of tliis
act, for reguUttin tin1 forma and mode of
proeedun hefore the said eonrt, and for ;
tTirryin-z into full and coninh-tc effect the
prmisions of this af. Snch rules and
no le of proeedurc shall eonform, as far as
practicabte. to tin- mode of proeedun- and ;
practice of the circuit courts of the L'ni; d
States; and th said court is hereby v4-:- i
with the same Miw-.-rs iviw jiosse-ed by
I lie circuit and district court 3 of trie
L'nited "states to compel tin attendanec !
mxtu testimony of parties. -laitnants. and ;
witnesses, to preserve order, an l to pun- I
ish for contempts; and in all claims v. hieh :
shall be presented before said court tin- i
H-r-ou fr persona proseeutm; such claim ;
shall ! dH-med the complainant and the
i'nited States shall he deemed the re- '
spondent. An l said court shajl have iov
er to coinfM-l tne production of anv books i
or papers deemed material to the eon si d- :
eration of any claim or matter pending
See.. 4- That each of the said judtres i
shall bo rmid monthly, at the rate of six '
thousand dollars per annum; and they
shall have a clerk, who shall be appointed I
by the President, by and with the advice
and consent of the Senate, to lie paid at j
the rate of three thousand dollars per
annum; and the said court, shall have
authority to appoint one short-hand re
pert er, to paid monthly, at the rale of two
thousand live hundred "dollars per annum;
and said court -hall be further allowed the
necessary actual ex.Mnses of olheo-rent,
furniture, fuel, stntionerv, and printing,
and other necessary incidental expenses,
to 1m; certified by the presiding judre. of
said court, and to In, audited and paid on
vouchers under the direction of the Secre
tary of State.
See. 5, That the President may desig
nate a eoun-elior-at-law. admitted' to prac
tice ih the Supreme Court of The rnited
States to appear a counsel on behatfof the
United States, and represent t h-e interest
of the -Government in said suit, and in all
claims tiled for indemnity for losses, as
provided by this aet, subject to the super
vision and control of the Attorney-General.
Such counsel shall receive for his
services and expenses such reasonable al
lowance in each claim as mav Ik1 approved
by the court, to be apportioned in each
ciaim adjudicated, and paid from said
award upon the certilicate of one of the
Sec. . That the marshal of the l'nited
states for the District of Columbia, or his
deputies, shall serve all proeess issued by
said court, preserve order In the place of
sitting, an 1 execute the orders of the said
Sec. 7. Tliat the said court shall proceed
immcdia-elv after its first meeting In the
lty of Washington, with all convenient
dispatch, to arrange and docket the sever
al claims anmissible under this act. and to
consider the evidence which shall have
been or which may be offered by the re
spective claimants, and in opposition
thereto, allowing such further time for
the production of such fuuther evidence
as mav be required and as it shall think
reasonable and just, and shall thereupon
proceed to determine and award upon
each of said claims according to the pro
vision of thi act
Sec. 8. TXiat the judges of the court
created hy this act seal! convene in the
ot Washington as soon as convenicnt-
lv mav lie utter their appoint tni-ni ; ana
rftesoid eonrt shall twist one year from
the date of first conveniiiKandorganizinK;
ana snouiu it ic iouiui impracticnoie to
complete the work of the said court before
the expiration of tlie said one year, the
said one year, the President mayl hy proc
lamation, extend the time of the d it rat ion
tliei'eof to a period not more than six
months beyond the expiration of the said
one year; and in snch casea all tlie pro
visions of this act shall he taken and held
to Im- tin- same as though the continuance
of t he said eonrt had been originally fixed
by tliis aet at the limit, to w hich it may lie
l hus extended.
Sec. ft. That all record.-:, documents. or
oilier papers which nou or hereafter, due
ins the continuance d the court, may
come into Kseesioa of the Department ot
State, in relation to sueh claims, and
which -hall In- found necessary tn the ear
aininafion and ttdjti li.ation t tlie same,
sliaU, upon the order or requisition ot
of nid court, Ik delivered t the court for
that purpose, and to tie piven such wci . ht
as ex Ulenee a tne cmiri shall I iiinl, just.
Sec. la. Thai each oi t lie said judges
shall have authority to a luiinister oaths
and afllrnial ions, and to take the deposi
l ions of claimants, pail ies. an I wit nes-es.
in all mal ters n. r. iiininir to t lie pre-, n la-
t ii hi i
any l
t ion
: m mat : in
d claim
and if
l -ou shall km
( -r a llirm lalse
r deposStion f
ial to the m .--
x an.
! ter or fael
ichiniz wlui h su.-.i
is ex. inline
or if any person, wh-iu-ss.
siiaii so swear o
contents ot ony
affl tnvit, deiifisition,
tatning any matter o
exaniinat ion ol any
r ll 11
lo the
1 1 !
id i-.
: oratl
in su earing
ii, affidavit.
it 1
: or oilier pap
ire aiiv
Mill- l
a- a til i n
officer an I hor
tai.e sitci' tcs-ia'.-clv
to anv
ized n
t im
,V-l !
same as if such faNc oil
lucl heeu taken in a jadi
any of ih.- courts oi t
alel slmll la- liable to ill'
in the district or circ
fniteel stales lor.tlie
such perjury shall linvi
or in the liroper COUt
siaies for the Territorj
lumliia in v. liu-li such
heeii commilted. and s
lion, suffer such puni
Me I by the laws of tin
that offense,
sec. II. That it shall
th oi
.-ial p
la- I
iit-1 an
uit i
ii '
- of the rnited
orl Ustrict oi ( d-rinr-
-hull have
all. upon c. n le
nient as is pro
t' nil i-l state- tot
diall he the duly of.-:
in i examine ad cia.ii
this act that may
lirectly resulting in
i lie so-calicd ill suril:
!e und. l
I to ir.
damage caused Ir
erui -ers A la' -aiiia
ers. and al-o all
t his act dir-ct ly
i-aus, .1, by tlie so
1- lorfla
i their tei
laims a I
result inL
Kent el
d SiXf ;
nt an-l"
nd ats
d the
liss t.
merits of
shall be v
and till- I i
next afie:
provi.'.cd i
no claim
hie or ;
r I'.ania
anv in
we 1
tor i
im,-an .
Kfc i
iii u
V Jaiiiaufi'
n:iv li- ma
case -ha!!
allowed for or
Irei -hl. eroa
profits, frei cnts,
frr '.viui-! of ilii
t inn 1 hail 'it
in:x-np of ri vo
1 rci
Aim no
shall he a luus-
etf by sai t coi
; iu-nraiu ' coiitj
it or hi- ovn
oi Iicrw i n
pa ri insured i
ant Aha!! -lmw
! CiTirt that iln
snin of it- or ;
i his war-risk. .
his premimn--I
resct ii -iu
ans smn ata
areater t Ima
i claim slmll !
j said eonrt ar
1 comi-aity no
ot the loV ill
I tin UsOf I
' n !nii--i(b;c
i in in favor '
' the tini'- of
I the ITnile-i i
; ai-i-i'.rjr in fai
a: all times c
t me atlecHin
j ve. 13L Ti:
j -at ion to c'al
. e l. at the a
j annum neon
; ihiniii.'i' whit
' case lo have
: da'" as tlie
ci te ilia; th.
ins tl
to Hie I' ii it e I
iu cs; iniii: inir
:iit, interest s
of tour per
C amount of:
ll -I
1 he aseerfa
MutJI, in
nil c
rmenl u.
hut in eai-h c:
t of such intei
1 ot lie- court, ?
if i lie inflgmcn
That 1 he sai
v!;ii' nf S:a:
u-ion of tin
. by by him In
f i h' Treasuri
I in sue
t he it
n;i utter as
iu laments,
rate of foi
tM da.
1 1
d n
1 d:
. That
U re I
sental i"
m tu
it i-fa
id in
i i ii
if t lie su
bv the
ftall exi
1 th
e 1 ?
nto l he
a in. bv
"y -hall
tr- shall
Tn a si
of the
virt in
then ;
rv ot tin
im to be
at 11 r
Of the said
it Secretary
the T'
distriintte, in ratable prop
i he i art iesin whose favor i
liave Ixsen rendered, or
t heir li
resentatives, such monej'S as
received into the Trea-ury. a
the proportions wis ich t heir
ju laments sliall bear to the wl
received injo the Treasury a
which Ttnyments shall be in J
iien anp disci uirge of snch
cordriug to
re-'wci yu
ole iunoun 4
ill satislhe'
ciaitua and
See. 1". That i-lte 5ectrtar of theTreas
tiry i - hereby authorized and rfquiril to
pay The said respective jud-iinents of said
court, cut oi any such money in theTreas
urv not otherwise appropriated; and lor
t hit purpose he is hereby authorized
when necessain- to ine and sell at public
sale, after ten days' not ice of t he time and
place oi sale. at. not less than par in coin, a
sufficient amount of coupon or registered
bond- of the I nifed States, tn such form
OS he may prescribe, of denouiinationsof
fifty dollars, or some mult ipkj of that sum,
redeemable in coin ofthe ireseti.l standard
value, at the pleasure ff the l'nited States
after ten years from the date of their issue
and bearing in. crest quarterly in such
coin at. the. rate of live per centum per
annum; and upon the payment, from
time to time, of the said respective judg
ments of said court as before provided,
the bond?- of t in Cnited Statics meal Soned
in the act approved March third, eight
een hundred and seventy-three, entitled
"An act for the creation of a court for the
adjudication and tiisixsition of certain
money received into the Treasury under
an award made by t lie tribunal of'arbirra
t ion constituted by virtue of the first
article ofthe treaty concluded at Wash
ington the eighth of May, anno Domini
eighteen hundred and soventty-one, be
tween the Cnited Slates of Amcriei and
Queen of Great Urihiin." shall be. canceled
and extinguished to the amount of such
payments; and v. hen all such payments
shall have been made, any such bond- re
mahiint shall be also canceled and extin
guished; and after the payment of the
said judgments, ami the re-imbursement
of the e xi tenses as herein provide:!, if
there shall remain any part of the -aid
money, the Same shall be and remain a
fund from which Congress may hereafter
authorized the payment of other claims
thereon. And the moneys noco---ary lor
the payment ofthe salaries of -tlie judges
and other officers authorized by this act,
and of the expenses of the saut court as
bereinbetore mentioned, are hereby njv
propriated out of any moneys in the
Treasury not otherwise appropriated.
Sec. 16. Tliat as soon as the business of
snid court shall be executed end complet
ed, the records, documents, and all other
papers in 1 he possession of the ofthe court
or its officers, shall be deposited in the
office ofthe Secretary of State.
See. 17. In ascertaining the amount of
such lostjes, the memorials, affidavits, dep
ositions, and any other papers in the sev
eral cases of losses claimed respectively,
now tiled in the State Department, or offi
cial copies thereof, may be read in evi
dence; ProviiMy That no affidavit shall
be read except where it appears to the
satisfaction of the tribunal that the affiant
cannot be produced before it as a w itness
or his testimony tslceii by a commission
upon interrogatories; and in the bearing
of tlu- cause, iuiv parly claiming shall pro
duce all hook s, "paper-, letters, and docu
ments that may tie called for by a general
description thereof hy an opposing party,
or satisfactorily account for then- lessor
non-production, or suffer such judgment
as is preserilied in section tlfteen of llieael
entitled "An act to establish thejnUicial
courts of the United States," unproved
Scpiemher twentytiitnlb, seente. u huu
drefl and eightynhw; an 1 on the hearing
of t he cause, aiiv competent evidence mav
l- prodttceii ty eilher l'arty, eithe vtva
voce or by deposition taU'-a iikii inter
roiratories; and for this purpose depost-
t ions mi
bene, or
her e it
- he Ink en ny eiiner parry ue
the court may admil aftHlavftH
is sal islrtctorily suown tiiattln
in 1 1
am in
I ion
I 1
any judgment is
for indemnify for
t--tn- mi-ill kined
- at the lime of
nnent, the iniu-i
anv Toss or
airainst the
Ihe giving ol
shall. Upon li
counsel for tla
t!- jm
llioil O
t '.
rtomey or
out of the
!- counsel
la i mailt or
oiirt shall
ile, as coiu
idered the
amount I hcri-'i tiv,
c'Hiiisei ajttl attorn
a nd atb nney empli
claim rn t s respect I '
d"temiine is just ;
1 en-ation fi ir t lie
caiimaiii in pros
1 1, such
l.S-S tO t
1 try the ,
y as the
! it
ii suell C;
lall be
if said
ior iiiuemmuci
irans-1. or l-ot
1- a l.iu U-e l:
from the Tren
'a ill-
same shall
shall i-suc
ihe (lersoii
lie ma le n
t nil compel
ne- tor pi
other liens
Old a war
r.ry in la
a! !i im a lice
1 o v, 1 1 1 1 1 1 Slu
v. ll
c!i -1
:i ii
-onset i
i ra '
t. r sci -
neii huig
n t is-ueil
and voi 1
ciistoms- revenue
i rep
' hi
That the thirl
--i : and 1 lie s.
led "An a.-t t
if the lll-'V-eed-.1
lire-, iiiem-rc
ttu- customs,
pproved Marc!
ii of the act
tlie disposi
ualt ies, and
laws rc'at-
of i
1 in
n h'.m-
the sau
u" law i
-a, p.
forfeit u
laws, oi
of ellsii
Stales. :
after tl;
re 1
ai l ti
.nt tot:
ly him
if Hi
l it for l In
is shall l'
.1 tla
I for th
': lie V'
nt ,
a whan
lv, at its
i "fen 'ant
, invoice,
nr to ite
w? served
eonrt a re served; and
; UimMi t ?-! tail fail or
such book, invoice, or
to such notice, the al-
refuse Jo prod
le:raions state I in tin
be taken a- con fessc I i
refusal to pro luce the
p'aitM'd to i he .-aj t- fa
And if produced, 1 he
he ttermitteil, under t
svtid motion sliall
mless bis failure or
) same shall be ox
it ion of tlte court.
lie said attorney shall
r the direction of the
nl nation at which e.
ndant or claimant, or
court, to muk
atuiira ion tin
his au-ent. ma
e. or pat
f such entries
e.i s relate to
ion aforesaid.
or lend to i
an 1 may ol
bidialf of th
same in evidence on
d States. Km the own
id papers, his agent or
e, subject to the order
nstojy if them excettt
er of said IkjoBcs
attorney, shall li
f i he court, the
ismdittg l heir
exnu; ina t io
&e. That no iayment shall be made
to any person furuishing inlormation in
any case wh'-r-in jtidteial proceedings
Shall have been injstituted, unless his claim
to compensation shall have been estab
Itshe l to the saiistaction of the court or
judge hiiv.iitg corhizance of sudi procoed
higs,auU the vajite of his services duly
eeriiiiod by said court or judge for the m
format krtiof t he Secretary of the Treasu
ry: bnt no i erf i ,ical e of t he value of such
Services shall bo conclusive of t he amount
thereof. And when any fine, penalty, or
forfeiture shall be collected without judi
cial proceedings, the Secretary of the
Treasury shall before directing payment
to any person claiming such compensat ion,
require satisfactory proof that such per
son is7 justly entitled thereto.
Sec. 7. That, except in caes'of smug
gjfingas aforesaid, it shall not ie lawful
for any olliccr oj l lie I nited states, under
any pretense whatever, di reel ly or bidir
rect ly. to receive, accept . or eont ract lor
any portion ofthe money whteti may, un
der any of the provisions of this oi any
other aet, accrue to any such person fur
nishing in format ion; and any such ontcer
who shall so receive, accept or contract for
any port Ion ofthe money that may accrue
as aforesaid shall lo guilty of a misde
meanor, and, on eon viei kijj t hcreot, shall
be liable To a tine not exci
lire t hou-
snndfinliars or tuiiirisotiTuent for not more
t nan one year, or both,m t he disc ret ion of
the court, and slia'.l not lie thereafter eligi
ble to4iny onlcefpf lionor, trust, oremolu
uien. Auduii'l such iei"son so fnrnish
inr information as aforesaid, who shall
pay to any sncli officer ofthe United States
Or to anv person for his u-i-, directly or
indirectly, aaiy portion of sui-l money, or
any other aiuablo tbiug, on ui i-oiuii of
or because of such money, shall nave a
rigbt of ai-tion agnin&t sncfaotficoror otln-i-person,
and his Kkgal represeiita fives, to
recovej back the stune, tr the value there
of. See. s. That no officer, or other person
entitled to or claiming compensation un
der any provision of tins act, shall he
thcreiiy disqualified from beconiing a it
ness in any aciion. suit, or proceeditiir for
the recovery, mitigation, or remission
thereof, bnt shall be subject to examina
tion and eross-examimit ion in like manner
with other witnesses, without being there
by deprived of any rifjht, title, share, or
interest In any line, penalty, or forfeiture
to which such examination may relate;
and in every (snch ease the defendant or
defendants may appear and testify and he
examined and cross-examined iu like man
ner. RSee. 0. That except in the ease of per
sonal effects accompanying the passenger
no importation exceeding one hunifrcd
dollars in dutiable value shall be admitted
to entry without the production of a dulv
certified invoice thereof as required bv
law, or of an affidavit made by the owner,
Importer, or consignee, before any officer
authorized to administer oaths, showin
why it is impracticable to produce snch
See. 10. That no entry, shall be made in
the absence of a certified invoice, upon
affidavit as aforesaid, unless such affidavit
be accompanied by a statement, in the
form of an invoice or otherwise, showing
either the actual cost of the merchandise
include I in such importation, or. to the
best of the knowledge, information, and
belief of the deponent, the foreign market
value thereof: which statement shall be
verilli'd by tin owner, importer, consig
nee, or agent desiring to make enfrv of
the merchandise, and which oath shad
he a Imlnistcred by thje collector or his
Site. 11. That before such oath is taken,
it shall be lawful for the collector or dep
uty administering the same to question
the deponent touching tjhe sources of his
knowledge, information ot4 belief in the
promises, and to require him lo make oath
to the .-a me. and to produce anv letter or
paper, in his possession or Ubder his con
trol, which may assist the officers of the
customs in ascertaining the dutiable ahie
of tlte Intjstrtatlbn, or anv part thereof;
end in default of such pro luc.ion. when
-t re, (nested, such owner, importer, con
signee, and agent shall Ik- thereafter de
barred from producing anv such letter or
paper for the purpose of avoiding anv pen
alty or forfeiture incuriied under this act.
mile.-,- he shall -how to t he satisfaction of
the court that ii was not in his power to
produce the same when so demanded.
Sec. 12. '1 hat any owner, importer, con
signee', agent, or other person who shall,
with intent to defraud Ihe revenue, maki .
or attempt to make, any en'trv of import
ed m. rehnudisc, by means of any frauilu
lent or false invoice, affidavit, letter, or
paper, or by means of any false statement,
written or verbal, or who shall be guilty
of any willful act or ooiissfon "bv means
whereof the United Slates shall be d
) ndved of the lawful dui ies, or any porl ion
thereof, accruing upon the merchandise,
or any portion thereof, embiaced r re
ferred to in such invoice, affidavit, letter,
Itaper, or statement, or affected by such
act or omission, thall (breach offense. Iu
fined in any sunt not exceeding five thou
sand dollars nor less than fifty dollars, or
1k imprisone 1 for any t ime not exceeding
two y ars, orboth;andiin addition to such
flm. such ikierchan lis shall be forefted;
w hich forleiture shall onlv apply to the
Whole of the merchandise in the " case or
package contain big the particular article
or articles of nterebatiflise to which such
fraud or alleged fraud relates; and any
thing contained in any act which pro file
tor ihe U r-rfeil ure or exwtfisjcatioti of an en
tire invoice in eon-e ptetiee of any item
or items eontaineil in the same being un
dervalued, be, and the same ri hereby, re
pealed. St.e. !:. That any merchandise entered
by any person or pt.rsoits viobit mg any of
tlie provisions of tin preceding section,
but not subject to forfeiture under the
same section, may while ou nod by him or
them, or while in his or their possession,
i to double the amount claimed, be taken
by t he collector and fee Id as security for
i the payment of any line or tines incurred
as aforesaid, or may be levied upon and
j sold on execution to satisfy any duitgmeni
reeovered for inch flue or tines. Hut not h
iug herein contained shall prevent any
1 o. Her or claimant froin obtaining a release
. of such merchandise on giving a hotel.
with -urel ies sal is factory to t he c- 1 lector, j
or, in case of ju lie ial procec lings, sat isfae- I
tav to the fxHirt, or tlie judge thereof, for i
the pa;, men! ot any line or lines so itieurr
e ! : hrovhi 'l, ftojrt r ., That such merchan- i
(Use shall in no case he released until all j
accrue I d nt ies t he.a ou shall have been
' paid or secured.
s-.-. It. That when-ver any statute re- j
tpiires that, to the cost or market-value of i
anv goods, ware-, and merchandise tin- j
ported into the United states, there shall j
be a 1 led to the invoice thereof, or. upon 1
the entry of such goods, wan-, and mer- i
ii:andi-e. cluirges for In land-traii sporta-
j tion. commissions, wtrt-dnties, expehses j
of shipping, exiHtri-dui ies, cost ofpact-lc-agts,
boxes, or other articles containing
such goods, wares, and merchuudi-e, or
any oilier mcbleutm Expenses attemling
the jtneking, shlpjting. or exportat ion
thereof from the cottntry or place w here i
purchased or man uiact u'red. the Amission, I
without intent th'Teby todefr.ind the rev- !
enue, to add and Sato the same on snch
invoice or entry shall not be cause of a
I forfeit ure of such goods, wares, and mer
chandise, or ofthe vntna thereof: but In all
cases w here t he samje, or any part t hereof,
are omitted, it -hall be t he duly of the col-
j lector or appraiser to add the same, for t he
purposes of duty, to such invoice or entry
either in items or in gross, a such price
or amount as he shall d-em just an 1 reas
onable, which price or amount shall, iu
! the absence Of pro: est , be eote-hiM ve, a ud
to int-oose and add there. the further sum
of one hundred per centum ot the rite or
amount so added; which addition shall
con-t it ut e a part of the dutiable value of
5-nch -rood-, war-, and merchandise, and
shall ie collectible aw provided by law in
respect to duties on imporis.
sec. 1". That it shall be the duty ofany
Officer or person emnl d in the customs
re venue service of t he i-nited states, upon
detect km of any violation of the customs-
:i us,
fO till
thwith to itiakc complaint t hereol
:!e etor of t he district whose dtlty
e promptly to report the same to
rict attorney ot the district in
uch frauds 'shall tie committed.
itely nponj the receipt of such j
it. if. in his judgment, it can be i
d. it shall bethe duty of such tils- !
aney to cause investigation into ;
to be made before a United States
Ihe In
commissioner iuw mg jurisdiction tliereoi,
and to initiate proper pntceedi ngs to re
cover the tines and penalties in the prem
ises, and to prosecute the same with the
utmost diligence to ftnat Judgment.
See. hi. That In all actions, suits, and
proceedings in any court Of t lie United
States now tending or hereafter com
menced or pro-e:-utcd toenfirc'or declare
t he forfeit ure of any g h ds, wares or mer
chandise, or to recover the value thereof,
or any ot her sum alleged to be forfeite. I
by rason of any violation of the provis
ions ofthe cu-toms-revenue laws, or any
ol such provisions, in whic h action suit or
prucee ling an issue or issues of fact shall
ha e been joined, it Shad be the duty of
the court, on the trial tJtsreof, to submit
to tin-jury, as a distinct an 1 separate prop
osh ion, w hether tjieallegedacts were done
with an actual intention to defraud the
I'niteti Slates, anj to reqttire upon such
proposit ion a special finding by smh jury;
or. it such issues be tried by the court
w it hou t a jury, it shall be the duty of t he
court, to pass upon and decide such prop
osition asa distinct and separatic finding
ot laei ; and in such cases, unless intent to
defraud shall be so found, no due. penalty,
or forfeit are -lall beimrKtseu.
See. 17. That w henever, for an alleged
vioiat ion of t hecnstcnis-reveiiuo taws, any
perst n wl'.n shall be charged with hav ing
incurred any line, penalty, forfeiture, or
dissibiiity relier than Imprisonment, or
.-hall be interested in any vessel or mer
chandise seized or subject to seizure, w hen
tie appraised value Ot such vessel or mer
chan d ise is not less t ban one thousand
dollars, shall present his petition to the
judge of the district in which the alleged
violation occurred, or iu which the prop
erty N situate I, petting forth, truly and
particularly, the facts, and eireum-Tances
ofthe case, and praying fr relief, such
judge shall, if thri ease, in bis judgment,
requires, proceed to inquire ina summary
manner into tlie cireum-lanee-1 of the case
at such reasonable time as may be fixe i
by him for that purpose of which the dis
trict a'. torney, and the collector shall be
notified by the petitioner, in order that
they may attend and show cause w hy the
; petition should he refused.
See. 18. That the summary invest iga
tion herebv provided for may iKr held be
fore the fudge to whom the petition is
i presented, or, if be shall so direct, before
1 anv I'nited states commissioner lor such
district, and the facts appearing thereon
' shall be Stated and annexed to the peti
tion and, together wit't a certified copy
j ofthe evidence. Transmitted to the Seerc
' fury ofthe Treasury, who shall thereupon
! haue power to mitigate or remit such fine,
! penalty or forfeiture, or remove such disu
; bility, or any part t hereol, if, in his opin-
ion, the same shall have been incurred
, without willful negligence or any inten
tion offrauV! in the person or persons ln
i curring the same, and to direct the prose
j cm ion. if anv shall have been instituted
for the recovety thereof, to cease and
be discont inued "upon such terras or con
ditionstis he may deem reasonable and
I Sec. 19. That it shall not bo lawful for
in v odicer or tuheers t t ne inued Man
com prom'
se or abate any claim of the
Cnited States to compromise or abate an v
i claim of the .United stat es arising under
! tne customs laws, for any tine, penalty, or
i forfeiture incurred by a violation thereof;
! and any olliceror person who shall soeom
, promise or abate any such claim, or at
' sempt to make suSi compromise or abate
ment, or in any manner relieve orattempt
i to relieve Iron! such tine, penalty, or for
i felt ure shall be deemed guilty of a felony,
; and, on conviction thereof, shall suffer
'. imprisonment not exceeding ten years,
, and lie lined not exceeding ten thousand
dollars: Prfiid-t, ftonvtvr,. That the Sec
I rctarv ofthe Treasury shall have power to
1 remit any fines, penaltiea, or forfeitures,
I or to com promise the sumo, in accordance
; with existing law.
Sec 20, That whenever anv application
; shall be made to the Secretary of the Treas-
ury for the mitigation or remission of any
1 line, penalty, or forfeiture, or the refund
! of any duties, ill case theamount involved
1 i is tlinn one. tlionsniHil rtoti,.,- ,v.r.
applicant shaii notify the district attornev
and the cellector of customs ofthe district
in which the duties, line, penalty, or for
feiture accrued: and it shall be the duty of
such collector and district attorney to fur
nish to the. Secretary of the Treasury all
practii-able information necessary to en
able, bins to protect the interests cX the
United States.
See. 21. That, whenever any goods,
wares, merchandise shall -have been en
teje' and passed free of rtuts", and when
ever, dnties upon my imported goods,
waves, and merchandise shall have been
liquidrted and paid, and snch goods, wares
and merchandise shall have been deliv
ered to the owner, importer, agent, or
consignee, such entry and passage free of
duty and such settlement of duties shall,
after the expiration of one year from the
time of entry, in the absence of fraud and
in the absence of protest by the owner,
importer, agent or consignee, be final and
conclusive upon all parties.
Sec. 22. That no suit oruction to recover
any pecuniary JHsnalty or forfeiture of
property accruing under the customs rev
enue laws of the United States shall bp .in
stituted unless such suit or act ion shall be
commenced within three years after the
time When such penalty or "forfeiture shall
have accrued: Pr&rUlcth That the time of
the absence from the United States ol the
person subject to such penalty or forfeit
ure, or of any concealment or absence of
t he propert y", shall not bo reconed within
this period of limitut ion,
See. ';. That in lieu of the salaried,
moieties, and peroulsites of whatever
name or nature, and commissions on dis
bursements, now juid to and received by
the collectors, naval oflieers. and survev
orsconm eted with the customs serviee in
the severaJ collect ion districts of t he Unit
ed 8taUs hereinafter named, there shall
be paid, from and after the first day of
duty, eighteen hundred and seventy-four,
an annual salary, as follows:
To the collector of the district of Now
York, twelve thousand dollars.
To the col lectors of the diriets of Knsfon
and Chariest own, Massachusetts, and Phil
adelphia. Pennsylvania, each eight thou
sand dollars.
To the collectors of the district of San
Francisco, California; Ha'timore, Mary
land, and New Orleans, Louisiana, each
seven thousand dollars.
To tlie collector of the district of Port
land and Falmouth, Maine, six thousand
To the naval officer for the district of
New York, eight thousand dollars.
To the naval officers yf the districts of
Boston and Chariest own, Massachusetts;
and San Francisco, California; and Phila
delphia, Pennsylvania, each live thousand
To the surveyor of the port of New York,
eight thousand dollars.
To the surveyors of the ports of Boston,
Massachusetts; and San Francisco. Califor
nia; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, each
live thousand dollars.
Sec. 11 That the Secretary of the Treas
ury shall, from t hue to time, make such
regulations as he may deem necessary lor
the conduct and management of tlie bond
ed warehouses, general order stores and
other depositories ofthe imported mer
chandise throiignout the United States; all
regulations or onlers issued by collectors
of customs in regard thereto shall besub
ject to revision, alteration, or revocation
by him; and no warehouse shall be bonded
and no general-order store established
Without bis aut horit v and approval. And
il shall be the duty ofthe 8c crelary of the
Treasury, in granting permits to be estab
lish general-order warehouses, to require
such warehouse or warehouses to be lo
cated contiguous, or as near as may be, to
the landing places of steamers and vessels
from foreign ports: and tltat no officer of
t he customs shall have any personal own
ership of or interest iu, any bonded ware
house or general-order store.
see. '). That public cartage of merchan
dise In the custody of the ciovermnent
shall be let after not less than thirty days'
notice of such letting to the lowest respon
sible bidder giving security, and shall be
subject to regnlatiiHis approved by the
Secretary ofthe Treasury.
Sec. :., That all acts and parts of acts
Inconsistent with the provisions of this
act are hereby repealed; teat not hing here
in contained shall arfeci exist ing rights of
the United Si at es; and in all eases in w hieh
pro-cent tons nave been act ually commenc
ed for forfeit tin- incurred, the Secretary
of the Treasury shall have power to make
eonpM-nsal ton. as provided in the fourth
sc. ; ion of this act, to the persons w ho
would under former laws, have been en
titled to share in the distributiod of such
Approve 1. dune 2'2, I87t.
I". S. Ollicinl liiMT Tor Orcgron.
Lots of I" i n. The entertainment
at the Opera House on Monthly ami
Tuesday nights more than met the
cxnect-itions of tlie lame audiences in
attendance. The proprietor, Dr. Has
kell, lias ac (iitred a great reputation as
an orator, and dining the last tivq
years has doubtless accomplished much
good through his lectures on tern-
perauce. But as there was absolutely
no money in this free lecturing httsi
ness, the Doctor soon found his ex
chequer running loy. and to enable
iiitn to do good and still not beggar
himself, he gathered around him his
present company of choice artists, each
a host in his or her line, and while
preaching against intemperance and
kindred vices, endeavors to instruct
and entertain tlie public in such a
manner as will give the most perfect
satisfaction, while' the financial aid
tints obtained enables the Dr. to carry
out his philanthropic schemes. Dr.
Haskell is assisted by Prof. Steele, a
magnificent vocalist, and one ot the
best cornetists in the country; Mr.
Hardinge, also n fine vocalist and eon
ceitinist; Miss Clara Hardinge, the
wonderful child pianist and spiritual
istic phenomena ; and last, though by
no means least, Zamloeh, the noted
prestidigitnteur. But the mechanical
automata, those wonderful miniature
men and women, that leaped and
danced and cut up all kinds of shindies,
without any visible aid, captured the
audience, and during their performance
the said audience was in a perfect
frenzy of delight. Not the least en
tertaining part of the entertainment
was the gifts distributed at the close.
At the door each ticket-holder was
presented with an envelope contain
ing a number. At the close of the
performances, a child was chosen trom
the audience, taken upon the platform,
where a hat was placed in his hands
containing twenty-five slips of paper,
upon each of which a number was
written : the little fellow drew the
slips from the hat one hy one, the first
slip drawn taking the first prize, and
so on. The first number drawn was
20. entitling the holder to $10 cash.
V. It. Cannon was the lucky man.
Claib Stewart drew a stick of rlonr, R.
Cheadle a sack ot Salt, Harry Godley
a bottle of ink, Mrs. Walter Monteith
set glass tumblers, and then came a
broom, can of honey, paper of coffee,
pocket knife, set cups and saucers,
har of soap, can of peaches, etc., drawn,
by different persons in the audience.
The entertainment was well received
throughout, and the only draw back
we heard mentioned was the lack of
sufficient fire in the heating apparatus
to keep the hall warm.
The Olympia Courier of the 10th
says: "It Is thought that a man named
Charles Taylor and hi wife, who lived
nefir Devil's Head, on te fciomid, were
drowned some four weeks ago. They
had been to Steilacoom and started
home in a small rowboat, since which
time the boat lias been found bottom
up, and nothing has been heard of its
A eoloieil gentleman in Boise City
was cleaning a loaded gun recently,
when it went off and he could hardly
be persuaded that his skull was tin in
jured. Mr Eugene La Forest, of Orpgon
City, contemplates visiting the Sand
wich Islands shortly, with a view ot
regaining his shattered health.
Exchange- Office,
1 check nt siirlit.
Interest allowed on time deposits In eoin.
Kxelmiiire on Portland, Sun Francisco,
anil New York, for srtle tit lowest l-.ite.s.
Collections made and promptly remitted.
Ili-revs to II. W. Corbet t, Henry Fuilin,
W. s. T.ivU.
Ranking Itottrs from 8 X. M. to 4 P. M.
Albany, Feb. l, I71--Jiv3
n. 11.
RICE, M. !.,
V Physic-Ian.
I K1-"II !-: Fiist street, between
V. nml iiliil
ibinston. Resbekck- Tliird
itn-t-t. tnu liliR-ks In-low or mist of Metbo-
ilist Cliureh, Albany, Oregon. ysnto
J. C. HlWELt. L. KI.II.-N
Atlorneys null onsisi ioi s nt Ijtn
Fliim notary public:, Albany, Oregon.
Collections and conveyances pixtmptlv at
tended to. " 1
A. W. GAMBLE, Ifl. !..
Pliysieuvn, Sm-ueoii, etc.
OFFICE On First street, oyer Weed's
grocery store. UksIXK2ck -Opposite
late, residence of Jonn C. Meiuiciiliall, near
tlie Foundry-, First street, Albany.
October 2s, ln73y
l. M. Jli.NKS. J. I.INSKV illl.l..
37 V 4
Attorney iiikI 4'onnselor at ,
in the lid, 3d and 4th Judicial Dis
tricts, in the Supreme Court of Oregon,
and in thel.'.S. District and Circuit Courts.
Oi kk k In Parrish brick, (np stairs), in
ottice ocenpied by the late X. H. Cranor,
First street, Albany, Oregon. to!5vC
G pot oeiers.
1 i,o"i.-ioiis.
Tobacco, Clear, t'ntlery ' Crock
ery, iuid Wuod A" Willow Ware,
EgfOedlantZsee him, tilr-l
J the Wclif'oot Mnrket.on First street,
adjoining (iradtrotaPs. respectfully asks a
share of the public patronage. The mar
ket will be kept constantly supplied with
all kinds of fresh meats. Call and see.
3?Tnc highest cash price paid for hides
Albany, August 11-71
Albany Book Store.
JXO. 1 Of. IS AY,
U School Books, Blaukl
Books, Stationery
r imcy Art icics. ,vc.
Books imported to order,at shortest pos
sible notice. v5n30
1K. .I O. W. CRAY,
corner First and Kerry streets. Residence-
Corner Fifth and Ferry streets.
Office hours from 8 to 12 o'clock a. m.,and
1 to r o'clock p. m. lSvt
Tin: ha v it: AM S I II. I
-A bay tree. Thankful for pist favors,
and wishing to merit Ihe continuance of
the same, the BAY TEAM will always be
ready, and easily found, to do any liaulmjj
within the city limits, for a reasonable
compensation. &SD ellerj- of ;ikkIs
n Specialty . A. N. ARNOLD.
2evn l'roorietor.
tICAl,Klt IX
Groceries & Provisions,
establishment on corner of Ellsworth
and First streets, with a fresh stock of
Groceries, Provisions, Candies. Cigars, To
bacco. Ac., to which he invites the atten
tion of our citizens.
In connection with the store he will keep
a Bakery, and will always have on hand a
full supply of fresh bread, crackers, Ac.
Call and sec me.
February 16-24 v 4
A. CAR0T11ERS & 0.,
Dealers in-
All the popular
and Toilet! Hoods.
Particular cure and promptness piven
Physicians' preacriptlons and Family Roc
Albany, Orcgon-4v5
31 a c hin e Shop,
A. F. CHERRY Proprietor,
Manufactures Steam Engines,
Flour and Saw Mill machin
And all kinos of
Partlcularattcntion paid toreiiairinB ail
kinds of machinery. 41v3
&c., &e., &c,
Couutry I'rohiec of AH Kinds
r.ouoiiT ron merchaudisb or
This is the place to set the BEST RAJK
1 JAINS ever offered in Alliany. Pnrtioi
will always do well to call and see fortlteia.
First street, Albany, Oregon. 32x5
E veiy tl liTitr;
Manufacturers and Dealers in
Always on hand or made to order on the
shortest notice.
FL'RXITURE repaired espcillttonaly and
at fair rates.
Siilenroom nml Factory oil t"lri-Sv
nenr NchuieerH Knit cry .
Albany, Feb. 28, Islt-tt
Dealer in
Of the best pat tenia,
And the usual assortment of furoiehiDft
ds to be obtained in a tin store.
ttepatrs neatly and promptly executed,
n reasonable terms.
Short reckoning; make lonjf h-lends
Dec. 5, 18SG-1
Metzler Cbaii
Can be had at the following places S
.lunction City
Mini. Mav
.Smith A Krasnclrt
Kirk & tlu i ue
J, M. Morgan
,.J. J- Blown,
Graf ft CruKr.
A full supply can also be obtained at mjr
old shop on First street, Albnny. Oregon,
J. 31. M1A M.EK.
Mustang Limmen.
was first known in AraerH
Tt merit aft new
habitable tild. Il
well known th:o,-,!j;h'ut the
Liniment il hai u j equa I t, bcu-iiciai tei;
Homestead Tonic
Plantation Bitters
Is a furrly 'egrtab!e Preparation, competed
cf Calisnya Bark, Roots, Hrrbs ami Fruits,
among which will ir fctind Sarsapariiam,
Dandelion, Wild Cherry, Sassaras, Tansy,
Genitan, Street Piag; etc.; also Tamarinds,
lfates. Prunes and lumper Berries, preserved im
asujficient quantity (only) a the spirit ePSu
gar Cane to keep in any climate. They tnv
riatly relieve and cure the ollming com.
plainif: Vyspcpsia, Jaundice, Liver Cansy
plaints, i-osi cf Appetite, Headache, Bilieu
Attacks, Fever andAgue, Summer, Complaints,
Sour Stomach, palpitation. V me near,, gen
eral Debility, etc, ey are especially m.
ted, as a remedy fw the diseases ta which
arc subjected, and as a tonic far the Agrm
FecMc and Debilitated, has no efmcl. They are
strictly intended as a Temperance Tonic or Bit.
ters, to Se used as a medicine only, and always
according to directions.
Soi.r bv Alt Fisst -class PfcVGGl5.
I i,...- uav vuu, -nu u.-ii irimu ui any i.i-.:inieni in,
I the world, !'krt,m the millions upon uiiiiious, ulr
bottles sr, (iot a s:ncli complaint has evem,
rcaihed us. As a tlralir.t: anil I'aiii-Subdiiinr