The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, August 21, 1874, Page 2, Image 2

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    FRIDAY, AUGUST , 1874.
rowr wrricE rhmsteb.
maim amove:
From Railroad (north and south! dally
at 11.10 P. x.
From CorvollU, dally, at 10.S0 A. M.
From Lebanon, triweekly. (Monday,
Wednesday and Friday) at 10.30 A. M.
M Aix-s pmart:
For Railroad (north and oatS), dally,
clow prompt at 11.10 a. m.
For CorvslUs, 1.50 p. m.
For Lebkvon.trl-weekly, (Monday, wcd
KCHday and t rlday ) at 1 P.
Offloe hour from 7 A. M. to 7 P. M.
Souday, from 11 M. to P. M.
Money order office hours from 9 A. K. to
6 P. . P. H. RAYMOND, P. M.
msBvirra next sckdat.
BAPTIST CHURCH -"Services at 11 A. M.
and 7 P.M. Sunday School at lX P. at.
Her. C. H. ktattoon. Pastor.
M. R. CHTRCH --Services at 11 A. M. and
7P.M. Sunday 8001 at S.S P.M. Rev.
Itaiah Wilson, Pastor.
11 A. M. and 7 P. M. Sunday School at
IX P.M. Rot. 8. G. Irvine, Pastor.
a Pastor at present. Sunday School at
M. E. CHURCH 80UTH-8err1oo8 In Con
gregational Church alternate Sundays.
Rev. Jos. Emery, Pastor.
College Channel, alternate Sabbaths, at
11 AM.and7 P. M. Sunday School at
UK P.M. Rev. E. R. Geary, D.D., Pastor.
Horse Taming. Mr. R. H.
Tapp, who opened a school in this
city the first of the week in which
the art ot training horses is thor
oughly taught, invited us to ootne
to his achool-room on Wednesday
afternoon to see him train and edu
cate hom that had, through im
proper handling, become almost
unmanageable. A large, muscular,
nervy, fine-looking bay horse was
first handed over to the Professor.
The owner remarked that be had a
very bad fault, among others, ot
throwing himself when hitched to a
wagon, nearly always breaking the
tung and tearing the harness to
pieces. The Prof, turned the horse
loose, and, with only a whip
in his band, compelled the horse to
come to him at his call, and stand
until bridled. Then, after a short
time spent in educating to the proper
point, be bitched bim up, and be
went off aa though he bad never
taken the "studs" or thrown him
self. A sorrel was brought in that
was an accomplished artist in the
"backing" line. In less than two
minutes the Prof was on the ani
mal's back, and the animal, al
though looking terrible vicious and
as if be would like to scotch around
a few, moved off is good style
without an effort to dislodge the
man on bis back. The Professor
then dismounted, threw a saddle
upon bis back, and again bestrode
the animal ; bat there was no effort
at backing the horse had found
fas master. Quite a number ot hor
ses, which tin owners have hitherto
been unable to drive or ride because
oJt some vicious habit or habits, have
been taken to the Prof, during the
week, and ia every case be baj not
only ridden or drove them himself,
bat he has taught the owners as
well how to handle and control
them. The system taught by Prof.
Tapp seems to be founded on good
cease, and a gnat improvement
over any other we have ever wit
nessed. It is humane, the first
principle laid down being to never
abuse or illtreat an antral. It is
simple, an hour or two at most be
ing sufficient to give any one a
thorough understanding of bow to
train and educate a hone properly.
The knowledge thus gained, at the
insignificant sum of one dollar, is
worth many a dollar even to the
roan who rarely uses a horse ; every
farmer in Linn county should at
tend the school, and we are satis
fied they will, after learning their j
lesson thoroughly, feel that they j
never expended a dollar more ju
diciously. The Professor can be J
found at the stables on cornel of
Washington-and Second streets.
Body For no. On Sunday, as
two young men were walking along
the banks of the Willamette, in the
eastern suburbs of the city, just
below Mr. Baltimore's they discov
ered the body of a dead man among
some drift-wtiod lodged against the
south bank of the river. They
came immediately into the city and
gave the alarm. Early on Monday,
Justice Hannon, acting Coroner,
summoned a jury, the body was
hauled up out of the water, and an
examination had to identify the
corpse. The witnesses summoned
failed to recognize the body. The
body was very much swollen and far
advanced in decay, maktng pro
tracted stay near it almost an im
possibility. The corpse measured
about five feet six inches in highth,
was solidly built, had long chin
whiskers and mustache of a sandy
color, as was his hair. The hair
didn't make much of a showing
until passing pretty well toward
the crown of the bead, giving him
the appearance ot being bald headed.
The clothing was good, of some
dark colored cloth. His clothing,
undershirt, drawers, overshirt, vest,
pants, stockings, coat, paper collar
and boots were all of good quality,
and had been neatly put on, and
pants, vest, etc., properly buttoned.
Iu the back pants pocket ten bits
(ten cent pieces) were found ; also
a part of a rubber comb nothing
more. No card, envelope, nothing
whereby to identitiy the dead man
could be found. The verdict of the
jury, was in accordance with the
above statement.
lis Hot Persutt. Walter
Brown, who killed a man named
Hurt, in the Sprague river country
about the last of July, passed
through Benton county Wednesday
ot last week, and is supposed to be
somewhere in this neighborhood at
the present time. A reward of $500
is offered for his arrest, and parties
are in hot pursuit. When the mur
der was committed the two brothers
were together, and they are thus
described: John W. Brown is
about 28 years of age, dark hair,
moustache and chin whiskers;
heavy dark eyebrows ; black eyes ;
square shoulders ; stout build, and
about 5 feet 8 inches in highth.
Walter A. Brown, the one who
done the shooting, is 22 ; dark com
plexion; hazel eyes; moustache
and chin whiskers a light brown ;
long armed, square shouldered, but
slender build, and about 6 feet in
highth. If the reports be true,
Brown committed an atrocious,
cold-blooded murder, and every ex
ertion should be made to secure
Itemizes" Ts the name ot the
paper published at Dallas, Polk
county, by Casey & Hammond. It
takes the place of the Republican.
The boys get ont a very creditable
paper indeed, and) ii they keep up
their lick in the local tine, we see
no reason why they should not re
ceive a living patronage, We wish
Casey k Hammond the fullest uo
cess with their Ittmiter.
Devilish. Evil disposed people
there are in almost every eoromu
nity whose greatest delight Seems
to be to stir up strife and create
enmity and hard feelings, where be
fore friendship and neighborly good
will prevailed: These blots upon
manhood ami womanhood for these
characters are to lie found among
both sex alike will torture and
twist language and actions, however
plain and natural, into something I
entirely foreign and never intended
by the subject of their spleen they
will, by their devilish jngenuity, by
hints and inuendoes more thau by
outspoken and direct charges, such
as would be made by a fearless,
outspoken man or woman conscience
of trull) and rectitude ot purpose,
make mole-hills appear like moiiu
tains, and concoct a scheme ot must
damning villany from a lightly
spoken word. A word spoken iu
jest, caught up and extended by
these rotten-hearted fiends, grows
into a monstrosity, creating divis
ions in families, dissensions and fur
moils in neighborhoods, and creat
ing ill-will and haired between life
long friends that often culminate in
bloody tragedies. The most de
spicable and hell-deserving among
these leprons-souled serpents is the
writer of anonymous notes, contain
ing charges that the white-livered
and cowardly author dare not openly
make. Although wise as serpents
ami full of cunning, they will event
ually over do the matter, leav ing
ear-marks so plain that they can
easily be detected and when once
detected they become, as they
should, a mark at which the finder
of every honest man is pointed with
scorn and contempt. There are,
we are told, in some neighborhoods
even in Linn county, characters such
as we have feebly attempted to des
cribe in this article scribblers, il
literate, gross animals, who have
been sending out their gangrened
and lying effusions in the shape of
anonymous letters. Patience has
ceased to be a virtue when applied
to such low, growling characters,
and if the efforts now being made
to detect them shall prove success
fill, they will be made to feel the
utmost rigor ot outraged law, and
held up to the scorn and derision
of an outraged community. Ver
butn sat sapient I.
Goon Boy. Last week Mr.
Cnndiff got through his job of "put
ting heads" on the two cisterns on
Frst street, but the street looked as
though it had been struck by light
ning, so rough and uneven was it.
Our City Marshal, not liking the
looks of the thing, end there being
no appropriation from which to
draw to him some one to readjust
the matter, concluded to give the
city a benefit, went and got a broom
and proceeded to clean up the street
and make it look something like it
did before it was torn up. He done
a very creditable job, too, before he
got through, did Parley ; and tor
oar part of it we tender him full
Labor-saving. The Climax
Washer gives the highest satisfac
tion to all the ladies, large numbers
of whom havo signed certificates
attesting the fact,' which have been
published. There's no disputing
the fact that it's a good institution.
Quarterly M EEnjio For the
M. E. Church South, came off at
the Congregational Church in this
city last 8mfaay,v, JoJ.. Emery,
Temperance and Magnetism. !
Dr. Haskell, assisted by a young
Wy, at the Opera House on Mon- j
day night, gave an entertainment j
tor the benefit of the Albany Brass
Band. As almost everybody has
gone to the mountains, the attend- j
ance was not as large as it other-;
wise would have been, and the boys
did not have more money than they
could carry away a'ter paying ex- J
penses. However, the crowd in j
attendance appreciated the show, as !
they attested by fretpient and pro
longed aiplaose. As a temperance
lecture the Doctor is unique. His
voice is pleasant, his utterance clear
and distinct, and he seemed at no
loss tor woids in which to express
himself. All who attended enjoyed
a good hearty laugh, which is one
of the best aids to digestion.
Business ir Business. Saral.
E. Young has goned. He got up
and dusted am Wednesday, over
land, for San Francisco, to inter
view the big wholesale dry goods
firms iu that city, to the end that
he might secure the first choice in
laying in a magnificent stock of
goods for the fall trade in Linn
county. Relying implicity upon
Sam's good judgment and taste,
we promise his customers the latest
and gayest in lady's dress goods,
millinery, etc., and the freshest styles
iu men's clothing, underwear, hats
boots, shoes, as well as groceries,
glassware, etc. New goods will
commence arriving in a tew days,
and continue until the huge store
shall be crammed and running over
with attractions. Success to Sam
ivel. Temperance Lectures. Dr.
Haskell delivered a temperance lec
ture at the Court House in this city
on Sunday evening, to a large audi
ence. He was introduced to the
audience by the Eminent Comander
ot the Red Crossers, Dave Taylor.
It was an interesting address, as full
of jolarity as the sacred ness of the
day would allow. At the Opera
House, on Monday evening, he
got off one of the funniest pieces
ever delivered here. The Dr. sang
a stazna or two, also, to the great
edification of all present or at
least he would, had he have been
At Harrisbitrg. The recent
fire at Harrisburg, destroyed Benj.
Windom'8 wagon shop, Jos. Mor
ris' blacksmithshop, and Andrew
Condra's paintshop. Windom's
losses foot up $1,000; Morris fig
ures his at $700, while Condra loses
$1,200 a total of $2,900. We
believe there was no insurance. A
subscription was started to raise a
sufficient amount to enable the
gentlemen burned out to start in
again, and at last accounts over
tour hundred dollars had been
Thrrh Linker. Nate Baum
has been heard from in San Fran
cisco, where he is at present, up to
his eyes in business, wading through
oceans of dry goods, clothing, etc.,
etc., selecting with care the best
and most attractive goods to be
found in that great mart, with a
view to meet ".he wants and desires
of his Linn county customers. If
Baum don't have an elegant and
attractive lay out to attract custom
when his purchases arrive, we shall
miss our guess.
Layton BJain and; wife are ex
pected home from their mountain
trip May,
A WoKJWBFUt Invention Re
cently Patented. An elegant
little instrument which combines
twelve practically useful tools, viz :
Pocket Hole, Ruler, Square, Bevel,
Screw Driver, Chisel, Compasses,
Scissors, Button Hole Cutter, Paper
Knife, Eraser, and Pencil Shar
pener. The article is made of steel
and evidently durable. Agents are
wanted in every town. The pro
prietors offer to send steel polished
jtost paid by maid for fifty cents.
Silver plated, one dollar. Cold
plated, two dollars. Persons desir
ing an agency or to obtain the tools
should npply at once. The proper
address is Combination Tool Co.,
124 Nassau Street, New York.
Also, the new Revolver Lightning
Trap, Which winds up like a clock.
Kills HatsOophers, Squirrels, Mice,
&c and throws them a ay ami
sets itself as quick as the name in
dicates. One trap sent by express
for one dollar.
New To-Day.
The Farmers' Union
Warehouse I
IS pi APPJ.K PIE ORDER for the recep
tion of grain, and has
Additional Room
now In process of construction, all of which
Is at theservieeof the fanning community
on the most reasonable terms. For par
ticulars apply to
50ml A. WIIEEI.ER CO.,
Shedtl, Aug. 21, 74. Managers.
Hflh and Last Glfl Concert
Public Library ? Kentucky
Day FiacecS.
MONDAY, 30tyfOVEMBER, 1874
Easy Fortune.
A postponement of the Fifth Concert of
the Public Library of Kentucky has been
so generally anticipated, and is so mani
festly for the interest of all concerned, that
It must meet t lie approval ot an. i ne aay
Is now absolutely nxed, and there will be
no variation from the programme now an
nounced. A sufficient number of tickets
had been sold to have enabled us to harp
liad a large drawing on the Slst of July,
but a short postponement was considered
K referable to a partial drawing. lot it be
orne in mind t lint the
That It will positively and unequivocally
take place as announced on
Monday, 30th November,
That the music will be the best the coun
try affords, and that
30,000 Cash GIHs,
will be distributed by lot among the ticket
One Uraud Cash ir 2 50,000
One Urand Cask Uirt 100,000
One Uraud Cash Ulfl 75,000
One Urand Cask UIM 80,000
One Urand Cash OK I 28,000
8 Cash Oiria, 080.000 -a 100,000
lOI'aakUirta, e,OOOea 140,000
lSCaskUtfls, 10,000 ea 180,000
MCaahOlfta, 8,00a 100,000
25 Cannulas, 4,000 ea 100,000
SOCasbUina, S.OOOea 00,000
50 Cask Ulfto, 8,000 m 100,000
lOOCastaUtfta, 1,000 ea 100,000
asOCashUins, 800 ea 120.000
SooCaskUlltw, looea 5o,ooo
10,OOOCsh UUYs, So ea 080,000
Ur'nd tolal 29,oooshUfta 2,5oe,oo
Whole Tickets 80.00
Halves 25 .oo
Tenth, or each enpon Dm
1 1 Whole Tickets for 5oo.oo
22 Tickets tor l,oee.oo
Persons wishing to invest should order
promptly, either of the Home Office or our
local Agents.
Liberal commissions will be allowed to
satisfactory agents. W Circulars con
taining full narttculiira furnished on appll-
Agent and Manager.
PobMo Lthau-y Building, Uwtovllte, By.