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    h P Fisher
.U'iTi I I ' ' : '.
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Volume vi.
'-NO. 48.
nit S ' : : ; (
A Sondny fctarj .
. "I really don't see any, reason
why I mightn't go," paid Mrs!
The fire Mated its blue-greeu
spire of anthracite tiame behind
the polished, grate; the satiu dam-.
asK curtains wore cioseiy drawn,
and 'the shaded drop-light thatfe' a'
tiny circlet of mooney brightness
above tlieeentre-tablei Mrs. four
tcnay had a bit of zephyr-wnol
work in her hand, and her husband
was comfortably reading, with his
slippered feet on an opposite chair.
MGo -where ?" demanded Mr:
taurteiAv, looking up from- bin
book with, .something of a;.
Iered air,
' " What places were We talking
of just new ?" said Mrs. Conrtcliay,
shrugging i up her sbtiutderei ii-S'I
declare it's enough to try ;the pa.
tience of'.l,oli!v , , ,
Mr Cyurtenay made an effort of
" m see ol, yes,!' reinem-
ot his wife could not quite fill' the
aching, vokl in his heart. It was
all right and natural enough he did
not qonbt ; but were their relative
positions to Ite reversed, he felt that
he could scarcely have so rejoiced
in a long separatum from i his wife
while their marriage was as yt't but
a lew ingiiths old. But, of course,,
wpmen were different! Nobody
could 'pretend to Understand the ins
and outs of a woman's nature.
So; Mrs. Ourtenay went to
Washington with a wardrobe and
jewels that quite satisfied her ideal;
and, .ur. Harrison uiurtenay went
to lioai-d at the Alexandria Hotel.
"My dear, are yotf sure you are
doing a wise thing V" asked her
"Why not,mamma ? One can't
live mewed up between tour walls
all one's life!" retorted Rosa.
"Your husband will be exposed
to a great many temptations din ing
your absence." .'.
''Nonsense, mamma r. what's the
use of preaching in that' sort of a
way ? It isn't as if Harry was a
mere schoolboy.
., ".Of course .1 can trust him :!" , ,,
.Mrs. Harper 6.ighed and made
no answer. Rosa the wife was as
ber iww YVashi i igton."
. "The Hales are going, and Julia lieadstrong as had been Rosa the
hverett.ahd Mrs. I'onsonby, added ma'ulen.
Mrs. "Ooiirteiiav
"Hale is a' tnember of tire House
tbw year, and consequently obliged
to go," .returned her husband.
"Miss Kverett and Miss I'onsonby
are at least so I suppose Bpon
thp important business of husband
" Von men are so uncliaritaWp I'f
"Well, isn't it so? While you
have a homo to look after."
nonsense," said Mrs.
" ourtenay, wiil you come to an
oyster supper to:night?''
Mr. ( 'ourtenay shook his head.
He was1 leaning back iri "a velvet
room, or ilia -Alexandra rioted, two
or three days after the departure, . of.
his wife for the gay world of Wash
1 1 igton.
"I've forsworn that sort of ;a
thintr, ' said he, iHusrtuns;. 41l'm,
married man, aid you knqw-" ,
"Hut your wife is., out of town,
and there is no earthly reason you.
"And I am sure," went on Mrs. ) shoifld'nOt joiri us," persisted the1
oiMteiiiyvtfelU'g tor her' pookeuj friend, one dt: those genial,' good
handkerchief, "if I had supposed hearted men who are unconscii. nslv
that marriase meant a perpetual ! responsible for so much of the mis-
"lietuni at tince;' our husband
isladly hwrt'if'Teadj;
l ot poor! Hawy.i3onrtenay, reel.
ii)g boroellaterom,a''rieidly little
supper" had bit bis" foot against tlie
curb aiid'taHen wTtli fearful force.
( MHosa'f Rosi ! heir feotbet cried ,
when first ihe young1 wife' entered
tlie wQktfoom, 'fifyioulhad been at
home, where you efouJ,d have been,
this never would hayf happened."
"Is nVdead'sfW gasped. "Is
" IJetter ifar better :tlt he were!"
jvafjie wlemn f t "Hi brain
is so sv'ousiy, injured . that the
pwsicians uredjet a life of hopeless
idi i-y,1 ifiiideed he iVlbr recovers."
The ' words wete'bbl too true.
Harry Courtenay still lives, a harm-
le6s,,giib,bering creature,, whoie de.
liglit is to play , wth ; straws and
sunbeams, while noor Rosa Is expi
ating1 With a lffetime of Wrnorse the
fully she was so ready 'to commit.
jut tbal was the -secret of her
wjnf;er, in, Was it
im dearl.bougbt pleasure?
0 ' "" WUirKy'-Tiiik.
, fOm; !BWiBOfl l.pANP j HIS
state of monotonous drudgery and
'ridless.slavery,i never would have
let,.the wedding ring be plaoed ,i
mv Jjnger." , .
Mr. i ourtenay looked with real,
direfc at his pretty little wife.
"Ifosa," said he,' "I am fdire I
have no wish U be unreasonable
bat' when a man marries he natur
ally expects his wife to 'fed With
hitui; wxtlt y rry om;tUuari.
ing,scjeine of yours abouta wji ter,
in Washington, pray what is to be
come of me? You know perfectly
well that I cannot go to YashWgl1
ton with yll "
Y-bitcOuld btrd at' 'i hotel,"
fsuggested Mrs. (kuirteWyi '"
'fVAbatiWOuld be very, delightful
waiLi llWtJ saidM.r.: Cgurteiaj,
a'llttle bitterly.
"O,ofcunfe I did hot eViect
tcnav. acliusTnff her brieht blue eys
bel imdlffe 'lace-boi'dered.'lia 1 4 ker5
chief; A'oii'ioii't care, how miser
able I am, if
"Are you realjy 0 , oent upon
chief that is done in this wovJd
"C'ome ! It wi'H be like a spttvm ir
of the jolly old rirema'tritrlonia!
daVs ! Only half a dceri 6f us ' aiid
everj)' one of em an old cliimv of
yqurr. .(,'omel . . i -.
"Well, I don't know. I'll see,',,
hesitated Loirrteiiay, ,, and then
FraHk'l'kliser kliew that 'Ids case
ws as good as won.
, !f ja oyster., paftyk;ifollowpd by
' ssiys ihe'prdiiorb,! ad; h& 81; proved
in Harrison Courtenay s case. ; lea
He had been wliet tlie tongue of
popular rumor i termed "a" little
w.ijOV, , beiw ,laysi: byf,
everybody fM.jf if) WftrWrtft.
(nnnence would set that all, right ,
AM so it HaPilSI, for aJtihic, 1 Hi'
least'; lmt'iHw'l4l!tlie efiok WHs':
Uimitorarilv withdrawn; aJI thei old
me andean, was .Urst,.
i ant! the ithere came still more
''Aceordfrgl' to1 a special corres
pbiideilt; of tfie NeT6rk World,
the lie ot Odessa' 'jHf now1 ft' a!
lalnlfeAi-jwed Yanee''all the way
front U;8tate; bT'l!iaHle;,i and w.d
wfWrout'bfelntr fisBiJlaMrhself, has
bf-rflid'-irltahek 'bis:'
i 'i .... r . . ' , ii ,
eorhe the greatest " aWhrtoroglcal
siks6e';dftlifedaV.'1 He haskought'
to'Hg'ht; affff a 'stfiAt" seclusion of
sixteen certohtieOliy Roman Em
perbr Pett4irld' his' army, camp
cliesfj bagaild bafegage, bodies, ges-
tatriina afar alr'W a remarkably
periferit srate1 of" pi'eservation. The
WTifer's'accoiint is substantially as
foilowsV'" - i,,,omt
Mr.' B6olittle is a roan past fifty
yeari of age,' and' a Wlli of some
impossibly wtiicfli liecalls Mo
luifkaSwaydbwTiiirliM,a,me, and
is a railroad engineer by profession.
.wierui'unng arounu, auer ins mno,
for a good maivy (years, lie joined
the; Www iber, flf BWore
abtiutjraitlepttpleted Iheir
railroad, U Motcoa;, aul for some.
yeftrdrapieogMifj m tlit dine.
)ffa.)$nJwMi 4flWi.t the
Ciea.iaitdntoftred.iifor', petroleum
frfli tbe.dioliKbiya: to the
Hlauk Sea, ofteu ifindiogiioil and
dliv,ipftgoodb;ltna. -Mtlwugh
ins, Kosa?" interrupted her bus-
of, lifewife. i "They :tejl meibfc wasj
terribly.. ilBtoxioated. last ijiiglit at
Melthorpe's and hw business is all
( Wtenav made answer, lietweep ruumng to tlie depce I Write to her
"I've always longed .to see a
little of Washington life," Mrs
herihsi'ftiid' now that the HaleV
WUj'invned me to go with thetn,
and lulia aji1 Iloratia, my own
scIhxiI mates, are to be of the par
"'"Well, well, go, if you're so set
ii()oii it," (-aid Sir, Courtenay. "I
xlart say 1; do very well dur.
iirii your abseiia1, although, of
course, it will be very lonely;"
"Ob, yi-n dear, darluig Harryr.
cried- Mrs. ( burtenay, brighten?ug;
up like floweret after a sjiower.
"Ate yo actually in earnest? May
I really go? I'm the bappiest wife
in the world, aiid ou are the best',
,JStSr. Coiirteimy lighted hi cigar
Wita; KveutbeblandiskuienUi
to rhe from some distance, It comes
to me white and clean, almost, like
spermaceti mixed With wax. It
need's no purification or preparation
Whatever, and absorbs the odors of
flowers more reality than any stock
revet used'.' , ,kThat is not fat,"
said" Doolittle', curiously. "I really
do riot know, answered Cedrat,
Doolittle' called to bis traveling
companion: "Obme here', Hoist,
you're a scientific fellow ; tell me
what that is?" Hoist looked at the
substance, examined, smelt, tasted
and tested it; : and replied, It is
ffdipocere." "But wbat the dickens
is adipbeere?" asked Doolittle.
"A A'e'ry curious- ibstanee," re
sponded Hoist, "from the word
adeps fat,' arid ctr wax. It is1
produced by the decomposition bf
animal flesh. For instance, yon
are buried In a cemetery not well
drained-tlie water leaks into ybur
gravfe and 'you turn into adipooere.
"Humph," said Doolittle, "will it
bumf" Hoist rolled a bit of string
mine nil ana ngnrea re wiin
matcli it flamed like the best
steariile candle. 'edrat, do you
know it there is much more of . trite
where this comes from ?" "Debro
knows,-tlie peasants that fetch it
come from' his village." Debro
was summoned and said it was a
secre of his people. It had been
in thefr possession for generations
and nothjng should tempt niui to
reveai a. . "ion are jTignt," said
Dooljttle, giving him a handful of
piastres, "ypu're a brave little fel
low and I admire you, I ami
traveler, Debro, and I will tell my
people when I get home how noble
you' were riot to let the Turk's steal
the secret of your village's good
loTtund. I will tell them, the brave
man's name is Debro, and he comes
from the village of , what il
lage did you say? I have really for:'
gotten it,' and it is swh a pity, for
1 had intended to write it down in
my little traveling bbbk, here
"Oufcoon-Keupri !" iitiickly an-
Bwered Debro, nattered out of his
discretion. "Ouakm-Kenpri ? Very
go(Hl, very goodl Tliat will do,
Debro !' Hoist and Doolittle detei
mliied to haVe'alook at thisOunxm
Keupri, before they wenV further.
"Let me' look at your map," said
Hoist "Omoon-Keupri, Jbrsh
Chebrone on the Isker-Nicopolis
was here; what is Forsh Chebrone
. , . j i
recKieniuiess.H).nei. wwvf a hw,.lieb4 In the oma rebrooji ? .h! that
the place wf.e the En,ror
iiifierfrusbkiid'in'tMB abrt'of whyr MNanopie mm way to mi-: jjecpia and ai; ins army were,BJainl
Wi llarpor'fthpatieirtly demaiidel''Pgradi,, Ho Aiinej.Awti.:fli Dane When the battle was fought, the
najujjdii'etejjlotetjaiid went with) Gotl, who wexf? liaid.pusl)ed and
him .to yit theJlowef &rms tf tlie I desperate, formed aliife wiAh ; their
I've no natieuce with thesfe married
wOrneri fi,iiiriilg,:aivay:ia public
places, while their home nNittes' afe1
lieg-etstod rf.i srrmm . '!': i
So Mrs, Harper wroffl-r;piteous
appealii ig; letter, at whieli Jiosa only,
"Matirma always' dfd ' take the'
gloomiest view of things," sgid giie,
"( yfcourse I shall not come borne.
; j ust: ififTarrf 'rjegiriiiihg' io ch$by my
: self. I daw say Hawy'B a tight,'
and, if lie isn't it win jbeila-i proper
; Iftitthoncjtt diy'came a tele':.
gram, wnope imperious mimmons
I could scarcely be4tnegrdel. om
ever be found . You can read it all
in Gibbon, who took bis description
from Tacitus. That whole army
at the bottom of this marsh turned
to adipooere 1 There is an emperor
and his army of thirty or forty thou
sand engulfed in a quag, With their
arms, armor, equipments and treas
ures. The camp chest alone, of
such an army, will be a, fortune to
us. . Those old Komaus were hard
money feltows, and gold and silver
don't turn to adipooere no matter
what emperors may do."
So Doolittle and, Hoist had an
interview with JKabil Pasha, the
ruler of Jjicopojis, ad obtained, .jib,
escort of one hundred soldiers,. with
whom they had full permission , to
drain the swamp. This was in
August, 1872. They sunk sjbajrlB
and came upon complete evidence
that this was the actual scene of
the battle of Forum Terebronti and
of the great disaster to Decius and
his army. A stately figure was
found, clad in complete armor, with'
two gilt eagles; a bronze helmet,
inlaid with gold, covered the Lead,.
The quirass was of steel, elaborately
enameled.. The, short sward was.
jeweled on the , hilt and ;halkwy
down the blade.; the greaves were
of silyer and so were the knobs ban
the shield and tlie buttons ou the
sandals. . "It made me feel queer,,"
raid Joelittlwhen my,Je lifted,
tbaitold fellowi;jind,hihilij!ps4 .
out of bis harness to the ground like
a big tallow candle, out of a mold,"
Tlie camp chest with ,Us contents
was also found , and the entire plan-.
dpr was very valuable, at least 60Q ,
rubles. 1 Ijere were about
tweirty silver Q which families of
senatorial rank wore inside of their
busking. A mule j probably belong,
ing. to the emperor, was found, , not .
ouly splendidly caparisoned, but
with steel shoes on, differing from
those wp use,,w, being, ample platen
folded up jover the hoof, and with .
I small, hole open in the center,
over tlie frog. Several bronze sac
rificial axes with ivory handles;
ial plates;, great quantities of arms
and armor; interesting fragments
of military engines; jewel cases
saruony x seal ring ; razors ;
kitchen and table apparatus, and a.
rare collection of. 'coins were also
found, making, , perhaps, the best
collection extant of Roman offensive
ana defensive arms
to be found, any wh
and curiosities
re in the world.
front resting on a morass. The.
The battle was terrible, ...The Ro.
lower) Ualkan where ottar of roses
is manufactured - so 'extensively,
They fbnndi there a l"uchman from mans attempted to charge across
tlie; i(qig)dxHlfOQd . Of Grsse who j the'; lirorass. The Goths resisted
had jceuted a large. farm fioin Ach- their passage. ' The place' Wa4eep
met ,l!ey, and li,ad gone extensively i with ooze, sinkiiig under those who
Into the cultivation of flowers and ) stood ; slippery to such as advanced;
tlicmanufactuivofrierf innes. Ottar their armor heavy ; the waiters deep;
of roses is commonly made in Tur- J nor could they wield in that uneasy
key uy the simple distillation of
flnww leaves in Water.
lht Cedrat said' he had tourd if
much more profitable to make rose
pomade by the, favorite Freneb pro
cenef roaceralWu or miftektr&ffe.
"I httvb lierc," WeWs feulir
kind of fat that the 'peitrt ' bring
situation Uieir weighty javelins,
Tle barbarians,: en the contrar,
werei mured to encounters in the
bogs; their persons tall; tbeir spears
long and such as could wound at a
distance, In this morass the Ro.
tfor could the body bf the emperor
'When Henry VIII, proposed to
send Bishop BdnVier tb France, irj a
dlplomafe toplofty, tbe kiBg tpid '
hifri that he must speak to the
French monarch in a very lofty
tone, tit the same time instructing
him Wliat he had to say. "Please
your Majestyvquoth. the bishop, !
"it I should bold such haughty Ian
guage, King Francis, in all proba
bility, would ordor my head to be
chopped off." "If he dared to do
such-, thing," cried Henry, ' "I
would chop off the heads of
ten i thousand Frenchmen fot (N
"Trulyi your MajestyMObjfastBd
Bower, "but, perhapi,' not one of
those heads would fit my ahottU
- II j ram i ' '
Texas womeu rkk on both side
of the horse: