The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, June 06, 1874, Page 3, Image 3

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    A boy twelve years old, named
Benny Davis, says the Detroit Free
Prm, whose parents live on the
river road, broke his leg some
months ago and has heeu confined
to the house ever siiee. He has
during the lal three months Irain
ed a rat to come forth at his whist'e,
stand on his hind fee?, roll over,
leap through a hoop covered with
paper, a. d to execute .various other
manceuvers. 'lite family own a big
cat, and she has 'lieen trained to
stretch out and let the rat leap over
her, and they are great, friends,
though (irimalki'i is death on all
other rodents. The lad has an ex
hibition twice a week, and secures
quite an income by charging an
admission fee of five cents.
A lofty record is that of Mrs.
Louis Ooran.ol Hay City, Michigan.
Twins, and twins again four; and
then triplets three and four are
seven; and all within the incredi
bly brief period of five years!
Woman, fays the Louisville Journ
al, when she has a white man's
chance, is, as any unprejudiced
philosopher will tell you, a greater
man than man is himself. Where
is the man who can point to seven
little angels crowded into five years,
and conscientiously exclaim, " I am
the mother of these1" Even Fran
cis Bacon, who, as Maeaulav as
sures us. possessed the most exquis.
itely formed intellect that was ever
vouchsafed to one of the children
of men, could not have dtce it.
When woman deliberately makes
up her mind to accomplish wonders,
she never fails of u'ie achievement.
You may browse for ages upon the
pages of her dictionary, and you'll
newer stumble over the word fail.
An awful story of revenge is told
by the Helena, Montana, Herald,
as follows: "During one of the
skirmishing fights had by the Yel
lowstone expedition with tlie Indi
ans, the nephew of Yates, the man
who was killed, succeeded in shoot
ing an Indian. Rushing upon the
dying red-skin, the nephew un
sheathed a large knife and cut the
savage's heart oqe, and with the
same instrument deliberately pro
ceeded to disembowel the quivering
carcass of the Indian. Stepping
back, with a smile of satisfaction
lighting up his countenance, he
quietly remarked : ' Now 1 am even
for the killing of my uncle.'"
Considerable mention has been
made in the newspapers of tlte re
calling of the Japanese students in
this country to their own land.
The reasons may not be fully under
stood. A number of young men
were sent several years ago to the
United States and to Europe to be
educated. Since that time the ed
ucational depart met of Japan has
become thoroughly sy tenia! ized.
A university, with professors of the
highest repute, is located at Jeddo;
high schools aredistributed through
out the empire, and a system of
common schools brings the advan
tages of education within the reach
of all. Therefore the Jaanese
Government has hit imed students
in this country and in Europe that
the appropriations to defray their
expenses will be discontinued after
June 1, but allows them to remain
and continue their studies at their
own expense if they desire to do so.
Many decide to remain.
The Christian Union calls Kate
Field "That vigorous young dis
turber of the peace, who runs down
some fix or seven dozen of organiz
ed imbecilities before breakfast,
washes her hands and says, like
Hotspur, Fie upon quiet libs! I
want to work!'
PaeiftG Stopers,
Quite a number of soldiers passed
through Rosebnrg, en route for
Fort Klamath, last week
t'ampmeeting commences the
latter rt of the present week at
Dixie, and will continue over Sun
day. V. R. Hyde, while engaged in
splitting wood, yesterday, had the
misfortune to receive an ug'y cut
from the ax, in his foot.
Mr. W. R. Simpson, resident
agent at North Rend shipyard and
sawmills, Coos county, has lately
organized an amateur fire depart
ment at that place.
The Statesman . says : ' Parties
from the Columbia river visited the
mouth of the Coquille last week
and expressed themselves very
much pleased with the place. They
intend to establish a salmon fishery
at that place, and will commence
operations at once "
T. H. Do I. oss, who has been
sent to the Penitentiary twice for
forgery, once from Multnomah and
the last time from Marion county
for one year, has just served his
time and was discharged a few days
ago. T. 1L ought to have learned
something by this time.
A correspondent writes from
Baker county, Oregon, as follows :
"The El Dorado Ditch is now run
ning water to some of the richest
mining ground in the word. 'I his
is one hundred miles long and
carries enough water to supply
thousands of men. The mines are
rich; climate healthy; living cheap,
and cost of, travel here reasonable.
A match game of base ball came
off at Dallas, Saturday last, be
tween the Modoc club, of Dallas,
and the Willamette club, of Inde
pendence. Wm. Ruskett, of the
Monmouth club, acted as Umpire.
The time of the game was tour
hours and twenty minutes, and was
finally decided in favor of the Mo
docs the score sauding 77 to 41.
'I ho Coos Hay AVicv, in. speak
ing of the shipyards, says: "At
North Bend and Marshticld, the
sound of the busy hands can be
heard on all sides. At the former
place, the big ship has just received
her ceiling and decks and the out
side planking will be commenced
during the coming week. Captain
Mattson's schooner, at Marshtield,
has seven tiers of her outside plank
ing and will be ready for launching
about the third week in June. She
will lie the largest and finest vessel
of her class on the coast, and will
carry as, much as some three-masted
vessels running out of San Fran
cisco. The Salem Statmman says: An
accident happened last Saturday to
Miss, Ellen Chamberlain, by which
her ankle was badly sprained, and
probably broken. She, in comjany
with several other ladies, was going
out on a strawberryitfg excursion.
When going down a hill near the
residence of Mr. Rickey, a tew
miles cast of town, the horse be
came high toned, and running away,
turned the buggy over, throwing
the occupants out, and injuring
Miss Chamberlain as above stated.
The lady was immediately brought
into town, and a physician sum
moned, who dressed the wounded
Millions and millions of caterpil
lars, according to the Salt lake
JVViea, are hatching on the trees in.
Utah, and threaten to destroy the
Whatcom county indebtedness
foots op over $9,000. '"
Aw elk, weighing 800 pounds,
when dressed, was killed near
j Whatoom, W. T., last week
Numerous Philadelphia capital
ists will visit Colorado this summer
for both business and pleasure.
Stage fare from Wailula to
Walla Walla is now down to bed
rock prices. Opposition is what
does it.
Cheyenne rejoices in the posses
sion of a new steam fire e"g
which squirts water to the satisfac
tion of all its citizens.
It is estimated that 'emigrants
are coming into Colorado Territory
this spring at the rate ot fully a
thousand per month.
Thirteen thousand pounds of seed
corn were planted in northern Col
orado this spring. Last year the
crop was short ot the demand,, and
the farmers are trying to supply the
The pile driver Hercules, Capt.
Serber, is driving piles tor Inspector
Hammond near the street in front
of the Brown Church, at Seattle,
for purposes of ship repairing, and
industries of a similar character.
The Mountaineer ot Colorado
Springs says that the jierambnlatiug
professor, Peter Pier Peck, after
pecking everybody he was able to
peck, has taken up his pack and
packed himself off.
The Washington corresjwndent
of the Standard toy Delegate Mc
Fadden has been assured by the
Postal Department that there will
be, no difficulty in obtaining dailv
mail service on Puget Sound after
the first of July.
The district conference for the
southern district of the Colorado
Annual Conference of the M. E.
Church, which "meets at Canyon
City on Tuesday, June 2, and con
tinues the remainder ot the week,
promises to be a meeting of much
The difficulty between the Nav
ajos and the Mormon settlements
of the Colorado is unsettled.
-It appears that two Indians were
recently killed by the Mormons,
being shot down without the least
provocation, and their tribes is bent
on revenge. The Mormons are
alarmed and several messengers
have been sent from Salt Lake to
General Amy, at Fort Defiance
proposing indemnification to the
Navajos for the two slain, and
guarantee for the future, but no
positive arrangement has yet been
made. In the meantime, the Mor
mons are Collecting around their
strongest settlements and preparing
for defense, it the Navajos will not
have peace.
One citizen and six soldiers were
drowned at Fort Gibson, Indian
Terr itory, by a tlatboat capsizing re
cently. .
James R. McKean's terra of office
as Chief Justice of Utah expires
J u no 1st. He is understood as seek
ing re-appointment.
The Arizona Miner say6: Too
much praise cannot be lavished up
on the small military force in Arizo
na for the hard work it has done
and is doing,
A bill has been introduced in the
I louse of Representatives at Wash
ington to enable the people of the
Territories to elect their Governors
and all other Territorial officers,
Colorado has nearly 'seven 'huff-
dred trifles of railroad In Qjjfctien
"bVmmIjp To-Night, Im.
Husband Traveling. Scene I.
Room in hotel. Spittoons full of
cigar stumps. Burbon whiskey,
all hands equipped for a night's
spree. Husband, in a hurray to be
off, writing home :
"Drabkt Susie: My time is so
occupied with business that I can
hardly spare a moment to write to
you. Oil ! darling, how I miss you ;
and the only thing that sustains me
during my absence, is the thought
that every m.meit thus spent is for
the benefit of my dear wife nd
children. Take good care ot your
self, my dear. Feed the' baby on
one cow's milk. Excuse haste,
Wife at Home.-'-Scene 11.
Parlor. All the gas lit. Thirteen
grass widows; Fred, from around
the corner, with his violin; Jim,
from across the way, with his banjo ;
Jack, from above, with his guitar ;
Sara, from below, with his rlntef
lots of other fellows with their in
struments. Dancing and singing.
Sideboard covered with nuts, fruits,
cake, cream, wine, wniskey, etc.
Wife, in a hurry to dance, writing
to husband :
"Dkah Hubby: How lone
some I feel in your abseiise. The
hours pass tediously. Nobody calls
on me, and I am constantly think
ing of the time when you will be
home and your cheerful countenance
light i'p the routine of every day-
lite. My household duties keep me
constantly employed. I am' living
as economical as possible, knowing
that your small income will not
admit of frivolous ex(iense. Hut
now, dear, I will say good-by, or I
will be too late for the monthly con
cert of prayer, n haste, yours,
A postmortem examination made
on a valuable cow which died at the
Hester place, Santa Clara County,
revealed the fact that the animal
had been dieting on nails. Four
teen nails ot assorted sizes were
found in her second stomach.
This is a warning to children not
to bite their nails. This unfortu
nate cow, though it had a second
stomache, died, and the inference is
that eating its nails was the cause of
its death.
A shrewd wife in-town, who has
a forgetful husband, has adopted a
method of jogging his memory which
is at once novel and effectual. When
she desires lp'm to bring her any
thing from the store she makes a
cross on the back of his hand with a
led peucile. When he takes a drink
at a saloon iu extending his hand for
the g'ass. he invarably sees that
mark, and remembers the errand
Being thus reminded thirty or forty
times a day, it would be singular, in
deed, it he should forget what was
required of him.
It must be cheering to cheese-consumers
to Know that a new use has
been found tor oleomargarine, which
when combined with the poorest
quality of skimmed milk, is said to
yield a superior quality of cheese,
cheap and not conspicuously nasty.
In this tbrm it is no longer so easily
detected as when sold under the
name of butter, and it is repotted
that in the East the demand for it
has become so great for this use that
the supply is inadequate. Have
we any oleomargarine cheese on this
We hear of a precinct in Lane
county where the Democrats nearly
all, 63 out of 80, went Independent
and 17 Republicans who had
loudly professed Indemnitee voted
the Republican ticket That was
one place where Democrats stuck to
it, and cio was another, so that the
old political traditions of the Forks
of Die Santiam V'fjMW
are by-gone affairs
A Mormon bridegroom was rim
ultaneously married to three blush
ing brides in Salt Lake City weent
ly. Some confusion was created
after the ceremony in each bride
persisting in her individual right to
the first kiss.
The blossom cannot tell what be
comes ot its odor, and no one caw
tell what becomes ot his influence
and example that roll away from
him, and go beyond his ken on their
perilous mission.
A Iaishurg paper speaks of a
gentleman in that vicinity who re
cent Iv sold his wife and children
to one of his neighbors for a coat a
pair of second hand pants, and five
dollars iu cash.
In New Hampshire they value
skimed milk at two cents a quart
f!r feeding pigs. The Caxirier
Jaurnal says that in Louisville ten
cents a quart is paid for the same
thing to feed babies with.
An appropriate item under "Wit
4iid Humor," appears, probably by
accident, in a western paper, as
follows: "It is uncertain at what
place death awaits thee ; wait thou .
tor it at every place.'
A Sunday School scholar, being
asked what became of men who de
ceive their fellow-men, promptly ex
claimed, "Thego to Europe."
If a man has a right to be proud
of anything, it is a good action
done as it ought to be, without any
cold suggestions of interest lurking
at (tie bottom of it.
... ..... ..... . 0 ,
Napoleon L, says an exchange,
might have been worried some, but
Jiis anxieties weren't half of what
is exierienced by a fashionable
mother who has tour or rive fash
ionable daughters to marry off.
J. D. Jorden has been nominated
by two tire companions of Salem
for Chief Engineer of the Depart
ment. He will probably be elected.
as the two companies compose a ma
jority of the firemen in the city.
A basket meeting will be held at
the Highland Church, three miles
west ot Salem on the road leading
from the ferry to the Oak Grove
school house, Saturday and Sunday
June 6th and 7th.
The La Grande Sentinel says ;
The rains of the past few days have
insured heavy crops of wheat, bar
ley and oatsprovided the sun
only shines enough to ripen the
The saddest thing iu lite is the
spectacle afforded by a young per
son who has burnt all the hair off
her forehead with a hot slate pen
cil, and can not afford to buy a roll
of curls.
. ... ki -
Nebuchadnezzar was not the first
"granger" Eve made quite a
reputation iu the apple business,
and broke up A-dnm monopoly,
and was also the very first to pat
rouize husbandry.
. . !
What a blessing this genial
weather is to Susan R, Anthony and
Anna Dickinson, as it saves the
trouble of taking a hot brick to
bed with them.
If a stick of wood is too long for
the stove kick it a few times with
your heel. Then take it out and
saw it off.
A country boy, having heard of
sailors heaving up anchors, wanted
to know if it was seasickness that
made them do it.
It there is one time more than
another when a woman should be
entirely alone it k when a line full
of clothes comes down in the mud.
I ... i, .
There are larae droves ot mini
weekly passing through J Grande,
en route to the mines of Union and
Baker count and eMthdl
t dint o
a cnerais
always a retort