The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, March 28, 1874, Page 2, Image 2

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mm rrwi: kmmntkb.
. abwvti:
t mm Railroad (north and south) dally
I !i, P. M.
Krrnn OnrvallK dally, at 10.80 a. m.
Krotu Letiarxin, trl-weekly, (Monday,
Wolne))- aird Friday) at 10.30 A. M.
For Bartrrad (north and ati), daily,
cloae iwWBPt at 11 A. M.
For CfcrvaUls. daily, at M r.M. '
Ffrtehanon.trl-wpeWy, (Monday, Wed
aemhy and Friday) at 4 P. M.
Oftk-e bonis from 7 A. M. to 7 p. x.
Siinttay, from IS M. to 1 P. M.
Money order office hours from a. m. ta
H i, m. P. B. lAYMOWn, T. M.
BAPTIST CHURCH-Servicea at 11 A. M.
and 7 P. M. Sunday School at 12X P. M.
Bev. C. ft. Mattaon, Fustor.
M K. nrVRCH-SBrvioas at n A. St. and
7 P.M. Sumli
Isaiah WOmb,
7P.M. Shrr8cOrlattP.M. Rev,
go, raster.
II A. M. and 7 P. M. Sunday School at
iii P. M. Bev. 8. G. Irvine, Pastor.
a Pastor at present. Sunday School at
3 P.M.
M. K. CHTTBCH SOUTB-Servfce in Con
(rreiratlonal Church alternate Sundays.
Rev. Jos. Ktnery. Paster.
toilette Cmnpcl, alternate Sabbath, nt
11 All.atidTP. M. Sunday School at
1 X P.M. Bev. E B. Geary, D.T., lastor.
1,1a County
In accordance with the- rwwmnendat Ion
Of tlio Republican State Central Commit
tee, a Republican Canventfan for Linn
Monty will be behlattteOmit House in
Albany on Saturday, March J8th, 1874, at
I o'clock P. M., tor tb ptrrpase of select mi?
ten delegates to attend tar Republican
State Oowvantton, to be held at Salem, on
Wirfaeaday, April gffc VKt. , , .
The various Preefnets will hold their
Primaries on Saturday, March 21st, 1874. at
1 o'clock P. M., for the purpose of electing
delegate to the County Convention. The
Predlnets will bo entitled to representa
tion as follows:
Albany- 9
Lebanon 8
Santlam..... U
Harrtsbtfrg.? q
Scio i. a
Sweet Home V
Haliey , 9
I Franklin Butte
Brash Creek 1
.Syracuse. I
.... i
Bv order Linn Co. Republican Central
Committee-. .
Chairman Co. Ccn t. Com.
niMr. Iin Cewnty Republican
Convention wiB meet at one o'clock
P. M. to-dy, at tbe Pacific Opera
House, kindly tendered for the use
o the Convention by its proprietor,
Mr. David Froman.
School Election. The annual
school election transpires on Mon
day, April 6th Monday week. A
Director and Clerk are to be elect-
L Tbe question of the erection ot
new schooL-house is also to be
voted upon. This is a matter that
concerns ad oar people. The pres
ent school edifice is not large enough
to accommodate much more than
half of those seeking admission, and
a new building, huge enough to
meet present wants at least, is im
peratively demanded. Let as have
the new school building, so that all
mav b$o tlie benefits to be derived
from education.
IJBorat's Ukchptios At the
O. & C. Kaalnoad depot on Tbucs
day, was not as flattering as ha had
beea ted to expect, j' dging from the
fact that he remain ed in the coach
until the train was about to start
south, the shrill shriek of the loco
motive" warning' him not to tasty
longer fbi the "committee of reeep-
tion. Ha then seised his carpet
bag, stepped from thecal1 on to the
depot platform, and receiving no
greeting from any one, he sqaatted
then ami there, and drawing a yet
io wish-white countwpant from bis
bosom, he wail at weep that was
melancholy tobeaehl We tell the
tale as 'twas tok) to as. He then
carefully blew In ponderous beagle,
wiping hw fingers oa, the seat of his
pants, picked op h aarfeUMg tad
track a bee-Mne fat tbe- Dmoml
office; solitary ad, alone. The oM
ladv bar commenced its piltminace
ever the State, preaebing a awn
funeral seimoiL. ,,!
Court week.
Lot of lawyers in town.
Roads getting better daily.
Xo change in markets to note
Spring goods heaving fn sight.
Slight rain on Wednesday night
Go to Peters & Speidd for red wag
ons. Grass fairly Jumping out of tbe
This has been a bruy week, the city
having been nnusualry mil of people.
Mr. J. B. Comley is down from
Pass Creek on a visit.
A pair of mnles ran away on
Wednesday. No damage done.
On the 20th, to the better half ot
Ed. Merrill, a boy 10 lbs.
Mr. J. M. Shellay, of Barrfcbarg,
gave us a call on Wednesday
Remember the school ejection on
the 6th of April.
Circnft Court will probably run
during next week.
There are several divorce and incest
cases to interest the Court attendance.
Snow is still plainly visible on the
hills south and southeast of us.
Good fresh butter sells rapidly at
at three bits a pound in this dty.
Judge Odeneal, of the Portland
livIMn, called yesterdny.
The lightning calculator man mysti
fied and edified numerous people
during the week.
W. S. Newbury, Esq., and family
removed to Portland the first of the
Out old friend M. C. George, of
Portland, has been visiting relatives
here during the week.
Mrs. Lajton has been very HI
during tbe week, but is convalescing
slowly at the present writing.
The whol week has beeii'eonsnmed
in the trial of the Mealey-Hardman
Quite a number of Pprtlanders, were
in tbe city on Tuesday, as witnesses in
the Mealey-Hardman case.
Tbe Granger was two days behind
this week, owing to the absence of the
editor fn Portland.
To-dfty County School Superintend
ent Stiles holds a public examination
of teachers at the District School-house.
Rebekah Lodge meets at Odd
Fellows Hall this evening at tbe usual
The greater portion of Tuesday was
taken up in empanneling a jury in
tbe Mealey-Hardman case.
See advertisement of the New Wil
son sewing machine it's bard to beat
as a worker.
Mr. Donica informs as that the
road to Lebanon is rapidly improving
this fine weather.
We had the pleasure of meeting A
Hill, Esq., of Portland, on Wednes
day evening. He returned to Port
land on Tknrsday.
Half-fare tickets will be sold on the
0. & C. Railroad to all Odd Fellows
attending the celebration in this city
on the 27th of April,
Tbe telegraph office has been re
moved to the old quarters on south
side ot First, between Ferry and
We have been wrestling tor nearly
a week with tbe okLfashiooed square-
toed toothache, and the more we feel
it the less we enjoy sublunary things
The new two-story school -house out
on Rev. Mr. Geary's place is pro
irressiug finely. It will be a credit to
that neighborhood.
The Independent primaries for Linn
county came off to-day. The strength
of the movement wUl be judged from
,ths attendant. t tbe primaries.
lAStSAtMrday MmOmuk assved'
atantMtMdbuK twentv-tw teat te
Dr. Gray has been absent two or
three days during the week, attending
the meeting ot the Dental Association
fn Portland.
Mr. Briggs fas been adding to his
stock of stores, ranges, tin and copper
ware, etc., and now has an excellent
assortment from which to select, all
of which be will sell at fair rates.
Capt. Jase Wheeler got mixed up
with a stick, fn some way, the other
dar, and now orrries a black eye. He
assured us he did not fall down, and
step In it, as at first rumored. ,
A Motion on the part of the defense
in theMealer-lIardnian case, to bring
Dr. Glass from the Penitentiary to
testify in behalf of Mealey. was dented
by the Court.
For something entirely new and
superior to anything yet offered to
Torers of tbe weed, go to A. Carotbers
& Co., and ask for Old North Caro
lina Dog Tail smoking tobacco.
Tbe Willamette Chief, the new boat
ust completed for the W. R. T. Co..
made her first appearance at our wharf
ou Thursday evening, She passed on
up as far as Corvallis, on the same
Frank Wood has returned from his
visit to San Francisco. He was suc
cessful in getting tbe agency for the
best agricultural Implements and farm
machinery, which he proposes to have
in full supply the coming season.
The evidence in the Mealey-Hard
man case was concluded about fire
o'clock on Thursday evening, when
court was adjourned to give Gov.
Grover a chance to get hearers to his
speech in tbe evening.
Tbe neatest, strongest and most
durable rawhide-bottomed chair made
on the coast, is put up by John
Metzler honest John. You can
purchase them of Graf & Colter, in
Capt. Jason Wheeler has built a
boat to navigate the Santlam Canal
He brought down a thousand leet of
lumber from Lebanon, one day last
week, with one horse, tbe boat scarcely
drawing two Inches of water.
Prof. J. M. Garrison has given the
best of satisfaction to his class in pen
manship In Lebanon. The class
numbered over fifty. The first term
closes this evening, at which time the
premiums offered for superior pen
manship will be awarded.
Mrs. Andrew Hill was brought up
from Portland on Monday, and taken
to tbe residence of her tether, Mr.
A. Cowen, in this city. She has been
suffering with hemorrhage of tbe
lungs, and is still very low. Her
friends hope tor tbe best.
J. F. Backensto has been engaged
in overhauling, refitting and putting
in prime order bis new purchase, the
hose factory, at Jefferson. He has
made several changes that will greatly
reduce tbe expense of running tbe
factory, while its capacity for turning
out work will be increased.
The Daughters of Rebekah ef this
city are making every preparation for
the grand celebration of the 55th anni
versary of Odd Fellowsldp, which
occurs in this city on the 27th of April.
So far they have succeeded beyond
their most sanguine expectations, and
they are in the highest spirits thereat.
Hurrah tor the 27th.
Yesterday the Directors of the
Albany & Santlam Canal Co, were
invited to take au excursion in Capt.
Jason Wheeler's new boat, from this
city to Lebanon and return. The boat
will be drawn by one or more horses,
and tbe Directors propose to have a
good time. The boat is twenty-five
feet long by sit wide, and will carry
thirty passengers.
Marshall ft Schlosser hsve purchased
the lot and barn on corner ot Second
Stad' Washington streets, lately occu
pied by S. Montgomery as a Every
stable, oAVlrar G50 bhereter. Two
years ago they offered the owner,- Mr,
Iteriges, 1800 for the same property
They propose to turn: the building
around, chaneinsr the front teom
WsihtojrtontoiSaeond staeeV audi fit
Messrs. R. Montgomery, N.
Shanks, J. Marks. P. H. Wigle,
Thos. Turner, Wm. Ralston, P.
Bilyeu. George Bilyenv J. K. Chari
ton. James Houston, B. E. Harris
and A. W. Gordon compose the jury
in the Mealey-Hardman case. The
attorneys employed for the defense
are. Messrs. Williams and Bronangh,
of Portland, andStmhan, of Corvallis;
for the Stat?, Dist. Atty. K. B.
Humphrey, Geo. R. Helm, of this
city, EnTnger and Thompson, ofPort
Tand. Good Work. Messrs. Peters &
Speidel have just turned out ready for
sales dozen or more new end and
side spring, two and three seated, two
horse express wagons or hacks, that
are superior to anything yet built by
them. They will soon have out, also,
a nnmber of wagons.
Farm for Sale. Mr. Daniel Miller
offers his neat little farm adjoining
Tangent, probably six miles south ot
this city, for sale on easy terms. It
is one of the best improved and most
valuable pieces of land fn Linn county.
There Is a large amount of line timber
on the place, never failing stock water.
all kinds of fruit trees, as well as
chestnut, walmrt, and other nut-bear
ing trees. Any person looking for a
comfortable home should see this farm
at once.
Bible Soctctt. At a meeting of
the Linn Comity Bible Society, on
the evening of March 23d, Rev S. G.
Irvine was unanimously electet t Presi
dent, Dr. E. R. Geary, Vice-President,
E S. Merrill, Secretary, and
John Conner, Treasurer. The Ex
ecutive Committee consists of Messrs.
N. Wright, Dr. W. D. Stewart, Rev.
I. Wilson, C. C. Godley and Dr. R.
C. Hill. On motion, the Secretary
was instructed to furnish tbe foregoing
proceedings to the city papers.
Arm Broken. Mr. John GOOand,
aged 73, on Tuesday last, met with
an accident which resulted fn break
ing his left arm. Three horses,
neither of which had been worked for
some time, had just been bitched to a
plow. Wash Howard having hold of
the lines, while Mr. Gililand was
holding one of the horses by the bridle.
As soon as the hitching business had
been completed the horses started on
a stampede. Mr. G. held on to his
horse for a short distance, when be
was thrown violently to the ground,
falling on his left arm, which was bro
ken midway between the elbow and
shoulder. Dr. D. M. Jones attended
the sufferer, and reports him fn good
condition at present.
Died. Bro. Isaac Long departed
this life, after a lingering illness of
many weeks, about neen on Thursday,
March 26th. Thus another victim is
added to that fori dfsease, consumption.
Up to tbe morning of the day on
which his spirit took its flight to a
brighter world, Ike had refused to
believe that danger threatened mm
and that death was near. He thought
witb the return of Spring, with its
genial sunshine and balmy breezes,
he would gain strength to travel ; and
with change ot climate, amid new
scenes, he fondly hoped to once more
regain his wonted strength. But it
was not to be. Bro. Long was a
member of thelndesendent Order of
Odd Fellows, by whom he was buried
on yesterdbfr afternoon. 6b was
twenty-five years of age.
Nbw and Elbgant G00D8.
N. Baum has returned from San
Francisco with a mammoth stock of
dry goods, clothing, general mcr
chandise, etfe, which he informs us
he purchased at a bargain, and con
sequently will be onabtod to soil on
the veirjt best tonne, seen offered in
thie- omcamnty.. He certainly has
a desirable tot of goods, audi those
desiring anything in, Kilt Mna should!
call: at 0049,
. a
elect to the Republican
ConventHp whiah meets in
this city to-da feom. Harrisburg,
Ur Manas, Owl Teewslfifas, Geo.
nuiiawillim'l iili TTtlfan fliiiltli
Tub Governor's Speech.
Get, Grover sauted a calm, spirit
leas spout, at tlia Court House iu
this dty, on Thursday night, to 8
fair audience- the major portion
of his talk on the occasion has lieen
spread before the public by him so
oflen during the paffc twenty-three
years, that in gettin it off Thurs
day evening Tie was not compelled
to refer to his "eld notes" very
frequently, but niesied along much
the same ss a school boy who had
pretty thoroughly mastered his Rttle
piece. It was simply a tribute from
Grover to the great and good and
honest and patriotic and incorrupt
ibfe Governor Grover "yonr pres
ent Executive.'' In winding up his
remarks, he said he had doubtless
made some mistakes, and signed bills
he should have vetoed ; hot if he
should be so fortunate as to be re
elected, ho would pursue the same
line offofici for the future ho
had in the past which was oheer-
ing news to proprietors of litigant
organs, if to no one else. We are
sorry that our limited space forbids
farther notice of this sketch of the
fife of Grover, delivered by Grover;
but we can assure those who were
not present, that Grover when laud
ing the "present Executive" (the
entire burden of his song), was very
pathetic it was indeed a melting
time, with the Gov. Indeed so pa
thetic did he become that Mart V.
and other lights of the party were
compelled to give vent to their pent
up feelings by going out, reason
ably early in the evening, and. re
maining out ! The Democratic
Stewards having left tbe room be
fore the close of the services, the
bat was not passed. Gould this
have been otherwise, bow some of
those old Democratic seeds present
would have shelled out !
Scio- The delegates elect from
Scio to the Republican County Con
vention are Jesse Irvine, M. Bailey
and H. H. Hewitt.
The most romantic of all numbers
is the figure nine, because it can't
be multiplied away 01 got rid ot
anyhow. Whatever you do it is
sure to turn up again as was the
body of Eugene Aram's victim..
One remarkable property of this
figure (said to have been first dis
covered by Ml Green, who died
in 1794,) is that all through tbe
multiplication table tbe product of
nine comes to nine. Multiply by
what you like, and it gives the
same result Regin with twice
nine, IK; add the digits together,,
and 1 and 8 makes 9. Three
times nine are 27 ; and 2 and 7 are
& So it goes on, up to eleven
times nine, which gives 99. Very
good -T add the digits ; 9 and 9 are
I8 aod 8 and 1 are 9. Going on
to any extent it is impossible to get
rid ot the figure nine. Take a
couple of instances at random.
Three hundred and thirty-nine
times nine are 3,061 ; add up the
figures and they are- nine.. Five
thousand and seventy-one times
nine are 45,689 ; tbe sum of' these
digits is 27; 2 and T ana 9l.
A movement is maturing at
Washington to concentrate and
organize strength in Congress and
elsewhere, in favos of Newton
Booth foi the next President.
Fiomjnenb men in labor organiza
tions say there can be massed three
thousand) sMiflties throughout tbe
country, in his support.
Just received, by schooner Orego
ntoMlil6 law.Fn;feco A
Bwlfib Sugar JteMm - handred!
kegaotrSyrap. POr sale law by,
37ml BAMSim. 1L. TOUNG-