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L P ruber
Plymouth Church Is still in trouble
about the expulsion of Titton. Ijh
of discipline is clrarged nglnt Beech
er. Itffernal machines have tx'cn revived
Again. The Intent a box full of
powder, ball and Inciter matches,'
sent to Comptroller Green, ot New
York. Fortunately lt character was
discovered before it was opened.
;0b the evenlng.of the 21th nit. two
young men. named E. Dunn and
Clark, entered the limine ot a man
limed Meyer, near Lexington. Mo
ami Insulted the ladies of Hie family.
Meyer and his son-in-law fired on the
young men. killing both. The coron
er' Jury returned a verdict of justi
fiable hoiuieiile.
The first mortgage boimdhb'ders of
the St. Joseph "and Denver Railroad
Instituted a suit at Tojteka. Kansas, ,
Nov. 25th, for the. puroe of fore-
Closing inc mnngiige on luni ihm;. iimu
felling the road alid its land. The
February to August Interest for 1S73,
due And unpaid, amounts to $,'ijO,000;
amount of bonds, $7,000,000.
iX New York on November 25fli,
the Wall street market was excited by
the reduction in the llank of England
rates to (i tier cent... the gain of 1.065,-
000 pounds of bullion bv the Bank for
the Week, nu advance in securities in
London, a decline in money to 4l,6
per cent, in open'. market, and Mr
more peaceful ivorts on the Spanish
question. All this causes a, buoyant
feeling oil Exchange. Prices have
advanced on Muling shares per
cent,, with laree dealingsT After
meridian a change was brought about
br realizations in the Mock hxc.hnnge,
and Vague rumor about Sickles feav
bur Madrid.
Kx-Govertior ami ex-Senator Rich
ard Tate, of Illinois, died suddenly
on the night of November 27th, at
Barmiin's Hotel. St. Imis Mo., at
the age of 95 years.
A feartul tragedy occurred at Har-
mdsbnrg, Kentucky, November 27th.
Tlie trial of a suit. In which P. B.
Thompson. Sr.. was principal on one
side, ami Theodore Ifcivk Sr.. ou the
Other, was in progress, and each priiis
Cipnl was attended (luring tne witoio
trial by his sons, fully armed. At
the close ot t lie testinioiiy. while the
lawyers were preparing instructions
preparatory to commencing (Ihj argu
ment, a son of Thouisoii and a son of
Davis moved towards tlie iloor, ml
lowed by tive others, awl in a moment
Urine commenced by which party it
Is not known. Many sliots were fired.
Theodore Davis, Sr.. and his -sou
Larry Were instantly Rilled, and The
Wore Davis, Jr., mortally wounded.
The latter has since died. P. B,
Thompson, Sr , and his two sons, P.
Jt.. Mid i. 15.. are slightly wounded.
Two of the "Tammany Ring." have
been convicted ol forgery and sentenced
to imprisonment. Jas. If. Ingersoll.
onvlchij of forgery upon tlie county
during the King was sentenced.
November 2'th. to five years in tlie
State prison at hard labor. John D.
Waringtnn. for the same offense, was
sentenced to eighteen months impris
onment. Baltimore. Md completed taking
iep census NoVeniber 2Sth, which
hew; her to have a population of
TImi great Hoosae tunnel was opetied
on Thanksgiving day.
It is announced for Massachusetts
that hottld (lie times continue as they
have Been during f lie past two or three
weeks, all the mills of the State will
bo running again by January, which
will be. joy fill news to operatives.
At Washington, November 2Sth,
the young colored man, Henry; Young
'alias Charles Williams, convicted of
the murder of Frank Holm, was hung
In the jail yard.
Tony Unsworn snot ana ku(ci ins
brother George with a Henry rifle, a
few day; ago, at Camp Grant, Arizo
na." Both under the Influence of
At Gold nilli Nev., on the evening
Uovember 27th, Win. Graut, while
wailing for the passenger train to Vir-
fihlia City, aaideiitally stepped off
ic platform, a distance of five feet,
breaking his hip.
From Gold Hill, Nevada, under
date of November 2rtth, we have this i
At about 8 o'clock this morning three
men, including the foreman of Silver
Hill mine, in Lower Oold Hill, met
with a most miraculous escape front
death. Tbev had barely stepped on
the cage at the lop of tlie shaft 'wheti
they were precipitated with great
rapidity to the water in a'lump at the
bottom, a distance of 330 feet. Not
withstanding the imminent peril In
which the party Were Involved", Mrj
Ford, the foreman, had suflolent pres.
. Boaf uUiKl ttoiflirow up Mm mide tot
On bonnet of the ctfgej thereby pre-
venting the men from being burled
under 1.200 fret of wire cable, webrh-
hnr at least a ton. nis nronmt iitl
in the matter saved the lives of the
entire naitv. The men who were in
the center compartment 1 of the shaft
escaped drowning by crawling through
Into the pump compartment, from
whence they were hoisted to the sur-
lace oi rue mum.
Ross Tweed was taken to the Pent
tniitiarv on Blackwell's Island No
vember 2!)th.
Frank L. 'fainter, rtef.uilting Cash
ier of tlie Atlantic Bank. New York.
was sentenced on the 49th nit, to seven
years in the penitentiary. IL,
In New York, on the 2rrh nit.
Judse Davis fined Graham. Fullerton
and Biirtlot. senior of Tweed's counsel
in i he late trial, $250. after, giving
them a sharp lecture for Drench ot
morals in handing him a paper giving
reasons why lie would not. preside
at tlie trial. The junior counsel ras
let off with a reprimand. Tffe crfnrt
was densely racked withdiitingiii-hed
lawyers, and Judge Davis' remarks
were frequently applauded.
Early on the morning of November
29th, In East St. Louis, there were
burned Livingstone & Co.'s planing
mill, lumber yard, wagon and black
smith shops and sVvb1 small tene
ments. Loss, $100.1 00 to $150,000.
A dispatch from St. Alban states
that Alison J. Crane, of Biiriington.
Assistant Collector of Internal Rev
enue for the Third District of Ver
mont, has been d. .i ned a defaulter to
the amount of $17. 00. Senator Ed
munds is one of hi j bondsmen, who
are expected to ma
cation. Crane sa
Collector, embezz''
good tlie defal
Je we)l former
the monev.
Democratic members-of the Hone.
in caucus, have determined to nominate
Representative Cox for Speaker.
General Maxwell will contest, the
seat of Cannon, Mormon delegate from
Utah, on tlie ground of the latter 's
ineligibility, because he is living in
violation of a CoiigwMofial law pro
hibiting polygamy, and that Camion
Is not a five moral agent, having taken
an oath, which he considers binding,
that he will obey the Mormon revel
ation with reference to polygamy and
orders from Brig'ulm Young", upon
certain pain and penalty of death for
disobedience. All the "votes cast for
Cannon were under this oath. There
are nineteen other reasons agakist
Special dispatches report tefween
sixty and seventy ewes of smallpox in
Toronto, only twelve of which are at
the hospital. A mau who died from
it tlie other da v. received a public
funeral; lieiioe the disease spread. It
is also repotted to be spreading in sev
eral Provincial towns and villages.
From Amsterdam we have (he fol
lowing: Tlie steamer Kmiig M'i(!.eh,
from New York, which arrived at
Southampton, on the 2Gtlu and pro
ceeded for Bremen, has gone ahore
near Nieuve Din p. on thecoast of Hol
land. Passengers are all sate. Two
tnes arc trvlne to haul her off. It is
expected she will have to be unloaded
before she can ne gotaiioat.
The bullion in (he Bank of England.
has increased A1.OS5.00O. The bank
rate is reduced to six per cent.
The Itothsclr'ds announce a Hns-
sian loan of $75,000,000.
Telegrams from Madrid, Spain,
dated November 27th, state that: (ar
fagenia was bombarded by laud lot
teries eight hours yesterday. The
tow:i and the man-of-war Mentfsz
Nunez replied with vigor. The outly
ing fort Don Juan was silenced by tlie.
fire of the beseigers. It Is reported
that Its commandant and several other
officers were killed. The insurgent
fleet in the liarboj gotupsteam to-day,
what purpose lias not j et been devel
oped. Rebel readers, through the ad
mirals ot torcign s iniuirons, nave ro
queted a trnce o! two .hours. It is
believed that propositions for the sur
render of the city will soon be made.
Washington datn to November 2?tb
gay: There is great, activity at the
Navy Department nxiav. l tie xcw-
tary of the Nav: lias returned audjiad
eonrerence witn several neaos ot
bureaus. A largo number of officers
are being ordered to duty. There is
great unwillingness to give Informa
tion at tne present stage ot negotia
tions, although, it lias been repeatedly
denied that Gen. Sickles has left
Madrid for Paris, and that the 17rflin
ius has been scuttled. These reports
arc persistently circulated to-day. and
are believed by many . The reluctance
of exceutlvf officers to converse on tlx
subject is regarded as calculated to les
sen the hope now entertained of a
neaceful solution of the difficulty :, but
at present nothing official lias been
made known to warrant a. definite
statement concerning it. It is stated
ou good AutfcorUr flH
mem nas exwweu me nine ior epMii
to make definite reply 'to WH-
him. Dispatches of an elaborate eliar-ai-
were recdveil from Madrid No
vember 27th giving an iiccwiuf of nu in
terview between Sickles and theSpau
Ish Minister of Foreign Affiiirs. Onlers
have been given to recruit the marine
corps up to tlie mil standard provided
by law.
" It is rumored in Naval circles that
Admiral Porter will command the
West 'Indian squadroH. but there is no
official knowledge of the matter.
. On the 23th the following dispatch
arrived in cipher, from tlie New York
Herald's correspondent in Madrid:
Tlie situation Is a grave one. On the
lflth hist. Gen. Sickles, bv order of
President GrAnt, delivered a formal
ultimatum to President Casfehir, de
manding prompt and vigorous repara
tion for the insult to .h U. S. flag;
the restoration ot tlie Vlrat'iiiitx : the
release of surviving prisoners; indem
nity to families of the murdered and
the" punishment of the murderers, and
also a guarantee against further out
rages in Cuba. Tlie demand was
couched in a kind mid sympathetic
tone, but no alternative Was given.
Gen. Sickles was so instructed to snv
that IfCustelardid not comply with
the demand in a week, he should ask
for a passport ami leave Madrid with
the legation. The time expires to-day
and no answer has yet been received.
r.verything at the legation is packed
up ready tor immediate departure.
Sickles has no hope that the nltimatnm
will be complied with. . He telegraphed
to Paris yesterdav to have all bis offi
cial correspondence that might be
there kept for a few days. Sickles in
conversation, said lie did not see how
war could be avoided, as Castelar can
give no assurances tliat his onlers will
be obeyed in Cuba. The public feei
ng is also opposed to col icesa ions,
Unless Castelar responds litis evening.
Gen. Sickles will leave Immediately.
All American ships in tlie Mediterra
nean have been ordered to Key West.
In the event of Gen. Sickles leaving.
the British Minister will probably pro
tect the archives and American resi
dents. Castelar is personally anxious
to accept tlie British Minister's gnol
offices to effect a compromise, but
there is no hope to higlit.
Penitentiary nupermtendent liiH
Watkiiids reached San Francisco on
the 2Sth. to bring hack Bargeman,
alias Schnlt, captured in California
recently, an escaped convict from the
Oregoti Penitent iary. Mat. Bledsoe
aceompttited Watkiiids to the jail, and
Doth recognized the prisoner as the
man Wanted. Sclmltz seemed dejected
at his capture, ami stated that be did
not expect any light treatment on his
return to Salem. .
rt tr rnxsr v. v..
R. R. Thompson's steam plow lias
been at work on his Yamhill farm,
and is said to perform wcU,
Tlie Swinomisa flats are described
as lieing the lest lands in Washington
Territory. The flats are ten miles
long and five or six wide, and are
caused by tlie overflow of the Skagit,
and are rich to tlie bottom that is
deep down, and no one has yet been
able to reach it. The flats have all
lieeu taken by actual settlers, and
there is no land now vacant. Every
place is dyked, and the slough; thus
formed are navigable at high water.
Farmers require no roads off t heir own
lands, but sell to sloops and schooners
on the slough, or else boat their own
produce to market. During the past
fall two threshing machines have been
constantly employed, and have turned
out an immense amount of grain.
Oats and barley are the chief produc
tions. Sam. and Tom Calhoun had
130 acres in. and reaped a iuirvest of
10.400 btishelaV On another farm
3,700 bushels were taken from 40 acres.
Stockton, California, dates to No
vember 23th. give this : At the Gar
den race course hi tlie trolling yester
day, mile bents, 3 in 5, there were
three entries- -Hazard. Culver and
Snowstorm. Tlie race was closely
contested. Considerable money vas
staked. Culver won tlie first two
heats, when the backer of Hazard de
manded a new driver, and the third
and fourth heats were won by Hazard.
Owing to tlie darkness (he race was
postponed until to-day. This atter
uoon, when tlie liorses got tlie word.
Culver led all around the track, but
was closely pressed on tlie home stretch;
bv Hazaid. when Snowstorm indulg
ed in a run and passed Hazard, run
ning over his leg and pocketing him,
thus giving Culver, tlie heat. As
Snowstorm passed the Judges' stand
his driver, Charley Blood, was greeted
with curses and a shower of missile.
And the driver of Hazard, without dis
mounting trow the sulkey, eoHinwne-
eda vigorous chastisement with a
horse ynip- I Biwwrtorm 1 1 wa I mi
jftejqiwrter-ltorse to; avoid thl pun
ishment, biit Hazard's driver followed
him to tlie quarter tiole. plying the
whin Over his face, head and shoulders
without merer, ffie crowd crying out.
"Kill Mm." Give It to Mm," etc.
The Judges gave the beat, race and
money to Culver, and severely reprli
ma tided the driver of Snowstorm and
ruled him off the track for one year.
More permanent imprnveme'tits have
been made in Seattle this 5'ear than
for some time previous. A goodly
numlh-r of dwelling-houses some of
them very cos'tly two public school
houses, aiid mi!ch road work, have
gone toward tlie mentioned Improvements.
In flic C. S. Circuit Court at San
rmnclscoon the2Nrh. In the rase ot
the officers of the ship .vimrw. con
victed of horrible cruelty to sailors on
a recent voyage, Cant, Clarke was
sentenced to pay a fine of $1,000 and
to go to the county jail for eighteen
months; first mate Harris sentenced
to the Stale prison for four )-ears at
hard lalior. and second mate , Maloney
to sixty days :n Hie county jail.
A volcano has broken" out in the
Pinto mountains, ten mile; eat of
Eureka. Nevada. H-avv Black smoke
constantly issues from the crater.
Traek-!avlng re-commenced on the
Northern t teifle railroad on (Jne '25th
nit. 'Track i being put down (it the
rate of one ami a half to two miles a
day. Taeoina is exiiected to be reached
by the 15th lost. Hands are paid off
every Saturday.
Barcelia Fmgli, a native of, and re
cently arrived from Italy, wasarresled
November 23th. on a charge of rape
on the person of Francisco Rlcheda. a
Clillil of eight years m age. am! daugh
ter of an Italian violin player. A
medical examination has lieen made
which proves that the oflense lias been
A dispatch from Wilmington, Del..
Nov. 14th says: Gov. Pender to-day
.appointed ex-United State Senator
Willard Salsbnry to be Chancellor in
place of Judge Bales. The ex-Senator
Is brother-lu-law to the Governor.
His reputation while In the Senate is
will known to the country, and his
habits since lie left it have bv no means
improved ; on tlie contrary bis consti
tution has shown signs of being e
riously shattered, anji hh health ha
become so Inquired th it. be has been
Under medical treatment in Philadel
phia for several weeks, reluming
home to Delaware within a few days.
The appointment will Live great pub
lic dissatisfaction, thnrgh it lias been
to some extent anticipated.
Tlie town of Dnyfmi, W. T., Is n dy
a year and a hail' old. and has a popu
lation of several hundred, with schools,
preaching, brick buildings, roads, and
other good things fir hi teivanct M
towns of its age. The only wonlfli
mill in the Territory is located them,
and is just fairly starting on a splendid
business. The first blankets and
stocking yam were turned out a few
days since, and very shortly the .factory
proposes to monopolize the clothing
business of that section by fnnitslimga
lietter article at a lower rate. The
town is ten miles from Waitsbnrg,
twenty from Walla Walla, and fifty
from Wallnla. It is located in tlie
midst of a splendid agricultural region,
and grain, fruits and stock are the
principal productions. Beef is very
low 31,, cents a pound. Wheat is
worth only JO cents a bnshel. and at
Wallnla. to which place it has to be.
hauled for steamboat transportation
down the Columbia river. 50 cents.
Just as tlie Tncoina sawmill had
commenced work on tlie 2-tth a very
bad smash up occurred, necessitating
the shutting down ol tlie establishment
for a week or ten days. 'Tlie main
shaft was a little sprung, and, in de-'
secndlng. struck the piston-rod, and
forced it clear through the cylinder,
shattering the heavy iron cy Under
head all to fragments.
Beaver Lodge No. 33, Cod Fellows,
of Astoria, will celebrate the anniver
sary of tlie institution of Um Lodge,
IX'ceinber 221, 1373, by a social re
union at the hail ; and on thu evening
of the 31sf by a second meeting, of
slmlla.' diameter, to hid tins Old Year
adieu and welcome 1874. at both a
happy, joyous festal occasion may be
A meeting will be held at Victoria
early in the coming week to take steps
to grganlze the long-talked of militia
force. Lieutenant Koseoe. of the old
corns, tins been appointed Captain, and
Adjutant Vlnter. Lieutenant.
A new gold mining district lias been
discovered. Is is called by the Indian
name ft Sastrite, and is ou the head
waters of the Skeena. above Bear Lake.
The gold is fine and bright, and it Is
said that from f 5 to (10 per day to the
man can be made.
The beaver-dam land in Washington
county is attracting attention for Its
great richness, one acre of it being
worth ten acres df tlie best, prafrte
land. From two hundred ro (m
hundred and fifty dollars pur acre ic
the usual profits on beaver-dam
miions; one to two hundred dollars
on eornits. and other roots and veg
etables in proportion ; fifty to ehht
dollar per acre no hay, etc. It wal
raise from seventy-five to one Iiuijd
onsheis or grain per acre, and
expense is limited to the $ef. borrow
ing and harvesting up plowingj
necessary. "BeaVer-dani laud Is, a
muck la?ap a vast deposit of 'pure
vegetable mold, with its unequalled
fertility increased beyong calculation
by irrigation from a stratum of water,
underlying and not far below the sur
face of the soil." Five Imndi-wf AtA-
lars per acre has been offered and re
fliscd for a small tract owned by L.
V. W. Quiniby. ixtar Ilea vet t on, on
the West SiJe railroad.
On , Thursday night thieves entered
Ferguson & Bird's store at Lafayette,
and they went out again.
Mollalla Grange No. 40, Clackamas
County, was organized the first of last
month P. S. Noyer. Mater, and T.
J. Howard. Secretary. It now has
twenty-four members, with prospect
of a large increase.
The P. C. Atyocate announces that
Rev. C. W. Shaw has succeeded in
accomplishing a noble work for the
Willamette University- of which at
present he is the agent. We learn
that, after casting aside as worthless
notes amounting to more than S14.000.
.he lias succeeded hi reporting a tsum
more than sufficient to liquidate fll
muennunw, mm mis more Jliau
doubled the interest-bearing endow
ment fund of tlie University within
the past six months.
The Mountaineer says: "Many fjf
the settlers of Ibis comity, pdnic "time
ago. received notices from the Land
office informing them that the land
they were, living on belonged toithe
Northern Pacific Railroad Company.
These parties will be glad to know
that this Company have ascertained
lite fact, that it cannot build the road
with tlie -Innil grant', and, as a last
resort, they intend asking Congress,
at its next session, to pass a law guar
anteeing the payment of Hie Infrrest
on their bonds, In consideration ot
this the Company gives up the land
grant and the mm reverts back 'to
tire Government."
Frederick- Ilblte. a Ind ot about 13
years of age. while out bunting on the
22d ult.. ; mi one mile below Kahuna,
was killed by the accidental discharge
of his gun. His body was not found
until lite following day, as lie wns
entirely iiKme when tlie disaster oc
curred. The Ive'.iina S&mn is reliably In
formed Mm t the mill 'machinery and
the entire construction Outfit of -Mr.
J. B. Mootgomery,along his last con
tract on the Pacific Division, last
week were attached by Messrs. Stoiie'
& Dark who sawed the timber im
terial required for the line between
Teuinu and the Sound.
Mr. Iliaciiweli is inisy at the Kazanib
Hotel iii Kalama lwxing furnitw,
rolling (iirpet. etc., preparatory to
removal of tin outfit to tlie TerinimM
Hotel at Tiiewna so soon as tlie first'
through train reaches there, which is
exa-cted to I alwut the 10th instant.
Hon. J. M. Short, one of the ph
neers of Owyhee, says tlie Aralancht t
lias closed out business at that place,
having amassed quite a little fortune
?50,000 and gone to San Francisco,
where, be will wed an estimable young
Italy and go ou a bridal tour to the
Atlantic States.
Hie dwelling of Mr. Henry How
ton, a resident ot Lewis River, W.
was burned on the 14lh int., With aft
its contents, including W tutor supplies
ot all kinds for tlie family.
Nov. 29tli, legal teialers were 92c
In -Frisco.
At Belmont, Nevada. November
28th. D. M. Hall, convicted of the
murder of John Copeland, Alias Black
Jack, suQered the penalty of the law.
Hall acknowledged tlie justness of the
Anne Eliza, Brigham's nineteenth
wile, left for the East on the 23th
Myers, editor ot the Corrinne (UtapT
JiefHer, who committed suicide Tnes
d.y of last week, was Impelled to th
rash act. It is said, by . tallucinativsj,
sii peri ud iK"ed by an Inlerview with, a
spiritual medium named Foster, from
New York.
The principal reason easterly
for resigning his SeuatOrehip b. tHfc
his health lias been greatly imtwired
Jas. T. Stratton. of Oakland, wilt
probably be appointed Surveyor Gt for California.