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NO. 5.
(Successor 1o H.W. Wakefield),
I'ftrrlsli's Unlllins,!'lrft 'tro't,
Dealer in
All articles warranted pore,and of the
best quality.
Physician prcictlptims rar;:' '
pounded. AJb" n, Oct. 17, 1898-Utl
A. 0 VR0T11ERS & IU,
Dealer In-
All tlie popular
and roiiit:HMi.
ftirtlonlar owe aid' pronijfaes
Physicians' prescript Unis aim IninUy Kcc
t,M9, a. CAE0THER9 & CO.
Albany, Oregon-ivd
Murder ill Albiiny
Hsnk KB V 1-1 UKi.N KJiOWN.AND
no threatening of It at present,
u a thing which swaetimo pwi ''ol"!t11
JveryaonwuJ touW'!8 1'u"'"" Uil""
iiy ; ami yet,
-1 i!ie Mid-day,
of vonr life, it diaease lays hi" ytte tamd
unon yon, i bete Is si in "a battu in uuead, '
hv which you may be Mstowdtoperftct
health, mi I protons yonr days ton miraeu
Ions extent.
How 1
By calling on
K. '. HSLL & sox,
with prescription, whore you can have
it compounded by one experienced in that
particular line. Also, constantly OH hand
a Hood assortment of rh drops, patent
medicines, eW mioala, paints .oils, aye
stutl'a, truces, etc. Agent for the
Celcbmied Ink Weed Remedy,
Or.Orffljpn Ittveunurflc (Jwre; Pr. D, Jayne
4 Sons' tnerticlnes, etc.
Bponce's Positive and Negative Powders
kept In s ik k. Msoagonts for the
Homo Shuttle Hewing atacnlna.
One of the most useful pieces of household
furniture extant. Call and examine.
If. 1 . Illl.l; ,1 BUfl.
Albany, June 10,7M0v8
Tho standard remedy for Cotnrli, In
fliiensa, S Throat,' whewtng wupft,
Croup, utter t'miiplfiinl, Brondiiti, Blredmf)
of Ihi I.tinm. ami ovry affection of the
Throat, I.uugs and Chest, including Co.N
BUMtTION. Wtatnr'N Bnlfuim or Wild Cherry
does not dry up a Cough, hut loosens it,
dnaiises the' lungs, ami allays irritation,
thnrt renweitifli the cn.tpof the complaint.
Nono genuine unless signed J. JU'tts.
Prepm-pd by Sbth W. Fowi.k sons, Uos
bn. 'Sold fiv Rjcdington, IUtttkm &
Co.. San Francisco, and by dealers gen
rally. lSvjy
The Eyes! The Earn!
mi. t. l. cjolden,
OriiliNt and Aurist, Albany, Oregon.
sou of tho noted
old optlialmic doctor,
S. C.nnS'Ttfh,
Dr. (ioldel) lias had
experience In treating
file vnrifiil-; Uisenscs to
wbS h thoeyeandeararcsnbjeotand feels
confldenl of giving entire satlsmotlon to
those who may place themselves under hlis
rare. ' April 18,69,
Hainc" Headers, (Wood's Improved.!
f'oqiiillanrs Indiana rami Wagon.
The Mussel and Vibrator Threshers,
(best machines on the coast.
Statesman I'oreefecd Drill.
Star I'lows, and other machines
Call, see. and ;et price and terms before
buvtng elsewhere, at my Blacksmith shop,
corner Second ana Kllsworthsts., Albany,
I E N rr I S T ,
corner First and Ferry streets. Rest
denoe Corner Fifth and Ferry streets.
Office hours fromUtp la o'clock a. m.,and
1 to r o'clock p. in. lSvt
J. R. Herren, Proprietor.
supplied with uie best meats to be
had in tlie market, and will be ever ready
t o acxwmundute those wlio inu.- faviir bim
with a call. Vii
W. H. KUHN & CO..
Wholesale and Retail DealerSin
siiEiiF yn HEAVY
H A R 1 WAR E ,
Farmers' & Mechanics' Tools,
OAK and i 1,11 HUBS,
Hardwood Lumber,
llrnt Blum, Mliaftk, Poles, Ac,
Allot which are now offered to the pub
lic m low rates. As we make the business
a specialty, w e inn and wdl keep a heller
assortment, at lower prVcs, than any
house in I his city.
V. H, KCIIN ft CO.,
Monteith lire-proof brick, First street.
Albany, Juno U,1872-ttv4
(LATE M. M. IIABVBar C0.,l
Opposite the hotels,
Albany, Oregon,
Force ami Li 11 Pumps
Hollow Ware,
Tin, Copper mid Sheet Iron
Lowest Pricea Every Time.
Repairing Properly none. 40v2
hav tree. Thankful for past favors,
and wishing to merit the continuance of
the same, tlie BAY TEAM will always be
ready, and easily found, to do ahy hauling
within the city limits, for a reasonable
compensation. 63r Well very ofOoods
SOrS Proprietor.
l,( l's Live n Life of I,ne.
BY riM.v IOHK80K.
Let's strive to live a life or love.
And by lis light impart
The blessings of sweei hope ami faith
I nto tlie weary hearl.
Then .sliah we rear unio ourselves
a hamefhat cannot die;
Which shall for us an out ranee find
Within the realms en high.
As snow lies longeron the earth,
The softer It doth tall,
An I throws its pure and unstained robe
Around the tonus of all;
So love within the human heart
Shall more securely dwell:
As softly Hows its plaeid waves
With sweet and gentle swell.
Lei 's strive to live a life of love,
For il will make rs great :
All other virtues spring from It
'Love only can create.'
And like the closely prisoned seed
That breakctli through the soil.
So love breaks through the flinty heart,
Yet secmeth not to toil.
I)uriii August, 220 arrests were
made in Portland. Tims far (luring
September 107 arrests have been made.
Tlie Astoriaii says : "Dean Blancu
ard's mill, at Kalrifer, cut 21.000 feet
ofspmoeJta n day and a half, with
three men, recently.
Mr. R. B. Thompson has now
nearly completed a line of telegraph,
connecting with the Company's near
Xorth Yamhill, and running to his
farm in Yamhill county.
The corner stone of the Vancouver
Orphan Asylum will be, laid next
Sunday, the 22d ist.. with imposing
ceremonies by Bishop Blanche!, of the
Diocese of Washington Territory.
A meeting of the stock-holders of the
Oregon iron Works was held Wednes
day evening at Portland. It was de
termined by a unanimous vote to dis
pose of all the propy personal and
real ot the corporation and to dissolve
the Company.
The enterprise says : Work on tlie
Clackamas bridge is progressing quite
rapidly. The truss work has been
nearly completed and the stream span
ned from pier to pier. In a few weeks
the bridge will be covered and tlie
plank roadway laid across.
The Bulletin says : Mr. Condon will
soon start on a geological expedition
to the John Day country, lie is es
pecially interested in collecting speci
mens ot fossil fauna for his cabinet.
He will be joined at the Dalles by ;t
party of students from Yale College
who are en route here to study the
geology ot the country.
A Grange of the Patrons of Hus
bandry was organized at Lafayette
September 16, lS'.'t. composed of the
most substantial tanners of the vicinity,
with the following officers; A. B.
Henry. Master; 11. 11. Lamson. Sec
retary: F. Martin, Overseer: G. F.
Royal, Lecturer; Knnnett Olds. Stew
ard; (r. W. Knapp, Assistant Steward;
(t. K. Dnvall, Chaplain; J. I- Pray
er, Treasurer; N. H. Olds, Gate
1 lie Koporter, .Mc.Muiiivitle. savs a I
Grange of Patrons ol Husbandry was
organized under the nameof "McMinu
viiletirange," on Saturday last, elect
ing the following named Officers: Alex
ander Reed. Master; H. C, Kale.
Overseer; A. K. Olds,. Lecturer;
William Burnett, Chaplain; Dwyght
(.'ran ford. Steward: Wilson Cook. As
sistant Steward ; George Olds, Gate
The amount of wheat in store now
at Corvallis is approximated at over
100,000 bushels, divided as follows:
dinners' Warehouse, 46,000 ; Hamil
ton'firo'., 40,000; ID-land's 20,000.
Several thousand bushels ol flaxseed
have been raised in Benton county this
season, the yield being enormous. J,
Holgate, of Alsea Valley, had a Held
that produced over thirty bushels to
the acre.
The boat for the Astoria Fanners
Warehouse Company's new pile driver
was to be launched at four o'clock last
Saturday evening.
Messrs. Piucua & Pauk'her. ot steil
acoom, intend building a large vessel.
Work will be commenced on hersliort
ly. These gentlemen built the Clara
Light, one of the most successful ot
the many craft launched from the
stocks on Puget Sound.
The man Brown, who was shot and
stabbed at Ludlow some months since,
has at last yielded to the effects of his
wounds, Is dying. This man has clung
to lite with wonderful tenacity, and
for a long time It vas thought he
would recover from the wotlnds that In
nine eases out often Would have killed
a man outright.
There are unite a number of miners
prospecting for quartz on Wapner
rreek, Jackson county, with fair suc
cess. On Wednesday the 3d inst., a sad
accident occurred at the Port Ludlow
mill. One of the employes, Nicholas
Costly, had his right leg badly jammed
against, a "carriage" by a log making
a sudden roll, while being placed in
posltlofl. The unfortunate man came
to Port Townsend on last Monday and
was taken to the hospital, where lie
rece i ved. every attentlou.
Never before, during the summer
season, says the Idaho Signal, has this
region been visited with such copious
rain showers. During the past week
more rain has fallen in ten hours than
did during any ten hours of the rainy
season of last winter. We have heard
of no particular damage being done to
crop-, and therefore Ills probable that
the country at large has been benefited.
At Salt Lake, on the 31st, Butcher.
of Bingham Canyon, who was tried
for Hie murder ot ( olton and his two
sons several weeks since. Was acquitted
last night by jury in the Probate Court.
Tlie Olympia Courier of the 19th
inst., says: "Mr. Joseph Sheiwood
was killed almost instantly on last
Thursday evening, at his logging camp,
at the head of North Bay. " Mr. Sher
wood, in company with several others,
was engaged In 'breaking a jam' on
their rolhvay, when a log rolled on
the iron-shod hand-spike deceased was
using, throwing the iron spike, with
such force against his neck as to sever
the jugular vein. The blow threw
him head foremost against a log, kill
ing him Instantly.
Blow ai.i. THE WHISTLES, etc.
An enthusiastic friend of the American
Centennial celebration, mikes the fol
lowing suggestions : "At precisely 12
o'clock, noon, on the 4th of July, 1870,
(Washington time), let all the guns,
the hells, locomotive and other land
whistles, the trumpets, the drums, the
organs and other musical instruments,
with the tons of millions of singing
voices of our great land burst forth in
sounds of joy and praise. All the tele
graph lines shall be silent at the com
mand of the United State-Government,
from 11:45 A. M, to 12fl5 p. M., and
then let the great battery at Washing
ton send the electric flash and click
over the vast iron maze to every city,
and town, and village of our own land,
and even to Europe, Asia. Africa, and
the isles of the sea as far as I he lines
can be at that, moment .secured, and at
this signal instantly let the cannon
thunder forth the death knell oppres
sion ; let all the mighty steam whistles
proclaim the grand march of civiliza
tion amid the western wilds and the
isles of the sea, as well as the city full,
and the fertile plains, and bid the
slumbering millions of heathendom
awake and join the happy nations in
singing that sublime invocation to
praise: "Praise God from whom all
blessings flow," etc.
Impudence oveumatciiui. I have
told the following to so many people,,
says the Table-Talker of 'Onee a Week,
"all of whom found it new, that it
may be so to half the wot Id. Colonel
M., of the - th. was, twenty years
ago, lie best billiard player in the
British Army; and, walking into a
billiard room in the Quadrant, met
there an American, who was knocking
about the halls. -Sir,' said he, 'I like
your style of play,' in rather a pat
ronizing tone. 'WaL' sald the trans
atlantic, in an offhand way ; 'you are
not the first man who said that, Sup
pose,' said the Colonel, 'we play a
game together ; what points shall 1
give you?' 'Guess I'll play yon for
anything yon like without the points.'
gir." said the Colonel, rather taken
aback, 'perhaps vou are not aware
that my name is M.?' (expecting an
immediate acceptance of any number
of points.) 'M. presents no idea to
me." says the stranger. 'Very good.
sir, said tne l oloiiel, Willi a pitying
smile, then I will play you even.
And. before ten strokes, he found, to
his utter astonishment, that Ik; had,
for the first time for many years, got
more than his own match. After
easily administering a most hollow
defeat, the American turned to the
Colonel, and said. 'You told me that
your name was M.. which I said pre
sented no idea to me. Mine is Jona
than Kentfield which, I guess, will
present some idea to you.' "
Scene Crowded horse-car. Strong
minded female "Sir, I would have
you to understand that in this enlight
ened century no one but a brute would
suffer a lady to :tand in thtamarrher."
Mild-looking old gentleman savagely
"Madam,! belong to the dark ages,
and if you call me a brute again I'll
shake tlie life out of you.'' Female
faints,- grand hysterical tableau.
Lorraine is a new Mohair wool lace
as line as thread in texture and filled
in by hand. It is very beautilnl, and
will lie largely used this season for
trimmings. Collars and pelerines of
Lorraine lace will also be used.
M. D. Conway says the Empress
Eugenie looks dispirited, worn and
A Philadelphia lady had a pet can
ary bird which lived to the extraord
inary age of 19 years.
By a recent order Turkish ladies in
Constantinople are not allowed to enter
the stores for tlie purchase of goods.
A female clerk in u western Post
office was discharged because she spent
most of her time in reading postal
cards, The whole medical staff of an Eng
lish hospital recently resigned, because
a lady physician had been elected houSe
Parisian ladles have a new stylo of
mantle called Bchme femmn, which is
ehietly worn by those who are Well
not bonne.
An old woman in Liverpool. Eng
land, recently made a special retmest
that she might be buried with ' her
spectacles on.
A Beloit, Wis., editor takes it upon
himself to say that "cows, elephnota
or rhinoceroses may run graeeftilly.
but women never."
A Nebraska lawyer had a woman
on the witness stand three daj's to
make her tell her age, and then he
gave it up as a had job.
Don't Do It. The editorial phil
osopher of the Logansporf. (Indiana),
Pharos, issues another bulletin of good
advice :
Don't invest your money in a lottery
ticket. Give some other man a
chance for it prize.
Don't tell an editor how to run a
newspaper. Let tlie poor fool find it
out himself.
Doli't loaf about the Streets and de
pend on the Lord for your "dtfHy
bread." He isn't running a bakery.
Don't discuss scientific questions
with a lightning rod man. His ar
guments are most generally solid and
always pointed.
Don't imagine that tiie Lord will
call a first class preacher to a church
paying a second class salary. He
doesn t treat nis children so shabbily.
Tlie good old times ot the Middle
Ages seem to be returning in Prance.
They now have pilgrimage excursions
by rail, from Paris to Lonrdcs, stop)
iug at the shrines of several Saints o.
the way to pray. The' next tiling i
order is to get up a crusade lo resci
the Holy Land from tlie Turk; th;
is if the Palestine has not been throw
into the shade by the Saints of th
West. It, is a singular ttuii in even,
by which, while Spain. Austria ar
Italy, which were long the strotighoi
of Catholicism, have now setthePapt
authority at defiance, France, whic
had for two bundled years been t),.
leader of scepticism, should now be
come the pattern of the devotion of the
age. One extreme is follow ed by an
other. The orgies of tlie Goddess ot
Reason in 1703 are compensated by
the Pilgrimage of Lourues in 1S73.
Who can forsee the faith of 1973?
Qr.viiKiaiNU BT TELEGium.-Jack-Hurley,
formerly a telegraph opera
tor In this city, is now in the Wor
cester jail tor a little indiscretion,
illustrating the peculiarity of his busi
ness. Jack was receiving in tlie Fraui
ingham office, and once or twice had
to ask- Worcester to repeat. Worcester
did so. and volunteered the information
that FraWngham wasa fool, on whom
it would be delighted to put ahead.
Straightway the wre from Framing
ham spoke: "I'm coming;" and un
able to wait for a passenger train, the
impetuous sender took a freight train,
and presently arriving gave Worcester
S great drubbing, for which lie was
imprisoned as above. Xow, however,
from all over New England comes to
Worcester tlie anxious inquiry, "How's
your head.'" Siirimjfidd llqiulMum.
At the Vienna Exposition
young American woman recent?
bought a set ot sparkling jeweir1
and paid for it with a Confederal
bill of $20, the salesman not beiu;
a well-informed person.
Tlie Iron and nail works at Terry
Haute, Indiana, were destroyed on tN
19th. Loss, O32,000.
The trial of McKihney, for kilHnij
Courtney, commenced this morning.
The New York panic had hotaflesi
ed Boston up to tlie 20th,