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mails ahhivk: ,
From ItallfbaS. inor'h nml snnlrd l!My
1 im p '
From Vr-nllis, dail . a' ' 1 Sn a. m.
Krom Li-'unon, trl-weekly, '.Monday,
Wednesday an 1 Frldn 10.S0A. M.
For Railroad ortli and ;'.sily,
close protll"' ' 11 -" A.
For t"nrv;t 11-. .'.allv, a' 1.S0 !'. . i
Kor Lebanon, rl-Wekl . -Monday,
riesjtayand Kri my at '2 r. SI.
Office flOTtW fmm 7 A. V. W J I'. M.
Snn. lav. from 8 M to 2 P. .
Money order otnee hours from fl A. . to
$P, m. " 1" II. RAYMOND, P.M.
STATE Oranrf..--Mr. N". Wi tir
rctsoo. Deputy, tin? catlap a meeting
f Hm Masters nf aihordiiitfte '.ranees
jn tiie State of Oivprnn and Washlngl!
Terrttury. with their wives wlio
Matrons a also lwt Masters w.T
their wives who are Matrons, atftilem.
jit tb o'clock oil Vi',. , BepteWi-
hertft, for the purposes of co-obera-
tiotl and the institution ol a State
Grange of the Patrons of llnandry.
i'his organization hM grown with a
ra)1dity nnemialled in numbers and
power. It is in no sene a political
oratnfaatitMl a we miderstaiid it, but
simply a gni'd, with an organized sys-
tent of mutual relief and assistance,
similar to those of various other benev-
oletit orders that have existed among
M for yeais.
Pkrsokai.. W. R. BlalU starts for
.San Francisco, to attend the Theolog
ical Seminary at Oakland, by the next
outgoing Heamer from Portland.
D. C. Ireland, Esq., of the .LvV'tVM,
called on Wednesday.
Hon. A. R. Rmbank. Cant. VV. h.
n it .u 11,... r a ii..,..n,i IpIp.
ronuiiiuio nun. ..
fates trout ainhill county, U
ailed on.
Rev. J. W. Van Cleve, liavingl)een
appointed to the Roeburg charge by
the late annual Conference of the M.
E. Church, will remove to that point
with his family next week.
Rev. . Wilson has been appointed
as pastor of the M. K. Church in this
city for the ensuing year.
Rev. J. S. HcGain fills the appoint
ments for Lebanon and Tangent Metb
islist charges for tiie twelvemonth to
Senator Mitchell came up on Wed
nesday. He held a reception at the
St. Charles until noon Thursday,
and was called upon by scores of our
C. P. Home, of A. W heeler & Co.,
shedd. was with us Thursday. I
Hcnrv Me vers, lately ran over by !
our fire engine, lies in a critical state.
Rumor lias it that three marriages
are to be celebrated in this city in a
few days.
X. BMimi returned on Wednesday
from San Francisco with a smashing
i-tock of goods.
We were shook up, during the week,
by the following members of the ed-
itorlal fraternity : Hill of the Ortgnnimu,
Scott of the BrdlStn, Crandall of the
.S'tiittsr.xni, Ireland of the yltori'o,
Carter ot the Corvallis GMfe, Clarke
of die Salem. Froif, Head of the
l)r,ivKroi, and Turner,
Jacksonville Xentind.
late of the
New Firm. The late flrm ot West
lake & Howell is no more, Mr. How
ell having purchased the interest of
Mr. Westlake. in the large new ware-
liouse, and immediately selling the m
teht to Messrs. P. C. Harper & Co.,
M rtliis city. The flrm name is now
Howell, Harper a uo. a uum-
ness men, who will win In tiie race of
straightforward competition for trade.
A General Smash. Eight horses
attached to a horse-power near Browns
ville, one day last week, were stam
!ieded by the belt connecting with the
elevator flying off, and by unanimous
cousentran away. The horse-power
was badly smashed up, and one horse
succeeded in breaking one hind leg.
At last accounts the animal was alive,
and it was thought the leg would heal
up. The maimed horse belonged to
Mr. W. C. Beard, and was valued at
$150. ,
Wheat. Buyers are offering 90o
per bushel tor wheat, but we hear of
no sales at that figure.
SAI.F.M I)fTRICT-'n' fit. K. All-
mini Conference which chwiihI in
Olympia, v . 'i'.. KM we -. imhiIp' Uw
f'nlli.wiiii:li)(iliitineiit: i vSi! Dis -
Iru't for the en-'Uiiig fmti .
i . 1). Oliver, 'it'-iJiiit :ivr.
j Siiinii V;ii. Mepltei-t. ' .
HWel) I'nirii' - loliii
J Tcr-'oi) I. H. -.,
Albany I. Wilson.
LtlaMiaiulTitugentr; ;.S. IffcCaln.
i'.ii.un-viltc- P. Sf. Staff,
Cre.swcll N. ( iiirk.
HtniMie - P. 17. Hm(RT,.
C'nrvallL. tu kH tumtjtti.
l)a.ia--tV. I). Nichois and John .
Krcenc Citv A. C. Fairthild.
Si'nii?lit !d'--V. f i 1
ir um .tv' l'niveritv L. .Pow
ell. Pro!., 0. rYYShaw, Agenf.
Santi.ui) Aemlt'iny fj. M Xiokcr
hod. Principal.
Hai.f FaHI;. In response to h,it,i-
Tij, VV. W. Pareish. Eq., Secretary
of the Linn Comity Agricultural Asso -
elation, has received the following re-
py fmt, Mr. B. P. Rogers. !en. Pa-
gengcr Agt. of the 0. AO. Railroad,
fjated Portland, Sept. . 3d. 1,73:
'-yours of the .10th inst. at hand. All
an() articles intended for exhibi-
ttoa ft nK, fjm Comity Fair, will lie
f0rvardi(l to Albany at tariff rates,
but will be returned free, upon pre-
cenration of oertincate to the agent at
A.lhany. signed by the Secretary of the (
Association, that such stock or articles j
,ltVu been upon exhibition, and have
not clianpsl bands.' " This h a matter j
()f considerable interest to exhibitors
as well as tiie IRsociatioh. A great
many art'cles, and a large number of
blooded stock were kept away from
our Fair !at year, owing to the fact
that no arrangement had been effected
with the Railroad Company for half
fare, rates. We may expect a much
1 ml stock
' "f" 'S '" - 1
, , .,.,, . ,t,a. h,;, nmlm.
mcnt liaa been maue.
Not 4 SnrKss.Last week Mart
Brown went to Pass Creek on a deer !
hunt. He promised everybody veil- j
Never having been thoroughly
instructed In the science of gunnery.
his first attempt to load his ftMbie- perfect rush of mingry people. Prob
barrel proved a failure, as he put in j w y Conveltion wouM not
me uucMMou um. o..,u m W
UlT, um m loe eiciieiiieui uuiimiiDnij
I upon observing the flight of a huge
I "drove" of quail (they were black
birds), he loaded from the wrong
pocket. Failing as a hunter, lie took
to his old business, hunting camas,
; and the last we saw of him lie was out
011 the "divide" rustling for his regu
lar grub. Camas is thin diet, and ac
counts for tiie pointleasness 01 all the
emanations from his pen.
Weather Record for August,
1 1873. Mr. J. R. Smith furnishes os
j witlt our regular record of the weather
j during last month, as follows : Mean
1 temperature Jor the month. 70 degrees,
j Highest temperature on the 115th, 87 ;
iJowest on the 27th, 61. Highest tem-
1 perature during the month on the loth,
98 . owest on the 23 m cieardays
21, cloudy 0, showery 4. Wind north
21 days, southwest 8, northwest 2.
The mean temperature for August,
1872! Was 07 degrees; highest 80, low
gg. Highest temperature during
the month, 90; lowest, 44. Clear
days 24, cloudy 4, showery 3. Wind
north 23 days, south 6, southwest 2.
Linn Cocirrr.The value of real
and personal property in Linn county,
as shown by the Assessor's books, de
ducting indebtedness and exemptions,
foots up $3,897,099. The tax levy is
sixteen mills on the dollar, and is as
follows : For State purposes. 5i mills;
schools, 3 mills; county, 1 mills.
Polls, 1,303.
Directors Elected. At the an
nual election, held at the office of the
Company in this city on Tuesday, for
seven Canal Directors, the old board
was re-elected, viz: Luther Elkins,
Martin Luper, Jas. H. Foster, Dave
Thompson, J. F. Backensto, Calvin
Burkhart and Jason Wheeler.
$20,000, Messrs. Beard & Son, at
Tangent, on Saturday and Monday
last, bought 20,000 bushels of wheat,
for which they pay $1 pet bushel.
Their average daily receipts ol wheat
amounts to 1600 bushels, at their
warehouse at Tangent.
j lil l.K'im-H. Pi . ftl J .. - M
E. church he th t : -. I a to
Wilson, at II .".,.., . -,- , 71
; P. M.' fcutyrrt of mt..- l.s'- . -ic-
'The linpirBtimi of th"
ill the ftfi h$r. " ; h"
tifon.'' nuKmy who I 11
each Sniida v ; ftCUiiU 1 n
every Thnr-ilay etfe'i li'ig
cordially invin d to att nd,
New (iooiis -Mt. N
;t 1-
Ail Hre
liumn has
co wnh a
returned from San Pre
stik'k of general , ni'-' .
Ike th"i
our citi
cliaHengcs tiie adiniraii 'ii 01
zens. Toe ladh who tall at W fore
will he treated to ricli'atid rare -i'gbt.
in the line ofd'-cs- goods, of Mi Ui d '.
styles color Ind erices; thcirevt'emen
to elothinu of the 'atesr aiid most
genteel rati and fluid), underwear, etc.
Ot course thi 1 do su't hi jjiii to tell the
j ar)p, amount and variety of goods to
! j, obtained at Jiaimi's. ''.very one
should call andexaminefortbemselves.
Delegates fo the Republican State
Convention swarmed upon Albany so
thick last Tuesday that the Mayor
deemed it prudent to place an extra
poiicman on duty fortwodays. Some
of tiie delegates propose to n ta'iate by
cotnniencing subs against the city for
damages to their shoe leather by reas
on of the protruding spikes in our
sidewalks. 1 C I
Skwtxc. Machinks. Among
many sewing machine-: ottered
snle, the llomestic is highly spoken of
by those familiar with the manner and
style in which it executes all kinds of
sewing. W. ,L Home. 104 Third
street, Portland. Is the general agent,
I See advertisement in this issue.
Lost. Martin Payne, of this city,
last week lost a pocketbook. between
this city and Kee' mills, containing
wheat checks and notes amounting in
value to about $0,000. He is anxious
toH'" the property, and will liheraly
the tinder.
Lively for Hotels. During Wed
nesday Thursday and Friday our hotels
done a lively business, there beins a
objeote( tQ every week by our land,
Tangent. Last season two hun
dred and twenty-one car loads of
wheat were shipped from Tangent by
Messrs. Beard & Son aggregating
about 75,000 bushels,
Harvest Is not yet over, and
wheat pours steadily into our ware
houses, taxing tiie machinery to the
utmost in unloading.
"Time Tries All Things," and
has proven that WVntar's Jiidmtm oj
H7M Cherry Is the remedy prr excel
lence for the cure of coughs, colds,
croup, whooping cough,, bronchitis,
asthma, phthisic, sore throat, influenza,
and "last, not least, "consumption. 2w
Rebekkah meeting to-night.
Latest News.
Sixty-five cents per bushel for wheat
is what the Walla Walliaiis get who
sell at Wallula.
Three Indians attempted to over
power and thus obtain the keys of the
prison from Indian Agent, Rev. Mr.
Wilbur at Fort Simcoe, a tew days
since, in order to release Indian Dick,
confined in the skookum house for the
murder of one of his tribe. The three
worthies attacked the Ajfent luiexpect.
edly, after he had unlocked the cell
door. They soon found they had mis
taken their man. Mr. Wilbur before the
two Siwashes could chirp, had knock
ed down, and, unassisted, had thein
safely caged in company with the In
dian they honed to release where they
remained at last accounts. The third
Indian escaped.
Astoria boasts of 1,000 Inhabitants.
Umatilla county manufactures 50,
000 pounds of cheeseauniially.
Broadwell alleged tax receiving de
faulter in $75,000. has given bonus for
his appearance before the grand jury
of Newark. $1,000 lias been ottered
for the apprehension of John T. Harp
er, defaulting collector of the Spring
field (III.) district.
The yellow fever scare at Sbreve
port still continues, and everybody is
leaving that can get away. The feter
is reported on the increase.
Late mall advices state that rumors
are again afloat at Shanghai that ah
organization is in progress for a gen
eral massacre of Europeans. The rea
son stated Is that the French Minister
will not consent to certain modifica
tions of the treaty. Rumors are be-
unnnig more and more gnive. mid
oldicr- arc being stationed at the
nitwi riaiigeiom points.
I'hc President of the Howard Aso-
ciatloi) m U ii-giupbed from Shiwe-
I iorr. Texas, that the vellow fevi r is
on tin' increase, i epideinic. and asks
for iuim's and physicians.
fhe 1.".500. WK) Geneva Rward to
this Roveruinent was paid Into the U.
LlTt'ne feT l,0"(1, h'Mry
i'he reappnisemcnt of the Kavv
lands has been ordered, '
Prom 8an Domingo we learn that
I Col. Klvas attempted the life of Gen.
I i Tl''7tlWin fT"'. . Th'' ?"m
hot Riva through the head.
(ten. Baberal is n-porred seriously
I ill a., 'I unable to take the Held.
The stage was stopped near Plcas
Hii't Valky (Idaho), coining south, on
! 1 IM 9th. by robbers. Wcfls Fargo &
CO.'s treasure-box was taken, with
which the robbers escaped.
Prof. Marsh, of Yale College. wil
leave feilt Lake for Oregon in a few
lames Douglass suicided at San
Francisco on the 9th.
Telegrams announce a terrible fire
in Havana, Cuba, destroying a large
number of the inhabitants. An appeal
for help has been received.
September 10th, at Baltimore, the
Ford's Holliday street theater, the St.
Nicholas hotel and a large tour story
building adjoining, were destroyed by
From Monroe, Louisiana, tin the
IOtli. comes this: Oil Saturday last
I udge T. C. Crawford adjourned the
District Court at wainsboro, Franklin
parish, till Tuesday, He accompanied
District Attorney Arthur H. Harris,
to Columbia, Caldwell parish. They
started from Columbia on their return
to Wainsboro Monday morning.
iVhen twelve miles southwest ol
Wainshoro. they Were waylaid by four
men lying in ambush in the midst of
a thicket, of several miles in extent,
and murdered in cold blood. Judge
Crawford was shot in five places in the
head and body; it Is th'ugut lie strug
gled w ith his assassin, a his head was
badly bruised ami mangled. Harris
was -hot in the back of th(! head and
in the thigh. J 1 is horse was shot from
under him. It is thought the murders
were committed by a party of desier
adoes known as "Tom Winn's gang."
The leader of their party was tried at
the last term of the Court , before Judge
Crawlord at Columbia, tor murder,
and convicted, he being prosecuted at
the time by District Attorney Harris,
lie made bis escape from jail before
sentence was passed upon him, and
made repeated threats that he would
kill the Judge and Prosecuting Attor
ney. The people of the parish are In
dignant, and a large number are in
pursuit. It is thought that the mur
derer will be overtaken within twenty
four hours.
From Detroit on tile 9th : Canavan.
w ho brutally outraged a little nine
year old girl at Muskegon last week,
was to-day tried before Judge G id
dings, found guilty and sentenced to
the penitentiary for life, the extreme
penalty fixed by law. Righteous
Flax Seed. Howell, Harper A Co.
oiler to contract for Flax seed at three
cents per pound, furnishing bags and
seed. 1.6
Forwarding& Commiss'n Merchants.
Dealers irt Merchandise and Produce. A
good assort mcnt of all kinds of Goods al
ways in store at lowest market rates.
Aiteiits for sale of Wagons, Grain Drills,
Cider Mills, Churns, Ac., Ac.
( ASM paid for WHEAT, OATS, PORK,
Undeveloped Vigor.
The frehloand delrflitated usually fancy
they are In a more hopelesseondil ion than
they really are. The resources of nul im
am not easily exhausted. Even when
strength and appetite tail, when the eyes
are Ilea vy and lustreless, uie complexion
pallid, the nerves tremulous, the liody at
tenuated, and the mind depressed, there
is generally a reserve of latent power be
hind such palpable evidences of weaknoss.
Various modes of treatment are resorted
to by imysicians in the hoie of developing
and rendering available this store of slee
ing vitality, but the surest, and Indeed the
only thoroughly safe and reliable means
of awakening the dormant energies of the
stem is a course of Hosteller's Stomach
liters. Electricity, shower baths, the
flesh brush, sea bathing, Ac., may lie well
enough in their way, as auxiliaries, but
tbey do not reach the source of the evil.
AU physical debility proceeds either from
a derangement of the functions of the as
similating, secretive and vital organs, or
from a sntggisn constitution, in eitner
case, and also in cases where both causes
exist, the Bitters will Invariably produce
an immediate and salutary change In the
condition of the patient, and eventually
effect a complete cure. None of the dan
gerous alkaloids, too often administered
as as tonics, can be otherwise than delete
rious under such circumstances, and to
give mercury is positively criminal. The
direct effect of the great vegetable specific
will be manifested In an imptoved appe
tite, a more cheerful frame of mind, a
gradual return of strength, an increase of
flesh, and a healthier complexion. Mean
while, however, the constitution, If Inert
anil AmIiIa. will bnve been mimed and ren
ovated by the subtle element of In vigors
ation contained In the Bitten. Sep I
Gold in ev York yesferfiay. Ill1-,
Legal tenders mjSli
Liverpool wheat'l UdlXs; CJot.
The demand for "heat Is still firm.
; although the immediate wants of ex-
orters ba'vc been supplied. One
flrm j portlahd want 2,000 tons. ft
M ?2 pi cehUl-equal fo $1 gi
! On the llth wheat was still $2 .10
per cental in San Francisco, but an
! effiort was King made to force the
' price up to 9 50 per 100 lbs.
No change in our market quotations1
tv note.
ew To-Day.
Domestic mewimj MAcnm:
presents n rororftof success nnparaleled irt
the hhttory Ol Sewing Machines.
The LhIcnI Improvement of
The Domestic
Sold at 'lilciro Price, Mid War
ranted Elve Years.
W. J- HORNE, Gen. Agent.
Office, 104 Third street, Portland. ' mt
EhjcIc Woolen mil Company.
the next regiimi' annual meeting of
the Stockholders will lie held at the office
of the Company, hi Brownsville, on Fri
day. 1 lie :M day of Ociolior next, at three
o'clock P. M. A fail auandaneo is desired.
Hv order of the Board of Directors.
A- WHEELER, Secretary.
Sept. 1, Is7.ltd6
TOTHE farmers !
ougUly recalled and strengthened
their Albany Warehouse, and having two
good Cleaners, can Imndle
with safety and dispatch.
They are prepared to furnish all tiie
sacks nee led.
Don't be frightened by the old cry that
we are getting more titan we can store.
Call and see for yourselves.
tract to STORK
Wheat FREE, either at ALBANY, PORT
LAND or HALSEY, until it Is worth 76c
per bushel.
wanted, for which we will pay the
in cash, from time to time.
Present Quotation!
For Common and Volunteer, 8c V A.
" extra tine and clean, 82 41 If 60 lis.
Aug. 15-n50
EX all t
idl the
delivered at our Warehouse In Albany.
1 U.UUU at the Old Warehouse, of
aug. 849ui3 E. S. MERRILL.
Collegiate Institute!
Kext term opens,
Uonday, September 1, 17.1.
it. K. WARREN, President.
Talc Notice !
Warehouse of R. Cheadle, with Im
proved cleaning aparatns of ample capac
ity, is now prepared to receive grain for
the harvest of 187S.
Fanners wishing to store or sell wheat,
will And it to their advantage to see me
before selling elsewhore. All will be furn
ished with sacks to move their grain by
calling on me,
, The highest cash price will be paid for
good merchantable wiieat at all times.
of excellent business qualifications, has
11.. a. .nMiiuii., un uiu mown 01 Ajusny,
taken charge 01 tne warenonse, ana win
superintend the receiving and delivery of
nil gram jnuouig lUlUUgfl 11. t
Albany, July 88, 1878-6nn8