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    V. S. O'.acinl Pnprr tor Ornron.
PK1DAY, APRIL 25. 1873.
NewsfYom Aspinwall, via Ha
vana, April 10th, states that the
city of San Salvador, ( Vntrel Amer
ica, was altruist entirely destroyed
on the 4tli inst., by an earthqinvko.
Kiglit hundred persons perished and
twelve millions of dol a"s worth of
property arc reported destroyed.
The ground heaved like a ship in a'
gale. A terrific thundering burst
from under foot, walls tottered and
were rent, roofs sank to the ground.
Throe violent shocks followed in
succession. The wildest consterna
tion prevailed. Servants began to
scream, horses grew frantic, dogs
howled. Men, women and children
fled to the fields with their valu
ables hastily collected. This was
followed by the ringing of Mis and
the beating of drums, for the pur-,
pose of calling all soldiers under
arms, to protect the city against
muruer and pillage, which always
accompany such events there. In
dians from the forest frequently
prowling tor prey, and can only be
checked by bayonets of troops.
San Salvador was founded in
1589. In 1854 it was a well built,
splendid city containing a popula
tion of 80.000; but on the night of
April 16th, it was completely de
stroyed by an earthquake, and
about one hundred lives lost. It
was then the seat of government.
In 1855, it again became the scat of
government, and its trade had re
sumed its former flourishing condi
tion up to the late calamity. Its
population was some 18,000.
The St. Louis Democrat says it
will back the Legislature ot Mis
souri "against any similar body
that has assembled in this country
since the discovery of America by
Christopher Columbus for stupidity,
for melessness, for depravity, and
tor all those qualities which convert
honest men into rogues and sensible
men into asses." Fur our part we
don't want the next Legislature of
Oregon toonitete. Any increased
expertness over some past Legisla
tures in rogue-assicalnoss, might
render it the champion. Let Mis
souri have all the disgraceful glory.
Travel across the continent is re
ported as increasing. During six
days, recently, 876 passengers left
Omaha on the express trains, and
1,000 by the colony and emigrant
trains, ticketed through beyond
Ogden. Nearly as many more had
been carried to points in Nebraska,
Colorado and Utah, and they were
still coming.
The population of Canada in
1861 was 6,187.122; the present
population is 6,951,467; the increase
764,345. It is thought annexation
would add a million of inhabitants
to that province within five years
. Sacramento wants a branch prison
there. She has no doubt of her
ability to fill it. Such candor is
refreshing, as well as truthful.
Tin mines have been discovered
in the Blue Mountains in Washing
ton Territory, not tar from the Ore
gon line.
. 04
During the winter Tim Darling
killed 130 deer iu the Blue Moun
tains, Walla Walla county,
A dispatch from New Orleans,
April 16th, gives the particulars of
the massacre of one hundred negroes
by whites. The troubles arose out
ofthe filling of the parish officers.
The officers elected by the people
were ignored by the Lynch Return
ing Board. Then Gov. Kellogg
filled the places with his appointees.
These failing to quality, the Gover
nor ordered the parties originally
elected to assume the offices. A
force of negroes then took possession
of the Court House at Colfax. It
is said they were instigated by
members of the Kellogg Legisla
ture. The negroes erected barri
cades, from which they issued, plun
dering plantations, stopping steam
boats for provisions, etc. Meantime
the whites gathered at Coltai
Their numbers were increased by
accessions from other parishes, until
one hundred and fifty whites were
encamped around the Court House
The first fight occurred on Saturday
the 12th. The white leaders of the
negroes had gone aboard a passing
steamer and left for New Orleans
liefore this. The result of the first
fight was the defeat ot the whites,
who were commanded by Hadnet,
a member of the Fusionist legisla
ture. No loss of life resulted from
this fight. The final battle took
place Saturday noon. The barri
cades were stormed and the Court
House assailed, but the whites be
ing unable to oust the negroes set
fire to the Court House, and as the
terrified negroes ran out, shot them
down one by one to the number of
one hundred. Many were also
wounded and the rest escajied.
Jfhc whites lost two killed, includ
ing Hadnet. Several were wound
ed. Such is the news in brief as it
comes by telegraph. It must strike
every one as a cold blooded, heart
less butchery. A butchery that
should cause humanity to lie asham
ed of its species. The brutality is
hightened by a later dispatch: "Not
a single colored man was killed
until after they had surrendered."
These colored men were doubtless
guilty of aggravating things; but
the strife and contention which
have raged among parties there,
for so long, render it quite as proba
ble that the mob of whites who
massacred them on this occasion,
were just as guilty of bad things.
These wanton acts of cruelty and
blood are a disgrace to civilization,
and should be discountenanced in
every possible way.
About six thousand people viewed,
the remains of Rev. Dr. Thomas at
Lowell street M. E. Church in San
Francisco on the 18th inst. The
church was draped iu mourning,
the coffin covered with wreaths and
boquets ot flowers, and the pulpit
covered with the national colors
draped in festoons. The body pf
the church was thronged by people
during the services. Many of the
military, headed by Gen. Schofield,
were present. Fifty-five ministers
of the gospel were present. Rev.
Mr. Snalling read the memorial,
which was listened to with profound
attention. An immense cortege fol
lowed the remains to their last rest
ing place.
.The Supreme Court ot Illinois
has decided that a man in that
State is not responsible for a slander
uttered by his wife. That is a
"right" which husbands have not
heretofore possessed in that State.
FFWERAL of uen. cawhy.
The tniieral obsequies of Gen.
Canby took place at Portland on
last Friday. In accordance with
the request of Mrs. Canby, the cere
monies were conducted without dis
play. They were participated in
by a large number of citizens, and
many ofthe military. The burial
services were held in the presence
of' the widow and a few immediate
friends of the family These were
conducted by Rev. 6. W. Izer, ot
the Methodist Church, Dr. A. L.
Liudstey, of the Presbyterian
Church, and Bev T. L. Eliot, of
the Unitarian Church After these
ceremonies were finished the funeral
cortege was formed and proceeded
to the Armory, where the body was
exposed to public view from 12
o'clock 4 P M. Thousands
of persons availed themselves ofthe
privilege thus furnished of looking
upon the countenance of the mar
tyred soldier, for the last lime on
earth. About five o'clock P M
the body was taken to the Lone
Fir Cemetery and deposited in a
vault, where they will remain until
the arrival of the brother-in-law of
the deceased.
A terrible tragedy aecnrred'at
Drain station, Oregon, on the 21st
inst. It is thought to be one of
those cases of calamity- resulting
from the careless use of firearms.
A young man named Tracy, went
to the station, where two men
named Poland and Stewart were
at work. As he approached, he
raised his gun iu a jocular manner
asking Stewart to hand over his
money. The latter responded he
had but little, when Tracy said
Poland always had plenty, and he
would give him a rattle, and rais
ing his gun, fired, and the ball en
tered Poland's breast. Poland
cried, "you have killed me!" and
started tor the house, but fell before
reaching it. Stewart started for
the doctor, but coming up to Tracy
the latter proposed to go, when
Stewart went to Poland's assistance.
Being unable ',o move him, he went
to a neighbor's house for help. On
his return Tracy was found lying
dead, shot through the head. The
parties were ot good reputation,
and were friends. Poland is mor
ta'ly wounded. Will eople never
qua fooling with firearms,
A little brief authority is too
much tor some men. They magnify
it into monstrous proportions, and
frequently come to grief, as did the
toad that tried to swell to the size
of an ox. One of these overly
smart fellows, occupying the exalted
position of Deputy Assessor in San
Bernardino county Cal., went to
assess a widow lady's property, not
lorjg since. He must count all her
articles of furniture. Wouldn't
take her word for the number of
chickens Rhe had, but got some corn,
called the chickens up and counted
them. The widow began to "bile"
then, and when the awful 'smart,
Assessor went out to count the bee
hives, she, just flipped her apron
over her head and gave one of the
hives a kick that "cop-sot", it.
About three quarts of bees struck
the self-important Assessor. They
counted hiti out. Be fled, and
there was no order about his leav
ing. He went energetically. So
did the bees after him, arfd each
carried a red-hot "fut" along. That
Assessor went home with a face
looking like an underdone plum
pudding. His "smart" now is
Gov. Kellogg on the 21st desired
that troop be sent to Louisiana.
The following postoflices have
been established iu this Suite: Shell
Bock, Wasco county, Daniel Gra
ham, postmaster; Sodaville, Linn
county, Win, A. Pellison, postmas
ter. The offices at Deschutes,
Wasco county; Grant, Grant coun
ty; Springfield, Multnomah county,
have been discontinued. W. J.
Pickett has been appointed post
master at Princeville, Wasco county.
Gen, Sherman has written a long
letter, dated the 17th inst., to his
friends in Washington, in which he
forcibly presents his well known
views regarding treatment of In
dians. He believes negotiations
should be entrusted to army officers
having no po icy, but having power
to compel the observance of engage
ments which the Indians know and
fear. All Modocs are involved in
the recent murders. "I do not
think that the murder of, General
Canby was the individual act of
Captain Jack, and if they (the Mo
docs) all be swept from the earth,
they themselves have invited it.
The whole matter must be left to
the officers on the spit. They must
be sheltered against a howl such as
followed Major Baker after his
Picgan attack and General Custar
after his attack on Black Kettle's
camp. There is not much danger
of too much harm being done. To
be effective and exemplary, the
blow must involve punishment ter
rible enough to impress the kindred
tribes ot the Klamaths and Piutes
with the fact that all Indians must
be made to know when the Govern
ment commands they must obey.
And until that state of mind is
reached through persuasion or fear
we cannot hope fbr peace."
Eight freight cars loaded with
flour, tobacco and miscellaneous
goods, on their way from the West
to New York, were broken open
and robbed on the night ofthe 20th,
at Philadelphia.
Henry Ward Beechej, in a ser
mon last Sunday night, invoked
the father of all mankind to re
member in mercv the children of
the forest, whose pent up wrongs
had driven them to bloodshed and
diabolical murder.
Hie Secretary of War, upon the
recommendation of Senators Mitch.
ell and Kelly, has ordered 500
stand of breech-loading rifles from
the arsenal at Vancouver, to the
authorities of Oregon.
The Post Office Department will
commence issuing postal cards May
The Methodist Preachers' Asso
ciation',)f New York, will com
memorate the lives and deaths of
Gen. Canby and Bev., Dr. Thomas,
they both being members of that
A riot between strikers from the
coal mines at Knightsville, hid.,
and negro miners who had Been
lately imported from Virginia, oc
curred at that place on the 15th.
Gov. Hendricks sent troops and
arrested several of the ring leaders.
Senator Bayard paid his extra
compensation into the Treasury.
Up to the 17th, all but 30 members
of Congress had drawn their back
The President has received many
telegrams and letters lately, exhort
ing him to cleave to the philanthrop
ic peace policy towards the Indians.
The President answered calmly, the
Modocs must be exterminated not
as a passionate revenge, but as an
act of justice to peaceful settlers in
that part of the country.
Charles Francis Adams delivered
an oration on Wm. H. Seward at
Albany, N. Y., on the 18th, in the
presence of both branches of the
Legislature, State officers, judiciary
and many citizens.
Public sentiment in New York
city is generally in tavor of the ex
termination policy towards the Mo
docs, since the treacheryi
j The recovery of nearly a qirarter
of a million of dolors iu United
I States bonds, which hail been ob-
! tained by McDonald, alias Pidwell,
and his associates in the late Bank
: of England forgeries, was effected
April 21st. The facts nr. as fol
lows. On the 5th of March last H
trunk said to contain wearing ap
parel was delivered at the office of
the North Atlantic Express. No. 4
Margaret street. London, by a per
son calling himself C. Lcssiiig, of
Tunbridge Wells, and addfesred
to Major G. Matthew's, New York,
to tie kept iu bind at the express
office, No. 71 Broadway, New
York, until called for. The trunk
was duly forwarded by the express
companv, and reached New York
by the steamship Cuba, which ar
rived March 20lh, and was kept in
bond by the company as jief instruc
tions until Saturday last when a
woman calling herself Mrs. Mat
thews presented an order, duly
signed G. Matthews. .Meantime
counsel for the Bank of England
had received some information with
regard to the trunk which led to
its detention until to-day, when it
was taken possession of under an
order by the Supreme Court by
Nathaniel Jarvis, Ksq., receiver in
the Hank ot England forgery ease,
and on being opened and examined
was found to contain a quantity of
wearing apparel, two gold watches,
several miscellaneous artic es, and'
three packages of United States
5.20 and 10-40 binds rolled up in
soiled linen, amounting iu all to
8220 909. The bonds were found
to be identical in class, amounts,
ami numbers, with those advertised
by the I 'auk of England to have
lieeu obtained by the Bidwell tor-
genes. In the trunk were found
cards and card plate, memorandum
bill, etc., showing conclusively that
it had lieen shipped by and tele
graphed to him out ot $300 000
obtained from the Bank of England
by these fingers. But about $30.
000 remains to be recovered.
A special announces that one of
our Commissioner!! who is now on
his way to Vienna, is suspended tor
improper' practices, and another i:
Suspected and his case is being in
quired into. Beports are in circu
lation that some of the complimen
tary commissioners secured their
appointments in order to represent
certain manufacturing interests, and
that a town g Machine Company
and a Gun Company, each, have a
Government Commissioner in its
The suit of G. B. Davis against
the New York Times for libel, was
summarily ended on the 21st. Da
vis was just on the stand when
counsel for defendant objected to
h s testimony, on the ground that
he was a convicted telon. The
judge sustained the objection, and
so it ended.
A special says a session of the
Peace Commissioners will soon be
commenced in New York for the
purpose of a general consultation on
Indian a Hairs.
A freshet caused a train from
Stouington, R. I., to Boston, to fall
through a bridge at Richmond
switch, April 19th, Some iwelve
persons were supimsed killed, and
about 35 wounded. Three? passen
ger cars were burned.
Geo. T. Burton, a negro, was
convicted at Georgetown, 1). C, on
the 19th, of ravishing a little daugh
ter of a while man, and sentenced
to be hanged on the 20th of June.
The Court of Plaints at Wash
ington have rendered judgement
against the United States in tavor
of ex-Senator Caldwell for $300,
889 on a contract tor army trans
portation in Nebraska in 1866.
Chief Justice Drake dissented.
A. T. Stewart, the New York
millionaire, is sufteriiig intensely
from Bright's disease of the kid
A complete file ot the Charleston
Courier lor ninety years, has been
purchased tor the library ot Con
gress. Not a number is missing.