The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, April 25, 1873, Page 4, Image 4

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II. H. Ollirinl Paper for Oregon.
FKIIAY. APRIL 25, 1370.
i 3 -t -a 1 i
oa1) JS 7
will sav. es, it is quite so. I he
' 1 ' . , .
.1 , I nnlnit
Dress, an um iiii im wic iruum i
r '
have each wrung their changes
it. Hut the evil continues
unabated. Extravagance is still a
characteristic ot American habit.
It is seen everywhere among all
classes. The rich it is impoverish
ing, and the poor it is rendering
miserable. Millions of dollars in
gold are annually sent to Euro
to pay for costly furniture and goods
to satisfy its cravings. This, to
gether with immense sums which
are annually and semi-annually
ent in coin to Europe to pay the
interest upon railroad bonds which
are held there, and the interest
upon the debt of the Govern
ment, drains the country of gold,
increases its value aud leaves
the States and Territories, where
coin is a circulating medium, with
a limited supply. Hard times
are the result It the country did
not possess immense resources, tre
mendous recuperative power, this
constant drain upon her business
vitality won d soon bankrupt her.
It is computed that we pay interest
annually on bonds held in Europe,
to the amount of between four and
five thousand millions of dollars.
Then think ot the enormous sums
expended for luxuries, costly goods,
wines, etc., which we would lie just
s well off without. The war debt
is an obligation which we had to
incur to save the Union from Dem
ocratic misrule and rebellion. It
may be property termed the price
of Democratic folly. liefore it is
paid, it will cost the people in taxes
upwards of ten billions of (hilars,
eoough, says an exchange, "to buiid
and equip seventy-five railroads
across the American continent, and
then leave enough to pay for the
building of an iron navy that could
crush the combined navies of the
world." It is a debt not so much
the result of extravagance, as of
reckless tolly upon the part of those
. t s . , i ... . .
who maae u necessary 10 cowraci
it. The hundreds of millions of!
railroad bonds, from the different
States, held in Europe, can hardly,
. , , j . ...
as a rule, be regarded m the light ;
of extravagant investments, as many j
of the roads could not have been '
built without such disjiosition of the !
bonds. Transportation has de-j
, , ,
manded them, and they are the j
legitimate concomitants ot growth
and prosperity. It is in the insane
desire of our people to "live fast"
aud make a show, wherein extrav
agance is most conspicuously seen.
The habits of the people are running
iu this channel. A perverted taste
gives them desires in this direction.
American mani!acture is not line
enough. Carpets must be brought
from Helgium, and silks and wines
from France. England must fur
nish cloths, Belgium laces and India
shawls. ( 'ems and pearls and dia
monds ' from European lapidaries
must rest upon bosoms and surround
arms and fingers, rendered beautiful
by French cosmetics. Hundreds,
nay thousands of dollars are expend,
el tor a single garment. If this
money were expended at home upon
home manufacture, it would not be
so bad ; it would then continue in
t lie Imiiie circulation. But there if
no needor good sense in such extrav
agance anywhere. It is ruinous.
A single dinner at Delmonico's the
other day, lor a few guests, cost the
giver 810,000. The extravagance
6f the wife of a once wealthy mem
ber of Congress, has recent ly brought
him t.n ruin Poor iwmlo. aiw the
, r r r
j style of the rich, and put all they
I , , ...
lean rake and scrape upon their
. . . ,
backs. Parents scrimp at home
j and go without needed food, fre-,
quently, to save money to purchase
fine clothes for their children. We
do not blame people for wanting to
look well, but they should be eco
iiom ical and fruzal alxnit it. Thinsjs
! should be made to harmonize with
circumstances. A diamond on the
finger of a man or woman scarcely
able to keep the wolt ot starvation
from the door, is superlative folly.
Our people should be more econom
ical and practical. Men should lie
good providers and women good
housekeepers, rich or poor. Econ
omy and frugality would then pre
vail. People would live within
their incomes, then, ami their dress
and surroundings would harmonize
Do nothing in haste but gripping
'o fleas.
Nothing comes of itself but dirt
aud long nails.
He that cheats me once, shame
a' him; if he cheat me twice, shame
fa' me.
He was scant o' news that told
his father was hangit.
To trust is well, but to trust no
body is better.
The deed once done, there is an
The shroud is made without
pockets; what is pat in the) sleeve
can't go ii the skin.
The ditches are full of clever
One's country is there where one
finds himself comfortable.
Pettcr stomache burst thau good
victuals sp'.il.
Love others well, but love' thy
j self most; give good for good, but
not to thine own cost.
Hird never llew so high but it
had to come to earth for food.
A brillia-1 daughter makes a
brittle wile.
A guest, like a fish, hath a bad
odor the third day.
A house full of daughters is a
cellar full of sour beer.
A scene wjtliewej by sometrav
elers in the North of Norway, from
a c iff one thousand feet above the
'a th,s dweribed : "The ocean
stretched away in silent vastness at
m tjMJ of m
reaciel our airy lookout; away in
the North the huge old sun swung
low along the horizon, like the slow
Ift of the pend-.lum in the tall
clock of our grandfather s parlor
cornen We all stood silent, looking
at our watches. When both hands
came together at twelve, midnight,
t,ie ru""d orb ,iu"g tnunaph-
anuy auove me waves, a onuge oi
go d running due North spanning
the water between us aud him.
There he shone iu silent majesty,
which knew no setting. We invol
untarily took off our hats; no word
was said. Combine, it you can, the
most brilliant sunrise and sunset
I you ever Mw ana the beauties' will
pale before the gorgeous coloring
which now lit up ocean, heaven
and mountain. In halt an hour the
sun had swung up perceptibly on
his beat, the colors changed to those
ot morning, a fresh breeze rippled
over the flood, one songster after
another piped up in the grove be
hind uswe had slid into another
day." j
When Hrigham Voting's children
sing "Father, dear father, come
home," the effect is said to be won
derful. The old man comes borne
without delay.
The greatest flood known tor fifty
years is devastating Thamesville and
locality, in New York. Many fami
lies were compelled to move. Kami
houses art; inundated, ami horses and
cattle were compelled to struggle to
reach places of safety. In the princi
pal street the water was four feet deep.
The xstoltice and several stores could
only be reached by boats.
Maine has had six feet ten and one
half inches ot snow this season.
Thomas Jenieks. of Rhode Island,
is retained by the Attorney General to
assist in the prosecution against Credit
Mohiller and I'liion lielne. it is pro
posed to prepare a bill in equity in
which the Government, as a creditor,
fill seek first to eouie stockholders
to ay into the treasury of the corpo
ration the par value of' full paid .stocks
as required by tin charier, but which
was issued lor much less ; secondly, to
eoniel Credit Mobilier stockholders to
restore to the company treasury their
illegal and inordinate profits which
have endangered the credit of, the
Government loan to the road.
Kx-Seimtor Cote has informed the
President and See. of State that he is
not a candidate for any foreign ap
pointment. The general Impression
now is that ex-Suiator Nye will he
appointed Minister to japan.
A resolution in the Xew York As
sembly, on tlie 10th, was adopted or
dering the arrest and hrhigihg before
the bar of the House, Win. M.Tweed,
Jay Gould and J, B. Dutcher, for re
fusing to appear and testify before the
Erie Investigation Committee.
India has 1,000 Methodist Sab
bath school scholars 800 of them
iu Lucknow.
Over 2,000 children are in the
American Methodist Sabbath j
school ins Sweden.
The St. Louis Rernittican recom
mends an ambitious debating soci- j
ety in Kansas to take as its next
subject "which is the butt end ot
a goat?"
A western paper informs the pub
lic that board for the summer can
be obtained "at a large and shady
back gentlemau's residence.
Paris has a band of robbers led
by a boy ot 15. They have commit
ted eight thefts, with violence, and
at least six murders. Three of the
band are females.
The Persiaus say of noisy,
unreasonable talk, "J heard the
sound of the millstone, but I see no
It is easier.wto earn $1 in this
country than 30 cents in England.
New York city has ninety one
Preshyteriii churches. The first
church of this denomination was
organized 1706, and tlie first house
ofworship was built in 1719.
The New York Senate has chosen
I'obert i. Livingston as the repre
sentative man of the State, whose
statue is to be placed iu the Capitol
at W ashmgton.
The Bui&lo church choirs are said
to be the best" courting societies" j
in the State
An American reporter spoke of
Columbus as "a dimond in an oasis, j
who soared above all his contempo- j
A Detroit butcher has a sign
hanging over his retail wales which
reads : "A false is an abom
ination to the Lord, but a just
weight is his delight." Proverbs,
Chap, XI, 1st verse
Miss Ella Lawson having passed
the required examination has been
made Bachelor of Science and Let
ters in Paris.
James Bradley, of Milford Con.
uecticut, has stopped drinking.
I le took a horn of vitriol the last j
A western editor says of a con
temporary that "if he had written '
the inscription on the wall in Baby-1
Ion, Belshamr would have been !
a good deal more scared than he
was." Another wants to know
"what poor Daniel would have
The passionate are like men stand
ing on their heads. They see all
things the wrong way. Plato.
An interior article of use may
serve its end, but a shoddy ornament
is worse than none. Akers.
A Rhode Island man has invent
ed a torpedo in the shape of a ker
nel of corn, which is designed for
the begiiileraent of crows. As soon
as that offensive bird takes hold ot it,
it explodes and blows the top of his
head off.
Laws of the Toiled States.
(General Nature - So. 2S.1
AN ACT tnntuend an net em il led "An act
to establish H uniform system of bank
ruptcy throughout fbe united States."
approved March second, eighteen bun
dred and sixty-seven.
Ilr it mooted by th H not' and How of
R friwnUiltnioftk- UnlodSa- Am r-
in (Xnfir . axs mfcf. d. That whenever a
corporation created by the laws of any
s ate. whose business is carried on wiio.iy
wltbln the NtttC creating ihe ajtnie, and
also any insurant eoineany so OMfCed,
whether nil Its busine slia;! be eari le 1 on
in such 8 n'e or not, has had proiwxllnjfs
duly cmumrnced asaiusi an, h cornnra: ion
orcDinimn) 'KUore. the cow. of snch State
for the purpose of win ling nn 'he atlalrs
of such covnorat ion or company and di
viding: itsasseis ratably auionjf lis credit
ors and lawfully aaioitg i hose on if! led
therein prior to oroeee lin,' Im. in., been
commenced auainai sueh corporation or
oontuany under The bankrupt laws of ihe
I'nltdt S ales, any order mate, or that
shall lie ma (e. by s'ui-h conn agreeably io
theS ale law tor the ratable dwfrlbniton
or payment of any dividend ot tussesis to
I be creditor (H such comma ion or rom
pany while snchs ice eoiiri shad remain
ai tu'iilly or const ru. lively in possesalon or
contrw of the.aei of such corporation
or company lw!l lie deemed vadd not
witbs'aii Iliistn'OceeUlnffa in hwikrun.ev
may have Wen coututcnoeil and lie tml
iiiK a .'alnst stioh cieiai-a Ion or company.
Approved, Kebruary U.VS73.
General Nature -No. '29.)
AX ACT to provide lor tlie appointment
of a commission to complete I he uoun
dary line lieiWeen (be territory Of die
United States and the possession of
Great Britain not completed underthe
act of An;,'ist tieven.h, eighteen hun
dred and lit:y-si., to carry into effect
the lliM ariicleot thetrea yof ilfieenth
June, elihieen bundred and toi'iy-si.t.
Br' UmadHi bji lh-' H note awl Hewr
R ;r. ritthivn Of tk i'tii tf tii(ihai:f AM r
tcn in (Xvir m i mu' !, That the Presi
dent of the United S:atts lie. and he is
licreliVi mi horiMd to ap ioint i lie Seceeta
ry of State, or either of die as-i am See
ii1 -nries, or ihe Uni.ed 8 a:e minister at
London, or in bis iiscreiinn. by and with
the advice and consent of the Senate, to
appoint a commissioner to act jointly wi.h
such officer or tonimlsaloSPr as may lie
name I by Her Britannic Majesty, for the
parpoeeofcouiruailnK the deterrnlnatlon
of so much of the boundary tine between
the territory ol ihe Untied Wateaandtbe
pxwes.sions nf Great Brlllan us was left
uncompleted iy the commissioners ai
pointed under the act of Congress of Au-RH-.I
eleventh, eighteen hundred and tie y
six, to curry Into effect the tlrst article of
the treaty of the tllleenth ol June, eigh
teen hundred and foriv-six, lad ween the
United States an 1 Giti Britain.
Sec. 2. That tlie sum of five thousand dol
lars, or so much t hereof iu may lie requir
ed, be, and Ihe same is hereby, appropri
ated, out of any moneys in the treasury
not otherwise approprfuted. to carry into
SUeet tlie provisions of this aid.
Approved, February 14, IsW.
General Nature-No. M.J
AN ACT anthorixinv the 8eeretary of the
Treasury to refund i he diifc rcn. iul du
ty on ar kites ae iially on ship-:oard in
French vissels destine I for ihe Untied
.Suites on the tilth of Novemiier, eigh
teen hnndred and seventy-two.
R- if rnartrd l)i lh" 8 nuts ami llnute nf
R prrfnlmiim of th-; Unit d Sn's nf Ann--
in l,nyr iu urn- tWt it, That Roods,
wares, any merchandise imported in
French vessel from countries other than
France, aud which were on shijwboar I
and hound to the United states on the
titih day of November, el rhteen hundred
and seventy-two, are hereby relieved bum
liability to 'discriminating duty under the
seventw rnii sent inn of the act of June
thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty
tour, revived on such goods by the procla
mation of the President of ihe United
State! dated oriolier thinleth, eighteen
hun Ire land seVenly-two; and ihe Secre
tary of the Treasury is hereby an; horled,
in iiny such case, to refund such diacriini
nai inj duly which may have been nald on
such goods, ware, ami merchandise, out
of any money in the ireasury not other
wise appropriated.
Approved, February 14, 1H73.
General Natnre No. 33.
AE AUT to readjust the western lioundary
of (Dakota Territory.
R il mct'tlbff tlv R-W& and Ihiwfof
R pirn nlii'hv.1 of lh" Uni'il S'fUi t nf Ain r
train QMffH'M om mljl 't. That nil that nor
tlon of Dakota Territory lying west of the
one hundred and ele tenth meridian of
longitude, which, by an erroneous defini
tion of the boundaries of said Territory
by a former act of Congress, remains de
tached ami distant from Dakota proper
some two hundred miles be, and I he same
is hereby, attached to the adjoining Terri
tory of Montana.
A'pproved, February 17,
Geneml Nature No. 33.)
AN ACT prohibiting gift enterprises In
the District of Coiumlria.
Bc iKtcinl b;i lh- N nat and lt,ue of
R unwntutiv of the Unit d Slab tot Am r-
tea in Cnnyr- m awmblt tl, That so much of
the act of the legislative assembly of the
District of Coluuit'iucniiiied "An act liu
posing a license ou trades, business, and
professions (iracticetl or carried on in the
District of t ot uml nil," approved August,
twenty-third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one,
as authorizes gift enterprises
therein and licenses to be Issued therefor,
is disapproved ami repeated; ami hereaf
ter It shall l unlaw tbl for any jierson or
persons to engage in said business in any
manner as denne in said net or ot her
wise.; and any pcrsfni or persons so doing,
on conviction thereof in tlia police court
of said District, on Information tiled for
and on behalf of mi l District, in the man
ner provided tor in the sixteenth section
of the act creating Ihe ioiice court in said
dlnanros of the late corporations of Wash
I K -t i ict ttft I tie ctt it it t t tiit'it i ,m innntii
lngton, Georgetown, and ine levy court,
shall )y u fine of not exceeding one thou
sand dollars, or be imprisoned In the Jail
of said District for a period of not less
than one nor more than six months, or
Iwth, in the discretion of the court ; I'ro-
vldixt. That any mrty deeming himself
aggrieved by the judgment of said court
uitiv uppeill lucreiroiu lit tuu criuunai
......'... ..t "... ,t... .............
court of suld District in the manner pro
vided for in other cases of convictions iu
the said poliis! conrt, and t he Judgment of
said criminal court shall be final.
Approved, February 17, 1873.
General Nature No. 34.
AN ACT In relation to mineral lands.
Re It enacted by the Senate anil House of
Repreienlaliveii of the United State of Amer-
..... ...... ......... ....
States hereinafter named deposits or mines
(com ixtnarem atnemoteu, Ttiat witnm ine
of iron and eoal lie. and they are hereby,
excluded from lie- operations Of an act en
titled "An act to promote the develop
ment of the mining resources of the Unit
ed States," approved May tenth, eighteen
hundred and seventy-two. and snitl act
shall not iipnly .) the mineral lands sitll
ated and belie; w iitiin : In. Stales of Micht
gau, Wisconsin, an I Minncsoia. and that
said lands are here'ty declared free anil
open to exploration and nnrchnae. accord
ing to the lenl robdtrisibna thcivof, as
before the pttsMMM of saitl act; and that
any bona-lide entries of sttcb lands wlthm
sni'd s-ntes. since the passage thereof, may
lie naiented without reference to 1 he pro
visions of slid ant.
Approved, February IS; 1S73.
(Jeneml Namre No. aV
AN ACTcrea ing tin adduionai land dis
trict in tne Territory of Arizona.
Re it tnaet'd li IMi nnU.' ami Hiuseof
R lir t of the Unit dSnl'Sif Amt
t 111 Oinffr ,' im v.'J d. That all that
portion ot the Teirl ory of Arizona em
braced iu the (otiowing-descrlhed limits,
tow ii: commemdiig at the eusieni boun
dary of 1 lie Tend. ory. it; Ihe Inieraeotlon
of the tirs; tm lartl linenoi'di; ami run
ning tbunce wei on lltai line to the west
ern boundar of the Territory; thence
south with -aid boundary lino to the
soul hern txmu laryof tie I'erritoryithenee
east on said dm-10 theeosiern boundary' of
t be Territory; and i hence north on sold line
to the place ol beginning, shall ooustlttite
ascinrae land district, to be vailed the
Giiu land district, Ihe office tit which shall
tie located a- such p see In uiid disi rtet us
tlie President ofihe UnttM S'aies may
direct, Which may lie changed troni time
to time as ihe pu'ilu1 interesi may reguire.
Sec.'.1. Tbat the President shall appoint,
by ami widi the it h ice and consent of the
Senate, or in the recess of the Senate, a
.register and 11 receiver of public moneys
for said district; and said olbcers shall re
side in 4be place where saitl land ofllce is
located; ami thej shall have ihe same
powers, perform tlie same tunics, and re
ceive the same emolument sua are or may
be prescidls'tl by :a in re at ion to ltinil
Offices Of ihti United Suites in other Terri
tories. Approved, February is, 873.
General Nature No. 81
AN ACT to provide for obtaining Informa
tion of the condit ion of bnnksorganlx
etl under State law a.
ReHnacid b)l ft rrmfti and Ifrnue of
R prtfnl(llk th Unit II of Amnr-
ten In Oinaf-m 0 mbt'tt, Tbat it shall he
the duty of 'he Comptroller of the Cur
rency to report annually (i i o egress, un
dor anproprla e hcnds.tbe resonrees and
liabilities, exhibl lug ihe condition of the
hanks, banking conipannsj, and avings
hanks 'o ihe leiis a ute-of Officers of the
dllferent S a e-i an t Terrl nries, And
where such reports cannot lie obtained,
the deficiency shall be snnplied from such
other authentic souroee, us may le availa
ble. See. 2. That, in order do carry the provi
sions of the lirs section Sf ibis act into
effect, the Comntroller of the Currency is
here')' airhori'-d. if it should he neces
sary, to elBfi'oy one clerk of c'n four,
who siinii lie appointed by l he Stvrefnry of
the Treasury in the manner now provided
ny law.
Approved, February 19,1978.
General Nature-Not 37.1
' AN ACT to remit the extde taxes nponai
; eohol nUed by nniverHlties and colleges
for scientiltc'imrpnsc.
R- it etmii -d hu (Ik Stint and Hiw of
R jire.i, niatin-n f th- 1'ii'f"' Sat-m-f .lm-r-
ica n Om-r mbt -i. That the Secreta
ry of the Trensun be, end he i hereby,
au'horlzeil to gran I ixtrmitstolneorpotnt
ed or chaitered (uden'lllc institutions or
colleges of lenniin ;' to wi'hdiuw alcohol
In specified 4uah'.Ifles from bond without'
payment of he iu crnai-iv.enue IftX Ot)
the same, or on the spirits front which the
alcohol bad i en distilled, for the sole and
exclusive purpose of preserving speci
men of anatomy, hhyaioiogy, or of natu
ral history tic ton", he; losnih iii-'initions,
orfornoeln any chomtial tatmratory of
such Insli u ions: Piou d th Tbat applica
tion for pennl's sbtdl 1 k mane by I he pres
ident or curators of snelt in'-'itulions.
who shall tile n on I fordfntb e the amount
of the tax on IhoftUoho! Im withdrawn,
with two gool and itttBrient sureties, to
lieanprove l by the Ouiuiiioner of In
ternal Revenue, and eon ll'ioned Mint the
whole (tuanti'y of alcotml o wl hdrawn
from the bond shall 1st used tor lite pur-
poes above specllie 1, with sm It other re
i tuirements an 1 rerun ions astheSecre
tiuy t f the Treasury may prescrliie. And
. if any alcohol so otitnliu) i shall lie used by
i any offlceri as aforesalr, ofsnoji institu
tions for any nuiiiosea other llinn that
a'toveTWecifwd.then the nfnoeni or sure
ties shall tiny the tax on the v. hole amount
of alcohol withdrawn from lsmd, togciner
with a like amount us n penalty in addi
tion thereto.
Approved, February 21, 1878.
General Nature -No. 38.)
: AN ACT authorizing the nomination nnd
appointment to the retired list of
Inenavy of certain volunteers on the
active list of ihe navy who are disa
bled Inconsequence of aounds receiv
ed during t he late war.
Be il I'nnH il hi lh- N tm'r and Hounc of
R Jin of the Unit d S'atnttf Amer
ica in Cimgnia tm mofetf, That the Presi
dent ottrsM ntie't s ates 1st. ami is nere-
by, nnthortee I to nominate, and by and
with tfie advice ami consent ot ine senate
to appoint, utioii the retired list of the na
vy, with the rank of master, U.R. Ches
ter, formerly an acting ensign in the na
vy. 'Approved, February 21, 1.-7;!.
General Nature -No, IB.)
AN ACT milking appropriations for the
construct ion.iMvserintion and reran, nf
certain fort I ilea! Ions, and other works of
defense, for tlie year ending June thirti-
et h, eighteen hundred and seventy-four.
Be it cnmM bn ttu S Mil" and Htnue of
R-jir-f iti:iv-x of (He l'o'l-d H litis of A-nvi-icsn
in C-MiireM it.'s- ittbt -I, That the- follow
ing sums t'. and I lie same are liei ehv. an-
ltrbnriiited. out of inn lnnnev In i lie i iv:i-
j ury not otherwise appropriated, for the
i nt iii tc.o t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1; . 1 1 1 1 tt l Illl t lei 11, eilf IllCCtl
hundred and seventy-four, and so far us
necessary for tlurresidne of the current
fiscal year, for the following fortifications
ami oilier works of defense, namely :
For Fort Prelfle, Portland harlior, Maine,
forty thousand dollars.
For Fort Scntnmell, Portland harlmr,
Maine, fifty thousand dollars.
I For Fort Warren, Boston harbor, Massa
cnuseiis, ni'v tilouiiuti (loiinrs
I.'.... L'....l 11I..1 ft .
For Fort VVlntlirop. Boston hnrlmr. Mas
sachusetts, fifty thousand dollars.
For Fort Independence, Boston hnrlmr,
Massachusetts, thlrty-flve thousand dol
lars. For Fort Adams, Newport harlior, Rhode
Island, sixty-five thousand dollars.
For fort on Dutch island, Nnrrngnnsott
buy, Rhode Island, forty thousand dollars.
For Fort Schuyler, feist river, New York,
sixty-live thousand dollars.
, t ..',, ,. it HUIVII I, I,ttlll, him
New York, forty thousand dollars.
f or tort on Wiliell's point, East river.
X...... VmI. .V,... . ' .1 jttl -