The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, April 25, 1873, Page 2, Image 2

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    AIjHANY register.
Law of the Tnilcd Statca.
iGcnerai Nature -No. U.I
AN ACTtofleflne the flnilrsof the collec
tion district of I he mlu', in i lie 8 tc
of Louisiana, tttffl for other purposes.
ft- it rnVil bit DM h-ki ":V
ion of the Su'e of UatMan. 'leseribe as
follow, 'owP. oorameiwhifc
of Plaqnmnine. 'hp ,'"',h!' ,"' J X1 ui '
thenw down the western Iwtili of the MB
sissipt.i ri .er to 'he town of Donaldson
vtiie in (be parish r Awttioii: fben
down ihe Havon I-afonrchc. mvt akmg its
eastern bank to the w ; thence wwjerlj
atangthc coast, Including all 1 K
lmvs,nnd so fttrtb. to the month of the
(Mine river; thence an the w ane
rivet an I ntonc its eastern 'wilt ton noint
due wee from the ait town of Plaque
minetiinl thence til the place of OCgllV
nins, shall 'h-. uii'l Ihe same i hereby,
constituted and created the collection dis
trict of the Teche.
See 2. Tha' the collector of said district
shall r 'si lent Binshenr, in Ihe parish of
Saint Marv, which is horeiiy made the nort
of entry or sail collect Ion district of ihe
Teche. and shall lie entitled to receive a
salary of one. thousand dollars yearly, said
salary to cover all oxiienses to the United
states for house-rent and storage.
Approved, February 'i 1S7S-
(.Genera! Nature No. IS.l
AN A7T for the the relief of S. P. Joeclyn.
ititftrlH bit thi Sn.i'' m l H mar of
R pr vmtailm of th tfntt d Sntsof Amr
inX in Otmffr-M "an mbl-d. That npon Ihe
occurrence of a vacancy of Ihe grade ol
first lieutenant in his re.'itnent. Second
Lieutenant S. P. Jooolvn, twen'y-tlrs! in-
fcntry, shall be entitled to promotion to
the (rrade of first lieutenant, with date of
commission and relative rank in the army
held 'iy him on the ihir'y-tirst day of De
cember, eighteen hundred and seventy:
Providd, That this act. grants no back
pay or a.ldiiional pay in any manner what
soever. Approved, February &i, 1873.
iGenora! Nature No. 43-!
AN ACT to amend an act entitled
act to provide lor no. mi-: a encui.
eonrl of the Unite 1 8 fttes in the west
ern district of Mis-ouri."' a-mroved
June eight, eighteen hundred and seventy-two,
B? it Viwa i bu Ute Stua!" and feu? of
R -pr f"iuairn vf th-1 Vn'.tilS'M-vf Anvr
inrnOnorman ini'd, That Ihe circuit
court of the United S ates in and tor the
eastern district of Missouri, which was
created by the act of which lhi act is
amendatory, Is hereby vested with lull
and conmie e jurisdiction to benr, deter l dispose of, aeeorditw tfl the us
ual course of judicial proece lings, all suits,
causes, nioilons, and oilier matturs which
were pending In the lata circuit court of
the United S a' es in and for the districts
of Missouri at the time the act of w hich
thi- act Isamen latory rook etfuct, and also
silot tier matiers which have since arisen
that pertain to said suits or causes, and
also io make all orders unJ Issue of ail pro
eeas.s w hich said last-name I court might
havftdpneiU lt hal not ceased to exist j
and sai 1 cfrcntt court in and for sai l east
ern dis; rid of Missouri is hereby vested
willi jurisdiction and authority to do all
and singular tliat may in the due course of
Judicial proceedings pertain to any of sai 1
suits, causes, or unfinished business, as
fully as the said circuit wurt. in and tor
the districts of Missouri mlghl have done
if sai I act ha 1 never been passed.
Sec. 2. Tliai ihe service ot irxess, mesne
or Until, issue ! out of sai 1 elivull court of
the Lnlted States in and for the district of
Missouri, which service was he.d alter ihe
act of which I his act is amen Wort iiHik ;
edect. and all levies, sciznn-s. and su es
made thereunder, aisoallserviccseizurus,
levies, and sales made under any process j
which issue las on. of said vourl atlcrthe
said act took eifeei, are here ijr taa v vs.:! I, i
andail sal I l'tii.esssa.'e o o'e deemed re- J
turnable totvdd court of the Unl o I s ates
in and for l he east ere dlstlflotol Missouri ;
as of the return day thereof.
See. 3. That either of said United States
circuit couns in and for ibe eastera and
in and for the western listrict of Missouri !
may order any snit, cause, or oilier matter ,
pcn iing inereui, ana commence i prior i
the citsa: ion of said new com-r. to ts' i nins
ferred for trial or determination to the
other of said circuit courts when, in ill -opinion
of the court, sail transfer ought
to le ma le; an 1 ihe court ui w hich ssid
transfer is made slm.l havens full author
ity and jurisdiction over vhc same from
the da,e the certitie 1 Itnusurlpl ol the ret
or I thereof i.-. 91c 1 ns if be same ha llai-n
originally pending therein.
Sec. I. That the clerk of said circuit court
ia and for the eastern distil ; of Miesourl,
and hUsnecossors in office, -lmll have tlie
custody of uli records, Nsks, paners,and
prois-i'iy iic.'ongiii j or in any H i's.' ewper
talnlng tq -sfii I circuit conn of the Unite 1
States iii ami for the lisiricts of Missouri,
and, us such custo Itansand the successors
of the c erk of sat i In It-iutmed conr. they
are hereby Invested with ihe -nine powers
and uu'hori.y with respect thereto as the
clerk thereof bad daring the existence of
said las -named utreuit-court said cirenit
ooun of the United S'ft'es In and for the
eastern district the Untie I slates in and
for the districts of Mi-son rl as to all suits,
causes. and unrlnislie 1 business therein or
in any oi her wise pertaining thereto, ex
cepi as herein before provided.
Sen..). That hereafter there shall lie two
reguUir state 1 term-each vcar or ihe dis
trict (town of the United Htatesin nod for
the eastern dtatriel of MissourL sinuucin-
ingon iho Brst Mondays, res(iec!ielv. of
May and No.em'Mjr. In lieu ol those "now
flied by iaw : an 1 no action, suit, prooee I
lng, or proccs- m iij i.-oiu-i shall a'mte or
bercniere I Invalid hy reason of this act,
butaliol the samt) not previously dispos
ed of or olherwis,. nrovide l for ny stieclal
order of said eoml sliall be decpied ro.uru
ableto. pen ling, and trWile af the hext
term of sai l district court established by
this act which iiuiv lie held after this act
takes e.fect : J'runiktl, how v r, That no.b
Ing herein con'ainetl shall be eon trued to
repeal the powers heretofore grunted Un
ordering special or adjourned 'ernn of said
court, or the nowers mil Honrs of Hie
Judge of said court In vacation and at
Approved, February 25, 1873.
General Nature-No. 44.J
AN AUTtoenfon-ethestipnUttionsof the
convention with Venezuela, of April
twen v-tirth. eighteen hundred and
elxty-six, and the payment of adjudiut-ed-claims.
Be U enmM bv the Stmtf ird House of
R pr xen.'tutBat ti Un& ,i ,H filet o) Amrr
itn (n OimgrmanmnHfd, Tliat the adjudi
ia Jon ol' c-aims uy the convention with
Venezuela of Arll twenty-fifth, eighteen
hundred and sixty-six. pnrsnant 10 the
term of sai I convention, is hereby roeopr
nizedas Html and conclusive, and to be
heJd as valid and subsisting against the
republic of Venezuela.
Approved, Fettruary i, 1S73.
General Nature -No. 4".j
AN lOt inaUing awnrorwlattolj for the
support ni the Military Academy for
the llsta. year ending June thirtieth,
eighteen Bundled mid eeventy-tour.
Be it "C-f by 'he S not' awl Urn! of
1? oret h'ii'm- '! 'h Untied Sal- of Amur
latin Oemprm tm mtkd, Tlmt ihe follow
in : stttns is", and the same are hereby, ap
pronristo'L oul of any money in the treas
ury not otherwise appropriated, for the
support of the MUtlary Am lemy for the
year en tins Juue thirtieth, cuhtoen huti
Sren an I seventy-four, namely :
For alditionnl poy officers, and for
pay of Instructors, professors, eadeta. and
musicians, twohnnilredaml twenty thou
sand tbive hundred and seventy-nhic do'.
larsaild lit" ty cents; Pm id 1, That the
professors of the Unite 1 States Academy
whose service a: the exeideiuy exceeds ton
I j cars sunn nave t ne raw aim allowances oi
; colonel, and all other n'roiessors shall have
the pay and allowances of lieutennat-co o
I he!: and the Instructors of ordnance and
I sciatic of gunnery and of practical eugi-
neertng snail nave me iiay tun allowances
of major; and hereafter tne re shall be n -lowe
l and paid hi the said professors ten
wr centum of their current yearly l ay lor
each and every term of five years service
in i he army and ai the academy: Prwtd
That such addition shall In no disc ex
eee 1 forty per centum of said yearly pay ;
and said professors are here' iy placed upon
the Same footing, as re;,ards restrictions
noon oavaud retirement from active ser
vice, as officers of the army.
For repairs and Improvements, tini'wr,
plank, boards, joists, wall-strips, laths,
shingles, slate, tin. sheet-lead, nails,
scjjews, locks, butts, hinges, glass, paint,
tttrrtentinc, oils, bricks, varnish, stone,
Ume, cement, piaster, hair, blasting-powder,
fuel, iron, steel, tools, mantels, ami
o; her similar mttlwato, fourteen thousand
th e hundred dollars.
For pay of cttUcn-meehanlcs and la'ior
emplnvoil umm roimirs that cannot lie
done by enlisted men, eight lliousand dol
lars. For fuel and apparatus, namely: coal,
woo l, stoves.gnves, furnaces, ranges, Are
nricks. and repairs of steain-heating appa
ratus fourteen llKnwund dollars.
Forgas-pipes, gasometers, and retorts,
and aniuial rcpaira ofihc same, six hun
droil dollars.
For tuei for cadets, mess-ball, shops and
laundry, three thousand five handled ll0'"
For postage and telegrams, three hun
dred dollars.
For stationery, blank liooks. tmper. en
velonos, .ii'.llr-. Steel ixms, lxmcils, erasers,
w:i, and ink, live hundred dollars.
For transportation of materials, dls
charged nvUds, and ferriages, one llum
sand five hundred dollars.
For printing-type, materials for otliee,
diplomas for graduates, registers, and
blanks, seven hundred dollars.
For compensation ot pressman uud lith
ograjier. one hniidretl dollars.
For clerk to disbursing ottk-er and qnar
teruiuster, one thousand six lnmdreuand
ill: v dollars.
For clerk lo adjutant, one thousand five
hundred dm tar-.
For clerk to treasurer, one thousand five
bun lied dollars.
Er department of instruction In mathe
matics, namely: For repairs oi Instru
ments, forty dollars; Icxi-books, drawing
niaierinis, and stationery, for instruct oi1,
thirty doknvs.
For department of artillery, cavalry, and
Infantry tai tics, namely : For tan-bark for
ri ling-huil and gviiinu-tiim, three hun
dred dollars: and lor repairing tmparatne
for -ume, any dollars tr repairing camp
sue-.s, I en ts, and furniture, ilny dollars.
For department of civil and tuiiliary
engineering: For models, nutps, rcnairs of
tnstrnmenta, text-issiks, uwks of refer
ence. and stai lonely for use of Instructors,
ih e hundred dolJan,
For department of drawing: For models
for free-Band drawing for second cm s,
forty-live dollars; mounting and framing
theiania, sevanty-dve douaraj architect -iin.l
mill loiiogm) hictil models lor third
class, forty dollars; mounting and framing
Ibe same, thirty dollars; tar-board lor
iiKiiim pig models, fifteen dollars; colors,
i a'H?r,orusbes,afl4pehelis, twenty doi ars.
For iciwrimeiit oi cbemis.ry, mineral
ogy, and geology: For chemicals, Inclnding
cueimenl apiiarauis, glass and porcelain
ware.paiwr. wii-e, and sheet metal, and
i res nine hundred un l seven ty-nve dol
lars including material for practical in
struction in photography; rough speci
mens, tiles, aicohoi, laniis, btow-ptpes.
litaicus, anil aga.e moi-iurs, ior praciicai
instruction in minuratagy and geology,
two hundred ami twenty-five dollars; fos
slw Illustrating ihe dtabrent rock-fbrma-tions,
for dally use In section-rooms, one
hundred and seveiiiy-llve dollars; gradual
incruaseof the cabinet, lice hundred dol
lars; renniiv,and Improvements In elect rib,
galvanic, magnetic, elect nnungm'. k, anil
iiMi'iielo-eleeiric, apnamt us, and additions
to pncttiual 1c and i hcruiic at 'i nun; us, eight
hundred dollars; curiieiitera' and metal
work, and materials for the samtN -ix-y
doiiaiw; pay of mechanic, to W: employed
hi chemical and iceoioglcal seetion-roomj
and in the lecture-romn, one ilioiisnn land
fifty dollars; coaiplciiiig i-epairs and lin
pro'vementsin iahontloiy, leetture-rooins,
tut I uiineraloical rooms, thnue hufidred
and nineiy-ilve dollars; molds and iis
grams, one hundred oi l arstlmoksot refec
ence, tex -books, ands ationery, for useol
instructor-, an 1 contingencies, two hun
drc 1 atld fitly dollar; coni)ensa,lon to at
tendaut, nfty dohata.
Forde ar'.incnt of and experi
mental philosophy: For Instruments ami
apparatus to lllusi ra e I he lawsot mechan
ics and of soiiils and nut. Is. three thousand
dollars; instruments and apinratiis to
Illustrate i be laws of acoustics anil optics
four lliou-nnd dollars; InartninettU an I
an)iurn'usioe.uipone dell observatory,
two thousand live nundroa Uoliawc, one
brenk-circiiit chronoiu. ter for mUral-cireM
room in ihe observatory, live hundred
dollars: latfie. forge, KkiIs, and equipment
of worfcslio ', -even hundred an 1 Bfjy
dollars; repairs and contingencies, eight
hundred dollars; oom.n-aiioii to me
chanic and assistant in charge of appara
tus one thousand dollars; compensation to
atlemlant, fifty dollnrs.
For department of pract halenaineering:
For mining maicrial, twenty-di e dollars;
liiniber for pro.lllnir, twenty-five dollars;
stationery and drawing material, twenty
live dollars: thcoloiile-liaii-ii. two hun
dred and fifty dollars; rcpnirs of instru
ments, i weniy-live (Uillars.
For department of STianish: For text
book and stationery for the use of Inst mo
tors, ally dollars,
Foi department of French: Fortett-liooks
and siat ioner, for the use of instructors,
fifty-fi ve dollars. .
Fordcnartment of law and ethics: For
texl-booksnnd stationery for the use of
instructors, fifty dollars.
For expenses' of the board of visitors,
four thousand five hundred dollars: Pro
cstrt. Thai three members of the House oi of the Forty-third Con
gross, whose credentials in due time of
law lur. S been inly filed with the Clerk of
the House of Representatives in accord
ance with the act of ''ongress amirovid
March third eighteen hundred and sixv
ihm slum bo appointed, by the Speaker
of the present House of Representatives,
niembeis of the board of visitors, a the
next annual examination to lie held at the
Military Academv.
For miscollaneons and contingent ex
penses: Format, coal-oil, and candles, for
llgh ItiT the academy, ca let-harraoks,
moss-hail, liospitalsifiH-j's, stahle, and side
walk, four thousand dollars: wa er-oipes,
plumbing, and rciniirs, tvvo thousand dol
lars; cleaning public buildings, (nol quar
ters, five liundred and six'y dollars;
brooms brushes, mils, fulis, and clo lis.
two hundred dollars; chalk, crayons,
ponge, and slates, for recitation-rooms,
one hundred dollars; compensation of
librarian, one hundred and I wen y dollars;
compensation of non-oouimtsslone 1 o'l'cer
in charge of mechanics, fifty dol ars: com
pensation of soldier writing in a lju ant's
office, fifty dollars; pay ofeBgineer.of heal
ing and ventilating apparatus for the ca
de -i 'arracks, ehaivel. and ohllosophlcal
academy, including the library, one Ihou
snnd five hundred dollars: ay of assistant
of same, seven hundred and twenty dol
lars; pay of live Bremen, two inousan 1 two
hundred dollars; increase and expense of
the library, Isxiks, magazines, is-rio Ikals
and bmdmg, two thousand dollars.
For nay of librarian 's assis am , one t hou
santl dollars.
ror isintlngencles for superintendent of
the academy, one t bonsnn l dollars.
For furniture for calet-hosoi'al, one
hundred dollars.
For buildings and grounds: For repair
ing and openmg roads, one thousand do.-1
For rebuilding the dam at the foot of i
Crow's Nest mountain, two thousand four '
hundred and eight dollars and six cents.
For preparing site mil constructing
foun laiion anil beginning superstructure i
form let's new hospital, twenty thousand i
For commencing system of sewerage ;
leading from barracks Of troopsthree thou-1
sand dollars,
For remodeling battery Knox, ten thou-1
sand dollars.
Approved, February 2S, 1S7:1.
IHvM-.llAL N.'.Tl KK No. 41.1
an act io cam into affect tliepwtvlsiona
of the treaty netwecn the I nited 8 .a es
and (Ircal B'riluin signed in the city of
Washington Ujeelghilidayof May, eigb-1
teen hundred und sovenly-onc, relating t
to the lishcries.
B. it I'wiKlfd bit Ot ' S iiii'e awl Mints- uf
Mt jire.ienliiiifcth tfnited .' of Am r- j
fiia i OptlOreH use mbl d, That whenever,
the I'resldeiil of the United S ates shall
receive satisfactory evidence thai the Im
perial Parliament of Great Britain, the
Parliament ol t'linada. and ihe leglsla me
of Prince Edward's Isian 1 have passed
laws on their part to give full eltcct loiho j
provisions of the Ireatv iietween the Uni
ted Slates and tireat Britain signed ai the t
city ot Washington on the eighth daj of
May, eighteen hundred and seventy-one,
as coniaiia;d In articles eighteenth to
tweiily-iifih, inclusive, and article ihirti
eth of said treaty, he is hereby authorized ;
to Issue his proclamation declaring that !
he has such evidence and thereupon, from
the tint e of such proclamation and 0 ong
as t tie said articles etneentn to tweniy
llth, inclusive, and article thirtieth of stud
IrcaiJ sliall remain in force, according to
ihe term and conditions of article thirty
i lur I oi said treaty, all fish-oil and fish of
ail kinds, .except llsh preserved hi oil,)
being ibe produce of the fisheries of the ;
Uominion ofCana '.aorol Prince 1. dwar I's
Island, shall tie asluilticd into the United
Stales iree of duty.
Sec. 1. That whenever the colony of j
Newfoundland shall give its consent to
the anpiicut ion of the stipulations und pro- j
visions oi thesaM articles eighteenth to
twenty-fifth ftf'said treaty, inclusive, to i
that colony, and the legislature thereof,
and the Imperial Parliament shall pass she j
necessary laws for thai DttrpQSe, the ii'iove
enumerated articles, being the produce of i
thettslierlesofthecolonyofNi wfoundland
shall be admitted into the United Sa es
free of duty, from an 1 after the date of a
ptOclamatfOO by.tlie Presi lent of the Uni
ted states, deehu'ing thai he has sal is fac
tory evidence that the said colony of Sew
fojOndland has con-s-nted, in a due and
prover manner, 10 have the prov isions of
t he said an Ides eighteenth tot wenty-flftli,
loclnslve, of the -ai-1 treaty extends Ho it,
and io allow the United States the full
Benefits of all the stipulations therein
contained, und shall be soti Imitte I tree ol
duly, solongaslhesai Inrliclcsel-.-ll nth
to l wenlv-nnh. Inclusiv e, and article thir
tieth, of said treaty, shnil remain in fonv,
according to tho terms and conditions of
an icle Ihirtv-third of said treaty .
Pec". 3. That from tho date of the Presi
dent's proclamation authorized bytbefirsl
section ot thhtact. mil so lour as I ho ail i-cleseigbiis-nlh
to Iwenty-flfih. Inclusive,
atld article thirtieth, of said treaty, -had
remain in force, according to the terms
and 'conditions of article thirty-thir l of
said treaty, all goods, wares, or merchan
dise and ving at the irts of New York,
Boston. and Portland, and any other ports
In the United wtUK which have been, or
may from time to time ', snei-ially desig
nated by the President ot ihe Unite 1 states
and testified for her Brl annic Majesty's
posse-sion- in North America, may lie
entered at the prpjier ctwtoni-nonae and
conveyed in trinslt, wiihnni the payment
of dn'ihts, through the territory of the
United states under such rules, regula
tions, and eonilit ions for the protect ion ol
the revenue aa the Seeve-ary of Ihe Treas
ury may from time to lime prescribe; and,
under like rules, regulations, and condi
tions, gotala, wares, or merchandise may
he conveyed in transit, without the pay
ment of' duties, from such possessions,
h milch the. tcrrltorv of Ihe United States,
for exivort from the said ports of 1 he U nited
Sec. i. Thai from the date of the Presi
dent's proclamation, authorized by the
lit st seel Ion of this act, and so lone a
articles eighteenth lo twen' .-flf h, inclu
sive, and article ttllrtletn, ol satd trea'y,
slttill renwin in force, according to the
teiwwiwmlitions of art Icle t hir'y-' bird
of snM tf'at v, alt su'ijeelsof Her lirilannfc
Mujesiymav cam in British vessels, with
out ngyment of duly, goods, wares, or
ineraTiaiillisc from one port or place with
in tie terrl'ory of the United S'ates, unon
tbeiaint Ijawfence, the great lakes, and
the Svers connecting the same, toanot her
"ortlr Place within the territory of the
United Slates, as aforesaid: 'ntci'iinrt, That
a i ortlon of such transportation is made
through the Dominion of Canada by land
carriage and In IkiikI. under such rules
and regulations as may be agreed upon
lietwcen the government of Her Britannic
Majesty and the government of theUnlted
AtateK AwlpnAnd-rifurlh r, That the Pn
identofthe United States may by procla
mation, suspend tne rigni oi carrying pro
vided for by this section, In case the Do
minion of Canada should at any lime de-
prive the citizens of tho United States of
1 , ... . l,., atA I, I., 1..
1 lie USC OI l lie CMIinin in ""5-ai'i uuiauiluil
on terms of equality with the inhabitants
of the Dominion, as provided in article
I wentv-seventh of said treaty: And pro
vidnlurllur, That in case any export or
other duty continues to lie levied after Uie
sixteenth day of Jane, etghteen hundred
and seventy-two. on lumlieror timber of
any kind cut on that portion of the Ameri-,-rfn
territory-, in the State of Maine, water-
! ed by the river Saint John and its trlbuta-
ruts, ami noaicu uown uiu river vu hk
sea, when the same Is shipped to Ihe Unt
ied Slates from I he province of New Krnns
wiclc. that then, and in Hint case, the
President of the United States may. by
proclamaion, sua en 1 all righ's of carry
ing provided for by this section for such
period ns such export oroihcr duty may
be levied,
S'e. 5. That thlsac shall no" alte effi cl
untllthefirst day of July, eighteen mm
dre dan I sevcntv-diree., and shall not ap
ply loiinyariic.e of uiorohan ll-s; therein
mentioned which shall W held in Imndon
i hat day (iy the customs officers of the
United S'ates.
Approved, .March 1, ls7:!.
. . - ..
p ' i,,l Ordinance 'o. M.
Belatlrtg to building a Hose nnd Hell
Tower, and 10 fencing the lot on which
the Bngtnc house slainls.
R-ttorltin dbijih Cm mm Cotmefluflbe
CUji of AlUmii :
v 1 IP1i'm a ,.,'.. Iw, KU1 m ihl
lot where the Kngine bouse slan ts, and
Unit sai l loi Is- fenced in with a board
f,'"ir.' SiHSi I' , !
the I'irc Company ft! hang the heil in,
and to ditiw up the fire hose lu for drip
ping. site. 3 Sail tower lobe built Of good,
sound lith'ler, with four sills 8xS. 11 feet
long: four post s ftxS, St) feet long, l4wos
beams iixc, and four cross-iicam ixft,tli
length of said beams to bens follows: I,
12 feel long; 4.7 feet long: 4. 6 feet long,
wi h braces and with rafters; and a square
roof of four eaves, and the whole lower to
be won herboarded wllh good plane I
wcn'l e tioardinti, and to be painted down
to ihe lower eross-liennis, and io baveuiv
rnnilns for drawing up the hose, and a so
a rigging for suspending tlie tiro liell in a
goo I and substantia! manner: an 1 Ilia' a
plat form, K feet wide, be built from the
Kngine house to the sld hose lower.
8i e. I. lu order tocarry out tho provis
ions of this ordinance, a contract shall be
let, aa by ordinance provided, forfnrnisb
Ing materials, building and completing of
said hose tower und platform, and the
fence around the said lot, on which Ihe
Kngine house stands. The said contract
to specify' the way and manner of .-nil
biilldlng as by this ordinance provided,
ami i lint the same !e completed by tlie
10th day of June. is":t.
sir. &. This ordinance totake effect and
be in force fronsnmd after the days from
its phblicat ion.
Passed the Council April 22 1. 187;i.
col. I., van n.KVH, Mayor.
Attest: jis. H-VsitON, Recorder.
Latest From the Front.
Ykkka. April, IS.
Some Modocs have escaped tVoiti the
Lava Bed. A party of ten Modocs
murdered Eugene Ilovey. of Yiekti.
yesterday at noon, near Peace Tent.
Took four horses. Excitement in
tense. .Settlers being notified.
Government mail carrier, who left
yesterday morning, brought no dis
patches. News of Hovey's murder brought
to Ball's by Hendrick's, this montingj
thence here by Btiekman.
Disnatdies froin Lavi Bed up to 6
P. M. of tbe7tl have been received.
Our troops have poeaewion of the
Modoc strung-hold.
The Indians kit for the hills south
east of Lava Bed.
The Cavalry are in hot pursuit.
First Sargeant of troop K. First
Cavalry, captured Modoc battle flag.
Scar faced Charley and Scoiichiu aw
Fifteen Indians got between troops
in the field and camp, ami killed Eu
gene Hovey, Of Yreka, scalped him
null mutilated his body fearfully, tak
ing four horses and one mule, and left
for the mountains.
Our total loss of troops live killed
and twelve wounded.
Meachatn is improving rapidly.
The Warm Spring Indians were first
in the stronghold, and killed and
scalped all the wounded they could
Ybkka, April 22.
A courier arrived late last nilit.
leaving at 2 P. M. on Sunday, at which
time there was heavy firing near
where liovey wa killed, supposed to
be an attack upon Indian- attempting
to reach water. Prevkins to this there
has bet u no change in affairs since
Thursday morning.
Waiting for return of tlie cavalry,
which is in pursuit of a hand of Mo
docs that had gone south or southeast.
Cava ry expected hack Sunday night.
It is positively known that in the
last righting seventeen ModiH-s were
killed not known, as yet, how many
were wounded.
Six soldiers killed and some twenty
It is now said thjt the Modocs mov
ed, all their women and children before
the massacre.
An oltl squaw, recently captured,
confirms the report that Meacham
killed Sconchin.
It is now feared that the Modocs
have estsiHsi front the lava bed. and
will commence a series of horrible out
rages umw settlers.
All the settlers upon Rogue and
Willow creeks are preparing to move
into town.
The Klamath river Indians were out
at Crystal creek in Scott Valley, last
week, all painted up dancing war dan
ces. Mr. Meachatn is doing finely, and
will be removed to Capt. terris' ranch",
near Linkvllle, in a few days, where
his wife went, not being permitted to
go to headquarters.
Yreka, April 22-6 P. M.
Following Just received from the
Lava Bed : The pack train leaving
the camp for Col. Maon's damp at
lava bed, under escort ol Lieut. Howe
and twenty men, was attacked yester
day at about 10 A. M. Prior to this,
an escort from Col. Mason's camp,
coininst to meet it, was attacked at the
head ofa long cave. Lieut. Lean- anil
men nought shelter behind the rocki),
ami droVe the Modocs Imclv. When
MMtt. Howe eanip near them, theylthe
Molocs) attacked his' party, but' were
again driven back.
L'ent Leary lost one killed and
'J'raln arrived safe, but was fired on
as it entered the lava Ix-d, ami again
on its return.
When returning, on this side of the
cave. Howe-was again attacked by the
Modoc, who followed him to camp,
keeping up a continuous lire upon his
party. Tlie Modocs dime up to within
one hundred yards of camp, tiring at
tlie pickets, anil tlien sent a VOIiej
hltO eanip. Major Thomas sent a
bei into their midst, which scattered
them. There wen; eleven Indians in
the atfac.lng party.
Anna wen distributed to all in camp,
and vvc were ready for them ; but they
soon lied into the ricks.
The Warm Spring Indians will bo
armed to-day, and will start in to hunt
out the Modncs.
The Modocs are scatteicd in small
parties, and will be difficult to follow.
The roads tire not safe to Yreka.
The whole country is in a great fer
ment. Mr, Irwin telegraph from Yreka.
22d inst.. to Gov. Grwver. Indians
are believed to be located in tin? lava
bed, about four miles south of old
stronghold. Number of Indians
killed, eighteen. Tlu-v can leave the
lava beds at any time they choose and
raid upon settlers, The travelers and
settlers arc in danger of being massa
cred. The prospect's of closing the
war soon are very ioor.
'i'lie riesident was at bt. Louis
on the 22i inst. He was to start
iiir idaho Springs, Culurado, tlie
'1 luirsday ibllowmg.
Henry Frolieh
was hanged at
Syracuse, rs. l
the 18th, lor
Au LIU iMj.u i.A i s.
Ceneral Repair Shop.
X turned to Albany, and bis old
shop on corner 01 Ellsworth and Second
si ru ts, announces his lvtidiness io attend
to all kinds of
FcdW.Nt;, ETC'.
Also, has on hand and for sale, the
Strayer force-tced --
and other PS.0WS
which ht 7illsellon the most reasonable
HORSE SHOEING- -All round,$2,
All workWitrustcd to tne will receive
pronifit attention, and lie executed in the
best possible manner, wi h ood materlaL
A si, tire of public fa1 rename i- solicited.
ir-i; fthopon corner Isvvor. bund second
si itjeis, opposite 1'icri.e's Ferry.
10-. 4 F. woon.
Arctic Soda.
facilities for dispensing this deilKht
fui mi I hoalth-glvlng beverage, we would
announce to our former rat rons, and tlsn
public generally, thai we aire f ally prepared
from one of those elegant
Turn's Arctic Fountains,
to supply so la of the liest quality In un
limited quant Hies to all who may favor ns
with a call-
be delivered to families ordering thrnngh
ot the city.
Dealers Supplied nt Liberal Kate.
(.'ompany.Land Depart men t. Portland
Oregon, April fi, 18KL Notice is hereby
fdven, that a vinorous prosecution will be
nstituted atialnst any and every person
who trespasses unon any Railroad Land,
by cutting and reinovinatlinlierfhere from
before the same is HOUGHT of the Compa
All vacant Land In odd numbered sec
tions, whether surveyed or unsurveyed,
within a distance of thirty miles from the
line of the road, belongs to the Company.
i! R. MOORK8,
52v4u Land Agent.