The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, November 29, 1872, Image 1

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    -I ILTlllft
NO. 18.
The word was hissed from lips like
steel at white heat. as colorless and
yet as burning, ami the black eyes
alwve them flashed out from beneath
long, silken, and intensely' midnight
lashes, such deadly glances as conk
only be rivaled by the serpent when
surrounded and rolled for the spring
that would fling Its venonied fangs
deeply toward trie tormentor's heart.
The expression was commonplace
enough. Is daily used by thousands,
but never uttered when all of mali
ciousness an enmity to death was
more concentrated within its letters.
Attd it came, too, from the lips of a
woman, girl, rather, and a most beau
tiful one when free from passion, when
not entirely absorbed and given over
to rage.
With more than the usual bight.
Pauline Mossart had Inherited very
much, also, of her father's pliysieal
strength, though, covered by the softer
aud untaxed tissues of womanhood,
t here was nothing of the exterior show
of muscle. A Creole, lu tin- strictest
and purest sense of tlie word, she had
lost nothing of the Are of the race in
tlie transmission of blood nothing ot
i he sensuous ripeness of either flesh or
color, that tlasiteti suddenly ami witn
titfid brilliaucv through the soft skin.
touclied with olive, only just sulticient
to relieve it from sallow paleness.
Her lialr just missed being of the
most raven blackness. Had there not
tieen just a faint tinge of blue, such as
i, - - ,, - tTA. 1 1 .. !.
otteu lingers even in me ripe ueiry, a
would Have Deen so. Her eyes match
h! tlie slightly-waving hair, her teeth
were white auu regular, neautiriu, out
more than ordinal lv pointed and sharp.
'I'Ikj mouth was small and tlie Hps
rimson, but trie upper one arched de
fiantly. The uoe was straight, with
nostrils large ami transparent, as seen
in horses of the purest blood and
greatest speed. Her hands and feet
were small, but tlie limb and arras.
though tapering greatly, soon grew
large and indicated tlie strength she
possessed when arroused to act .on. A
more intense, self-willed, passionate
and determined girl could scarcely be
found one that very few would dare
to cross.
Hut now she had met lier match, for
the time at least Held by either
wrist by a man much more powerful
than herself, she could only vent tier
indignation by the oft repented words
tlie most vile and expressive one
she had yet learned, whatever might
oine in ttie future.
They bad been lovers perhaps were
so even In that mad hour to a certain
extent thai Is, the fire that had caus
ed the blood to flow impetuously
through their veins had not yet had
time to entirely cool, though the re
sult would be ashes. Yes, lovers had
Pauline Mossart ami Pblilp Bansome
lieen, though as utterly opposed by
i ih t ore as the Arctic and tropics. Not
that he was wanting in depths of feel
ing but lie was of Northern birth, aud
the hot kisses of the sun hud never
maddened his brain or heart. Ills
love woukl be as ilrm as his native
granite hills, while hers was volcanic
in both Its convention aud expression.
For months all had beeuys sunshine
aud flowers between them he giving
to her something nt his firmness and
self-command sjie imparting some
thing of her warmth, and both gaining
by tlie interchange. Hut tlie wild
rtorra had hurst suddenly and fearfully,
and witli a hell of jealousy convulsing
her nature Pauline raved like one in
sane, and had even attempted to re
venge what she supposed to be a break
ing of his vows of fealty to her with a
tiny dagger she was accustomed to
wear as a charma little, but a dan
gerous weapon.
Astonish!, unguarded for such a
movement. Philip Ransome had re
ceived a slight wound. Dt with the
first Issue of blood lie had seized her
slender wrists ami instantly robbed
the tigress of power to inflict fun her
harm,' HQlfiRs t SSI0ftT
Thus they stood; lie controlling
himself, as was Ms wont, and firmly,
though gently a possible, compelling
her to Inactivity, Sit a she fluffed B
the very Hps with passion, boiling over
with battled rage, ami Impiously eu-
lea wiring to relieve her overcrowded
heart by hissing out the hutofnl word.
"Pan'," lie said, as soou a he could
sufficiently compose her by tlie torce
of his stronger will to listen, even
though it ndgiit 1 flttdry. WW I
tbe name of Heaven does this mean ?"
"How tlare you art -oVIl y"
There appeared to be uo other word
that would suffice, and batwMslanJ
,n unftAp-y
somewnat dangerous situatiou, lie
yourself, at least Vnfflciently
to me a coherent answer, if you
pleaseTand explain, If you can, the
true Import of this scene. came to
visit you. as I have long been in the
habit of doing, and you accuse me of
something I cannot fancy what and
you spring upon me like an uncaged
tigress. Nay, more have drawn
She glanced down at his wrist, saw
the crimson stain there, started, smiled
jubilantly, and hissed out from between
lips wild with all-absorbing passion :
"I thank heaven for It, but wish it
had come from your heart."
"Will you not explain f "
"How dare yon ask such a question,
aud of me P Look within at your own
black soul."
"f see no accusation there. Paul."
"Never call me that uame again."
"After this Interview is flnislied I
promise never to do so. if you wish.
Now I must learn, if I can, the motive
you had for acting as you have, it, in
deed, one can be round."
She looked at him steadily from mi
ller her long, curled lashes, bit her
lips, as if to strangle the words formed
noon them, drew deep respirations,
aud at length said, In a more sulxlued
totie and in a tar less passionate man
ner :
"Mary Irving?"
"Well, what of her?"
"You were with her last evening,
"I admit it. Go on."
"You remained late."
"You kissed her when yon parted."
"No. Lips of mine have never
touched those of womankind, save
your own since I plighted my vows to
"It Is raise as"
"Hush ! Will you listen to me ?"
"Unhand me. It Is unbecoming in
a gentleman to thus restrain a lady."
Even after she has "las was about
to say, "attempted hi lire," but did
"Pshaw! This toy?" and she tore
the miniature dagger from the chain
by which it was suspended, threw It
down and trampled It savagelv under
her feet Then she looked him square
ly in tne eyes, wttti tier own still
show ing the baleful tires of the most
relentless jealousy, and continued:
"You dare not tell me that this girl
this thing-did not kiss you ?"
"I did not say that, but I did that I
did not kiss her."
"A miserable pretext ! By heaven !
she shall learn what it Is to come be
tween me and the one I loved."
"She has not attempted anything of
tne kind to my knowledge.
"But you were with her tor hours,
and when you separated her arms
were flung about your neck aud your
lips met."
"In the latter particular you are
wrong, though I frankly admit that
she did attempt to kiss me, ami so far
succeeded as to touch my cheek. '
"Ami you permitted It, sir?"
"Where I could not prevent I was
forced to momentarily submit."
"And was that not lover"
"Is there uo such thing as gratitude.
"Tlmt name again?"
"It is one I have loved, and mv
grief is sore that the charm should
tuns miieiy tie tinmen. Aiir that
want of self-restraint and mission
should be permitted to turn Icono
clast." You liave not answered mv ques
tion." she replied hi still more sub
dued tones, aud site noticed the deep
and settled sorrow upon his tace.
Was that not love?"
"Ami I ask. in ranlv. if there cannot
lie such a tiling in fervent gratitude i
But are you culm enough to listen to
the explanation you seem to demand?"
l es, yes site gasped, controlling
herself with a mighty effort.
1 will he brief a Is possible coti-
sisteiit with the nature of the case and
in justice to myself. The girl who
has so causelessly raised your ire (as
evert you will be forced to admit when
I have finished) was my playmate in
childhood, the daughter of a very dear
menu or my parents.
AM a, 'very dew Mend' of yours:"
she interrupted, in a tone of stinging
Well", "he answered, after a mo
ment given to reflection. "I see up
reason to' 'deny that. Yes; a dear
friend of my own. She is a good and
nobl girl, and I wish to heaveti there
were more like her In this World, But
please listen to me without Interrup
tion. I have known for a long time
that her widowed mother and herself
have been l serious trouble on account
of a Inward sou and brother, ami
would have proffered assistance had
silent, Paul, and listen. Last night
matters reached the crisis. I Impell
ed to be passing tbe baiise, trtts called
In, succeeded in quieting tneir rears.
and at once took tfje proper measures
to save young Irving from tlie conse
queuces of btt'.rblly am almost crime
That. Paul. Is tlie entire story
"All?" gasped the gui who had
every moment grown more pole, had
become almost gliastlyt "but you per
mitted her to kiss yomW
"As I have Intimated, I had no
volition in the matter. But I have in
"Another?" she re
taking the place of pa-
with tear
as she read
ttie rate she most or
lu the
steady flashings of h
ft hat in the name
can you
"Simply this, and even after what
has happened, I spare you as much as
Is possible simply that from this mo
ment our engagement Is at once and
forever broken.
"You cannot mean It Phil Phil
ip !" aud the iron sink deeply Into her
"Heven knows," and the nervous
twitching of nerves and misty eyes at
tested the deep truth of Ins Words:
"Heaven knows I regret the matter as
much as you can, but there Is no other
alternative. I liave loved you as few
women have ever been loved ever
will be: but after tlie fleree and terri
ble exhibition ot passion I have wit
nessed I would not dare to trust my
future in your hands. My Hie might
better be wrecked suddenly as it will
be than to linger it out in a living,
continuous hell. Farewell. Paul !
may Heaven bless you f May you be
as happy as I dreamed, but alas ! but
a few hours since. I should be with
you for my bride !"
Site had sank into a chair and cow.
ered at his first Word, had vainly at
tempted to fortify herself by pride,
but it was no avail. The resolution
was as tierce as the Are had been, aud
long before he had forfeited her head
had sunk, and her race wits covered
by her burning hands. And when tlie
last wonls wen spoken, when tbe
feet, pressed her clinched hands to ber
temples to somewhat still their throb
Mugs, stood for an instant as one
transfixed, and then with a wild shout
of horror foil heavily to tbe floor.
Two years passed and the gossip
that followed that terrible episode in
the life ot Philip Ransome bad become
almost forgotten. He had kept his
own counsel as tar as it was possible
to do; had seared the wound by the
power of a strong will, .and if It rank
led at times no one was the wiser,
save that they might have judgetlfrom
his coki ami reserved manner, tie never
seeking tlie society of women. In tact
avoiding them, until It became almost
rudeness. He had simply spoken the
truth when he said his life woukl be
wrecked aud the heart that beat against
tlie rocks of disappointment was often
sore, and the Hps that never uttered
the name he had loved most of all
others became as iron to all terms of
endearment for others. Yes, his lite
was wrecked totally,' hopelesssly
But of her who had been tlie cause
when slie had permitted the simoon of
jealousy to sweep over Iter soul and
destroy every flower of love brightly
blossoming there ?
No one. save those with Whom she
had lived, knew of her departure. She
loft! vanished like a shallow a sud
denlyas totally ; ami wlien the great
heart of Philip linnic somewhat
recovered from tin effects of tlie stun
ning blow, ami Ih- became alarmed for
Tear She should liave destroyed liersclt. ,
and when he made inquiries, lie was '
utterly battled. No trace couW ibe )
found of the star that had so suddenly
been blotted from the sky ot lite, and J
lie was forced to lie content with the
Information that die was still living ,
and well. iSsSiMn-" i
That was all very little. It was
true, but all, and when he communed
with himself during the dsrk boms he
grew to feel blame for having dealt too
harshly with the beautiful flower that
had been horn aud nurtured to woman
hood beneath tropical skies and tropi
cal sum null! her Jwnt became as
ion mid her blood lis (fame.
Still the world knew nothing of this
never 'wctfDd firms'
lis ftps Mil
death. If lie curried a
skeleton with'
hi his breast no, one. should ha the
Hethre himself" Into bti.
ness as he had never done before, and
Increased in wealth and hi fame, and
mothers made bold to whisper to htm
that he should marry, aud the girls
tricked themselves out, aiMLtwt their
most seductive glances upon him. But
It iltfrMI Mil iWlaMl IHn
the sweet story of the aloe, bad blos
somed mice and djetLand it appeared
aslfnolhlng col stir, tie dead
ashes into warmth, not to say tire,
Another year and changes in busi
ness called Philip Ransome from
home to Cuba. Gladly be availed
himself of the summons. He needed
rest. Deeded change, needed something
to arouse his mind from constant
brooding over "what might have
It was at a time when tbe fleree
population wero In arms against each
other when tlie reins ot government
were being snatched from hand to
hand, and human life was a thousand
fold more uncertain than was gener
ally the case when mad passions
were permitted to run riot, and the
ruler of to-day was the fugitive of to
morrowwhen guerrilla warfare was
the rule and systematic strife tlie ex
ception when tne innocent and the
guilty were alike indiscriminately shot
down, and trees that at nightfall were
barren were hung thickly in the morn
ing with human fruit
But Philip Ransome gave little
heed to these tilings. He was no par
ty to the feuds, took no interest in and
kept himself entirely aloof from them
kept a closed mouth and depended
upon his proud title of an American
citizen for protection. Yet he linger
ed longer than was absolutely neces
sary. Tbe gay society, the soft air,
the almost absolute freedom from care,
had many charms tor him, and he un
derstood, for the first time in lite life,
the true meaning of the term, "dooe
far NfeMie."
And If tlie truth bad been told, the
beauty of the women the sweet lan
guage that (eseeiallv when used In
song) appears to "melt in the mouth,"
tlie lustrous eyes the hair of waving
ebon, and the graceful, well-developed
forms had very strong attractions for
him, whose heart appeared to have
been chilled Into stone when In his
colder, native clime.
In fact, they brought vividly bade
to htm her who hailoeeu alike as an
angel from heaven and a demon from
its antipodes, and his mind so changed
that lie woukl liave been little surpris
ed if she ltad started up before him at
any moment in all ber superb beau
ty and all her Incarnation of tlie mas
rer passioni iovc mua mho
But the time came when tie must
tear himself away from the surround
ings that had operated strangely upon
his character unnerved him to a cer
tain degree, and made him unbend
from his customary stermies. Busi
ness would no longer permit bis re
maining, even had not tlie danger lie
could uo longer Ignore warned him
to depart, The authorities had grown
powerless, the strong arm of tlie law
was weakened : midnight murderers
stalked boldly abroad, and men were
shot down upon their own door
steps. More than once he had receiv
ed warnings that it was very unsafe to
remain, and at last lie determined to
tear himself away. He would sail on
the morrow would take his (proba
blv' last walk atnld scenes lie had
learned to love so well that they woukl
never be forgotten.
It was an almost moonless aud star
less night lie stood upon the steps of
his hotel, lingered before starting up
on his walk, and even as he did so a
shot was fired. He saw tlie blaze dis
tinctly, wondered what it could mean,
who could be the victim, when lie was
still more startled by a woman's
scream, aud rushing dowu the steps
was just in time to catch in his arms
the falling form of one dressed as a nun.
"Great heavens.'" he exclaimed,
giving no heed to the fact that be
might be in danger, "are you wound
ed much hurt!"'
"Yes. yes ; may tlie saints" And
without 'ever being able to finish the
final word the head sank heavily upon
his shoulder, and tlie form became
limp in his arms.
That, was sufllcleiit to awaken tlie
tender heart of Philip Kausome. That
a woman was wounded, perhaps, no
inatterwho or what she might lie, was
a golden key to his heart ; and lifting
her in nis strong anus ne carried awr
tllixt her to hi own room,
Ns own bed. summoned
away the deen hood
and shrouding vail, gated for a mo
ment upon tlie bloodless tace, and
then sank back with a groan of anguish.
Pauline Mossart ami he laid met
again, but under terrible ctrcmustau
ee. Ami how the words thrilled tism
him when lie was told that she might
tile that the chances were greatly
against Hfo. All the trials of hUfor.
rner life were as nothing to this. But
after a time site was stifllciently easy
to be told of his presence to see who
it was that stole like a ahuttow to her
hetlside. gentb'. took bar thin, white
nana atw i
toqttijr pre it to hi
laid her upon
assistance, tore
"Now and ever, Paul."
"Once I madly attempted to injure,
you-now 1 have, tbe Holy Virgin be
praised, saved your life."
"It is true. Lying here, the gates
of the other world unlatched and ready
to swing open for tbe passage of mv
poor soul, my Hp can utter no raise
hood. I have long known of your
presence here, have endeavored to
watch over you night and day. I saw
tbe cowardly assassin taking aim at
you as you stood with your noble form
In full view, rushed between, and
heaven be praised, have saved you."
"Bv giving uy your own lite ! hor
ror !"
"No, dear Philip ; It to as It should
be. Living I would never have told
you tills dying I may. I have never
ceased to love yon never shall. Do
what I might I could not tear your
dear Image from mv heart, and I shall
carry it with me to heaven, for, though
never on earth, there you shall Indeed
be my husband."
She had tainted In his arms ; he be
lieved her dead. But it was not so.
She lived lives, and with a passion
brought into subjection by trial and
penance, abetter wife cannot be found.
But still she wears a broken toy dag
ger as a charm a charm against cause
less jealousy, and a warning never to
be disregarded.
What's the difference between a
man cutting the en:' off his nose, and
boy who nas just learned a task?
One lessens his knows, aud the other
knows his lesson.
A local, describtnga recent accident.
says that "the ball entered tlie groin
of tbe victim, and passed thence Into
ins ftoiow region. rue precise local
ity of this region is not stated.
A Democratic editor says : "We are
living at this moment under absolute
despotism." He married the wrong
A rower savs : "We have adonted
the eight-hour system In this ornce.
We commence work at eight o'clock
In the morning, and close at eight lti
the evening.
A Connecticut boy swallowed
three marbles and four millets recent
ly, and, being somewhat of a bony
structure, is now utilised by the neigh
bors, who borrow him a a rattle-box
to amuse their babes and sucklings."
A resident of Kalamazoo Writes to a
school board" in Ohio, that be will
take a school, as he has "tought 2
terms school ami 1 attended 1 college
4 yrs at detrolt, miclilgaii, and am vi
yrs avage."
I alius wear buckskin mits." ob
served an aged denizen of "Short,
Woods," as lie was trying on a, pair
in a store, vestertlav. "Thov Is as
comfortable like a emiv to the hand,
and save botheriu' with a haiidker
chl'f." A Jealous cotempomry says that the
clfv editor of the .'acksotivHIe (III.
JixuHut has frozen his ears a foot deep.
tint that, as tney nave only ueen am
putated at the second joint, lie h is an
abundance left for the requirements of
Ids position.
A gentleman to .w hom a lost racket
book was restored by a little boy. was
so overcome by tlie honestv of the
youth that lie forgot to reward htm.
Scene In, a Hartford hake-simp-Boy
presents a torn dollar bill. Lit
tle girl, who Is acting chief clerk :
"My tatlierls very perpendicular about
wklngtom bills."
A milk dealer who, on opening a
can of milk, found a large bullfrog
swimming about, sent w'urdto the for
mer who supplied him. that he thought
his milk strainer was entirely loo
In Ifew Hampshire, the following
is posted on a fence : "Nottts Know
kow is ailoutl In these medders,cny men
or women letten than; kow run the
rode, wot gits biter my meddera atore
seed shall have hto tall cut orf by me;
OlsMliah Rogers."
A new PsTrfleld man who failed to .
get a thirty cent pineapple for a quar
ter of a dollar, wanted to know
-whether we are breathing the (wre
air of freedom or being strangled with
thki Kith! Kmmi th .,r ii,.ntaii ii,,JmtiJm"
The storekeeier aki tb(.,were the id...,..! JLA n