The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, November 15, 1872, Image 1

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laelvei now tve, iitook of cn1.
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to t w .i-.iiiKb Hi-el"' r sbbssrir-tiwis,
Hitrorllfin r, hto, for then.- rtSVMt:
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. ) P. TottrftKlns, Ti.rv.-is vurs.
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V. it. Kirk. BawwHB
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1 i-o-l-'-l!il :wis rxui"m i""-
. r.hnww un.3enita. S Walton
mtowi In ob. eHhow
.i;ii!'iv -o.eiiuens of his mii .. a.i.i-
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Wator' Wac els
And U norat Mill JRnrliim vj .
J. Y. KACKKSSTU. A;,'int,
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N. .'! W. w. ft Vri.i.- n.
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f o'AVKON trAND ANi) "0.T.NTiA
I J re,;lvi:lTa ltti'(' sjicli of
Una' rl t nnt t'livfskm
AN l iiirt'W.1"? ware,lini piri,
i ...n-v- ioww-v TiviW n lon ew., .,
who tuahlu 'I Malt.a' ro es,
OinosiU) R. V. Hill Son's ilrtu sfore,
A! iuiiv, l)iv,on. SS "4
v S roB.
E. A. FrcianI,
I J ra! stfllimiiJOlM 'nooks, sclioo, liookn,
lilan'j hooks. s!Ktioie. v. Uooks iiirx)rfii
C'itA Llb M1RHET,
J It. IfKMRWK, l : Proprietor,
i Kront S'reet, prooose t furnish all
w lio iiimlv wit hall kinds MIS ATS, at the
lowest market mfes. By itrlet, a: tem Ion
lo !mMiio he hopes to url4 ijeneral sn'ts
fuetion to all who may fiiwr Ki with
all. SjarHlihent market prleu ml I for
V. AiPVAvr,.
pase loila
. .1 " iolhin!
"ten gent.
: . .'.v : . w r
A:i I" itliul of r:i: tiTWi Ijtht
'IV. fo!lowhfs torn the antoblo-
cfriliv of Peter Ciirtwrighl Is fiid
..,.. i.,.. ...... fi., n i
Ii-meeti;:". hui jro;it. many
teitHKiHt nlafgf'WrWWtt lor a new:
eo'Kitty. aiiri perliaps tliere never was J
a greater wllceaou of raliUe and row-1
iiie, Thov ciinic flrnuk. aftd armed'
?. :rh dirs,' and e'ubs. aiiil knives and
b!re-wlii'ix. Hiid swore they would i
break nn the meetiiifr. After inter-;
mptiig i); very KUi'lf n Silnrday '
ni;!. 'ilicy co'.leotetl wirly on Snnday i
inoniiiig, d'tiTiiiiM'd on n nenil riof.
At 8 o'clock I wa a))(ilii(i'd to preach, i
About the tunc 1 was half through j
my discourse two very nue-dressed
young men marched into (be congre-)
:;;iio., witb leaded whi.aTMMjttoi
and rose hp mid stood in the mWst offJ
the ladii and began to lapghaiaJ talk. I
They wi re ih'ar tlio staml. and I re-1
qneti'tl ihcui todesirtanu j;et on trie
si at ' ; lint they Liiri'd me and told un
to mind mv own Indues-'. a::d ."aid
they worm uot get down. 1 stopped
trytiifi! to niwiuli, aiu
caiieu tora maif-1
Htrate. There were two at band, but
1 saw they were both afraid. I order;
f mm to take thee into custody.
i'iiey ,-'.! itl they eou'd not do it. 1 told
them, as ! let; the stand, to comntand
me to i.tiie tin in, and I v.ouh! tin it at
flu- risk ot my life. I adviufead to
ward (he ii. They ordered me to
stand on. lilt 1 advanced. Oae of,
them neide a iass n't my bealil wttbhls
wiitp, hut I closed i:i w'uh him a:id
Jerked him Off the seat. A regular
iu;l' e:iu d. The cnrijrrcjlion lit
tbl time were all in commotion. 1 j
heard the magistrate give general or-j nil' friends of mW j
trt aid in siurnressiiiir tlie riot. In the'
-K-u.tb-1 threw my pi isonu' down, and
held him fi't: Ik" I rl-l hi Utst to pet
loose ; I told himtobeqiiietor ! would
pound him. .Tie mob rose, and ru shed
(In to ibe ene f the two p'-isonei-s,
for they had taken the oilier .Voting
itrui aJfX An old . i(l ih nukttM uijijt-!
iite eiiBm up to me and orthroo me
to .et m go'. I to'd birn I
b'Hild not. lie fworeif I did not be
Wottld kuouk me down. I told him to
lir ...,.,. I'l, ,. , iViI.,uJ
uv lani i.m uwmjffm
& U1V nvnest too la.OI ot mr Dlisou-
ef. and the drunken jiistii made a
jias at me ; but I parried the stroke
and i;:ed him by the collar and the
liau- ot toe head and frtculllg Inm a ;
sndileri jerk forward iironglit him to i
tint gnmrtrt and jiunned on him. 1 1
tpid iiim to be quieter 1 would pound
liim well. The mob then in lad to ;
I lie scene ; they kuockid dowii soVeii j
mairisti'ate.s. and several preachers and j
others. ! gave nnmy drunken (n-ison-1
er to another, an.l 'threw myself bi j
front of the friends of order. Iujt at '
ibis moment the ringleader ot tlie mob j
audi met: he maoe tline passes at j
mc, intending to knock me down. Tlie
last time lie struck at me, by tbe force j
of bis own effort lie threw tlie side of
his face toward me. It seemed at that ;
moment. 1 had not Kwer to jvsi-t i
temptntlou, and I .struck Inm a snddeu
blow iu the hurr of tlie. ear, and drop-1
ped him to the earth, -lust at t'uatthe
friends of order rushed by hundreds
oil the mob, knocked them down in j
every direction, i n a few minutes the I
pla; e ix-came too strail. for liie Dfotx, 1
a, nl they wheeled and tied hi every
direction ; but. we secured alKUit thirty
prisoners, ui uclmil tlumi o;t to vacant
olt.tii vai
tents. ;,;;,! itl .-uiem nmlerciinnltill
".m y E ." n'L Tl
t,ae.:,.-ua, every man w:lbicd to the I
utmo't -hunt ot the law.
Monday morning, when they were
A 'ithilliiiiK H:ui':.c.
Cii.vrrai 1.
stixwl heside the
altar: with
nil III, III Mini- Uliuil .1,-1 ll,;,IH I1WMII J
i ,i ,i i .i.T,. ,r.,ii ' I
.. ,,;. .,( l,.l a, 1 I,,..,. I ...
llci 1'iici, lite i .ciiv-i' li'iu'i hi iuhis, IS
Her lover rtoixl beside witll 1 -
white kidsaiid dicky clean; the last
was tiveuty-oiie years old. the first was
sevMifrt-ii. :
.'llie paispn's job was over, every
one laid kissed the bride, and wished
tlie young pair happiness, and laughed
anil'iliueed and cried.'!? T A Anil
Tlse festive scene was ended, tin;
last ii oiils had Iiecn wild, tbe happy
maU had xlouuertd down, the last guy
giic- t had fled
cm. vera.' 5.
' She stood lie-ode the wash-tub. with
her ml luuids in the puds, w hile at her '
rtijisluKl tbet lay a pile of dirty duds. '
ner nuwMiu muuu obmub ncr, me , jwurptiy. who report in the ciiiiic.a'v
crosst'st man alive; he was twenty-nine, tlie most celebrated of all phonograpb
slttf was twenty -five. ers. at least in tin' I'nited States, if
The heavy wasli was over, and the not in Kngland. Of tbe older brotlier.
clothes bung up to dry, and Tom hud, it is said that "neither the habitable
stuck hU finger iu tlie dirty baby's woid nor tlie uninhabitable world can
eye. produce hl. eqtmh" Prom a letter
Tom had been n)nked ami Mipper written by an observant Englishman
had been iimde on a ertMt of bmid ; to London paper. w takft this graphic
ami tbe happy wile and husband Went description of tlielr method of report
grumbling off to lied. big :
However physiologist may question
the Imn(ft4'.itonttereiict
J" - mw v-iio are . van-
lie raves: 'Vsflld tltevphrdelaii.
wlM'ffllrrJWalftlleotoi' pTtriS' ittgti
Bcliool of Kdinlatrgh. wa' pnssjug
away ; but us we catch ttw h t forus
ot tlse raving, our own eyes? are dlin
incd. ' It grows dark, boys," sti uh
l:ijr forth his band ; you pay go."
All my pojsewious for tnoitient
of time ! " iiauuiedQneen Fdijdietii.
, as I
The het ol ir k Gor! I wfth ri.,,
Deaf Beethoven, whose soui had
ever been i' wltb liarnumy. ex
claimed ehjdiy at the hub, ' I shall
bear." "
is your mind at ease ? " Goldsmith
was asked hv hi phystelan. No, it is
nut! r' was the mournful reply, and he
spoke no more.
How different the parting words of
Dr. William Hunter: "IF I had
ttrengUi bi hold n ieu. I wonld write
i.. .. .. .f ..),..,.. 4- (i.:, ..Jit i,.
in."' n. ii p.K .t.iiit ii n u :r it i. lu
,u ,, " f p
inc. "
I'reidi,nt Kdwaiilsnld. abisdvini;
P'asp Iooh-uhI on hard ionuj1 of dig
Diit. Ttr-t in God and von 'aceefnot
Byron said wearily, "I must sleep
now." ,
Godtlie. turning to his nvilei culled
for Light, more light 1 "
Dr. Johnron died m a tumult Of im
ensineiS and dread.
Cowper sank to rest at peacefully aa
a child.
' ! ai.i taking a tearful lpnn iu the
dark." med llobber, the leisf.
, " NiJWf Lord, receivtt pf
Uibert ouiiln Ht
ivveet day."
Polltcne" was no loiyer a ruling
passion, but a chrism, when Gbi'ster
fleld in dying said "Qm LKrrroihis a
purely .something was forgiven of
(wirles the Second wbeli he iNMpikre
Sivc'Uo early' poiyi; ai4jckedniss
i.i JJon't let po .r Xid'y fitarvc."
,! Halb r' s last words were, feeling his
own pnl v. " The artery ceases to
I'i trarcb died MinBeoIirSjid s-ntly
iu his lil.M-ary. his lad. upon ;l book,
Sir Isaac Newton was winding his
Watch when h Wa Ushered into that
life that hath no mid,
Talma, the great actor, exclaimed
pitifully as lie . we. t, " 1'he worst of
M ivi.cniuiot.&f.9 .. , . ..utti
loitn l.ivke murmured.
depths ot the riches ot the good.its.s
and knowledge ot God!" t
Tbe dying admonition nf Mrhwl
Grotins to his race was "liei-win.''
Scarron, the French wit. said faintly
to lii-Weeping. fl-iends -Ah! i
cnf'ir , ypu cannot cry as much fin
line as I have made vou laugh in inv
Lord Thurlow in reektcss wonder
exclaimed, "I'm simt, if I don't 'iw-
lieve I'm dying."
j When poor Kohert Burns gft.iped
with his invt. breath, "Iwit't let. the
aw-,vaiil tire overnie!" lie did not
allwirU hiseO!iim,tntor-ann eriti-s
yet what a siitUivance slionln ihn
jwird' have for the m'
' And how little AnM'Boleyn thought.
Wien awaiting the executioner, she
chi'i' d her tai'tYtbractf..rtrit lit is but
smiill. very small,;' would Hub her
forwrtiillie .lieail ot Christendom !
Yes. we nniiot doubt nwuy ot
mitr mankind
,,,, ,V()H1X h .v, hlien from
i njsat
!Aiidthiiu, Brutus:"
.iohn Qui
Adam's This is tlie
ist of earth."
M bateau's frantic crv for
ifter his life, of discord.
. ... , ..t. I. ... U'
Geonre U asmiwton s " it is well
- b - they not grow ricner in n.eai.i g
' '
it not blessed to nmiemo,r the
iist moment i of Helanctbou, tlie
frjeud of '! -1 o you not want
auylhiug. " asked his loved ones
eaireriv. " Nothimr lair heaven," lie
wered gently and went smiling on
1'he olilcia! eorp of Senate irport-
ers now i-onsisfs of three, and that ot
the lloie of live sbm r-lmud. writers
of the very Mghestabilih'. TlWShWU
" When tV sitting commences, the
younger Mr. Murphy takes the chair
to write during t lie mowing hour, gen
erally until a special qrder is taken up
his turn ling b om Udf an hour to an
hour. The heavy (V-jjiUe now coming
on, be resigns to bis brother wh h,
enua' emomjMWi ThU.i'e
niau will writ f i-'.ng al'eirciiiiutan
ces may r.- iuire, viiib'the utmost case
and accuracy. Lie nils In his chair
ininiediately iu front ot, the Vice
President's desk. He reiip'gufzi'S every
speaker in chnmber ly his tone,
and. with wondferml quickiies.s of hear
ing. eatehs every teiimrk, however
low or indistinct. '
"He sits there, hour utter iwnr,
with his uiiflble pen flying over the
smooth sheet and arresting the windy
void 'for which (be nation and the
world arc waiting. No tiood rf elo
quence, overwhelms, him. Like the
torrent of rain w Licit is frozen as it
falls upon thesheeti-d snow, .the tor
rent of words is transfixed upon tlie
siiowy p.ige : of his note-hook by the
magic pen of phnmSgranby. o col
loquy is too quick tor hiih ; no inter
ruption can disconcert hti practical
eariV 'Tims, day atlerday, one of the
gi'e4ti'st scenes of ti e age U to be wit
nessed by the g,;;.i;ig crowd in h gal
lery.. ' '
"Sleauu hlle. the younger hrofher has
gone off to the reporter s rofnu to dic
tate hi notes lo two or three phono
graphic writers, Ik- run,!- off
as rapidly :is he would a newspaicr
editoriai. pan ing acca-ionalJy lo give
!e practiced reporters time to read
over a douliM'ul paragraph. They, in
tuiii, eojjy their notes inio' long long
liana for' the printers. The elder
brother then sehds his notes to his
younger btM!li;f fpr transcription,
which the latter can do as easily as
though the noies were ills own." So
ii.uch rrprtiog It so limited a corps
hai never teen' achieved nnywiiere
. '1 se. " I'iir W V Crt-:w.
An EcciitrC ;' Metliod Iu .Had
nesti. Mr, a retired, growr of William-burg,
N. Y., purchased a sotvel
hor;c a,but four years ago. fcvery
week-day a tid Sunday he drove the
ammal. F-emg of a social disposition
lie Uiauu lie (ii,,';;i HO)piir places mm
retiiriie'cl liome lafeL His horse was
neglected and -n'Ur, (! in consequence
of Mr. Ciitje's ecu'utricities. This
neglect arid ill treatment soon begun
to show on the horse. Large sores
broke out over hi s body, and he be
came emaciated. Finding that, it
would cot him too much (rouble and
money to recuperate the poor animal,
he resolved! him. lie placed a
rojie around the hov e's neck and
walked him to tlie dead horse dock.
The animal was tint to a post. ,
number of laborers and bays stnoif
around wliile the men of tiui'hurse
Inxit prepjired to kU 'he lirute. Mr.
Catje stood iu the erowd. A man
struck the horse wilh a.eruwbm. Tlw
iiiow, iuslead of knocking him Insen
sible, merely stunned him. , Betoi e it
could be repeated the lior;e. with a
'lesnerate iurk. broke. ha) from hi.
;iiat.uitf.aud ilai-tul at .ik.,uwwl-ofi.
;op:e. Muguiout ;aueiiie ranjor
htm. SMiy!, eoniu(ehdhvg f'tlie
s'h uati.Mi' alius aficrwaAisa id. he rail
for his life up the w iuirf to the Imulw
vaeU. Iu aui around the pUj!$ yfi
iiinns'i'. up aiioiiowii rail vilje, ioi-
lowed by the horse, w ith month wide
..w.iitl.,l T.,i.ittt tV,l.'.iJ nf ft-.'el, mil.
,-red his breast. The people WVm W) Jir. i.mcoiu aacen uer tor tlie
lifer' stood in aniazeiiieut, unable to j rea-wi for Imlieving so, and she said
render miv assistanee. Fbmll r. after she could see it in tlw twinkle of his
i 'atje hail'ruii around the yard a mini-, eye. " 1 beg your pardou," said Mr.
her'of times, and wlwp nearly esktust- j Lincoln, "but that eye tsaglas.seyc.,,
ed. he juniped for a pile '.it hairiis. to , -
the top ot which he clambered jn-r as srorv is. told of a f ither in a
the horso with a bound. - si rock his fore church who, when the marriage ser
feet oil the board and strove to clutch' vices nine to the point where the cfer
tlie man. A Caije dropjd gymen asks. "Who givefcb this wo
oii tin: hoards exacted, (he bom. nian to be marriiil to mis man?" re
witb a roar, fell to the. ground, death ' pllcf kt"Wji)l. sir. I am called to do
Hi-eves were protruding from tbeh4 ft! alihbugrr it goes agin tlie grain. I
ickeK anil Ins moutn wufe qieii. ;
.'.ii je was removed to his hint, lie
ias torn dowii his stables, and intends,
ii u'.vii no more bores.
to own n more bor es.
tiie .. etiuK ' tkj itiv; r.
Tt would hardly be supposwl that
Cairo. fllhioR aiidOanadh have any
geographical connection that should
he ol special interest now. but it ap
pears Audi a eonneetlon dtnw exist,
and the matter has some interest
jiecunhuily, because It may be the
means or determining the point where
the Mississippi and Ohio rivers met in
1807. The point had bceu lost, and
there bad been interest enough in
Canada to make strong efforts to find
it. In feet, Colonel ftuhk Surveyor
General of Canada, aqd Mr. Liudscy
Russel. astronomer to the Royal En
gineer Corps ot Canada, have been
.sent out hv the government to hunt
i this particular spot, die meeting of
tlie rive. Tills Is the reason of the
search : The Britisli government is
ileMroni of nettling a dispute about
the ownership of a tract ot land four
limidrejl . square miles in extent, near
ilie lioifndary of Canada. It lias been .
a bone, of contention for many years,
and one. clue to its solution is the exact
point wliute-the' Ohio and Mississippi
met ih ml. The iiuustion oi the
rivers was directly south of oue corner v
of tie tract at that time, and tlie origi
nal titles to this land were defined
partially by this landmark.
The commission aliove named were
unable to deterinine the point. They
were the:, sent .to, Springfield, 111., for
the purpose of taking obwalions. 1
after Which they will return to Cairo,
provided with data to work out the
problem. Her majesty's government
has laid all her military posts, engin
eer corps, and public oflicers on tlie
line of these investigations at the ser
vice ot the explorers, and the observa
tories at Springfield and Chicago have
been placed at their disposal ror sever
al weeks. When the point Is found.
Cairo will know exactly where sue
ought to be on the map. A ', ioui
llf ' -h kiln. , ,, : ,;- ,
A Novel Duel.
Amoiig tbe reminiscences told Of the
Fraiico-Prnssiftn War is the ai-coujit of
ll curious duel betweeti two sulwrdln-' 1
ate officers of the French army.
You intend to fight a duel, eh?"
asked the commandant.
" Yes, Colonel. Words have passed
which cm only be wiped out with
blood. We don't want to juiss for
cow aids."
".Very well, you shall light, but it
nuist be in this way : Take your car
blues, place yourselves on aline facing
the mansion wbeiy tlie enemy is. Yon
will march upon their garrison with
e pial step. When suJucieiitly near
theirmists you will the upon them.
The Prussians will reply. You con
t'uuie to advance, ;)(! fire. When one
tads the iMBel" may turn upon hisheels,
and his retreat shall lie coyd by one ,
of my companies.
"In this way." concluded the com
mandant, "tbe blood which you" both
, .,..ina, will lie spilled with profit and
glorr. and he who eome back will do
,so without regret, without remorse of
having killed or wounded, with his
ow n hands, a Frenchman, at a time
w hen Fiance needs all her defenders, ,
and all of her children. If you both
tall who shall say that you are cowards?
1 may also add that I thus give you an
excellent opportunity for putting a
couple of Germans oiit of the way, a
service that will procure for you a good
reeomuiendiitiou for reward aud pro
motion. Tlie. matter was, arranged as the
commandant bad dictated. At twenty
pace from the walls of Malmaison.
one of tlie adver.sarie ' was wounded,
staggered and K-!K The other ran to
him, raised him up, and curried him
away on his shoulder ;- amid a regular
ballsibrtn of halls lHith, thenceforth,
entitled lo the greatest honor and re
spect from tlie wno'e regiment.
When Mrs. Isabella Ikeclier Hooker
was pleading before tlw Willimantic
Se eciinen for tlieadmissioiiof women,
.as yntcr-. she stated that sle believed
bun of the gentlemen before her was
hi sympathy with the movement (re
ferring to Mri Lincoln, tlie Town
wanted her to mam- Bill Blowser.
wlw Is worth twloo tlio moiiero
'ere man." w
A Western editor being asked to
take tea with a ladv friend, accepted.
While at the table the lady obrved
thai I w bad no spoon, "bit possible."
said she " tliat I forgot to give you a
spoou ? I could, not have made such a
1i stake." "i haw no spoon, madam,"
said the editor, rising from his seat,
' and it you don't believe It you may
search me."
Uucle Lavl'-Now Sammy, tell
me have you read the beautiful story
of Joseph?"
Siuu "Oh. yes, uncle."
Uncle'- Well, then, what wrong
did they do when they..eld their
Satn "They sold him too cheap,
uncle, I think."