The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, October 18, 1872, Image 1

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!, nwi kvi i:v fUttdVi
Corn,r r rtu .' Knt V.t.
vcir Throe .lnltars.
six uWtdYs Tni) dollar.
iiuif wii!i'.V.. I'.'..'. Ton cents.
vDVEH'ttslN'tl RATE
I'liux .'lit advert tsotueniit, per square "f
unc or i,.;S Insertion j '
HwitwM Insertion II, laapr tth.;i.
I'wmenis btsurtiul on the tutwi nucmi
eh e I now
lie, SvOCK of 0OI"
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m'v nivm'v 1 m extvoteah kinase; win:;
Ina In fattier manner, an 1 -t:y . "."'
oUounur iluw ,-. hetore
"I in this
i-S fit JOT i ' '. Mr.
Tito fnfov i'i Bii-lmien are authorize.
in fflccivr hi. V receipt foe sntisertpttons,
.... BU'.,th-OwRRHwri i
lUnuu Sllil h, llareislmm.
ii. l. Toitiyiktn, HaiTiHimin.
ivier Hnnic, Bfownsyble.
w. i:. Kirk, Browtwvlllo.
,), It. U'vi-ie, Solo.
T. II. Revnol'ts, satom.
I, i'. Ki-ln-o. Ami Fnmeisoo,
n I'. Porter. She I IVStation.
pirfuhe.- Well. Bacon VWn. 1 .
I'll i, X'U'ko I, .inek-ons il!o.
t Alt!
, .M;r i:.i.i.. .i.x.u ii'll.
HITCH ELL ft !V.ll'iL
AttarncyM tt 'oimii-lors nt taw,
S ,1-- .11 :i, O.M00 liver the , I
,.,' ijitWe, b'runl Mivoi. Portland, Ofefjon,
0 ,ri",i,. wjh
POWELL & ? 3,JX',
ttorn y ,,, ' 01m lr nt l,n-
t'linn noliirv pnlillei, Allwny, irejrmi.
, .iiliH'tlonmind convoywioea iwour.wij
lendudio. 1
ti. E8, M. !.,
. Vr'Kii E US vasac STREET. OXEj
I. ; . ..1 Broil UU'iln, In BiiilstWf
r-KlCE ox EIRST Ti:KET. t)NE.,.iH.f
1 . .. i.iitit.. In IliiiHdtart's urn
. . ..rvio-i.-k minmhK,wW IH10. TMrwlls
o v liwttuMit'K Etrm bon-H! triut oune
ileili'o l i-t oUurt'lt. AUwny.Or.
rairsiciAN amd simztQN.
) n-s.:tilrs In J. M. Bwteli,s!tilthoui.
.,rt(mrtt S'oo'i'l "tivet, snn'.lt Wtw
Cartwt'igbl mnnwlHitWBi "''
f. W. IIARBIS, n. !..
;:J j h'5jn ::al SiH'tfeoH,
y) iffinilt " li. e, tin It'll'! strutM.
Itusiilont At Mr. A. Uuektemiw s. "-
V. tJH.l V. . ! N.i
Ikies am. work in i hk
y Sks, line of iii- iroftsloii In 1 no
M 1 .', ; tl ami m ' njitrw
OTfly Anaewi'oHo wtont nJ for
, , ; 3m, ox' rtwiUm 01 ioe. li. 11 lostro I.
I'.n'tii -i r artoivlon (tlvoit 10 Mm 1!H
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" iknttalPOltitllfattoiii; an I ox:ini':;:t-'.'in
(.'iinraps nto lerato. saiiwiii.i
.iiu'aiiioo 1 in .Mtyr.r ;: ;-;;';:;
iin)oxiimlnolH"il!titol hU '"'
'm'K In Ptirvlsl, Uriels """Ij
:.f:i'TEL & NYEHIC
u,-iHrnl Ml" Mmliluory.
j, r. BACKKN8T0, Agout,
Alhany, Oregon,
v s inVMS. W.1I.KWIM1I.
X. ... or Btis & CO.,
X n ' .. uu terse stock of
ti.oe ti it I'wvteloiM,
,' ,,1 HlI Mill'IW WWV, to'nllMI, OiXUrV,
onorv. Yankee noimns, etc., etc.,
uhnhUllo lowwil rotes.
I', '. "I" Son's tint? sore,
Albany. o,-.,'on.
Kxtiilillslied In 130.
H. li, Prccland,
) ,, H. M. ionns iHWk. BOUOOI book,
iriiitli ; iMKikf sUltlonery, Books imiKii tcd
iooe.lornHl'nri nofloe.
AlbiW.v,Dw.. .
,I. V. i ; ! BcrK M
ini nucroB,
,AI.;M . : OKKGON.
If V Ion" oxiK't'lnnee I" Uisoastw eaiisen
M bv WORMS, iwnnot rorMMOd Jfc
Htl'S. Willi" ""'"IV n.wl
ihe Post otmt"- ss7 ''""" '":."';.
, "a,.ibmiioii'' 4 'htirf. vttoi'K'
nrsiNKss uAitns.
torn CONNER,
B A N K I N G-
Exchange Omoe,
cbeok ni slith.
!mwenl iU'.(ivo.(1 oittiioile)io!ittn '-11111,
i KxolmnKo mi Poiilan t. Fiwiolwo,
i ntul Now Vurk, Por snlfliil lowosl 11110.
I fbllwl loiw niti li uii'l ironi'iHv iVniillO'li
Refers to 11. W. Corlmtt, Hwirv KnlUiiK,
: w. . i, ie i'i.
Bitntciiitf lii"'i-- froin k A. M. to i'. M.
Albany, Foil. 1. 1 v. 1
IH:Al,liIt IN
Groceries &' Provisions,
nntaliHibuiom on enrnorof KUwortli
llllil Kirs! mivetx, witb 11 1IX'1 u'n-k of
I Ur) -erie. Pint tsimw, Cumllos, Olnrs. To-
I mc.-o. Jtc., to wit k'li ho InvltM nio ntion
lioii nt' our oitions.
in eonnc 'ion :h ill 1 store liowllikel'n
II IMcury, nn I trill nlwtvy haoo on liHtttl n
mil Httpi'ily offronh iirea I, cruolcerit, Ao,
.,7 ( 'all iini nets 1110.
Koiinuiry Ui-i4t i
- A Nil"
I new sioek of inlllbll'r)' ROOils, trim,
minus. In IUh' ami ehililrenV hirnWllntj
trooiis, of ellkinils, of tbc lutost nntl most
I'usllionnl'le styles, whloll site Oltl'W 'o the
la-lies of Albany an 1 siirixniitillnjtwultli'y
III Ihe lowes; rii'tes. In the
Dress Making Department
I -.riiainnteo entire sallsfactlon. Chnrtfes
My tlittormhiation bclnst to sivo saMsfne
tloii i:i sivlo att'l quality of work ami
prices, I nsic a share of itilllc pal ranne.
( 'all ir store
Opposite A. Carothers & Co.,
First siroer, Alfnnv, tlre.'on.
Si us. II. V. (iODI.EV.
Vtreoi for Mrs. ( 'an en tor's t'M.!
D1IATKU DllKSW M. l)KL. Nov. I,7HV4
I of tumble! keoiion I111111I ntul niako to I
, oi'tltT fttwbitle-ltoHoni" ' elinirs, Ac. sbtei
neartho Mllwnnil Hbslt't'y, .lollr 'son. ore- j
! '.'on. li-.n-u-b slum near "J! Mills,"
Ulmiiv. ttbottt oi' .lot's for eltnlrs, tnrnlnjt,
.tie., eaii he left. lOIfN M. METZDER.
! .letforson. An:.-. W7i
t'ominny. LantlDuiinMntonl, Portlninl ,
tlixtrfim. April '- l"7'J. No'icc is bmwby
irivon, iliat a vlKomns nixwoontlon will ho ,
; Instltnteil a'abit any met evert person
who li-ospasM's uimn any Rltllroa1! Utntl,
by i iittinnnii l emovlnaftliniiprtheivfrotii j
bofnrtt 'lie SHttli' iJ Rot liU'rnl ilieConilia- j
"All vacant in obi nttntmired sis-. 1
lltinti. wbt'Mior snrvuyel or tinstii'voytiit,
w It bin a itlstimee Of t nifty miles fi-oni the
lino of the rott'1. Ix'lontts 10 (he Coinpany.
( ifjvftf Uini Agont.
IM) "! li. W. Yotnifi in the
Delivery BiiNfiiCNs
lam prepared lotto Any and nil kinds of
ohs, on short notice ntel with iinick dls
patcb. Terms reusotiable. Piickiikos de
i livere 1 10 any part of the city, Look
I out for the B A Y TEAM and JOB WAOJ N.
I juvf A. N. ARNOLD.
1 for all kinds of ri l. hy
BI.AIN. toVno a oa, '72-aitf
" X . C. .(y-v-.
I WHS (ill tile Old H,'i'jii,V 1 :.-. :l
tfipiiil svliooiit'i 1 I 1 1 1 ir in the limilHtr
trnde between liuliiii'n ;iml l&gilMAY.
! wiHiuiite of lier. himI had stuck -liy
her so many 't'tsKW that (lie itlt'-'t of
ever parting cnmiiany gave nte a
twingt' ttiiili'i' my vest.
(japtaln Vtiieutinu wnj a jjrttit "I'I
tlog, WJtO had reeeivi tl !:- Initiithm
on a whaler. ! mailed wild liim lite
sea -ous. or nnlil lie toilbtl a "rave in
i.ake Kt'le, find 11,) to prlthhi a tetv
tlatVfi of his tlt-atli I never lii:etv thai he
had 11 tlaue-littti'. wife, sot:, or kin (!'
any l.hal in the country. In the tali,
when we went Into winter quarter".? as
well as llie viissel, the UUStuill always
uiiitle for i t'trtiit. hut I tl d not know
tvhv. Me never eho-c ,.: vouiiiteer
any inionnatinn in I't jill to his do
mestic uiittti'i's, and I was not the one
to pump lihu.
1 was therefore e'rc-ttlysiii-jiri-edoiie
eveulnj;. as ihe Happy liy was lying
it a infiMltH'k in Kttt iiifcluan anil 1
sitting on the mil smoking uiy pfpe,
to liear a sweet voice ask"! "Is my
father on hoard?"
1 peered into the gloom, and 1 saw
a lad'.-on the wharf, having a travel
ing bag. shawl, basket, fit.. In !mw
that she had been traveling.
"Aia! w ho i your fatlier?" I asked,
jiniiplng off inyseat andg ting fol'wtnil
to within a few feet of her.
"W hy. excuse me. hut is this not
the Happy Day. Captain Valentine :"
It is iiiailam," l repliid. "but you
are not. Captain Valeiitiue'stlaughier?"
"I 'ei'tainly I am. "she replietl.laugh
ii:g merrily atllwi thought thai my
old captain hadn't as good right as
anybody to have a liaiidsoRK' (laughter.
! assisted her over the rail, escorted
her to the companion-way. ami then
stood had; while, she went down to ihe old man, who was posting
hi- books. I hoard a glatl shout, Ins
gruff voLo asking ipie-tlons. and in a
few minute!! he stuck his head out ami
shouted ; "litre! you, matey come
down here a minute!"
I went tlctwif. a good deal ashamed
of my long half, busy whiskers and
sit 1 1 or clothes, and the old lyangave
mean introduction. He was greatly
pleased at heradvent. as I could easily
see ; and while he continued his post
ing, Jennie, ami I s:tat one side Of the
table and talked. Come to see her
face under the cabin lamp. I saw that
-lie was really handsome, She had
very large hazel eyes, which looked st,
honest and Innocent that one cott'tl
not have helped hut love the lass at
lirst. She did not speak very plainly
of the errant! that had brought In r
aboard, hut as near as I could timlout.
she was going w ith us lo Buffalo, and
from thence lo some point ill -New
York Slate to visit her friends.
"Ah .' matey, if ye only had such
a wife as Jennie would make ye. what
a happy dog ye'd be !'" grow led the
oid man. thump ng the table and in
dulging in about the only .smile 1 had
ever seen him wear.
Jennie and 1 were couth tl. and Ihe
old man seemed to enjoy ihe joke im
mensely. "She !tfllt lit) greenhorn, matey." he
continued, glancing admiringly at ihe
lair girl. "She sailed with me four
years afore ye knew me. an' there hint
a man in the fo'catle that can hold
the old Happy Day closer lo the wind,
or -end herovi ra head sea. better nor
this very little girl !"
Well, we talked for an hour, and
then 1 gave up my berth to the tiiir
Jennie and went forward to bunk
with the men, It was in September,
and the weather was just turning
chilly. I had never given a thought
to head w inds, black squa lis anil bowl
ing gales before ; but somehow, as I
turned in that night. worried for fear
that our voyage down would be, an
ugly one.
"Well, we were ready to sw im; out
and take a tug next day at noon, anil
we dropped down to the bar at the,
mouth of the river and took on ihe
lialauce of our cargo. We had all dry
lumber this time, ami it was all piled '
up Hve or six feet high on deck. W e 1
had hardly finished loading when a
gale sprang up, and how it did blow !
W e sent our big anchor down, hut, the 1
Happy Day st mined anil pounded so1
heavily that we at length slipped the 1
cable and got her back' Ulto the river ; j
and we ditl not show a sir out for
nearlv thirty hours. Having a pre
sentiment, perhaps of what was in i
store for tlie schooner and her crew, 1
Captain Valentine endeavored to per-1
siiade his daughter to go to Ray City
and back to Detroit, where she." could
Willie aboard as the vessel passed down. ;
She only laughed at him.
"Why, father. Unit's all I came for!" j
she replied, shaking her saucy head at i
him. "1 want to see the big while l
eapi jump again, and to feel the'
schooner tossing and struggling hi the
arms of ihe storm !"
We got outside at last, and we had
.an ugly run until we picked up a tug
a few utiles off Fort Huron. There
was a bead wind, with tacking and
beating, and -pray jumping halfway
to tile topsail yard, The men of the
fo'eastlo looked iip.m her a "a i-cg'lar
built angel," as one of them expressed
it, and as for me. why. she'd got to
windward of me the vt rv first, night,
and was now driving me on the rocky
shore of "over ears in love" every
hour. She pulled at the halyards of
the big yard with the men, suug"oh
hol" as they pulled, and a dozen times
a day she would sly back, take Ihe
wheel from the man on duty, find
would hold the Happy Day so near
the conipa-s point for half an hour that
tlie men felt ashamed to see the schoon
er "yawning" as the w heel was passed
over io their care.
We bad a better time after the tug
took ih. and our n ip down tlnotteh
the big rivers was easy enoiigh. The
lean at ihe Wheel laid only to steer
w ith the tug, and tile rest of ns had
nothing (oilo. As we got tlotvu to
Detroit It whs about 5! o'clock in ihe
afternoon, and the old man called me
into the cabin. The sky had a leaden
cast, and even a sailor's child could i
have told that an ugly storm was
"Matey." commence'! th" old man, j
a- I took a seat and drew up lo the I
lable, "ye must take good care of Jen- !
nie. ifye don't make her a Somlhus- j
baud. I'll come back and haunt ye if I
there is such a thing in the book 1"
"What do you mean 1" I replied
looking sharply into his face to -ce If
he hail not taken a glass too much.
"I aiut drunk it isn't that," lie re
plied, "hut something's going to hap-"-n.
The Happy Day t- going In be
wrecked, and you ami the girl will be
the only one's saved ! Don't dispute it.
because I've dreamed it three times
over, and I've made all preparations.
Ve'll tiud -nine valuable papers in my
locker, and I hope that the girl, who
seems well pleased with ye, will con
sent to sail on the same tack with ye
forever !"
1 laughed at him until I saw he was
offended, and I reasoned with hint
until I s.nv that argument? were
thrown away. Then I went up the
companion-way feeling that the old
man Wall getting childish, and that, a
season more would use him up.
The sim bad just dipped lis the ttttf
Wist us oil' a mile or two from Ihe
mouth of the river. There was only
one other vessel, anil we both stood
off to the northwest on the sune tack.
There was a chilly wind and a vexed
sea. and when ihe shadows finally
settled ami we sit our signal lights,
there was a moaning and groaning
which told better than a baronieb r
that the old Happy Day would have a
rough night of it. I'he strange schoon
er was soon out of sight in the dark
ness, and then we tvre alone.
it was the captain's watch from
t ight to twelve, but none of us turned
in. The fo'eastlo men talked in whis
pers, and seemed to feel thai some
calamity was hi baud. Jennie was in
the cabin, ami Captain Valentine
paced tli" ilfrck and hadn't a word to
say to any ofu-. An hour alter dark
the gale breezed Up so thai I ordered
the topsail taken In. The sea was
coming up fast, and before another
hour we went in -lays look the other
tack. Mild then double-reefed fore and
main sail- ami lowered the jibs. The
captain did not give a single order,
but .left everything tome. An hour
before midnight he came up to me anil
whispered Iii my ear, though no one
w as near :
"She'll hold out about two hour, yet
utter that, remember what I told
von last night about Jennie !"
I had -ecu worse storms than this,
I nt ;it midnight I began to get ner
vous. With one more tack we had all
the sea-room we wanted, and then tlie
wind suddenly shifted, as it always
tines before it comes up suddenly to
blow great gtin. It whipped around
ami almo-t died out for a moment,
and then we heard It coming off the
starboard quarter. '
We ,;oi tile mainsail down, look an
exira turn of the tail of the tbresheet
over the clew, and were waiting when
I be storm struck Its, How it blew !
She went over on her beam endsatthe
Hist blast, and on rny soul I thought
she was done tor. She would never
have righted except for the whole deck
load sliding off. As the weight wont
over, her port bulwarks Were ripped
out here anil there, much of the rail
carried off. and the shrouds of the
mainmast were cut off by Mat lumber
like so many pipe-steUH.
At last the schooner righted. She
fell off until the wind was almost
astern, and then site jumped into the
black darkness like a frightened deer.
The cargo being of dry lumber, I
XO. 7.
jwammiii iiiml
knew that the -chooner would not go
down. She would become water-logged,
but. would IiHidJ right unless driv
en ashore or beaten to pieces. The
waves rolled and roared as I neversaw
them before or since. It was impos
sible to stand tin, and each one of its
clung to something,
"Don't this make you realize the
power of God !" exclaimed a voice in
my ear. and Jennie grasjied my arm.
I pulled her to me, held tip her
bauds so that she could grasp the
shrouds of the foremast, and just then
heaitl the captain call. He was on
tlie starboard side, the men all about
him. and I think he wanted to consult
nie about cutting away the mast. I
started to cross ov er, and just then the
schooner weul down, a tremcndoii-
wave rushed in over her bow, and
every soul of lis except Ihe girl were
swept over Ihe rail or through the
stoveti bulwark- to leeward.
As I went over the rail into bub
bling, hissing, roaring sea, I caught a
glance of the girl. s.jl(, Bt00d where I
bad left lirf. clinging tightly to the
shrouds, hair streaming down, the sea
dashing over lier a veritable angel of
the -lorm !
There vetfi n wall or a shout from
each of the men, as we were swept off
through the gloom, and then all was
till except the da-h of the waves and
ihe howl of the gale. I wasswimmlng
bravely, though knowing that death
would -non drag me down whensome
i hiug struck mo. ,'t was a piece of the
rail i I clutched it fiercely, and after
several trials succeeded in pulling my
seif upon ii. How cold the water was!
1 shivered like one with the ague, and
I tell sncli a numbness that I feared I
should lie swept away. I was sweep
ing along mouutltiga wave or covered
Under a white cap. anil growing more
and more benumbed, when I heard
ihe shiver of canvass such a liang'ng
as it makes w hen a hip goes in stays
and ihe wind is brisk. Next moment
there came a hall,
"Ho! ho-o-o-o ! Ho.' ho-o-o-o!"
Frightened as I was. f recognized it
as Jennie's voice. I could not answer
back. I was so full of water, and so
cold and numb. Xext moment 1 heard
the swash of the Happy Day. and sin
came right down on me. her chains
striking the rail within a foot of me.
As the tloat was ' orne dow n. I made a
grand effort, ami ! caught one of the
chains and fw!ted a leg over it. Next
moment I went thirty feet high (so it
seemed; as the H'hoduer rose on tile
wave, bill I clung first, and in a few
minutes climbed in overthebow. Tie
vessel was shipping -eas every mo
ment or two. Lilt 1 crept forward to
the sampsou post, found a jib halyard
and la-bed mysell tiist. I could not
see the girl, but every three or four
minutes for ihe nexl hour I beard her
hailing to the lo-t mariners, and felt
ftie motion as she put the schooner on
the other lack. H-e was beating the
vessel up and don ti ;:, tlnd them. For
two hours she did this, and then the
storm began to abate. As the seas
slopped coming over. I erep aft and
gave la va great shock. She bad not
seen me. and believed that all Were
dead. Together we worked the ve-sel
to and fro until din light, ami then wi
ll. id to give up all hopes. Not one of
the six men who went overboard with
tiie wave had escaped his fate. I. the
seventh, was there to tell her how
(Hod's provide.,, e had preserved me
through her heroism. When certain
that the others " en. dead, I laid our
course fur Toledo-, the vessel a wreck,
and we finally arrived there.
What I have io!d you happened a
good many yian ago. and the wife
there in the km ei busy at her needle
as I write, is the storm angel who
saved me from a grave In Lake T'l'le.
-'iv-.v (tie h'ri'hil.
Monkeys as Police Detectives.
A remarkable -.lory eoines from
lioiubav, which suggests the proprietA
of employing monkey s as detectives.
A Madras man h iking a journey took
w ith lilmsoaie monet and jewel-, and
a pet monkey. He was waylaid, rob
bed, murdered and buried by a party
ot assassin,. Tlie monkey witnessed
the w hole affair fro-..; a tree top : and
as soon as the villains hail departed,
he went to I lie nearest police officer'.'
station, atbatted his attention hy his
sighs and groans, and finally led him
to the grave of his master. He then
enabled the officer to recover the stol
en property from '.he place Where it
had been concealed, ami then ent to
the bazaar and picked out the murder
ers one by one, mitil secured. They
confessed the crime, and are held foV
A new capital of tlie State of Texas
! is'to be selected and a lively contest
for the choice is going on between
Austin, Houston. Waco. Bryan,
11 c.i rue, Dallas, and probably twice as
many more.
mm its--. i