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Republican Ticket for 1ST.
ro:c vkk othmdxst,
President inl Kleetora,
; Mi;i'II VS. of riiiaftlUi county.
W l HAllE.of Wnslltiur'oti county.
j, i'. (iAXKY, of Dougiusgoiinty.
f. S. Oitirinl rnper for Oregon.
Tlf Ixtilvlll Convention.
The National Democratic Conven
tion met in Louisville on the 8d. and
on the 4th nominated Charles O'Conor
lor President, and John (Juiney Ad
ams for Vice I'resirlent. It is thought
these gentlemen will accept.
ttlorioin from Vermont.
The election returns from Vermont
indicate a Republican majority of be-
Iweeil (MWHttf-sfJ! and Imnlij-rrn Ihnii
s'Htd r'i'e.s. These figures are nearly
as large as any Republican majority
over obtained In that State, the largest
Idling something over twenty-seven
Uiousaud, voted in 1808. At the elec
tion preceding this, the Republican
majority was something over twenty
one thousand. The Democrats were
then alone ; but now. since they have
the assistance of the Liberals, the Re
publicans are idling tlie figures up
almost to the highest notch ever
achieved. Wait until next Novem
ber. Tlie majority for Grant and Wil
son then will rise above them all.
Three times three for the "Green
Mountain Boys!" Hurrah!
Urant'N IMliriil Silence.
Not among the least admirable
(raits Ul Cen. Grant's remarkable
character. Is the sound judgment and
self-control which have enabled blm
(o preserve the most wonderful po
tieiiee and serenity of deportment,
amidst as great cries of calumny and
vituperation as were ever hounded at
i he heels of any public man. Fully
conscious of bis own integrity and of
his entire Innocence of the charges
preferred against hint, he has almost
uniformly treated them with passion
less silence, not even gratifying their
perfidious authors by publicly deny
ing them. In tills has he acted wisely,
showing bis perfect confidence in the
public mind to do justice. Many ot
his friends, it Is true, more zealous
than prudent, have grown impatient
under his silence; but time has proven
Its wisdom. As slander after slander
and lie after lie have lieeu swept from
the board of public belief by the de
velopments of subsequent events and
Investigations, the wisdom of this in
lieut silence has become more and
more apparent. Xot less than eleven
Investigating committees of Congress,
made up largely of his bitterest ene
mies have leveled their eyes of sever
est scrutiny upon his official acts ; but
in every instance have they been com
lelted to bring In a verdict ot not
guilty. By the verdict of these Inves
tigations and the Congress which
caused them to be made, lie appears
tiefnre the American people, and the
world, to-day, as pure and sjiotlcss In
bis political integrity and virtue as
any man ever elevated to the Presi
dential chair. The character of Wash
ington shines out no brighter in its
political purity, than does that of (Jen.
Grant to the eye of tlie unprejudiced
The Dallas Lilxtrttl Hepubllain sncer
ingly says tlmt we " liave been very
sick since Grant's nomination, with an
attack of tlie eaeosMsi m'fciriY." Tlie
Jbpubttcan Is In error. The example
of Its editor in that line of profession
al development will last tlie fraternity
for some time to come. We liave no
desire to reach chronic imbecility, by a
long shot.
Letters from Cartlmgena state that
jellow fever epidemic prevails there.
m.iu.i. r s toltuu.
A great deal of learning and much
nnitortn success in xilitics joined to a
naturally egotistical nature, lias inllnt-
cd Senator Sumner to enormous pro
portions in hi own estimation. It it
were left to to Mini in the vocab
ulary ot the English language words
of sirfflclent descriptive meaning to
give even a taint Idea of 111- own Im
portance, lie would very likely tall tor
want of words. He is the most per
fect type of puffed up egotism and
vanity and presumption that has ever
exhibited these traits in the United
Stales Senate. There was a time
when he was not onlv great in his
consistency, hut, in couiaiiso!i witn
sent pomposity, reasonable in j
his modesty ; but the part he bore in
procuring the success of the Republi
can party, a part which was great and
honorable and for which the meed of
praise and gratitude has never been
withheld seems to liave been estimat
ed by him as of vastly more merit and
deserving than Its intrinsic nature
would bear. Apparently ignoring the
vast contributions of other men equal
ly a wise and zealous as himself to
wards the result, he has by the logic
of his actions and words assumed the
wonderful merit of having achieved
all of the grand success which has
been reached by the Republican party.
His pomposity in this direction be
came so great as to assume the char
acter of arbitrary dictation, and tlie
President, not choosing to yield him
self body and soul and policy into the
hands of this self-constituted dictator,
became at once the object ot his (Sum
ner's! Inteiisest hate. This hatred has
caused him gradually to drift into a
imsition of opH)sition to Gen. Grant's
policy, placing him in sympathy with
the opposition. His pompous vanity,
however, is apparently as great as ev
er, if not greater. His bombastic
speeches against Grant ; his address to
the colored citizens ; his deliberation
before announcing his determination
to support tlie Greeley movement, are
all full to repletion of the most pleth
oric assumption and egotism. Tlie
latter is seen very conspicuously in bis
formal annonceinent that he has join
ed his fortunes with Greeley. Ill this
ic uses the personal pronoun "I
eighty-tight times when one "l ' would
liave served to announce the disgrace
ful truth as well. Another ien
speaking of this says this -is
the weakest effort of his lite.
and is a fitting snpplement to his per
sonal attack on Gen. Grant in the
Senate. He advances nothing new
nothing that will curry conviction."
Xo discriminating mind will be inlhi-
euced to follow in his footsteps by it.
The Republican party will leave htm
to soak in the liquor of his own van
ity, and like Mr. Cliase, to go down to
An early obscurity.
A Greeley journal says the question
beginning to suggest itself, wheth
er the political power wielded by the
negro element In the South is not a
serious menace to Republican Institu
tions." This Is because the negroes
vote the Republican ticket. If they
would consentto vote the Greeley tick
et, and thus give their Influence
towards elevating to power the men
and iiarty who so recently tried to de
stroy tlie Republic, so as to more ef
fectually enslave them, it would lie all
At Louisville on tlie '2d Inst., Col.
Duncan casually got Into a conversa
tion with (Jen. Custer and Dr. Keller.
In the course of tlicir remarks Custer
said, in substance, that he could prove
that lie (Duncan) had said Ik would
sell out tire Louisville movement to
the party that would pay blm the
highest price. Duncan responded that
Cnstar's Informant was a liar. Dr.
Keller then said : "I am responsible
for the statement," and demanded re
traction, which was refused, whereup
on Keller struck him in the face.
Duncan reeled and attempted to strike
Keller. Alter several blows had pass
ed the parties were separated. So the
war opens.
North Carolina advice state I hat
Merriman has concluded not to con
test Caldwell's election.
The t'onlerBe
The twentieth session of tlie Con- i The following extract Is taken from
ferenii' of the M. K. Chnrch WHivcmd a speech recently delivered by Hon.
in the Chapel of the Willamette Uul- John A. Logan, at Cairo, III. It pla
versity at Salem, on Thursday of last ees the honesty of Trumhnll and otli
weck, and closed on Tuesday at noon ers in its true light :
f ... . im-.,i.,aatoii(if wit Why Is it tlmt Br. Trumbull Is going
ot thisweek. Itw,ls.ise-I0ll0l grt.u ov,.,. A-siat- of Illinois KmIhv chawing
interest and harmony. It was presid- i (Irani w hb corruption? lie charges that
. . . the New York cusUiiu-house was corrupt :
ed over bv Bi-liop ro-ter, one 01 the ,,ai everything vms corront. Now if
. . . - .... . . .. ...v. .lurlirt. Trimilmll u-ill imlv mill till' resolu-
newly elected Hoard ot Hisiiop-. wno
contlucted the business of the ( onfer
ei ice in a rapid and skillful man net.
Among the dignitaries from abroad
were Rev. .1. B, Hall, of the California
Conference, agent of the Book Deposi
tory at Sail l'ratieiseo. and Dr. 1!. Nel
son, one of the Agents of the Book
.. I
Concern at New York. The inetnbt
of the Coi
fereiice. in H)int of look
compare tuvorallly with any otuer
equal number oi ministers in other
States. In Kihit of talent we pre
sume the average will hold as well.
They appear to be earnest, zealous
men. fully alive to the Importance and
responsibility of the work In which
they are engaged. The sermon ot the
Bishop on Sunday at the morning
hour was listened to by a vast audience,
and was as grand an effort of con
densed thought as we ever listened to.
The Bishop is a fine looking man, of
vigorous physical development, and
powerful mental energy. The emo
tional in Ids nature is also fully ex
panded, and his mastery of language
apiears perfect. Tliese were all
brought into requisition in the splendid
effog which he made upon this occa
sion, from tlie text : " When tlie full
ness of lime was come, God sent forth
his Son. made of a woman, made un
der the law. that we might receive tlie
adoption of son." Did the voice of
the Bishop harmonize in sweetness
and power with hlsotherendowments
his power over an audience would be
supreme ; as it was on tins occasion,
however. In spite of Imperfections in
his voice, the audience were complete
ly cliarmed by ills wonderful logic,
and carried away by his pathetic ap
peals. Dr. Nelson, of New York.
preached a very good sermon In the
afternoon, which was well received by
the large audience present. In the
evening the Conference Missionary
Sermon was preached by Rev. T. H.
Greer, of tlie Oregon Conference. Tlie
sermon was full of valuable informa
tion on that subiect. We shall not
t on on mat sunicci. c mmm not
soon forget the hospitable entertain-!
p . .1
om-s received while at Salem, from
Mrs. Leslie and her amiable daughter,
and other tokens of friendship shown
us by other citizens of Salem. The
former, especially, will ever remain a
bright sot on memory's page.
In spite of the fact that it has been
certified, over and over again, on the
word of good and bpiiest men. that
President Grant is not a drinker of
intoxicating liquors, much less a
drunkard, abstaining even from the
use of wine on State occasions, yet
there are opposition journals, so brazen
lucre nru (hjijummou juHnrnw, w umww
In their Injustice. 1 to common
fairncss. as to continue to give public
lty to tlie falsehood, that be is a com
mon drunkard. Xo later than last
week we lieard testimony on this snl-
Ject which would lie convincing to any
reasonable mind. It came from the
lips of one of the most eminent divines
of New York city, and was fully eor
roberative ot tlie numerous statements
proving Gen. Grant's sobriety. Grant
and Wilson are both temperate men.
and the fact Is patent' to every man
who lias read the testimony ; but in
tlie case of the opposition nominees
while all will grant the temperate
habits of Greeley, no one. in the face
of the abundant testimony in the case,
will be found so lost to veracity a to
deny the liesotted and drunken liablts
of B. Gratz Brown.
It is rumored that Sumner is to be
Secretary of State, If Greeley is elect-
ed. The London Siectatcir In com
mcntlng on this rumor says :
" If lie Is Secretary, It will be diffi
cult for foreign Powers, and especially
Great. Britain, to maintain cordial re
lations with the Union." It adds:
"Very able, very eloquent, and per
fectly honest, Mr. Sumner is unfortun
ately one of those men who are unable
to believe that an Idea which he re
jects cau be honestly entertained by
anybody else."
Trumbull's Honesty.
o . s.H iiifriieKl, ill., h.
ill., he I
w ills..,, tlmt be then said ilrant WBD an !
hum si man. n patriotic, luithiiil iiuni.unu I,
ii line President, that he commended to DftlMi bv the late floods in Alii
ihe Aiucibim people. Now let mo cull ! . n ,uUwumi
yoarutteiitlouto the tot tlmt everyone . baUM amount to 1000.000.
of these charges Is much outer than ihese , Senator fj, g ,M,V pleased with
SS::iKW:."fS;iere. fi-om Geneva, and Is cot.
io Governor Palmer; they were I hen j flilcnt of good results,
known, to Judge KoeiTOiv Antl Utlme huMu (mi,..
men wliode.-eiie'i me neiniiuieiin ioi,
and attempted to destroy it Mere honest i
men. then v. ',i didihey h.dorv those res-
olutiousthen, hebevln : the charges to lie
true: were vhevhomw men? And if they 1
I... .. ... .' 1 1 .1.....!.. I
In.lnatta.1 tlir. it. iritis h . 'i 1 1 -i I llOV ltt
lieved the elllHXW laise. they are not hon
e( men ill uiaktlUt them. They may take
either horn of the dilemma.
A Greeley organ estimates the polit
ical situation in Kentucky at tlie fol
lowing figures : At least 13,000 Demo
crats will not vote for Greeley, and the
Republicans claim 10,000 colored votes
and 15.000 white Republicans whose
ballots have never yet been polled, the
most ot which, because of the complete
organization there, will be brought
out at the coming election. In view
of these facts this journal thinks the
Republican hopes seem to have a rea
sonable foundation. We think so, too.
A social correspondent ot the Cin
cinnati Commercial (Greeley) says tluit
after giving New England a general
survey he does not see that the Liber
als can count on carrying any one of
the six States except New Hampshire,
with five electoral votes. In regard
to Congressmen, lie thinks tlie Gree
leyitcs may count themselves to have
done pretty well if they have as many
representatives in the next Congress
from New Kngland as the Democrats
now liave. Let it be remembered that
this is tlie opinion of a Greeleyitc.
Xews from almost every section of
the country exhibit a state ot mind
among tlie opposition, especially the
Democratic wing of it, anything but
indicative of confident belief in tlie
success of their ticket. While the
. . .
I-""" RP"'S ' f
i.... .... .....1... at onthnaliism.
P "I' '
the I teinocraev look on indifferently.
hardly seeming to care whether
"school keeps or not.'' It wouldn't
surprise us much if Greeley failed to
carry a single State.
WeakenhiK on Urreley.
From the Chicago 27me thcfollow-
is P,I
A ni-omlnent lawver of Hiirhland.
Illinois, and a Democrat, stated yes
terday that where a few months ago
the entire community was for Greeley,
not three supporters of the philosopher
can now be found.
We know Highland. Two years
ago it had four American families out
" , , ... . . ,
K population of between tv,o and
i i. ...... t!,...,..iti, Tim ri.iit wen (ier-
three thousand.
i; SEWN.
Col. Blanton Dincan has Issued
the tospectns of a new evening paper
to Ik; entitled the True DemmM,
When 4.000 subscribers are obtained
it will be clwnged to a morning daily.
It was thought on the 28th nit. that
the new Constitution for West Vir
ginia would lie ratified by about 2,000.
A mob broke Into tne jail at Hayes
City, Kansas, on the night of the 2d
ult and killed a man named Wright,
a murderer, and a thief named Dono
van, chained togetlier.
q'he Syracuse Convention ot New
York, it Is thought will nominate
Choi. O'Conor for Governor by accla
mation, as he appears to lie the only
one callable of liarmonizing the pro
nosed coalition.
i The New York Ikruhl denies the
j imputation of fraud wist upon Stan-
j ley's discovery of Livingstone, and
gives evidence from former corres
pondents to show tliat tlie letters are
In bis own hand writing.
Rev. Humes Gibbons, Vicar of the
Apostolic See of North Carolina, lias
been appointed by the Pope Bishop of
Richmond, Va.
Reports from Alabama represent the
destruction of tlie cotton crop by
worms as more tlwrough than ever
before. The fields arc as bare as after
a heavy frost. Fears of universal
bankruptcy among the planters are
While Michael Sanford. a sporting
character, of Madison, N. was
beating his wlte on the isth nit., hi
son Melville shot him, to save his
Great damage wadonc to Jackson
ville. III., and vicinity, on the night
of the 'Mb ttlt.. by a storm of wind
and rain.
Kx-Governor Curthi. of Penn.. is
... .i i.. in I., ii 1 1,-,,
. """""' r '
....... -
Aftnmev General will compel a more
,mrtlcul!ir examination into the Kti
u. T, . , . .. .i,,,,.,,
Mnx Cases. I he 1 re-ident uil tlieie-
(',!.. Ii..t !...... I.I.' iilnl..i.' i. flu. I v. .
fore not issne his pardons for the pres
'Hie Chicago bankers are nearly all
for Grant.
Andrew Johnson has taken the
stump in Tennessee.
By the sinking ot tlie steamer Main,
off the const of Connecticut, about
twenty-two lives were lost.
Recent accounts from Spain show
friendly reeling to exist between Min
ister Sickles and tlie Spanish Govern
ment, tlie latter desiring his continu
ance. Livingstone's brother in Canada
states that lie has not the least doubt
but that the letter he received k in his
brother's handwriting.
Gen. FratMS Setgel Is about to take
the stump In Indiana for Grant in re
ply to Scnnrz.
Marriageable young men liave been
scarce in comparison with past years,
at fashionable resorts.
Election was lield hi Vermont last
Tuesday. 31alne will hold on election
next Monday.
( luirles O'Conor, while npproviojt:
the projert of a straiglitont Democratic
ticket, refused to be the nominee of
the Louisville Convention.
Peter Grant, Governor General of
Jamaica, was expected to arrive in
New York on the 2th tilt.
Charles O'Conor refused on the 29th
tilt., to make known in advance hi
political purposes. The .S'wn, however,
says he won't take the fusion nomina
tion for Governor.
Dr. Lowell Mason, tlie eminent pro
fessor of music, died at Orange, N.
Y.. uot long since, aged 82.
Three million letters went to the
dead letter office tart year. They con
tained 1300,000 in drafts and $2,000
in cash.
Touciitnc. Incident. Following
is related by an totem paper as ac
tually taking place at Baltimore. It
is so "apt and to the point that we give
it tlie benefit of a Pacific coast circula
tion, it expresses the whole Denn
cratic position in a few words :
It is related of an old Democrat in In
diana that lie was seen leaning against,
the wall of a building a few minutes
after the adjournment of the Baltimore
Convention, weeping bitterly. When
Interrogated by a kind-hearted gen
tlemen, who was passing, as to tlie
cause of his trouble, asking at tlie same
time if lie could aid him hi any way.
the mortified and deeply hnm'llated
old man replied : "No. my good man.
you can't do me any good. God knows
I wish I was dead. For forty long
years I've been voting the Democratic
ticket, and I've made an affldavy that.
I'd stand by the party ; and hero
they've gone anil passed orders to vote
for Horns Greeley, and I've got to do
it or break my affldavy ! And that ain't
all, Mister. I've raised nine sons, and
they're all livlir, and 1 ve spent many
toul munv n nlirbt. iviidhnr llendrlck-"
speeelies to them children and very
lately too to leacn em wnai tin ever
lastiu' old nigger thief and IyhV hyp-
t.erltn ( : t enlev WAS 1 (Hid OOW tllPv'Ve
all gone back on me, and I've got to
go home to uiem ooys ami ten em
that their old dad's been lyln' to them
nil lils lit;, and tint old Horris Gree
ley is one of the Lord's anninted."
And the poor, deceived and almost
lieart-broken man, bursting into tear
again and trembling with emotion,
went his way. saying only : "This is
too much to bear; I believe Ii will
surely break my heart !"
ArTKRHix. -A man who ban beeu n
siiitnit in this city for ome. weeks, hired k
team of Bartgw Merrick, stating that M
wiiHROiiw to Eugenc.antl wanted the team
foraweek. This happened early on Sun
day morning. Hearing that the tcurt
with two men hart been msen out on the
mountain road leading to 8oda wring
llurtgeseonchidedtolook after Ma inter
ests, and he mounted and atartod for the
mountains. Slicrtff Rsrker has also lit out
In that direction, armed with the neos
wry warrants. It seems to bo the Impres
sion that Charles Hrown to trying tp l
away" with the team. Whether into In w
or otherwise, the sequl will prove.
Under Buchanan the mall service
cost the country $25 per mile. Under
Grant It costs $8. Here is a campaign
document more powerful with the
people than columns of vaporing rhetoric