The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, July 26, 1872, Supplement, Image 10

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    cere, where Ikeie are so wiwi. quarters, one
thousand tli f hundred And thirty-nine dol
larsaud twrteeuvrnt-. - '
For forage for horse lieliongfng lo field
and staff cjaoers ol'the marines, one thousand
fow hundred ejid fnm-evi dollars end
thirty.four cents.
Fur indispensable mlvellanenns artkdcs
fur the uj of the marine barra, ks at Brook
lyn, New York, imi'I for olher pawts, seven
hundred end thlrty-oiie dollars and sixty
This hem an d the two proceeding items are
for the fiscal rear erdlng June thirtieth, eigh
teen hundred and seventy-one.
For hire f officers' quarters where there
are no pnMv quartern eight thousand three
hundred and flrty-rnur i I. ! la i -.
For forage wWr. for field ami staff offi
cers, three thousand Ore hundred and forty
For pay account per diem to marine band,
one thousand 0re huudred dollars. Thin Hem
and the two proceeding item arc Tor the fiso
al year ending. June thirtieth, eighteen hun
dred and sesentyytwo.
For completion ol the survey of a route for
a skip-canal between the Atlantic and Pacific,
oceans, by the route:, Tehuamepec and Nicar
agua, with reports iin tbc same, twenty
thousand dollar ; and to complete the stirrer
or the Darten route, tire thousand dollars.
To reimburse the contingent fund of the
Penaton-Ufllce for expense Incurred In re
moving the papers aud dies of sold office to
the Beaton House, and In refitting rooms in
aid building, the sum of ton thousand five
hundred aud fifty-seven dollars and seventy
cight cents.
To pay six clerks of class one and six clerks
of claim two, to be employed In the examina
tlonof claims for pensions to the survivors of
the war of eighteen hundred and twelve,
which the Secretary is hereby authorized to
employ for one year, and no longer, fifteen
thousand six hundred dollars ; and thlsappro
lriatton is available fur said purpose for one
year, and no longer.
For deficiency for fuel and lights in the In
terior Department, one thousand two hun
dred and eighty-two dollars.
For contingent expenses of district land-offices
for the fiscal vear ending June thirtieth,
eighteen hundred and seventy, five thousand
To supplvdellclcney In the appropriation
for toe expense of depositing uuhllo moneys
for the llal vear ending June thirtieth,
eighteen trmdred and seventy-one, cight
thotuand dollars; and for a deficience In the
adproprlatkms Tor clerks in the office of the
surveyor general ol California, five hundred
patent ornc'K,
To provide for lite plates of an Ufiiclal
Oasctleof the Patetit-GAIce ilti of the
drawings of patents issued, thirteen thousand
three hundred awl thirty-three dollars, tube
expended under the direction of the ComnL
sloner of Patents: Provided, That one copy
of sail Gazette shall be furnished to each
senator. Representative, and Delegate in
Congress ; anc one copy each sliell be sent to
eight such public libraries as may be designa
ted by each Senator, Representative, and
Delegate, and two copies to the Library of
Congress: Provided further, That a subscription-price
of not leas than five dollars
lr annum for said Gazette shall be charged
to each subscriber ; and all sums received
lemn such nubscription shall be, on or before
the first day f each mouth, paid into the
For the ai'tllinnal expense of priming and
stitching the Patent-Office Official Gazette,
with the abstract of specifications ami draw
ings, fire thousand lour hundred and twentv-AnxMlMra.
To supply a deficiency in itie appropriation
for the expenses of the ninth census, twenty
thousand dollars, and eucb sum as may be
rtacesnry to pay the reminder due ceusus
taken, for taking the eighth census : Provl
dad, That the amouut t monov inld under
this appropriation shall not exceed In all
I wenty-five thousand dollars.
,r worn.
Columbia Institute for Use I teal and Dumb:
For furnishing a n) tlulng np (lie buildings of
the institution, six thousand dnllaii,
.For repairs of building- of said institute
during fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eigh
teen humlrop and seventy-two, three thou
sand five bukdred dollars.
To commence the proper titling up, in a
lire-proof maimer, of the vaacant apartments
in the Smithsonian Institution building for the
proper distribution and exhibition of the gov
ernxaenlcolleciions of natural lilst'irv, geolo
gy, and mineralogy, five thnusand dollars.
For Ihe prvparatim and pub'tcvi in of tlie
maps, charts, geological sections, uad other
engravklga necessrrv to lllustra'e Ihe final
report of ihe United states geological survcv
of the Territories, bv Professor Rayrien, ten
thousand dollars, lo be expended under the
direction of the Secretary of the Interior.
For the payment of clerks in the office of
theeurvevor general of the State of Louisia
na, one thousand fire hundred dollars.
For repair and improvement of ibe Con
gressional cemetery, to be expended under
the direct tgn of the warden and restrv of
Washington parish, District of Columbia,
three thousand dollars.
For the completion of the United Slates
court-house at Charleston, Mouth Carolina,
one hundred and two dollars and eight cents.
For the purpose of buying aud putting In
place a new betler, water-tank, and steam
pump in the south wing of the Capitol, ten
thousand dollars ; and the disbursing clerk or
the Interior Department Is hereby required
to disburse all moneys appropriated for the
United Males Capitol extension and improve
ment ef the grounds, ami to receive therefor
an annual compensation of one thousand dol
lars, to be paid from said appropriation, from
October first eighteen hundred and seventy
one ; Provided, That us the adjustment of the
accounts of F. W. demons, Ute disbursing
agent of the Capitol extension, the accounting
steers of the treasury are hereby authorized
and directed to allow him the sum of eight
hundred dollars, to be paid from the appro
prim ions heretofore made for expenses of the
ninth census, as compensation lor Increased
responsibility and labor In disbursing said ap
prosrksuoiis from October first, eighteen hun
dred and seventv, to September thirtieth,
rlghteed hundred and aeveutv-um. -tr
Tor additional lamps and service-pipe in
the east and west parks, Capitol grounds, four
thousand dollars.
For this amount, to pay lot he Seneca Indi
ana the interest due on the sum of fortv thou
sand dollars, held In trust for them as provid
ed In the treaty of February twenty-third,
eighteen hundred and sixtr-seven, from June
eighteenth, eighteen hundred and auty-eajht,
the date of the ratification of said treatyTto
November first, eighteen hundred and seventy-one,
the daw when Interest on stocks pur
chased wiih said sum ol fony thousand dol
lars cossaseuced to accrue, six thousand sev-
and thkly-tbree dollars and
ante, which amount shall henairi
t to said Seneca Indians, and hot to an
j orney, or other person claiming to
to renlacst the. Slim mnrn.
be the act of Jnlv unntviiXii,
eighteen hundred and stxty-sti. nnderthe
PWWon ol the sixth article of treaty with
thr mate with the Creek, of June fourteenth,
eighteen Undred ami sfxly-elx, for (heerec
tlon of agency bui Mlns on tbe reaenratioas of
said trBiis, twenty Uxxuaod dollart.
For this amount, to enable tbe Secretary of
or to supply tne iiaw tribe on ndians
I with subsunence, i relieve their
ana pressing want, tne same to
read to the United Stains, from tkn
I of the sabs nf lndnf ih uui sii.
ana, when the aeon shall have been sold un-
ammumg treaty attputatloni, ten Usousaud
For Oils amotmt, or so much thereof as may
be weesawy, for subsisting tbe Navajo Indians
In New Mexloo, for the fiscal year ending
June t hirtiot h, eighteen humlred aud seventy
two, sixty thoaaand dollars. .
For tola atnoaut, or to mucii thereof a may
be neeesarv. to subtdst Ihe Aia he Indians 61
Arizona ami New Mexico during Ihe remain-
ner or the present nscal year, who shall be
niton the reservation and peacefully remain
lie neccwin , for the snbstlnence. virilization.
and care of Ihe Arlckfirev, UK Ventre, and
Mandan Indiana, at Fort Berthold agemn,
Dtikoia, during Hie remainder of the present
n;i jeor, ivriy ujuttsami uoiuirs.
For tills amoun t, to be expended undci the
illi-col iii of the secretary ol the Interior, in
providing aultstinence and clothing for the
IKige IndlanH, ami aldiug lliein lu esfabllslilng
theliiselves In their new homos to be reim
u ifsed to tbe United States from thelnterof
on Ihe net proceed of the Nile of their lands
In Kansas, as provided hv the second article
oi me treaty wun inci.r, ni and untie osaoea
. nawwv.ri.iHWOM wfc iv
t SeKernlMT tuenty-uine. eitrhlism biintli asl
aiultixtv-five, and the twelfth secllon of Ibe
act ol July fifteen, elicbteen hundred and sev-
iiwnsor oou u uuici wise iwnuiain mice- nmcr tiling M value, in pre-eul or In nrenttct
lul relal ons with the I nlted States, one hmr-1 Ive, or for the granting or nnviiiUiE auv nrlv
tlred and iwcnty-llve thousand dolrs. lieges to him or her, m any other person or
For ihls amoimi or an kinch (neranf as mav ' unranJ in ,oi,.i,i..iii t ',n...:(;,
only, fifty thousand dollars : Provlilcd, That I and approved In w 'riling thereon bv the Secn
no perstrn alsall receive any pari of the money I lary ol ihe Interior ami commissioner of liidl-
appropriaicu oy 1111s act lor any services or
pretcudld services as aitorney counsellor or
agent for any tribe, or Indlais. orltidians, for
whom anv Hart of those aoinonrlatlons are
made. Any person violating this provision
shall lie deemed guilty or a misdemeanor, anil
shall lie fined In double the amount so receiv
ed. For this amount, being the balance on ac
count due Ihe tjuapaw tribe of Indians for a
certain iia i oi land Hi iheMiueoi Kansas,
I containing eevn thousand six hundred ami
thlrly-two hundredths acres, ceded by said
Irtbc lo t he United Slates In acconlance wlih
tbe terms or the fourth article of the treaty
with Senecas, Mixed Seuecas, ami Shawuecs,
Ouapaws, confederated Peorhts, Kaskasklas,
iVvas, Peankesliaws, Ottawa! of lllancluirds
Fork and Rocbe de Hautf, and ceriaiu Wyan
dotlN concluded February t svenlv-llilrd, elgh
teen hundred and sixty-seven, (Statute, Tot"
tune It been, page five hundred anil thirteen,!
fbur thousand Us e hundred dollars ami Tony
For Ihls amount, to lie laken fromanyf und s
In ihe Treasury of the Uniled States belong
ing lo Ihe confederated bands of Pcorlas,
Kaskaskias, Weaa and Plankesbaws, to make
gooil to he giuigaw trllie ol Indians the esti-
ajnted value of eighteen thousand lire bun-
dreil aud twenty-two and fifty hundredths
; acres of land lying south of Kansas, ceded bv
I them to the Uniteii Stales under ihe terms of
I (he fourth article of ihe treaty with the Sen-
I ecas. Mixed Seiuvas, and Sliawnees, Quapaws. :
! confederaleil Peorias, Kaskasklas. Wens, ami i
j Pinkeshans, Ottawa of Blanchards Fork, j
! and ltoche de ikeuf, and certain Wyaudolts,
; concluded February Iwenty-llitrd, eighteen
I hundred ami "fxtv-veu. (Statutes, volume i
Hi t ecu, page five hundred and thirteen,! which '
lands were by tbc twenty-second article of
said treaty, granted and sold to the confedera
ted hands of Peortas, Kaskasklas, W'eas, and
Piankcshans, at tbe same rate as paid by the 1
Siverumont, twenty-one tnousauti tnrec linn
red dollars and eighty-seven cents.
-For salaries of dlslrict jutlges Ibr the fiscal
year ending June thirtieth, eighteeu humlred
and seventy-two, fourteen thousand three
humlreil and twenty-five dollars.
For defraying the expenses or the courts of
the Uniled States, luc tiding tbe District ot'Cc
lumbta ; lor jurors and witnesses, and expen
ses or suits in which Ihe United States are con
cerned, of prosecution for offenses committed
against tlic United States; for ihe safekeeping
ol prisoners; and for the expenses whicb may
be Incurred In the enforcement of the act of
February Iw cnty-elghth.eighteen hundred and
seventy-one, for the four months ending June
uiirtiein, cignieets uenureu ami reveuiy-iwo,
oue million dollars.
To enable the commissioners on revlsslon of
Ihe statutes of the United State to expedite
the work and furnish Clerical a ml other assist
ance, and supply contingencies, Ibe sum of
nine thousand dollars is hereby appropriated,
to be paid from time to time as the Aork pro
gresses, upon vouchers approved by all Ihe
ine comimwoners: rrovtuen, mat mis ap
propriation shall continue available until June
j thirty, eighteen humlred anil seventv-three.
I To enable tbe clei k of the Court of Claim- '
! to isty attorneys', cominissloneni'nd mar
shals' fees for the years endlngJtine thirlieili,
eighteen hundred and seventy, and June thlr-
! Ilelb, eighteen hundred and seventy-one,
eight hundred dollars: and for attorneys' and '
consmlsslouera' tecs, pal I by the clerk 'of the
court In ccces of the appropriations for (lie
1 year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred !
and s vein . three hundred and forty-oiiedo!-:
larsaud fourteen cents.
I Towrcha'e Isooks for Ihe Deparlment of
j uustlce, twothonsaiKl live hiindreil dollars.
j To enable the Secretary of Ihe Treasury In
I his discretion to pay the judgment entered
' by the circuit conn of the Unlied Slates for
the northern disi rtcl of Florida, In the case of
! Theodore T. tdgertou ainsl JeaseW. Ctll-'
I wicr, deptitv collector aud Insnecior ol c is 1
loms at Cenar Keys, district of Saint Marks,
Fioriiia. on the seventeenth da; of December,
eighteen humlrei and seventy,' for the sum of :
twenty-seven thousand four humlred dollars, i
wlih costs, twenty-six dollar, and Interest at 1
, Ibe rate of six ijr centum per annum from '
1 ila'enf judgment until aid, a siilliclenl sum
i is hereby aiipropriated.-
That the Secretary or the Treasury beau-i
I thortzedand dlnvt'e'l, in Ihe adiusiment of
! the accounts of William E. Parkea, Uuiied
' Sates marshal for the eastern district of Tex-
; as, to allow eight humlred and twenty-five :
dollars and seventy-live cents, money paid
i bv said Parker for ihe traveling: exnerises or
: Thomas II. Duval, judge of tbe western dt
i trie! of Texas, for faoliilng two terms of the
United States circuit and district court at '
Galveston, ?nd one at Brownsville, in Texas, j
under the direction of Mr. Justice Swayne.
Sec. 2. That the proper acoyuntlng officers
be, and hereby are, authorized and required ;
in ne settlement oi an accounts ror tne sa
vices of laborer, workmen, and mechanics
employed by or on behair or the Government , anv money In the treasury not otherwise an
or the United States, between the twenty- ; propilated, fos theobteilshcreaftcrcxprcssc t,
filth dav of June, eighteen hundred and sixty- ; namely :
eight, the date of the act couiiituflng eight t For the salaries of envovs extraordinary
hours a day's work for all such laborers, and ministers plenipotentiary lo Great Brit
workmen, and mechanics, and Hie nineteenth ' aln, France, Germany and Ihiasla, at seven
day of May, eighteen hundred and sixty-Mine, teen thousand five humlred dollars each, eev
the ilate of the proclamation of the President entv thousand dollars.
concerning such pay, to se:t'e and pay lor the
same, without reduction on account of redo,-
lion of hours of labor by said act. when it
shall be made to appear that such was the
sole cause of the reduction of wages, and a
sufficient sum for said purpose is hereby ap
propriated out of any money in the treasury
nutouseraise ai
Skc. X. That all persons born In the dlsl rict
EC. 3. That all persons b
of count rv former fv known as the Territorv
oT Uregon, and subject to the jurisdiction of ! dor, Hawaiian Islands, and the Argentine Be
Ibe Uniled States at this time, are citizens or i public, at seven thousand five hundred dol-
ihc Liniieii ofasea in me same imoKer as is
born elsewhere In the United States.
Sec 4. That the apprriatlon for building
a iler at Iewee, Delaware, contained In sec
lions twelve and thirteen of the act approved
Julv fifteen, eighteen hundred and seventv,
entitled "An act ma kins appropriations for
sundry civil expenses of Use government for
tbe vear ending June thlrtv, eighteen hundred
and seventr-oue, and for other pnrposes,"be,
and the same is hereby-, continued until June
thirty, eighteen hundred and seventy-three.
Sbc, 4. That the Secretary of the Treasury
be, and he Is hereby, authorized and directed
to pay to the lawful owners, or their legal
representatives, of all cotton setzed after Ihe
thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and
-1st v-five, bv the agents of the government
unlawfully and In violation of their instruc
tions, tbe net proceeds, without Interest, of
tbe sales of said cotton actually paid info I he
treasury or the United States: Provided.
That the receipt thereof shall be taken and
received In full Mitlsfcctlon of all claims
against the United States for or on account of
tbe seizure of said cotton ; and a sufficient
sum for su h par Mnt. Is hereby appropria
ted oat of anv snoner In tbe treasury not oih
erwlse appropriated: and provided further,
That tbe foregoing provisions shall not apply
to any claim now pending before tbe Court of
Clalait, nor to any claim not filed In the
Treasury Department within six mouths af
ter the passage of this act ; and the sum of
twenty thousand dollars is hereby appropria
ted for the pa vine nt of the necessary expenses
Approved, May 18, 1871
(Gen Kit ax xatusw-No. 71
AN ACT rrgulatlng the mode ot making pri
vate contract with Indians.
Be it natttj oy the Senate and Houte
of Rtprutntatirtt of the UnittiStatti of
Knthea in Conor us auembUJ.
TtattarmiVrnniviniMrfAr .-..... :
rat borearter do contract or agreenjent ot :
aav kind Shall i mu L. .... ,,,. ,..,-.
(any tribe of Indians, or individual Indian or
rhdlans, not a citizen of the United Stales, for
' fho pasmcnt or delivery of any money or
mlums relalive to Uttir lands, or to auv c'niins
annvlng out of, or In releraucu lo. juiliuhiys,
inslalliiH'nls or other moneys, clninis, de
mands, or llilug, uuder laws or treaties with
the United States, oriiillclalacU of anv officers
; thenar, or in anv way eonMutad wli n or due
from the United States, unless such coulmct
I or agreemeul lie in writing, and executed and
approved in the manner hereinafter direct-
Sec. 2. Ttal all contracts or agreement" be
tween such iiarllesand for sucTi purposes as
named In Ihe first section of Ihls act shall lie
, in I, I H il iltip Icjtie or COpV 01 WHICH Sll-ail
1 rm rH Itvniwl t .m..i, i,iri, iii.' n, lieei.!,,.
after provldeiL All such coutrahis stall be
i evismted HsAita iu.lm. or n ..jiiri i,r ns-nnl
an Atiau -. Such contract or agreement shall
contain flic names ef all parlies In Interest,
their residence ami occupation : but Iho-e
made with a tribe bv their tribal authorities,
i he scope of authority and Ibe reason for ex-
; ercuuig mat authority snail ne given speciuc
ally. Mich contracts or ngrccmenl shah
slate the tuna when ami place where made,
Ibe particiilur pur)iose for which roatle, Ihe
j ! en! tiling or things tu be done under it,
! and, ifibrihe collection of money, the twists
ol Ihe claim, the source from which it Is to be
! collectotl, the dlssosltfontolttmade of it w hen
collecieil, the niuoiint or rate )ier centum of
! the fee in.all cases ; and If any contingent nsat-
trr or condition couslitutesa part oil lie con-
tract or agreement It shall be specifically set
forth : Provided, That all such contracts shall
have a fixed limited lime to run, aud shall be
Invalid unless so limited: Antl provided. That
such contracts shall nol 1st assignable, in
Whole or In mil, unless the names of the as
signees and their residences aud Occupation
be entered In writing upon ibe contract, and
the consent of tbe Secretary Of Ihe Interior
and Commissioner of Indian Affairs to such
assignment be also endorsed thereon : And lie
It further provided, That the judge before
whom such contract or agreemeul is executed
ha!l certify officially Ihe time when
ami place where such control or agreement
was e.u-uled, and t hat 11 was in his presence,
and who are the Interested parlies thereto, as
stated to him at the time, the parties present
making the Mine, the source ami extent of
authority claim t at the nine by Ihe contract
tug urilcs to make tbe contractor agreement,
and whether made In person or by agent or by
attorney of either party or parties.
SEC. X That no money shall be paid lo any
agent or attorney by an officer of Die Uniled
s.ales under such contract or agreement, oth
er than the lees due him tor services rendered
thereunder: but Use moneys due lire tribe,
Indian, or Indians, as Hie case may be, shall be
paid by tbe United Ssates, through its own of
ficers or agents, to Hie party or parties enti
tled thereto: Provided, 'flit no money or
thing shall be paid to any person lor services
under such contract or agreemeul, until such
person shall have first filed with Ihe Commis
sioner of Indian Affairs a sworu statement,
showing each particular act of service under
t he contract, giving date and fact in detail, and
Ihe Secretary of die Interior and Coiumlsvlun
er of Indian Affairs stall determine therefrom
whether, In their judgement, such contract or
agreemcut has been compiled with or mill led ;
it so, the same mav be paid, ami If not, It shall
lie paid In proportion to Hie services rendered
under the contract; Provided, That all such
' contracts or agreements hereafter made in vio
lation of Ihe provisions of this act are hereby
declared null ami void, ami all money or other
thing or value paid to any person livany In
! dlau or tribe, or auv oue else for or on his or
j Ibelr behalf, on account of such services, In
; excess of Hie amouut approvedby said Com
missioner and Secretary lur such services, may
lie recovered by suit lu the name of Hie Uni
. ted Slates many court of the United States,
i regardless of the amount In controversy, one
nan oi winch snail nu patu to the person smug
lor the same, and the other half snail be paid
into the treasury of the Uniled States for ihe
use of the Indian or tribe by or for whom it
was paid; and the person so receiving said
money, and tits aider.- and abettors shall. In
additlou to the forfeiture ot said sum, be sub
ject to proseciuiuu for misdemeanor iu any
court of tbe Uuiied Slates, and, on conviction,
shall be fined not less (tan oue thousand dol
lars, a ml imprisoned not less than six months ;
and it stall be Ibe duty of all district attorneys
ol Ihe United States to prosecute such cases
when applied to to do so, ami their failure and
refusal shall be grouuds for their removal
from office; and any Indian agant or other
person lu the employment of the United Stales
wbostal', In violation of lhcprovislonsol'this
act, advise, sanction, or in any way aid iu the
making of such contracts or agreements. In
making such payments as are here prohibited,
,tall, in aldliloiito Ihe punishment herein
imposed on the person making said contract
or receiving sahl money, lie, on couviction,
dismissed from the service of ibe Unltud
Slate", and be forevetdisqualtlied from hold
ing any office of profit or trust under the same.
Apprved, Slay 21, 1K7S.
AN V "I" making appropriations for Ihe
consular ami diplomatic sendee of the gov
ernment for the year ending June thirlieth,
eighteen hundred and seventy-three, antl
for olher purposes.
fe if tn'Kttd b;i the &nafe miti on
of Hcprettntaticei J thi Unittd Staff of
America in Confers atttmbltd,
That the following sums be, and the same
are hereby, appropriated for tbe sen Ice of the
a-esl vear eiutiiifr Shi, tltlrtinth iT .Intui
ebrhieen hundred and seei-nlv-lhrfM, - nut .a"
China and Italy at twelve thousand dollars
each, elghly-four thousand dollars.
To Chill ami Pern, at ten thousand dollars
each, twenty thousand dollars.
For ministers resident at Portugal, Switzer
land, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands. Den
mark, Swceden and Norway, Turkev, Ecua
dor, Columbia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guatemal,
Nicaragua, i osia nica, isomuiras ana naisa-
tars each, one hnndreilandforty-twothoiiRand
five nuiKireai dollars: rrovuied. That on
and after Jnne thlriy, eighteen buudnsl and
seventv-three, there shallbe but one minister
resident accoodlted to Guatemala, Costa Kloa,
Honduras, Salvador and Nhai-gna, aud that
the President be authorized lo select tbc
place of resilience for Ihe minister In any one
of those Slates.
For minister resident at Urugua, also ac
credited to Paraguay, eleven thousand two
humlred rnd fifty dollars.
For salary of minister resident and consul
generel at flayll, seven thousand live hundred
For minister residentand consul general at
Liberia, foiirthousaud dollars.
For salaries or secretaries or legation at
London, Paris and Berlin, at two thousand
six hundred ami twentr-five dollars, each,
seven thousand elgbt humlred and seventy
five dollars.
To enable Robert C. Schcnck. minister to
Great Britain, to employ a piivatc amanuen
sis, according to joint resolution approved
January eleventh, eighteen hundred and
seventy-one, two thousand five hundred dol
lars. For sakuie of secretaries of legation to
Austria, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Russia and
Spain, at sue thousand eight hundred dollars
each, led tbotuand eight hundred dollars.
For sauries of assistant secretaries of the
legations to France, Great Britain and Ger
many, at two thousand dollars each, six
thousand dollars.
For salary of the secretary of legation
(acting also as Intepreterl to China, five thou
sand dollars.
For salary of the Interpreter of the United
Slates legation and consulate general in Tur
key, three thousand dollars j and on and after
the passage of this act the duties of secretary
or legation shall be performed by the Inter
preter at Constantinople.
For salary of interpreter and secretary or
legation to Japan, two thousand five hundred
dollars eacli, fire thousand dollars ; and the
office of secretary of legation lo Japan Is
hereby authorized and established.
ror compensation oi cuaige uanaries an
ln,ermi, aiwlforcompeniytlonef diplomalic
mju ot th9 united States abroad, forty
thousand dollars: Provided, That no eom
pensailon or allowance shall lie made to any
such officer sOer the lei an bun Ion ef hi offi
cial functions oilier than lor such times as
shall necessarily bo occupied in hi direct re
turn to Ihel'u'llo.l Slates and the proviso lu
Ihe clause in the act of March I bird, eighteen
hundred aid seventy-one, entitled "An a t
making apinopih ioiis to supply dcllciivlcs
for the service ol the trovfriimcn! IV r I he 11
cal vear ending June ihlrtleih. eighteen huu
dretl ami seveutv, and June (Idriieth, eight
een humlreil and aevenly-one, ami for other
purjKi.-es," "For salaries of Unitcil Sin'cs
miiil-tei s abroad," and so fbrlh, be, and the
tame Is hereby, repealed,
Fur compensalion of agents appointed by
Ibe President tn examine consular accounts,
aiithurlze'l by the seconu section oi me aci
MnumvtA .lolv' lOerioilh. riirhleen hundred
and heventy. ten Ihousltml didlara; and from ; IWc ik'Iiii and navigable iiolnt, and with spans
and after the close ol ihe fiscal year ending of not less than one huudred and sixiv ft-et In
Juno tbir letb, eighliruhiinilrisl and seventy length, In the clear, ou each side of Ihe cell
three, sail aniiroiirlalloii shall cease, and , ill Hal or pivot pier of the draw; ami the next
avis or parts of acts hn-onslslenllh.-rewlthlie,
and the same are hereby, renea'ed
for contingent exis'nses of foreign Inter
course propei-, aud all of the missions abroad,
one hnrelred tboiiFsjud dollars.
for salaries of consuls general, consuls,
vice consuls, commercial gents, and thirteen
consular clerks, including loss by exchange
four hundred and sixteen thousand dnllarf, as
follow-sl Willi tne current ol the river; And -oviilel
; also, Thai sail draw shall be opened pnnnpt
I. CONSULATES GKNEBAI.. ly, iim reasouble signal, for the imssage of
, liuats svhose copstrUotlou shall no! la' such as
Sthfdi'Lk B. -Alcxadrla, Calcutta. Con-' to mluiit of their imssage under theperimiiieni
slaminople Frankfort-im-lhe-Maln, Havana, ' spans of said bridge, except wiicu trains are
Montreal, Shanghai, Beirut, Tamplcn, Lou
don, fans.
inore, Fort Krie, Fms-Chon, Fun
hal, Geneva, Genoa, Gsbraltar, Glasgow-,
r.i ir. r o,sc in"., c nil-
Gislerlch, Halifax. Hamli
nbiirg, Havre. Ifoiiis
Munich. Mahe. Nagasaki, Naiilcs. Nassau
(West Indies,! New Castle, Nice, Nantes
Trinidad de Cuba, Trlpo'l, Tunis, Tunstall,
Tien-Tsln, Turk's Mand,, Vera
Cruz, Nleniia, Valencia. Windsor. (Canada
West,) Zurich, Blrnungliam, Barmen and
Winnipeg. (Selkirk settlement, Brllish North
AmSrlca.i Amoy.
HEUULEC. -Aux Cases, Bahla, lSa'uviu,
Hay of Islands, Cape Haytlen, Candia, Capo
Town, Carthagena, Ceylon, Coblja, Cyprus,
Falkland, Islands, Fayal, Guayaiuil, Gttay
mas, Maranlinm, Matainoras, Mexico, Mnnli'
vldco, Omoa, Pay la. i'ara, Paso del Norte.
Piraeus, Rio Grande, Saint Catharine, San
tiago, (Cape Ver.le.; S e:ilu. Tabalco. Tallin,
Talcaluiano, Tuinhez. enlce, Windsor,
(Nova Scothi,! Zanzibar. Ami there may lie
appniniel a consul at Windsor, Nova Scotia,
at an annual salary of one thousand dollars.
Schedule C. Amoor lllver, Apia, Uilioon,
Saint Paul de Loanda, La.Khala Sablntlla.
schedule B.-Madaga.var, Sau Juan del
Norte, Saint lioralngo.
Fur interpreter lo the consulates In China,
Japan aud Slam, Including loss by escliange,
live thousand seven hundred dollars.
For marshals for the ' nnular : utrts In
Japan, Including that of Naga-aki, and in
China, Slam, and Turkey, including loss by
exchange lliereon, seveu tlioiiuid seven huii.
dred dollars.
Fur staiionerv. book case, arms of the
United States, seals, presses and Hags, and
payment of rent, frcfeht, postage and mis-
emmw Mpenjes, Imjlirfing Kiss by ex-
change thereon, sixty thousand dollars: Pro-
sided, That none of Ihe liooks pub'lshed by
the government, and usually known bvihe
name of "public documents" shall hercHr-cr
la: supplied to the lega'.ions and coiisula'es of
tho Unitet States, except stvh as stall have
lieen first deslgnateil bv Hie Secretary of 8 ate
by an order, to be recorded in the Slate De-
partment, as suitable for and required hr the
legation and consulate to which it stall be
For expenses of Interpreters, gnanls. an !
other matters at theconsiilacsat Consiaml-
nopia, Smyrna, Cam lin,.tlevaiiilrla, Jerusalem
and Beirut, in the Turkish dominions, three
thousand dollars.
For rentof prisons for American courier
in Slam and Turkey, ami lor wages of Ihe
keepers of the same, includliu: loss bv
change, four thousand dollars.
For rent of prison for American convicts in
China, one thousand five hundred dollars.
For wages of keepers, careof offenders, and
exjwnses, ten inuuaano oonars.
For rent of urisou for American convicts
I Grirriii'i f Tl ... lv.ln.lninivtlin V.-msn
Algiers, Ainstcnlatn, Antwerp, AaHuwoil lElfflfii t-ro 'le, upon which,
Bangkok. Itaale, Belfast, Buenos Avres, Bor- fifSife' JSSSP, s""" ,!,wle f' 1,nL'
dcaiix, Bremeii, Itrlndisl, Boulogne, Uarcelo- Mransnil.-inn over the same ol the mails, the
na, lilix, Callao, Canton, Clwmnitz, Chlis-: ., am I in mltlonsol war ol toe United
viin. iniri,,,, i .,nii w,t i ,i- ii,e,.,., states, Hum the rale ir mile paid lor their
Dumlee. His
lulu, Hong-hong Hankow, tlaxodadl, Jerusn- 'V'", , ,,f, 'cT rr'T '"""SH- "&'
lem, K iiiagawa, Kingston, I Jamaica! I Kings- JlfJm SWf"?
Ion, (,! La KivTielle, Laguasra, l.iTds, " ''"f f' bridge, and Issue b-nids,
Leghorn, Lelpslc, Llsbbn LIviTpooh Lvnns, KJS"n, l'""'1!"1 l Inlerest, in gold or
Malaga, Mafia, Manchester, '.Mamanzas U2W!1W, ,
..J;..u '..o.,., m .ii...... sue. a. lint Hie Heht to alter or amend
.'i.ii.-,-iiie-. a,., olio-, oi'.mi ii,-. an --oai.
Periiambuio, pictoii, Port Malum, Port Said fffiKS?iiuS! S l22S5
Present, Prince Edward Wand, QueUv. o Mfi' ""'" an(' ,s"Kt ,l" U" eiions
de Janeiro, Botterdam, San Juan del Snr, San "'."VS? "aTLga. " "' "1lcl nnl
Juan, (Porto Rico, Saint John's iCaua la he re nry d A ar shall prescrlcc ; and
East, S ntlagod., lula, Port Stirnia, Rome, hc.""' '""'f IL- "nes, so kei
Singasare.Snfviiia,Soiilliamp!on,Siliit Peters- a,ll "W.iagtilas loofter reiHonabland propere
burg. Santa Cruz, (West Indies.;
Saint Thomas. Spezzla, Stuttgardt, Swa-ow, Tm the plan and sp&iiflcat rriis,
1 I .....'. e ii.-., iMiiicinn ' rio ii. ii J -.p.. .v. . , . j.
Sll 111 111. linn 'I'-nur'i.r ' '.iriloto "ruin ...... ...v ....,.-........,.,.,,, , f,,. , ,,i niiLf,
in Japan, aovon hundred and fifty dollars. under the direction and authority of said coin
Fur wages of keepers, care of offenders, and mlssioncr, to investigate c laims s?ndlng
expenses, five thousand dollars. before them, to procure evidence, to secure
For expenses Incurred in bringing homo Hie attendance ol 'witnesses on behall ol Hie
from foreign countries persons charged with government, aud to examine the same, and
crime and expense Incident thereto, Includ- to cross-examine the witnesses prodnccd by
ing loss bv exchange, five thousand dollar. claimants, ami to perform such olher duties
f or relief ami protection ot American sea-
men in foreign countries, eighty thousand dul
For expenses which may lie Incurred in ac
knoledglug the service of masters and crews
of foreign vessels in rescuing American citi
zens from rtiipyvrcck, five thousand dollars.
zo nwet tne necesary expenses!
nixiii the execution nf the neutrality act. to lie
expended under the direction or the Prcsl- specifying ihe amounts by them pild out, to
dent, in conformity with the third section of to svhom paid, when and where and for what
the act nf may first, eighteen hundredaml ten, purpose, amd the number of days employed
entitled " An'act fixing the compensation of In their duties, ane stall transmit the same,
ministers and consuls residing on the coast of duly certified, to the commissioners.
Barhars-. and for other purposes," twenty But no claim where theamoiint exceeds ten
thousand dollar. ' thousand dollars shall be examined, decided,
To meet the payment or the ninth annul in- anil reported by tbc commissioners to Con
slalment or tlie proportion contributed bv Hie grcss, except the testimony ou behall of the
Unilee Slates toward the capitalization or the claimant If such case shall have been taken
Scheldt dues, sixty-six thousand five humire l orally before the commissioners or some one
and eighty-tour dollars. ofthcni ersonally, or shall have been taken
The compensation of the chief clerk of Ihe previous lo Ihe thin day of March, eighteen
Department of Slate shall be at the rate or hundred aud seventy one, to lie used In the
two thousand five hundred dollars per an- Court of Claims or before some depart ihout of
num. beginning ssith the first ilav of July, the government.
eighteen hnndre I ami seventy-one.' SEC. 4. That the commissioners may employ
Annrnrni Mav 2-2 i7i 'hrce additional olerksol a salary of one thou-
Approve.!, Mas it, l7i. -ft, ,wo 1)lm,lml (0lnr8 . ,, 11a).
employ, at the usual rates, such assistance for
ihe short-hand reporeer as may be necessary,
from lime to time, in reporting, copying, and
IGE.XKKAL nature--No. HQ.) preparing for Congress the oral testimony
taken incases before the said commissioner.
AX ACT to authorize the construction of SEC 6. That all the expenses Incurred under
certain bridges across the Mississippi river, the provisions of this acuta!! beallowedand
and to establish the same as iiosi-roads. paid in tue same manner, and out of the same
, . appropriation provided for in tho act organ-
ttt it enacted oy the Senate and uovueof izing tbe said commissioners of claims, being
Repruenlativet of the United Stttei of anct entitled " An act making appropriations
Amerirn in .,,. ,.-) i for the support of the armv lor the year end,
Amenea tn tongrtu assembled, , Ing Jura) thlrtloth, elghtec.i and stvt',
That It stall be lawfol for the Western and ibr other purposes," approved March
Illinois Bridge Coniinv, a corporation exist- thin), eighteen hundred and seventy-one.
mg under the laws or the State of Missouri, 1 w. & That It shall bo tlie duty of the said
to build a brido-e across the Mfssisatnoi riwr cbmmlssioners of claims to receive, examine.
at the city of Qulncy, Illinois, for Ibe purpose i
"TOiufi iki nuus noii prupeny, sucil as are :
usually crossed on nagon-pridges : and abto 1
to btv on sod nvA, mM MiImi hII... 1
" j' VI lUU inlOT. lIltt.Ka
for Ihe more perfect connection of any rail-
roads that are or shall be constructed to the
said river at or opposite said point, and that, :
when constructed, all persona and property :
as aforesaid, and ah n all trains of all roads ;
lermiuaungatsatd river, at or opposite sahl
point, shall be allosved tocross said bridge i
for reasonable compensation Jo be made to 1
the owners of said hri,l ,,J5 s. ii-uT!
lion and condllions herdnafter provided; and
n case of any litigation or alleged obsirntion
to the free navigation of said river, tlie cause
may lie tried before the district court of the
United States or any Slate In which any por
thMi ol said olist ruction or bridge touches ; and
ma; an ratisvay companies desiring to use the
said bridge shall ham and h eniiibd i . . - .
Usui ami prive icges in the passage of the
same, and In ih w ,,r th.. ...i... ...a
fixtures thereof and or all the approaches
thereto, under and upon such lerms and con
dillons a stall lie prescribed bv the Socreto-
ui nar, upon ucariug tne allegations and
proof, of tne parties lu can tbey shall not
agree. t
SI c. 3. That said bridge may, at Ihe option
of Ihe cnmdauy building Ibe same, lie built
oil her as a pin draw-bridge, or with un
broken or. continuous ssms; Provided, That
If ihe said bridge shall be. nvt'ic w ith unbroken
or contmuotta spans, u shall not lie of less
elevation, in any cose, than nuy lect above
I hlgl -waler mark, as understood lit the point
ullrvailoii, lo ibe bottom chord of the WruiVe
nor shall Ihe spins of said bridge lie less linn
two butibrvn ami filiv feet lu length,
and ihe piers of said bridge htall be parallel
wUh the current of the liveo, ami Ibe main
sin shall be over the main cliannet of ihe
river, and not less than three hundred feet In
length : And provided also, That If said bridge
shall lie constructed as a pivotilraw-bridgCjlhc
same rami ue cuiisiriiceii wnn i no oraw
over Ihe main clianuei ol'the river al all
; ailjoiiilgsiwns to lhc draw shall not be less
I han two humlred and fifty feet. If ihe proper
HV.I1WII vi inn " i ii i, over me cnannei w in
ndinii sins of llils width between il and Ihe
shore, ami said spans shall not be less than
thirty feet above low-water mark, ami not less
than ten feel alvc extreme high staler mark,
measuring to the bottom chord of the bridge,
and Ihe piers or aki bridge shall be para na
iinssing over ine same; nut in no case shall
I unnecessary delay occur In oiwiiing Ihe said
draw during or artev Ihe passage offiains.
I Sec, 3. That any bridge constnwted under
j this act, and according to Its limitations, shall
nea lawiui structure, and snail be known
transportation over the railroads or public
i.. - . , ., "V "
" W uruige, ami the
U,MWU "jwen p-uovb sue nrwii oi way ior
this act so as o prevent or remove all materi
al onsti uc: 10119.10 the navigation of said ris e
Secretary of War,
'r nisa prosai.ano tintii neapproyetlieplnn
T, , , ' 1 25 ' "'. 1 , IK'
built or commenced; and should any change
N- ma le in Hie plan of said bridge durlnir Hie
progress of the svork thereon, such change
shad lie subject to Ihe approval ol' ihe Secreta
ry of War ;und all changes In the construction
or any alteration of said bridge, thai mav lie
directed at any lime by Congress, shall bo
made at the cost and expense ol'the owners
SEc. 7. That the YVarsasv antl Alexander
Bridge Company, (heir successors and assigns,
a corratlon existing under and bv virtue of
the laws of the'-ta'e of Missouri, be, and Is
hereby, anthnri.ed to construct and maintain
a bridge over the Mississippi river at and bo
tweeu the eitv of Warsaw, in Hanuock conn
ly, and Slate of Illinois, ami the eitv of Alex
andria, in Clark counts, and Slate of Missouri:
and the bridge authorized to be built by Ibis
section is hereby deelare I to be a post-route,
and shall havea'll Ihe privileges anil be subject
loall the terms, re-driclinns, ami reqotrmenls
contained In Ihe foregoing seel Ions of this
act : Provided, That the construction of tlie
bridge mentioned In this scciiou shall lie cm
meuced within eighteen months after the i
sage or Ihls act.
Approved, May 17, 1872.
AN ACT to aulhorize the ctanmissiniicrs of
claim to apii nt special commissioners to
lake testimony, ami for olher purposes.
He it enoeted ty the Semite aud Ihm nj
IttpreeeHtalicce . the United Stattt .,'
Ameri,. , c,m.jn,uml,Mi
Tlmt thecinnmlislniiersofclaimithall have
authority to appoint special commissioners tn
lake lesibnony, to be used In cases pending
before them, svhoshull have authority lo ad-
minister o.u lis and allirmalions, ami to lake
Ihe depoahinusof witnesses: Provided, The
claimeiits shall pay Ihe. lees of su ch siecial
commissioners lor taking the depositions of
witnesses called b theni; bill such fees stall
In no easo excewl leu cuiiki per folio if the
claim U leas than one thousand dollars,
Skij.4. That anv person who shall knosv-
Ingly and wilfully swear falsely before lb
"""l conimbwioner of claims, or either of
them, or before any special commissioner a-
pobiti-l by virtue ot this act, In any matter or
eiaim penning ixtiore sard conmuasioners.sha
la: deemed guilty of perjury, and, on convic
tion thereof, shall be punished in Hie same
manner presc.rllicd by law in cases of wilful
and corrupt perjury.
Sec. 3. That ihe commissioners of c'ahns
may apiiolut awl crap oy agents, but not more
than three at any time, whose duts It shall be.
may ue require i oi uieni nv saui cuinmis-
sinner, svho may discharge Ihem at anv ume.
ine sari agenis snail oe allowed ineir actual
aud necesseay traveling expenses; the expen
se paid out In liiyestlguliugcUilms, procuring
witnesses, and taking lestltnnny, audsix dol
lars per day while employed In the discharge
of their duties ; Of all which, at (he end ol each
month, they shall make a statement In detail.
and consider the Justice and validly of such
claims as aiwit uv uivukiu usuui c in. t- oi luuev
cltlzeus who remained loyal adherents to tho
.m, mlimiwvninanl nf I !u TtnllMl MIbIim
Ml.' p .- v ....... ------ I
during the svar, for stores or supplies taken or
furnished during the rebellion for tbe use of
the navy of tlie United States, in the same
manner and with tho like effect as they are
now required by law to do In the case of
steres or supplies taken or furnished rrr ine
uscof the army.
Annroved Mav 11. 1872
Approsen, amy ii, wiz.
AN ACf to establish the pay of enlisted
men of the army.
lie It enacted by the Senate and House of
Rcpresen'ntheeof the United States of Amei
tea is Congress assembled.
That from and after tbe first day of July,
eighteen hundred ami seventy-two, tbe
inoiiihlv nay of ihe follosvliur enlisted men
of tbe army shall, during the first torm of on
-n. in oc -no in oi in III
'(ttiienl, Ik a fotb-ws, w idi tne cnritigenl ad
dillons Hjercto, berrlnaftex iirovlilcd:
sergeant mijor of ciivalrs, artll eri. and
Inlaniry, twelitys hrce dol'ars.
t.iialerniuster sergeants of cava'rv, artill
ery, ami inlaniry, I wonty-lhree dollars.
t hlcl iriimpolvrb of eavaJrv, lwenlv-tw
Priuclial mUsU'laiisi farllllerv and infant-ry.isveiili-twodoi
Saddler sergean.B of dtvalrj. twemv-iwo
First sergeants of cava'rv, artillery, and
Inlaniry. lu enis -: wo dollars,
S:rgcants of cavalrv, arllllerv, and infant
ry, seventeen dollars.
Corirals of cavalry and light nrallcn,
llileen dollars.
Corporals of artillery and bifautrv, ilfttcn
Saddlers of oavalry, fifteen rtol'ars.
If acksmllli and larrltrs of cavain . flfiei n
Triimpo'ers of cavalry, llilrteen dollars.
Miidlclaosof artillery and Infantry, fhlri oca
dnl rs.
Privates of cavalry, ar'illen, and int'anl
iv. thirteen dollars.
Huspltal slew-ants, lu-st class, thirty dollars.
Iln pi al siewards.secoud das, twetilv-twc
Hespirai stesvanls, third class, fwehlv ilo!
lar. Orrlinfintie sergeauls of isis, ihlnv-funr
dul lilt s.
Sergcanl mayor of engineer, ihlriv-six
Quartermaster sergeant oi engineers,
ihirty-slx dollars.
Seargcnt of engineers and ordb.ancc, thirty-four
Corporals of engineers and ordinance,
tsvcnly dollars.
Musicians of engineers, tlilrtoon dollar.
Privates (flrt class ol ehgliieeisnml ordi
nance, seventeen dollars.
Pilvntba (second class; of engineer and or
dlnauee. tblileen dnllars.
Si.u. 4 That lo the rates of iv above -
lab i.-tnsl ooi, ilo I u . .... o,..iiii. ....I I . ea.i
" - -i iii. in, i rutin of illlucni
lor the Ihiril year of enlistment, one dollar
more pur month for tho fonrih your, und one
dollar more per inuiilh for liiih "soar, making
lu all three dollars' increase per month for
the last year of the llrsl enlistment ol each
enlisted man named In i lie lirst section of Hits
act. But this i noreuse shall be com-idertil as
retained pav, and shall not lie paid In Ihe sol
dier until Id- discharge from, the service, and
shall by forfeited unless he shall have served
honestly and fatiht'ully tn the dale of dis
charge. And all former law concerning re
talnel pay for privates of Ihe arms are here
by rescinded.
Sec. 3. That all the enlisted men enumera
ted in the first secllon of this net svho have
rc-cn!lated or who stall hereafter re-eullst
under the provision of ihe act of August
fourth, etghjeou Immired and fills -lour, shall
be ld at Hie rates allowed In i he second
section of ibis act m those serving in ihe llllh
vear ul their first enlistment: Provided,
ftat oue dollar cr month shall be retained
from the pas- ol' the re-enlisted men, of
whatever grade, name I in the first section of
this act. during the whole perfol of Iheir rc
cnllslment, to Is; pall lo the soldier ou his dis
charge, lnit lo be forfeited unless he shall
lave served honestly and falihlullv In the date
(.f discharge.
Sue, 4. That enlisted men, nosv in the ser-
,'l.lfl .li.'ill m...ilin II... hi... ..i .u... ui.Ul.1 1
, .mv, ........ .1.. . ' . ynj ei-tiioii.-iiuii
: in this aci accoriling to the length of their
wriwi unit owning cuiiuuue i in i ills aci
shall be construed ,a affecting the addliioiutl
monthly pas allowed for re enlistment
by lhc act ol August fourth, eighteen hundred
and fifty-four.
Approved, May II, WM,
tfiENEBAL NAri'HK -No. 6B.J
AN ACT to i s abllsh a system of deposits, lo
prevent iiesenio", ami e evaie ine coiuu.loti
J thi
me iuuk ami itie oi the arms .
'( entitled bit the Srnilte und Ihmtt
Hcprtieiihitirtt of tin- United Slates uf Asicr
leu in Ciiiujre assembled,
That any enlisted man of the armv may de
p isit Ills savings. In sums not les- Hutu' five
dollars, Willi any army paymaster, who shall
lunil-h htraadcpnsit-liook, In which shall be
entered tlie name ol ihe )aymatcraiid of lie
isihucr, aud the amount, date and place of
such dejiosit. Tlie money so ilcposiied shall
be accounted for iu Hie same manner as other
public fundi, and shall pass o the ctoIU of
Ihe appropriation for tlie pav of the armv,
and stall not be suliject to forfeiture by sen
tence of court-martial, but shall be forfeited
by desertion, and shall not be permitted to
lie paid uniil final laymen! on discharge, or
to Ihe heirs or representatives of a deceased
soldier, and that such deposit be e n-nipt from
liability for such soldier's debts: Provided,
That tlie government nail be liable for the
amouut deposited to the ersoii so dcimsitlng
Ihe same.
Sec. 2. Thai for any sums of not less (hart
filly dollars so deposiied lor tlie period of six
months, or longer, the soldier, on Ids final
discharge, shall la: id interest at tbe rate of
tour per centum per annum.
Sec. 3. That Ihe money value of all c lothing
overdrawn by tne soldier beyond ids allow
ance spjll be charged against him, everv six
nsunlns, on the muster-roll of hicumpauv,or
on his llnal statements if sooner dlscliarged.
The amount due him for clothing, lie having
drawn less than his allosvaiicc, stall not be
paid to him until Ills Una! discharge from tire
Sec. 4: That the system of deposits liereln
established shall be carried Intnexccutlon un
der such regulations as mav be established
by the Secretary of War.
Sec. . That tlieamniinls of deposits and
clothing balances accumulated to the soldier's
credit umlcr the provisions of sections one
and three of ihls act shallw hen payable to
the soldier upon his discharge, to be paltl out
of the appropriations for " pay of the army"
for the then current fiscal vear.
Six-. . Tnat allactsamfjiartBOf actsincon
slstcnt with the provisions or this act are
Approved, May 13, 1872.
General natuhe No. 72.1
AN ACT to fix the times for holding United
Slates courts in lhc eighth circuit.
Ue it enacted by the Senate and House
of Representatives of the United States of
America in Congress assembled,
That tho circuit court or the United stales
for Ihe several districts comprising the eighth
judicial circuit shall hereafter be hekl as fol
lows; Missoum.-In tho districts of Missouri,
commencing on the third Monday of March
aud the third Monday of September iu cucu
Akkansaih. -In the eastern district of Ar
kansas, commencing on Ihe second Mounts'
of April and the fourth Monday of October lii
each year.
Nebraska.- In the district of Neurassa.
commencing on the first Monday In May ana
the second Monday in November in each
low A.- Iii the district or Iowa, commencing
on Hie second Monday of May and the Becond
Monday of October In each year.
Kansas. - In tho district of Kansas, com
mencing on the first Monday of June and the
fourth Monday of November In each year.
MlNSEsoTA.-In tbe district of Minnesota,
commencing on tbe third Monday in Juue
and the second Monday of December in each
Sec. 2. That this act rhall lake effect on the
first day of July, eighteen bundled and seven
two; and all acts prescribing other times for
holding the terms of said courts are, so far as
they conflict with this act are hereby repealed.
Sec. 3. That ho action, suit, proceeding, or
process In any of the said courts shall abate
or be rendered Invalid by reason of this act,
but the same shall, in the several districts, be
deemed to be returnable to, pending and tria
ble In, the lerms and circuit courts hereby es
tablished, nextafter the return day thereof.
Approved, May 21, 1WT2.
(General nature- No. 88.)
An act to regulate the salary of the consul at
Tien Tsln, Chiua.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the Unittd Sktet of
America in Congress assembled,
That the salary or the Unlied States consul
at Tien Tsln, China, stall, from and after the
passage of this act, be l lilrty-flve hundred dol
iarsjand the law roguiutlngtheiluliesor sal
aried consuls shall govern said oonaul.
Approved, May 17, 1872.