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Kaiiroad M atters. Work on the That Sack or Fi.oiu. We are in- A CiiaxoK ros tiijj Worst.. Joe
0. 6k C. Railroad is steadily progress-1 debtwl to the Mean. Klkins Bros., of Teal i- liorrified. indeed tlie English
big, and tlie track 1 iradually length- Lebanon Flouring .Mill-, (bra sack of language (alb In Words to express hb
srKAKtN't 1'oN'i'iiiT. Una. Joseph
(.;. Wilson, Republican candidate for
Migraw, and lbm. John Burnett,
licmocralic candidate fur Cotigress
will address the cttbeus of (Ms city
this Friday evening at the Court
House, o,i political matters It i
Hoped that a genets) attendance "ill
' t tlie two cmtdluatee ibr Congres
sional honor".
piling and stretching out toward tlie i their custom-made floor a very siipe
t'alifornia line. The mails and pas- rlor article, a brand that We can hear
sengers are now carried by rail thirty j tily recommend. We have taken oc
mllea beyond Eugene City, and before easlon to mention this mill enterprise
many weeks the shrill whistle of the Jon one or move occasions In tliese col
locomotive will awaken the citizens of imius, ami are pleased to chronicle the
Oakland sixty mites from Eugene to i fact that the mill, after a two week's
a full realization of the fact that they mu, has given the highest satisfaction,
are in the enjoyment of railroad fccili- The mill I- entirely now. i- furnished
us (oi vn k.;i i m i, t o.v
In pursuance of tlie action of tlie
(.rami Oi'emv;. On next Monday
Mr-. II. D. Godley will open her new
block of spring and slimmer millinery,
jjj glials h.u-. bonnets, etc. She
hi - tlie largest and i'-t selected as
sortment of goods in her line ever
I atghi to this olty, and among tliem
- ;ue rich and rare uoveltiw that can
not fail to please her but) customers.
A general Invitation i- extended to
the ladles of Albany and vicinity t"
call at her establishment on Monday
next, and carefully examine the rich
and varied assortment she bits secured
to meet their wants at this sca.-on of
the year. She has the very latest
styles in trimmings, ote.. warranting
C ,tire satlsftctlotl to all w ho favor her
v thou1 orders.
Precinct Mr.ritNi;. The Repuhli
i nof Albany precinct met In con-
ition mi last Saturday afternoon, at
the Court House. Mr. .la-. Flnlaysou
w elected Chairman, and Messrs,
V in. Miller and I'rof. Sncs. Nevreta
ries. Following are tile delegates j
elected to the Cfatuty Convention,
which convenes :it H A. M. to-mor-'
r: John Oaliter, Geo. P. Settlemler,
Walter Ketchum. ' !' Dawson, l.
M. lluuupsou. Charley ilea ley. Win.
M Hi r. & t'roman, M. C. George and i
J. c. Powell. A Precinct ExceiUlve
i 'm u.::' ', consisting of C. Mealey,
i ime- Fiiilaysou and Coll. Van Cleve,
w.ere appointetl. The precinct nomi-
i ..imi- were: For .lu-iiee of the
I ice. M. L. Carotliers and ;. W.
' rnon. For Constables, Geo. Welter
ii . I Ellas Fanning,
ties. It is confidently asserted thai
before Winter -d ill set In, the road
will be completed and the trains nut
nlng daily to a point sixty miles south
of Oakland, There will (hen he com
pleted and in running order some two
hundred and titty miles of road.
There will then remain probably mi
mure than seventy-five miles to com
plete the road to th&Califomla line,
Should as much e icrgy ! shown by
the Company tout l olling tile Califor-j
n!a einl of (he iwiil as at this, next
Summer will witness a con tittotis line
of railway connecting Portland, Or.,
with Sacrament i, California.
C' M'NTV ' W EXTK 'S. The ReiMtb-
llcaii County Conveurioti unit- to-nienl
morrow, at II o'clock A. M.. r", r lite Ttlrr
purpose of nominating candidates tin
w ith two rim of stone and a chopper,
tin' necessary power for running W hich
is furnished bv a 5 Much l.i tl'el wheel.
Gkn. K. h. ApH.Eoate. We see
that tin- gentleman, having been re
ijnested to address the people of Eu
gene mi i be prteut political duration,
will hold forth in the Court House
there to-morrow night, There arc
few men better qualified to show up
the "possum-" at (bis tini,. than the
General, and we hope that he mnj be
secured for an address in this city at
an early dav.
..... .i . , .. , ,, , . ,l .
awrni tear oi nwi nnim mm ryra.ii-, n,.ptliiiican Central Committee of
cal monopolist. Bon. Ilnlladav the j ,. , ,, , ,,
man who is denopnlaling the State""' l'"-M mmty rnrwaHiiur . nnmmi.!(.inl, Mannkn.ri
rltv, hy build- """""" 11 " ne tieiu in Hie Coiut 1 ul ""'"uiauuiumioijiuu t'ltilbuaiili
House In Albany, on j . Aweiit fVtrtli.-.ii!.'.ri In . , i, !,n,t.-,i isain
Siilnniny, April aoth, Ma, , VAGOS, ttll-I nil kiiutx i.f .VOJIK'CJ.TCK-
at in oVhxk A. M., for the thriW-1 HMMiBSwi.
pose of noini'tathig the following can-1 Omtimmeiits watrltat.
didates lor comity officers, to-Wlt:! HW WW, hi die town of Shodil, tor
Five Kemtseiimtlves. 1 Countv .Imh'e, I mie
iOoitiinlsaiolier I Cli ik. 1 sherllf 1
'JVeasiirer, I Scliool Superintendent. 1 '
Assessor. 1 Surveyor, iiml 1 Coroner,
and for Hie appointment of a Countv i
Central Committee, and for the trans
action of such other budnesss as may
conic before the Convention.
and nol-oninS its pro-peri
lug two lines oi railroad up the Wil
lamette villi y. and running a line of
steamboats up the Willamette river
we u l.e i- so fearful that Holladay
will grind our people into powder un
der (ib oppressive monopoly heel, that
he mines up here Into I. inn county
and rtks our people to give htm, ('of.
toe Teal, drover's big lujnn, a cliamv
in become a griiiding monojioHst nbo.
lie naivelv. and with child-like sim
plicity, (isks "in people to promise
him. oil condition that he Ihii-hcs the
it i iregou i ity. a uioiiopiy ,,i the i iiepul
at their ii-tial places of votin
several ureciucts, on Satllf
oini.e' tr.nie on tne it inainctle riv
er! lie reasons tlius: I, ,foe Teal.
,!!i: i I leiu.'rrit ; a monopoly in tlie
hands ol a lleuiocrat or IVmoerats.
all right: tlierefore give me the mon
opoly of the river, and I'll plav Ben
lloliaday ot'll ; tllell I'll play big, I'll
be a grinding monopolist ; hut as it
will lie a inonopuly run In the Interest
of a Democrat, ol course there can Ik1
no objection, Us Democracy only ob
jects to monopoly when in' the hands
of the Radicals.
Ni:w ADvEirrlsKJifijCT. We call
rcial ,'lttentloil to the new adverti-e-
m this i-ue of Mr. George
. lie (as we elsewhere sfafel
i splendid outfit of an kinds, 'ari-
COS. I In' snc-
puhlicflii party
hi these nouil
i 'u put in the
ii lie active,
ble men who
id the party's
a lag hope of
i the various county on
' cess or defeat of the U
in I. inn county lutligs
nations. Should the i
Held by the Convent
zealous, honest and cap
ill iwrf for their own
success then there Is
success, lint they must be true men.
men tint hive a clear record, men
that hive been (run to the party
through thick and thin these are tlie
men who cm win. and these only.
Let the Convention look to it Hint
such, and such only, are nominated)
and all will he well.
owns Them. It Is asserted
Democrats in this city that -foe Teal
owns the Democratic I.egidative tick
et of, I. inn county that he carries
their votes in bis breeches Docket.
eties. styles anil prices of l;o,U iVum I " '' """ unpen mat it our t icmocratic
snk tlresses to shoe-strings, trm
dix'ss coat to a toothplckros w ell a
grocerles, hardware, wooden ware,
carpets, oil cloths, curtains, etc., at
very low rates, If von want bariaiius
in good goods, go to Turrell's,
i menus worn, I nei-i-t in tollowin.r the
example -( t them by their Democratic
brethrettspf the last Legislature, tliey
would at least have exercised a little
tmon sense and Judgment as to
their purciinscr. But it seems there's
no accounting for tastes!
leans are ivotiested to meet
in their
IV. the
bith daV of April. !s72, for-the pur
pose "t cnoosiiig delegates to represent
them in the County Convention. The
several precincts will be entitled io
delegates in such Countv Convention
as follows!
Albany io
Peoria 4
Selo 3
lrownsvll!e 5
Orleans 3
Brush reek I
Waterloo j
lcbauou , 4
t enter ;
Santiani 1
llarrisbtirg :i
Syracusn., i
Sweel Home 1
Franklin Unite 1
Total number delegates 42
Xo. front Mrcel, PordMHl, Or.
K19 ii estate in tiiucrrv 4h.i k - c
I POB'fb IN II, in the iii,i-i ile-hiilile timil,
I ties, txHIsfslliw of LOTS, ITAI.F Itl.iH Ks
and Hlsa Kn nivl'&KHmul sTotjifl; au,
mnijbvmi t akms, nii vntulwe ut-
cnltlvntol EAXlis, iiRHteJ in all purtsof
the STATU for SALE.
j KKAJ. estati:. met other pronrh.
I pnreliiiseiHiir(-(n'iesMiinteii!s. in t hi-. TT'V
and IHrnibhoill the s'l'ATK and TKIIKI
: TORIKA u itli itmu mre mid on the luosl
KlJI'SES hihI TOR KM leiiseil. Low
SI BHTIOSS I'IMWTI.V . ,11.1.1m 11 1
nnrt n fenenil KIN AM' ami A1.1.M I
n,, iot intiiN'teien.
AUKXTSof this OfTIOR, t.i nil IlieCl
TIESainl Towns , tt. STVTE. re.
wive descrfntloiis ot FARM t'ltill'KRTV
iwict foranl the wine to tlie hIhjvc ml
lre,. -wV3
chr. c. Committee,
GorxG Kast. Our old friend and
eilcw-cltiaeu Mr. P. V. Spink, ac
( ' innnied by his little boy, starts for
old Vermont next week, on a visit to
ttifj old homestead. Mr. N. Wright.
I t e of the firm of AltllOUSe A 1 o., of
t '- city, at tlie same time, goes to
Illinois. Mr. Bit h and wife, of I'enn
syivauta, who have been spending tlie
Winter here with friends, gi on the
s.;i- train, for their home in old Peilll-
ivanli, accoinpauied by Mrs. Mc
( rmick, of tlii- county. Messrs.
C and Merril. the former late in tlie
employ of the O.AC. Railroad Co..
and the latter tor some moi tlis past
clerking tor VI, II. Kuhu A Co., re
turn to the Ka-t in a few days. We
wish tbein all a pleasant journey, and
h '.i tint all of them will find it to
1.1 ir interest to retmn to 1 ivgsi.
An Ikvitatios. Having returned
from San Francisco viiih a splendid
assortment ol choice millinery, ele
gant hats, flowers, fringes trimmings,
and an oinlle" variety of tasty goods
de1uand.1l by tlie ladies of this vicini
ty. Mrs. Bridgeflirmer takes the earli
est opportunity of inviting the ladies
to-call and see for themselves, as -he
feels confident tint, after examining
the piality. style and prices of her new
goods, -he will secure their patronage.
The ladies, of course, will not bp slow
to accept the invitation. Remember
the place Frst street, below Brottlal-biu.
Chance of Firm. Mr. X S. D11
Boise, grocer, on tir-i street west of
the Bank, has sold a half Interest in
his thriving business to Mr. 1'. II.
M'Culloch, an active young man of
tine business qualifications, and we
expeet the business hereafter to he
pushed witli vigor. Success to tlie
new til in. a
L. Cheadle, Bap, leaves us for ju
get Sound, where he proposes to take
up Ills residence. Mr. Cheadle Is an
energetic, honest, ami capable busi
ness man. and while we are sorry to
lose him. we congratulate the Sounders
on securing so good a man as a citizen.
Thanks. We are indebted to
A. W. Sweeney for a copy of
M iKrvllitiieotet.
All unsophisticated constituent
from West train In lately called on
"Memorial Address of the Life and his member of Congress in Washing-
Character of Ahmlmm f n.e.,l,. ,w '"ii. who. accotihng to custom, sliook
livered liefore both Nouses of (
gres. on the 12th ot February, 18,1(1,
by Flon. Oporjre Bancroft one ot tin
most, perfect
in tlie Bngllsli
A Bid TllIST.. The Oood Templars
of this city propose to have a big time
on the evening ot tlie 6th of May. at
their hall. The entertainment will
consist of charades, tableaux, dia
logues, declamations recitations
cal and instrumental music, etc.
the entertainment is given to enable
the Lodge" to purchase a new organ,
Extension Taulks. Charles Mea
ley has just finished a new lot of neat,
Strang and handy extension tables
and they are just as pretty as pinks.
Charley is constantly manufacturing
new styles of furniture, cabinet ware,
softs, chairs, and an endless variety of
Useful and ornamental leters needed
in the hoiiies of our citizens. On and
see them, and you wouldn't lie with
out them. Prices very low.
Otui Fellows' Celf-bratiox.
The Oild Fellows of fills citv have ac
cepted an invitation to celebrate the
coining anniversary (27th lust.) nt
Aurora. The fare for the round trip
will lie ;!. Trains will arrive at Au
rora at 0.3.1 A. M.; returning leave at
:i,30 IV M.. giving aboat six hours in
which to "celebrate."
Failed to Reach him in Time,
It is to lie regretted that the ilemijoii
of whisky, sent up from Portland for
foe Teal, filled to reach her early
enough for him to "till up" his keg
before making bis big sjieecb Wednes
day night. This accounts for bis fail
ure as a speeclllst,
an admission fee of tiftv cents will !
Pathfinder. This noted animal,
a French Morgan, owned by Mr. Put. j
Smith, is now at the stables ,.f Messrs.
Marshall & Schlosser in this citv. !
v0 ivhere all lovers of fine stock can sec '
mu-ic. etc. As ,1 ,,.,,; i.i,., ,. . u, .....
season liere and at Corvallls. Path-1
I'mder is a Weil-muscled, ttiiedookhiit
The contemplated picnic of the Al
bany Fire Company will transpire at
the Linn County Fair 0 rounds an
excellent place.
' him warmly by ihe baud and said.
,,, "Come up to the Capitol while we are
1:1 session, and I II give you a sent on
the floor of the Ihm-c." "Wall. no.
I thank you," -aid the constituent,
poor a I am 1 always manage to
have a cheer to set on at home, and I
hain't come to Washington to set on the
A story is told of a soldier who was
frozen in Siberia. His last remark
was, "It is ex ." He then froze as
still' as marble. In the summer of
N0 some physicians found him, after
having lain frozen tor one hundred ami
fifteen years. They gradually thawed
him. and upon animation being restor
ed hi' concluded his sentence with
'eecdingly cold."
The other evening a gentleman acci
dentally gave a boot-hlackn live-dollar
piece, mistaking it in the dusk for a
cent, 1 he hoc discovered the error at
: once, and what did the noble little tel- I
low do;' Ouietlv put it in his pocket I
and-siav not liiug ? No; spurred hv a I
impulse, he called all his comrades and ! Htssto, in parbconMst of :
generously spent everv penny of it in
peanut-and leillOll-beer. SPBIXU 4 9CMMBII DRESS HOOPS,
A teacher in an Illinois school dls- simiin'i. simwh1
' trict received the following excuse one j latest styles.)
1 i nv from an 1111 i;uatit natron : "miss : ,',""- 1 iiii.ukkns
FruncHcn, wiili n hirite nn I exfenlvo
IKldlllon lo llUstld'l,, which lie is now sel
; 1 ins; at the
111 i.. April 1.1. s,-j. ,mu i want vontosiiieflv nnderslanil
Kl. IIeiiisteh: Tlie Republicans that you bant boss of my ( 'hildren 11 if
of Orleans 1'ivcinet held their nrimarv ! von keap inarm tor lien late you Will
meeting on the 1.1th hist., In accord-1 S4 K','
Slice witli the call of the County Coin- j m M,i ,.
I Ho-ieiv.
Km moves, .white, black A colorMl
u nenu not timiK ee are
fee bant Wee liv inn free
cluirgetl at the door,
be expected.
-V big time may ,li
horse, sixteen hand- high, and Weigh-
m it tee.
1". M. Pvinehart. ,Tohll Itlevetis. .fas.
McCoy and C. P. Hogne wereelectisl
lug from 1,280 to 1,300 pounds. He delegates to represent Orleans in the
A ' oau'I.ete Stock. Mosrs. Rulm
i$ '". Iiavu opened an immense stock
el goods in their line, embracing ninny
novelties entirely new In this market.
In tlie lino of wagon timber their
- !, i-very lull; in iron and steel
they hi ve a larger assortment than ev
er: in tlie line of Caroeufer's and
I is a giMl trotter, having made his
Ceo. Tuirell, ra"e Here a chance for
I door west of 'hose who wish to improve their stuck
"f. has receiv-
; 01 norses mat suomu not ne overtooK-
' etl If enls vnrtr ltt,lu Ia l'.u.,l
and rear a line, thoroughbred animal,
than it does aCayuse; and the blooded
at the brick store, secom
Broadalbiu on First ntn
ed anil oiened as complete and ele
gant an assortment of dry gmsls as is
to lie found in the citv. All the latest.
styles in ladies dress goods, clothing, ""'mal commands a big price in any
, ,, , , , ' .. , market. Look to vour interests in
etc.. ere.. : ve tn in. luriuil ,.n Ms ... .. J
1 ' " tins niatrer.
shelves, which can he obtained for! A storekeanei-nt Onhiec. Mleh.. .hnsl
tools they have added cash or produce at living rates. Ifc Pi:i:.-onai,. The wife of S, Banni ing a plip which habitually upset tin
features-some of tlie invites n t examine bis stocknd ' is rapidly recovering her usual health. 1 1".'1." f'w '". rem ol the store.
, in,, in, 1 I , , 1 ,l. - I,,,-," 111 J!,- - 1,1
linces. i its a now . ..1... r.
coining ( oimty Convention.
John McCoy, Eso,., was nominated
f a- Justice of the Peace, and John
Tethero for Constable, of our Precinc',
and we intend to give them, and the
republican ticket stntight through, a
good round hundred votes next dune.
Yours Truly.
11.1:1V new
handsomest looking saws. etc.. we
have ever lieheld : their assortment of
(able cntleiy is large and of tlie best
make; in pocket cutlery they have
the very l--t eier brought to this
11Y, rllet: then they have what they
term kitchen saw- ju-t tlie handiest
(hiogs in tlie world to have in the
bouse : and swinging baskets for moss
r i s. etc.: an entire new thing in the
way "fa gate latch : linen, cotton and
iiilk fishing lines, am splendid tl-biug
tackle; gun and pistol cartrlges, and
Iiunthig paraphmnatin ; sausage cut
ters : new thing in axos. callisl the
Kureka a full assortment : and a
hundred other tilings tliiit -Imtihl lie
seen to be appreciated. A call at
their establishment will give you some
idea of tlie extent and variety of the
go"l- they offer for saUfc all at the
lowest cash rates.
Trimmiii&s, Friau:es & Embroidery.
Internal Revexie. Thus. M.
pain: a
o again. Last weeK the animal again
spilled the paint, and. observing that
is one of the first educators ! mrtvr "?r Wp11 1,1 vva,","'T
j .1 i ,i-i, niiei , 1 1 ii- ui .cue poi1 l ii""eii 111-
i own nose in the mixture, and ran howl-
fhos. M. c.ale. U. S. Assessor for iiurout thehackwav.
arsons the Second Division in the Di-trict of
Oregon, shone in on us once or twice
Methuselah died of liver complaint.
Lot's wife of salt liienm. Absalom
fella victim to liairy-sipehis. Oollah
died of the stone. Hainan of the drop
sy. N'ebuchadnezzar of too much veg
etable diet, leaving Mrs. X. a grass
A Nashvillhin who went to sere
nade her and was driven up a tree by
her pa's boli-fiilled brindle bull-dog,
has written a poem to bis .folia, 111
which he advises her to sleep sweet
ly. "Aye," says he, in a sudden burst
of fury:
"And if you never wake until
My sot guitar you hear.
Von 11 shnnlxir till old Gabriel's horn
Shall break your sleep, my dear."
John Bitnyau, troubled with corns,
took his pin grimly and progressed, ! All or which he Is offering at cxeecdhi
Desdemona also took a pillow, Hamp- low mtiw.
UKTrsr a inivr
tn eiitin, new stIK'k.)
floot mid Nhoeis,
Knsketii and Woodenware,
ftp., Ac, Ac, Ac, Ac,
Prof. d. L. (lllbert, late of Oakland.
I lr.. arrived in this citv on Weilue-
. '.. 1 . n. i,cvcni)c Assessor. . ., ,.
.n ne ,1110 remain 111 cms city miring j j t,(, Stato
tlie next week, fir the purpose of
making assessments. All
Who have business with bin, will find ' 0 s, ,. m0HO6 m A gentleman in a Xew England
mu at the Post 1 mice. It will save .1 , ... ; town Mineii ms sixtn wtte. Miortly
"- alter the tuueral lie met tlie minister
teutioii to hi- duties, and is proving a who officiated, and offered him a $.1
N'o. 1 olli.ti- 'Tienhack
save , ,1,1., ..,!. re 1. i.... ,..: ..
trim , j, I t,',,,iut ,1 ,..i,, .. ...a 1 "
.....,.v .... ., j,.,, iiil,-i,:-ic,i
will reinemher this, and call early.
gomer was s,. piueii out 01 a nallonn.
duliiis Ca-sai was (s; killed in war.
.fohultodgersdled of an overdone steak.
Romeo died of heart disease, (iovern-1
or HofTuian dyed his mustache.
A Oalftsblirg farmer, whose jx-w j
rent was raised to exclaimed: !
"Great Omsar, here's a nice state of af- j
fairs the fiospcl gnhig up anil pork
going down. vVhat's to become of us?"
A man is in no dimmer as lomras he
Tile minister declined to , talks love: hut when be writes it, be is 1
e-iTParlles fnmtuhliur, I
xx our utrue stock of
loiitd call iiul
Carpets, Hxisbi,
A Pair Price. Mr. (. W. Oeorge,
of Iebanon, last week sold bis farm,
lving aUiiit one mile from that villa"
May Festival. Our fire boys arc
makiii!! HiTanitements to have a rrand
e. imo ,n c..,. .1.... aI r r
;.,. 41.) (u. ; :,. v .,.., ,M, ... ....... ...
,w, T' .' ". v 'lii. ill,: 1,11111
well improved, and contained some
four hundred acres. Thirty dollars
an acre is a very fair price for land in
Whitney has been selected as the ora
; tor of tlie day. lted shirts will coin
, maud a premium on the fourth.
i take it. savins be was not accustomed
. to accept pay lor such serv ices. The
gentleman coolly replied, ".f 11st us you
say ; hut lliat's what I've been in the
habit of paying."
that vltitlltv.
Farmixo Implements. Bead the
new advertisement of Treadwell &
(Jo.. Sau Francisco, elsewhere. Thev
Witty but severe Madame Bollver
having tried in vain to get juiy for
Mine cravats which a young fop had
..I.t ..I 1..... ... I.. ... . !.. I. .. , I.I
A. A Carotliers & Co. will soon 1 ,.. .F- . .,
, , . 10 mis -1,1c: 111 iwo dozen lancv lieu- arrangements complete lor satin polh-emen, 2tM) franc
(hrnlsliiug our citizens with bottled I do you mean? What are satin nolice-
men? a-keii the dandy. "Your cra
vats, for they takea thief bv the throat
lioi.i.o way's Pills and ointment. ! ,,,jajist nun: inid ror vamt
For Scurvy Leprosy, ami cutaneous j rrodwe.
uiirivaiiisi. 111
ises tliev are
plan's where tbe-c maladies are pn'V
illent, the cures are marvellous, for
the expulsion of pimples, blotches,
Ac., they arc unparalleled, and as a
cosmetic the Ointment stands nue
ti mil led, Soid cwrywhcif. 2.5 cents
"What pLi box or jiot.
pRECrect S'OMtXATioxs. We con
gratulate the precinct meeting of last
Savirkiy on the gHKl selection ( I wishing to purchase can make their I
m , de in the nominations tor Justices j choice. Look it over carefully.
of the IVace and ( onsUblc. kuch
iuhJ all "f tlie gentlemen selected are
sisla of their own manufacturing.
These gentlemen are among our most
.mer u i.arge variety 01 . enter,,rLsing merdmuts, ml deserve
farm machinery for .sale, and those ! JM,.W1 ,.. i1,.,1i1.,l.....i,:.1
..... Bmi.wn, ; ,,1 1 1, villi. IOIi
e.ery morning.
InfttlllMe Worm Syrup.
A young man employed in the
Xeuia (0.) powder mills went to
Springfield to spend the today, get
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c,,,. i.. Af....i.i "iiiiik. overslept mms-ii am missed
DR. Pi.i-mjieh.-A circular front the!, . , . , f. ' "r',,nf the train oil Monday morning. Had
iu.,v .nu.Tr.. i ,.uroiiiers ix lie Kent soIkt am lieen at work no
The "SixnEii", a supply of the ,
Willamette I niversitv of , Salem, in-1
ell qualified to fill the po-itious for! w ailj tK; m nvit)H to Monday niornlng, his fragmentary re-
nhldi thev a-k the suffrages of this I l' nof " PPOutment ofo. P. ,., ,,, ex.l)i)t, j mains might have been gathered tin in
' 5. . . .. S. Plmnmer. M I).. Professor of the . .... . a . .. a market laisket after the exnlnslui.
1 iiw :n.o 1 1 e eciei no e-i v ce Tin u, n r.-r ci as; m..,, ... .... .
... . .,..1.. ,n...i,n h I 8Weuoe H.vgienne in that institu-
uoo. .u inner or more competent svuioi i 1.1 1 kal. ine list 01 prcini- (.,.,
man for tlie chair could not have lieen I urns to be awardtsl at tlie next annual !
(elected, and we congratulate the UnP l''al"' of the I.hin County Aerlcnltural 1 . .Tl'? "'."S st''" tt tlie Saudwlch
Jt?j'olving upon them.
It is not safe, however, to take this as
! a precedent tor getting drunk on S1111-
I.ehanox Delegation Tlie Delegate-!
to the Kepubllcan County Con
tention to-mwrow, from I,ebanon, are
James Marks, J, W Oeorge, J. R.
(Smith and S. II. Claughton, A belt r
selection could not have been wade.
Habkangie. Col. Joe TeaJ. tlie
wan who lei HNlW Wood" h
bis pants, lmnfpta U M Court
ous Wednesday irigfit.
versity 011 its sneeess in securing the
services of Dr. Plummer.
VVEAHtEii-For the 1 t er part of
the week lias b en si p rb, ami our
tanners are putting in every minute
of time. A very large area will be
seeded to. wheat this season it is be
lieved much larger tjifin. lu any previ
ous year..
Association, is now in the bauds 0! the
Islanders is announced. It is a mi
Iriiur iiluml tin, I..IY l, l,ia, ,.lu.., fl.a
printers, and will appear In these col- i knee. The present (Uslilon Is a red
umus next iwck. string below the knee. By the way,
We understaud tliat tlie Journeymen
New ItEniESENTATivE Ei.tCTEU. j tailors in the Sandwich Islauds do not
On H'eilnesitii- o,,,i., . iv 1 strike tor waires as much as once in
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T .il, 1 .... " "
'"V'v mwcireuji Jiepres'iiiaiivn
... ,1... V -.1 ...
) MIC own 1 .OUtre 1. I). 11. r .. Wllieh 1 never Wni.w a elntr.
meets May 17th, by Albanv Iswlge wliatsiunevcr, U) takeliyderfoby after
in piw: 01 jot, tnjgmmn, re tiH'yiiau neen tnoriMigiuy vnccinitieo
sigimU i Wit, bncksliot.-Wir.
Uoostv Delivered to nuy irtof(uwn.
Slv4 rinsr St.. ALIIANV
I.lie Woor I'riiw
i.(ki I VKUV,
sold Yearly. ,-silooo
Madehv Wnller A. WOrtd, jtho tinrwt
iiiuiiiifiu'iiin roriiiniitiiit niAi lilnery In Hie
iwrlill with I'olilliiK lr, IWO wheels, mid
is value h, removing mnssPHof ci ii.lllle , U tap 1 mimnen e ts. It luil Hi. wor Wut
... ' " , ,,,. tb t"rls Kxposllion. loi'l has lonml no
fmni tlie si, , much nml bowels of efilWirn, w (.. i)mj)icl ami powerfnl, anil
even where worms 1I0 not estst.cmmol be m-a tlie mwhiiie ror this coast, every
too hlahlv ' tmateil i tonner will say who Imx one.
icw nni wimeiBn. ,. , J li-Kverj' nnuhlne lsKUiimnteeliisrei.
Eevi'i aml AK"e. lViSKHislieenmlna o- , n,.,,,, gtay the l'st. Uuy n,u WoodSi
htlftftted hy I he imweneii of worms in Iho ; lniprovnl l'rize Mower. 80I1I by
stomael, or bowels. , .norelUbotav. m pS,
n tmitmeli'l eonrse of oIUHk and fever. April 19-Xliii3
Tlie worm remedies have tieen known to . ,
cure when all other remedies Imve lulled, j OenulllV HiiIiivm
especially In children;. Hindnrs. Ironi 10 to l.i foot cut, made by
in, , A. !i,iolhens o.,wnniefiiuo , .,";..VT' " :
ime Dollar uuruOtUO'
,.,i r...o .IniwUtai. Aliwnv, nr. rnee
iiorr. rou tiir Ai i-xiTt:n.
Kneedy relief and care for Chronic Ills.
with all his linDrovvnientl, and bavlnir
ulao lHsoie's rnleni Adjiislable Beel.
. WTNoother Heaileia have tbeae lm.
provements. Take none but ibit llaiueV
iiuproveii iieuiirrs niieie ny Vnou,.
RuMCliV 'rhrosbvr,
eases by 1 he new and KlentWctrottUnent , as tamroved, is the pcrf.Tllyn of the
s ..metlced by Threshing Machine. We liavu tlieni.fniin
as praaicoioj I M to l Fneh, with new feed table lafw!
Itr. Alfwrll. .'nhoe, double Ian. elevator, double ,11s.
Iiilmmtors-, ronmilllng and Onendtiiff of
Ainrtinunis, corner m iiumaiiu mwra
8trc:s, .
No charge for eonimllntlon. Terms of
inlm.nt rw!wubh)i t'aniphleoiiwnt
etu., inftdeoi)eclttll lor the wauls
cnasf, after years ol sludv. II Inn
greater cleaning cttimulty than any other,
and is every way perns, tin Xo oilier
machine lus ever equalled the "ItnMull" :
nonin excel It.