The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, April 19, 1872, Image 1

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ALBANY, OREdON, APML 19, 1872.
NO. 88.
Vi'i n r b'-'n'H mid ytrd Strega
Dm1 ymr
six month
Mnglu copies
Three dollars.
Two dollar.
Ten cents.
Transient advertisements, per
lii lint's (.r less, iirst insertion
f2 ; incli
snlmdiinuil Inso-lion II. UW
ftd er-
llwim-nu Inserted mi the
must Iineni!
llnvlmt ireodved n. w tsi, tnt of col
ored inks, nurd a tinrdon J"1'1"'1'' 0e
lire MMWIM tocxmaitcalfkliuwol pilot
ing In n better iiuMineaiul any jwr cent
cheaper than ever I raw oflcrod in tins,
Agent tor tin- Heft.
The following gentlemen arc nutlinrtaw
to receive and receipt lor snl'mOns,
advertising, etc., for fheUKOisTiai.
Illram smli lb BarrMaiig.
O, p. Tompkins, Harrisbitrg.
Paler 1 1 'i .tie, Brownsville.
W. li. Kirk, RrowuSi tile.
J. B. Irvine. Scio.
T. II. Reynolds, Salem.
L. p. FWliei', Sun FntuclscQ,
J, p. Porter. Shedri'sSni Inn.
FleteUer Well-. Huuuii kiln, Folk t o
(,'IWS. Slckell, .lie li -onville,
D. H. StI'i'i'., M.
Physician n"i Mit a '' ",H"y; r'
S, si, 1)1' CHHf
i n tl M AS1) I'l INSTANTLY
i r
11 rcccmn::
i law -lock oi
s mill Provision,
Wood and willow ware, touaceo.
confwttouerj'. Yankee uo)ln. e
l.nUMMlu u, 1 IVllli . OlWOSlte K, I
Hill .v
SotrndnM lore. At
.1. It. StITI IIM.I.. -v' Witlll,
Allrii'js nud l'Wetor nt tniv.
;,i-invci.i'V 1 1 1m;i H '.
,i il.n i i ; o. c, ii ......... . -
l tor
iii mlii
Hll.V. Otllre ovei Hie OKI
-tivct, Portlaud, Oregou.
illice. fc'iri
Attorneys aud C'MIIIloW
4 sii s'ui.ii iTtiKS IN CHAM'EUY (L.
A Klinn notio vmililiij, Alminy. (iiwon,
foiletiHoiwand uoavejatum
pronililly nt-
tended to.
S. II. ( KANOlt.
N. It. Ill M I'll ItKY.
Notary tMililie.
AtUruey ami 'oiinellor nt taw,
Olllee in Pttn'ISh brick, il) stairs. 5v4
6EO. W. GRAf, . W
lT llllti II al Col,ee,
make- tjwi'ttl X n'ttml Jtit-jn-nr-il
Htiln tif Plttltiit Ar
oi. iul Tinh. lit-o.ili' AM.
work hi the line of Vis profession In the
Ih sI nd most appiw ed method, and at us
reasonable ili'.es as can U' had eluewlwre. 1" .idinini-lcreil tor the pain-li'ssi-stmcllouof
teeth Itilortixxl. OfntUi
J'arrWi lirlck bloek. up stairs. Ilesldeaoe
irst Uou-eson; liofCongrcgatlonaleUitrch,
flouting on tourl lKts, block. J7i-1
w. u. jo.e: n. D.,
west of teoailalbln, in lliuklmri's two
storv brick np stairs!, over tieo. Turrell's
atore. Corner Sixth anil Fer
ry streets, AllJuny,OiDou, lltl-71
siiii:Hl( AL FLUMES,
And tlriiernl Mill .naehlnorjr.
J. t
Albany, Oregon.
To introduce tile celebrated
IJiickeje Mi'wiiiK !HncIiliio.
the oly shuttle twwlng niaciilnc in Hie
Pnltod state - licensed louse the celebrated
Wilson fee I sold lor less tluin 4o, and aek
nowlialged ail lolielhelHtsI family acw
lng niacliine.' for light or heavy Hewing, in
(He Imrkot. 'mini bee. Addtvss
K. E. MIS' EB Ci).,en. Agt-..
iOVStf Albtiny, Olllgon.
KNtHlilished in 1N56.
, Freelniid,
s books, school books.
lilank book
iniioucrv. Hooks iunmrtctt
tooi'iiei'at sflill'l noti
Albany, Dec. 8, IS70,
1 ot turning; keep on hand and make to
wiler rnwhidc-liclioiiKg chair, and spin
nlug w heels. Shim near Ihe " Magnolia
mm, u John m.metzCeb.
AJbany, Nov. 8, itwa-i
Exchange Office,
idni-fc at sight. , .
Intcnwi allowed on sin coin.
Excliaiige on Purl land. Han Fiuncisco,
und Sew Vork, for Mlv nt lowest rate.
Collections madonnd prnMitljrieuittted.
MUX to II. W. C'orlictt, floury FalBllg,
W. s. Idd.
Ilatikina hours from t A. M. to 4 P. M.
Albany, Fob. 1. 1871-s:i
Monuments, Obelisks, Tombs,
IIcikI iiimI Foot StOUCS,
Executed in
.llui hie.
and Italian
j. now.
M. II. It AN V.
wow &. fKwr.,
Dealer in
Roots, Shoes, ttntl Findings
ALBAS Y, ;;.,
1 pnlillc to tiieir mil stock of tlie latest
style, in gentlemen's and youl IPs bonis,
-ins'-, trailers, oxl'onl tl -.etc., etc., as well
as to the very latest lltlna out in I he line
of indie-" an' I misses- jfUltei'S, baliiionils,
Newport tii-. Antolnelle Inisklns, and
many oilier new and fashionable style-,
jn-t iwivedat the City Hoot Sioiv, u bii b
thev will teii as nipMly a they can tin-1
' purchaser who wlh ilr-t-ela-s good at
ihe innsi reasonable nates, Tlwy roapeet
full) invite von to come and see their
i stock. DootH, slim'-, etc., madeor rvpuived
1 toonler, iindoTI m.rk oitmnU'il.
1'inl door Went of Itclster lluild'g.
! 47v3
stantly on hand a full supply of
Which will Ik- of the very finality.
The hlahesl market price iid for beeves,
hous and sheep.
Third door west of Ferrv.on -oulh side
of First street. J. L. UABIHS.
Albany, lec. 11, W71-MV4
j. w vnn it iiirji n. n.,
MY lona eximrlenoc In dlseasi's caused
by WOBMS, cannot be surpassed liy
any phvsician in Enrope or the l iilted
Stnles. 'Offlee nsiins, Nos. tisund .Hi, over
the P;t OAhv. KSr ronsallauon and
exaiultiatlons fnvqf ehargt. vtnumnii
Albtui) ColU-giaU' Inslitulo,
1 Monday, September 4. isil, w ith n corps
of teachers nuiable and earnest. Instruc
tion will lie thorough and practical, and
tlie system of order unauqiasaud. For iar
licularsnddiws II. K. WABBEN", A. M., President ;
Or. Bcv. E. It tIEABY, II, I).,Al'ain,v.
The Eyes! The Earn I
mi. T. E. .OLE!V,
OenliNl and Aurlst Albany, Oregon.
soli of I be noted
old optlialtnie doctor,
8. ('. Ooidell.
Dr. Uolden has laid
experience in ftintlng
the iiirioiisdisatses to
which tl!ce.cnnil ear are subject, and feels ;
confident of giving entire safismctlon to
liaise who may iihteellieiusebe under his
ire. April W,e. i
wk. i:. . snirir, witik'i-.
banv, and is now ready
lo wait oil the citielisof Al-
Imnvand icinil ,w Ith a new
111 veil I inn in dental work. It consists in
supiHiitingtke plate lo the mouth without
covering the whole roof, as heretofore.
Those W'lslling art Iflelal leeth are request
ed lo ntd and examine tbr tbeuiselves.
Alu nl-i.iu ,.li i u hclber IMfliilllc
iirok'enoi dlvtdeil. Teeth, extracted with-
..... ,w,l Il' -I,,,'.. Ill
work warranted. Tvl
Puper-liungiiiy, ('aleeHiining,
Dveontlinir, Ac.
M. WADBWOBTH will give prompt
, altentlou to nil orders for Par
imnging, t'uleeinlning, Itceomt lug, ftc, in
thlseltyor vicinity. All work executed
In the latest style, in the best manner, and
nt lowest living rates, fijp Inter left nt
Furniture Wnrenmm ofChas. Mnilev win
revolve prompt attention. W 4
WiSWBr-- :
The Perils ol (he Whale fishery.
A wires poiHlt'lit writes : We are
now within a cable' length of the
nearest whales a score of boot close
in on our wake ami another drip's
boat lapping upon us. Qrtui old .lohti
Daggct, our flint mate, seemed going
mail, his eyes starting from thoir sock
et s. teeth clenched, ami litu-eheaded.
I could see the veliis In his forehead
and (rreat brawny arms swell almost
to bursting, as the fever heat of the
chase came on. I pulled the after oar,
ami as he guided, the witli one
hand, his other, at every stroke,
caught my oar, throwing it against
my breast, while Ite long blade quiver
ed like a piece of springing steel.
Htill the other boat gaiued creeping
slowly abreast of us.
"Fuji, men oh, if vou love money,
pull! Don't let that boat pass us!
Oh, spring, every mother's sou of you
boys, it yon fove me, Will. A keg
of tcrbaeker among ye, if we get up
to this whale! All, lB blows! Oh,
(iod, what a lek hrondcr'n the old
wonum's parlor. Steady now, men
mil a wliitper if ye want to live !
One more strike stand no. harpooner.
Don't ye miss him. boy! look out
when lie rounds im cool, my boy,
cool give it to him!"
Down tinder my par-blade I saw a
huge black hotly, and the bout struck
something harder than a wave.
'Starn till ' slam ! I tell ye." thun
dered grim old YlcklllttS ; and I knew
ili.ti ic wore fast, ilea Vitus! how
ihe line (lew out, as, maddened with
pain, tlie llloster piiuigtn (Iowiiwium.
One two three hundred tatlioms of
line ciil. not a sound in the boat, save
the cracking ol the line as it runs
smoking around (he loggerhead, tlie
ninte tightening it every pound it
would bear every man braced ttrm
in bis seat, grasping his oar and wait
ing, liui now' the slender cord slack
ens, fun liretlaiid breathless, our prey
i- coining tip.
As I lean over the gunwale, the wa
ters were clear as crystal, and I lau
ded I ci mid see lo immense ilejitha in
I lie calm and IrattquU element. Is it
j'o-iblea more than tabled giant is
coining thence to bttttlu witli lis!1
And in a few moments will it ! bis
Hood or ours thai shall turn this pi-iht-cid
blue to turbid ei lnison f A shout
startled me. and looking around,
there, lashing t ite sen to snowdrifts,
rolled our prey. Aud what an antag-
iii. it: At least eighty tect long, auu
of huge girth, he lay on his hack (tlie
favorite way 'l lighting of tlrecncho
lot , Iris bead depressed, and jaw, full
fifteen feet long, elevated in the air
and bristling with sliarp, gleaming
white teeth. JIU roa'rinr was fearful.
Down lunar oars, and ma inouient
our mate bad his lance at work.
Keen as a razor blade, that long
thin lance found its way through hide
and sinew, iiast idled up flesh and rib.
burying its luatd in tlat very vitals of
the monster. His throes of agony
Were terrible aud pitiful. At every
buice-thnut his huge btaly would
quiver along its entire length, aud the
bright red blood, but from his heart,
rush in a torrent from his spiracle.
In vain lie turns upon us the well
trained crew slip tla; boat out from
uiuJer Iris very jaw. as lie shuts, it
down to crush us, ami as be rushea by'
; again the lance cuts its cruel way.
I No play, this kind of hunting. No
long-ranged rllles liiiil from a sale
distal ax1. A band-to-hand combat,
grapnliiig the greatest living animal
i in a lile and death struggle. .Noplace
' in that boat lor weak nerves. Tla'-e
i be earnest men, snatching subsistence
for their families from oiit of tlie sea,
and conquering its king. He strives
; to escape, but tla; iron is galling, and
spinning ten gallons of blood at every
breath, be is growing weak. Tlie
; blood baseovcred us; and our old mate
: looks like the butcher la' K Oh! old fel
low vour enemies liave closed upon
you, and know no fear. It Is your
lite or i heirs, and man triumphs over
the brute.
But now the emp k jmee Is given,
and la' Is dying. On bis side, swim
ming blindly, he sweeps grandly
around in a narrow circle, until at
last, heading toward the sun as vision
grows more and more dark, a mighty
throe shakes the huge form, a convul
sive shtlddei us in a last vain struggle
for life and a linro, unwieldy mass,
heaving upon tlie long swells, attests
man's supremacy upon water as well
a- uikhi land.
H bile we had been at work, the
other boats had not la-en idle. When
our Whale reappeared from his first plunge, the whole school had sur
rounded hint. or. in whaler's parlance,
'brought to." for there is a deal of
honest sympathy in a school of sperm
whale. A fleet of lamts da-bed in,
and each quickly selecting its prey,
commenced the work of (loath.
Tlie Mne was a jierlect pnndemotii
the whales entangled in many
triviiiif toescaoe; here one on
Ills back, his great bristling law elevat- With Assyria. In each, the battles
ed, and lines attached to other whale ' sikuIs and trophies from foreign na
woiind round and round It; tlKtrean-' turns,, are minutely represented. In
other, trying to light Iris way clear of ' each 'may be found sculptured tla!
tl! moss, dcnling tremendous blows! presentation of iieads to the victorious
with "tlukus" and fins. The siu- monarch, and a scribe carefully eurol-
romnimg in nt.s press upon tnein, me ;
lances flashing in the sunlight, the
shouting crews covered in blood, wild
wltll excitement ami joy
l. I.l..l., .
ihe waves
caught a bright red tint; we were ,
limiting in a. -.a of blood.
nut, one niter another, breaking i
away from the entangled una, went ,
into Iris "Hurry," ami, dragging after
him tlie boat, its oiliccrs still plying!
tlie lance-the monster, forsaken by
school, yielded and turned
I "(In .
up." Our ship secure- three of tlie have been rescued, are compound of
prizes, among which our boat captured j the decayed masses orbrick which fbrin
ibc king, being what Is termed a ed the principal building material of
"hundred barrel feller." At noon we
bad them aloug-idc the ship, secured
t hetii with massive chains, made sail
to gain an oiling before beginning tlie
work of cutting In.
Modem DlM-Avertca.
Much Interest ha lately been rcK
ed by tite discoveries of Mr. toyard.
tla? enterprising explorer of Assyrian
antiquities. The most remarkable re
sults have rewarded Ids sagacious and
persevering rescaa'lies. Along the T
gri. for many miles, lie a auccesaion
of vast mounds, which have long been
considered as tla; remains of the mighty
city of Nineveh. So great is the ex
tent of these ruins that it renders in
telligible (lie account of the prophet
lonah. who proceeded "into, tlie city
a day's journey" before commencing
his fearful mission.
At Konyenjik and at Nhnrod,
(whose very name seems to recall the
founder of the Assyrian empire), the
most Interesting discoveries reuaid tlie
zeal of the anlkinartan. At theHrtter
place, the remains of a beaw dam.
built of heavy masonry, still obstructs
lla river, and the tradition of the na
tives still aserilies its construction to
Ximrod. Having commenced his ex
cavations, the lalwrs of Mr. Layard
were soon rewarded by the discovery
and exhumntioii of an enormous wing
ed lyou. with a liiunan head, sculptur
ed in alabasteri "It was in admirable
pinservatioii. Tlie expression was
calm, yet majestic, and the outline of
the feiitures showed a freetlom and
knowledge of art scarcely to be looked
for in the works of so remote a period,
I was not surprised that the Anhs had
been amaed and terrified at this ap
parition. It required no stretch of im
agination to conjure up the omst
strange fancies. This gigantic head,
blanched wltll age, tlnis rising from
the bowels of the earth, might Well
have belonged to one of those fearful
beings which are pictured in tim tradi
tions of the country as appealing to
mortals, slowly ascending from tlie
regions below.
As the work was steadily pursued,
twentv-eighf balls aud galleries, tilled
witli the wonderful remain of this
strange species of civilization, were
gradually brought to light. Tlie rii
coverer was -oon able "to behold
ehatulior alter chamber, hall after ball,
unfold themselves, as it wen1, from
the bosom of the earth, aud assume
siiiij. dimensions, height. ; to Watch
the reliefs which line tlie walls cradu
ally disclosing tladr forms. As the
rubbish cleared away, the afcge aud
the Isittle and the hunting piece lav
coming more atal more distinct ; aud
the king wearing more inuiiiirsuy tie
loftv tiara, ami displaying hi undoubt
ed svuilatl of royalty ; tlie attitude of
the "priest proclaiming hi otlice, some
times his form and features, his imper
fect and eflemliiate manliooa: tin
walls of tlie besieged cities rearing their
battleuieuts, the combatants grappling
in mortal struggle ; Hie norses curvi t
iinr: tlie long procession stretching
out. slab after slab, with tin; trophic
of victory or the offering of devotion ;
above all, tlie huge symbolic aunnais,
the bulls or lions, sometimes slowly
sinmvliiiL' into liclit In their natural
form, sometimes developing in their
human heads, their outspread wings;
their downward jalrts in their gigan
tic but iiM orooortious lieavh ig off,
aa it might seem the encumbering
earth." . , ,
Many of the w alls were painted in
dazzling colors, and everywhere stat
ues, reliefs and symbolic ornaments
met the eye. Tlie entire construction
and arrangement of an ancient Assy
rian palace were disclosed. "Three
great edifices of diUereut neriiHk
adorned by sculpture ot different
characters one at tlie northwestern
corner, one la tlie center and one to
the aoutlieast revealed to Uie light of
dav tlie Nineveh nerhansof NilUKaud
Semlramis, ofShaimaascrand Senaehe
rih. of KsarliaddonandSardanaiailus."
Many curious and elaborately carved
ornaments of ivory were found in a
tnierable state of oreservatiou, and. by
a peculiar process, were restored to
thoir formensmditlon. long incri(
tions, explanatory of tlie varlouseveiits
recorded in stone, liave been carefully
copied aial engage tlie attention of an
tiquarians. Tlie list of a succession of
kings lias been detected by Mr. Iy
ard; and in his more recent excava
tion, a chamber has been discovered,
in which tablets ol terra cotta, covered
with Inscriptions, were piled in great
numbers. Jt is confidently liopod that
tte history of a large portion of man
kind, which for many ages bail appar
ently perished, may thus la; recovered,
and especially that the great chasm in
Assyrian events, which has so long
puzzled bltorlai, may be filled up.
A most remarkable correspondence
has la-en discovered between these
senfot tired representations and those
on the monuments of Kgvpt, so long
the only rival tunable ol competing
ling the number.
Apparently the most ancient monu-
inent yet discovered In Nineveh Is an
obelisk of black marbte. on which are
sculptured figures of tlie elcpUut, the
rhinoceros and a tribe of monkeys;
thus forcibly carrying lack tlie mind
to tlie time of Somlrauils, aud to her
Eastern Irophies, or perhaps those of
her successors.
Tlie vast mounds from which these
ji.kI innnn ).. ,f .....
1 ku 1 . .1 - -S
VillCI VUIVVVI in llilClKL
the city. In these "mountains of brick
rubbish'' lie whelmed the walls, the
palaces, and tlie hanging gardens
which once reared themselves so splen
didly on the banks ol the Tigris ami
The present inhabitants of this once
renowned region, tire mostly ignorant
Arabs, governed by their almost equal
ly ignorant and bigoted masters, the
Turks, Kvery obstacle (probably with
a view to extortlouj was at first placed
in the way ol the enterprising discov
erer. At one time he wa stopped, by
order of the paslia, under pretext that
he was disturbing, by his excavation-,
the tomb' of the "true lsdievers."
The appearance of a cemetery was
certainly found, hut. as It proved, con
structed by the order of the wilv gov
ernor himself. "Daoud Agha, says
Mr. nhyard, "confessed to me on our
way that he hall received orders to
make graves on the mound, and that
his troops bad la'eu employed lor two
nljrhts in bringing stones from distant
Villages for that purpose. 'We hive
destroyed more mil tombs of tlie true
qPevcrs,' said la', 'in making sham
ones, than you could have denied be
tween the Zab and Selainlyah. We
have killed our horses and ourselves in
carrying those accursed stones.' "
A Killing Widow.
A Pennsylvania paper tells of a cu
riously widow, a native of Wash
ington, hi that Shite. Kngaged for
marriage in lil to a young man
named Roberts, a clerk in her mercan
tile lather's warehouse, she was so ef
fectually discouraged from tlie alliance
by paternal threats and pride a to
discard the clerk tit, last and give her
band to a gentleman lioasting Ills own
carriage, fly a kind of poetTc justice,
AJtarbut three short months of wed
lock, the rich hiisliiitiil died of a kick
from his favorite "back." and bis
young wife's face looked prettily out
upon the world again through a wid
ow's Weeds, ".NOW," thought the
clerk, Roberts, "is my time to try
again. I'l'ovldenco favors my con
stancy, and I inu-l court the widow."
Alter two year i if coy strategy be was
(loomed to thai Ills lady-love engaged
to another once more. The second
marriage took place, and in a year
aud n half thereafter the happy pair
removed to Syracuse, w here epidemic
cholera promptly made the lady a
widow again. Roberts, slid in Iris
Washington clerkship, beard tlie news
and experienced a revival of knightly
courage. For a third (hue would he
seek the bewitching prize ; with more
siccd, but not less circumspectly than
before. His plan was to let just one
year of the small mourning elapse,
and then write the lair mourner a
terse but anient offer of his hand and
heart At the end of a twelvemonth
be did write tints, and bis answer was
an invitation to attend the wedding of
tlie widow with her late husband's
business partner. The lady, not long
after Ihe ceremony, departed with
lier liege lonl for Delrolt, Michigan.
1'wo or three years passed away, and
husband anil wife were on a steamer
which went down in a terrible winter
StOrm near Itulfalo. Amongst the
many lives lo-t was that of the hus
band : but by the gallantry and g'toil
swimming of a rich young merchant
from Pittsburg, lias widow bad her
sorely Imperiled life preserved to her,
and in a very few months afterward
he evinced her gratitude to her gallant
preserver by marrying him. It was a
foregone conclusion, of course, that
the deadly lady should survive Ibis
gentleman, too. One day a tierce of
rice falling through a holstway in Iris
store killed the nietvliant of 1'ittsburg
like a rat. Among those attracted
Irom the street by the catastrophe was
Roberts, who had come fron N ashing-
ton on business and chained to he
passing at tla1 time, simultaneously
the oft-baffled wooer realized his new
hope, and that a fleet clerk -had
already started to apprize the bereaved
wife of her fourth widowhood, lie-
solved not to be beaten again, and by a
lerk. he tore frantically away toward
the home of his old love, at breakneck
peed, and readied the fatal presence
in advance ot all other messengers.
He was recognized, told the lady of
laT loss, and l'gged to be considered
her truest and most constant friend oil
earth. So he won her at last, and
they were married within a year, the
frightful warning of the deaths of bis
ill-lated predecessors having bad no
inure effect upon him than it lie and
they were '"very different people."
(.ood Kl'l.ES h at ALL. Profane
8W6artiig is abominable. Vulgar lan
guage disgu-ting. Inqnlsitlveiiess is
offensive. Tattling is mean. Telling
lie is contemptible. Slandering is
devilish. Ignorance is disgraceful.
Avoid all vices and aim at usefulness.
This is the road in which to become
respectable. Walk In it. Never be
ashamed of honest labor. Pride is a
curse a hateful vice. Never act the
hypocrite. Keep good company.
Speak the truth at all times. Never
la; discouraged, but persevere, and
mountains will become molehills.
A Kansas lady on retiring to her
room one night, found it literally lllled
with martins, which had flown in dur
ing lier absence. Instead of harshly
turning I hem out into the cold, the
kind-hearted lady captured nearly ail
the little creatures ami liad them serv
ed up the next day jn a pot pie.
"I know what your beau's pretty
white horse's name Is, "said a little
ly to his grown up sister the other
momlng-'ws Hangye. Last night
I was outside the house when lie lo
ped at the front gate, and hoard him
mj," "Whoa, llangye."'
Heart niteaae.
There I so much eroneom belief oil
this subject, that we deem il a tilting
one to expatiate upon. And perhaps,
at the outset, we shall startle Most
person by the assertion tint many
men with heart disease cany it forty
and fifty years, and then die ftoill
some other cause entirely. That a
man has this tuTectloii. does not imply,
as many suppose, that he is "of few
days, ami full of trouble." Often
times it is of no trouble at all, even
when seriously diseased, aud it may
he carried for many a year, with titi'
tlie same lack of gymptOtlM, if care is
taken in the general habits of life.
Heart diseases are incurable as i
general ride. They are beyond tlie
reach of medicine, ju-t the same as an
amputated limb is beyond the reach of
medicine to make it 'grow out again.
Most affections of this organ are due
to some accident or disease of the
valves. It is a pump in matter of
fact, aud pumps bloisl to dlfl'creut
parts of 4t body, as any other pump
would do if aininged properly, and
placed in the same po-ltlon and It
valves are ju-t as liable to get out of
order as any metal pump would be.
If It could be gotten at, and these ini
pertcclious ami accidents attended to,
it could all be made speedily well
again ; but it cannot, and it is there
fore just a useless to attempt to cure
by the use of medicine, as it would Im
to do-e a cistern pump with oil and
poultices, arid expect n recovery when
it got a little out of Older. All thai
can bo done Is to prevent It Iroiu get
ting wor-e put up with what you
have, and tllUIlk goodness you've got
no more ; and v I i is only aecomplfili
od by strict attention to such rules a
obviate the exciting causes.
Anything which excites the heart
to increases! action, has n tendency to
induce di-ea-e. j tit a- anything which
abuses a metal pump will soon make
il useless. Violent Ireaksiof pas-ion;
severe and long continued exertion;
the intemperate use of alcoholic stimu
lant) I'lcll food and HotOIH living,
i.e., are common causes, as are also
certain diseases over which Individu
als have no immediate Control. I he
life day by day, therefore, of an Indi
vidual with disease of the bear',
should be tlu) inotlel of soberness and
propriety. He should lite cautious
live low, live temperate, lie should
take only the most nutritious and di
gestive (bod, and that in quantities
only sufficient for his. sustenance, lb
should avoid late hours and over ex
crclse, and. in fact, should do nothing,
mentally or physically, that would !.i
any way interfere with his vanillic ap
paratus. This is indispensable, all
of it, to bis continued existence. The
more religiously be attends to it the
longer he may live; the less ho at
tends to it, the shorter is his carth'y
lint some one may say, heart dis
eases are not always of o little con
sequence, and are oi'ten attended with
serinu- dropsy, and general discom
fort and misery. These are ju-t lite
cases wliera Improper nude of living
Is bringing things to a finale, and no
one need ever attain that stage if lie
"knows himself," and takes a stltcll
in time.
Wat's '.v. Name? A Frenchman,
a stranger in New Vork, -topped a lad
in the street, and politely asked :
"Mon friend, wat's ze name of i
st reel:-"
"Well, who said it wasn't?" re
plied Ihe boy.
"Wat's you call zis street?"
"( If course we do."
Panhmiezl I liave not ze name;
what vott call him ?"
Yes. Waits we call it."
"is street.'"
"Watt's street, old fellow; and
don't you try to make game of me."
"Aoiye Hum ill- Dim ! ask Villi olio.
two. tree several time, often, will you
tell 1110 ze name of ze street, ell i'"
"Watts, street. I tell you. You're
drunk, ain't you t"
Mon little fren, vereyon live, eh"
"In Vandain street."
".'i Mew..' You live in von dam
-Irect. ami you is vou d il fool :-"
And they parted, entertitiihig a
high opinion of each other's politeness.
A Pourtsmouth (N.
that then; Is a dog in
six months old. that
and will take an inti
H.) paper says
this cty, only
chews tobacco
stalling drink
whenever invited. In fact.
get "as drunk as a lord" a- often n-
has an importunity. e can hard
ly i encve u. l nnc "a loni or anv
other human being should get drunk
and dissipate In the most Insane man
ner, is not at till to be wondered at:
but that a dog or tmy other respecta
ble beast should degrade himself i
this way, is truly deplorable, and it i-
very bard for us to have our g I
Opinion of the canine race brought
down by a (lepra
Portsmouth.-- V
like Ihlsof
Gliest "JlOW conies
ill my soupi'" 11 niter :
1 have no nositive idea
tills dead liy
"III ftct, sir,
how ihe poor
llrinsr came to it- death. IV rl nips d
had not taken any food for a long
time, dashed upon -the soup, ate too
much of it. and contracted all Inflain-
mailou oi me -loiuai ii mat urungm oil
death. The fly must have a very
weak coiistitutlrn, lor when I servei
the soup if was dancing merrily on Hin
surface. Perhaps and the idea pre
sents iNelt only at this moment it
endeavored to swallow too large a
piece of vegetable! this rcmnliiliig
l'a.,1 in his throat, caused a choking In
the windpipe. This is the only rea
son I could give for the death of this