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i.iss coram- wtwvBuria cost
VEST! lost.
In pursuance of (Ik- action of tin
KqmMfcnh lenira! Onomttttt of
F.lnii county, the tfepohlkttn County
i 'mivenlloji will he held -hi (lie Court
Hou-c ill AHmuv. on
SHir,i,y, April 1Mb, isTI.
;i I u o'clock .. M.. for the tliepnr
of iwniHating; (tie follow in.: ean
i: hr. tor eoutity officer. to- !t :
Kh RenrweWnlhr 1 1 ouaty Judge,
ConmiHleK 1 Clerk. 1 KtwHff !
l :-. ban sujii
1 Surveyor, ill
ut. 1
it tlie
si vcr.
A tail, U
i.ieiu i
sen ri!
u i otiiity t
prroihew wU
ia sue! i Co:
is (bum's!
Browuv11Ie. . . .
.. 4
.. 3
.. 3
.. 8
.. I
.SHl' I lilt
M IWtTKe.; ...
.M et Ibmie.. .
k'rjinUiii Lniii; .
'ioMh-.umbar d
Clir. C. Com mil
BtmaiK6 '
oeiatloii has c
for tli" pur;
In Eict tlie
M. K.
tlon ha-
the rear
rion hopes
altere tlawm
leisure uio
kiiowledirc. rks ot blstoiT,
iiiiag Fail and
ct calculated
Infvrest t.i th
.-. a:id t)) aild
' a!i tvjio have
lUiuadty at h
I rarv Assocbu
tt'1'i.u I.v i st'iAi.i-jt. On last
nlglit smiie per -on raised one
par:"r windows of the .St.
Hotel, p aired th - contents of
of keroseneou tlie ieor. light
ch and set the oil on tire, a
e was iMtriird in the carpet
scorched, ami tite wsuboard
partly through, aiid the wall
ibly blaekemsl by the smoke
ie. The person committing
ii i-t have been in a dreadful
he left the empty bottle and
if matches on tlie wltidowslll.
ivhid nv, and went for blul,
e ti-Uovv tfcjil, a:;d getting in
ieeooxrrshophe wasiuiableto
, Srowu says lie saw a light
r'or, but supposing some one
the parlor lamp-, lie jsiid no
t" ir. It -e,.:iv tuc tire went
4 own acc
a most forth" ,
instiince for Brenner and his '
M s
Day at Lidann
1 : - of Lehfinon have projected a
, -diy party, wiiicti will doubtless
enjoyable occadon. On Wed
i i May l-t, ihc general public
eabonts are hivited toassemble in
grove adjacent to the village,
tlie usual exercises pertaining
.. l-ion-of this character, nclud
the crowning of the (pft'cn of
. will be had. Mi-s Benjamin
i e the May Queen on the oeca-
wish the citizens a real jol-
i od time, ami hope to jjay
,re of being among them on the '
V, iKCUiKJij. -A day or two ago.
First street in this city, occurred ,
A team attached to an empty
il came tearing like mad up tlie
a young man standing 0:1 the
-ees the team approaching, and
for tlie wagon instanter; while
tors hold their breath in their
e, .-xeitemeiit, lie - izes hold ot the j
u 1 p 1 a- it passet ami iigntjy vatiu-s
lutn if, -ei:s the linep, and with tluit
... !,. eomw.of -onr.Waial a
will to do. he enntrols the deihorwnsed
.mini d-. and soon bring-them liaek.
iipiwireiitly gentle as lambs, with
out d ang them, himself or other-i any
lamage whatever. And that is all of
this Incident.
,,. .... 111
air old frithd- Baefcenatos. of Pwt
fcv d was tn tt city-011 V dnsday;
Cake Presentation A Surprise. !
On Tlmr.-iLiy evening last Dr. D. B.
Rlee ws most agreeably and pleasant-
Ij lorprtted Uv tins pnwlltthli of a
ii-tiiu-onie. gold-mounted, eliouy cane,
lite cane wni presented. In a neat little
- e !,. I v 1 ,-. Tate, and was intended
a a pi
tlUg tribute of the respect and
high regard eutertained by the phy-i-cian-
of Linn county tor one of the ,
o!de-t and ataM Mieteatriil members of
;ln- pr.ft.-in on the coast, now on the
of hi- depart
new field of
r. ibc mfpriae of the recipient of
cane, ami his evident etaibarraaa
if at t'li, unlocked fur testimonial
tteem t'.om brother phyakisoa ill
iiupiv i he iriftaiul tin' wcca-ioii
, indelllily upon his memorj',
tlug tlie occasion one ever to N re
iiJivd .ii:i olt-asiuv .mil a swelling
i. it wai a .lea-ant occakm to
lie participant, and will ever ro
il gneeu in the memoir of each.
in t
A Cost'AHisos. Under Bepuhlicau
rule l.ltiti oii'.ty taxpayers paid from
Hvetoeight rent per acre las. on a
Valuation of from S4 to :j0 per acre.
Under Democratic rule they pay fVom
lifieen to thirty cents tix. on a valua
tion of from ten to twenty doHarsan
acre. A- W i.'l lie seen, under the he-
uign an "economical" rule of Demoo
racj. as real estate increases In value
So does tlie tax line. As our ! nev
cratic officials hare proven suehioor
financiers, is it not to the interest of
taxpayers to try a new set men of
more capacity and ability for the po
sition?? It is a miestion of dollars and
cents, nnd affects tlie pocket- ofeverj'
citi ten to a greater or less degree.
Bl nr.D to Award a
Our I outitiV Commissioner
i opened
the bids for the new work, advertises:
by tin in for the ten thousand dollar
jail, last week. The bids fere 2,iS10,
fLMii and $4.sia). Messrs. Frank
Wood and Milton Hale sent in tlie
lowest bid, $2,300, and t:.- Oregon
tron Works the highest. Wood ami
Hale are BepubUcans, Of course tlw
bids were all thrown nit. Comnieut .
Loss OF
i-i.i i). -' in
l Alt' mw.i: THOBOt'oa
reiKllrltig to the -'able on
(Sunday morning, Mr. Wm. Gin
font 1 a valuable thorooglibred colt,
on which he set until -tore, dead it
had cast itself nud broken it- neck.
It wa-a line appearing, well inttscleil
animal, just thirty ti-iineil for work,
:1n ! gaVO evident; of great speed.
Ghvl Miys be Would not have taken
five hundred dollars for the colt
Tire MissioxABY Coscebt At the
M. K. t hurcli. !a-t Sunday, was nitu
ntaily hiteresting. short addresses
were delivered by Messrs. J. F. Back
eu to. Or, D, Ii. Bice. dipt. X. .
Ilumiihrey and Bev. Mr. Shaw, Mr.
Clement gave u-a solo. During tin
exercises the school Children sang nu
merous choice pieces of music. Mi-s
Alice Griffin presided tit the organ to
the umprillflwl approbation of all.
There was a large atteintance of chil
dren, and unusual g'Hui order was
tuahitalueil for large an assemblage.
family leave
Agency 1. 'I
-Dr, D. Ii. Bice and
ii- for Lapwai Indian
. . in a few days. The
or ha
rd- of friends in o!d Linn
irn with sorrow that, to
I eiieflt the health of his (UmUy, he
grK- from among us. May. prosperity
attend them.
Mr. W. X. Smith, of Delta, W. T
made ii- a plea -ant call on Saturday
last. He Speaks highly of thf future
prospect ot that portion of Washlug-
ton Territory.
AVrNTEl!l-H. The weather for al
I'he good i mr).t ti,e entire week has been cold !
and Stormy just tlie kind of weather
to give the doctors a chance. Its the
kind of weather that don't incline peo
ple to be very choice in their expres
sions ?.'hon referring to it. judging
from the weather remark; one bears !
on the street-.
Dixir. Fkke School. Our Kehoo
Directors have rented the Tike houe
in Itixie. and having secured the service-
of KM Maggie Irvine, school
will open on next Monday morning.
The house haa been properly lilted Dp
for the accommodation and comfort of
the children, and a- tuition is fiee !
there will lie no excuse for children I
hereafter going without schooling.
Send 'em all.
Wool. There ha- been no little ex
citement in relation to wool, buyer
eager to purchase and sellers eager to
get the highest figure. As high a-
rtA.. ft...- ....... 1 I 1 1
. " " '", mKr'
" '"h
are very cautious, and will not con-
,V..V ",:""at W
uiiiit rvnr i;i! 1 ntFiiroa
ClfAXGK Messrs. Smith, Clelan A
Young now own the draying interests
formerly owned by F. M . Westtall A
. F. M. Westfall has bought tlie
truck and the fine span of bjacks.
fornierly owned by Perry Spiuks, w ho
lift sold rut of the draying business
ohib-eir. (f
Magazine. Wood's Household ;
NspulM for' April comes freighted
with good things. It is still a mystery
with tlie rrailtup public how so much
i tir-t class literary fisxl can he furnish-
!ed for to little money one dollar per
: annum.
- ... ....
"eliavc forwarded (intc a list of
subscribers to the raaauine, who. as
yet, have filled, through the carets-
. the mailing clerk, or some oth-
er can e. t,, receive It We call the
attantion i
matter, i
a Good Retort. From Dr. E. R.
Oeary who returned but recently from
an official viit to Kainvai Agency
I. T. , wo learn tiiat tin-agency, un
der the management of our late towns
man, Col. !. I'. Montelth, is one of
flie fij i-l nonrlshlng. .smoothest ru:i
uing. and 'h'sj managed of the Pacific
coast Indian agencies, lie fonud al'
the sub-agents among tlmii Bev.
Wm. Monteith, Kd. and PmnkBeach,
and I. W'nldrip, enjoying gixnl
health, and all w 1 aat'sfted with the
ecu ury and future prospects.
A iTKN itos. The 0. i C. Bailroad
Company, by it- agent. Hon. I. 1!.
Moore,' warns the public generally
not to trespass OB anv lands belonging
to said corporation, under iin of vig
orous prosecution. All
vauaut laud
in otld tiunibercd sectioiis, guryeyed or
unsumyed, within thirty mile- of
said railroad line, belongs to the O. it
C. B-B, Co, Bead the notice in thi-issue-.
D am; vrss. For -.'do. all in good or
der and In shape for shipping, a No.
4 pre- -, and long primmer and minion
sufficient to set up a seven column pa
per. Will be soid cheap, if applica
tion be made -oou. Intending to pur
chasea new office entire, will di-imse
ir present otliee, presses, etc.. at
ftotire for cash.
Beef. By severe and (wrsistent
effort, .'dr. I. L. Harris has succeeded
in keeping our market pretty weH sup
plied w ilii a fair ankle of beef. Btef
cattle have been and are still scarce
and not easily obtained at any reason
able figure.
( At LED. 1
handsomest y
our foreman's
the BeOI-TEB
or four of the
mug ladies of this city j ,,IW.V, 0." M. Thompson, EM Carter :
word for this), called at i 2d poll David Froinan, George Pat
office on Wednesdav: i We.
ion a- they declared they dil
to sec the editor, we shall
their name-. And thus it
venge ourself.
not come ;
not give j
is we re-
Snow Stoioi in- Apkil. We were
treati d to rjuitn a little -now storm on
Wednesday morning, here in the val
ley. The hills fringing the valley
were covered with a mantle ol white,
affording a wliiteri-h looking land
scape, -
Wednesday evening,
Albany Lodge
No. i. 1.0, O. F elected Messrs. J.
. Eackenstn, L. Cheadle and Win,
s. Newbmy representatives to the
next Grand Lodge.
N'EW Mi'-ia A beautiful piece of
sheet music, entitled "Old Times,"
has reached us from Gray's Music
More. Portland, through the polite-
uess ot the manager. .Mr, u. D. Jje i
rMi,a I'Vit- unit, iiui.te nv iuii.v ii lit. 1
rtrument., send to G. L. De Prans.
porMa, , j
' ,
POSTFOSED.-The pmih Gift En-
terprise, the prhicliai gi:t in which is !
110.000, has been wsfiioiied nnH
May 30th, when, the managers a.ert. ;
the drawings will positively and with-!
out fall occur.
Fpke S..L7wrtrlet School. !
free to nil. o,! o In-t Mo.l,. I
with the house full of little one-. Mr.
Fo hay. principal, and Miss Belle
!ird and Miss Sellna N'ew. nan, assist
ants. SCARCE. About as scarce an article
as we can mention at this time in this
city, i' firewood. The Winter supply
i- exhan-fed and the Summer supply
lias not reached licre.
Hkaltiit. AfiSnjr- m healthy and
relisbable drink as can be made during
the warm days of Summer, is lemon
ade and tills reminds us that (jus.
Layton has mine large, fine lemons.
jujt the article for lemonade.
Fi'LL. Onr schools arc all full and
running over they swarm around the
school building like bees, and tlie
great wonder is where in the nation
did so many laverlc- come from.
Sioht. The Titus Brothers have
recpivisl a new invoice of those splcn- I
inn diamond spectacte-rflU article
that Is invaluable topenom liavlng
weak eyes.
, ,
Cioars.Giis. W'lieeler says lie
tends to always keep for sale tlie vjry
best cigar to be obtained in tlie city
and he"!! do It. Try one.
FOOT H-dTi-o.-Mr. Jolm twins,
while -pliitUig wood on Sunday morn'
Ing, acvideutally U timt'ttit infft
his left toot, ikiog iiW44mit
Cheap Music. Peter! Mtilatl '
; Jfeatftly is certainly the cheapest mu-1-
' ml MbOcatioti in the world, and we
have yet to hear a single person say
any thing against its Varied r,,,)
eharmlnf selections of Vocal and In-
strmnental Mu-ic. The publl-her
. . . ..
manage to keep clear of the vile,
trashy .-tuff with which the country b
flooded, and bv giving Judicium seiee-
Uotn from the beat master-, haa made
1 iW. JuVfcif .,M, a welcome Vts-
who have heretofore been unable to
i cultivate their mu-ical tastes on ac
! count of the high priayif music. The
April number, i n ice 30 cents, contains
ten pieces of made. The publisher
oners a trial trip January. Febuary,
March, and April numbers for $1.
Address J. T p, ter-, 600 Brwdwajr,
Xcw York.
American Homes. The April num
ber of this brlllltnt and successftd il
lustrated dollar magazine, marks tlie
clo-e of the first volume. The maga
zine is eminently adapted to every
home in America, since its splendid
stories, sketches of travel. Sabbath
Thoughts, songs set to music, fashion
notes, jokes, article- for Boys and
r Girls, farmer, mechanics and Free
Masons and all secret society men.
! m " " '' 'J reading which must
-mi everyootiy. it is nuea every
month by popular writers. All who
subscribe get nearly OKI pages of read
ing and an elegaat engraving for only
$1, and all who buy it of newsdealer
get a rich collection of amusing and
instructive literature for only ten
CO., of Boston, are the publishers.
Jt iKits ok Election. Hie follow
ing judges of elect Ion have have been
appointed :
Scio T. A. Pennyliaker, ,T. B.
Irvine. John 0-trander.
Franklin Butte Richard Pollard,
Joiui Bryant) Isaac Arnold.
Santlam B. Burtensliaw, Henry
Derthick. A. 11. Griggs.
Waterloo!. YV. Mack, Francis Bel
linger, Hiram Smead.
Sweet Home John Gllliland, M.G.
M.jss. Nathan Bussell.
Lelwuon loseph Balston, Boliert
Miller. Samuel Xlckersoii.
Syracust Dayton Siuer-on. K. N.
Miller. C. Farlo'w.
Alltanv 1st fieofn T Tin 11-
lirieans n in. jicunue, jos. iiam
lltoll, Joseph Yates.
Center 4. F. Crawford, J. Fronk,
Alexander Brandon.
Hal-cy S. U. Haley. D. P. Porter.
Frank Shedtl.
Ilarrisbnrg-II. B. Holt B. B.
Grime-. Jos. Summerville.
Brownsville VV, II. Smith, O. P.
Co-haw. . . Kirk.
Brush Creek Timothy Rigg-. C. D.
Miller. Miles Cary,
CliiCl it COnrr. Circuit Court ad
journed last Satnrtlay. Following is
the dUpositiOU of cases not heretofore
Thos. Ladorette; three
year- in penitentiary
C. M. Cartwright'vs V. H. MeCord;
J. 11. Foster vs Walter Monteith et
al : taken under advisement.
w. n. Zinnwaltvs Samuel King;
decision of Clerk sustained.
The following persOIIS applied and
were admitted to eitiaensldp: VVUIiam
Ward. Daniel More and Tliouias Tay-
IIANOE is I"olki: Mattees. At
thelait ,1,c ,Jit' Cnmf
a dange was made in tlie police de-
partrn,. of the eitv. It is now made
the duty of the Wry Marshal totake
entire charge of this matter, he being
empowered to employ all tbofbrceon
the police staff that inay be neeesairy
o perfi-et older, and the quiet and
security of our citizens. The old night
M U ,,s"c",,c,1' "d1 ,vhp,'r
one will Ixiappoiutetl remain, to
be seen.
- - 1
Come to See I s. Parties who arc
Indebted tons will confer a great favor
by imyiiig up immediately, Hereafter
when payment of a subscription is
delayed six months we shall charge
SO for the pajier; if delayed one
year, the price will be iM- Please
bear this in mind. Prompt paying
men succeed best in every community.
- m ' A. C. Dayton has a
new supply ot potatoes, onions, aj-
ples, turnips, lemons, oranges, bacon.
cheese, grixries of all kinds, canned
fruits, line cigars, nuts, etc., at his
store on corner of First and Broada!
biu. Climb in and svrap with him.
Cobb Wood. Perry Splnltt ha
men engaged in cutting cord-wood
across the Willamette, and will soon
be ready to supply all who want wood.
PmiiAiUKS.-Tlie Republican prl-
maries for Linn county occur ttMiior
;rw. Tlaiy should, and we liope will
' be generally attended. '
1 '. new snnscnoers we
In-jure Indebted to various friends
throughout the county, during the
1 week. All have onr beat bow.
. , .--.
! .). We liave had several sprlnk-
les during thc-week, Jiwt enough rain
!WM,1 1,y- - , y.
Fi.svp.irtt, scirec; and
sellluiii' 90 a!idr V-L, -
i Airillsf 1872.
! " nwwm w. 1., Apri 1st.
Fditok REGISTER ' I send vott
, . , ... ' '. .
wrcwith Jor publ aitloii. r""tl0"s
Mai,'"nrg J'0"?1, No ' '
, ,ud A' M- to llf mo,,nor5' of
Anderson Cox. fiwmerk ol Ailninc.
i . ., , ,, ... '.
1 ra,"" " ' -
'!.?T, iry.
! " ih m ("
ykad ? 'A,ta
county, iorcy nines iroin nomc, aim
ten miles from anr human habitation.
on the open plain-. His disease was ;
bilious colic. His son, Phil., his
daughter. Mrs. Smith, and Doctor W. 1
IV, Gray, wlw reached him but an
hour or two before hi- death, were all
that were with him when hi- death
orenrred. His wife and several of hi
children reached him a few hour- n!'-;
tcrward. Yours Truly,
(See resolutions elsewhere in thi
issue. Ed.
Markets. Market prices are still
unsettled. Butter commands 40 "t aiK'
per pound ; eggs, 25c jier doeu.
Vegetables in fair supply at .previous i
Brsr. Our farmers are still busy
putting in crops, and as a consequence
business In the city langiti-bes.
LEOAtTtSbERS. Quoted at 90,' a-ii
01c. Gold in N'ew York, H0'4.
In this city. Thur-dav momiiiff.
April 11th, 1873, at the residence of
the bride's iireuts, by the Rev. Mr.
Butcher, Mr. Loins V. Stmclnneler j
and Miss Flora K. Cbeatllc all of this
They were married in the early 1
morn, and after partaking of an ele
gant wedding breakfast, took the cars '
tor a snort bridal tour. Our kindest
wishes go with the happy jwir.
Hoi.loway's Pills. The mot
Kwerftll existing medicine for the
dire of female complaints. Flftv
j years experience, Inooutestably prove
these remedies unrivalled tor tliedi--i
orders incidental to the soller sex.
i Xo family should be without them.
I They may lie taken by young and old.
I as they will re-tore health when every
other means prove unsuccessful. 2"
cents per box or pot.
Forwarfiim & Commissioii Merchant.
Agent forthcualcoftheeelcbrateil n.IN
WAOOX, and all kinds of AURICTLTl'li
Consiijiuiipnts soliciteil.
TOW LOTS, ill tlie town of 9tMXld, for
Inrallible Worm Syrnp.
It- Value In rcinovhid innsw" of ctoIIi1-
froni the stomach ami hovels of ehtldron,
even where woniMito not exist, cannot tic j
too hitfhiy e-i imntci.
Fever and Ague. Persons becoming du-1
hlltlatotl ly the presence of worm- In the
stoninch or bowels, are more Ibible to have j
a protiwtud course of chills mid fever.
The onnn reiuedles have been known to
CUre when nil other remedies have fulled,
esKVially in children.
Forsah'hyA. trotber4Co.,wholesale
and ivmil drw'L'tsis. Allmnv. or. Pri
Hue lolbiriierl)Ottlc.
v4n30nifl i
(Speedy relief and eure for Chronic DIs-(use-,
by the new and MrlentiSc treatment
in practiced try
Dr. Aborn.
Lalmratory, fonsnltlnif and Onei-stine
Apartment, corner of Third and Morrison
Str, e s,
Xo charsrc for consultation. Terms of
treatment reasonable. Pamphlet seal
free. v4nJ9irU.
fo. 04 mat Urcet, Portia ud. Or
PORTLA N'l), In I lie iiioDt dt-xlrahle locali
ties, eonnistlnu of lAXIII, HAUjl IILIK'KS.
and flLIKJlUS, HOUSES and STORES; ali.
IMPROVED FARMS, and valuable nn
cnltivated LAlfDSj located in ALL partsol
t he HTATK for SALE.
REAL ESTATE, and other nmnmsv
pnrcluispdforeorrqMindent!i,tn thisCITV
nml rliroughont the STATE and TEKlil
TORIE1S, iih mi care and on the most
nnd a Keneml KIN' AJiCXiVL ami AUENCY
AC.ETTS of this OFFICE, In all tho CI-
rSlllIWi TflU'VV In tho tiTlTV ..til ....
WKSanU Towns in tlio STATE, win
. - til 1 lie CTIAsUj n III 1 XT-
eelvo descrlnlioiiB of FARM PROPERTY
and forward the aanw to the above ad-
ffoi.LowAY's Pill akd oiKnrKST. -Scrofula
win considered fneuniMr nnlil the
Treat discovery of "Holloa av'.s Pills and
oiniineni" tin-hoi! 11 the world. Din
eases which haftle tlie skill of the medical
schools, readily yield l t licne neerlew rem
edies. Scurvy, EryHlpelaa, Salt rheum,Itch
and all etita 1 icons eruptions are cnrahle hy
them, Ucentaiierhoxorpot.
fw To-Day.
xerotic o.
Biven, tWa VlitaroM praatamfon will be
rnntltnled against, any and cveryryrjion
tnHi n ixjv uniiras m lumiiu
u-lwi tnSlhaSaeii
. 1 I I.. n,A -
npun any juuuwi Mind,
vi tbecomisb.
All vacant Land In od numhemd 'sce-
r umturvcye,!,
miles froiii the
the Comp&hy.
Hue of tlluruiadUAKaJo
IS W3DjLXJ"r2-r."
And Accumulate
TJV S3 A la T i:
DRY H)018,
2T0 TI0I S,
Ai.siosT Awrmxi; voc may have
JLt All Times,
A tlood Assortment of tlie
-at the-
MerchantaMe Produce !
! kO'iiwi :. ..-; .,! ' '
StM, Oregon, April 9, USTM1