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    Kdiuhlirua Tkktl fur 17.
FOR TM'K 1-K1.M nr. T,
fr Niil, nl l!l dors,
A. 11. MKAi'tlAM.of Umatilla mnniy.
w. l. HARK, ol Wlitiwloii county.
J. F. (i.VZLKY, of Uoilgltn county.
For 4'ourHM,
Ulxlrirt Attorneys,
1-1 liMrlct, -2.1
IrMrict. F
. c'lii'iiowciii. of Kenton.
.'lil District. X. It. Ilniiinbrev. of I. inn
nli ninil.t. (;. n. Durham, of Mttltiminah
sill nlntrlct, V, C' Hyde, of Unmt.
Republican Plulforin.
MA Kill 'ill, 1871.
The Inion Iteiiiiblimn party of tin-vton.
in Convention, makes WW uivliuntiim of
it prlitcloto ami i :
1. To the Constitution of the united
stutesHntlalltl MUwndmenls we nloibro
our imuiltei'luKiilloVinuce ;) itsitnthority
a willtngiilKidleneii: in II full met kltfHl
contraction null enforcement ouruoiisrt&ut
J. That the success of the present Nu
ti.mal Atlininlstiiition in ivuiicIiik life pub
lic del, iliiilliffsTiim: and conalizInK inxa
l Ion, a'.lmlnlferin( every branch of uublie
itllUlln wiih economy iimi clllciciicy, form
lug untl Improving (lie civil service. en
fnrclnir the laws without flr or favor,
prolcciliiii the nation!)' wards Willi patent
oil cure auaiiKt the cruel avarieo of sjiecn
liithn uiiiltmitd.unil uinhiiaiuintfiVieiidiy
relation wlili rorVlifi Power, ltan lieon
Mich iii to coiuiiminl theunprolnillnn of
I lie area! intljorily of I lie American people,
iimi. Ill-it Iv entitle' it to I lie conlMonce und
coinineniuitlon of everv tine Kcimblicnn.
3. Wcri'KiirUt be payment ofoiimiitlnn
4il delil, in full complfuniv with nil lentil
oblijnilionmooitr erelitors everywhere,
unillh acconlunce with the tme loiter and
spirit of Its contracting, as no longer a
iiiU'Mtloit in issue: but that we may be
clenriy imnoratood, we denounce nil tonus
ami ilugrenal of ivpudlatioitof Hint
ainrnicd by Hie Democratic party and il
-vmpntliiser, n noi only niiiionul ca'ninl
' lei, hut positive erinies.'iind we will never
consent to a, suspicion of lacs of honor in
justice in Its ismipleio satisfaction.
4. Wcmlmltol no distinctions between
citizens, whuther of native or fondvn birth:
ami therefore we favor the granting of
mil amnesty to the people of those R ates
lately in rebellion : and we here itledge
the lull and effective protection of our
civil taws to all )"crnons volnuturily com
ing to or residing In our land.
.1. Wo favor tlio encouragement of rnil
romlsliy iheficneinl lioverniiieiit of the
I'ultcd Slates. and hold that such disHs
sll Ion should lie made of I he public lands
a-shall secure ihc same to actual settlers
only, liuimnUticM not exceeding ISO acres.
i'..' That while we arc in favor of a reve
nue for the ntpimrt of the (tonommovein-
llicnt, nv unties n)Mm iiiimh is, soioiu kui
v rciin'ressiich adjustment of those dn
tleson imports as to encourage the derol
optiicnt of the Industrial Inicrcsts of the
whole country; and we recommend thai
HiiU-v of national exvtuwge which secure
to the working men lilK-nil wanes ; to ag
riculture ivninnentt,ivciuii'H; tomei han
les ninl lnanufactuivrs an adeqnate reward
for I heir skill, laiorand enlerprlso, and to
the Nation Commercial prosixn-ity and In
dijiendoneo. 7. Wo believe that popular education Is
llie sole true liiisisand ItopO ol a free gov
ernment, und shall ever oppose any diver
Won of. or Interference with tin.' common
hool funds or lands in I his State, for any
oilier than their legltlmato nurposn, and
we condemn the act of favoritism by the
last Ixigislatnre Whereby two hundred
tliousand dollars, taken Iroiu, the School
fund, were granted to a corporation con
sisting mainly of Democratic lenders, and
party fnvorltos, for the eonstrnetlon ot a
work which another copomtlon, entirely
sound and responsible, offered loconsiruct
for seventy-five thousand dollars less; and
1 hat wa are in tavor of the inssage by the
Legislature of an efficient school law, such
a-, shall secure to all citizens of our Siato a
Kood common school education.
s. We ftnd no term snlhVluntly strong
to express our disapproval of those nets of
I lie last Legislature whereby the sw amp
lands belonging to this Suite liuve been
taken from the needy settlers, and irivcn
without limit or pmimr competition In
price to the land grubber and speculator;
whereby the emnlnments and salaries of
Mate odlcers have been unconstitutionally
Increased, and tlio taxes increased thous
ands ot dollars bv- the creation of new and
unnecessary offfrcs and salaries, for the
pniiose of providing for party favorites;
and whereby the uitlxcns of our metropo
lis have been deprived of and denied the
light of controlling their police authority.
And we equally condemn the administra
tion of our stnteoffloers and lawsos extrav
agant, reckless, illegal and destructive,
and we rightly charge all those results ns
the acts of the Democratic party-
tt. We are In favor of the l ulled States
giving to each honorably discharged sol
dier who served in the armies of Hie Unit
ed Stales to put down the reiiellion a wnr
ninttora homestead of WO aeresof public
in. That we demand the repeal of the
sncallcd litigant aid, which was devised to
the public extx'iisi!. .
II. That the Kepifbllcnn "party of this
support nanner is-mocmtic newspapers ni
Slate are In uivor ot the uonenu iiovern
mont extending tdd toward building a
mllmiul from eorilnnd. Oreaon. to Salt
Luke ('ity, not from .larkson county to
lliinilsildl.aod wi' hercliy pledge our par
ly representatives to the support of the
11. That the indiscriminate licensing of
twrsons to sell sniritnous 1 uuors w ithout
lieiug placed Mtler proiier restHmsibilitles
for the abuse tncrcot. having men inuna
by experience to promote the growth of
crime an rsiuperinui, ami i nnm i, p s,i
onsly tiicreas.' the rate of laxntion. the
Kennbfioin party rWogltl.A the Mgnt ftnd
duty of the lawmaking power to prevent
unit limit the evils and abuses of such sale,
so fur ns concerns the pu Idle good and Is
inu u
Lbe c
consistent witn-iniuvmnni linerty, ov re
fusing to license other than law abiding
and responsible iiersons, who tun furnish
sullleient sureties for irood conduct.
Ivhftlnl liberty, bv re-
111. Thnt the Republican jnrty or Ore
gon in in favor m ohtMntng assistance
from tlie Ucneral l.ovornmctit for the con
struction of a wagon road from the city of
Portland to the Iiallcs, recognizing this as
a most Important and necessary Improve
ment for tlie Slate.
14. We affirm that the cotlnunnce In
)mwer of the Republican twrty Is the only
sure preservation of mil tonal peace and
prosperity, und for reasons therefor we
mint to its brilliant record In the late civ
il war; to a complete nationality; ton
united sisterhood of thirty-seven states;
to our Territories rapidly warming Into
State life ; to a tuition freed from the taint
of human slavery; to an elevated and en
larged citizenship; to our national stand
ing at home and abroad; to the work of
vigorous reform In all discovered abuse
ol authority or triwt; toun nneimuled for
eign credit; ton successful and solid fl
iiiiuelnl svslem, and to the unralellod
ponce and prosperity everywhere in our
brand domain, and these are our pledges
for the future. ,
U) We hall the "New Joprtn!o' of the
lute Democratic party, taken by the action
ol their t'onvenlton In eeven States, as an
utttrmnt Ion of the principle for which the
Jlcpubllcun party has contended for the
last ten yours; and In . the "Passive I'oll
cv" of that party, already assumed In sev
einl of the Slulos, we recognize an tic
knowledgment of their hoiMdeMneaa of
mieccsH in the coming Presidential campaign.
I". S, Oflictnl I'apcr for Oregon.
Tlie l.utc IjtrtlMinabe In I'nllfbriiln.
The following are some of the
MirtlculntK of the late earthquake
iu Owens llivcr Valley, California:
At lndcK'ndenee one man was
killed and many more or less
j injured. .Many buildings were
; badly strained ami cracked, and
chimneys fti'd walls were thrown
: down. Among the huildiags
thrown down were the Exchange,
Court Home, Harrison's store, and
John Winder's residence. It is es-
Miniated .that over two hundred
buildings were thrown down in all.
.Not an adobe or brick building is
supiKtHil to have escaped destruc-
Inyo, up t.. Wedresiiiy mimA
lirouirhoul the county or
tully one thousand uisiim-i shocks
were felt. At 'I'ibbitts' ranch, tit
teen miles from Indeeiidenoe, about
forty acres of ground sank alsjut
seven feet below the surface of the
country. Owens Lake has risen
four feet since the first shock, and
Owens river ran over its banks, de
positing shoals of fish on the shore. !
Through Cine the earth
cracked ; one portion remained sta
tionary, while the balance sa k
seven or eight foot, leaving a wall
of earth extending over miles in
length where formerly was a level
plain. Innumerable cracks were
made throughout the valley. Ki
zer and Owens rivers turned and
ran up stream for scl eral minutes, j
leaving their beds dry
The following is still later news
from Lone Pine:
About halt-past two o'clock in
the morning the inhabitants of
Lone Pine were awakened by an
explosion, followed by a terrible
upheaving and shaking of the earth
from south to north. Col, Whip
ple,vho was in the second story of
an adobe house, states that he had
hist time to initio from his lied and
get away, when tlie bouse appeared
to crumble U pieces beneath him. :
tie. was burial among the
but succeeded ni extricating himself I
from the debris, euffering thm sev- j
era! liaiuful but hot
wounds. The scx'ne which ensued
is beyond description. ltruaiurnd
screams were heard in all direc
tions. Nearly the whole popula
tion of the town were buried be
neath the ruins. Cries tor help
and screams ot pain from the
wounded tilled the air, while those
who escaped from the ruins were
calling for help to rescue lathers,
brothers, wives and children. The
first shock was followed in quick
succession by three others. Over
three hundred distinct shocks were
felt lietween half-past two o'clock
and sunrise ; in fact, the earth was
in a constant shake and tremble.
For three hours a chasm was open
extending thirty-five miles down
the valley, ranging from three iiK-h-es
to forty feet in width. Hocks
were torn from their places and
hurled down into tlie valley every
where. Through the valley arc
seen evidences of the terrible con-
v sion o '7
Many buildings were ldly cracked,
. r. . .
and some few thrown down
tiersons were badly injured.
Swansea works were totally de
stioyed. liuildiugs all down to I
the ground, and the walls thrown '
down. The Suiieriuteiident ofi
Swansea sent twenty men to Lone
Pine anil sixteen wee sent 'front
Ccrro Gordo to assist iu extricating
bodies from tlie ruins.
All accounts agree uu placing
l.o: e Pine over the center of the j
commotion. lSefore each shock
could lie heard an explosion occur
red, Which sounded beneath the feet.
Over COO distinct shocks were felt
within 58 hours ' after thelm-st.
There is much destitution among
the inhabitants of Lone Pine ana
vicinity, many having lost all but
life. Col. Whipple was selected to
proceed to San Frairiseo for the
purpose of securing aid for the des
titute. The explosions are described as
of a dull, heavy sound of a camion
fired immediately beneath their feet,
which ran along the mountain
range north and south until lost in
the distance. It was rumored that
a volcano in active operation was
seen from the summit ot (treeii
llood Mountaiu, but was not cred-
One-fourth of the Jews iu the
country are in New York.
Guarsano, the seed of a Brazil
ian fruit, is a new rival to coffee,
Smpevor William has celebrated
his 75th birthday.
aA i:uiii- t ruiiu .
The Boanl of Alderman of the ;
city of Chicago has uiuler consider-
ation an ordinance intended to pro.
hibit the circulation and sale of in
decent, scaiidali'tis and libellous lit-
erature. This is an example which
every city and law-making body and
cor(oration in this country should
speedily follow. The tide of scan-1
immorality, lirentousness and
crime, which daily flow in iuereas- j
iug waves from this cause alone, '
should admonish our city fathers '
and law-makers of the absolute ne
cessity of interposing the strong arm
ot the law to stay its corrupting in
tlueiice. What hope have we tor
the correct development of the mor
al of our youth, so long as t he most
obscene of pictures, and the vilest
of bonks and papers are left to be
W on every open mart auA
public place? Abortions, rapes, w 1
liictions, with their concomittants ot !
misery, destitution, murder and dis
grace, already fill alarms-pace with
tlieir harrowing details in the news
columns of our daily press. How
shall these virtue.destroying,misery
produeing, suicide-inducing, youth
corrupting, hell-deserving crimes
and evils be lessened, so long as lit
erature the most indecent and las
civious is ioriiiitted to be sold in
every place? Chicago has set a
noble example. Let every munici
pal and law-making body do like-
wise. Let every citizen who de
sires the welfare of his children audi, average of $67 92 per month, and
good of society demiiM if.
rss from Mexico.
The news from Mexico is very
much mixed. It tells us one thing
one day, and a dispatch a day later
contradicts it. On our fourth page
we state that Oeneral Hoeha had
been defeated by the revolutionists
vtc, and a dispatch a day later says
the capture is without confirmation -
Last week tlie tiews led UJ to inter
. . .... , , .
t,,at iho kMI wasljcd on',
nut nits ween u is in ag:nn a nve-
ly as ever. e have come to the
settled conviction that the parties
engaged in the Mexican war are,
like the Democracy in Ciude Sam
uel's ranch, too much , given to
"new departures." Like the little
joker, you think you have it un
der your thimble, but when the
thimble is lifted up, the joker, like
the darkey's flea, is "no longer dar."
i The Mexican leaders on both sides,
however, unlike lots and snarls of
Democrats, are no "passiveites"
they move, rush, straddle -around
and fight too much. They have to
be active to furnish material for so
many contradictory dispatches. "Co
it you cripples," hit or miss, "win
or bust," is their style down there,
as interpreted from the news. If
they would only practice a little
f wretch of "All quiet on thcl'otom-
..nt,,,,!- tll I rltU-1 tli.jt t.uil- tSw
ff ivimi vnnv wv'ix wmv
i wooden guns at Manassas, or play
"Possum" for a little time, it might
afford us time to dissect the contra
dictory news down to skeleton facts ;
but that is a volcanic, earthquake
country, very sulphurous, and the
devil's red-hot strategy just keeps
them girine.
Tlie Salem Men-nry suggests
i that the Democracy nominate tlie
Cardiff Giant for President, as an
offset to Grant. As an exponent
of Democratic lieart and brains the
"Giant" would be eminently appro
priate to head tlie ticket, Tly
could not select anything more pas
sive and brainless. We suppose, of
courso, tl Mercury has no rcfer-
I eiKJc to rpton, the Cardiff Giaut of
Some of tlie woman suffragists
arc very much exercised over the
tyranny of the Almighty, In having
; the Lord's prayer begin, "Our
1 Mrficr. who art in Heaven." They
it ought to commence, "Our
i Mother, who art in Heaven."
Corn has beeii so cheap in Iowa
this winter as to lie used
place of coal.
Joaquin Miller contemplates re
turning to Europe soon.
The Carson Miut is engaged in
coining ten cei t pieces.
Jaekaaa Unxcnli.
The democratic County Convcn-
tion of Jackson county, according
to the Jacksonville Timti version,
was anything but harmonious, and
the result far from agreeable to the
Tumi. It seems that the Phito
faction, headed by one Owen, irnc-
ceeded in out-generalliug the rest of
the factions, ami procured the se-
lection of J. H. Neil, candidate for
prosecuting Attorney, for delegate
to the State Convention, instead of
one llanna, whom the rest wanted.
The 77c thereat devotes a long
editorial to the Owen faction, in
which it charges them with violat
ing their pledges, and resorting to
"low-down chicanery" to accom
plish their purposes. The"Hssum"
game seems to have lieen very ex
pertly played down there by the
Pinto faction, and the chagrin of
the reti at their inability to win,
ls put them in a state of mind
anything hut "passive."
mony is refreshing.
Such liar-
All explosion occurred in Potts' i
colliery near Ashland, Pa., on the
evening of tlie 20th ult.. by which
ten men were burned, some it is
thought, fatally.
Michael Mayes, the murderer of i
O'Donnell in IRfiG, was met in
New York and recognized by a
brother of the deceased recently , and
his arrest was immediately procured.
lioston nays its female teachers
pWton SG4 54.
The Japanese Embassy were vis-
! itiii" the extensive iron works at
j i)aville, Pa., on the 28th tilt.
It is rumored among politicians
in Washington tltat Judge Uavis
will decline to run as a Presidential
candidate if he shall not lie endors-
' ed by the Cincinnati Convention.
! The Assistant Treasurer at New
, ' Itcen aut iionzeii w put
! chase $1,000,000 of bonds on i eac
Wednesday, and to sell 81,U0U,WN
u J' Tmm,ay (lul.iu
j .pi-ii H
j ;lvat awlesslness is reported t
exist tlir0tidiout the entire State c
Mississippi. It is not all ascrilied
to the Kn Klux organizations.
There is a bitter, resentful spirit in
every portion of the State against
the Federal CJoverument, and even
ml, nn ii'ull sntirwutoil bv rpcnlfll
troops, the authorities are defied
and tlieir lives threatened bv des- i
peradoes whom they are constantly ;
called 011 to arrest. The two U.S. j
Marshals and District Attorney
Weils are the authority for this.
1 ii- 1... :.,. a,..!
1 mortal emery lias urivcu
other company of cavalry to be
placed on duty there.
A slight shock of an earthquake
was felt at Paducah
2Gth ult.
The Centennial Executive Com
mittee at a recent meeting in Phila
delphia, proposed to organize a
stock company ami proportion the
several thousand shares among the
different States.
Senator Wilson declines presid
ing over the State Convention at
Worcester for tlie election of dele
gates to tlie Philadelphia Conven
tion. Ex-Gov. Clifford will be in
vited to do so.
Gen. Sickles goes to Madrid,
Spain, April 15th.
Massachusetts State Colored Con
vention has chosen deleuates to the
Central Colored Convention to lie
held in New Orleans on the 30th
The bark Mtitrod was burned
at sea near Bermuda en the 9th
ult. Of seventeen persoiM aboard,
ten were saved. The vessel was
loaded with naphtha and kerosene.
An explosion took place, and it is
believed that the captain, his wife
and daughter, were in the cabin at
the time.
Charles Edmunds, Commissioner
of the State hand 'Office, has been
impeached by a resolution of tlie
House ot Michigan Legislature.
On the 28th ult, a delegation from
the House headed by Senator Ham
ilton, waited on tlie IVesident this
morning in relatiou to Mexican dep
redations on the frontier. The del
egation represented that recently
. . .. 1
forty Itegulaf Mexican troops it.
uniform U the Bio Gratide at
a point above Brownsville and ar
rested the United States Custom In-spec-tor,
together with employees,
and held them until they had cross-
i into Mexican territory, ami
drove otl'000 or 700 head of cattle.
They further represented that dep
rwta'tious on stink alone by raiders
from Mexico into Texas, i:t tlie last
ten years, will reach from six to
ten millions in value, and that the
system of'brauds prevailing in Tex
as will enable sullerers to establish
a legitimate claim against Mexico
front various county records. '1 he
President said that" it had boon a
matter of one communication to the
Mexican Goveriiraeut, which would
no doubt willingly atfoMl relief, but
seemed pwerias while internaldis
turbanees continued in N'ortheru
Mexico. Commercial pbascsofthc
question were also .liM us,-ed. It was
suggested that the order ui the Sec
retary of the Trvii-ury. prohibiting
clearance of vessel-. tVnm Rints
above lirownsvillc, was a virtual
blockade of the 1 tio iirande, ami
therefore illegal. The i 'resident
took notes of the conversation and
promised to bring all the matters
before the Cabinet.
George W. Stevens and J. H.
Wentworth have been appointed
Assistant Assessors of Internal
licvenue for the Fourth District of
It is reported that Col. Forney is
to lie Postmaster (16110011 or Secre
tary of the Navy, just as he prefers.
.Mr. Seward has promised to de
liver the address at the inauguration
of the Lincoln Monument at Spring
field, III.
The Lowell Co ), says : "Vice
President Colfax says the happiest
days of his lile were when he was a
a printer. Come to our office
Schuyler, and you shall have the
old family joy at '2" cents a thous
and." A severe storm passed over St.
Louis, Mo., on the evening of
March 30th. During the storm a
tornado struck the Centre Market
House on "th street, a large brick
structure, and leveled it to the
ground ill a twinkling. Heavy
timbers and most of the roof were
carried across the street, knocking
the fronts out of several buildings.
Six persons were known to lie seri
ously injured and twenty or thirty
j slightly. Two will probably die,
1 A bill for the relief of lloss
I Browne has passed the C S. Sen
j ate.
The bill granting other lauds ii
lieu of the Miranda grant has gone
. to the President for approval.
! Charles II. I !ana was arrested on
j a train from Washington to New
; York on the 'J8th ult., it is said
i on a criminal wan-ant at the suit of
Win. A. Kimble ami Samuel H.
Moore, of Philadelphia, for alleged
; libel arising out of strictures of the
X. ) . aim upon lrauils.
Professor Morse was unconscious
on the 30 u t., and his death hourly
From testimony before the .lu-
v-, VA ,i
; diciary Committee at New Urk .
appears that nearly two hundred of
: the very lowest criminals have been
1 : r...., : .i.L
released at various times from Black
well's Island by Judges Cardura
and Barnard hi violation ot the
forms of law.
Ex-Commissioner Walker, of
Wisconsin, died suddenly at Mil
waukie 011 the evening of March
20th of apoplexy.
The small pox hospital at Brook
lyn Xew York, is crowded to over
tJowing with jiatients.
The Warrentown hotel, Va., was
destroyed by fire 011 the 30th ult.;.
also five adjoining buildings, lss,
A tire in Boston, Mass., on the
29th ult., destroyed the entire
building belonging to Hudson,
Dores Co., wan coutenw, taiuw
! at Sl'20,000
tincGov. Brewster, of I-oms-
iaua, made a speech ou the 29th ult.
favoring the re-nomination ot Gen.
Grant and acknowledging the Pack
aid Committee as the legal head ol
the party in the State.
Iowa has a mile of railroad lor
every 870 inhabitants.
Chicago lias a case of garroting
in which all the parties are women.
Ground still wmroauds fair
price ; 100 by 150 i" tlie burnt dis
trict hi Chicago, was recently sold
tor 333,000.
Lieut. Gov. Fisb of Kentucky, is
said to have cut loose from the
Democrats, and declared for Grant.
The privilege of selling newsja
person the Kentucky Central Hail
road for 1872 has been sold for f 1,
400. , v- W; 1 '
! ,,a.s b' HM &
Gov. Geary, ot 1'enusylvania,
saie or giving away 01 liquor uunog
e oetiou days.
A gang of burglars, eleven hi
number, were irettinir on finely with
a bank sate at Manchester, Ohio, a
few lta g, when their keg of
powder exploded, killing two-,
wounding one, and somewhat dis
couraging the others.
. The Weel fy Standard is pub
lished at BiWiios Ayiw, South
America, at the following rates of
subscription : "Sttliscriptiou, $0
per month. Single copien,
"Cireulatioii,f,000." ft is irintel
in Knglish, contain eight pages of
five small columns cach40 columns
in all and is in its eleventh year.
An exchange says : "The real au
thor of the 'Beautiful Snow' is now
driving a fish-cart in llattlelioro,
Vermont." So Ik- exchanged his
)tegnsus for 11 donkey, and instead
pf scaling the empyrean heights, ho
scales fish.
The " Labor Reformers," who are
in the field with .ludge Davis for
Presi.lent, polled 310 votes in New
Hampshire, on Tuesday, out of a
total of over 00,000.
Swans have lived three hundred
years, and an eagle died at Vienna
at the age of one hundred and four
years, while crows are believed to
attain to a century.
The Mobile lifii-iU f thinks that
Mr. Belmont and the Democratic
National Committee are miming
their "masterly inactivity'' into the
Kverv railroad in Kfiglaud has a
stairway or platform, or some other
means of! crossing the track and such
persons as disregard the prescribed
way and step upon the track are im
mediately and fined $'2f).
Andrew Johnson's was the last
examp'e we have had of a "mixed"
Administration. It was very much
such a one as we should get livni a
President elected by Democrats and
disappointed Kepiiblicaiis. Under
Johnson's Administration, during
fifteen months, sixty-seven millions
of dollars less taxes were collected
than during the same time, with
the same laws, under Grant's Ad
ministration. Do the people like
the contrast ?
Gen. llichard Stoddard Kwell,
one :f the most able Confederate
Generals in the battles of Gettys
btirg, the Wilderness and about
Uictimond in 1861 died in Jaury
county, Tenu., January -0th. In
giving directions regaining m
tombstone, lie laid articu!ar stress
iism the tact that he did not desire
any word employed in tlie inscrip
tion that could reficct in any way
ukii the (nivernmeiitofthe United
States. Gen. Kwell was Iwm in
the District of Columbia in 181K,
graduated at West Point in 1840,
and resigned his commission as Cap
tain in the United States Army in
1801, to take up aims against the
The editors of the various journ
als in the city of Mexico recently
formed themselves into a society,
one portion of whoso constitution
hinds them to abstain from mutual
personal attacks in future, when (lis
cussing politic oraiiy other matters.
There are some editors in this coun
try whose conception ot the courte
sies of journalism is such that it
would probably lie vastly improved
by a visit to Mexico and member
ship in tlie society aforesaid. -
A Georgia physician has given
nublic notice to the saloon keepers
of the town in which he lives, that
he is a confirmed inebriate, and that
if saloon keepers sell him any liquor
they will bo prosecuted under the
law iu such cases made and pro
vided. His method of proceeding
is to be commended to all conscien
tious inebriates.
A 'big husky" attempted to
cane a California editor the etlier
day. His physician thinks he may
recover, but will have one glass
eye and a gutta percha nose and a
set of false teeth and a patent lower
jaw and a Wotsleu knee-cap to make
him presentable to the ontwde
From tlmKied River country a
German writes to tlie Illinois
Ntaat Zei'wu that, on the banks of
the various streams of that region,
German settlements arc springing
up like mushrooms from the. earth.
Flourishing farms now cover the
ground but lately a wilderness.
: , u. i
Albion, Iowa, is charged with
an educated hog, wlw can p'ay eu
chre, stand erect head downward,
drink whisky, and turn a tuner
sanlt. Ballarat, Australia, had a goes,
whose gizzard panned out 2 dwt. 1
gold, awl a turkey whose gizzard
turned out a lot of white and green
F'orty years ago nearly the whole
of Ohio was a dense forest ; now a
resolution is introduced in the Ohio
legislature to encourage the culti
vation of forests.
A Detroit thirteen year old t y
owns and "runs" a liquor saloon.