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Si-oii-isr. rioiMis' HKrt.-lt is al
most Impossible lo p lioi-os sbod
without Staving tin- t'roj;- cut away, i
All voterlnarv surgeons, all Iwwetneil.
all lemllilnilth( agree tluit tlie
t'n2 sin mid not be iJU'U oue ikuticiiu ,
. . t s.- .. .. I 1
-nut even tinned, no m:ui v ihw
tillable and soft ibe froe Is, ittt it
away sinoisitb on sill sides, ami in i vv
days it will he drv anil bard a- a eWj
You tuigbt an well cut oil all 1 1 iv
of tree, anil estieet them to HotirWIi,
as to art! away the frog ami Liity a
healthy foot. Thorough, s gv part
of the frog I to the foot 1wt leavi r
to the trees tlie hlilgs. Xcv. r hive
ii nil-hot sboe put mi the loot to bitcii
it level. if yon can tind a MmikainUjj
tlutt Is hieelianle enough to level the
font without a rel-hot iron. I'liq lny
him. The burning process deadens
tliehoot ami tends to ooiitmet it. If
von do not think so. try Uk- red hot
jioker on your finger-nail, and -ee If it
will not affect the growth of
Tbere are many Important points in
shoeing horses,' but tliese two are of
more importance than all tin- rest, lev
el to the apprehension of men not
skilled in hot) and the two most dis
regarded. Miiwr and rViwr.
M.vsAr.KMK.vrrtKl 'owsiN npfi.VN'ti.
Prof. (!eo. II. Cook, of New .lervy
Asrj-icultuml Colleg , furnishes tlie
( .,,(, niteivstiug arli-
eie concerning Duteh dairies. Une
that he visitml was fifteen or twenty
mileS from Amsterdam, on a f irm of
ioyi., aens. nearly all a meadow and
a pasWie. The land was at Hie level
of tide-waler, bat was well drained.
There were fnrfe-dx head of eattli'
kept, of whieli twenty-six were milch
rows. The average yield of eat row
during the year was 4.sJ iiart.s. a
daily average of 18.00 ijtiarta. This
average is remarkably large and of
course mueh above tlie general average
of the country. The average yield of
I hitch cows ha been given Ml to
2,1140 ijttarts per year. ProC Cook
speako especially of the niarvelwis
neatness of tlie cow stables, which are
under tlie same roof and only sepnra
ted from the dwelling house by a par
tition and iloor. They are not used in
snnimcr: as soon as the cattle are turn
ed out to pasture In the -ining. the
stables are washed out. the floors efths
pr sanded or tttetl. Inning the uni
uier they are sometime lined RHrehoese
room. During tlie storms in Spring r
fall, the cows are generally covered
witli blanket' while at pasture. In
winter tlie stables are frequently. Ihor
tingly eleaned and washed, and the
cows' an; curried regularly.
The Aiti-E. The Wntm Rural
say: Tliere is HWroeiy an article of
vegetable toad more widely used and
more universally likeil lltui the apple.
Why every farmer had not an orchard,
where the trees' will grow at all. is one
of tlie mysteries. Let every house
keeper lay in a good supply of apples,
and it wiil be tlie most economical in
vestment in the whole range of culi
iiarics. A riie mellow apple I-digested
in an hour and a half while boiled
cabbage reuuhw five hours. Tlie most
healthful desert that can lie placed on
the table, is a baked apple. If eaten
frequently at breakta-st, with coarae
bread and butter, without flesh of any
kind, it has an admirable effect on the
genentl system often removing consti-
pation. correcting acuuncs, auu cixh
it iir off febrile conditions more efl'ectu
ally tlian the most approved medicines,
if families could tie induced to sulisti
tnte ap)li's, sound and ripe, for caaes
and sweetmeats, with which lla-u chil
dren are so frequently stuffed, there
would he a diminution In Hie sum to
tal of doctor's hills in a single year,
sufficient to lay in a stock Of Hits deli
cious fruit for the wliole season's use.
l'HOTRTiso Hooks MOM Fike.
The. FptuWH1 J'lurinil, which ought
to be good authority oisuch matters,
-ays: A wash composed of lime, salt
mid flue sand, or wood-aslie, ait on
in the ordinary way of wbitivwaslu is
said to render shingles liny-fold more
safe against taking tire from falling
cinders, or otherwise, in case of fire in
the vicinity. It lays the expenses a
hundred-fold In it preserving inliu-
......... tti.. ulleetc f flu H'..flth.
,.r. The okler and the more weather- I
lieateu tlie shingles, tlie more benefit i was walking alotg AUantie avenue,
derived. Such shingles are more or ! when lie waa jostled ami pawed by a
less warped, rough aTal cmekeil. Tlie stranger. Soon afterward. dis-ovcr-appHatWof
mwh. by wetting tla-' ingt&t his wateli waa gone .lichui rKHl
iinra-rsnrface, restores them to tla-ir i after the atraiw-r. pyesentpd a revolver
original or first f.aro therebv dosing at hbilieadaii-l grinily niid : ,.m line
the siaces between tlie shingles; and ; that watch." ihe rtranger "toAed
and the lime and sand, by filing up over" Jit once. On reediing home the
tla; cracks, prevents its wanting. t feutlemau began te ling the rtory -l
J Ills ail venture to Ma wife, when she
i Interrupted him saving, "W hy, John.
CHILBLAINS. Oiks very cold even- ,,, Mx V1,ur waleii on tlie bureau this
mg in ueeemoer. a young man ;
from a store m tlie city, came to
tla; kitchen Ol a dwelling where
I was staving, to deliver some
parcel. While his basket wag being
emptied lie aeemed in a perfect frenzy
of distress from chilblains, and finally
1 icgged to he permitted to remove his
bonis for a moment's relief.
Tla-ladv of the bouse immediately
sent to tlie cellar for an oh) pau. and
brought some corn meat, rwwiriug tlie
I my Diminove ms mochbc
He pro-
ie-ted that lie liad not a niTmite to lose,
ami nrffKt back to bUwork. 1h
an instant mi-liot coals were placed in
tlie pan and a larndful of tlie meal
liein" tlirowu nuon them, the wifferfjig
tect wewlaintliedeiiwwiisifce. He-
fore tlie meal lmd burned out. tlie an -
piisli of tlie chllhlalna was qnite iwnie.
TIk- i-oala and meal were renewed, and
in fifteen minutes tlie youth was oil bis
way to the store, entirely rclwvwl al
though tlie trial in aned modi too short
to be stieeewlid.
Severe wentlier may prwlnee a re
currence of the tronlile. at Interval,
but persist entiw of Has remedy will
prevent it as wdl as cure it. I have
Known It to effect very marked cures,
where tlie (tersons were umeaially ex
posed and when all ether remedies
Were IK-less. Hfrhmof.
An Indiana juryman proved his
eligibility by stating that lie bad not
been at Hie county aeat before for thir
ty yean, and did not know who had
been President since Andrew Jackson.
He waa accepted.
will I boiS' is ItCNlMWe.
!!.)- ill b nay. if ibuy
ennui-fr. ! I -V- '
live loni;
The Kiilislarwu who calldQ the
lloosne Tuilwl a "liliistcd hole-' was
literally iiwreet, v
A lady In Hyruense Is sikl to rest her
head on a graiiHnar wlijle sleeping, in
order that she iiltiy dream correctly.
Tlie IjHv4mM itwUiNMi Jvttntid
refrains from kickiniran obscure ludi
ana editor in the usual nroiuiiient lo-
calily. for fear of producing concussion j
nfttfe brain.
A I n iy N'ing ii'kod the meaning of
the word amateur. nlil it was a mini I
who s!ipied up and wasift jawed fm
A man out west, who offered bail
for a friend was askiil by a .bulge If
he had any incumbrance on hi farm.
lib yes." said he. "my old woman."
A iiegrn offered to lift a young lady
over a gutter, she insisted that -he was
too heavy. "i,or. missus," said he.
"l'se iimiI to lltling barrels nf Suar!"
"Our children will haw immense
tax on their hands," said a gentleman.
"Oh, horrible!" exclaimed an elderly
lady; -what a blessing we have nails
on ours!"
The voice of a Pennsylvania prima
donna is described as "six octaves
above the screech of a lost Indian "
A new minister at New Bedford
took a stroll before hrcakfa-l on the
first Jsiiuday he was there, and after
walking a dozen blocks was accosted
by a shabby looking individual with:
"Yon necdn'l look any further; there
ain't any .saloon open."
The first bird I sh it in Amerlky."
sa d an Iristi -ports nan, '.ias a f rku
iin -mtlupiiie. I Ircedhim with a
barn -hovel. The first time I hit him
I mi-scd him, ami the second time I
hit him, I hit him in Hie same pfcee I
ini-scd him tho first time."
What can be wetter than .1 woman
with a cataract in her eye. a waterfall
on her head, a Creek in Her hack forty
springs in her skirt, and high-tied
shoes? "Why. one with a notion in
her head, and - u burning in tears."
All inebriated individual fell down
a flight of stairs (lie other night, and
a passer-by fearing him seriously
injured ran to nick linn up. Itilt tlie
man majestically staggered to his feet,
and in response to the proffered aid
roared out: "Now you jes' let 'lone.
Wan' no slobherin' round me. I allu
co'me dowu slairs that way."
Some wags were walking around an
agricultural implement store, and they
chanced to see,. In the rear, a dressed
hog hanging by a hook to the wall.
"Ila: lia.' bftl" cried they tOtUOVDIlUg
man in attendance.' what sort of an ag
ricultural iiupleiiicutdn you call that:''"
"Th it." said lie "i a patent combined
root-grublier. eoru-sheller. apple-grind
er, gate-litter, iloiime-artioii. liack-
spring. sod-plow; but 1 guess you
don't want one. for it takes a mighty
smart man to manage it."
An editor and his wife were walking j
out in the bright moonlight one even- i
ing. Like all editor's wive, she Was
j of an exceedingly poetic nature, and
I said to her mate: "Notice that moon:
i how bright and calm, and Iiemitiful!" i
"Couldn't think of noticing it." retuni-1
ed tlie editor. -,for anything Ux than '
I the usual rites a dollar and fifty cent
for twelve lines."
layman in Providence who occ:i-!
sioually exhorted al evening meetings.
thu- explaineil his beliel in tlie exist-
i ence of a Deity: "Hrcthreii. I am just j
asconmient tnat mere is a Miprcim
11..:.... I .in, t li i I tlii-if is finite in
, 1... IhI.. . Ullll fll.l. I L'llftlt' I'll-
tain, as V ye-U'tday. received from i
tla-iv a lot ot three huuiireii nuTeia ot
fns-li superliuc, which I will sell as low ,
as any person in town."
A sentimental youth having seen a
young damsel shedding fears ovcrj
something in her lap, took the first o-1
portunilv to be inlrwluced to ber, and j
made no doubt that she was a oongeu-1 spirit- Wluit work was it tlatt at-
fectud you so much the other morning-
( saw vou slaul a great many tears. 1
Was it"liulwer a last?" I don't know
What Bulwer's last is.-' returned she.
but I assure yon 1 was doing a job
which always almost, kilbwue; 1 was ,
peeling onions."
On a recent evening a Brooklyiute
nwrnhi)j, and I lure been wearing it all
Gall Hamilton is not always aeitsi
ble. or even as truthful as site should
be, when die talks about men, matri
mony and woman suffrage ; but -he
did say this truthful and beautiful
Tine re is no slavery so abject as tin-
; slavery of tlie man to the woman lie
i love. Atijeet, because it goes rwliind
! his will and possesses the whole man.
And the more lie U, the more atrong
aiai nrignt aim tree, ww more taorongn
i his eutlirallinent, W'oe to sudi a
' mie if he foil into the lands a weak,
1 frivoloiw. or an unworthy owner. Joy
10 Ulin 11 ins proprietor o n inrra-im
tared woman ; tor then hU coinpletest
thrall is most exalted and divine free
dom. At one of our cltflrdtes, Bunday,
wlille tlie organ was play ing vodler
boaly, a gooil kidy whlajwrtnir to her
nelrfibor ill tlie pew. had to raise her
voWQultehighhiorilcrtooe hearU.
gnxldenly tlie organ changed front loud
to noft, when flie lady, not taking note
of tlie organ, was beanf to say tu her
Mend. "We fry own In i butter."
Perhaps the congregation dWnt snick
er, - 1 1
A Buffalo girl has taken advantage
of leap-year to audi an Inordinate ex
tent that she is eneaced to
men. and lots been a1 for breach
1 promise by nine mora.
QAjHT Kami I. v. The hairy family
6fwuulalay isinsists of a woman of
alMUt forty-tive years of age. a of
twenty and a girl of eleven, with hair
over every part of ot their fiivs. fore-la-aiktiose
and chin, varying In length
trom three Inches toa foot, and exactly
theuilor and texture of that on a Hkve
terriCi;. Thebair cnthelrhi :uls. outlie i
coiitrfrv. is iust the same a on nidinii-
MyMrmant; tliey appear to Is1 qiuteas I
intelligent as ordinarv Binnians. The
I father nT the woman 'was the first nf
I the hairy progeny. He marriiilan or
i diuary ilurnian woman, and the issue
I yf the union wastlic present hairy liead j
of tin- family. He married an omnia-1
ry Biinnau, and his issue, a sou of
abOMt twenty three year5 of age' not
hairy, and the boy and girl alludciUo.
The Hurnian cXfilnuation of the phe-,
noinlua is. to say the least, curious,
and might imssibly possess n special
Interest for Mr. Darwin. Tliese hfllry
people would pp worth a fortune
fo the enterprlslug Uarmun, if he
could get hold of them, but the king
will not allow them to go out of his
t'Ollltl-'.-TONKKXtaX OK Tl'RKISU f.OV.
eks The art of writing is not gener
al among the Turks, and when a lover
wUlu'-S to coniiinuiiciitn Ids sentiments
in writing ihvy have a mode of effect
ing it without it pell, ink or iiar. by
nieaus of flowers, fruits, woods, silks,
stutl's and color, of which they make
a pocket, each article having an alle
gorical sense. Tlie 'xicket is called a
nftow. Those w ho employ this mode
of coininuiiicatioii have a casket stored
with necessary articles In compose a
selaw. They have a dictionary, which
they know by metMry, ot the allu
atloiis tlwy wish to give by their flow
ers. An anilret signifies : "We are both
ofonc mind;" a piece of rose bush.
"I Weep continually. I Hit you deride
my tears;" a piece of cloth. "I am i
tired with your iinportnuitie ;" a
pieiv of Iniekraui or canvass, "We shall
he together to-inorinw :" a fiiiH of
silk. "Von have gained my tii'nid :"
a looking glass, 'lam ready to sacri
fice myself for yon ;" a plstoi, "I love
you very milch."
A grain of raisin, some blue silk, a
pea. a morsel of sugar, and a piece of
the wood of aloes, arranged in a cer
tain order, form a billet doux to this
effect :
My li-art. 1 am in love witli you:
the pnlu which nary love occasions to
me lias nearly deprived me of my sen
ses; my lieart passionately desire
yours; give my disease tlm necessary
Our life is a sermon. Our birth i i
tlie text from Which we start. Youth
is tlie introduction to the discourse.
l)uring our uianliood we lay down a
few proKiitioii and prove them.
Some of. the assiiges are dull, and
some are sprightly. Then come infer
ences and applications. At seventy
years wh say, "Fifthly and lastly."
The dnxology Is SHllg." Tlie benedic
tion is pronounced. The book is
closed. It is getting cold. Frost on
the window-ine. Audience gone.
Stmt up the cbuivli. Sexton goes home
with the kev on his shoulder.
This is im other villainous falsehood :
Horace Greeley lieard tluil tlwy mail,'
S.ikki pounda of butter from sixteen
cows at I (anbury. H bought a lot of ,
cows at once, liial is going to have i
tliem ground up and cimrncri. "Ymi ;
see.'1 said lie. "I can buy live beef for
ei'rht cents a poimtl, mid laittcr is
won 1 1 forty. It it costs two cents a
pound for labor, I sliall clear 8UU er
ceat. The man wlio says
rms is not
so- liar and a Imrse tiiief."
All English gamekeeper has recently
broken a black sow to hunt game in
the woods and alt i said to run in the
limit with wonderful wcceti. She will
trick game, hack and stand, and point
parliges. and tttoafMnt. snijies and
mliliits as skilful as a breii pointer.
Slu- liomids in response to a whistle,
anil wags ber head ami squeals ixith
delight on being alaiwn a gun. ,
Manv Iwve endeavored to solve tlie
following puzzle, but liave found it
finite difficult. It Is easy enoogli. Itow
ever, when it Is explained. The pos-;
sesslve Rie nnea tla- worfl : A t'l in
eesj round a Prophet in the rnsliea by
the water, wliom she hoped to call lier
darling son. If Moses had been the
sonnf Pharaoh's daughter, then lie
would have been the daughter of Pha
raoh's son.
Pi-ofes Marsh, of YaieC ollegeex
peditlfMi, who pnssed through Idaho
tast year. vWteu tlie Rhnshone Kails
on Snake river. He wn- that the leap
of those filth is greater and tlie gorge
deeperainigraiKlertlian Niagara. The
exiiedtrton gathered an Immense tpin
tityoffosslbs, indmiing at least fifty
new specimens ot animals entirely new
to science.
The Frendr women are the best
dressed m tlie world, Oerman women
have the most luxuriant heads of
hair, tlie Spanish women the smallest
handsaw! feet, Itttiffam women tlie
most brilMatlt oomplextoH, South
Americana the most beauty, ami
Auierlcan women the most style.
This is the. tone in whldi an Indig
nant new father addressed a Peeksklll.
N. W paper:
Mr. Kditur-W hat did yoo ltdnt
my family matters in your paper tor,
ittznonejnirbnneslfmy wife did
have twins I pays for them ami yule
gi t vour head ptim'hed yon red best
tend to yerown biMness."
'fhere are floUOeo scholars la attend
ance at tlie public schools in lllinoK
Teadiers iiintitier over 20,000. School
homes, fog, frame, brick and ! stone.
10,773. Expenditure for schot pur
rjoses for the past year nearly $7(000,-
Mau and wife In Rnasla alwaya own
their property acperately, and bi
stances of wives suing their husbands
for debt are by no means maxHiimon.
.,.1 " uJ. .
A Maine Ivfgtelature permta wo
men to enter fit 'ffato AgrieaHal
Oillete itooii m termaand rwles
as are prescribed to male students.
Cabinet Ware,
D13III- Etc.,
Corner ot
Firs ami Broadalbiu Sts.,
I iff HIS lalKTH.
few and Elegant
Gome and See Itt
' They Who Kav Nothing for Sahs
arc Farthest from Market "
I Are ii" w k'ilnv, nnil also cimjlaiitlj re
oib iug adilitlum l",
The Largest S(oek ofUoods
above Portland,
1'nrfhasers Shall be Satisfied.
Besidei a Large Stock of
Paints, I)YeStuffs,aiid Oils,
Their keep
Yankee otion-.
Confectionery ;
Finest Tobaeco I Cigars ;
(All ku4a),
Bver ything
But what la
(aiiaranteed To Be
S&XkMt fc GrOOd.
Arctic Soda f
i. m t;' wti :iii.(i:i:s
rrt: rytiEitstriXKii has orevrn '
new sli)ck l' millituti- tfiVUltt: li-i....
iiim. ihhiiw ami (ittiarcii s lurnisliin
j;ooJs,ol ullkluds, ol'iliu Intwt autl'tmwt
l:t.-luolialilcsljles, will, li .-he nit'ei-s lo Hie
liulll'sof Aliinnj- and siuTomidlnj. count rs
al I he linvcsl mux. In ihv
Dress Making Department
I Kiutnimee entiii
Nit isliiet Ion. Clianfea
f'lotliiuif. aIwhvsoii Iwtiid. htdirjrinrrl
c iii lreiis iwiUy made under clolliiiiL-,
clonks, Nicks, aprons, old.
Urmm TriwnMp. An extmwlve
i ieiy o; m mtl, eottiai mm woolen
dress trhinntti((H, always in i,,,.
t'loflklllir. H v-coinl,.asiiuli:m anil
iitcr-pruo cliiUi.oi lusi giiulttlcrt.
Kursi. Utiles ami ehlWrenV com
pie c seisnt ni,s and swaiiduwn, of lalc-t
sl y Ira.
Latest siyle
aitia. constantly on
linn I. at low til
MlwclInntiMW,' l.liilnjtH ami Hndlnpa
ot all tfindca aiel mm III Us., a lull nswnt-ue-lil.
JAaiNKTs. .ursi.iNs. ivHMiiHimnsTlia
liLOVKS, IIiisk, KTi'.
My dcteriulitatlon belnd to itlvc utlsnifv
lion in slyl,. ami quality of work and
piicos, I ak n share of pniillc (mtrHiiiiini,
i 'all ai mora
Opposite A. Carotheri & Co.,
KIM sheet. Albnny. Oregon.
Mils. XAKAH (i. (inni.Kv.
S-js Aifent for Mi. t'ltrpentfi-'B t'n.f-
nilATKU lUIIHs MullKI.. Nov. 4,TI-1I I
Self-Opening and Sclf-Closingr
0 A T E .
InlIX l)It'KASii,
4, isa.7.
'I'HK UATK IS st l UNsTlM'I TKiiTliat
I tvlien tile vehicle api'innclic- It tlm
wheels oil one side puss ovcrn lever wha-li
Is connected m the unlc hinaa hjr a roil,
thus pieniix tlie Ifute befoit you iiinl la-l-eiitiiji
it ofieii, After gohiK thmi1i, the
cnrrin-fi' passes over a similar lever, also
ciiniici ii-ti hud nictate hini;
. causiiiif i he
Kate, in Us rotation, in
shut U'llind you
anil la-lell.
No Getting Out of Your Vehicle !
So Haisingul' Latches 'or
of Minims,
K.xwpl the "ribbons" of your team.
Often called
It la
And n
"Dead Open and Shut."
This i-ute Is sini)ile in its I'oiwtiiirtinn,
hot hot Iron and wood work.artn not likely
timet om nf order. If a neat, utinan aate
Is may lie maile lijilu. with lim e
cross Inns ot WikkI ami nfte-fourth Inch
whv. neatly rtirveil at tin- lop. Hie lower
end Idil In Hie lioitom lwr. whleh Is tho
style of a factory ifiade jjaie. Tho kiuiss
are now In faverfrol use tiiscverul of the
eomitiiw around Han trVanclnco, andplcniv
oi lesttmonlnals can he given.
Having purt'hnsoil the
High! for Linn Co., Oregon,
Has now on hand, ami will manufacture
the almvpThwrllird ante. Wliereverll has
lHK'it used It has reeeivwl Ihe liitfhest eu
couiimiis, as Ihe latxc nmnlii'r nf ccrtitl-mti-s
fnim prominent furniers In nil rt
of Ihe cntmtrv, now in inv Inimls, will
Of All Descriptions,
On haml anit maniiflictun'if to Ordor.
Illackimltliing and Repairing
I tone to onler at most reunnaltle ratr".
Shop foot of Kerry si reet.ojiposili' Uracil.
.Miinti'tth t I'aV Hoiu in;; Til 1 1I .
Albany, llrt. 4H, IN7lsSv4
Dealer in
HANG E 8 .
Of the beat patterns.
rum WARE,
Ami the usual asMOrtnient of fnriibtliliiu
gotals tn be obtained III a till atorc.
liepnir Acatly and jtrompUy exccnteil,
on ria-onalile tern is.
Short rerkonlnirM mnke lona trleuda.
tm, a. uw-i
LAKH ASH HAMS, a splendid lot conn,
try, by Sv4 DtlDOU