The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, March 01, 1872, Image 4

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XI a. Otfttfhl TPmCT ShT Ortftwu.
I.i-m j , ..
l emj .
A Republican State (invention
lierot (..ongress; six dcleratcs to
the .National Republican ( tuiveii-
Lion to oe neni at rniiaueipma,
t iot.i. .1,,...., iw,.;.i.,..:i
.'unv, jcu; tintv i n.-pivm.iiii
such other bushH-SR as mav be
thought proper.
The a-veit.1 counties will be en-
titled to Delegates in such C'ouven
ttiou as folkiws :
Baker County I
Benton County : 11
Cl.tckamas County M
Clatsop County 4
Coos Coiintr .". 5
Curry County 3
Columbia County 2
lloughis County' , W
Jrftiit County ti
Jackson Comity 10
Josephine County :t
Lane County 13
l.lnu County , 17
Marion Comity , 21
Multnomah County 24
Polk County 11
Tillamook Comity. 2
Umatilla Comity 3
Union County... 3
V"ajco County-. 7
Washington Connty t
Yamhill County 12
Total Number of Delegates . . . 20S
1 tie tate (. entral t ommittee re-
MMMi fl.t Ota iaixnl .w.iintinc
Lold their primary elections on Sat-1
in-day, March 2d, and their Comity
Conventions for selection ot Dele-
.,.i w. . f
cnteso tho Stoti I mi vent inn on
v "i ....... ... ... h v . v . u. v ...... .v.. . .
Saturday, Mareb 9, 1872.
C. P. Cit.vN o all. fec'v .
Salem, February 1, 1172.
lomily RrpaMirnn Cum en i Ion.
'flic BepubHcaa County Conrention
lor the comity of Liun will be hekl at
i iin ( 'imrt ITnnsf in A linn v nt 1 o'
'iH 1
P. M. on Satunlay, (lie th of HaMi,
1S72, far the puriiose ofelecthi 17
-uV-legateS to tlie Iti'pnbllean .State Con-
ventlottto be held in Portland on the
24df March. 1872 ,
The primary elections in the several
nredneta will ! b held on aimtav. -
a1vIi 1, W72, at Uie usual place of I
vrj'tner lt cilfl i.rMtiijs rNUrlfmhlo. :il I
.. ... ji.i 'n-
w,r. .. ; i
several precincts win oe entiueo to j
delegates iu such t.'ounty Convention
as follows :
ntr.crsrrs. so. iKi.w?.vras.
Albany 10
V .oria 2
llanisliurg 4
HroivnvlfTc 3
BnisliCreek 2 !
'enter '
Snacnae 1
Waterloo 1
Santiam 2
Fnnklin Butte 1
Scto 4
Sweet Home 1
U'banon , 4
By order of
Chr. Cent. Coi
ow mmie twwoia.
There cannot be too mncli interest
felt and encouragement given in tlie
direction of perfecting tlie plan and
securing an efficient development of
our common school system. As
public enlightenment or education
is the basis upon which rest the
corner stone of Republican govern
ment, do effort should be spared by
our Government and State authori
ties to bring the opportunities for
obtaining a good education within
the reach of every child. Every
township in the State should be or
ganised into one or more, as tlie
population is great or sfnall, school
districts; aud in each of these a
comfortable school house should be
built, having an eye iu its location
to the accommodation of tlie great
est Mather of patrons. Then
teacher holding a certificate of qual
iticatiou trocn the County Superin
tendent should be employed in etch
iobool fura period of at least six
months in each year, and no tuition
should be charged for attendance.
They should be wholly free. The
whole expense of building school
houses, hireing teachers, etc, should
be raised hjr taxation. A whins
school system iaaa imperfection and
largely a feilnre, so kmg as tuition
TbatehwBof 4m ring
be the most ready to favor, the
to embrace, the
f.ii' flwi S.'if.i ... I liwrufi mmII lm 1ml. I m.-.uhni w eil rrt" as flwi vrlillA linn- i . . ., . ... itolllltless soon ePCfilvo T.lM
.... ..v,.,.v ........ ... ( , ... ... ..... ry cratic watch tire,' aml'Mnarsiiaiine " rin-jj in tiii-noes mid a mastin wiiii
at thecity ot 1 ortlaud, at 11 . m., pleaicenlii'hteiied, the bauds which ! iumui.iriAti n,ntiiimr dent's ait'itun. ThcYn-oiect if a a hnss ilar. A.eow'srlh Ikhio had
on Wednesday, the 20th day of j .. , ' , H,nmetrv I-ratic Ivla., or WMet Mlf J ,,,,,, $ formallonof, !
.Alareh 187 a! : for the puriiosc rfP'M 501 " J M of that sort, were "fierce and san- ""ulc 0,,e' Horl"y 01 our 'P0 Unit the iiKwtiffspwl It out. grehlwl it;
mS a ' candidate V mem. fWWtHW a,'d Mab,ll,J' a,v tfuinarv" in their fixed. of tin- nwi" aml ,bCTl In t,,e I :umI V' :il 5 , 1ft ,ri,M.1
i mill pin
children of the poor, are debarred
IfrW hlliefUso long as tuition
is required. Tl those "
comfortable chwmstaiiccs can well
: children ot the jKwr may receive
I the civilizing lionetits ofcducalional
culture on an equal footing with
a.! i. .i L!-!
i"ir prooruou un
siiviigu.entM. ine ir more
l end. The laws are more
ihly uudeito.Hl and appre-
. , ,.. l. . ...
' cure Ikwums tlk tenure by
! it is held is more generally compre-
hooded and resiwlcl: society is
niorc jx-ai-eliil and happy became
the morals of society have advanced
iu a ratio jmrallel with the progi-es.s
i ..K T 1.
oi H-icnunc cumue. our pu.r
: lachools, then, be free. Let the
tuii.01. m inrown on ireiu our pu.
lie schools here iu Albany.
r.i i ... '. i .i . iv. i ...!... i
tnc-orpnau ami u.e niuin.cNs ,.d,e
an cnual clianco witlitheOrcn of
tut more tavoreu in tin race w be
cure an education. Let our school
. . . i,:
rooms be ample in accommodation.
Let them be eomtortably seated,
warmed, ventilated and provided
with all necessary appurtenances of
; blaekl-oanl, map, charts etc., bo
necessary to taci itate the teaching
- ...i . ,c Bll
I ait. 1 lieu let the patrons and
friends of the srhool make occasion -
1 visits, and Tjy their presence and
j inteiest -jVe enconragemcnt to
L , -., ,., , ,
teacher and pupils, and thus elevate
i Llll." SUtllUllIU OI 1'llOlv 1.IIU UU.UHr.
1 ttori.
' . llow Nome of Thriu Whinr.
.1 a 1.1 . ,..V.... ....1 I.
-..i., ..r.iw. 1A-..1.
W Illl4 Utllll f?MIIC l tttnj 1 Vl
x . .
ina l)cmoi-ratkMonnials have set up
ninnu nitoous whiuo s,. iMiiliar
. . ... t ' , ' nnt
"""-. " "
""ether w tangn or w teei luuig-
nant. In their burning desire to hi-
j jure the Kemblican . iarty and
ijring jte far into disgrace, they
1 havcgonesofariutbenseoftliefaciil-
. ' . .
ttyof.nyent.on.astoexhausttlieirex -
tensive vocabulary ot falsehood and
niici-itirispiit'iliiiii mill IW1V. hfll'lncr
... ..... . . a. i
uiscovereii tne utteriuumy o.nese ,
-ffirt. f ..;., gtJ(mt ,,.e J0. j
.wi i:.. ...i.,i !
WIUl, .111.. Wlll. lint tiinyi. iibii I....I..
' O 1 .
by truthful pictures ot their own
inconsistencies and misdeeds from
l i .,... .Li:...... .. . !.,. !.;.
iOniuiu ofjiiQ, uirj www men
weakness and impotency by wrink- i
U .V.i. . :i!i.. ...:.. . P
""5 UF lnvn MJ ""MI wu..-
nances ami uttering in doleful tones
that tliey arc being misrepresented
and placed in a false light before the
people. Like Carl Shurz in bis
malevolent criticism on tlie Presi
dent. He hesitated not to indulge
the most freely in spleenish diatribes
and falsehoods in that direction, but
the moment the finger of criticism
began to point out the stains of self-
fchncss, nIignity, greed and dia-
honesty which mottled his political
character aud record like spots upon
the back of a zebra, he wilted down
and began to complain that he was
being persecuted. The same spirit,
not of cowardice, but of sell-abne
gation from censure or molestation,
was shown by the the Democrats of
the South iu their efforts to break
iro the government After they had
exhausted tlie national treasury,
dismantled our Northern forts, sent
out navy on long voyages to for-
eign ports, removed most of our
soldiery to southern camps and de-
feoot, hod passed their articles of
secession, assembled their militia
and (bed upon the flag ot the na
tion at-Fort Sumpter, their appeal
to the nation was : "all we ask of
you is, let us alone." A fraction of
a party that arrogates to itself so
high an endowment of superiority
over its brethren in other States, in
point of integrity, wisdom and in-
emtaisteney, as is the case with the
Democracy in this State, should
show a degree of dignity and self
respect eommensurate with W bv
fisted claims, and not like a cow
ardly bully, get down on its knees
and whine every time it meets with
m mm
i. i 1 1 .mi mi a ..s j .
nowid teimlMtmMft r.
ummmai tant stuck
J.HHnir llown liMUr.
Our Democratic notghlKW across
. the street is modulating his martial
; totf A few weeks ago
his voit Wll ti,w hmd
t. ,:.;,,.. ... M1V fMltion with
! dtoffte,,l,bjCJU,St Hi, dl
... vf , .,,,.
. r -
0 0ifC mor0 ki(10 tJlc )t111(
wm rminaUou not to
I swervw 0IK? jt ,H)r tittle frem
f thci.l.imb line otnre, iuiadnltito.1
i 1
"Old Hickon-" could
I10t vc d,own Height boob-
, 0f detntlMOkH or knit his
. a . . ...
UlTMVf W llll H UVItVI I'lOK UI lilt III
revive, than our Ughbar
resented in the biistllngeilitorials
; f b WC(ks A cifl mv
, com ovt,r ti,e :
rf mM lk ll8ck.1)mie j
tohpml. Fortuitous cir-
. .i i
: o .
( IlIIISl.ll CS. U IV It ' 1C UMU SI H i . MOW .
. . -mmMo., ;
; rifth:g him y, surely, Ho
mimiipniiliOII of kngtm.
i-ij, tij,,,,.! r naaiivitv
fa ATtkk l0nr j2enti -
I ,. ... - w
imiiir., iii hio M'irimjim vii iiini
week, is a quotation from the .yac-
t,lcfollowi A mlU
' . ... .. .... 4 ...
tion with the anti-Onint Reimbl. -
. A ., ., ,. M
1 .i t. .. .
fi.rt .tin.... M . in ... i en. .... .n ,i ir.f
ulann us, but disUindonmeiit is not
to be thought of." Our iieighl-or
says the whole (piotation retlccts his
sentiments to a dot this sentiment,
of course, with the rest. The idea
i.n.lp.l to l mvm-l is
we will consent to join with these!
; -
MttUrf MMjtmwm Am mmmm.aI
: "C'eating Grant, but after that wac-
complished, we will go back to the
! iwi.
L'vuivvitiu viiiiiiMi.iuii ii-.ii".
Tbiofcotirseis onlvasubterflie
i ms, oi course, is oniy a MMWIl
The Democrat knows full well that
if the Demoemeyookieecea withtlus
atiti-G rant movement, it can never
1-. n;.i .c . Mil ...ii- ii ,i
bo rallied as a duc orga uation
again. Its future polity will be uu -
der the guidance and manipulation
of these same anti-Grant lieiinbli-
" r Hffl"IW
iug its disorgaubsatioa llie editor i
A I . . A' A. li Wa- i".
of tlie Sacramento Reporter, fore
casting with unerring precision the
sequel of coming events, was simply
smoothing his way down to the adoi-
tion of the Passive scheme. Our
neighbor, similarly impressed, is be
ginning to slide in the same groove.
Other Democratic editor in the
State will not lie long hi discover-,
ins a war We cannot blame them
w&a way. e cannot mame uicm
tor desiring to come down from the
mountain top of invincibility to the
gloomy valley of nonentity, after
the In axis the v havn mula vfrv
uie Doasts tney nae maaa, vw ,
very gradually ; wu men tuey must ;
come The little end ot the horn
must be reached. Thev have
marched up hill with loud sounding
music and lofty martial tread, and
now, forsooth, they must turn
around aud slink down. It will
not be long now until our neighbor
will be shouting out through a toot
ing horn giveu him by tlie anti
Grant Republican leaders, to "kin
dle the" Passive "watcli ires" and
"marshal the" Possum "klans."
Our Vrcat Kaltonat Vlurau .
A few years ago letters were pub
lished by parties who had penetrated
into tlieTerritory of MonUtajgiviiig
descriptions of the most wonderful
discoveries in natural scenery made
by them, and recommending that
the region in which these ctrrtoeifies
were found be set apart by the Gen.
eral Government as a National
Park. Scientific men hate since
visited this section ot tlie country
and have added their testimony in
omroboration of the first descrip
tions, and have fully approved of
the recommendation. The idea of
setting apart this portion of our
wide domain, where nature has
been the most wildly grand to her
lavish displays, was not only ap
proved, hat m many inttmiait ilid
..L aL ! -i.M a
: ttt 07 ?r
jownais m the eonntry. Daring
of a bill appropriating some , two I
thousand five himdiedsqnnre miles
i wludji.g the lakennd
of YeJlowtfone, 0o im-
' mc..seny ggujW;mi,r.
w .jB.uin.n-nuy ncm
as a ureat National 1'ark. The
bill ha, at tin, writing paed both
biaiK-lies of Congress, and will
I'a.k will kMrly twice as ! "y "ZZ pV ST
i as l'8 '"t0 ot Khflflj Island, and kiL-kingaiid retoviml thehone. wlmJi
three hundred and ILdfefcJgK
stpiare miles larger man uciaware.
It will n-t Ik; very long now, until
tourists from all parts of the country
will lw inonliuff tlieir liollidaKa.
M,npW thMfn
ders to lie found in our great Na-
tional Park.
i .
total Alikilnenro.
A Voting lady of Massachusetts,
ainl who was an ardent admirer of
u- i .t im-.,. .
..iu ioi I nil inns aim a nnn niivn.
,, . .,,.. .,. ,
from her lather's count, y seat to S
J Mlgliborll village, met a young
' man on foot, who was carrying a
i snsnip oiK-lfmbiiKT imr vh.. ot
' ? " L & '. M
i ... V" 7. ,1
l ooking up with a comical leer.
simply winked with one eye .ml
snmekal li.s qis to indicate that it
. The young lady s.ip.iosing he
. , .p .',...
... ...n. 1.... i : i:..a.
u I I I K 1 1 ' 1 1 1 H t '1 ! u . 1 iiiii. inn
: 1 i 'i i
I w( ft R)fc
"It is this," be replied. "Why
Is my jug like you saddle?"
1 She could not tell.
I "It,s fkW Bi gal-01'."
said lie. ..iti;.' ...i: l
IT lltIV IIIIHIIU i V.M llllllll ' tlll
. ... i.. . i .1 .
; niu.giiai.i young ia.iy, ami men
continued : "Young man, do you
M,st one ",orc qitestton," in -
. , i i , i .i t
terntpted her auditor, and then I
am ,lue."
i ''Why is mv imr also like the as-
j sembly room of a fctnaW seminary
: at roll call?" ,
""m s,lr0 I t'" 1 know, was
; iff y
; its because its full '(.-
, idtl auditor.
I he fair lecturer touched her
spirited horse with the whip and
. . ..... v.u., 'e
1 .11 ... ,u,ll llll.ll,
Krott mill Dnvall.
The following anecdote on Gov.
owing :
.lames F.
nsoii, of Scott and
Judge Duvall, which lias been long
current in the circle of their friends
hilt we iKdieve lias never be,, in print
"The Government U a relic of the
old regime of Virginia remleman.
shitclv. cniirtpniis. ami mitiitilinns in i
exerei-ing tlie rites of hospitality.
0,,e tla' ' 'wd ''ivlteil Judge Dnvall
to rWe wlth lllm- Arriving at a toll-
j, .. .
gate, the Judge was about to pay (lie
too, wnen iiov. jnooiusoii inierponea,
saying : " Dnvall. 1 nave tieen try
lug for years to make a gentleman of
) oil. oui nave uoi hhvojotu. ,. i-n a
gentleman mIm yon to ride he does
not expect you to jaiy excuses.
this; seriocomic address from his old
frieiid, (be .lodge ianglied quietly, and
rt'tiiriml bis nockeMlook to its nlaee.
?f gt
Reachim? tlie first gate, Dnvall sat still
wldle tlie (Jovenior waited for Mm to
descend and open the gate. After
waiting a minute, during which neith
er spoke a word, Duvall said, with a
merry chuckle In hi voice : "I would
get down aud open that gate, but I
suppose that when one is asked by a
gentleman to take a fide, he Is not
expected tfi work his way." Tlie
fJovetnor itllently and solclninly des
cended and opened the gate. Kentucky
A good story is told of a teacher who
was talking to her setwlars regarding
tlie order of tlie higher beings. It was
a very profitable subject, and one In
which the children took an uncommon
Interest. She told them that the angels
came first in perfection, and when slie
asked them who came next, and was
readily answered by one boy "Man,"
the left encourages to ask;
"What comes next to man f " i
And liere a little shaver, who was
evidently smarting under a defeat In
tlie proceeding question, Immediately
distanced all comptltors, by promptly
shooting :
"His undershirt, ma'am !" ,
A story is told of a man In Connec
ticut who fell from the roof of a Ave
story building to the sidewalk, but
when he struck on the thick soles of
his rubber shoes, be bounced back
within a quarter of an Inch of the
roof, and so continued to bounce, the
distance was then decreasing by only
Ich he managed to catch on
the bound, and at the end of a month
he was stopped and restored to Us
family. ...-.'.
, A bashful young man was escorting
body yoo heawerf ra home.' "Don't
be afWU," wpUsdha, "I am as much
,R,Vt,lc'r' !f ,n'7f
j wllM, he saw
lwrf.,,1(,( , Hamburg ;!cmiaiiy) In 1
j 17 ( !
: ,iwt u uieir hIioiiMw to personate
wing. Adam appeared mi the scene
iJjg HE 1
that pa-sud before him to relieve tbetr
names was a welt snou norse. pigs wiiii ;
won emergen umnny priest, pin 100-e
' 0'"?r
Awn -than the WMm
lZi?,I" 5? JSffi
WHW IVIIIIU. . Ill II M'l lliuu ill .1 1 inM-
last judgment villi elu iiienee, pa
Ih(w. and folic of aelion. that some of
his audience not only hw-t into lours, I
hut sent forth plereiiig cries as if 'he I
jiKlge himself had U-en pivsi'llt. :
and was about to puss upoii them their
Hliltl sentvuiv. In the Ik'glit ot this:
excitement tlss preacher called ujmif '
I .....
uicm omii weir lean nun ivuso men-
he was ahont i . adi
thinu still m.-re awful and astonMllmt
. Xt&&
withanagifatiileounteiiaiice ami Hk
j emit .voice aildri!3sclj tlm.a thus! -In
; 'o ' umrrer oi an nou ii-oni cms nine.
; otfcmi which you iiave j,t now
exhibited will he stilled ; the reineiu
; Iterance of the fearful truths which ex
! el's', litem will vanish; you will re
! t.i'Un o your carnal oevupidlons or slu
fill pleasures With yoi'ir usual avidity,
and you w HI treat all yroi have heard
, m ii ta!u.iliat is told."
1 iuilllh ! hilt wherc's vimr sj.;ity"
' c. -
' e coiiiprciieim uiv i.w uisiaunv.
I I Al... ... ... !.. . L .1.
i he well-divsed woman who uttered
tlie taunt was the wife ot the well-
dressed gentleman to whom it was ad
dressed, lie had lieeu too slow In en- '
terllig tlie car. and had probably let
, fall the uiifortuute words time ;
cnniurh.'' Fimlinir the ear fast lllliiijr 1
nil, she was vexed. She was angry.
i She made an cxccediiijrlv Uiij'cneions
The comfort of the next hour.
t . 1 - 1 . I I
iieihaps ot the remainder of the day.
,vns poiicd hv It ; for it made both
unhappy. The ease was not half so ,
j -J.
1 : - r ' i
i Wviv uiiuirj wihwiri i l trial
, make them at all ?Tliey do not promote j
! jminaii iiappiness. ffcy are the tmm
M half of life's mlerv. ( 'r(irMittii.
: i ..
Tin: Ciiixksk Wav. When the cel-
ebnited Manager lliinu took his stir
ny g WQi 1nr tk filvt
nine a ,it,lc trouble, with an
Ti ZTtt
trairediiuis will and iutmruntul the I
i perfonnajK, Ma.waer Kunu' Ktemie.1
, to the footliffht. which w ere Chinese
i lanterns, and beoiied In tlie etlicient
ponce. i lien tlie ilimculty was ex-1
plained through an interpreter, to
Manager Bunn'sbitciise astonishment
the drunken tragedian was thrown '
down and his head sawed oil' in about
! ' " . J""" "r "," g 1M""
! ItoSf.? rcgre
two minutes. Bonn writing home
Jj m J
l,f11,'j,UhL,;ll?' a"(1
nisi' l lTIIlll Tim In in'.' nir
anecdote is told of the famous lVmee
of Coude. He left his son aged nine
years, fifty ioula d'or to spend while
he, himself was absent hi Paris. On
his return the boy eame to him tri
umphant ly. saying "Papa, here is all
tlie money safe ; I have' never touched
it once." "
The I'rlnee. witliont making any
reply, took his son to the window,
and quietly emptied all the money into
the street." Then he said : "If you
haye neither virtue enough to give
your money, nor spirit to spend it.
always do this for tlie future, that Uie !
poor may have a chance of it
If a man will only start with a fixed
and honorable purpose in life, and
1 I !..!.. O ... I Muljllinllu ..If...... .A ...
ii'un .uu p i 1-w.iiAi nitcfllfll ,U
carry it out to tlie best of his ability,
undismayed by failure or delay, the
i . u , ... i i : '
i one in.. v ufj ioiiu in wiiiiiijp on i conic
it will, when that purpose will be
A distinguished civilian was lately
explaining to hi son, who was quite a
boy, tlie outiiuesof Italy, and remarked
as usual, that they reuibledlnforin a
man's boot. "Well," said, the little
fellow, Hfl Mve to be a man; 111
put my foot hi it "
They have au absolute Prohibitory
Law In the State of Maine, and it is so
well enforced that there At fewer cases
of drunkenness la that State than there
are cases of horse-stealing and porket
pickhig in Pennsylvania, j
Do all In yoor power to teach' your
children self-govcrn.neut. If a child
is passionate, teach him by patient and
gentle means to erb tile temper;
if he is greedy, cultivate libcmlity hi
him; if he b selfish, promote gener
osity. .
There Is m role of health more lm.
portant than ''keen the feet dry aud
warm, and tlie head cool." An eld
story, but cue worthy of being oft
Be careful not to trust the person
who comes and tells you what so-and-so
says about yon. It is an old saying
that "they who fetch will also carry."
' - ' r ii
Joh ii Oreggis, an oW resident of Trin
ity, better known as "Old Hannes,"
recently perished in the snow between
MliMrtville and Trinity Center..
A woman of twenty Is said to be as
mature In her WeMsnd manner us a
man of twenty 4v or thirty
i :
I.. lilniu. S. T. VoitHsr. J. Unrrowi
)T 4 TV
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