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    FINGAL ,
Not MePhe rjon'a hero of that name,
but TIioium Oaiupliell's Fingal or.
rather, lie who was Thouiast'iimphcll.
Fingal inu a dog ; n excellent one ;
jirofowloiially, the best in tbe Dm
borhood. At an early age, in o5n
euce to instincts deseemlcd thnxwh a
lone line of collie. h commenced tlie
duties of aheplienl's assistant in the
scrvic of his friend anil master, then
chief shepherd on the bread acres of
tlie Poke of Alhol. For five year
dating from tlie 0eiiing of our story,
be Imd discharged the duties of hi
office with dog-tike fidelity, ami great
ly more tliati even a colly's intelli
gence. A large, strong Imte was Fingal ;
being qnite a much the superior in
strength to those of his breed as he was
their master in aagacity. Hut chiefly
was he remarkable for his mental
qualities. lie was a very wise dog.
Indeed, so undeniable were his claims
to what is understood by the metaphy
sician as "reason.'' that, throughout
the entire county side, it was said of
him, "lie can do everything that's
needed of him but sneak."
Now, what am I going to relate of
King as. for short he waa called may
lie regarded as truth or not, just as the
reader pleases. I say this because the
relation I am about to make regarding
him is truly marvelous, and tiicrcfore
calculated to raise doubt.
King's master by one of those pleas
ing dispensations which tend s much
to rob death of its terror to their sur
vivorshad fallen heir to a few hun
dred pounds; and being a man of
much ewrgy of character, he adopted
the more remunerative business of
drover, purchasing beeves and sheep,
and disposing of them at tairs. For
three years Thomas Campbell pursued
his risky, wandering profession, each
year adding to his Importaucs as a
dealer in stock. On all his trips. Fing,
of course, was his never-tailing com
panion. Tbonus Campbell was a bachelor,
and lived with his brother Duncan, on
a farm which they had bought between
them. TOi place was known as Craig
bitru. Duncan was tbe elder of tlie
two sons; was married and had a fam
ily, tbe oldest being almost a full
grown man.
In those days, facilities in bank ex
rlianges were not as they now are ; so
that persons going to remote places in
the country took whatever cash tliey
might have along with them In
gold; thus subjectftig themselves to
the risks of robbery ami probable mur
der. Mr. Campbell, in bis last trip, had
doubled the number of the largest lierd
lie kid vet taken. An eager market
awaited him at Falkirk fair, where his
well-known manly character and mil
dealing had made liim a desirable party
t a bushiest transaction. Disposing
ot his stock to much advantage, he
Started for home, lie traveled, as was
usual in those days, on horseback, car
rying hU portmantau liehind hi ; saddle.
But fhom&s Campbell never reached
his home.
Wliat became of him, no one knew.
The country was .searched ; but not the
sliglitesit trace could lie found of the
drover or his dog. The horse, too,
was missing. If blood had lawn spilt,
the shurp. drenching rains of late au
tumn had washed it all away. Being
well-known all alons; the route, he
could be tracked to within ten miles of
Craighurn. There, mystery enveloped
his fate in thrlce-fbld darkness.
His brother had oft'ered a reward of
five hundred pound- for the discovery
of his body should be be found dead:
and if it appeared that he had been
murdered, he promised the remaining
part of Thomas's fortune. Including
his sliare of the farm, for the appre
hension of tbe murderer. To this lat
ter clause tlie Duke added two hundred
pounds from his private purse.
Nearly a week had passed from tlie
date when, the drover and dog were
last seen; and Sabbath moruing found
the afflicted Campbells still mourning
over tlie fate of tlieir lost relative. The
morning family services had passed,
and Duncan went out to ponder over
the terrible dispensation that liad
Mricken tlie strong man down in his
strength, and deprived him of a broth
er, lie had barely jiassed the outer
door when lie observed an animal
slowly crawling up the lane leading to
the house.
"What can it be ?" said he.
At first it struck Mm that it was
Mealing along to pounce upon some
stray domestic fowl. But, on more
closely' watching Its motions, he saw
that its freqnetit stops suggested ex
liaustion rather than caution ; that Its
movements partook too much of feeble
ness to be sheas of prey a wolf, for
instance, ora large-sized badger. Call
ing to bis sou Donald, who stood at tbe
window, to come out they approached
the strange looking animal together.
It had stopped, and lay as if incapable
of dragging itself an inch farther ; and
seeing mem, it uttered a low, plaintive
whine, imd slightly moved its tall.
"Ob, father, it's Fbigal 1" cried the
son, as he started with all speed toward
the wretched brute.
True enough, it was Fing; but so
emaciated by hunger and bodily suffer
ing as to be hardly recognizable.
Raising the dog carefully up between
them, in a few minutes more be lay
upon a sofa mat in a room adjoining
the kitchen. Donald, weeping like a
boy, sat down beside him, and raising
the battered bead on his leg, placed
close to his muzzle a small uui of milk,
which lie greedily but painfully lapped.
There was not a dry eye in tlie fam
ily ; each of the household, from the
'grate man" to tbe fiirra servants, con
doling with the skhmy, maimed ani
mal. And truly tbe poor dog present
ed a most pitiable condition. A deep
gash, partially healed, in bis neck told
plainly enough he liad been shot. Ilia
bead, too, was terribly mangled, as If
it liad been smashed with a Heavy in
strumeM. Various other bruises were
found upon him. Tn addition to these
revoking cruelties, he was a mere
skeleton, bis booed actually protruding
wont tor it, we 11 nave a cnic
to the. mysterv, now,'' said Mrs.
Campbell, at which Fing fecblv wag
ged his tail, as if in acknowledgment
of tlie compliment to his sagacity.
"Tak' yc nae heed no, matter,"
aid tlie servant-lass ; "there's a Prov
idence bfrc ; awl be sure o' this whin
thtreVnaebody else to tak' care o' tlie
doug, ll be wl '. him."
In a short time a little milk was
again placed brl'oti luni. which he rav
enously, hut WMNMdent distress.
licked up.
"I'uir Fing!" was the exclamation
from all; ami, sympathy ruling tlie
hour, found Fing with attendants con
stantly at his s'iu. For three days and
nights was he so iimseil. After that
he was enabled to sit, but looking woe
fully "disjaskit" (sick and exhausted).
Fing, however, was convalescent, and
bade fair at 110 distant date to be as
much of a dog as ever.
About a month more liad passed,
and a meeting of ucighliors was heing
held at CraigTairii. King, well recov
ered, wasactively trotting tip and down
the lane, accontiiaiiyiiig each visitor
tliat came. As many as a dozen jier
sons liad assembled.
Over a glass of toddy for in those
days the bottle presided stall deliliera
tions they were discussing the great
mystery aud the possible chance of the
duos' return throwing light upon the
subject. Fing was present. Sitting
011 his luuinchcs he seemed to be taking
as intelligent an interest as the wisest.
He would prick up his ears at an ob
servation that seemed to tally with his
own erouipreheusion of the matter ;
then drop his head at some other, as If
lie might say, "No, it is useless to do
Noticing the intelligence manifested
by the animal, the Duke's principal
game-keeper, a man greatly esteemed
tor courage and Intelligence, remarked,
"If tlie reward will ever become due,
there is the one that it will fall to,"
pointing to Fing. The dog wagged
Ills tJlil, and moving Up to the game
keeper, put his muzzle on his knee.
"The likes o" that !" was the gene
ral exclamation.
The special discussion having been
exhausted, conversation liegan to take
a more convivial turn. Fing. perceiv
ing it, curled himself up in a comer by
an intermediate door. He had laiii
there for an hour or so, wlieu one of
tlie guests dropped a tumbler upon the
floor, breaking it.
"Oh, just never mind that. Mr. Don
aldson," cried Mrs. Campbell, from
an adjoining room. "When tlie chap
man, Cuthhert, comes "
At the mention ot tlie pedler's name
King rose at a bound, barking furious
ly, and gnashing his teeth ill a frenzy
of rage, while bis liair stood up as if
turned to bristles.
"The dog's gaeu mad !" cried a
"What's the matter, Fing?" said
The dog. in the fierce extremely of
his anger, fairly howled. Duncan,
after quieting him. sat for a moment
overcome with thought. Then, hastily
arising, and calling Fing to follow him.
he left the room followed by the dog.
After passing lialf way down the
lane, Duncan turned to Fing. and
shouted, I'uthbert I" Tlie same de
gree of rage was exhibited as When, in
the room, his wife mentioned the
"Cuthbert !" he repeated : Find
him out.'"
With a tierce howl of delight at the
onler, the dog lioundcd down the lane ;
then, returning, barked savagely, as
if at an imaginary enemy. And so
lie kept bounding down the. lane aud
returning, as if inviting Duncan to
follow him.
Mr. Campbell returned to the house.
and asked his guests to excuse him ;H
then mounting a horse, lie followed
Fiug. The dog, as If understanding
that he was understood, now settled
down to a quiet jog, taking tbe direc
tion leading south.
"On the track at last." tliought the
brother, as he trotted along the rough
highway, following the detective Fing.
Two miles were passed ; he full of
confidence in the ultimate result of
their journey, the dog ever and anon
pricking his ears, as If anticipating
tlie approach of tlie man he sought.
Leavurg the main road. Fing sprung
Intoa bridal-path on a patch of moor
land. The way was a cross-cut by
which the distance to tbe ilea rest town
was shortened by a couple of miles.
At a short distance further it wound
up a steep hill, at the top of which it
struck along a rocky escarpment hav
ing a sheer depth of two hundred feet,
at the base of which the Tay murmur
ed mi Its gleaming passage to tlie sea.
On his left a forest of firs climbed,
sliadowy and frowning, entirely shut,
ting out tlie heavens. Tliere was 110
house within three miles cither north,
south or west ; and on the earstern
side the habitations to be socn were
away on the bottom kinds, far beyond
tlie reach of human voice. A fit place
for outrage and Mood.
Along tlie road tbe peddler had
passed about the time tbe drover disap
peared; and along that road Thomas
Campbell was hi the liabit of return
ing from tlie lowlands. How it was
that the circumstance of tlie peddler's
passage through tliat part of the coun
try at that time liad never been men
tioned, was this : Ilory Cuthhert tlie
chapman, had supplied tlie inhabitant
of tliat dreary, out-of-the-way region
for years, sustaining a reputation for
hone-t dealing with all. It is true,
some ugly stories about the cruelty
and want of patriotism during the re
bellion of '4a hid been circulated ; hut
as tie had not been alone In his aym
pathy with the Pretender, his mean
ness as a spy were forgotten in his fair
dealings as a trader. lie traveled with
a single horse, putt'ng up at houses
wherever night might overtake him.
Another thing which helped to give
him immunity from suspicion of wrong
doing, he had the reputation of lieing
a God-fearing man, habitually taking
! m simpie morning anu even
ng religious exercises of the people at
whose bouses lie staid, ami not fre
quently asking a blessing at tlie table
over the family meals. Cuthbert was
well-known at the home of tlie Camp
bell brothers, liavlng made Cralgburn
a stopping-place when passing. Be
ing a man ot much information, and
constantly on the wing, he was a bear
er of news; therefore a most likely
person to lie welcomed to the house of
an Intelligent family. So appareptly
inoffensive a man was not likely to lie
mixed up with murders and robbery.
About midway of tills desolate
stretch of road, a natural bridge spans
a rugged chasm, its narrow passage
barelv admitting a single carriage. A
more' dismal sot it were lmnl to con
ceive. An abrupt turu closes tlie road
both ways ; and on eltlierside the fall
sombre pines closed out everything Ik
vond, save a narrow still of nine
above. Beneath yawns the tVanW
throat of the gaige, the vexed waters
crushing their impetuous way past jag
ged cliffs till thev mingle in the roar
of the waterfall 'tliat leaps into the
river below.
On approaching the Spot, Fing gave
mouth to a succession of fierce yelps,
his rage increasliigasher.eaml it. On
the bride his savagery was little less
than madness. Howl after howl of
tiger-like ferocity roused tlie echoes,
intermingled with convulsive snapping
of his kuis, as If tearing at an adversa
ry. All at once his furv ceased, and.
squatting on his (xxly, he comnienivd
dragging himself along towards the
woods ti the left.
Dismounting, Duncan followed him
until he came To a clump of heather,
into which lie crawled, as If in great
pain, and lay down; then crawling
out. lie commenced walking slowly in
the direction of Craigbnni, No trace
of blood was visible. If blood had
been shed there, nature had wiped
everything clear again with drenching
"Tluit'll do, Fing." said Duncan to
his comptiuoil, who was still crawling
painfully along. Tlie dog resumed Ills
natural position, led the way back to
tlie road.
The conclusions of Duncan Camp
bull from the premises afforded by the
dog, were tliat the bridge liad been the
.scene of his brother's murder, and the
attempted destruction of Fing. Thai
tlie drover had lieen suddenly attacked
shot, periiaps and tumbled over
into the chasm, that Fingal, too. had
been shot ami felled by the pistol in
tla; ruffian's binds ; but that, after the
murder, he had succeeded in saving
his life by stealing to the hiding place
which bad served him as a hospital,
leaving nature to do the surgery.
On regaining the bridge. Fing stood
011 the centre, looking wistfully down
among the cniip; he whinning and
trembling the while as if desperately
weighing the chances of success in leap
ing down from clitf to cliff in search
of tlw beloved friend lie had seen tossed
over in the helplessness of death.
"Na, na, Fing, come lack. We've
got a better use for you than that.
Listen ! Cuthbert 1 Find him out !"
Tlie sagacious dog leaped wildly
about for an instant.
"Down. Fing; not now. my man;
ye're a good doug." said Duncan, pat
ting tlie colly 011 the head ; "and so
sure as there is a God in heaven.
Thomas slmll be revenged. Now, let's
gang back."
Duncan imparted his convictions
onlv to his wife.
''Cuthbert might get wind of it, ye
see," be said, "and so make him rin
the country. Fingal and I will leave
the morn's inornin', 011 the part of ret
ribution; and guided by the rea.-on
for there's nae instinct aboot it o"
Fing. justice sliall be vindicated and
society in future lie protected frae the
blnldy hands and the black heart o" a
villain and a murderer."
Fing. who was a participant in this
interview, sat listening to the revela
tion made to his mistress ; aud at the
end ofthe conference lie fawned upon
her, licking her hand, as If lie-eeching
her to otter no objection to tbe con
templated journey.
After the preparations for a short al
sence from his home. Duncan and his
wife entered the large kitchen, where
bis on Donald was. along with two
fkrra laborers and the servant lassie.
His presence at once arrested their at
tention. "Donald, my man," said the father,
'business makes it necessary tliat I
gang doon to the Lowlands for a week
or sac, may be longer, may he shorter;
but. however lang or short, let things
go on at Cralghbum just the same.
The journey I'm aboot takin' you'll be
jaloosin (suspecting) tlie nature 0' ; hut.
for the present, naethiiig rualr can be
"Dinna be feared, (hither, " replied
the son; "gangyonr ways, and the
Lord be w'f yoii on yir errand. Bob
and Tain here and myself will gie a
good account o' onrsels when ye come
back. It's cotuiu' on winter, and there
will he but little to dae ; hut what
should be dune will be dune winna it.
"There is nae fear o' us uiaister,"
the men replied.
"Nae, sai, not a bit," added the las
sie. "Noo let us pray that a successfu"
termination may be given to the
journey." said Duncan Campbell;
"for witliout (he help 0' the Lord
litre's nae wisdom in human effort
or doing effort ailher."
A portion of the sacred writings hav
ing been read, tlie familvof tlie moun
taineer knelt by tlieir scabs, and the
tatlier offered up a prayer to tlie God
of the merciful for tlieir protection dur
ing his absence, closing with the en
treaty that justice might not sleep nor
duty slumlier till tlie mystery of his
brotlier sliould be unfolded. "Make
bare thine arm, O Lord, against the
cvd-doer. Let him not go tree. Thou
liast promised tliat out of weak things
of the earth, tlie wisdom of tlie wicked
shall be confounded and Thy name
glorified. Make it sae in tills instance.
Here Is but a doug, a pulr wordless
doug, toginde; hut with Thee every
thing Is possible. Keep the of si
lence upon tlie lips of this humble
houselmld till justice shall be vindica
ted, and Thine shall lie the praise and
tlie glory. Amen."
Karly next morning. I mnean Camp
bell, mounted on a strong, swift horse,
accompanied by Fing, started for the
Two weeks liad past hut no trace of
tlie peddler could lie found. The news
of tlie mysterious dtamjeamnoe of the
drover bad traveled along tbe route to
Falkirk ; and tlie honest, noble char
ter of 'lhomas Campbell having gained
him many friends, tbe brother was
everywhere met with sympathy and
offer of service, Fing, too, was well
known, ami frequent were the compli
ments lie received on learning the suf
ferings he had undergone.
"Ve. dinna suspect Cuthbert, dae
ye ?" many inquired. ;
"laiiLanxloiw to hear his deponc
ment before a magistrate, that's a',"
Duncan would cautiously replv.
Anotlier week had passed, and still
'no traces of the peddler.
"lie maim line fled the countrv,"
thought Duncan. "But onr pilgrim
age is not yet ended. Fing. Let us on,
my mail."
Fing, however, needed no encour
agement to go on ; for, if apprehen
sive tliat his companion might become
weary of the search, lie always kept
in advance of the horse, hopefully
snulHiig the road to witch scent of the
prey he sought.
Packmen' were numerous in those
days. Indeed, it was to the peddler
that country people were indebted for
small articles of merchandise. Iking
numerous, they Were all more or less
known to each other by reputation.
Duncan bad got as far south as Cum
berland in Knglaiid.
luthbert, did 'e say?" replied one
of the tramping fraternity of whom
Duncan hud made inquiry respecting
the object of hi-search. "On, ave, I've
heard 0' him. He traveled in the
lleelants (Highlands). Ye'll thulium
If 1 U'v na wen wrongly informed
in the toon 0' Fraineholt, hi England
here, about nine miles frae the city o'
Hull. He's aboot to open a hraw
show) shop there. He did a thrlvhl'
business in the lleelants. Ye seem tite
he agitated, gude man. Is there any
thing unco (wonderful) aliout Cuth
bert?" But, witliout answering the man.
Duncan put spurs to his horse, and
pursued his journey with increased
liaste. Fing seemed to catchall ink
ling of the information just imparted
to his emu anion. He bounded on in
advance, his ears pricked forward, and ,
tlie hair of bis tail, neck, and hack
stiffly bristling. Putting his horse to
his utmost, it few days more" saw Dun
can within an hour's ride of his victim.
At tlie outskirts of the village of Frame
holt, he met a laborer, of whom he in
quired about Cuthbert.
"You'll find 'ini oop thecre. t' vil
lage." he replied.
Muffling his face with his plaid,
Duncan rode up to the inn, and giving
his horse to the ostler, he called for
the landlord.
I want to see a magistrate," said tlie
Highlander. He was informed where
one could be found.
"Come, Fing, stick close by me."
said Dtunan. "It you should get yir
e'e on him afore I did, it might breed
In an hour after the arrival ofthe pur
suers, Cuthhert. the whilom packman
was a prboner in cliarge of a consta
ble ; and that same evening found him
in tlie cointy goal, charged with the
the crime of murder.
In due time the prisoner was tried.
The proi't however, was found insuf
ficient to convict him. A large sum of
money WIS found in his possession,
hut tiiiit, it was argued, lie might have
earned by his business. Tlie fact of
his having slept at the house of Dun
can the night before tlie dlsapuearauce
of the drover, however, much it might
breed suspieioti. was no evidence
against him. TIms story of the dog
was only wondered at. The prisoner
was discharged.
But justice stood at the door of the
court ready to receive him.
No sooner had he entered the outer
hall leading to the street, than Fingal.
with a savage howl of revenge, sprang
to his throat, and, locking bis strong
jaws, which enclosed the chapman's,
windpipe, he bung to him till they fell
together. Ills clenched f ings defied all
expedients to open them. Growling
and tugging, Jike a famished tiger,
insensible alike to the blows and kicks
of the bystanders, be kept his grip till
his victim lay motionless as a corpse.
A surgeon was called ; hut the tangs
of the colly laid done their worst. The
pedler recovered consciousness only
long enough to confess his guilt.
111 'Honors.
A hoy being asked the meaning of
the woftl amateur, said it was a man
what (lipped upand wasn't jawed for't.
".See here, mister,"' said a lad driven
up a tree by a ferocious (log, "if you
don't take tliat dog away, 1 11 eat up
all your apples."
An enthusiastic African, wlio hail
"spent de winter in Jamaky,'' found
it an earthly paradise. He saitl he
could ''lie abed, and putting his arms
out de windy, pick oranges, pineapple
and Jamaica rum right off de trees."
The Newhnrn Times heard the other
day of a lady who caromed 011 the red
la-ad of her husband through the win
dow of a billiard-room with a brickbat.
He eialed the game with a vigorous
"home run."
Enraged Parent Did you throw the
half brick at random ?
Weeping Boy No, I threw it at
Johnny W illlnms.
Parent And did you strike him on
purpose ?
Boy Xo ; I struck him on the nose.
A ranting politician, at a dinner
IKirty In Berkshire county, the other
day, talking of the intermarriage of
whites anu negroes, saia : "l uon t
believe in it. I think it is a sin. It is
my opinion that every person ought to
marry one of his own sex .'"
A candy boy, passing through a car,
met a cross old gentleman, aud says :
"Pop corn, pop corn !" "Hain't got
any teeth," angrily replied the man.
'Cum drops, gum drops!" calls the
smart boy.
On the road Iietwecn Menden antl
Hartford, Connecticut, there is a saloon
where decoctions of benzine are passed
over a rickety bar, at the small price
of five cents. Directly opposite Is a
country graveyard, where tlie people
for a few miles around bury their dead.
The hostess of the saloon has an un
feeling sign on tbe side of her door, as
follows : "Key to the cemetery gate
"Well, Pat,'1 said a gentleman,
"Tim didn't quite kill you with that
brickbat, did lie?'' "So, but I wish
he liad.'' "What for h" "Soleould
have him hung, the villain," replied
Murder In Albany
no linv.dciiiii of It at present.
Is a thing which sometime must befall :
eervsoM turn iiaunieroi me unman m:u
tly ; And yet,
At tlie Mid-day,
Of your life, it disease lay his vile mind
iqion yon, there is still "11 bnlm tn (itleiul,"
by which vim may bo restored, to prrfcet
lienllb, 11 ml prolong your davstoiwniracti
lous extent.
How 1
by calling on
Wltli n prewintlon, where yon emi bnvo
il mmixmitdcd by one experienced 111 tliat
particular line, atmr, constantly on Imnd
u good assortment of fresh dm-, wieut
medicines, eliemiciiK nhits. oils, dye
slMIS, trttw, CTP. Agents tor tlie
Olebrutcd I'nk W?cd Itemrdy,
Or. oreson Rhnmatl Cure; Hr. V. Jayne
& Sons' medicines, etc.
Silence's I'ositive and Negative tNiwdcr
kept in stock. Also agents for the
Home Shuttle .Sewing Machine,
One nf tlie most useful pieces of household
furniture extiint. t'ulluud examine.
It. I'. HIM. 4 SON.
Albany, June 10, 71-tOva
Machine Shop,
A. F. CHERRY Proprietor,
Manufactures Steam Engiues,
Flour ami Haw Mill Mueliin-!
J,-; j i
And all kinds of
Pnrtlenlaraltrnttoti paid toivimirmaraH
Winds of machinery. 41vl
' m;useiiy.
L .
81z Mies ffoiitb of Albany, IJnu Co.,
persons desiring lo ptnvbnse fndt trees
to call and examine my stock, which Is
composed of the largest and l't selection
in tlie State, wnsistlnn of apples, lsars,
cherries, plums, prunes, f.'in)s's, blacklier
r'.es, currants mi l roses. Also, black and
while wiilnut, Kiih'llsli walnut, hickory,
Iktuu, re'lbitd. lioney locust, haoxuerry,
and a mniilier of other varieties of trow
and plants too numero'.isto mention, all of
which are offenst at low rites.
Dec. 17, 1870-15
Oils, llluss and Putty, sold by Wheel
er, at sin:i;i. Hv4
Wool. SHAWLS, Inntr and square, plaid
and striped, lor sale by WUKKLKH,
at snedil. uvi
L received and for sale at this olllce, low
for cash.
. erv, lnnps, vie, &c., s,ild bv Wheeler,
at SHEDI). llvl
011 hand latest styles and for sale
low. at this olliee.
Corner Front and Salmon Sis,,
Thl new and elegant hotel, with
'w Furniture Tbroutjliout,
I now
OPEN TO THE Pmi.14'.
Bath ' out tar Hie nrcoumodaiUoH
of Guests.
Come and ice Va.
I. It. KPRFJNDEB, Propr.
OK. 7, 71s5V4
(indie, nnrt oMier knlek-lmiu-ks, mid
by Wlieeler, at SHKHH, "v
IMttMH VKGBTABUtS, in full snpply, hy
I HwetrnUy Informlliecllleensof Allxuiy
and vicinity that he lias taken oharg of
thh otblf.lnn!,d by kee pln e loan
room and twyhiK strict attention to busl-
e, ti ftt all those who may fn-vaTlfin-mial
their pat"?na!. Huviiur
l.P,,vs. carried on iiotiilna out
, ir.i i.-nMlrnr MMloOn.
Tk H1 W S
ill. (MdieBad Wtw' hair neatly out
i'umll muni
Bat the Diamond Npeeiarlea will
preserve it.
puhlie ttlilcli 1 pronounced liy the
most celebrated opticians of the world to
lie the most perfect, natural, artilleial help
to the human eye ever known. They are
around under oiirown supervision, at our
own iiiaunftietory. In New Haven, and are
o constructed tliat I he core or center of
the muSSmgl directly In front of the eye,
prodnciiig a
As In the natural, healthy (tent, and nre
vcnlini; all unpleasant seimaUins mnh if
(tltlmoerhig and wavering of sla-ht, dizzi
ness, etc., Iieeuhar to all othrra in use.
These trlassc are uiattnfaet uivd from mi
nntccrvshil pchhlea melted together, ami
derive tlicirii:inie,"liinond,' on account
of llieir hnrdiicsand brilliancy. Tlnryaro"
mounted In the finest maimer, at mil' own
manufactory, In nil style of i(rJt, silver,
steel, rllhber, and shell frames, of t he lu st
iuuliiv. Their dnrahiliiy can mil he stir-
1,1.; I imfl(l,ilr flniftli i4 win li il.. , i ll) i, I.
llie most fastidious. None genuine iinics,
nenrlnst our trade-mark, O stamped on
every frame.
Korsalehy the principal opticians and
jewelers, throuKhoiu th country. Manu
factured Iw 4. E. Spencer A Co.! praciical
opticlaus, Sew York. For s!e onlv hy
Ikmlcri In winches, clocks, jewelry, .silver
ware, etc., Albany, Oregon.
Entered according toaet nf Conjrrem!, In
the year 1KH, bv J. K. Spencer $ Co., hi the
clerk's office of the District ('mill of Die
I'nlted States, for the Southern bUtrlet of
New York. suva
use asd .hakim:
Total Asset (Uold! 11,777.3Ua.e3
A. IIAllUi
...Vice President.
. ..Secretary.
. . . Marine Secretary.
j The leading flro and marine insurance
eouiinv on this coast.
I a.10,000 deposited in Oregon.
I Losses promptly and equitably adjusted
j and paid in gold coin.
LADD & TILTON, Gen. Agent
For Oregon mid Vt'Hwhingloii Tvrl'jr,
JOllS C03XER, Affcnt,
I lnsimiuce I'lunmnv,
of Itoston. is the
only company 011 doing bttSiuess 011 tula
coast f,'ocrneu vy HM,
MnsMw-ltiMetts) Xoii-lbrf.-ilnre I.nw.
Tills eoiuiany was ineottsiratcd A, I.
IS.T1, and has accumulated assets of over
;.i.ii m.
The followine lapsed policies lutve tKS.n
Miid on this coast, tinder this law :
No. of Over due at Amount
policy. time Of dcutli. insured.
13,ir4 II months. f .'..nun
UB 4 mom lis. lo,iMKi
:is.j-id .1 uidrfths, i.ikiu
80,100 In davs. J,5U0
3il,.Vi 11 months. (1,000
( Had the almve pollotoB been III any Other,
company they Would have been forfeited,
The aliove facts speak for themselves,
I and to the wise and prudent furtlier coui
! ment is iinnceessaiT.
KVEltsON i MIlild.i:Mss,
Gen. Agents. San Kiaucisco.
It. FLINN, Local Agent,
Feb. 15, 1871-i5y
8. U. ALTIIOl'SC. J. P, BAlliESSW.
Ijoh Street, on the Blvcr Ilnuk,
A 1.11 A N Y", Olt EGON.
Keep on 1iand a full assortment, and are
prepared to
Doors, Sash, Blinds, and
Such as
Of all sizes.
Floortng, SldinK,
AU oilier kind of UuildHtyKnaerlnl.
work, furnish shaker fans, zlitw-'
slmkers, suction nras, drlvlna piuleyi of
any kind, at our factory on Lyon street (on
t bo river imnkj, atxt Iwlow MarkhamU
warohome. tTIIOUHS CO.
Albany, Feb. W,l?f-U