The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, February 23, 1872, Image 1

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    VOL. IV.
Con ' Ftiry owl sirH.
One vcafrn r..7Trr. Tlirce ilollnrs.
Mxni'iiitlK Two dollars.
Single copies Ten ce nts.
Transient a Ivertlsciucnls, W" ';f
ten Ittuw or less, ili"t Insertion Winieli Insertion II. iJir:-:- iclver
tlsmiieut liworic-l ou ilie Biosl lilicral
.1(111 WORK.
Hnviwji revived new type, stock of col-
oroil Inks, cards, a Ijurtwi tollber, etc.. we
ave nrriwa-l tocjcciitrallhlrclsnf Print
line In n better manlier, iin'1 liny fm rent
cheaper than over belon own in tlih
Agents for ibe Itcjclsler.
Tlie following gentlemen W nuthorlzH
to receive una receipt for subscriptions,
rJviTtlniux, etc., for the irtaii.-iTtu:
Illram Smith, Uarrlsbnrg.
. p. Tompkins, llurrWinrg,
Peter Ilium. Browns hie.
W. 1!. Kirk, Brownsville.
K. E. WhccW, Scin.
T. ii. K-vnoliI. Snlein.
j, p. li-lier. Sim Fronrlsen.
l. I'. Porter, f-htn station.
Fletcher a Welts; Bncna viva, I'oik to
(.'has, Nukoil, Jacksonville.
I. B. UICE, M.
I'hysiciiin mid Nnrircoii, Albany, Or.
Ot t ice ou tub somi MDfi ur m atx
arm. April, ISttKB
X. S. I1' BOIS
receiving i'"'-'' stoofc "f
lirocerles ami Provisions,
Wood an.l willow ware, tnlmcco, cigars,
confectionery, Yankee notion, etc., etc.,
wholesale anil retail. opposite It. C. Hill A
Son's drug store, AHuuiy, Oregon. Iv4
j. it. mitciu l.i.. m i.i'n.
Aitornej'ii mill Counselor! nt Imk,
lorn In ailmlnilty. Oilk-e over the old
post ollle('i Front treet,
"intiainl. Oregon.
). C. ItnVKI.I.. t. H.I.NN.
AKorm-SH Ki.d '!iuseIors t S.n-.i,
Flint! notary pnlilic', AUnny, orc'-on.
Co(lecl ioiu-ianil i-onveyaueea promptqi at
taiulivl to. 1
K. II. I'll A Nolk
.n. n. iit Mi'iiitrv.
Milarv Public.
Attorney and Coon.-ll.trs lit Law,
ALBANY, oraaioN.
Offlee In Plirrtsh brick, up stali-s. '
UEO. W. GllAX, D. U. P.,
H nntl Oental Oollege,
makes S'tymt .v wami in
miaviI A'lcit PI4ttM Ar-
t.ii. i.,) T.-th ilk.. Al.l.
,i,irL- iii ill). H,,r. ni lik HenlWflStnn in I be
bosl and most approved method, and at as
reftSOItablO rates as can Is laid elsewhere.
Nitrous Oxide administered for the rutin
lesseximctionof teeth Ifdcslreil. Otnoeln
Parrlatl iirlek block, ui) siuirs. Realdenen
Hist lioitsesoutliof CoiHti-ogntlonalcliitreh,
fronting on court house bloelt, J7Ms
W. . JOXK.S, M. B.,
west of Ilroadulbln. In Burkhart's two ,
story brick (Uvtairs;, oyer titsi. Turrell's j
store. itRUiiENCK-i orner nxn aim rer
rv streets, Albany, Oregon. Ur71
W a,tor"V7"laools
Ami Uenernl Mill Maelilnery
Albany, Oregon.
To introduce the celebrated
Biiclirjc Sewing Muclilni.
Otlieolv shuttle sewing machine In tlu
t 'lilted States licensed to use tile celebint.'d
Wilson fei'd sold for less than (II), and uck
nowledgcd by all loljethels'St family sew
ing machine for light or heavy sewing, In
the market. Outfit free. Address
E. E. MIXER CO.. Gen. Agtu,
jovstf Albany, uregon.
Bitublished In ts.t.
E. A. Frcvlaiid,
I ml-Hidlaiumis Issiks. siliisl bisiks
blank hooks, stationery. Rooks Imiiorted
to order ut short notice,
Albany, Dec 8, W70.
of turning; keep on band and make to
order rnwhldc-hcltoined chairs, and spin
ning wheels. Simp near the "Magnolia
if iii." John m. metzler,
I AX1)
Exchange OSice,
check at slslit.
Interest allowed ontliiicdcpositsiiicnln.
Kxehang mi Portland, San Francisco,
ami Nbw York, for sulc al lowest rates,
i 'oiled ions niadSifad promptly ceiiiitt-il.
Refers to il. U . l.'i'i'wtl, llvnrv Falling,
W. S. l-mbtA
llankinjf Ponr? from S A. M. lo 4 P. M.
Albany, Feb. I, lgtt-M
10.0 & KTAKUKSt,
Dealer In
Jloumueuis, Obelisks, Tombs,
IIcikI iiud Foot Strni'.,
Exoellted in
California, Vermont and Italian
' J. 1KW. CKASft
Iiealcrs in
rotit, Shorx, and Findings
AI.HANY, )!'.;, o,
public to their lull stock of the latest
styles in gantlemen's and youth's lasus,
I shoes, gaiters, Oxford tics, etc. etc., as w ell
astothc very latest thing out in the Hue
of ladies' and misses' gaiters, lialmorals,
Newport ties. Antoinette buskins, and
, many other new and fashionable styles,
just received at theCiiv Boot Wore, whk'h
. they will sell as rapidly as they can lind
: puivlmscrs who w ish Brst-etos goods at
tlie most reasonable rales. They respect
; fully invite yon to come and see their
j stock. Hoot hoes, etc, made or repaired
j to order, and H lof mirmnlttl.
rirat door Went of Meg later IIulM
c J T y M A K K K T ,
rllsT street, ALBAJSY, OREGON,
slant iy on hand a full supply of
Which w ill be of the very ls-st finality.
The lilghest market price iiid for Issiyes,
liogs and sheep.
Third door west of Ferry, on south side
of First street. J. L. HARRIS.
Allianv, Dec. W, 1671-1.1V4
Xotary Public,
for non-renldenta and others, making
out real estnte papers, etc OInec one door
; above telegraph offlcs-. SBvll
Albuny C'ollpgiiitr Inslilnte,
X Monday, SeptemlK'i 4, 1(171, wlthaeorjia
of teachers tumble and earnest. Instruc
tion will lie thorough and practical, and
the system of order unsarpusaed. Forii
R. K. WARREN. A. 51., President ;
fir. Rev. E. R. GEARY. I. D.,Allnuiy.
The Eyes! The Ears!
Oenllst mid Aiirist, Alonn)-, Oregon
son of the noted
old opthalmie dwtor,
u, (ioiiten.
Dr. Golden has had
experience In treating
the various tttamtlM to
which the eye andenrare subject, and feels
confident of giving entire sutlsiactlnn to
,thos who uiny place tlicinsi'lves under his
are. iipni is, m.
I ian , ami Is now ready
to wait on the rll incus ot Al
bany and viclnitv.wllh a new
Invention In dental work. It, consists In
support ing the pin le to i he month without
covering the whole roof, as neretotore.
Those wishing artificial teeth ore reipiest
ed to rail and examine for themselves.
Also, plates mended, whether iartlnllv
broken or divided. Tcoth.extmctod wltli
out pain. Office over TurreU's store. All
work waii-anted. 7v4
Pupi -liuuguiir, Culeemining,
Beeoratlnf, &c.
I.t M. WADSWORTII will give promi
; . attention to all orders for Paper
hanging, Culceuilnlng, Deeoratlng, Ac, In
this city or vicinity. All work executed
In tlie latest style, In the liest manner, and
at lowest living rates. 6s5"Orders left nt
Furniture Warerooms of Clou. Mealey will
receive prompt attention, i(i i
A Xespner Advertlaeuicnt.
Some years ago a Quaker knljrlit of
i!s slicurs anil thimble, who exercised
I lib avocntiou-iu Cauterbnry, was hn
posed upon by tin atlrolt Rcotiudrd,
! who contrived to jret a suit of clothes
i on credit, and attenvaitl! locsini)ed
wiilaHtt pnylng furtuein. nteqttnker
was tco K)r to lose the delit ; lint
like too many others t his (. he
Iwd appiireiilly iiooiImt awriftltlT.
The ttecotpit wits plaeetl on his books
and .soon forgotten. About live ycai-s
iiflewtirtls he was examining his old
records of debt Hlltl ftvdit. profit ntid
loss, when his attention was attracted
to this nccolint, HikI all tbe ciriiiinstaii
cea attending mine fresh to his mind.
Suddenly nil odd tiioitgllt snggested it
self. "I'll try an Cxperiiucnt,'.' stiid Jiii to
blinsfrT; "iXB"lutw I may nteccMi In
catofrtlig tla? rogue and getting my
lie immediately prcpftri'd tin tulrer-
ti.-tuiiieut in snbstanee as follows, which
he insertitl in tile Kent Humid :
- If Mr. Henry febbsr, who was
in L'anlerlsuy about the inoiith of
AllgtWt, in the year 1183, will send his
address to the editor of tbU paper, lie
will hear of something to advantage."
Having Instmcted the editor not to
disclose nis name to t lie rogue if be
should cult, but to retjuest the latter to
leave bis tnldress, the Quaker patiently
awaited the result of bis exs'iiuiciit.
In short lime be was informed by a
note from the editor tluit the individ
ual alluded to in i lie advertisement,
having arrived from London, might
be found at the "Kose Hotel."
The tailor lost no time in preparing
a transcript of hU account, not lor
getliug to cliarge inten'St from the
time that tlie debt was incurred. Tak
ing a bailiff with him, w ho bore a
legal process suited to the occasion, he
soon arrived lit the lodgings of the
swindler. The bailiff was instructed
to stand off nt a little distance till a
signal should indicate the time for
him to approach.
The Quaker now entered the wffec
roomiiud rang the bell ; and when tlie
servant appeared, mincsted him to
inform the gentleman oil whom be was
in search, that ii friend Wished to see
him. The .vaiter obeyed tlie sum
mons, and soon both debtor and cred
itor were lookiii": each other Ui the
: lace.
j "How dost thou do?" Kindly in
quired the Quaker, in a bland tone.
. " Perhaps thou tlost not know m V
" I dou'l believe 1 have the pleasure
, of your acquaintance," liolitely ans-
i weretl our liero, with a lorwi smile.
Host thou reruember purchasing
a suit of clothes several year ago of a
poor tailor in this city, and forgetting
! to pay for them :-" asked tlie Quaker.
! "Oh. no I" said Ibe gentleman,
; blushing slightly ; "you must be mis
taken in the persotl, It cannot pos
sibly l! me that you wished to
flttt tlie Quaker was not be shaken
oil' by this denial of bis identity.
"All, John! I know thee well. Thou
art the very 'man I wished to see.
Thou hast at this moment the very
coat tluit I made for thee. Thou must
acknowledge it was of good stuff and
well made, or, it could not have lasted
thee so long.'
"Ob, ye.-," said the gentleman, a)v
petulug suddenly to recollect himself;
"1 do remember now the circumstan
ces to which you allude. Yes, yes I
bad Intended to call and settle that
111 tie bill before leaving Canterbury,
and you may deiiend on my doing so.
1 have come here to take possession of
a large amount ol property which has
fallen to me by will. See ! here is
tlie advertisement w hich apprised me
of my fortune."
Here be liantled the Quaker a copy
of the paper containing the advertise
ment whose history we have given
above. Tin.' Quaker looked at it with
Imperturbable gravity and continued
"Yes, I see thou art "in hick ; but as
my demand is a very small one, 1
think 1 must insist on payment before
thou contest in possession of thy large
A tap at Ibe window hero brought
the bailiff into the presence of the
parties. The swindler was mrtieu-
larly astonished at the appearance of
this lunctionary, w bo immediately be
gan to execute "his part of the drama.
"Vyhat!" exclaimed the rogue in an
angry tone ; "you surely liavnt sued
me ? '
Yes, I have " replied the Quaker ;
"and thou should bo tlianktul that
nothing worse has liapiened to tliee."
"Come in then.'' said the debtor,
finding himself fairly caught ; "coine
ill and! will pay you if I must."
The three w'eiit Into l lie hoti-o to
gether, and the slipjiery gentleman
having ascertained the annum! of the
bill, paid it in full. The tailor having
signed the receipt, placed it in the
hands of ills late creditor, with feel
ings sneh as may be readily imagined.
The swindler took it, and for the first
time glanced at the various items of
which it was conqioscd. He said noth
ing till lie came to the last charge,
which was "tor advertising;" when
he broke forth. Hallo ! what's this ?
For AdvertlsinaS" That's an odd
charge In a tailor's bill. You're
cheating uie !"
"Ob. no," coolly replied the Qua
ker ; "that is all right. I have charg
ed thee the cost of publishing the ad
vertisement which thou just showed
Here the swindler savagely de
manded. Do you mean to sav that
you caused the publication of that ad-
veriisement? 7
" Trulv. I did." the Ouakcr.
with most provoking coolness.
O Yon, I .. I....1 .... l I.. If
--,. vv.v, UM9CI1WU 111 II..
quickly retorted the rogue.
"Convince me of that." said tbo
Imperturbable Quaker ; "and thou
wilt find me ready to confess the fault."
" You said in your advertisement
tlmt I -bou M hear of something to my
advantage, if I would come la-re."
"Tbou art mistaken," immediately
responded the Quaker : "I only proni-
. ised tlmt thou shouldst liear of some
thing to advantage, and Is it not to the
. advantage of a poor tailor to eollei t
! an old debt "
I "If I Catch you in the street." said
the swindler, in the deeiest rage, "I'll
give you sneh a thrashing as will not
: leave tin breath hi yourbody ."'
' Nonsense j" siiitl the Quaker ;
: "if thou really intend to do anything
of that sort, we had lieiter step out in
j Hit' baekyai-d, and finish tlie bustneM
at once." ' - ;r . .
The i-ogne was cnmpleh-lv aba-died
, by ,the coolness of the (fiaker, ami
i stood epepcti-ktfw, and almost pel ritied.
" Now," said tile tailor, good na
turedly, "lot nie give thee a piece of
advice. AVhen next llmu hast aeea
j sion to get a suit of elothes, tliou lmd
better not attempt to cbeet the oor
tailor, bnt pay him honestly ; tor then
thy conscience will not disturb thee,
ami thy sleep will lie sweet and re
freshing. Farewell ."'
There is no doubt of the literal truth
of this story, as the writer received it
some time since from the lips of tlie
Quaker himself.
Nol Appreciated.
A young gentleman anxious to learn
to shig. went up into the garret one
Sunday night almut bed time, and res
olutely commenced bis exercises with
his psalm-honk, lie bail been singing
hut a short time, wlieu bis ffttlier, a
fidget r old gentleman, stole out of lied
with ids night cap on, reaching the
foot of the stairs mildly inquired :
Xo answer came. .lames was very
busy with his musical exercises,
Still no answer.
"Have you heard a peculiar noise?"
"an I thought but never
And the old gentleman walked back
to his i-ooni muttering indistinctly.
Presently James resumed bis exer
cises, and was getting on famously, as
be thought, wlieu Ids parent, like' tlie
ghost of Hamlet's father, again came
iortn exciaimmg :
"James ?"
"Are you sure tliat Bose is fastened
"Yes. sir, 1 attended to it myself."
"Very well, very well : no "matter
AmMie once more returned to his
Wondering what his father meant
by inquiring after the house-dog Hose,
James was silent tor a minute, but
soon returned to bis exercises more
vigorously than ever. Again, however,
he was Interrupted by the voice of his
parent shouting :
"1 am sure 15ose is loose."
"It ain't be possible, sir."
"He Is. I tell yoiv"
"What makes vou think so, sir."
Why, for the last half hour I liave
heard something tlmt Bounded very
much as if tlie dog was worrying the
poor old eat-"
James never ro-unicd bis exercises al
ter that overwhelming compliment.
Webster ami Branch. While
John Hmnch. of Xortb Carolina, was
General Jackson's Secretary of the Xa
vy. lie, Tazewell, and Daniel Webster
were walking on the north bank of tlie
Potomac, nt Washington. Tazewell,
willing to amuse himself at Branch's
simplicity, said. "Branch, I'll liet yon
a ten-doHar hat that I can prove tlmt
von are on the other side of the river."
" Hone," said Brunch. " Well, "
said Tazewell, pointing to tlie oppo
site shore, "isn't that one side of tlie
river?'.' "Yes." "Well, Isn't this
tlie other side?" "Yes." "Then as
you are here, are you not on the otla;r
side?" "Why, I declare." said poor
Branch, "so it is! but Iiere comes
Webster. I'll win back my hat from
him." Webster now came up, and
Branch accosted him : -Webster, I 'II
bet yon a ten-dollar hat that 1 can
prove that vou are on tlie other side of
the river."" "Done." "Well, isn't
this one side?" "Yes." "Well, isn't
that the other?" "Yes, but I am not
on that side." Branch hung his liead
and submitted to tlie loss of the two
hats as quietly as he could.
A Hindoo priest called in all tlie
mcmlicrs of n larsrc faniilv, one of
whom was known to have committed
a thetl. and thus addressed them:
"Take each of you one of tliese sticks,
which are of an equal length, and put
them under your pillows to-night. I
do not. at present know the offender,
but vou must return the sticks to me
to-morrow morning; and the one be-
lomr hist lo the thlel Will nave grown
an Inch during the night." , Tlie fam
ily retired to rest ; but before lie went
to sleep, the man who had committed
the theft, thinking to out-wit the priest,
cunnuigly cut off an Inch from his
stick, firmly believing, by this means,
to attain the length of the others by
next morning. The sticks were re
turned, and, by comparing tlieni, the
priest was instantly able to pitch upon
tlie oft'eudcr, to his great surprise and
dismay. '
Here, boys, I have 3 apples ; so there
are. two for you 2, and two for me too.
The ..kcl. ion Dor la r.
A few days ago a rather amusing
scene took plate in one of onr well
known drug stores. A small lory en
tered to purchase a bottle of "blo,x!
searcher, when lie was asked by one
oftbc clerks in attendance to walk
back into tlai doctors's office, and lie
would sliow him something.
The lioy went kick, and was direct
ed to look at a particular closet. So
soon as bis eyes were fixed on the
same, tlie clerk pulled aside the
screen, and Is-hold! a skeleton or
huge proportion presented Itself to
the atontlied vision of the lioy. who,
not waiting to ak any questions,
turned and ran for the door for dear
In this way lie happened to run
against the doctor on the pavement,
who wits coming in to attend bis office,
hour. The doctor not knowing wliat
was wrong witli the bov. tHinklrw
perhaps be was ft patient, inquired of
Ibe clerk, who at once fold him of the
joke ; at the recital of which the doc
tor, who is a kind, good-natured man,
grew quite indignant, and desired the
young man to go at once ami bring
the lad back, so that the whole matter
might be explained.
Tlie young man went as desired, and
found the oor little fellow on the op
jiosite side of the street gazing across
at tin drug store, nearly frightened to
death, lie was entreated to come
hick, bnt be would not. Hearing this,
tlie doctor who, by the way, is a very
thin man. and resembles a living skel
etonsaid lie would go and bring tlie
poor Utile fellow himself ; and with
that intention lie went out on tlie
pavement, waving bis band saying :
"Come over here, sonny ;' nobody
will hurt yon,"
The lad. almost afraid to stir, hal
lowed liack :
" Xo you don't ; you can't fool me,
though you have got your elothes ou.
You think I don't know you !"
Kuiotlierlnjr Fire.
Kxthiction of fire by sinotliering Is
a method which deserves notice. When
a lady' dress catches fire her usual
course is to rush out of tlie mora
screaming r help, thereby causing
the flames to spread over" her with
great fury. In sneh eases "Iielp" is at
hand in the shape of the table-cloth or
the hearth-rug. If she were promptly
to envelope herself In one or tlie other
or if some one were to do It for her
the tire would at once go out for
want of air. Again, if window-curtains
catch fire, a common tendency
for mankind is to nwh out shouting
"Fire!" and "Iielp!" Reader why
not help yourself especially If you
lie a man by finding out lieforelmnd
what is the best course of procedure in
tlie circumstances? You ought at once
to tear tlie. curtains down, and throw
the rug or table-cloth over them. If
you cannot do this, and must leave the
room, don't open the window and by
all means remember to shut the door af
ter you: and thus, by mitHllff of the sup
ply of nlr, at nil events delay the con
flagration as long as jmssihle. It is a
matter of the greatest importance that
a man should have a delinite idea of
what he will do. or atlcinjit, in case
of tire. Opinions may diner as to the
best mode of action, but all ought to
Is- agreed in having some mode of ac
tion to carry out. Nothing is more
pitiful than to see any one rushing
wlldlv almut shouting "Help!" mid
i wasting energy. For a man to be
seen in such circumstances Is contempt
Home In Northern India.
Xo bouse Is ever built of wood
here, for two or three weighty rea
sons. First. It would lie too hot ;
: then, if we built of wood, the white
j aunts wonkl In a few years eat up (be
timbers, and the house would fill
aliout our head-; and besides, in any
ease, wood snirmic tor nuiunng is
very scarce (and dear. So tla house Is
built of what are called "kntcha"
bricks. These are simply square-cakes
of a tenacious clay, kneaded with
water and dried in tlie sun. Tliey are
cemented together in building with
mini; and in Knropenn bouses tlie
whole is surrounded by an outer layer
of kiln-dried bricks, to protect the
mud walls from washing by tlie rain,
Over this again, that no moisture may
penetrate the walls. Is spread a thin
coat of mortar ; and then tlie build
ing is whitewashed, and it is finished.
On account of tlie white ants, there is
no wood In the building wliero it can
possibly be dispensed with ; tlie floors
are .of brick and mortar, only the
doors and tlie beams over bead are of
wood. Houses in Northern India
have usually only one story : bnt tlmt
story is aliout twenty feet high, that
the heated roof may In summer lie as
far from our beads as possible. So,
for the sake of coolness and ventila
tion, the rooms are large and airy .
Accident has had considerable to do
with tlie most important scientific dis
coveries. A gentleman ill Bingham,
Utah, who is sinking a shaft with the
expectation of finding gold hi a can
yon, some time ago nailed a piece of
sheet iron up, to keep tlie water from
dripping on tlie men at work. After
it hail thus served to keep off the wa
ter for some three weeks, be took it
dowu and found, to ids astonishment,
that it was coAercd more tlmn an Inch
thick with gold, silver anil copper,
with a little iron, which had been in
the water in solution, and locame pre
cipitated by being brought hi contact
with tlie sheet Iron. The silver was
over 43UO to the ton, and tlie gold over
$800, beekles tbo copper..
M olds of Poulrs.
The following funny puzzles Hi spell
ing and prou uncial ion may aiutise)
some during tlie winter evenings.
Tliere is a word of five letters, and
if you takeaway twooftbem. ten will
remain. What is tlie wont ?
Often. If you take away o f, ten
will remain."
Tliere i a word of five letters. ftHi
if vim take away-two of tbem, six will
remaiii. What Is it?
Sixty. Take away ty, and six re
mains. Here is a ptule.
Take away my first letter, take
away my seetrnd letter, take away all
my letters, and I am always tla! same,
Can you guess it?
' You are right ; it Is the mail car
rier. There is one word, which if you
change the place of one of tlie h'lters,
means exactly npiioske from what It
did at first. What is the word ?
It Is united. Place tlie i after the t,
and It becomes untied.
Can you tell me wliat letter it is that
has never been used only twice in
It is a; it is used only twice in
Can you tell me when there were
only two vowels y
It was in the days of Noah, before
you and I were born in the days of
no a before u and i were liorn.
Qttl yroi tell me when it is that a
blacksmith raises a row in tlie nhpha
bct? It Is when he makes a poke r ami
shove 1 (a poker and shovel.)
1 suppose you know how to spell
Perhaps yon ism tell me why a bare
is easier to catch than an heiress?
It is because au heiress has nn I and
a hare has none.
Xow let me hear whether you can
spell the fate of all earthly things
In two letters?
I Will tell you si k (decay.)
I suppose yon have often heard, or
can guess bow to siiell mouse-trap in
three letters ?
Your are right it is c a t.
Can you tell a man in one word that
he look a late breakfast?
This is the way attenuate (at ten
you ate.)
Can you tell me wliat word is al
vavs pronounced faster by adding two
t It is the word fast; add erto it, and
it Is faster ?
What Is tte wonl of one sylablo
which, if you take away two ietters
from it, will become two" sj'lables?
You must try and guess tiiat, for it
is my hist puzzle. It is plague ; take
away pi, and it becomes ague.
Klru Without Money.
Many a man is rich without money.
Thousands of men with nothing in
their pocket, and thousands without
even a pocket, are rich. A own born
with a good sound constitution, a
good stomach, a good heart, and good
bulbs, and 11 pretty good bead-piece, is
rich. Oood bones are better than gold;
tough muscles than silver ; and nerves
that dash fire and carry energy to ev
ery function are better than houses and
laud. It is better than a landed es
tate to have the right kind of Cither
and mother. Oood breeds anil bad
breeds, exist among men as really as
among herds and horses. Education
may do much to check evil tendencies
or to develop good ones ; but it is a
great thing to inherit the right pro
portion of (acuities to start With. The
man is rich who has a good disposi
tion who is naturally kind, patient,
cheerful, hopefht, and" who lias a Ila
voiof wi: and fun in his composition.
The liardest thing to get along with
in (his life, is a man's own self. A
cross, selfish fellow a desponding and
complaining fellow a timid and earc
burdened man these are all born de
formed on the inside. Their feet do
not limp, but their thoughts do.
The Hits of Life. Get out of
them, says Hall's .owmtZ 0 nnh if
you wish to live long, if you wish to
avoid tla- lunatic asylum, if you wish
to escape suicide or a miser's death.
Men and women must have amuse
ment, must have diversion. It is
wholesome for the mind to break away
from its daily vocation or employment
every night. Get out of the ruts, all
ofyou:paya neighborly visit throe
nights in 11 week ; or for two after
noons let tliere be a "let up" in the
way of a drive to the Central Park, a
visit to the "village," an excursion on
tlie river, or in the ears, a pie-hie, a
Celebration, but liest of all, in city or
country, a horseback ride of an "hour
or two, "there and back;" what an
appetite it gives ; after the weariness,
what a delicious sleep follows! Get
out of the rut, two or three hours a
week, and there will be no time lo-tiii
the long run : for it gives activity b
tlie moral nature; it cultivates the in
fectious ; it wakes up observations; it
exercises comparisons ; it gives breadth
ot view on all subjects! It makes a
man more manly ; it makes a woman
mom womanly: and in countless cases
it would save from the mad-housc .'
Dr. BtsiiBV. King Charles If. pay--ed
a visit to Dr. busliby : the doctor is
said to have strutted through the room
Willi his bat cmi, while Iih mnjftstv
walked complacently behind him. Willi,
his lut under hi- arm. But when ho
was taking leave at the door, the dnc
thus addressed the King: ! hope
your majesty will excuse my want of
respect hitherto ; nut, u my boys were
to Imagine tliere was a greater man in
tlieklngilom than myself, I should ncv
r. bu able to rule them."