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80 to ilagaliwt the test Democratic iSbv laVliSrrsh ltemraiedi shows Unit tto kvi I t , f ; Mil
TIN Dalls Afitrntaineer, of the
lias came to hand, containing the lot-
lowing news :
The wetitlwr ilnrinc the past week.
im to Thunxlav. was cold and pleasant
-the thermometer wmtfnff Troirr is
to 30 degrees. On Tiinrsnay nignt it
set in to rain and cotiniied to rain all
day Friday, and was still raining wlien
re went to nress. Tlie cattle in this
particular vicinity' arc commencing to
succumb, ana a lew nave uieu. nay
it becondiiB scarce, ami wc lave heard
that some of our farmers were asking
forty and fifty dollars per ton In the
Hack, ami eurnty uouars delivered in
The Walla Walla papers ray that
there is very little snow lyine on the
ground in that county, but tliat the
weather has been cold and a large
number of sheep and cattle have died,
principally ror want ot shelter.
From Grant county we-have, receiv
ed the best kind of news, and to prove
that the winter has been mild and tliat
cattle have done exceedingly well
Mr. George Edgar, of Edgar A Co's
stage line, brought down on Ms last
trip a bunch of green grass, vlj :are
inclined to the opinion that Ursujtfc
the "Banner1' county cast of the moun
tains ror stock rawing.
All the1 news that we have received
from turner Yakima, over in Washine
ton Territory, ta of a disoounuriiW
nature. Kraal the lower portion of
the talley. however, we believe ;he
cattle ate doine better.
At present it is almost impossible to
form anything like a correct idea of
the loss the cattle men are going to
sustain. It denenda noon how the
spring opetis and upon several other
contingencies. However, taken alto
gether, the winter nas not been so se
vere and in no way as disastrous as that
of '61 and 'Ci and we are inclined to
believe that when we come to turn up
the entire loss tvf the winter, it will
not fall tar short of the amount now
supposed by many.
The band of young cattle brought
up late last fall, by Mr. Wro. Cornell,
of Rockland, from the Wallamet val
ley, we learn are dying off rapidly for
the want of feed and shelter. The
probability now is that he will lose the
entire band some two hundred be
fore the winter terminates. This Is
the same band upon which last (all we
made such a glowing estimate of. the
money that Mr. CemeO was goto to
realise from his Investment, prWah'sp,
lie got them safely through the win
ter. Oar young enthusiasts on "cat
tle raising'' will see from the above
that this business is about as precari
ous and uncertain as any other, and
that it cannot be profitably carried on
without a proper place to protect the
cattle from tie inclement weather and
a sufficient amount of feed to keep
them from starving.
A letter from Grand Homle valler,
Union county, dated January Mn,
The winter so far is pronounced by
.the "Oldest Inhabitants" to be the
pleasantest ever known here. About
Christmas we had a "cold snap" tax
tnt about four or rnw dnva. rtnee that
time the weather has been very pleas
ant in day time clear and mild al
most as Snrimr time, and the evcnlnn
pleasant, generally Being ja about
cold enough to freewj a little daring.
tnenignr. ne naveoniy naa a very
few days sleighing this winter. Stock
lias wintered on the commons without
any prepared feed and is In very fine
condition. Messrs. E. S.and f. T.
McComanhave a large band of sheep
in wis vaney. as nas aiso .nr. jonn
Ladfl, and so far, we heUew they have
not lost a sheep. The Messrs. Mc
Comas have also a large band of sheep
In Powder River valley that are win
tering finely. Stock dealers and ranch
men are highly delighted with their
prospects, and mere win oe nnnoreas
of tons of lay stand over for next win
ters use.
Business ofall kinds has been much
bettei this winter than ever before.
Our merchants have not probably done
so much business, but what they have
done has been on a ranch better and
surer bash.
The Caruthxes Estate. We
learn from Green C. Davidson, Esq..
That a Joint Stock Company has form
ed ofall the claimants to this proper
ty, the same being estimated at three
hundred thousand dollars in value, one
half being allotted to tin Oregon City
party, one third to the Hannah
Gibbs party, and one sixth to Ladd &
Knott, lilts arrangement quiets all
t&feaod winds up all contests before
the Courts and Is a final settlement Of
all conflict as to title. The parties
wen led to aerce to this because the
wriufandinfr could have been prolong
ed for three or four years and they all
wanted to realize sometmng ic
that time. The property will
sesstxt andtheo put up ror
and oWners ofHtock can bid
lots as they want and ten hi
A Palpable Hit. Hon. Daniel W
Yoorhees of Indiana, a leader of the
Swtk mmm Democracy, goes for an
aggressive, organized, hand-to-hand
ggk wtth a TJemocratic candidate
against Grant,. As Mr. Lincoln would
my, this reminds us of a little anec
dote. A wicked fellow was desperate
ly sick, and lying at death's door,
when he was called upon by a minis
ter, who urged Mm, to view or m
probable early departure from the
shores ot time, to "wrestle with the
Lord," The sick man called attention
io Ms emaciated limbs and unstrung
-smacks, and said : "Do I look Hke
wrestling with the Lord? Why, he
would trip me Into hell the first pass."
A ttend lady uTthU city bad her
nl disturbed, one night recently by
dreams ot burglar, and ewsn tailed up
a member of the family to look for
them. In the morning tlie disturbance
was (bond to have been earned by a
, wfekh jumped on the edge of a
lay tutor, and overturned It, pnt
sthjr fcaelf underIt had spent the
H -rrty mdo wliatthe ()MstilonnSL.iurf .,-Lf .L.- . f
Mvr.nMbpk '.V,; fer efch'nteuwrrv lnJbfrl -. -l . T. 'Vl X
fcls ISrtwidid Iri the CfenstltnflM : v - f .
tliat after the enuuKniou of the In-
Habitants or this State try toe rate or
by Um L uUod Status bj i hiwn hi fhjt I
Hrst .cirtlature convening thereafter
$hall the command is unqualined re
apportlon the Senators and Represent-
in nail Ass iHfl'ii iiai sMlMllaaaWillis
acconainve therewith. W vaotM at
the present writing give tlie exact
words but tliat is tlie effect of tlie pro
vision. A bill was introduced by Mr
Hare of Washington for that purpose,
but the first glance showed the Demo
cratic majority that the party would
lose bv it. and the bill was defeated
We 'haw not the bill referral to at
hand but it i easy to take tlw eensns
returns of 1870 and comply an estimate
of what tlie relative strength of the
parties would belli the Leristatnre of
lWi if the proper apportionment had
been made In !u
The United States census of 1870
allowed 91.059 total number of inhab
itants. Wears to have 2s Senators
and 19 .ReDreseniatives in the next
Legislature, that would be In the ratio
of 1,133 to each Senator and one Rep
resentative to each 1,86S persons. The
counties of Benton, Clackamas. Stet
son, Coos, Curry. Uouglas, Marten,
Multnomah, Tillamook. Washington
and Yamhill, eleven in number, which
are all reliably Republican, ha yea pop
ulation of 51,260 against 89,809 cou-
tmiied in trie remaining eleven
Under the present apportionment
these 51,250 inhahi rants hiva ten Sena
tors allowed them, 'while S9,80 Inhab
itants have twelve. Under the same
rule the 51,250 will lave only twenty-
four Representatives, while the 39,809
willhavetwenty-flve. Had there been
a rc-apportionment according to the
census of 1870 these figures would have
been exactly reversed in the Senate,
for 4, 188 in 51,230 goes twelve times
and a large fraction over, and It re
quires little aritlteinetic to show tliat
4,138 wont go ten times Into 39,809.
Umler this new ratio the eleven coun
ties with51,350luhHliUntB would have
been entitled to almost twenty-eight
Representatives, and the other eleven
counties would have had only twenty
one. The effect of tfiw Legislative dis
honesty has been to disfranchise a'
great ixirtion of the State whh la re
Rably Republican In hopes to thus il
legally perpetuate the rate of Democ-
bis case esDecial
election of a United
tor of
course, and to fortify
much as possible, the late Democratic
ousted three Republicans from
ill, Beutou and Douglas counties,
s to commence the next ses-
the tame stocked so that
hoM-oter Senators can rule and no Re-
puuican soatortty can avail. Had the
apportiouinent bill passed, it would
have htsardrd this dominion hi the
Senate, battels party that prates so
orach of corruption, stopped at no le
gal or Const itottonal obstruction, bat
overrode all tew and practiced the
most barefaced rascality.
ngtiUoroMereflt coantiee ana snow
that the portion of the State which in
creased so greatly before the last cen
sus has so increased since that the evil
has augmented beyond the estimates
we have given above.
We recite these facts for two reasons:
Pint that the dishonesty ot the Demo
cratic party may be duly understood
and appreciated. Second, that the
Republicans nf our State may realize
the necessity for united and rigorous
action, and every man may feel ani
mated by a determination to carry
enough of the dose counties to still
give os the Legislature, enable us to
elect a true Republican to the United
States Senate, and repeal much of the
Infamous legislation of the but session.
The purification of our Oregon Tam
many is as necessary as was the reform
ation in Mew- York, we nave on ten
upon evil times, but we can go before
the people with the record ot kite
Democratic State legislation and make
a showing that will satisfy many hon
est men that they can no longer airorrl
to uphold such manifest Corruption as
has lately crept into the 8tete.-Vtof-
Wnx Informed Lawks. How
much more intelligent and fasinsting
the makrity of young ladles would he
were they to give more attention to
newspaper reading! We do not mean
tlie fM papers of the day, which are
Ailed wHh matter which, if It does no
harm, can certainly do no good, but
to newspapers, those which make m
familiar wtt present character and
Improvements of the age. R Is well
enough to know something of the
world's history, but It is with the pres
ent we have mainly to deal, and we
know of no more engaging trait hi a
lady's character than a Mr acquaint
ance with passing events.
every yoiuig uuly slwuMtiave an in-
ii opinion on we moral, mental,
land ilrious subjects of the
and the best and indeed the
way to And this. Is to read good news
papers diligently.
. There was always something irre
sistibly comic In the story they used
to tell about a foppish passenger oh a
Mississippi boat, who, '-lust to haw a
little fun," jumped on shore at a land
ing, and drawing a bowk knife, rasb-eduptoagawky-looklngfellow
at a
wcodplle.excMlmlng, 'Tve found you
at Isst-roe'rs the man I'vebeenlook
iflgfor.' Tlie gawky looked at him
curiously ball a second, then straight
ened out so arm like jjbboom and
knocked the fellow overboard Into ten
feet of rater. Resuming his position
against the woodpile be looked tip at
the deck of the steamboat and drawled
Is there any tody otw on tote
host looking for me?"
risk said, when eteeted Colonel of
the Nkntfc Regbnnnt, "I must rode
an hour to my lite mm-
wr mob from a
for three dan after-
e OGoloB'tsK oosra
!o Wich ; but tlie reformed expect
to double that in their centennial year.
Episool Church reports , tlw t 207 out
ol 2S5 clergyjnen oitErnretl by blni eauie
from other, religious bodies.
It Is stated tliat the nattw Protect
ant community in -..Turkey num''
i!3,000 persons bcloiigiug to twelve
different nationalities. Of these Id,
000-a re said to he oouuected with .toe
American Missions, rind tby are des
cribed as quiet, sober, and industrious.
There arc 250 Protestant places of wor
ship In tlw Turkish empire.
Tlie fight between the .Teiuit-s ftiitf
Free Masons in Germauy and Italy
continues to be very bitter, awl tlie
latter are backed by the Prifslnn Km
peror and steadily assisted by the Gov
eruinent. Afew days tefirc will see a
grand lodge established in Rome under
the very eyes of tlw oilenued Pope,
Not long since, a nji in India was
accused of stealing.a sheep. He was
brought before tr'!$Kntheup-
had witnesses to prove their claims, o
thatltTOisnot easv ftr Wte-.Ujfe to
decide as to wboni the sheep belonged.
Knowing the oistom ! w'Mtbe .'shep
herds, and Uie habit; ofsheepi the
Judge ortleretUhe slieep to be brought
Into court aiM sent one of rlife men in-
to another: worn, while he told. the.
other to can ine sneep. sua see u n
would come to him. Rut the poor an-
imal; not knowing' the "voice of the
strangeivywouia uot go m uuu. i
the meastlme the other man. Who was
in the adjoining room, growing tmpa
tlentsrtpd probably tusnrcting what
wasgnr.gou.gave a Kind ma "cnucK,
oflwvwrrteli the sheep tsvundeil away
toward Mm at one. This "chuck. '
wai tlie way which he used to call the
gktepVand it was at One decided lie
wjis tlie real owner.
Tims we nave a beautiful illustration
of John 10: 4.5; 'Aad the sheep fol
low him ; for they know Us voice ; and
a Stranger they win not mnow, dui
will flee from him ; for they know not
the voice of strangers."
A Janesvllle. (Wis.) alderman Is out
wTlh a hovel tneory, designed to give
aid and comfort to the temperance
cause. He proposes to gran license
to both seller and -drinkers. Ills
Idea is to grant a,, saloon license for
ten dollars ; and every man whodrinks
riinst obtain a license at a 'cost kf ten
dollars, before lie can get a drink of
liquor. To obtain a drinking llcensa
man must of course, ha ve bondsmen.
and they will be liable for any damage
done oy Dim wnue in a scire oi imi:,-
. To supply the regular edltjofi of
paper are cousraned ivqy njafik.-or
780 tons per annum. The, average
weekly cost of eligravitig U 1600, or
130.098 per annum, aad the eqt , of
drawing on tlw block is about tlie
same exclusive of the salary of. artists
regularly attached to the office.
They have a policeman in Spring
field, Mass.. who raptured a high
wayman and then refused a reward of
$500 which had been offered by the
city for tils capture, remarking tliat he
sunpiy aw ois tuny, a rare case in
these, times.
' You flatter me." sakl a thin ex
quisite the other day to a young lady
wno was praising ine neauiie oi ms
moustache. " or Heaven's sake,
ma'am," interposed an old skipper,
'don't make that monkey any flatter
than be is!"
.. : : .
An old minister, the otlwr day, ask
ed a woman what could lie done to in
duce her husband to attend church. "I
don't know," she replied, "unless you
were to put a pipe and a jug of whis
ky in the pew." . .
"What is It that sticketh closer than
brother ?" asked a Sunday School
teacher of one of her class. "A post
age stamp, by gum," said the Incorri-
Josh Billings says: 'Eight won't
go Into six and have anything left over.
Many a young fellow has found this
out by trying to get a number six boot
on." "
f,; .- i
"Your dress," said a husband to his
fashionably dressed wife, "will never
please the men." ' "I don't dress to
please men." was- the . reply "bat to
1 worry women."
Three hundred newsboys and boot
blacks at Pittsburg were entertained
On New Year's day to'rjferfer, ete.,1y
llte'aslaiy'br'VrMlaen Is
six times greatey thartTBfct of: Fril
dent Grant- , .. ,U. ,
France is anxious oter the Ala
bama muddle.
A young girl named Carrie Sain is
the acting Adjutant General of Kau-
Wehave had some wet rains this
The Willamette river Is on quite a
weH. ja
"Fit you with a tin ear". Is the suc
cessor of "Put a head on you."
It Is too wet for the Mm to come
t, , , : ,
The seyphyrs keep out an extensive
crop of goos pimples.
Good Teropters have all the water
Oar streets pan out rich layers of
mud and water. Very deep.
Human pores absorb moisture at this
Cabinet Ware,
BED JlNCr, Etc.,
Corner,. l
First and Broadalbin Sts.,
TSkriv ftnd Elegant
Gome and See lit
" They Whs Hare Nothing for Sale
are Farthest from Market 4
Art Bow Iccpin;, snd also (asitaiiltr re
fiiving addhloni tn,
The Largest StWk of Goods
Purchaser Shall be Satisfied.
$Mlf0 " !'':'f . .-:!" .-!
sshtes n tmrgo Steek of
DRUGS, cnEmicALs,
Paints, Ore Stuffs, and Oils,
The 7 keep
Yankee Motions,
Finest Tobacco A Cigars
(AU kinds),
Ever ytlii rt g
3Pixf8 Class
Bat what to
Guaranteed To Be
Murunt to Good.
Arctic Soda I
.. r ( t.-ltefn-
l riL;jli i -
mnm BMiiKit.mxKi hah witut a
I new K'wk of millinery' (foodH, tHi'n-
rnlaitSj luitl'.'-i' im l clilMrrn'i QMHwIng
goK or 11 klmti. of tlw ltct h(l iiiov
HWHioiui'iii' niyk'A, w Ulrfe she oilW to.llie
MWf MMfff nn-tlnvinKHin ewimry
t the loCit ru.cii.. In lU
Sreu Making Stpsrtaisnt
t Kiiarnnlu! entire nrtfefseiKm. Chtrges
llbonftv , - . . ..
Motliln.--Always on bsrtv, ticlln'iunl
cliiHiyn' rnjlf '"" nnlcr riolliing,
olouka, slL'k uproiii, ru
Drem Trlunnlna. An exttnulrc va
riety of ,11k, eotioii nml wwleu,
aiv.istrlniMilnjr, nlwsyii In rc.
.ikliiK. Iloney-eoinlontraclian snd
waicr-i'wot rloih.ol Uxo beMiwlitleii.
rum. Ktr. - iJi'tlns' and cli iiUrrn's eom
plftf win of furs mid swandown, of latent
Hyle. .. nil .
-fclnin. IJtiBtyl(flcons!aiul3ioJ
ifpWflfiMth m , ,
HIreIl.nn-oiiH. l.inips and Andinita
of till vmdl and qualitlM, a full txtuH
inent. JACONETS. iirSUXS, KM!lUOIIKltmv
1 lAl'Elt UXKX, Kill ASJi ALL
Myvdttc'rmlnatlon being toftive.fatii'fap
tloii in style mid quality of work anil
prlcen, t ask a slure of public iatronagv.
Call ai more
Opposite A- Carothers A Co.,
street, AVhony, Oregon.
mm. e. r. mkmikmiali
C-ir AReiit for Mr Carpenter', ( a.t
miATKii lWBW Moiikl. Not. 4,71-9v4
Sclf-Opcaing and SclMJlcting
(i ATE. ,
June 4, U7. .
1 when Ihr rctlMe apimiaelMW it tlie
wheulaon one side pass over a lever wlikdi
U coneeted to the Kate hinge by a roil,
tlms opening llic sate iM'fore yon and injt
euinu it open. After polns Ihroncb, tn
carriaue pasiie, over a xinillar lever, al
connected with'lhc!itttehine,eanslnRtho
gate, in its rotation, to shut behind yon
and fasten.
No Getting Oat of Tour Vehicle !
No Nlslg of Latches Nor Fulling
or Strings,
Except the "ribbons" of your team. It 1
often called
And a
Dead Open and ShuJ."
Tills gate is simple in Its construction,
both of iron and wood work, nnd not likely
to tret out oforder. If a neat, cheap nlc
is desired, it may lie made lighl, witli three
cross bars ot wood nnd one-fonrth Inch
w ire, neatly curved at the top, the lower
end hid tn the bottom bar, which it the
style of a factory made irate. The gates
are now in pnietfcal use In several of the
countiesaromid Han Francisco, and plenty
of testimonium can be given.
Having purchased the
Right for Linn Co., Oregon,
Has now on bund, nnd will manufacture
the above descrlliedgntc. Wherever it lis
been used It has received the highest en
comiums, as the large number of certifi
cates from prominent Dinners in all parts
of the country, now In my hands, will
Of AU Descriptions,
On hand and manufactured to order.
IMarktmllhing and ReaalrlBff
Done to order at most reasonable rotes.
Simp foot nf Kerry street, opposite Bench.
Monteith A Co.'s flouring mills,
Albany, pot. JS, lilMv ,
wi' nvi ljrtii! &m
ran (i-E's::.
Of the best patterns.
And tlie usual assortment of fnrnlshlng
goods to booutalasa la a tin store.
Uopslrs neatly and promptly eioentod,
on reasonable terms.
!). 8, 1880-1