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i J-.J
NO. 23.
a MM
T5 kr
Corner ferry unit fim Strrett.
On year
Hj lainllH
Hmgle topic
Three dollars.
Two dollar.
Ton cciil.
TraiiMrnt advertisement, per iuiinre of
toll line or less, tlrst lnscrlloii fi; raeh
subsequent Insertion 11. Larger adver
tisements Inserted on Ihc most liberal
term I,
Exchange Office,
Indian Mntrli
I'Ol'M M BS.
A Thrilling- Mhwia Incident r j Aaron About contributes Interesting
j sneteins irom tnc riains to the riilla
, dclphia PhM. This is one of them :
I Another Instance of tin attachment
of a maid of tin forest to a white man,
l.i worthy of relation In this connec
tion. An oinccr had a very fine horse,
; of which a petty ( row chief took a
JOO work.-
ninwii .., tvne.lo.k of col- a""S
v.Ti.,bu . f';. Ltiihnr ete. w aim Aoir torn, lor unt loweai rare.
wlltiKs.ctird.a "'Ordon h)Iilci,il..e o.llloniim.lciiilnniJniir7vnmiitod.
are prepared to egcentea
Tiindsof print.
inn- In n lielter imiinior. anil flflv 1KT cent I ..."H. ..'
.1.7. .1... iu, i', ..... ff..r.r In IkU MHO,
V 1 n i gin, I , .l uviu,u v." - j
nn r pui
veal rati
Refers to II. W. nrbctt, Henry Failing,
t nix hi
Interest allowed
r.xcnnngc on r
Spindle was a new arrival. Tin
camp, with customary propriety liad
diihlied hliu thU because In was no
slim. On tin same principle hU awk
wardness soon gave hliu notoriety.
N'or this only ; like One-eyed Tom,
Spindle made one of tin happiest hits.
Young, passionate, elated beyond
degree with tlie snlendor of his nros-
jk'cU, it was no surprise tliat In should 1
court Iln pale-faced gamblers, who . "h-sister Is IhetnmihM uHtol ;.i,.f
were tin aristocrats o.ln cam,,. It , toURiSKSf
Willi I in xi, ....!,. r tlmf llmv shmi , ill. . , ". ""'(".V1 "'"l
cow hi, amYdetermine to j
salt" him. Play? No. no; futile & uZm tin 'ltri
dkriiotnlavi lno.ilvwimeintow.itdi I ,2Lll . 'rV.",?Lfea,ri,5
I he game : "it tnatfanstttbiir tlnre ' .YE "T-BJTW HP" f PW ?
fainy. I lie .Crow offered tin officer
twice tin value ot tin animal, but, liv
ing use for Mm. tin officer, would not
As a last resort, the Indian said :
Agent fur ttie ItegUter.
The following gentlemen ro authorized
to receive and receipt for milMcrlptloim,
advertising, etc., for Hie RtxjiSTEii:
Jliram smith. Harrisbiirg.
U P. Tompkins, lluirlsbnrg.
l'cter Hume, Brownsville.
W. U. Kirk, Brownsville.
K. K. Wheeler, hclo. '
T. II. Itrtnold, Hnlcin.
L. V. Fisher, Son Francisco.
1 1. P. Porter. Shcdd' station.
Fletcher ft Wells, lliiena Vista, I'olk Co
(has. Mckell, Jacksonville.
Hanking hours from S A. 51. to ( P. H.
Albany, Feb. 1, bj7l-iiv3
Dealers In
Monnments, Obelisks, Tombs,
Ilcad and Foot Mom-,
D. B. RICE, M. .,
rhlrlnn and J-nrg. m. Albany, Or.
street. Anru, Wgg
. ft. ll ROM
recelviuK n tarse stock of
Uroeerles mid ProvMos
Wood and willow wniv, tolmcco, cigars,
con feet lonery, Yunkce not (oils, etc., etc.,
wholesale and retail, opposiie It. t'. Hill ft
Son's dniit mow, Allwny, Oregon. Iv4
i. it. MITI tll'.I.I,. 1. B. DOI.I'II.
Attornrj-s nud Votimclora at Ijiw,
tiir.i In ndiiilmlty. office over the old
IHt office, Front street, Portland, Oregon.
, 1
j. r. eoWKMk. u rhiKx.
Attorney and CoanaelosMi tl Ins,
Fllnn notary public), Albany, Oregon.
( 'olloctloiis niul conveyaMcee iHvmptly at
tended to. j. . I
Executed In
and Italian
- Dealers In
Boots, Shoes, and Finding
1 public to their full stock of the latest
in dw tait, nloue. '-Try it; doitWo
your stake on threes, triple It on a
full, " aakl a pltusant taviKi fellow, who
was raking In a hiiMlretMugfor more;
SpliMlle ns fneliintr to listen." "Tell
von what to do," said the ratmbler.
continuing, "go uie lailves for an hour
itial see how you conn out."' ' sIIe did
At fin end of tin hour ' In hud won
a "stake" oAseventl thmunnd dollars.
Spindle was fascinated. "I will doub
le this to-morrow night," said In,
mentally, as In left tin gambler's tent.
He doubled it. This must be trip-U-sl."
said Spindle, as In sought tin
tent again; two nights afterwards it
was t rippled. Spindle means to break
or be brokeu," said tin bystanders one
ttiirht, about a week after his original
venture. "Look at the dust In U bet
ting." He is, indeed, betting heavily.
Tin rattlesnake liascliarmcd lilin. Bet
after bet, till tin winnings have left
him ; bet after bet until his earnings
are all gom till tin last "slug" is up,
and In has but a single sight for ft.
Woe to Mm, for lie wins .' The tide is
floating again, and Spindle Is even.
"stile, sale, in
remarks, nettiuir a
hundred slugs as a "blind," oil the
strength of 111 confidence. Oin by
one the cauls go round to tin players.
Spindle does not look at his, but gath
ered them under his hand ou the table.
"I see your 'Wind" and go you a hun
dred better." It was "Kaglenose" who
spoke "Kaglenose, tin lucky." Spin
dle looks at Ills cards. He has a first
class liaml four aces only will beat
him. Kaglenose can liave but three
..e.l, . I. . . .....
public to their full mock of the latest oi uiu.i, ior in.'. ki one on me ootioiii
styles In gentlemen's anil youth's boot, i of the pack as Itn gambler laid tin
cams on tin table; tin-gambler meant
v. II. cit.vxon. . n. iirxrtini v.
Notary Public.
Attorney nnd 'ounsilorm at I.a,
Ofnov In ParrUh brick, tip stairs, .let
j imti Dental College.
luaieH Nevril Jvctectnff Jut
jotiI ii tittiln uf Vlalrtft r Ar
hlkhU Teiih. dlao. does AM.
work in the line of his pitifesxlun in the
liest and most approved met hod. and at as
reasonable rates us ran lie had elsewhere.
XltroiiKOjiidc administered lor Hie pain
less extinct Ion of teeth if desired. Ofllce in
Parrlsh brick block, up lalrs. Residence soul hofCongn-gatloiialelmrch,
fronting on court house block. jT-J-ls
W. . JIOIES, M. D.,
west of llrou;lalbln, in Rurkhart "s two
story brick upstairs), over (ieo. TurrellN
sloit!. ItKUiiKxcK -Corner Sixth and Fer
ry streets, Albany, Oregon. I6-71
And Uenernl Mill Mnehlnery.
filv J Albany, Oregon.
swaea, gaiters, oxford ties, etc., etc., as well
as to the very latest thing out In the line
of Indies" and misses' gaiters, huluiomls,
Newport ties, Antoinette buskins, and
ninny otlmr new and fashionable styles,
just received at the City Boot Store, which
tliey a lii sell as rapidly as they can And
purchasers who wish flrst-closs goods at
the most reasonable rates. They reweot
fnllv Invite you to coip and see their
stock. Boot, shoes,ctc.,miror repaired
to order, and of work warranlnL
Flint door Went or "eg later Unlldg.
slant ly on hand a full supply of
Which will lie of Ihe very best niiallty.
The highest market price paid for beeves,
hogs and sliecp.
Third door west of Fcrrv, on south side
of First alrect. J. L. HARRIS.
Albany, Dee. U, ls71-13v4
that In should sec it
"I see your bet ami raise you a hun
dred better," replied Spindle. Kagle
nose is uncertain. He looks wistfully
at tin gold, furtively at bis antagonist,
and very carefully at the cards m his
hand. -He wait, he" weakens, "said
Spindle to hltnsclf. "I Untight he nits
Mulling."' Spindle does not see tin
smile on tin face of tin bystander at
the I sick of tin gambler, or he would
think very differently. Hising from
tin rough stool on whlcli he sits, Kagle
nose steps oack in tin tent ami opena
JsStflfntv acecnted. The idrt
was with S fhsiant rmrtloii of tha trBw.
atnittoe dtfettt okee set out to fitalher.
In two weeks lie rvtuhnti, accompa-
nicuuvii inn, weu-nrmeu young wo
man, whom In iBtrothiceii to tin ofli
cer as his sister. Tin horse was deliv
ered, and tin chief bid the girl remain
with Inr proper owner, but by special
arrangement sin was allowed to de
part with her brother, tin officer say
ing In would call for her by and by.
lie no doubt thought In had done a
meritorious act and gratified tin girl,
but tin sequel to the a ffai r proved ntlnr
wise. In a few days the chief called to
deliver tin beaVer skins and say that
his sister "was anxious to set her fu
ture husband." To please Inr, and at
the same time apologize for his seem
ing neglect, tne officer nought at tin
sutler's store a large quantity of beads
and several yards of squaw cloth and
red flannel, and sent them to the In
dian girl by her brotlair. So pleased
was she by these trifling present that
sin sent a special runner to the fort to
thank her future lord for his kind
thought of Inr. Tin officer now fan
cied that In was rid of her, and had
discharged all obligations she could
possibly have upon hlin. Imagine
then his surprise a few evenings after
wards, when he was riding near the
Indian camp, a tall, tine girl, dressed
fat a robe ornamented with a profusion
of rod, blue and black beads, suddenly
appeared In tin road in front of his
horse, and halted him.
Adtiingtlnofflcerslnsaidi "For
many days I have waited for yen, but
you have not come for nn. Accord
ing to tin laws of our tribe I am your
wife, but I have in husband. My
brother tells me tin white man has
laws of his own, and that when you are
pleased yon will semi for me ; wit tin
young women in the village say
you think I am deformed or no louger
a makU "See," sin said, suddenly re
moving Inr robe and drawing it about
Inr loins, "they lied ; I am not de
formed, and my brother and my whole
tribe can testify tlutt I am a maid."
Tin sicbt that ureeted his eves was
not a modest one, but the child ot tin
foret seemed all unconscious of her
shame. As she stood tlnre her beauty
j glowing in tin ray of tin setting sun,
t more
lady did not conceal Inr preference in
tin matter, ami plainly Indicated tint
sin desired to remain With Inr first
purchaser, but, as she had no right to
object, she had to submit. It is said
sin sent her brother twice to remon
strate with the white man against
selling Iter, ami begged hlni fry the tore
me mire mm to Keep inr lor i wire.
But the soldier was resolved., ami the
warrior became tin possessor of an un
willing bride.
The II rat Pair of Moot.
"O. mother! mayn't I have some
bodTs?" exclaimed little Summer li
as he bounded Into tin lug cabin where
Mrs. H sat sewing, trying so hard
to make new clothes out of old. "Do
say) may, 'cause I. eland, Ives lata got
some, anu t m almost as om as in is.
the atiUmi of 185T, tint terrible year
lor emigrants.
"Money! money! Dear me, I wish
I was mailt! of money. Hut can't vou
think of any way yon can get some. ?"
Poor mother, she had thought until
sin was disy-beaded.
"Isn't tlnre any way I can earn
some?" and the little four-year old
straightened himself up proudly.
"Yes," sin said, finally ; "You may
sell all the eggs yon can And in tin
corners of tin fences "
He was off before sin could finish
the sentence. Three hours afterward
In came back flushed with tatigtn, but
so happy ! Ho had found a dozen, and
had carried them to town a mile across
tin prairie, and returned with a dime!
"How many of them will it take for
a dollar and a half?"
"O. dear ! Well, if the bens don't
stop laying, I'll get my boots though!"
Fifteen times that little Hawkeye
boy t rudged across tin prairie with his
down of eggs then In aatne back, 0,
how proudly ! for in bis bands were
bis tirst pair of boots. He did not
wear tlwm for a week, but he carried
them wherever In went ; he ate with
tlmn ; he played with them ; In show
ed them to every neighbor ; they were
in his anus when In said his prayers ;
tiny were in his arms when he went
to sleep. Tin first pair of boots! Will
anything in may earn in manhood give
him so much pure joy ? Guiding Star.
An interview wltft a mt tie U assign-
eu us nm arose oi a Aiissourutu s
An exchange inquires "Why is ait
Infant like a fish ?'( We suppose It U
because It is a sinker.
-Horace Greely wrote: "Women
manage most of tin public libraries in
Massachusetts," and the compositor
read it: "Women now worry most
of their public babies by mastication-"
Christ iansbiirg. Va is in eestacies
over a venerable turkey goblber who
lias buildod for himself a neat awl U
now gravely sitting upon fortr apple.
It is presumed that his action is In
tended as a grave sattire npou tin wo
man's rights business.
"Mat m MKL lit S .wnraimn w a
i34. A7r2rJZ1m?.' oiiipeition, wfnu he
, j"" . r :. .t . ' ,w. ?, -.i saw. i
a strong wooden cue, i wo nags ot ; K ttaught he had mver seen
.liit Inl'Dii fwm If -mil Hm iMin. I - . . . - .
. .v. i - nerieot picture ot lemaie loveliness,
bier staggers under the heavy load, as tterbosdm heaving with excitement.
In brinpittoward the table. Spindle hler eyeg shining Tike diamonds, tin
sees a $10,000 mark ou each of them. mock .mrU Hrml hn nwk aml
Bet vou them ere thiuirs," says ' i,.i i. .,:.,. .,,i ,., i,.i .,-,,
Kaglenose. as In lays tin two bags mndc uor swln VenH as wlt,
with tin other gold. It is now Spin- bluslilng etliontrv sin exposed Inr vo
luptuous ligure to tne era or a
Jr. c. ni:Mi:ti t.i.i.,
Notary Public,
for now rcMdCnt and other, maklmr
out i-eal estate paper, etc. Olllee one door
almve telegraph offlec. 3Uvt
die's turn to hesitate. Om it he that
In has tin other ace ? Xo, In will not
think It ; but wliat shall he do ? He
had not money enough to "call" him.
He dins not wish to do this ; it would
In cowardlv. "Ila!"' says Spindle,
"I have it now ; I will Ixrt my claim
and the few thousand l
Poor child of nature.' She knows no
harm, and driven to madness by tin
taunts of her companions who told Inr
her future husband believed her de
formed, took tills extraordinary meth
od ot convincing mm that she was a
To Introduce the celebrated
Buckeye Hewing Ituebine.
f theory shuttle sewtnic ruafahw In the
I n Itnd states licensed to iw t lie celebrated
Wilson ftsul Mild for lew titan (to, and m-k-IHWWWM
By nil to be the laist fimillv e-.
lux nioeliiiie, for lilt or lieu v v sewlnff, in
the market. Outfit five. Address
E. E. MIN ER ft CO., lien. Agt.,
MvJtf Allnny, Oregon.
Albanjr Collefiate InatltHtc,
L Uoiidny,Heptembor4, ls7l, withaeoriia
of teachers ramble and earnest, instruc
tion will lie tnoroiiftli and pmeticnl. and
t ho s v stem of order unsnrissed. For rar
tleuInrHaddross R. K. WARREN", A. M., President;
Or, Rev. E. It. UKABV, D. D.. Albany.
The Eye I Tb. . Eur j
have left 1 ncrlWt u-omnii. ( lliniulim her
against his pile, if it only be large I robe around Inr shoulders, sin darted
enough." This to himself, 'linn to 1 to the woods, and a moment after-
Lflgienose. "onats jour prier' wards In saw inr black tresses glcam
"There are five more bags in tin 1 ing among the trees as she hastened to
cnest, sato me gnmoicr ipiicuv , i the village. I'eiliaps she expected her
"what do you do?" "Bet my Halm husband to follow lierand claim inr as
against your pile," said Spindle, in-1 his brhle, as is olteu doin among tin
tensely excited. Indians, who have to catch their wives
Tin hot was taken. Spindle threw ; after marriage ; hut, if so, sin was
his cards on tin table w itlia half para- doomed to disappointment, for he gnl
Ivzed motion ami a 6ce whiter than foped back to the fort deeply perplexed
tin tent nlwve him four queens and at tin trouble he had aot himself into.
Mrs. Lambert's Demoralized
Cow.-uice Mrs. O'Leury's cow got
her name in tin jnrs, the whole envi
ous bovine family are cutting up di
does to secure an equal notoriety. The
latest exploits are by a cow belonging
to a Mrs. Lambert of Bay city, Michi
gan.; Kxploritig the back yard ou a
recant evening she put her bead into n
barrel which sin couldn't get off, and
becoming very much frightened at her
condition, sin blindly forced her way
into the wood-shed, thence into tin
kitclnn, and theuce Into tin diuliur-
rooin of tin house, becoming all. the
while more furious. From this room
she made Inr wav into tin oat-Ior.
throwing down and trampling under
foot everything that came in Inr way.
Mrs. Lambert aroused Inr husband,
win arose, but finding be could do
nothing, went for help.
Tin cow next rushed Into tin bed
room where Mrs. Lambert, with a lit
tle baby occupied a bed, and another :
little child, a crib in front of it. Tin
enraged animal mounted the bed, but '
help arrived, and not an instant too '
soon. I In window was raised from
Mid, "la; an animal with four legs,
ww in cneu cunier.
Iln following notice, printed on
colored card boards with a nice bow
dcr, haiigs up In a place of business In
Home, Hew York: "Mebba rnn
don't petter had loaf rount here; veil
you don't go some peesnlss, ain't Iff"
"Yon are beautiful, and I adore
you ;,' said a gentleman to the belle of
the evening. "For my ram. I hate
you and think you frightful ." she re
torted. "I believe yon. you frank
girl. "You don't tell polite fobehoods
like me."
The Queen of Madagascar 1 re
ported sufficiently civilized to wear
hoops. Our own native Indians lev ve
hod war whoops for some time, and
they've got ou the skirts of dvUiadiou
There is no truth in tin report that
Horace Greely has' organized n compa
ny of iron-founders and protectionists
for tin pnrposa of raising monkey
wrenches from apes.
"You flatter me," said a thfn ex
quisite tin other day to a young lady
who was praising the beauties of hh
moustache. "For Heaven's sake ma'
am," Interposed an old skipper,
"don't make that nwnkey any flatter
tlmn he Is!"
Down-east tiny have again caught
that shark which lias a gold ring in his
stomach only tills time the Down
casters ought to decide whether the
ring belongs to tin shark, or tin shark,
like other sWlcs, belongs to the ring.
Some girls will never learn to re
strain tin natural impulse of their na
ture. A minister was baptising a girl
at Kipon, Wis.; and wlnn In hod sub
merged Inr, and come out of the wa
ter, ne asked Inr how she felt In mind.
Her answer was, "Alt turnkey, only a
little wet."
"Why are you like an annual, my
darling?" said a saucy- lover, winding
bis arm around Harriet's waist.
"I cannot say. Why?"
"Because you are handsomely
"Indeed!" said Harriet. "Wbv.
then, am I like a law book V
"1 give it up."
"Because I am bound in calf. "
At a trial not long since one of tin
witnesses, an old lady of some eighty
years, was closely questioned by tin
opening counsel relative to tin clear
ness of her eyesight. "Can you see
me?" said lie. "Yes," was answer
ed. "How well can yon see me?"
persisted tin lawyer. "Well enough,"
responded the lady, 'to see that you 're
the outside, and a neighbor attempted : ueuinra Aegro. an Indian, noragen-
bc barrel gave him a j "emau. i nc answer Drought
tMakllahrd In I MM.
E. A. Freclaiid,
if lnlHccUaiioons books, school hno
oculist nnd Anrlst, Albany, Oregntai.
old o'
son of the noted
inlhnlmle doctor.
S C I1..I.1..,,
Dr. (iolden has hud
experience in t rent In
the various discuses to
which t he eye and inr are subject and feel
confident of giving entire wtfadhctlon to
nunc n nomay place tncmeivo anncr his
earo. April 18, 68.
blank books, stationery.
trM,ivi in noon nonce.
Allmny, Dec. J, 1870.
Hooks Importe
1 of turning ; keefroa hand and make to
order mwhlde-bettomed chair, and spin
nhig wheel. Shop near the "Magnolia
Mills." JOIIX M. MKTiri-ii
Albany, Nov. 8, ISSfcJ
lny, and i now ready
to wait on the citizens of Al
bnnyand vlelnlty.wltli a m w
Invention In denial work. It eonilxts In
suilKortlnu I ho Dlate to the mouth wlthrao
covering the whole roof, a heretofore.
Those wishing artlflekd teeth an request,
od to can and examine for thatnaalvc.
Also, plate mended, whether partially
broken or divided. Teeth, extracted with
out pain. Offlco over TurreUti store. All
work warranted. 7v4
Paper-hanglag, leeminlng,
Decorotliiff, Ac.
I- M. WADSWORTH will give prompt
1 . attention to all orders for Paper
hanirliig. Caleemlnlng. Deearathur. Ac. In
this city or vicinity. AU -work osnolod
I.. .1... ,.., I,, ih. ku .
Ill l ill Hllvn. i-ljl". itl lllv WMnwilimijlim
at lowest living rate. BfrOrder left at
Furniture. Wnrcroomsof CUas. Mettle v will
rccelvo prompt ntteiitkin. Ml
a king. Kaglenose filed his off, one
by one three aces, a king, anu an ace.
Not a word was spoken by either, and
Eavlcuosc had no reason for so doiiur.
A few momenta afterwards tin mined
mlinr sniggered to the door of tin tent
Kissed out into tin moonlight, and tin
earne goes on as ever.
Half an hour later, Spindle sat In
Ids tent alow. Before him was tin
picture of a fair, sweet fcice, that Iwtl
won his love a few years back. No
Watyitii him weep while he watches
tin ploy of light in (hose eloquent
eyes. You could step in, and step
heavily, too, without startling him.
He is lost in reproachful tlnoght, lead
ing down to despair. All tliat be had
hoped to do was vanished. Last, night
rich In gold, to night bankrupt. Why,
then, should he live? He (an hear the
roar of tin Yuba as It tumbles over Iln
cliff only a mile above him. Ifc steps
out Into tin omnalr: the cataract
irllmmers in the distance, and tin
sound of Its waters soothes and fascin
ates Mm. Nobody will miss him;
why should In hesitate?
He moves toward it with eacer
bounds and determined purpose. Up
the rocky hill nn, nn. nu. till he stands
on tin edge of the precipice, far above
tin fall. He looks at the white tents
in tin distance ; hate Is blazoned on
every one of them. He looks at tin
white spray, far, far, below him : a
hundred pliantouis beseech blm to
come to tlnm. A pause, for au instant
only, a whispered something was It a
prayer? A quick, terriblo lean, tlnn
the same moonlight as before shone on
the flower-clad hills wound, ou the
white tents of tin sleeping camp, ami
on the whiter face of the cataract.
Oterland Monthly.
In a few days the chief called on the
officer to learn his intentions toward
his sister. Tin chief said his strange
conduct had brought disgrace iifnn the
whole family, awl in urged the officer
to claim Ids bride or give some satis
factory explanation ot ins uelay tn a
mailer so important. The officer sa hi
it was agalust tin rules of tin array for
soldiers to nave innuiu wives, ami in
could not think of making so line a
girl a concubine. Tin latter part of
the argumcit Uia not particularly Im
press Hie young chief, and In insisted
upon delivering tin girl to her proper
owinr, saying the officer could do as
he pleased with her afterwards. ven
as a divorced wife sin could have some
honor in her tribe, but in bar present
status sin could wit her many uor be
given in marriasrc to anv one else.
An old frontiersman who was appealed
to, finally solved tin matter by declar
ing tlmt, under iln rules of tin tribe,
the officer could himself sell the girl to
anyone he might wish, a Indian
wives were an article of merchandise.
It was known a young warrior was
very fond or tin girl, and the officer ap
pealed to him to take his Italia n bride
off his hands. ' The warrior was will
ing enough, but objected to tin doubt
ful status oi tne gin in inr trim. Jiy
and by. lie said, when tin soldier waa
tired of Inr, In would bur Inr, but un
til sin had been acknowledged as the
wife of the soldier he could not Inter
fere ; besides he did not have at present
any horse to give for her. After much
explanation, tin affair was settled by
the officer buying a pony and fwesent
inir it to aiiothcrofflcer, who presented
it to the warrior, win, In turn, gave It
to enter, when tin
blow which knocked hliu back against
tin fence. The children were at last
secured and passed through tin wln
do'v, and Mrs. Ijimk'it soon followed.
Tin door of the bed-room was then
closed and tin cow left to herself. She
Anally became soothed, and walked
out after demolishing all the nice furn
iture in tin lower part of tin house.
Sjm'njileld J!fj,uJilltvti.
A steamer on t he Sacramento recent
ly rescued three Chinamen who laid
found a tenunrary abiding place in
tin top of a big tree which had not
been completely covered by the s wool
en stream. They were bine with cold
and their stomncins were painful con
cavities. As the elder of tin trio and
possessor of tin most gigantic queue
remarked, wlnn warming himself hi
front of tin steamer's furnace : "Too
muclne heap cold ; too miichee water
no tco niuclne glnb. Three day no
eotee nothing. Hum !"
A few days since a singular fracas
took place hi Piinville, Monroe coun
ty, Alabama. Enoch Hlley and Jcbi
al Cotton, two aged and respected cit
izens, at tin bead of two of tin largest
and best families of the county, nurs
ed a little difficulty till tlnv nnt om
day, each armed with a double-barrel
ed shot-giin. Mmultainouslv tlnv
tired, killing each other instantly.
The executors of tin estate of the
late Thadcus Htcvens liave at last con
tracted for the erection of a handsome
granite monument, w ith marble tab
lets, over his grave in Lancaster, Pa.
It is understood tint their delay In the
matter has been occasioned by the ex
pectation lint either tin colored peo
ple of the United States or the public
school children of Pennsylvania would
raise a memorial to him.
If man or woman wishes to realize
tin foil power of personal beauty, It
must be by dierishlng noble hopes ami
purpose ; by having Something to do
and something to lire for, which Is
worthy of humanity, atal which by
expaiKttng the capacities of the soul,
to tlnofflecr, ami In changeirright, elves expansion a, vmmetry to tin
deed oik! title to tin Indian girl. The I body which contains Itf-f Mow.
tne house.
Our Major, says an old Mexican vol
unteer, laid very long feet, and also a
horse tint threw every one but tin
Major. One evening the Major's serv
ant was out ou tin parade ground
with the horse, and, as usual, got
thrown off. when oneoftheborsspoko
tin. and said : "I know n-hv llw Iiok
ilon'f thnniir Ilia VI.,!,... " 1... "
w nu-" ,ai, , T , ,
was asked by a down or more. "Well,
yon see tin Major's got such long feet
that the horse thinks he's in sliafts."
A Mrs. Bradley, of Tomah, Wiscon
sin, found a baby upon her door-step
tin other evening, with a card pinned
to its clothes, which read: "I com
mend my little darling to your care,
Mrs. B. Please call her Madge Ar
mlldn. Please never give Inr stimu
lating drink of any kind In Inr food,
for that came near killing her, and
cold water was all that saved Inr life.
Please let her food be made of cream,
loaf-sugar and boiling water. Moth
er." .
A mouse In Belfast. Maine, was
found recently frozen stiff upon a
hammer. Investigation allowed tint
In picking up something that lay on
tin Iron head of the hammer, the
tongue of the mouse had frozen to it,
and being unable to get away, it had
It is understood that Mr. Greeley, If
Invited to do so, will soon deliver be
fore tin Royal Society au address oft
"cryptogamio palingeneees." '
. . i i
The quantity of beer maiiu&ctttred
in New Jersey last year gives twoaial
one-half barrels to every man, woman
and child iu the Commonwealth.
I I "
A MMilgander passes his time In
contemplating two tons of honey which
be has marketed the past year.
. m
If yon have a good bnslwss adver
tise and keep It. if not advertise and
get It.
Life Is a maladay which sleep oases
every twenty-four hours.
The richer a man m ikes his food the
poorer In makes his appetite.