The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, February 02, 1872, Image 1

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NO. 22.
Corn r F rty Otxl f'n SlrMt,
Oiv vcnr
six uiuuhs
Sai's-ie copies....
.Three do
.Two dollars.
.Ten renin.
aivi:i:tcsix; rates.
Transient h ii. j- 1 in- MtMior sqtsti-c of
ten lines or d-M insertion fS;ncli
saiscuient tnv.-ll ?l. LMfW a Iver
llsemcnt Inm-ricd on 10 roost liwwiu
,li ill AWKK.
I new l-yrf.stotk of
nr.-! Inks. cards, a IJnr.lon Jew r, ;tc we
mr mrtmn-'J toSXtscuteall kllfmof print
in' in 11 ln-ltcr manner, and lll'i.v l;r row
cheancr tluin ever before ottered in tins
Ajji'iits lor tlie Beg-lstcr.
The li)l!i,vin' T.-n'lemi'n lire authorised
to receive and receipt for suleH-riptloiis,
Bdvertidlnii, etc., for Hie Kijiisteb:
Jliram Smith. Hon-Mmw.
it. I'. Tompklmi, llitrribnrg.
Peter Jpune. Brownsville.
v. l!. Kit. HrownM'nie.
K. K. Whec'.ev. Sin.
T. II. Ilemnl Is.Su em.
L. 1". Fisher, San Francisco.
li. i. PriSer. Shnnd'sfStntton.
Fletelier .V: Well--, Buenn Vist:i, Polk I 0
Cbiis. N lekell, Jacksonville.
. B. EIC-CE, SI. B ,
Physician ftw-failst Albany, Or.
OK I K O.N 1 lir.MM llii-n J'.'-r on"..
, 'uvft. -. .x.
receivlftst'i larsastpeltof
Uroec-rlcs ttutl Provisions.
Wood and willow ware, tobacco, KMi
confectionery, Yankee notions, efcj
wholes-ulr and retiill. owpomto B.C. Hill
Stni's d store. A n -a n v. ore -on. h 4
I. It, UITl'itEIX. J- K' BGI.rU,
Attorneys -! 4-uusrIors n4.l,aw,
mice over I lie
, Portland, ore.
,1. 1.
, IWEl.Ii. J.. n,i.v.i.
Attorney mI iijii."lor nt Law,
A NH SOEiCITolts IX Oil Y ,1..
Fdnn iio'.ii' ! -1'nici. Ai'inny. oreitou.
Collect Imm and wmvcytvnccs pHuiiptly ut-
ten 1 Ho. .
' ! ?
. n.ciUKon. K. ii. nrMMHiwr.
Notary rublie. :
CBAfOR & BflJi3PJ$MBY, j
Attoraeyw : t'oauseltori t iaw,
b brlclt, up stalri
61 1
BAY, D. S. H.,
A 1IA1I1
VT u,ui
:il I
Millies S
f fin- j
( Si ill.
qt I'ui' f"f .b-'iil-.i.
doe Ai.t.
MM 'toHh
work in tbe line
bet and most aj
renoHiil)ie rate
Nitrous Oxide ;'.
Parrish i'liek b!
Ural bousesdtttli
fmutlug n eon;
if bis profession Hi Hie
' laethod, and :ii :is
s m li' biid eisi'wbere.
aiiilstered for the imln-
eetll il deSllW. Olliccin
fk, np ulalm. Itesidcnce
f( (Kiaiitta t iomil chnrell,
house ban k. je.'-ls
w. . -jfoam, m. f.,
weSt of BtOa bIMll, in llnrkluiri's Iavo
Hon brick (np stairs', over i;-o. Tnrrell's
slori'. UtMtDEN'li i iii'ncr sixlli and Ker
ry streets. ,YUmy,Oit5JWU
tiBiB & 1BVBKS'
And Uenernl Mill Hnelilnery.
Albiiny, Ureifon,
51 vS
To iniiolitce the celebinted
Buckeye lowing MacJsltic.
tlie oiv sbuitie sewin'tf intiebine In tin1
I'nitcd Bat&llcflUiwd tousotbeceiebinted
Wilson HwdSold lor less llmn lo, and aek
notvlcdjftMl by nil to be the hesi ttitnll) sew-
pi;- lliaSlllnO, In:' Hgil or lienvy Wttrthg, in
the tnarke'. Out ;it tree. Address
20v3lf .Vllmny, Oregon.
Eatnblislictl in 1M50.
K. A. jpreotani!,
1 NFAt.l.l!
I IUit'llft0OlH book
. seltiMii books.
Hooks ImporhM
blank bonks. slii'inncry.
to order nt suori notice.
Albunv. Dee, :!. W70.
of turnllia; keep on hand und make In
onler rawhlmHNAftomed clmii-s, ami spin
nlnj? wheels. Simp near the " Muxnollii
Mills." JOHN ,AI. MET.LEU.
Albanj, Nov. 8,
c;i. -L
Exchange Office,
'nXoW York, for ml)-ill West rate.
Helen to U. W.Corbctt, Henry cvlliug,
W. S. Until,
nankin-; lioiira from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M.
Albany, Feb. 1, MfKivJ
( nlk-ctlons uinu.'iiniiprniuri.vri miici
noxroe &. wtawjeu,
Dealers In
"Ioniiments, Cbeihks, Tombs,
Hind untl Foot iiii-s,
Executed in
Mm bit-.
and Italian
J. ijtr. m. r..(UANi:.
Dealers in
Boots, S!!"?, aisd FttldlBgl
j public to tbeir full Block nf.ibe lalent
stjles in Kentletnen's and yotuh boots,
slim.-, uuiier-. Oxlbrd ties eie.,ete., USweU
BK to tho V'I7 latiwt tlllni? out in Ihe line
nf Irntic1 irn'il uio' Kiiltont, bahiKHiila,
Xewporl tii-s, Antoutetto bnskius, und
imuiv oiin-r neAv and fubioimble :!!.-.
lust received nt tbet'iiy (loot Sioiv.wui:-li
tUey w ill sell as Hiplttly us Ihey mn Imd
puKbanora wno wwh first-clivw gondii ni
hie ruol reaona'le rate; Tliey resjjeet
t n M v invite you to come mid see ibeif
iocU. limilp", shoes.clc. inmleor r.iiiud
iij order, and ml aw ' u-i-m'ih
First door West of Ilejrlate BnlliTit.
stantlvon hiiiidarullsui
iIy of
AIX mxm ov MEAJSj
Which will be of the very ls quality.
TliahlalieM ninrkel iirki-paiilforUvves,
iiivtn :iml slieell.
'I'liird dour west of Ferry, on soul!
Of First slrcei. ' .1. 1.. HAR1
Albany, Dee. l i, W71-I5r4
i i : x tsj ( o i.i. kit i!i a n ; i t a x i :! p t d
i t for non-residents and others, iimklnx
out niil eslate paiiers, etc. onieeim.- door
iibovcteleirrapl) oftlce. $IT$
AUmiiy Ilcgiatc IntitltatO,
X Mominy, September t, ls7t. withn corps
: in learners ciiimnic ami euiuei.. insinu
j Hon will be liioiiiuib and practical, and
' i he system of order uiisuryiasscit. KoriHir
j titulnniaddrtws
I U.K. AVARREK. A. M.. Vresldent :
or, Rer. K. It. (iEAWY, l. D..AIl)aiiy.
Tlie Eyca t 'flic Kurd !
BB. T. I ;om?::,
Ocnilst and Aartet, Albany, Ornrom
son of tho noted
old opirtalinlc uoetor,
S.C.tioldu. -'
Dr. ( '.olden has had
experience in treating
tin- viu-iims dlseoaea to
wlilch the eve and ear are subject, and fwils
conlldent oi firing entire satisfnetion to
those u lio may place themselves under his
rare. April is. CO.
I 1 1 liany, und is now ready
lo wait on the ru teens ot A I- iTrA-vVT
biiiiyanil vielnilv.wiiha new s 1 1 .1
inventinn In dental work. II consists ill
supiKirtlntc the plate to t be month whhoiit
eiiverlni; the whole roof, ns heretofore.
, I hose wishnisr artlllelal teeib are request
ed to call and examine for themselves,
' Also, plates mended, whether purliallv
liroken or divide I. Teetb.cxtraeted witli-
; out pnhi. Olllce over Tnrrell's store. All
work warranted, 7v4
I'itperdiniiKln, C'ulcrndning,
Becoralliig, &o.
! 7; M. WADSWORT-H will give prompt
I attention to all orders for lVlsir.
nuniriiiK, tlilerintnlna, Decorating, Ae., in
tllMClty or vicinity. All work exeemed
hit be latest style, in U10 bewt manner, and
nt lowest HvhiK rati-s. C-Jr Orders left :it
Furnituri' Wnrerooinsof Cluw. Mutiny will
receive prompt attention, im 1
Pan) Smiili av:is a ioor old mnn.
Ho Inula back mom in the top of n
noisy ltlint httfte. Where he slept
nifiiits, ,-imI munchod his meals of
bread Riid chee (or lioiogiiawitiga,
when In- eould iilVoitl ill, and tioui
wlicnue he erept, harmlew and un
iKitlctd aa a fly. dow n to the earner of
tlie ilinjry street, to (lie little music
-hop of V:ii Bert man, a Oermaii Kt
tier nomowlH'ro in Sola).
Then ue tlidjeretjl all day on liroken
violins and other nmiil iustriunents,
never absenting himself for a moment,
save on Blturday aftenioous, when lie
went to llie house of a small trades
iiiiui to teach the piano to three or four
very stupid irls. Sundays he curled
up in his deu. and aiiiu-ctl himself, no
one knew how, until .Monday morn
ing. TlW-re are a ftir certainties', he neA--cr
Aveut to clnirvlt: hut he picked
rit"ged eliildivn from the )iavetnent
when tliey fell near htm, and gave
them lialf-ieiiiiies Avhen he had any ;
shared his dinner often with a mangy,
dirt v cur, who acted as a sort of
esca"ie-valvc for the ill-temper of half
the men anil ivonien m the streets ;
and he roused Pat llyan from his
midnight snooze in the gutter many a
cold night, and literally carried him
home to Xoah and the 'children.''
As for his honesty, a neighbor re
marked : If he round five shillings
in the street, hed ivear oat ten shili-
ings worth of strength and shoe-leather
to liud the owner."
One colli night Pnttl waa relflrnluB
from his work, with a loaf of brwid
under one arm and a violin under the
other, Avhen at the street door he
stumbled and nearly foil oyer a small
object crouched oil the Step.
' Kiess us, Avhat's this?" cried Paul,
striving to regain his efjollibrUun.
"Only me r!" and the small ob
ject stood up. and became a very (vile,
thin and ragged child.
'Are you hurt, little girl?"
" Xo sir."
"What are yon doiug out hero in
the cold."
ivhy don't you go home ?"
1 am t sot any.
lioil. :
i winter of ISO come in like a
I many a poor wretch well ro
itiftinbers. anil with lite first blast came
1'iitil's eueiiiy. He turned one night
I a sad face from his waiin comer in
I Bertram's shop among the violins,
I ami hobbled up tlie cold street, fueling
tlie nppiiiaeh of the old rlietnnatlc
pains, and wbmlering AVhat would be
come of poor little Camilla.
Hii excitement curled him up to
the last flight of stairs, and bearing
OSimHltlTl voiif. be pitUsfitijtd res und
listen, ISlie Avas singing in that sweet
and exiiri'ssivc manner which made
her voice seem to hint the sweetest
and pniv-t he had ever heard. At
the end nf I be st.'inza she took breath.
ami another voice -aid. "Child, you
astonish me. Either lam a poor
judge of music or else your rotca is :
'ihe ftneft I ever heard. You arc j
right in preferring it-s cultivation to
anvtiiihg else."
'n electric thrill shot through old I
.1 i .1 1 1.1 . 1.1 1 !
l ap s Irani'.' aim uuicnenen tin uiwi
to a rapidity that quite carried away
bis rbeiimiitlc pains, and in a twink
ling he was up tlie stairs and in his
little attic. R
lie was terri'd at (lie sound of a
man's voice, btiillie sight of a hand
some ffial polisled gcitticmiUi. with
dlumond sltuN lnWs .-lawy linen, a
heavy ring upotv)iLi dainty Avluts
hand. uri.'iue?tiouluc brolidcloth upon
iiis back, in close tonversalion with
his Camilla, whose Vondrouii U'liuty
had of late startled evi his dull per
ceiilion, was more than l'aul could
li.. wiis a very small ihStl hnu been
in his voiith and now that time's
w iilhing lingers bud touched him, he
was shriveled and dried like Avilhered
fruit, but in bis virtuous Indignation
he pllflkl out to his fullest extent, and
in bis f iU tle voice piped, 'Camilla,
how dare you invito anyone here ?"
Oil, I nclc l'aul ! This is Mr.
Clavering, a gentleman, whose
i hose
Whose mother s!? saved from
death, Votir niece, sir, a few days
siutv, was passing through our crowd
ed thoroughfare, Avhen my mother's
caiTlago drew up to the iiaveinent.
The liiT-es were restive, and bidding
,thc driver to attend to them, she be
gan to a-oend unassisted. Her foot
was on tho step, when the animals
sprung forward and flung her violent
ly from her footliold. lint for the
.sudden act of your niece, Who receiv
ed my mother in ner strong young j c
arms, iie fall might have proven a
fatal one. My mother at once entered
a show, and keeiiilia A'onr niece bv
her, sent for me. I cam to-day, at j
IIiymOtlHtrs earnest request, to ex
press our heartfelt gratitude and to
otter "
" You needn't oflbf Camilla a
penny, sir. She will never sutler as
long as I have a pair of bauds to work
forber," said l'aul
" Y'ou mistake me. I do not widi
to insult you, but would raise this
child from" her poverty, and educate
her, that she might lie" of use to you
and hersclt and become a refined
woman. Don't let your selfish love
stand iu her light and shut it out trom
her. She sings like a prima donna
and wishes to study music."
The great lustrous eyes of the child
turned imploringly to her new guar
"Lor", Camilla,
A-our Avav, I know
I can't stand in I
wuiVn avrnv bit 1
a born lady, if your poor forsaken
mother did die "in a hovel among
wretches who turned Iter child into
the eold a soon as the brealh of life ! tla; strange voice broke forth in a tri
bal! left Iter body! but dear me, f j mnphant strain, and listeners held
can't part W illi von.'' tlicir breath as the W'QnderWW notes
And you sliitll not. f.ct me serve I rang out upon the air, and then died
little t.aniilla. and she will never leave
yon. lait shall prove a blessing to you
111 your out iifrc.
l'aul could say nothing, and the
strange visitor imparted, with no
further injury to ids darling than an
clopieiit glance from an expressive
pair ot eyes.
'flam from tlie gloomy .lodgtug
bouse to the snug set of chambers a
few streets olf went l'aul and Camilla,
and the poor w retch soon looked like
another la-ing, in his cletuier nork
elotbes mid Sunday suit, earned from
increased number of pupils provided
tlirougjh tlie Avilling assistance of tla'ir
pliilauthi'onieal friend, Mr. Claver
ing. i wj-after day, Camilla Avent Avith
her luniks to the teacher so strangely
provided ; and altera little time there
came days Avian nassers paused to
listen to the warbling of tlie rich young
Vla'ii she had been there six mouths
she entered 01m morning to thai Mrs.
Claveritig in the music master's room.
' What do you propose to do with
vonr f'liiions limit! said her sweet,
" Madam, Camilla is unite capable
of doing anything lu a musical way.
She avIII le u songstress of ivbom this
country will be proud. Ah, here she
is r
"You have imp: oved AA'ontli rftilly,
my child," said the lady, holding out
Iter gloved hand. " I "came to bring
vou Kiehard's farewell. He leaves
for Loudon to-night, and Avill remain
abroad many years. Here is a little
gift, as a token of remenibcrance."
She did not understand that Mrs.
Claveritig laid placed a pretty neck
lace of coral in her band, aiid then
gathered up her shawl aial departed ;
but when her teacher siwke she cried
out as if in mortal iain, and without
a Word, HeAV down the street toward
home. As she turned the comer she
rushed pell-mell into the arms of a
.gentleman, who, on seeing her pale
and tearful, said. " Why little Camilla,
wliat is the 1 milter ?"
"Ob. Mr. Clavering, you are going
aivnv !"
Uicliard Clavering" flue face grew
sad and expressive as the tearful eyes
looked into his own. and for the first
time he comprehended that he Aias a
young man, and that 111 protege was
Stealing from childhood Into beautiful
girlhood, and undeniably a laanty.
"Camilla, I am going away but will
you wait for my return ?"
" Walt for you? I am not going to
rati away."
" You do not comprehend me.
Well, it is better so. Perhaps two
yean? later you may understand me.
Good-bye, Camilla. Kiss me good
bye. '
It was a very unlet street, and so
Camilla lifted her head and kissed j
Win, In all 'probability the child 1
Avniilil have kissed (dm in the main j
thoronghfiire as readily as there, and I j
only mention the fact of the street be- ,
ing a ijuiet one to silence the startled:
pinpri. ty of those who are shocked at
tile publicity of it.
Well, Jhere they parted ; be to go
over the sea : she to remain at home j
and improve the opportunities be bad
placed before Ikt.
Tlie great heart ol tlie music-loving ,
nnhllc was luritnted with minelod eino-1
lions of joy. pride, astonishment and j
awe. A IK'AV songstress iiiin oeeucru
icised, picked over piece-meal, ground
down to the finest point, ilisseeted,
examined through tllfl most perfect
musical microscope, and pronounced
feet ! And now tab manager of a first
class fasbiiiii-iiatroniz -d theatre liad
engaged her for a single night at an
almost tabulous stun, and the world
was to near ner voice
The nurht came, i be theatre waa l
crowded from pit to roof. The orcbes
tm pealed forth a grand oyertwre, the
expectant crowd tllliil the air with
perfimie, and soft niurunirs of Avhis
liering voices and rusofifsj silks arose
iu a subdued sound ; and then the bread
curtains rolled up and disclosed the
elegantly fitted stage.
Suddeiilv there was a rush
111 the I
vast building, and eyes grew bright
with eairor anticipation, as from the
Wing came theflaOnttMtei
A tall, grocefulgirl, witli gleaining
shoulders, and white, perlfex'tlj'-shapeu
arms; with a eroAvn of purple blink
hair upon the regal Ik'.-uI ; with great,
dark eves sea nning the croivd, and
then Avith almost childish sbyiiess vail
Injr themselves beneath the long lasb-
j a mouth, soft, tender and beauti
ful, and a cheek as tair as the pure
while satin of her sweeping relic ; and
tbev had seen all the loii!-talked-of and
highly praised beauty.
V roar like the rushing of distant
waters sounded in her cars, and then
swelled into a thunder of applause;
and coming slowlv down III the splen
dor of the footlights her beautiful
head erect, her eves glowing with ex
citement, her beauty enhanced by I be
elegance of her costume, Camilla, the
rUe iwor little AA-alf, tlie child of poor
old l'aul Smith, the protege of proud
lUctinrd Clavering, received the liom
ag ol the assembled crowd.
'"When the acclamations had censed,
the orchestra began a soft symphony
... i .i .1,,.,.?, the Imilillmy echoed
ihe clear, mire notes of a voice that j
ciimill'd fill IIWIIA-
- - , ,
a ore a nv ini.-uc
voice, lull ot hojie. ot uouiif, oi imiii.
viY'i'. still nearer, it sounded, and
hope bait droAvnediue uouuxs, oiu yov
ft nlaintive sorrow seemeil to remain.
It came uearei mm w iiw, --
talfexpectant, trembling glhnnse of
something better; and then siKklenly
; awav
For a moment a deathly silence
reigned, but it was for a moment on
ly, and then the building vibrated
With a crash ot enthusiasm that came
from the muslo-crazed audience. Men
arose hi their seats and hundreds flung
their floral tributes at her feet.
lu one of the boxes atwive the one
Avhere the music master and manager
sat, an old, otkl looking man waved
his handkerchief and cheered with great
tears falling tloivn his wrinkled cheeks,
mult ainilla looked up to that 0110 box
and gavcdiim the only. smile Unit cross
ed Iter Hps during the night.
But at length the curtains foil, and
Camilla, wary and worn, went on to
the dressing romir. Sortie ono stood
in tlie shadow of a jlde 11118416, and
Avlien she asked perniMou to pass
caught her by (lie bands and drew her
on! into the light.
"Camilla, little Camilla, is it yon?
Have I been listening to my little girl
this glorious evening ? Speak to ine!
1 am bewildered and blind."
"Mr. Clavering! When did you
come? Oil, lam so glad, so happy!"
she cxclamed.
"Are you glad? Are you happy?
Oh. is this my welcome? Have you
waited for me, my love my darling?"
She put her hands over Her eyes,
mourning: " Y on do not mean your
words .' 1 am dreaming .' I am mad !"
"You are here, wide awake, Camil
la, and I am asking you to love ine,
and to be my Wife. '
She drew him away for a brief mo
ment, and laid her weary bead within
his arm. Then she passed on to her
dressldg-room, and when she return
ed she put out her baud, saying. "Oh,
Itichard, take me away ! 1 am soul
sick of all this."
"And yon avIII only sing"
"in yriir nest. Conn , ive must not
forget t'ncie Paul. He is waiting ill
the box for me."
The box was near at band, and in a
nuimeut they stood at tlie door. It
Avas ajar, and Richard pushed it open
to alloAV Camilla to cuter, and saw the
old man sitting in one of the luxurious
chairs, his head iylilg back iiiou the
soft cushions, anil las bauds peacefully
Cnde Paul !" cried i 'amillii. "Why,
you naughty boy, you are fast asleep.
Come it is time to go home. Ah."
She started back nv itii a cry, for the
baud silc touched was lev cold, and
fell back still' and helples.
"Camilla, darling, come away, I
AVIII attend to mill.''
"Ob, Klchard!"
"blush, love. He Is beyond us now.
Those strains of music have carried
him to Heaven, from Avhenee they
The poor old man was dead. With
the cousuuiation of his heart's wish,
bis quiet, comprehending, tmoftcuding
lite had passed out into the new ex
istence. There were loud growls iu the music-loving
world, bijt nothing ever
tame of it ; for ItlchartFCliVeriug re
moved their singing bird so deftly that
tiiAK knew- the cans,' of her flight ; and
now she sings only to him and to her
brood of young Waverings.
Wondliiill mid luflln in ths Bowel
I'miei'iil rroi'.'Nsloti-Beiuni'ks
l,y tlie .n.iiis.
If YictdHa and Teniiessee AA-cre not
ttiulwi( they must be dilllcult crea
lures to entertain. Tlie boys invited
them to speak, and were particularly
happy in their remarks on tbeir i kt
sonal appearance. A big tow-headed
boy sung out: "Which istneoltl cat they
eails the next President ? Oh ! my, ain't
(Vshe ugly ! Bay old gal, give usa song
and dance, is that your own niur or a
j scratch? Open yer nioiilh yer trial
to. for fear the boss cars i inniK its
the depot and drive iu? "Jehu!
Avhat ti nose," says a lad w ithin a foot
of Victoria ; "1 ItUft't seen such a nose
since; I bad the measles, and then (lie
doctor had it to pick a bile with." The
nasty irulaanccs stood in solid masses
' about the Avouien. Colonel Wood and
! Stenlien Pearl Andrews manfully
strove to protect the hrokeresses. lint
.1.., i... . I,, know all about
matters, and said : 'NoAv his blood's
. up" "Say, ('apt ii, it's alt right aac.
I are all free lovers.'' When a cheap
j transparency made its appearance with
: a delegation, bearing the inscription :
! "And they had all things In common,"
! then the crowd shouted : "Fetch tlt
i banner over here." "Give it to Wood-
bull." "Here's the gal for that mot
I to." Finally the procession started,
I and those un'bappv women, foot-sore
and insulted, Avalkod miles through the
j mud which covered everything, sup
ported by the ereatesr rabble that ever
paraded, one weak nanu. iiuriy
one weak hand, thirty or
fui i i-lower elass French women, and
thousands of wild, hungry-looking
' men. It aaus rtdicu oin on the part ol j
1 1 " ii . . . i. ,..i' , ;i!, ii, ci
. nil' (iviici; iu nuei inn t.ifcii ni vsfw
; munists, as they did on the. prcccd-
! ing .Sunday, since that act Avas uuuoniy
one tlait gave any sort of coiweiiucuce
to the whole a flair.
A 'ITtKAsnn: LrtttE Prized.
Time, the most precious of all posses
sions, is commonly the least prized.
It is, like health, regretted when gone.
but rarelviinproveil Allien present
know it, is Irrccovenible. yet throw it
,.,.,..irt,,i,. ,.-,.,. v,, -,.,,- it j tt.w.r
vet fail to catch the current moment
w.nmn.v u.i, . "u.".'' .,-...,
It is the snare ot life, and wbil
Ave I
never properly .occupy its limits, ive j
neA-ertneless murmur at their narrow-1
ness. It is Ihe field of exertion, AVhicli
we continually leave fallow, and yet
Ave sorrow oyer otu: sliutcd lian'est.
The Xew York lie n.v of lieeember
2.1d says : if our Kussian guests had
happened to have been in the. city yes
terday, tbev nmst liave been aatjsfled
Avltl. the Siberian and Kamschafkivlike
character of tlie weather. It was de
cidedly tls champion "cold snap" of
the season, and if that venerable old
greybeard, the "eldest inhabitant,"
caB point out a severer day, let him
"trot it out." The average tempera
ture in tlie dty yesterday was thirt--t
wo decrees" below of 'the -same
day last yrar.' Never since Monday,
the 8th .wnnary, lsii'i. when tin' ther
mometer stood fifteen degrees lielmv
zero In this city, luts there been so cold
a day as yesterdayi At six o'clock lit
the moruing the thermometer stooil at
one degree beloAV 7.ero, antl at six hi
the evening at seven degrees above.
Tn Danville, 111., live a man and
wife, named Davidson, wlio are the
parents of a child, nowover Ave weeks
old, which weighs but two pounds. Its
length is seven inches, and its fate
about tlie size of a watch crystal. Its
tiny arms are so slender that a small
linger ring can be slipped on either of
t he in to the shoulder. The little crea-
lum Id .))..iil,' milL-liiiv iitr, n ,,..!.,. I..
"its part of flic world, and hundreds
nave called to see it. ine parents are
of standard size.
A plain and unschooled man, who
bad received his education principally
beneath the open sky, in the field anil
the forest, and w ho wielded the ax
more than tlie pen, while speaking of
children, remarked with true and
beautiful simplicity. "The little chips
are nearest tho heart."
Ham Toast. Chop some lean Iianr
fine, put It in a pan. with a littlepep
per, a Jump of butter and two eggs
beaten: when well wanned, spread it
on hot buttered roast, and serve.
Sally I.rxx. Seven cups of sifted
flour, half a teacup ot butter, Avarmed
In a pint of milk, one spoonful of salt
and three well-beaten eggs, two table
spoonsful of bre Avers yeast ; if the
vea-t is home-made, use tAvice as much.
Pour this into smiare pans to rise, and
then luike it, before it sours.
Nick JJiscbJT. Que (mart ol milk.
raised; Avhen light, add one cup ot
butter, one egg. one tablespoon lid of
Avintc sugar, halt teaspoourui oi soua ;
raise again; roil thin, and bake
Sai saoes. Rimviges can 1h made
by using mutton instead of pork. Chop
lean and fit innlton together very fine.
and season with sage, .-alt and pepper.
Kat Avitii mustard, and they are not
distinguished from genuine pork sau
sages. Kau,road Cake. One cupful of
sugar, one cupful of flour, tAVo bible
spoonsful of melted butter, two table
spoonsful of milk, three eggs, one tea
spoonful of cream tartar, and one half
toaspoont'ttl of soda. Flavor With
Remedy for Fresh Wofxds.
Ttintl up the cut or wound with line
pulverized earth and renew the earth
in the course of a lew hours. This
remedy Is simple and within the
reach of every one. F.arth is a com
plele deodorizer and acts like n charm
on fresh wounds. So is Avhite pine
Spiced Eight pounds of
apples, pared, four jkiuikIs of sugar,
one quart of vinegar, one ounce of
stick cinnamon, half an ounce of
cloves. Iioll the sugar, vinegar, and
spice together ; put ill the apples
when boiling, and let them remain
until tender (about twenty initiates.
Take them out. and put them in a jar.
Iloil down the syrup until it is lliick,
nud pour it orer.
An ell'cctual remedy for small pox
is said to have beeu recently fount by
a surgeon of Ihe British army in bina.
The mode of treatment Is as follows t
When Ihe preceding fever is at its
height, and Just before the eruption ap
pears, tlie chest is rubbed Avith croton
oil and tartaric ointment. This causes
the whole of the eruption to appear on
that part of the body, to the relief of
the rest. It also secures a complete
eruption, and thus prevents the disease
from attacking the Internal organs.
This Is now the established mode of
treatment in the English army in
China, and is regarded :u a perfect
IIoav to Cook a Ueefste a k. The
frying pan being wljati dry. place it
upon the stoA'e and let it become very
hot. lu the meantime mangle the
steak pepper and salt it. then lay it
in the hot dry pan, Avhlch Instantly
cover as light as possible. When the
raw-flesh touches the lien ted pan. of
course Itseetlies to itf but in a few
seconds it loosened and juicy.
Even- half minute turn the stettk, but
R .," ' " 1 - t", '
b.e iliKk'r cover. M hen nearly douo
lay a small piece of butter on it, and
if you want much gravy, add a tea
spoonful of strong eoft'ee. In three
minutes from the time the first steak
goes into the pan it 1 ready for the
table This mt thod of cooking makes
the most delicately broiled steak, full
ofjuice, yet retaining tlie healthful
beefy flavor, The same method may
be applied to mutton chops, only they
need a little longer cookinj? lo lnwont
them from being too rare. An excel
lent gravy iniiy,be made by adding a
little cream thickened witli a pinch of
flour Into which, when oft' the Are and
' ivurlv eolil stir ill n
partly c
well tH'ti
yolk of an egg,
AVIiat cliemleal instrument is like a
cutting reply ? The retort.