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How a
Metlsodlst Mfalstpr
Mm Hiihm o
AH American travelers of 1855 or
thereabout, will remember the " Kan
dall'a Commercial lxMrJing-lioii',''
on King street, London. Americans
made it their BOOK! in ttlOM tow.
Among tlie guests at that time was the
late Ht-v. S. M. MuCliutock. oo of
thebet Metliodist who tw lived;
Iiiit whom every body wlio knew him
would call "Mat," in spite of his
theological doctorate. There was nlo
another American traveler, lie liad
been a clergyman, and afterwards bad
very creditably represented in Con
gross a Massachusetts district. I shall
i ill him the Bev. Lata Grafton., al
tliongh that is not lii- name to a T.
One evening "Mae" said to the
lieverened and Honorable Luke. " I
had hoped to offer'yon a treat this
evening. There Is to be a 'Held night'
ill tlie House of Peers. I expected
three tickets for the gallery, one of
which was to be for you. Lnluokily 1
liave only two, and so I cannot invite
vou to Join our party." " Much
obliged,' siid tlie lieverned Luke,
"but t am going to the Lord, this
evenlnr." "Have you an order
Xo." "'
T)ia.. ,'nu wmif I,. Slim if t . ! .
,l.k ll.,. 11 i.I o.n t nntnw 111-
lu iuc gnm . .
Itnnosible s you cajft go upon the
ilwresceat with a speeiul ItitrorJnc-
lion by a peer; have you an Introdue-
ton!- ".No." coolv replied tlie
Heverened Luke, "1 hare not any in-
t induction : bull have traveled berorey
and J never found any ditliculty In
going where I wished. I am going
upon the floor of the peers to-night.
If you are in the gallery you'll see
me there. Ah reroir."
Night come, and after much crowd
ing and pushing. "Mac" anil his
friend forced tlieir way into the gallery
of the Hou of Lords. They were
hardly seated when they saw the
lieverned Luke walking up the floor,
accompanied by an elderly gentleman;
iha ..v..nliir his lordshln anneared to i
be much more attentive to his ,
A uierieau friend than to the procced-
ings of the House. At last, long after
midnight, Brongliatu arose and de
livered a short but ttery speech. At
the dose he shook hands with the
K: rerned Luke, who bowed and took
his leave.
An hour later "Mac" found the
ivvcrened gentleman ijuietly seated In
the coffee room of their hotel. -Mr.
Grafton." said he "we saw you on the
tloor with Lord Brougham. I dulti"t
know that you were acpiaiuted with
lUlordsbiD." "I was not! 1 never I
a ... - . i e . . t i
saw him until to-night." " You had
letters to Min?" " Xo, nothing of
the kind." "Then how did yon
manage it?'! "It was a very simple
atl'air." replied Luke, "hardly worth
mentioning : but, as you seem rather
curious, 1 will tell you about it, though
it is hardly worth while. 1 walked up
to the iters' entrance, where I was of
course stopped by an official. "This is
the peers' entrance,! Be said, "you
can't pass here ; if you have and order
for the gallery, go to-theproiwrdoor.
I luidersland
ui mil, i
."send in my card toLord Brougham. "
'To Brougham, beg your pardon;
pass on If you piease.'"
"I was stopped once or twice,"
continued the Kcverened Luko ; "but
1 just Silid, my card lias been sent to
Lord Brougha'ni. Xothiiig more was
wanted. So I waited a few minutes
in the anti-room. A gentleman came
in reading a card through lit eye
glasses. I knew from the picture I
had .seen that this was Brougham, and
stepped forward to meet him. ' Tlie
Honorable Hiid lieverned Luke Graf
ton, of America. I presume," said he.
Yes, my Lord." i replied ; "and as
fin American, 1 cm aik your lordship's
eonrtesv. In America no name is
more inamj uuauiwi
Ueury hrongham. From a .boy 1 Have
admired vour lordsiiip a writings.
ID'S wriliugs, anu
now. leiug in England, I could not be
satisfied without meeting you. 1 have
been told that this Is to be field-night
in the peers, and I Hke the liberty to
ask your lordship to Introduce me uj
on the tloor of the Hou.3e. I need not
nay that should you ever visit America,
1 shall be hippy to reciprocate tlie
courtesT." "I "shall have great pleas
ure In doing so," said Brougham iand
wo went in, and had some plejpant
talk. Brougham pointing out tb me
all the celebrities present.
"At last. " continued Reverncd Luke,
without even winking as lie told the
story, "I saw tliat the session was
drawing to a close. " Pardon me, my
. lord," I said to Brougham, "I had
understood that your lordship was to
speak to-night. 1 hope I was not
misinformed, for If I go lack to
America without laving heard a
speech from Henry Brougham, shall
feel that 1 lave failed in attaining one
great object of my journey." ' Well,
5lr. Grafton.'' said Brougham, " 1
lad not intended to speak to-night, but
as it wiU gratify you, I will do so with
"And so," concluded tlie Beverened
Luke, " Drougliam made the speech
which you Ifcard. 1 thought it was a
pretty good one may be not one of
his best, but very fair. If It had not
been for me you would never have
iieard Brougham speak." How far
the Several Luke was romancing no
one but himself knows. But that he
wppearcd on the floor of House, escort
ed by Brougham, and tlat towards
unornlug Brougham made a capital
apeeeh, H certain.
, .
A woman went to the theatre in
Kaiuas City, and demanded free ad
ra'ssion, which was refused, where
upon slie drew a'revoher. forced her
way in. and smashed all the windows
in he lower story.
A minister asked a tlpsey fellow
leanlhig up against a fence, where lie
expected to go when he died. ' If I
cnnH get along any better than I do
now,'7 he said, " I shan't go anywhere,"
wan uug.., --"""" "Y'h I the 19th of Xoiember.
ting pair of plaid trow-ers m the
Iviicnlom. Xolwdy could mistake this BKHSNIMJ thk Bihi.k. It is
,i,f it BrniiL'ham. All 1 ed ol Or. heunicott. wlw spent
Sin produces fear, fear leads Into
bondage, and iwndnge makes all our
duties irksome. Fear sin, and you arc
9a IV.
Rich men, have commonly more
need to lie taught eonteutiuent tlwu
the poor.
A revival was reported to be hi prog
ress recently among the oysteriiieit,
saloon rough, and others of tlie most
reckless and dissolute class at Kairliav
en. Conn. Over one hundred conver
sions were reported, and the work was
still advancing.
Rev. Or. Carpenter, of New York,
has accepted the call of the Howard
Pmshrtpriuii Cluireh of San Francisco.
and willnter upon tlie duties of tlw
pastorate early in January.
It is said that the Jewish rabbi of
the great synagogue at Berlin receives
the nlgliegt salary paid to any living
preaobeF It is $20,000 a year.
The Lutheran denomination of this
country number.' now almut live him-
dredtliotuaDdoommutiicants, under the
care, of some two thousand two hun
dred ministers.
The Pivshvferians of London nro-
po to raise $150,000 to aid hi build-
1112 40 new churches, which are to cost
'not less than 18,000 and not more
than V 25,000 each, Each church is to
j receive a grant ot $3,7."0. The lirsi
hall ol this u not to he giv Mi till nan
01 tile V.IIOlC Mllll Ul II
a be expel
tiueil on
tl. .-,., low l.u. ,
the church 1ms been raised, and the
" Jtt, iTi Tr.iir.iTi.
,' to be wWipeM
fourth have been obtained.
I till ihree-
The total number of preacher ad
mitted on trial in tlie traveling comicc-
j tton of the M.'K. Chinch, during tlie
nast year is 7!I5
The Bemtgd says: The San Fran
cisco Benevolent Association Is spend
ing at the rate of nearly 2,000a month
in relief of tlie destitute, mostly wo
men and children. The Society is
much in want of funds and clothing.
John Wesley Harper, Esq., oldest
sou of John Harper, lisq.. of tlie firm
of Harper Brothers, has built and fur
nished entirely at his own entente, a
Methodist church at Port IVastdngtOU,
L. I. The church was dedicated oil
thirty Bcrip-
years in collating
the Hebrew
tures. and assigned a valuable living
because his studios prevented his re
siding on it. that his wite was accus
tomed to assist him in his preparation
of his Polyglot Bible by reading to
him, as they drove out fbr an airing.
the portion to which his immediate
attention was called
I. When prepar- i
iv after tlie great I
. .ti. . i
big for a drive the d.
work was completed, she asked him
what Book she should now take
Oh!" exclaimed he, "Let us begin i
the Bihie. Xu wonder (hat he was
a happy, well-balanced Christian man.
a ready to die cuhnly in Christ as he
1,...! K ..... 1 l.l j l;
had been to live and labor tor
His appetite for the word of
cnea-ctt with its gratification.
ot treltmg at some trilling defects m
the translation, his great genius and
'ii'.r.-i.')-: I.-,' -i.lrlr t' full MtlaftiA. ;
tloa in a lifetime perusal of its" sacred j
Dm Sit It. We find
tins going around :
Beeeher explains that the reason be
gave up Ti istoral visits was iiecause the
raittes kept him waiting so long while
inev were
dressing, liesicies, tliev
Would talk of nothing but servants,
children's ailments and genealogies,
until It got to be a (rule monotonous.
Patience and resignation are the
pillars of human peace on earth.
Better to be alone tliau in kid com
Our last Mate lfiiiperauec Conven
tion adjourned to meet In Salem Feb
HarySad, ten o'clock, A. M. I
llie undersigned were appointed a
commltte to make arrangements for
the meeting. Thev reeonimend that
, -- r- w
a - cue, anu at east
"'e.c mi vtarr memy ineiii-
ocr, ; mac communities hold mass
meetings and elect representatives.
These should be men and women of
sound judgment and of known Tem
perance iiabits and principles. All
authenticated friends of tlie Temper
snce cause are inv'ted to seats in the
GouventJoa. They are also asked to
send in them? of discussi"ii and sug
gestions iiixmt the programme; as It
is cousideretl by all best to lave an
outline of business, and iersons ap
pointed to icad the discussions. Those
feeing a deep interest m any Temper
ance topic should, without ear of be
ing considered egotistic, Inform tlie
committee of their desire to present
tlie i.iatter to the Convention f""
We would also be grKitly obliged
for the names of capable speakersl ami
essayists. Thoscacipwlnted wtth kudl
should forward their names and tlie
themes tliey can profitably present,
Friends of the good, the Imly cause
of Temperance, do all In your power
to make the coming Convention a tel
ling one ; large, intelligent, enthusias
tic and efficient.
Papers prepared to lie presented to
tiie Convention should lie short, not
occupying more than twenty minutes
In rending. comprehensive, and preg
nant with facts and arguments.
Delegate should come in time for
the morning session ami intending to
remain over tlie fohowing day, if the
complete success of tlie Convention
should demand it. A very interesting
progittuuuc is being prepared for a
two day's session,
Name Of delegates should be for
warded t i.T.Miarriaai.rialcm. Chair
man of Committee on Credentials.
f. H. Jlt'iJLA.VK,
An awful thing has happened in
Ilarrisbtirg. A tnaii was accused by
his wifl of Infidelity to his marriage
vow, when he replied that he "hoped
God would paralyzeliis tongue If lie
wasgullty." He had scarcely flnlsli
ed the sentence when his tongue refus
ed to perform lb natural function,
Three Laving Ma ten.
The wise Emperor Theotloslns hid
three dsiurhter. WislHiie to dis
cover which of them loved him liest.
Ir- said to tlie first : " How much do
vou love mc?"
" More than mvself, " was the reply-
Pleased with her affection. Ik- gave
tier In marriage to a mighty king.
Then lie came to tlie second, and asked
lier how much she loved him
"A much as I do myself," she an
Tlie Euineror married lier to a
Afterward lie inquired of his third
"And how much do vou love me ?
"As much as vou deserve, and no
more." was her somewhat iert re
sponse. Her fatlicr thought an earl good
euomrh for lier.
Some time alter this tlie Emmwr
was beaten In liattle br the kin" of
Egypt, and was driven from tlie iand
he iiad long ruled so wisely.
In his distress he naturally, thought
of his atl'ectionate lirst-born, and
writing an epistle to lier with his own
hand, entreated her, in mot pathetic
words to succor hmi. Her liiubnnu
j was willing to assist his father
to the utmost of his iiower : but the
unnatural daughter declared that five
knights only would Ixs stmt to him, to
remain with Mm until he should re
gain his OTOWn. Theodosius was of
heavy heart when lie saw but live
horsemen riding toward him. instead
of tlie countless spears he hoped soon
to see bristling on the horizon ; but he
concealed bis emotion, and wrote for
aid to his second daughter.
Slie was willing to find him food
and clothing tit for his rank during the
vontiuuance of his misfortune, lmt
would not suffer lier "doughty duke
j to lead an army into the lield hi his
Tlie Emperor, almost in despair.
annlied lat of all to his third daugh
ter, and she. shedding ftdl floods of
tears, when she beam of her father's
melancholy circumstances, prevailed
npon her hustmnd to ratee a gallant
host, bv means of which Theodosius
was quickly enabled to resume tlie im
jierial purple. Grieved that he bad
given her credit for so little affection,
when, as he found, it was tlie ruling
passion of her heart, he without hes
itation willed his seeptre to his loving
To Keep Nails from Ri stixg. A
scientific journal says: When nails
are used in a position in wluch they
are greatly subjected to air and mois
ture, it will always pay to prepare
them in such a manner that they will
dot rust. This may lie accomplished
...... ,i:m ...i... l. l.....!..
,iiiii, 'Mi u i,iiieiiutr Lav iieuiutg n
Quantity of nails oii a shovel, and
throwing them, while quite hot, into a
vessel containing coarse oil or nielteu
grease The nails .should not lie so
hot tiiat the grease will be made to
smoke freely. Cut nails prepared in
God in- i this manner are improved in every rein-Wad
sjiect. Tliey are reduced together and
tuey win outlast any i;inu oi woou.
even though buried in the ground ;
while unpivpan.-d nails are coinplet . lv
destroyed by rust In a very short time.
I Coitiirn LOT8.vrcreE.Dc Witt
j Talma ge says: If there be one gulf
in hell deeper than another, it shall be
I the doom of those newspaper men
i whose lien is stabbing to death the
',, jpnritv of American society. The
aiu ". , . 1,1,.,,,),.',, I ,!,i,
I accursed pictorial-, and 1 pray God
; that if these polluters of public morals
' may not lie arrested by the voice of
conscience, or silenced by the indig
I nation of our sorrow-stricken eonmui-
nines, mat then they ina.e oe hui'ied
out of this life speedily) that the
plague may be staid. God redeem
our country from the damning intln
enco of a, corrupt newspajw' litera
ture. A QuAtST Stoiiv. There l.s'a quint
story dating from the time of Ckmim
bus. which shows what mysterious
personality and power tittle tribe))
could attach to lifeless matter. The
cacique llatne.Vt it is relatcil. heard bv
thiav,tJa i ni.ninia r
- : - - ; "
- , . . - - , - o
ed his lieople togi.-ther and talked of
the Spaniards bow they persecuted
the natives of the Mauds, and how
they did such things for the sake of
the great Lord, whom tliey much de
sired and loved. Then, biking one a
basket with gold in it, he said. "Ye
see here their Low whom tliey serve
and go alter; and, as ye hive heard.
Iliey see coming hither to seek this
Lord. Therefore let us make him a
feast, that when they come he mav
tell them not to do us harm." So they
danced and snng from'night to morn
ing before the gold basket, and the
then cacl'iuc told tliem not to keep the
Christian's lonl anywhere, for if they
kept him in their very bowels thev
would hive to bring him out; so lie
hade they ca-t him to 'the bottom of
the river, and thislhey ilid.
A man named Ketts allowed a poor
drunken woman to freeze to death in
his back yawl, la JS'ew York cltv, a
night or two since. ,She bud n the
snow a foot from his door, and though
he knew site was freezing, and went
out to see how she was getting along,
he hadn't humanity enough to take
her in by his fir,:. Eetts was ''censur
ed" by the Coroner.
The Czar of all the ltmsias cares
little for outward Wtup he is a mail
of remarkable simplicitv in all his
modes of life. He wanders through
the crowded streets of St. Petersburg
alone; and hi the country, if aeconi
paniedatsdl, goes out gf-ueiidlv with
some member ofthe family. lie often
drives hint -elf. there being neither out
riders nor guards.
, ft'
Xew York women are said to sur
pass in folly and extravagance the wo
men of every other ilty hi the world.
Tliey nre now wipjilring tJiemselttw
with handkerchiefs which casts Uieir
falliers and husbands fioui JjSlOO to$U00
a piece.
"James," said a voting wife to her
hubaiHl, a few days after marriage,
--you srere honest enough to tell me
tlie chimney smoked, why didn't vou
tell me that you smoked yourself?"
Fuoji Father to Sox. The fol
lowing story may not be true, but If
not it ought to ne :
One day a young man entered a
merchant's office hi Boston, and, with
a pale and careworn nice said :
"Sir, I am in need of lielp. I have
been unable to meet certain payments
because certain parties have not done
as they agreed to by me, and I would
like to get ten thousand dollars. I
came to you because you were a friend
to my father, and might be a friend to
"Come in," said the old merchant,
"came in and have a glass of wine I"
"Xo." said the voting man, "Idou't
Have a cigar, then."
' No. I never smoke.",
"Well." said the old gentleman. "I
would like to accommodate you, but
I don't think I can."
"Very well," said the young- man
as he was about to leave tlie room. "I
thought perluips you might. Good
day. sir."
"Hold on ! " said the mcrcliant,
"Von don't driuk !"
'Xor smoke."
"Xor gamble, nor anything of the
"Well," said the merchant, "vou
shall have It, ami three times 'the
amount if you wish. Your father let
me have five thousand dollars once,
and asked me these same questions.
He trusted me, and 1 will trust you.
Xo tliimks! I owe it to you for your
tiitecr's trust."
The St. Louis HtpuVic m and Sena
tor Blair, although tliey are agreed
on the "passive policy," disagreed as
to one important feature of it, and
that IS, which party U to make the
nojiiination? Blair thinks that the
best plan will lie for the Democrats to
move forward in the matter, and
nominate a liberal Hepiiblican whose
principles are least objectionable, and
then count on the assistance of tlieir
liberal friends; while tlie "btMtUtM
holds that tlie Democrats thould keep
perfectly quiet, and depend on the
discontented Republicans to make a
choice, is it possible that the passive
policy party is already on tlie eve of
a big split?
It is comforting to know that our
new territory, Alaska, has otlier uses
than the producing ot seals and ice
beigs. Tlie ahaUty of coal mined in
Alaska is said to be excellent, and the
beds almost Inexhaustible. TIksc
coal beds are found near the sea-coast,
and also on adjacent islands. It is
believed tliat when arrangements are
perfected coal can be delivered in San
Francisco at a cot of less than six dol
lars a ton. Tlie value of assessable.
coal-miues1)n the Pacific coast will be
A Yankee in Texas, who sat listen
ing to the stories of a Louisianian in
regard to tlie marvelous growth of su
gar-cane mi un pianuuion near e ,
Orleans, finally said, "That ain't not li- j
iiig. I've seen cane in Xew England
inore'u a mile long I" "What kind Of
cane was It r"Wasthe general Inquiry.
"A liurrleane!" answered the tri
mnphant Yankee.
" Poor Carlotta" is as crazy as ever
Her latest mania is to imagine herself I
surrounded by the court of Mexico.
The lady of her suit Is made Grand
M istress' of the Palace ; that gentleman
a Minister of State, and so on. Often
when alone she places the chairs around
her in order, hangs dresses uixiu them
and asks questions and gives answer ,
to these strange ladies.
tlie public with neat turnouts. in the
way of
Stylish Bnintles) and Carrlngca null
Fnat Mtoek,
On the most reasonable terms. Onr liver?
is all now, aild of tho latest styles, nnd wo
simll take pride in giving our iwtmnsns
ueot and reliable an outUt as can be ol
talned hi the Stale.
Horses lioarded at reasonable rates, by
tiie week or month.
Ibidss and carrlajrcs furntshed for par
ties, ulc.
A share of public untmnngo is MMoltcd.
Albany, Dec. 17, ls7in.j
Dltt'tiS snd MEDICINES, PAINTS and
Oils, (ilass and Putty, sold by Wheel
er, St MIEEII. . llvl
"Vr)OL SHAWLS. loiiR and soiinrc, Jiluid
" anu stnpeu, tor
lie by WUEEbEH,
at Shedd.
I iv l
j and cheap, by
1IAISIXS, etc., fresh
3v4 JlcUOlH.
received and for sale at this office, low
for cash.
ery, Ijunps, Ac, Ac-, sold by Wheeler,
HMU1. ov.
1 on liand - hitest styles-and for sale
in . at this office.
I.UIKSH VEGETABLES, tn fall supply. by
vj ns' Cold Water BUmliln
iir, aim oiiiui-
kinds. Sow by
at shed I.
Csiudies. and other kulcfctaiacka, K1
hv Wheelor. at SITKDD. Hv4
I si-etfully Inform iheeltteensof Albany
and vicinity Ilia e lias taken ctauwi of
this establishment, uud by kywihw.waa
rooms and pavlm strlet attention to hust
ncssexiieoWloBiiltall those who may, fa
vor him with their palronaz"- Having
heretofore carried on nothing t
t'lrtlM H(r WrcMtstK nmloon;
Agents Wanted.
Illustrated Books!
Washington, nnd Its Public IJulld
Ings, Ground and stalaary.
With a (liiermni of the Hnuwnf Rrora-
wntativvs and Semite of the I'nltcd Slates,
thti'ty-rtve steel enxiiiviiiipj, and eighty
DaffM of Ueseription uiid hUtorlcal reading
.1 xoiij' of this hamUonK bvok will he sen t
to those wihhi)! to net a agents, for two
dolhu's, and rive smuiiM lor ret uru pustagc.
The Greatest Cabinet of Hints, Aal
malsaml Itejitiies. both Native and
1'oreign ever iiublUhed.
Tlii rtemt volmue mntalnt uctr one
iHii'hvrteofcrpftil?s, and lsu Iwok needed
and useful In every family. It Is of kn
size and ilOJidsouioiy Iximut. A tnuiplo of
tills work will he sent to those who desire
to net ns agents for three dollars and five
stamps for return postage.
Of new !xoks, nny one of which wo will
sen d tor one dollar. They are alt bound
and UJustfatO'I.
Il'ouk of SOO Puzzles. 100 pictures.
, Courtship made K.isj . Art of mak
ing love.
How Gamblers Win. 1000 tricks
wi:h cards. , (
Fortune Teller and Dream Book.
Horse Tanilug.
How to Play Poker to Wla.
How to Mia mo Drinks. Fries
The Art of Letter Wi lting.
Secrets Worth Knowing.
A Jtuidc to llio mauufocture of meili-
I eines, perfumery, soaps, dyes, wines, cor-
diaus pnpumr uuvomos j uumuaicuuecs
secrets, and many otfters.
Itogues and Rogueries.
Ventriloquism Hade Easy.
Ua-e Hall Dock. .
We have iu press a large list of books for
tlie liolidiiyf.
Ali oouimunlcatlonii mint ' addressed,
WusUbiKtoii rubllNlilus; Couipau,
Lock box 1S3, Wiuhiugton, I). V.
C - - 6,666 - R
Six Tlionsaud SiiHundred & Siity-sii
Standard Receipts,
Selected from
The Best French, English, Ktu-
Japancso and American
Or Waihingtonf D. .,
fur their itsielmitcd compounds, or
wiU send tho reeelpw soj that any person
can imike their own compound.and rotaia
the formula. The Coiuixmy'a clroularcou-
Compounds of the altovc, or any other
iii-shi'd will wntfor one dollar for one
irlielw or two will In; sent forll 50. Ro
Viirts for eompouudina, with full dlree
tlo is, 50 cents each, pr t hree for 1.
If you want to know how to make Donr
u imB,Ii,lsli,Siioteh,wheatoriiorjjhiiui
whlikv ; olackberry, eliony, ciwnao, k In
Ker,iHehand rasiilierry brandy; sixteen
klnifsof Tlnejjiir ; bint, blue, ifreon, red
and indeUhle ink ! elder, sweet and spark
UnK fourteen kinds of laier; blaekiutr, in
naste nnd llnulil, for hiirness. earrlagesiuid
ail klndsof leather; dyeing. In every Sliad0
and color; sliavlnx soap, lo promote the
irrowth of holrj vnrnlshes of twelve vari
eties, and every other eomiiomid tn gen
eral use, send lift y cen ts and stamp for re
ceipt All Komls warranted as represented,
fiend sinmp for circular. AU coniaiani-
cnt ions must be addressed to
Kureka 4 oul pousuliBff;, .wa
Harder in Albany
no tUroiming of I; ut iuvsodl
Is a tbine which siinietimo mmt befall
ymysoti and itaujjhterof the buuian bun
Uy; and yet,
At the nttl-day,
Of jrouf life, it disease lays Ids vile hands
upon you, i ken is si ill " iwi, IHJj "
by which you may lie restored to perfect
health, nnd prolong; your din s ion m'.racu
tous extent.
BEow ?
By calUng on
R. c. hsll & my,
With a presjiiptioii, whoro yon can hnvo
it ebmnoniided bj one ezporhmead in that
particular line. Also,,iy on I ,,
a good assortuicnt of fnsb drue. naient
medicine-, eimnl.nls. rXtsVfW
stuffs, trtusea, e:c. Agents for tho
Velebrnl.'d Ink Weed it ouiedy,
Or, Oreson Itlienmarlc Cuw ; Dr. I). Javno
A Sons' ine'lieines, otc.
SiieiK-c's Positive mid Xesativc Powders
kept in stock. Also n;,'eiii.sior the
Home Kbnttle Aewliia; Sorlilne,
One of the most useful pieces of honsclioid
furiiiiuroexinnt. t'aUand cxninlne.
. . K.C.1I11.L 4 SON.
Albany, Juno 10,7HUv3
Machine Shop,
A. F. CHERRY Proprietor,
Manufactures Steam Engiucs,
Flour and Saw 3Iarbin-
And all kinds of
Particular attention paid torepnirin?ail
kinds of luacbhicry. tlvS
Toe Great Meillral Discovery T
si Hundreds cf Thousands
Bear tcstlmonytitlic'lr Wonder, f, sf
o o ' xui uursuve auccis. .; :
SF .
'SsFANCY drink,
Usde of Poor ItttW, WhUker, Pros!
Sslrits and Refuse Lloawdoeloral,iaeoJ
sad sweetened ti ideas lira taste, called "To
lcs,"" Appetisers," " Bestorers, thai icsJ
the tippler oa to druiiLciiacssand ruin, bctsr
s true Medicine, uiailo fruin llie Sativo i;oot oaH
Herbs of California, free from nil AleuhwIlO
Btimulants. Tlioy sr tlta (iUEAT ULOOO
CIPLBaiierfcci Kcnovstor sudlnvlgoratcrol
Uie Sy-tata, earrj-tag off nil ;,olsonon matter acd
restoring Uie blood to a healthy condition. Xo
person eaa Use these Dllters according to diroe
Hon sad roiualn long na ell.
kTarlaflammutery nnd Chronic Ilhem
matism nnd dient, l) or Iudl
Bestles, Billons, KcmlHeut nnd later
rail tent Fevors, l senses of tho lllood.
Liver, Kidneys, nutUlladdcr, tliene Illt
ters hsvo been most succcssfal. Such Pit
ease sre esntod by Vitiated Blood, wlilce
Is generally produced by derangement of tbs
Digestive O renin.
BesaSsho. Tain In tho Slionlden, Couetis, TiidiS,
nsss of tho Chest, Diniuess, Soar Eructnhoas el
the Stomach, Cad tasto la the Mouth Bilious AS
tacks, Palpitation of the Heart, Inflammation ol
tho Lnngs.Paln in the regions of t'.iiiKidni'ys.and
a handled other palatal tyuiptoms, sro the off
springs of Dyspepsia.
They Invigorate Vie Stoniaeh and sdmnlats the
torpid liver snd bowels, i Mcli rendortlictn of en,
eqoallcd eOcocy la cleuuslug the hlood ef nil
Impurities, and laiparting now life and vigor ta
tho whole system.
FOR SKIN DISK ASKS, F.rnptlons.Tcttcs,
sBsltHhtasi,Bia(chca. Bpou, Pimples, Pumale
Boils, Osrbaoclcs, tUag-Worms, Scnld-llenJ, Core .
Eyes, Erylpel;u, Itch, Kcnrfu, Discolorotlons ot
the Skin, Humors and Diseases of tho skin, ol
wlistevsr nam ornstnre, are literally dug no
and carried ant of tho system In a short tluio by
tho Mfl of thcau Dlttcrs. One bottle In such
esses will eeavlnec the most incredulous ef tiudl
Clesnso tho Vltlstod Blood whenever you flail
IUlmur4tles bursting throngli thoskln ltirira
pics, EnipUons or Sores i tloanso it wlu n yo
And U obstructed snd slngglsti U the veins:
cleanse It when It Is foul, andyoar feelings wiU
tell yoti when. Keep tho blood pnro and tin
heslth of the system will follow.
: PIN, TAPE sad other WORMS, lm-klrlli
ihosystemof soaaany thoasands, sre effcctnsllf
pastroyed sod removed . For full directions, rets
csrtfutiytte cwslsr around cseh bottle.
J.WAXKIlt, rrsprJor. . B. McDOXAUD
CO., Druggist" and Unn. Agents. Boa Frsnelsea
Csl snd S3 and 81 Comuiarco Street. New Toft
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