The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, January 26, 1872, Image 1

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NO. 21.
fmr Vrry and StreHt.
One rear Throe dollars.
Mxnionttu Two dollar
Single copies Ten court.
Transient aivetflwmonts, per aquai
ton linos or k. rtrsi liiscrtUin tt;wn
MKxuant liUMMrtlou H. Larger jwver;
tisrmtnis Inserted mi the most liberal
Bating received new type, stock or col
ore..! inks, cards, a Gordon jobber, etc.. wc
lire nremnd. toexccuteall ktndsol print
ing in a totter Wanner, una rttiy ivr cent
cheaper than ever boCiwe offered In tins
AgMiU for Ihe Rolter.
Tdie following gentlemen are authorized
to receive sua receipt for Bn'-.riptloii6,
advertising, etc., fortho Bboistkk:
Illmtn Smith. HnrrWwun.
(i. l Tompkins, Hnrrislmrg,
Pe ernmne, Riwnevttie.
W. tt. Kirk. Brownsville.
Ki K. Wheeler. Mo.
T. II. Revnolus, sutein.
t I. liMftM. fta Ki':(ll('ISCf.
D.'P. Porter, She Id'sSiution.
Fletcher A Wells, BtieUH Istu, Polk Co ;
( :iis, N'.ekcll. Jacksonville
E. 15. RSCE, 51. 1).,
Physician mitt Surg ". Aloanjr, Or.
t ) street. April, lsTtwtt
"v. STdij bobs
recelvuign ia,-,'--stock f
Ucoecrl " nnii l'rovisions, ;
Wood one' willow wnre. Uilnieen. dears,
ennfaerloiierv, i"utiie notions, etc- etc..
wholesu'e and rottttVoWXMitte B. C.nill !
Son's .'lu iotv. Albany, Oregon. Ui,L'!u.
Atiornejri itiiU Cornis: lor t Inw
f mi's in a'lmlmit .. o-lk-e over the old i
Jiosl Oltiec, Frtmt stuart, I'urlJanil, OlDao"-,
J- I
povell & mms,
Mtr:n js in"! (luOBHeloM Bl 1,w,
i vi, yiLK 11. i; IX CUAXCKKY (I !
A KHun-nolmj iKt'iik;,Alhiu),wwon.
CcJdecUousnud e..n.(.,:r.Kvs promptly M i
tende l m. . . ? I
i:. n. CBASOB.
Notary Pniille.
Altomcjs nnI t'oiittiieltow nl liWi
Oi!U in Par.'
rick, up slaJw. 5vl
auo, w. tiaA1?. . o.
1 l: Yri ATK in ' i.'ii-v
VT imii lieiitni i olieie,
makes .ST-ml A W'UWl Jl-
tm v ' Style " P r -4,v JT
;....,,) . tflso. ikwa all
WCi'K 111 I 111 llll- "I IIIW rw ........
best and mod jpiwven nii-tliiid. and at as
rutiwiuablc rutea n a;n be hud elsewhere.
Nlfrous Oxkla adnilisteriil tin-the jiain
lessiexiraehonof ecthlf iluslred. offleein
l'.irri-h iidck bl" k,:u; staijjs. HcsWeneo
rtrslhou-cmi'tihi i ( 'n i?iv,.'ftti(iiialehnivli, joniwin honseblauk. Ji2-ls
W. G. JOAES, 51.
OPJttC-fi OS RKsT s'lliKET. OXKdoor
wes: of 1 1 ran lalbin, In llflrkiuirt'a two
Blow or't" iupintjb,tuycr Geo, Tnnrll
aiom. liKsii.KMi Corner Hlxilnind fer
ry au'evn, Albauy, i '.vcoii. U'-'il
And Ueiiernl tfill Mnclilncry.
J. F. BACVKSfTO, Agent,
Al!ii.v, Oregon.
To lntrod-.i - !lic eclooratod
Riiekcyt! dewing Maclilne.
O the olv shuttle --wing uiaciHUO In the
putted rt.atrsH.s-ii:- 1 louse Iheirlelimlcd
Wilson teed sold fo1 i "s I hail lie, and Kcks
nowiadgodh)' all to be theiiost touilly sew
ing ltjsn lijne, for light or heavy sewing, in
the market. Ollt fit f 100. Address
MIX KB A PEARSON;, Gon. Aets.,
l,-3:f Albany, uregon.
EatnUislicd lu tsrs.
E. A. Treoland,
nllseejtaneoos l ooks, school imoks,
liliink. biMiks. sin:loncry. Books luqiorled
10 order at short lull iec.
AllHinv, l.-ee. 8, iuO.
nut.G -
of turnlnv; k. i pon make lo
order rawhlikvlieltomed eliairs. and spin
ning wheels, r-lio). near the "Magnolia
Mins." JdllX M. 1IETZLLR.
Albiuiy, Nov. r', I8(l
Exchange Office,
check at sight. ,wr s1t , ."
Interest allowed on 1 hue deposits in coin.
I Exchange on PortlainL San Francisco,
an 'I New York, for mile at lowest rales,
i collections madoaudiirom'itly remitted,
j Refers to H. W. COrbett, Henry Fading,
W. S. l-ndd.
j Banking hours from 8 A. M. to 1 P. M.
, Albany, Ken. 1, Kl-MvS
Dealers In
Monuments, Obelisks, Tombs,
Head and Foot Stones,
Executed in
California, Vermont and Italian
5IKANC1! KHOl' AT .11.SI.VX Y.
j. doW. M. tt CBAKK.
row & crane;,
Dealers In
Roots, Slioe;, Olid Fludlngi
lniblietoile'ir lull slock of the kttel
nvloa In VcnlkMcn'a-nud yoath's boora,
Blwiea, callers, oxiord lios.eto.,etc9 owU
as to the very !a!cl Itflnf out In the Hue
of Indies and niliws' xtutcra, lhnoflW,
Xcwport ties, AntoineM.c bnakiaa, and
Bianv oilier new and liishmnnlile styles,
insi reeelvedat tlwCllylioot srMi-.wbich
they win sell as rapidly nJ they can find
purchasers who wish lir-n-i'lti-s goods id
the most reasonable rates. They iespect
fully invite you to unoe and. BOO ilu ir
stit:k. Boot sh.K's.cto., uiaduiSr retired
to order, and w uwt uxtrrttnleu,
First door West of Register UnlUl ff.
W atantly on band a full supply of
Which will lie of the very licsr rosaily.
The hlghii market price paid for beeves,
ho's and sheep.
Third diMir west of Ferry, on sonlh side
of First street J. L. Harris.
Ailmnv, Dec. 13, 137H5W
Kotnry Public,
for non-rosflcnW and others, making
out real estate papers, etc. OMee one door
above telogmph o.'ilce. 8v8
Albany Coliffftet Institute,
1 Mondnv.Seplembcrl, ld71, wilhn corps
of teachers cnimble and earliest. Instruc
tion will be thorough uud pmeticnl, and
the system of order unsurpassed. For par
ticulars address
B. K. WARREN, A. M., President ;
Or, Rev, r.. K. liKA i , 1'-
The Eyes! The Euro!
Oculist and Anrlst. Albnuy, Oreon.
son of the noted
old oplbalmtc doctor,
A IV Hold, ll.
Dr. Golden has hud
exiicrieiiee iiuivatin.'-!
l IIU ,111 l.Ml 'IT." -.. . .
which the evcandcui ai'osuTiJM.rtn l feels
conlldeiit oi xiviug ciuire salWuciion to
those who aaiyipliieetJiewsitD uumr, ,w
Has vnoi-aSf is at- Mn
banv, and is now ready Epf,.
lo wait on the eiilzciwof Al- UTft vm
banvnnd vleinliv.wiib a new '"
Invention In J'ivibJviIv .tit4,,'ff?"' ln
covering the whole roof, ns hereioforo.
Those wishing arliiicial teelh are request
ed to call iind-osaiainc. foe themselves.
Also, plates' mended, whether iwrllnlly
broken or divided. Toetll, extmele 1 wilh
ont nalii. Offlco over Turrell's store. All
worR wainmted. "v
Fapcr-hnnfflnK, CalcciniuliiB,
Decorating, &c.
FM. WADSWORTH will give prompt
. attention to rtll orders fur Paper
hanging, Calisnninlng, I icioml ing. Ac. Ill
thlscltvor vicinity. All work executed
In the latest Style, in the best liiaiuier.and
at lowest living rates. BSn)rdctfS left at
Furniture Warerooms oiCbas. Mcalev will
roooive prompt ulteuUon, lOvt
Too Mitle ihni.loar
One oftlie manr evils that exists at
the present (lav is "that too little think
ingan evil much fiuthcr reaciihig
atiU Diorc ilestinetive in its influence
than most perjons nWXWt. It is uhl
that Turner, the oBfebrated Englteh
artist, was .en to speml " Whoh Ji'.V
sitting npona luck. iimUlirowin" peh
bkwlntoa lake, nml when at evening
hi- fellow painters showed their tlay s
sk.lclies ami rallied him on having
dime nothing, he answered: "I have
done this at luast; I lmve ffnrnt how
a lake looks when pebbles are thrown
into it." He wiis thinking .is ho seem
ed to be Idle, like another famous pain
ter, wiio, on being asked what he
mixed with his colors, replied :
liiiAixs." He put thought into Ids
woutlerAU fei-palnt ings. This is wiat
we do in daily lite tlie mixing brains
with our work, the ntting thought
into what our lwnds find to do. How
many mistakes would have been avoid
ed, how much heart-burning would
have hem prevented, if we had al
ways thought before we spoke, and
reflected liclore we acted.
It is a child's oft reiiented exoi-e,
'I didn't think." Hut we. unlike the
Apostle, who. when lie bocuue a man
put away childish tilings, still tlhig to
ehililliood s lack of thinking.
Let us then strive to be tlllnkers,
not profouial students, not givat schol
ars, but quiet, earnest, proeticnl every
day workers who have good, substan
tial reasons far your words and deeds.
A Pleasant Little Story. Two
mouths ago an aged widow lady in
Massachusetts received a telegram
that her only son was dying in Law
rence, Kansas. Notwithstanding her
extreme age and feeble health, she
must see her son. She undertook the
journey. The tram was delayed.
when fine arnveu at i ucn me was
taken violently ill. A young physician
assisted her to a hotel and did every
thlng be emiHl for lier comfort. Her
detention by sickness and moderate
means would not have allowed her to
pursue her journey, but for the kind
ness of the attending stranger, lie
paid JftT bills, assisted her to the cars
and aeeomiianied her to ISullalo. At
parting she requesteil hlandtlress. The
other day this stranger was seated in
lis olliee in Albany. A stranger en
tered) and after some conversation
presented tlf doctor with a Govcru
iiicnt bond for 1500, as n reward fur
his kludueiu to the old lady, saying i
she was my mother. She died a few
days after reachhig me, and I recover
ed." Had it not tieeii for your kind
ness she, would have died on the road.
1 am her sou. wlio was sick. I am a
banker, but money can never repay the
debti owe to you for your generous
kindneii to my dear, good mother.
(Jed bless you !'
A Goon PLACE for the Shakers.
Lansing, Michigan, writes a Western
correspondent, is a very healthy lo
cality for the ague. It conies creep
ing tip a fellow's back like a ton of
w fid oats, goes crawling through his
joints like iron spikes, and is followed
by a fever which prohibits the patient
from thinking of anything brit the In
dependent Order of good Templars.
It isn't tiie "every-other-day,'' but
gets up with a man at daylight, and
sleep- in tiie small of his back all
night. His teeth feel about six inches
long, his joints wobble like a loose
wagw wheel, and the '-shakes are so
steady that one can't hold any sort of
conversation except by putting in
dashes.'" '
Mu. Weustkr andtheCrocodile.
it Is stated that in ascending the
Cooper river, in South Carolina, Dan
iel Webster declared to some of his
friends who accompanied him, that he
had it licforc him, as one of his ambi
tions, to kill a crocodile or an allgator.
An occasion tor gratifying bis wish
soon offered itself. A line, large alli
gator was perceived basking in the
sunshine. Mr. Webster aimed at him,
but did not succeed In killing htm. the
hall being to small ; "but," adds the
stoTry-telier, "I am convinced that lie
made ts profound an impression on
this Crocodile ns he ever is making on
all the world."
engineers would bridge a stream, they
often curry over at lirst but a single
tun -ad. With tliat they stretfh a wire
acroi Then strand Is added to strand,
until a foundation is laid for planks
ami now the bold engineer finds safe
footway and walks rnn side to side.
So God takes from in some goiden
throaded pleasures, and .strcrclies it
hence into Heaven. Now 1 takes a
child, and then a friend. Thus He
bridges death, nnd teaches the thoughts
of the most tlndtl to find their way
hither and thither between the two
The Hidimoud Enquirer objects to
the rtylti of the following from ths
Now York fewd : "Prince Bismarck
is Invaded by a protracted Illness." It
mant'ains" that a correct expression
w ould be : "Prince Bismarck is i Hi
lied by a protracted Invalidity." When
this question Is settled It will be time
enough to consider the recommenda
tions' m" the President's message.
Thomas Nast, tiie great caricaturist
for ffarwr' 11 ;. is thirty-four, five
feet seven In his books and German.
His first great effort was the Heenan
Sayera fight in England years ago, and
his last great one was in Tammany
just now. If to the victorious belong
'the spoils, who a greater right than
Xast to lie Mayor of Now York.
Wliat do you think of this for a line?
Condemns! by a Ctock.
nr wii.kie OOlXin.
On a summer's evenine some years
ago. a man was found murdered in a
field near a certain town in the west
of England. The name of the field
! was "Pardon's Piece."
! The man a small carpenter and
; builder in the town, who bore an ln
dlffercneharatfer. On the evening
j hi ipiostmi. a distant relative of his,
I employed as a farm bailiff by a gen
I tieman in the wighborliood, happen
j cd to lie passing a stile which led from
; the field Into tiie mid, and saw a gen
tleman leaving the field by way of
j this stile rather In a hurry. Ho re
cognized the gentleman, whom he
I knew by sight only, as a Jar. Do
bourg. The two pawed each oilier on the
' road in opiwsite directions. After a
, -certain lapse of time estimated at
I K-i i iir lialf an hour the firm bailiff
hid occasion to pass hack along the
same road. On reaching tiie stile he
hoard an alarm raised, nnd entered
the field to see what was the matter.
He found Several' persons miming
from the further slue of "Pardon's
Piece" towards a law who was stand
in.' at the back of the cattle sited, in
a remote pan m uie enclosure,
screaming with ten-or. At tiie boy's
feet lay, face downward, the dead
Isxly of a man. with his liend horribly
beaten in. HisSvateh was under him,
hanging out of bis pocket by tiie chain.
It bad stojijied evklently lu conse
(luenee of the concussion of its owner's
fall on it at half past eight. The
' lxidy was still warm. All the other
valuables like the watch, were left on
! it. The form Iwiliff instantly reoog
: nized tiie man as the carpenter and
builder mentioned above.
At the preliminary iuijuiry. the
stoppage of the watch at half-past
eight was taken as ottering good dr
! ciunstaneial evidence tliat tiie blow
that had killed the man iiad been
struck at that time.
The next question was had anyone
' been seen near the body at lialf-past
; eight y The farm bailiff declared tliat
lie had seen Mr. Dnlioiirg hastily leav
Ing the field itt, that very time. Asked
if be had looked at iiis watch, he
; owned that he had not done so. Cer
tain previous circumstances, which he
mentioned as having impi-essed tliem-
selves on his memory, enabled him to
feel sure of the truth of this assertion
; without having consulted bis watch.
. He was pressed on this important
! mint, but he he'd to Ills declaration.
; At half ist eight he bad seen Mr.
' I hibourg hurriedly leave the tlekl. At
j half mst eight " the watch of the
! murdered man Ir.ul stopped.
Had any other person been observed
! In or near the field at that time?
j Xo witness had been discoverd who
bad seen anybody else near the place.
' Had tiie weapon turned up with which
the blow had been struck? It had not
1 been found. Was anv one known,
robbery having plainly not been the
motive of the crime, to liave enter
tained a grudge against themurtlered
man? It was no secret that he
associated with doubtful characters,
mule and female : but suspicion fiiiled
to point to any one' of them in par
ticular. In this state of things there was no
alternative but to request Mr. Du
Ixwrg well known in and out of the
town, as a young geuMeman of inde
pendent rortime, bearing an excellent
diameter to give some account of
He admitted tliat he liad passed
through tiie field. But in contradic
tion to the bailiff, he declared that be
had looked at his watch, at the mo
ment before he had crossed the stile,
and that the time by it was exactly
quarter past eight. Five minutes
later tliat is to say, ten minutes lie
fore the murder had been committed,
on the evidence of the dead mau's
watch he liad paid a visit to a lady
living near '"Pardon's Piece," and had
remained with lier until his watch,
consulted once more on leaving the
lady's bouse, informed him tliat it was
a quarter to nine.
Here was the defense called an
"alibi." It entirely satisfied Mr. Du
bonrg's friends. To satisfy justice al
so, It was necessary to call the lady as
witness. In the meantime another
purely formal question was put to Mr.
Oubourg. Did he know anything of
the murdered man ?
With some apiiearanccof confusion,
Mr. Dubotrg admitted tliat lie liad
bueii induced (by a friend) to employ
the man on some work. Further in
terrogation extracted from him the
following statement of facts:
Tliat the work had been badly done;
that an exorbitant price had been
charged for it ; that the man on being
remonstrated with, had lieliaved In a
grossly impertinent manner ; that an
alteiviitlonhad taken place between
them; tliat Mr. Duliourg laid seized
the mau by the collar of his coat and
liad turned him out of his liouse : tliat
lie laid called the man an infernal
scoundrel (liebig iu a passion at the
time) and threatened to "thrash him
within au Inch of his life," orvwrds to
that effect, if be ever presumed to
come near the bouse again ; tliat ho had
sincerely regretted Ins own violence
the moment he had recovered his solf
wssessiou ; and lastly that on his oath
the altercation having occurred six
weeks ago, he had never sjioken to the
man, or set eyes on the man since.
As tin matter then stood, tliese cir
cumstances were considered as being
unfortunate dreunistanees for Mr.
Duhourg nothing more. He liad his
"alibi" to anneal to. and his character
Co appeal to ; and nobody doubted the
The lady appeared as witness
Confronted with Mr. Duhours on !
ine question ol tune, and lorml to
answer, she absolutely contradicted
him, on the testimony of the clock on
lier own mantle-piece, hi substance.
Iierevideucc was simply this. She had
looked at lier clock when Mr. Duliourg
entered the room, thinking it rather a
late lmr for a visitor to call on her.
The dock, regulated by the maker
only the day Ixifore, pointed to twenty
five minutes of nine. Practical ex-
perlmept showed that the tuneu'ired
to want the distance, at a .apltl pace,
from the stile to the lady's house, wirf
just five minutes. Here, then was the
statement of the firm bailiff. hlmelf
a respectable wltffits. corroborated by
another witness of excellent position
and character. The clink, on being
examined next was found to Ik; right.
The evldeuee of the clock-mater
proved that, he kept the key ami there
liad been no necessity to set the clock"
and wind It iu again since lie had per
formed both those acts on the day iire
ccedlug Mr. Dnlmnrg's visit. The
accuracy of the clock thus vondicd
for, the coucnlslon on the evidence
was Irresistible, Mr. Dulmiug stood
convicted of haying been in the field
at the time the murder was com
mitted ; of having, by his own admis
sion, liad a ouarrel with the murdered
man not long before, terminating in
an assault and a threat on bis side ;
and lastly, of having altemped to set
nn an alibi 6v a falsi, statement of the
question of time. There was no alter-
native out to commit him to take lm
trWatlhc Assizes, charged with the
murder of the builder iu "Pardon's
The trial occupied two days.
No new focts of iWiportance were
discovered In the interval. The evi
dence followed tiie course which it
had taken at the preliminary examina
tionswith the difference only, that
It was more careftd I v sifted. Mr. Du-
bounrhad the double advantage of
secunna: tiie services of the leading
barrister in the drenit. and of moving
the lrrenresslble sympathies of the
jury, shocked at hi- position and eager
lor proor or iiis innocence. iy rue
end oftlie first day the evidence told
against Mm with such Irresistible force
that his own counsel despaired of the
result. When the prisoner bad taken
his place in the dock on tiie second day
there was but one conviction lu the
minds of the people in court ; every
one said, "The clock will liang hiin."
It was nearly two In the afternoon,
and tiie proceedings were Wi the ixiint
of being adjourned for half an hour,
when the attorney for the prisoner
was seen to baud a paper to the coun
sel for the defence.
The counsel ro-e, showing signs of
agitation which roused the curiosity of
the audience, lie ileununleU the im
mediate hearing of a new witness.
whose evidence in the prisoner's favor
he declared to lie too important to lie
delayed fiir a single moment. After a
short colloquy between the judge and
the barristers on either side, the Court
decided to continue the sitting.
The witness appearing in the box,
proved to lxi a young woman in deli
cate health, thi the evening when
the prisoner had paid his visit to the
lady, she was hi that lady's Service as
housemaid. The day after she liad
been permitted, by previous arrange
ment with her mistress, to take a
week's holiday, and to go and visit her
parents in the west of Cornwall.
While there she had fallen ill. and had
not been strong enough since to re
turn to lier employment. Having
given this preliminary account of her
self, the house maid then narrated the
following extraordinary particulars in
relation to her mistress' clock.
On the morning of the day when
Mr. Dtilxmrg had called at Hie bouse
she had been cleaning tiie maiitlepiece.
She liad rubbed the irt of it which
was tinder the clin k with lier duster,
bad accidentally Struck the pendulum
and had stopped it. Having once lic
forc doue this phe had been severely
reproved. Fearing a repetition of
the offence, only the day after the
dock had been regulated by the maker,
might lead perhaps to the withdrawal
of her leave of absence, site liad de
termined to put matters right again,
If possible, by lierself.
Alter poking under the dock in the
dark, and failing to set the pendulum
going again properly in tlwt way, she
next attempted to lift the dock, and
give it a shake. It was set in a mar
ble case, with a bronze figure on the
top, and it was so heavy that she was
obliged to hunt for something tliat she
could use as a lever. The thing prov
ed to be not easy to find on the mo
ment. Having at bust laid lier hands
on what she wanted, she contrived so
to lift the clock a few inches and to
drop It again on tiie mantle-piece as
to get it going once more.
The next necessity was, of course,
to move tiie bandl on. Here again
she was met by an obstacle. There
waSadilticultv"in opening the g.ass
case which protected the dial. Alter
uselessly searching for some instru
ment to help her, she got from the
footman, without telling luni what she
wanted it for. a small cliisel. V ith
this she opened the case after acci
dently scratching the brass frame oi it
aud set the hands of Die clock by
guess. She Was flurried at the time,
fearing Unit her mistress would dis
cover her. Utcr in (he day she totind
tliat she bad over estimated the inter
val of time that bad passed while she
was attuniitiug to put the clock right.
Slai had, in tact, set it exactly a
ouarter of au hour too fast.
No safe opportunity of secretly
..! the. dock riirlit again Iiad
I occurred until the last thlugMt night,
f siw had then moved the bauds back to
tiinrhrhi timo. At the hour ol the.
evening when Mr. DulKiurg had called
on her mistress she ixi-itivclv swore
that the dock was a quarter of an hour
too fat. It luul pointed, a her mist
ress had declared, to twenty-rive
minutes to nine tiie exact time being,
as Mr. Dubonrg had asserted, twenty
minutes past eight.
tiite-tioned as to why she had re
frnined from giving thisextraoriihitiry
evidence at tlx1 inquiry before th"
magistrate, slie declared that In the
distant Coinish Tillage to which she
liad gone the next day, and i.t
which her illness had detained her
from that time, nobody had heard
of the inquiry of the" trial. She
would not have been then present
to state the vitally important circum
stances to which she bad just sworn. '
If the prisoner's twin brother had not
found her out on tiie previous day.
and laid not questioned her if she
knew anything about the clock, aud
had not, hearing What she liad to tell.
Insisted on her taking the Journey
with him to court the next morning.
This evidence virtualy dlecidedthe trial.
There was a great hurst of relief lii
tiie crowiled ftwribr when the wo
man's statement had come to a;i end.
She was closely cross-examined as
a matter of course. Her character
was Inquired into ; corrolmrative evi
dence, relating to the chisel and the
scratches on the frame, was sought for
and obtained. The end of it was that,
at a late hour nn the second evening,
the jury act
nutted the prisoner with-
out leaving
ing their Ixix. It was not too
much to say that his life had been ShV
ed by his brother. His brother alone
had persisted, from first tola d. lu ob
stinately disbelieving the clock fur
no other reason than that the clock
was the witness which assarted Hie
prisoner's guilt. He had worried ev
erybody with incessant Inquiries ; he
had discovered the absfiuse of the
housemaid after the trial had b it'.i ;
and he had started off to Interrogate
the girl, knowing nothing ami -us-peeting
nothing simply Jdeiermlii
1 1 ig to persist in the one gyerlasting
question with which he p a- " !
everybody: "The clock Is going to
hang my" brother; can yon tell me
anything about the clock f"
Four months later the mystery i if
the crime was cleared up. One of the
disreputable companions of the mur
dered man confessed on hi- death-bed
that he had done the deed. Tliere is
nothing interesting or remarkable In
the circumstances. Chance, which
had put Innocense in peril, bad offer
ed Impunity to guilt. An infamous
woman, a" jealous quarrel, and aV
scucent the moment of a witness on
the spot these are really the eommon
place materials which had composed
the tragedy of "Pardon's Piece."
Josh Billings says: It is a si itlsttcal
fact that the wicked work liarder tew
reach hell than the righteous dew tew
get to Heaven.
The Springfield RepvfiH.can discov
ers (bat some ear-rings are "long
enough tototieh the shoulders." That's
nothing some of them touch the bot
tom of the pocket.
It was a Wiyhig of Guthrie : " If
von want to keep a dead mall, put:
him in whisky ; if you want to kill a
living man put the whi-ky iu him."
An old lady, observing a sign over
a tailoring establishment, bearing the
Inscription, "Fountain of Fashion,
exclaimed: "Ah! that mud he the
place where the squirts come from."
A little hoy was recently presented
with a toy trumpet, to which he be
came greatly attached. One night
when he was about to lie put In his
"little bed," and was ready to say hi
prayers, lie handed the trumpet: to
his grandmother, saying: "Here,
grain ma, you blow while I pray."
"The wall-tlowers of society are
pleased at the advent of cold weather,
w herein there is a chance lo get a lit
tle chap on their hands.
Why is a married flirt like a wheel ?
Because she goes round with the lei
lows as well ay 1th the hub.
"Poor thing, observed a .tendcr
hearted lady, iu speaking of the death
of a young friend, "she had just gol
a forty dollar set of furs, and Leatitles
they were, but she won't nei d such
things now." What do you suppose
she meant by that?
One of Darwin's strongest argu
ments In favor of Ms theory that man
Is adecondiint of tliemonkey. i: that
monkeys always part their hair in the
middle. It Is a noticeable fact, how
ever, tliat monkeys have quit It since
it has became fashionable among cer
tain men.
"Are you connected with u newspa
per here?" asked a countryman or an
inmate of the Indiana Insane Av
ium. "Obi no" was the reply : "I
have been to the insane asylum and
am cured ; a man never runs a news
paper after lie is cured.
"This world isalla fleeting -how,"
said a priest to a culprit on the gal
lows. "Yes," was the prompt reply,
"lint if you have no objections I'd like
to see the show a little longer."
A little girl not far from Bclietiecta
dy, after noticing for some time the
glittering gold filling in her aunt's
front teeth exclaimed : "Aunt Mary.
I wish 1 liad coppertocd teeth, like
yours !"
" Darling it's bed time. All the
little chickens have gone to bed. "
" Yes, mamma, so lias the old hen. "
Nature lias never been culled im
modest, yet uo .sooner does Old Win
ter walkthrough her forests than she
shows her naked limbs.