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    V. X. OnlrJnl tif tor OM(nn.
A North Carol ins. por in vcfcr
Yini to 1 1 te arrest of il c Ku K 1 ax,
says : " White men we arrested by
lite hundreds, but Hi is inipossihleto
wurea doxfn itegto outlaws." We
sire glad to hoar tlit llie mor
:ls of the liejjproes are. so gxxl down
, v. ...... -
and defalcations on the ;art of
Radical oifH-sds sro beeomini so
frequent that tlioy scarcely excite
remark," ays.a Democratic ex
"change. TJiey "scarcely excite a
avmark because the great mass of
xhem amount to no more than "re
1 torts, and everylKwly knows it.
"'That's what's the matter."
The ale party in their recent
sroolosrical surveys in this State,
among the great variety of fossil I
remains discovered, including ex
tinct species of rhinoecVos, lion,
mastodon, etc., found the remains
of a throe-toed horse, and a horse
no larger than a yearling ealC It
was well that party quit investigate
ing when they did. A three-toed
horse ! Oh' gravy !
A vmmler of young ladies having
applied. &r pageships in the Cali
ibrnia Legislature, the Chronicle
thinks that as only boys have here
tofore lecn permitted to consort
with statesmen, and as the business
of page is ticklish, the Solons had
Ix'tter stick to the boys.
A Democratic paper says that the
"five groat men ot this country are
Tinder a cloud just now Grant,
Brigham Young, Moss Tweed, Jim
Fisk and Don Piatt." It might
add that they are all Democrats, ex
cept (i rant, and l.obody, save a
Democrat, can see the cloud Grant
is under. G loomy , eloudsome ej-es,
can nought but clonus Ijeho'ld.
"Ilei.rv Ward Beecher argues in
favor of worms as an. article of diet.
The chesnut worm, says he, "lives
upon the best and the richest ; it
never eats any unclean thing in its
life; then why should we not eat
it?" The worms in good time will
prolably find an article of diet in
M r. Beeclicv.
Root & Cad one of the largest
firms in the country dealing in
music and musical instruments, lost
in the recent Chicago fire property
valued at 200,000, on which there
was an insurance of $115,000, only
$G0,000 of which they expect to re
cover, owing to the failure of insur
ance companies.
On Wednesday .e veiling, at Oro
Fino Theatre, Portland, Mrs. A. J.
Duni way delivered a lecture on the
fubject of "Woman's Duties as Cit
izens." The lecture and lectures
was well received, the Mullet in as
serting that she possesses the, proper
qualifications to become a popular
From the following tabular com
parison of losses by great fires in
modern times, it will be seen that
Chicago is entitled' io all the laurels
it leads the destructive pile :
Chicaea. 1871.. ,...$200,000,000
.London. KXUi.... .... ....
XewYork, 1835
Portland, 180(5...
Pittsburg, 1845
XewYork, 1845 .
San Francisco, 1841
Charleston, 1 SGS
St. Louis, 1849..
Albany, 180S..
' 3,000,000
A Nevada exchange, under the
caption ot "Another Aspect in Eu
reka,'' says : " Unsuspecting hus
band goes home nymphomaniac
wife statuesquely seated on lap of
eurious impertinent' tableau
pantomime bear aspect rapidly
disappearing through the rear door
grand finale curtains and all
things fall." Brevity is the soul of
wit. : '''';"."
It is rumored in Washington
Territory that Gov. Salomon and
Judge Kennedy have tendered their
resignations to the Department at
The advice of the San Francisco
CArou-U to the members of tlte
Legislature of California now in
session' is, "don't drink it is the
bane oflegislation." I a letter re
cently published by Gov. Brown, of
Missouri, the writer takes occasion
to Kay that when he Itocan.c Gov
ernor he determined not "to use
anything in the shajte of alcoholic
drinks, so long as 1 may be charged
with any administration of public
affairs." ' He thus places himself
above suspicion, and above even
mali'niitv. Taking this letter as a
text, the Chronicle exhorts the
members of the Legislature to "fol
low thecxamplcofGovcrnor Hrown,
and at the conclusion of their labors
our legislators will leave a
record Itehhid them of which they
may Iw proud." The X. Y. Trib
une thinks that a similar resolution
made by all public men, with a
reasonable assurance that it would
not be broken, would go a great way
toward increasing the confidence of
the people in their . servants. The
effect in Washington at least would
be at once magical and gratifying.
A brute of an Eastern editor re
marks that the suffrage women
"cling to the monsters who have
tyranized over them and leget like
monsters to tyranize in their turn."
The suffrage women should effect
such a change of base as would ef
fectually cut off this supply of
Massachusetts sends her best men
to the Legislature. Among the gen
tlemen just elected to the House of
1 representatives from Boston are ex
Mayor Frederick W. Lincoln, Col
onel A. J. Wright, Moses Kimball
and others of equal prominence, loth
on the score of personal character
and past political services. .Oregon
might benefit herself by such prac
tice. "Passing through the Fire," is
the title of the first piece of music
issued by Messrs. Boot & Cady,the.
great music house of Chicago, since
the terrible fire in that city. It is
a splendid piece of music.
It is reported that the German
Government has resolved to occupy
the districts occupied by its troops
in France, it fresh outrages are com
mitted by the French on German
Bussia is endeavoring to force,
under the severest penalties, the
Germans who reside in her Baltic
provinces to speak the Bussian
It is announced that ex-Governor
Stanford's horse, at Sacramento, re
cently, trotted three mile heats, all
under 2.19, which, if true, stamps
him as one of the fastest horses in
the world.
"Ye have done it unto me" is the
title of a new song and chorus, by
Geo. F. Boot, as an accompaniment
to "Passing through the Fire," by
the same gentleman.
On the 28th November the Her
ald Publishing Company, of Port
land, filed articles of incorporation,
Wilbur F. Connell, B. B. Taylor
and Eugene Semple as corporators.
Governor B. Gratz Brown of
Missouri indignantly denies that he
is addicted to the use of intoxicating
liquors. Public men have more
sins to answer for than they com
mit. .. ,
The Baker City Democrat wants
some one to import a lot of onions in
to that market, as the place is des
titute of them.
On the night of the 3d, a fire
broke out in Warwick Castle, Lon
don, doing great damage. .
One hundred and twenty-five
school teachers were thrown out of
employment by the Chicago fire.
During the week there were 233
deaths from small pox in Philadel
phia. Harpers' Weekly circulates 275,
000 copies.
The calfskin burned in Chicago
was valued at 81,500,000. '
The Xcw York SYar,one Of the
latest and '.strongest adherents of
the Tammany Democracy, says
that, the Democratic party is dead
and past resurrection.
The London limes expresses the
sentiments of England on Grant as
follows :
The interests of England and the
United States are now so interwov
en in commercial, and therefore, also
ii iolitical matters, that the char
acter of the American Executive is
of no small importance to us,'
and "we believe the general opinion
to be that the States have never
had a Government more straight
forward and conciliatory than the
present in its foreign policy, and
more to be trusted by those whose
commercial and financial interests
are Itound up with the maintaiuanco
of American credit. The firmness
and moderation with which order
has been restored, the economical
skill with which the debt has leen
reduced, and the good will with
which international controversies
have lieon brought to a close, make
us anticipate with satisfaction the
election of General Grant to a sec
ond term of office. -
It is said that Tammany, having
stolen every thing else, are now
trying to steal away.
The Mcnton D:mocrat recom
mendst he organization of Democrat
ic clubs, to which the Journal res
ponds: Would i it it be more consistent
for the Democracy to organize Be
publican clubs,when they ar casting
about for a Bepublican for a Presi
dential candidate ?
The Boston Journal insists that
Yice President Colfax should not
decline a renomination if the Na
tional Convention shall see fit to
tender it.. If he shall persist, how
ever, in declining, it ; thinks an
Eastern man should le nominated.
The following, says the Missouri
Democrat, may be taken as an orli
cialVcport of the results of the next
Democratic National Convention,
acting under advice of the 3Iis
souri Jlcpublican :
Democratic Opposition to Orover.
In its' last issue the; , Jacksonville
Times, an independent, outspoken
Democratic sheet, "goes for" Gov
ernor G rover in 'the old style, shak
ing very contemptuously of his
"claims," and calling him "His Im
becility." Here are the several
reasons given lor' its opposition to
(i rover's pretentions, which should
be received as very fair, coming as
they do from such good Democratic
authority :
1st, it would elevate to the office
of Secretary of State a young man
wholly inexperienced to fill so ar-.
duous and responsible a position,
but who is all well enough Avhere
he is; 2d, the Governor was elected
tor a term of four years, and an
election is a civil contract, between
the people on one side and the
candidate on the other ; so whenev
er Governor G rover's term is ended,
it will le time enough to consider
his Senatorial pretentions ; 3d, lo
calise the Governor has, ever since
his inauguration, unceasingly used
the (Jubernatoral patronage as a
stepping stone to the Senatorship,
and all appointments coming from
the Department of State have been
made with that view. We are
opposed to corruption ot this char
acter, for it is nothing less.
We are for any man outside of the
Gevcrnor; let him serve out his
term, and then it will lie time
enough to talk about the great non
committalist to Washington.
"From the Oregon ian we learn
that B. A. Abbott and Albert
Lamb, two of the persons to whom
was awarded the contract for con
structing the second section of
the Northern Pacific 'Bail road,
are reported, to have left the city
and State, clandestinely, leaving lie
hind quite a number of unlucky
creditors. The two men are said
to have left Portland a few days
ago for the purpose of going to
Kalama, but instead of stopping at
Kalama, they went to Astoria,
where they took passage on the
Ajax for San Francisco. Portland
consders herself swindled to the
amount of sixteen thousand dollars.
Measures have been taken to have
the absconding ones stopped at San
cratic party
therefore be it
Besolved, Lst, That the Demo
cratic party of the United States
in convention assembled, do hereby
Besolved, 2d, That the Demo
cratic party
Besolved 3d, That the Demo-
F -
Besolved, 4th, That in the well
known character of our gallant
standard bearer for the Presidency,
the Hon.
and our equally distinguished can
didate for the Vice Presidency, the
the Democ
racy of the United States do hereby
declare their unbounded confidence.
The convention then adjourned
with three cheers for the ticket and
the platform.
It is thought probable that the
Iowa Legislature will evade a direct
vote on the woman suffrage ques
tion, by giving the people an op
portunity to vote upon the question
of striking the word "male" from
the State Constitution.
A New York paper says : "The
short-necked, crop-haired, plug-ugly
race of statesmen is greatly dimin
ished in the vicinity ot City Hall
Park since the election.
The New York Tribune finds
more to approve than to condemn
in the Presidents' message. The
Times says :
"We are much mistaken if the
most exacting can find in it any
recommendations or oversight on
which to base serious complaint.
It will strengthen the intelligent
faith of the people in his sound
sense and sympathy with the better
feelings of the country." ,
The first twentyS-five miles of the
North Pacific Bailroad leading out
of Kalama, has been graded and
the teams discharged.
The Washington Territory Leg
islature has adjourned. It gave
Kalama a city charter.
A standing telegraph joke-:
"Tweed preparing for rligtit."
The prize-fight between James
Mace and) Joseph Coburn, which
came oil" at Montgomery Station,
forty miles from New Orleans, on
the 30th of 'November, was declar
ed a "draw" by the referee, Capt.
Bufe Hunt. The fight was pro
longed four hours and ten minutes.
Neither man was badly punished,
and the fight, beyond the exhibition
ot some tolerable fair sparring,
didn't amount to much as a fitdit.
The San Francisco Chronicle for
the twelvth time in its history,
has come out of a libel suit "not
guilty." This time the suit was
brought by Edward W. Casey
against the Chronicle for its criti
cism on his connection with the
purchase and sale of Government
positions at the Marc Island Navy
From the IacJic Iribttne, of
Olympia, we learn that the Legis
lature now in session has passed a
bill relating to rights of persons
and property as 'affected by mar
riage. The bill makes the mar
riage relation, as affecting real prop
erty, a limited copartnership. The
Legislature has voted strongly
against Woman Suffrage.
A little girl in New York re
cently celebrated her fourth birth
day by attending Sabbath-School.
"When the recitations ot the class
were finished the teacher asked her
if she could repeat some little verse
she learned. r She promptly replied
she could, and astonished the class
by the following :
Mary Imd a little lamb.
She laid it on the shelf.
Every time it wagged its tail
You know how it is yourself.
21,990 acres of land was dispos
ed of by the Olympia Land office
during November.
Mrs. A J. Duniway has mounted
the lecture stump in Portland.
The apportionment bill of the
Washington Territory Legislature
was vetoed by Gov. Salomon, on
the ground that it was not just and
equal. ;".'" . . ' : :
Marion, a station on the railroad
between Salem and the Santiam,
now has twenty-five houses.
Tli IresiI rut's tf(mi;e.
The President's message lias not
yet been received, except that por
tion of it relating to the relations of
the United States with Great Brit
ain. That of itself, however, is suf
ficient to show to every candkl, in
telligent mind,, that the President
of the United States is not only a
man of wisdom and sagacity, but
also' of truest patriotism. By "his
sagacity, the hostility of feeling
which existed Tetween our Gov
ernment and that of Great Britain,
has been allayed, and relations
the most fraternal and kind have
been substituted. Differences be
tween the two Governments are now
to be adjusted by arbitrations. The
influence of this eminently wise
treaty will not be circumscrilied in
its benefits to the circle of the two
nat ions ; but the principle of equity
and brotherly kindness which runs
through it like a bar of gold, and
illuminates it all over like radiance
from the sun, will be felt in every
nation on this round green earth. ,
A Xew Feature fn I.f isliitfon.
J. J. IT. Van Bokkelen has intro
duced a bill into the Legislature
designed to put a stop to the perni
cious practice of making games of
chance a feature of church fairs,
sociables, &c. For the benefit of
our readers we copy the entire bill,
as introduced by him in the Wash
ington Territory Legislature :
Sktiox 1. Me it enacted by
the Legislature Assembly (f the
Territory of Washington, That
any person or persons who shall
organize and advertise any fair, tea
party or sociable for charitable pur
poses, at which a post office is held
for the ostensible purpose of extort
ing money from the visitors thereto
by selling to them bogus letters at a
rate OArer and above tne rates estab
lished by the United States Post
office laws and without United
States stamps on same, 1 shall be
deemed guilty ot a misdemeanor
and fined in a sum not exceeding
twenty-five dollars and costs of
Skc. 2. That any person - who
shall be present at such a fair, tea
party or sociable, who shall entice
the visitors thereto to violate the
laws of the Territory against gam
bling by solieitating, urging and en
ticing them by smiles to take a
chance in a grab-bag, wheel of for
tune, lottery or purchase of articles
at a price one hundred per cent,
over the store prices in the town in
which said raffle is held, shall be
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and
be fined in a sum not exceeding
twenty-five dollars.
Sec. 3. All cases arising "under
this act shall lie subject to the juris
diction of the Justice of the Peace
of the precinct in which the offense
was committed.
Seo 4. All fines arising from
the violation of this act shall be
paid into the hands of the Territor
ial Treasurer, and shall be credited
to a special fund for the purpose of
defraying the burial expenses of all
persons dying iu the Territorial
Insane Asylum.
Sec. 5; This act to take effect
and be in force from and after its
Tell us not in idle jingle "mar
riage is an empty dream ; " for the
girl is dead that's single, and things
are not what they teem. Life is
real, life is-earnest, single-blessedness
a fib; "Man thou art, to man
returneth," has been spbken of the
rib. Not enjoyment and not sor
row is our destined end or way, but
to act that each to-morrow finds us
nearer marriage-day. Lite is long
and youth is fleeing, and our hearts,
though light and gay, still like
pleasant drums are beating wed
ding marches all the day. In the
world's broad field of battle, in the
bivouac of life, be not like dumb
driven cattle be a heroine a wife !
Trust no future, howo'r pleasant ;
let the dead past bury its dead ;
act act in the living present, hop
ing for the spouse ahead. Lives of
married folks remind us we can live
our lives as well, and, departing
leave behind us, such examples as
will "tell" such examples that
another, wasting time in idle sport,
a forlorn, unmarried brother, seeing,
shall take part and court. Let us,
then, be up and doing, with a heart
on triumph set ; stil I contriving,
and pursuing, and each one a hus
band get.
The Prince of Wales, London,,
is no better of -the typhoid fever, "j
The '"Earl of Chesterfield died,
Decmbcr 1st, of typhoid fever. He
contracted the disease at the same
time and place as the prince. : I
The " Brazilian . difficulty . with
Germany is still pending nothing
but an apology and an indemnifica
tion will satisfy the Germans.
The Saxon Diet at Dresden was
opened Decern! er 1st by the King,
who, in a speech from the throne,
congratulated the House on the
prosperous condition of the King
dom and declared in nneoulvoeat
terms his auhesion to the German.
Empire. ' . . ,
It is rumored in Spain that the?
United States and Great Britain
are threatening intervention in Cu
ban affairs. Cabinet meetings were?
being held over it.
i The Pope is opposed to all com
promises with the rulers of Italy, i
A final settlement of the United
States funded loan was made in
London, Deeemlier lst, without dis
turbing the money markets, the
bonds closing higher than ever be
fore, and the loau advancing to 90 '
gold, because the statement was an
ticipated. A portion of the loan
was unsettled at the opening of the1
books to-day. Of the $20,000,000,
nearly $15,000,000 was arranged in
London, leaving less than G,000,
000 undisposed of, with the conti
nent to hear from. There is no"
doubt that the whole of the loan in
European markets is taken.
Kossuth is reported to have issued
a manifesto demanding the separa
tion of Hungary from ' Austria. He;
desires th Magyars, Croats, Wal
lachians, Moldavians and Bulgari-i
ans, to establish a Danubiau Con
federacy. '
Masonic. Jefferson Lodge, NoJ
33, F. and A. M., held hi Jefferson;
December 2d, 1871, elected the fol
lowing officers to serve during the
ensuing year : J I. A. Johnson. WJ
John B. Looney, S. W.; W.l
Chas. Hay den, convicted at Jack
sonville of larceny and sentenced for
for five years in the Penitentiary,
has become insane and has been sent
to the Asylum.
M. Smith, J. W.; A.Smith,TreasJ
urer ; Jacob Conser, Secretary; J
Burnett, Tvler. .
i - , ' ,.':
Thiers has made up his mind to
oppose the admission of the Orleans'
Princes to the National Assembly.
A Subterranean' Lake in Ilei-!
jcois. The St. Louis Democrat gives'
publicity to the following:
:..., . z.
of Loami, in Sangamon county, llTi
nois. in sinking a well recently, came
to a body of water which appears like
a subterranean lake. - A most remark
able feature about this strange body of"
water is that, almost, ice cold, it is
stirred by some hidden force, and
boils and bubbles up to the . hight of"
several feet above the level when at;
rest, and that this commotion of the i
water oceures at regular intervals
X X- A. 1 1 1 .
cin nun i' oi resi, suuvmieu uy an Hour
of bubbling, and so on, . alternating'
from oil in to troubled waters. A
gentleman who reached here to-day
from Loami says that "its boilinc anil
swelling make noises like the roar of .
the ocean or tlie Gulf of Mexico ami
its pulsations, which occur every other
hour, sound like the beat of a tenor
drum, and the vibrations of the boiling
water, shake the ground near by liko
the trembling ot au earthquake. It"
appears to j be a never-failing lake of
waters and furnishes a splendid oppor-
-tunity for meditation and scientific In
vestigation rarely met with iu this ;
country." '
Fire-Proof Dresses. A chemist
of Vienna, it is reported, has succeed
ed in discovering a comosition which
will make even the slight material of
ballet dancers' dresses fire-proof.
The Prince of Lichtenstein lias given
this composition a first trial on the
stage in his own palace, In the pres
ence of a large company. The rise of
the curtains discovered two life-size
dolls, dressed as ballet girls, to both of
which a light was applied. One of
the dolls was rapidly reduced to ashes,
while the other, saturated with the
protective composition escaped with a
small hole burned through the dress.
This experiment was so satisfactory
thaC the Prince of Liehtenstein is hav
ing a wooden theatre erected outside
ot Vienna, for the purpose of making
another trial of the lire-proof composi
tion, with which the boards are to bo
saturated. If the building resists lire,
the success will be accepted as final,
and in that event the discoverer has an
order to make the scenery of the Vien
na City Threatre uninflammable.
A Good Reply. The benevolent
Dr. Wilson once "discovered a clergy
man at Bath who, he was informed;
was sick, poor, and had a numerous
family. In the evening he gave a
friend fifty pounds, requesting he
would deliver it in the most delicate
manner, and from an unknown per
son. The friend replied : .
I Will wait nnnn him pnvlv in tlm
mux mug..
" xou win oblige me by calling
directly. Think, sir, of what' impor
tance a good night's rest may bo to
that noor man ' .