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VOL. IV. ,
NO. 13.
..: i
t --
sin Umstr
rcitKisnEi r:vEiiV s.vrcitnAY,
2y ' COS.L. YA?i r CLtlYfi,
Corn, r ln-y an t jf '.'j-.ri SVm.
Il5i:liiiijy ,i,lJ Excfcttttjr'"' O'Zr.eft,
Or.c year
f'ix tnon: li s..
Single co;i:es
;.Th;re d.VHdrs.
Ywo i!o',;nv4.
T(".l CClliS
Ar.YEUTisiNt; i:ates.
T run sient a-1 vert isemen t. per sunare. of
:id vtr-l::KiaI
ten imis or less, nr-ii msei-.ion
ubs.;ijuent insertion $1. l-arjcer
lisemeuis inserted on the most
i.iviu reec ivtid now tyjio, s'ock rf ('.
orwi inks, curd, a Uorlon jo'.ioor. '.. v.e
arc nrearc.l ioi-xci-u'e aa'UUik of prhtt in a better inaei and ft fry per cent
cheaper than over let'oro eUerel in this
ell v.
Afni for t3j? Sl:-frsr-.
The follow in ij sentteaioa are authorize 1
lo re;-e:vc ami rcei":T for su'wriptions,
odveri".insr, e e.. ffr the UtiUT&K:
Hirum Sn;l;h, Miivirio'iarir.
. I. 1Vr!p!:i'! U Kiif.-i-i'JiiriJ.
. leor I!nn'u liiv.vnsvi'Je.
11. KU'k, !5r;iv.isvUie.
l;. 11. AVhiMIer. Si-io.
T. II. Koynol Is, nlcm.
1. I. l'i-iher; Stn KmuHsi'o.
1. i'. I'o Sho 5 r.s.S-.jttion.
l-'loulu'i-A Wells. IJ iera Vi -ta. ToiV Co
t eh.'fU sit s jdt.
I nte'Vt iiiiow i' i on i :;ne ui"tm!h m ii m.
Kxcia'iw oit l'rt;iin J. S;n Fiaru isco,
;n i New York, for Kile tit !ove-t ni'is
i '!!: ;is m:'U'ir'l wonpitlv reiniUcM.
l;ri;..s to II. V. I'orlivtt, lleni-y VV. iin.,
Katikiiifr hours from 8 A. M. to -I I'
Al'ouny, I'd). 1, !S71-2iv3
The Mas:ic Word
1-.Y 1US. M. A. DtXI:OS.
s, Obelisks, Tombs,
SIcnd nnai Foot Stuticv,
A ttoi:nky An r:si:i.o!: AT i
J l.v. Uuk-c No. Ill First street, be--tweon
Morvi-on nr.l Alder, oiixwHe fhe
it-i lent;.: Hotel, IiorLiaml, D;.vs-(,n. WS:I
7na:t.iee i:i t he sn' v. loran;l inferior court s
of thS.ute, nirl i'i the ilisiriet and i-.hvait
vo'.irts of (lie lUlie 1 i'liate.- jfivinj; STwvial
jittentioe lo the colieciion of tlrbts in
jirts of Ure;?i)n, u: .1 to oViainUi;.; Ui-
vhMVffe i:i bankraptey; rvlsieh. siaeo the
l;isr timi Imi'Tit to the law, may i2 o!
taine-il Iro;:t all de"tft ctmir,te;oA prior to
,:.iaimry 1, iSt. Avithont rearl to the ivr
ic-iUf te wh'wh th? hhso'.s may tiaaliy iay.
Xo.-. 2-3, lS7j-l23y
lZxecuted in
aitd Italian
sai.em, oni:t:oN.
It v a one of the lowestv mo-t God
for ikefi loealHios hi town. I'oVuh
nuMiluuln Isanl bent of it tlioro. TJioir
1:uimU were full, what-with tijxhts, mid
H'tty t i ic-i viiiii, and dninktm women,
and children as viciou? a-; s-in could
make them.
A rulhiT d.eeont o!d woman eold ap
plet near the corner ; hut sometime
it .deemed a- if she lid it at the jKaril of
lit r life. Decayed and broken hou re
tops dam:ied window., and cellars
lull of mou d, and damp in every crev
ice, were seen every wnere in -then uu-
who! proportions niwl "'t of
t'aeni issued the foulest and vilest of
earth's poor, broken, downcast crea
tures. Could it. he possible that these
were the same hnmau family with the
fair children ami jrraccful women liv
it :;r within a stone's throw of thi?
seemed, felt somethlnjj human swell
tii in laa- heart. I
She had kept the shoes, lie had iu-
.Med ufon that.. (jut into the street
one of her companions cried
llellow. thoos !" and tip went
Jlag's clenched lists. Out- came, an
oath aud thin anotjier, ami then he
seemed to shrink si way from herself
and all at once her pye caught si-lit of
that strip of blue pky ; and her fico
redi leiiet I. while, peiliaps for the lirst
time iu her life, slie felt that it was
wronjj to swear, wil:ke.l to feel as she
lid. I
She went, slowly home. Home! O,
dreadful street ?
Cod's creatures?
dark eavil j' came
wi-p of a irl ; a
rolling black eV.
uncertain movement. as she
py. that she danced so ; occa
hurstius; into some half-forgotten
Were they alike
Ip from the same
the very w ill-'o-tlie-czeature
with great,
grinn- features and
ha iv
11. CRAKK.
SlyHii?i5sn hii1 mii, AI!aay, Or,
f sireet. April. VZl
reeoi ving u lare 3: oc-k. of
tii-oeii-i.'f ns3 ljrovIioiin,
Y'oo;t ami willow ware, to'i.-iceo, ciirara,
"-!: feet ioiici-v, HOtioiis, etc.. etc..
wlioleaie au f relui!, optiosi-e K. C. XI ill &
hon's drn siore, Aii;aity, Oregon. Iv4
J. II. MITCiri'I.L. J. . DCLPII.
Attorneys and Counselors n I.w
tors in aiitinntsty. U:liee over the okl
ivost ollicu, Front street j Portland, Oret;oi.
K4 ; - - - -
Ji ASSES A. WA12'ii:E,
ivil Eisrsje- antl S urveyor,
IS l'UEl'AI! K l TO 1 K Sl'i: V YJ XCJ ASO
enstneerin . Vre--i iuipi-ove-1 soar
Orders uy mail iiromptlj- litfemlod
to. Rei iejtec on iOanb sireer, opposite
J.r. Tuies, Ai'ismy, Oregon. V.t
)caler3 in
E3ool, S.iocs, a:.t3 Pisulins
i)ii;):ic Ur t heir tnli sioi-k of Hie l:uesi
sfvies in sentiemen'a and yon ill's lots.
j shoes, waiters Oxford ties, etc, etc., asweil
! as to i lie verv laiest tiling out in tl:e line
of h' lies' 1111 I misses caiiers, l.iiimor.i's.
XevK)fT ties, buskins, a:i l
many oihr new and lahioi'auie styles,
jnt i-i'eeived at the City lloot, wiilt-h
they will po'.I :a rupi t.'y in tliey can lind
purcli-.isei's who wish lirsi-elns! jroocls at
the most roasonjihlc rates. They respect
fully invite yon 10 eo:iij raid their
sioek. Ifooi.s", shoe.sete., made or repairod
to order, and a!i icrfc icarratUnl.
woman wa gazing up the
.e cauiriit at an anriie antt
cried the
cried the girl.
woman. "Sto)
Attorney njtl" Counselors Jit law,
JY. Fifim noisir- pvtbliu), Allany, Oregon.
odeet ions and conveyances promptly at
tended to. ' ; 1
Dealers in
Cloelis, JSewelry,
KCatnn of elot-ks, wrttchef, jeweh-y,
etc., attended to. Ad work warranted.
sua ; '-' ---y - ; '
7T.'to2I77rIa.o els
And Ueiicral 3Iill Macltlnery
- : r,'i. F. BACIIEXf-TO Aet;
Clv3 s AJ Uany, Oi-egon.
20 550KAES A DA1T ;"
i , To introdaee the eelebrat ed "
t he olv shuttie .sewing uiaeUiue oa.tlia
I nkd Stares lieen,ed 1o use t he celebrate 1
Wilson fed sold for le8 than to, aft a ftck-noH-te
l 'e 1 by all 10 be the U:st tamhy sew
In" mat liine, for ri,ht or lifca-y sewing, in
the marker. nt A' ;riV9
MINER & PEARSON, Oen. gts.
20v3;f . .-.-t Albany, egon.
First tlaor Went of lie;
jit Ujild
J. Ij. IIAER3.
3. S.. EJAKiaiS c CO.
V i!To-ta-,'c of all per
noa tleslring artiileial tee'li
nd firsM'a-w denial oixa-ft-"vifvriiTso-cideadtmn-
Isteix' 1 wtien te-jiro-.i. n.vws iuvj ".'
om'oein Parrisli &Co.'lnkk b'oete.'; Uesi
fient tlrt honse sonlh of Congregational
tb'iirch, front lnjr on court house block. .
A Ibany, Jnly 2, 1STCW3 .
Italliriti In 1S5S. ,
E, A. Freeland,
iiooka imixaleci
...i.ii.-i-ntTt hoous. senooi inn,.
blank lK-ks, slationcry.
to order at short not ice.
AJUiny, lefl. 8, Id"J. -
stantly on hand a lull supply 01
. ' , . f . :
the mxkerv, the e:i
of that wonl when
mnerv. and Woe
lor. and sin
iler luoiltcr saw
bleared eyes l;ri
lived wilii the Hunhcr
say? She drage
sickei ling ex itei ic
gnsg, sonietnnes st
As for Al::g. the
ceetliiiff bitterness
it means want, .and,
ahd rags, ami s.pul-
the Bhot?-;. ler
itencd. An aunt
JdVtd, did I
on a miserable,
sometimes beir-
two women knew
not what to make of her conduct. She
had brought them A little loaf of bread
but could not eat. herself.
What ails the younir one.?' hex
mother .said, at 1
the bottom
remnant of
WIi" h will be of the very bci qnality.
The highest market price paid for beeves,
1ioj;s an' rtic?.
"'bird door west of Fcrnvon south fide
of First street. J. U II ARRIS & CO.
Albany, Pee. i:, H70-15VS
lib tor non-resi lents ana others, makm
out real estate papers, etc.
above telegraph otrk e.
Oltieeone door
Albany CtUcgia$c Institute,
JL Monday, Septmler 4, Is7t, w it h a corps
of teachers' capable and oarnext. Infrac
tion wiil be ihoronh and practical, and
the system of order unsnriiassttd. Forpar
ticu!arsaddnss R. K. WARREX. A. M., President ;
Or, Rev. E. R. (1EAUY, I. P., AlDi.ny.
K. II. CKA2TOR- : " " K. r'irUJIPTIRKV.
;. - jsotarj Public
Attorneys and Counsellors at Liv,
Ofliee In Parrisli brick, up stairs. Cvl
TliC E3-C8 ! ITls c 5 Ears !
Oeullsi ancri Acvist, Albany, Oregon.
optbahaio doctor,
. Golden' has had "--3
ci in treat ins? ttferTji
J n of, the looted
S. O.
1 he various disefhses t(
w ltich the eye and ear 0 re snhjeet, an d feels
conddent of frivlng entire satisfaction to
ttiose whonay rdace themselves under his
care. :- . .... , April is, O'J.
I of tnrninar ; keep On Iiaud .'ind make to
ofler rawhlde-'wttotuod chairs, and spin
ning wheels. . ?ho near the Liornoiia
llills. ' ; , JOHN Jl. lD5TjtlEE.11,
jldlmnj. J"oy. , -.J'-i ,.; ; . , ,, -, ..... .
T II E " HE M B It AN D T "
t)hoosrapli now made. Call an 1 see
Jin. A. J. WJXTER, Albany.
I finectfullj'infornilhecitizensof Albauy
nnd vicinity that he has taken charge of
this establishment, and by keeping clean
rooms and pavlnpr strict attention to busi
ness exacts tb snit all those who may fa.
vSWm with tieir patronage. ; Having
heretofore carriedon nothing but
Firt-,lss llwir Iresinsr Saloons,
IT voect9 to Ri entire satisfaction to
ill Cldren'san'JJUulles' hair neatly cut
incut of song? 1 'recently a swar:h-
hiokmgboy, an Italian, came along,
No, tfu girl wa not happy. . I'pwent
the t'oubieil fi-ts, and oaihs and curses
rolled from her round, full, red lip
She eon u not have known tne mean
ing of the word.
Shut up. vou whelp. ; cried a
grea-3 ragged-looking man who wa:
The girl turned sharply -ou him
hi e; your tonu to vour.seh, or
you'll ge t a sling of mud."
.fust then toe "little Italidii saw that
the apple
street, so 1
started oft".
- ' Tliicf !
I-p came. a policeman. The tramp
gathen d from holes, reeling and shout
ing. 1 wo boy began to thrht : all the
street wa howlinsr.
Mag that was the twirl's name, and
she had no other that she knew of
.stood looking, exultant, after the liv
ing thief, j low her face workeu !
t'.'hat posil;ilitie of lieauty lay hid
den under tho'e. unformed features!
Poor chi.'d, soiled boilj- and soul!
Presently she, too, began to rim, and
iu-t at that moment a plain looking.
well dressed man was turning out of
an alley. .Mag struck again'- him, ami
the violence of the recoil threw her
down.- ' iler forehead, corning in con
tact with a sharp stone, wa cut badly.
She d'nl not care tor that, but darted a
look of fury tit the man, who now bent
over her.
My poor child !" he exclaimed in
accents of the tendeuvt pity. "I'm
afraid you are very much hurt.".
Mag 'looked up. A strip of blue
sky between the lifthy houses for the
time arrested her attention. ; It must
have been because ef the pitying
voice. - r . , , .
"Are you very much hurt, dear?"
"Dear!" Was Magliitening,' and
in her right senses? :
"Oh no; "taint xiotbin" she said,,
with a coarse laugh, but the blood ran
freely and frightened him.
Jlerp, come this way,"." he said and
took her hand, leading her down the
street to a shop. Tnere he liad the
wound dressc-d, and it was curious to
see the grim of miwashod dirt t!iap-i
pear, tiiljike thtit btrip of blue fcky,
something iu the chikr face seemed
to tell of possible purity and beauty.
Then a pit:ce of plaster was placed
over the wound and 4the doctor
her sometliinsr for. her
lur head. The good man paid him,
and the two went but. ' '
The girl eyed, her new friend with
shame and hnlf-dUtrustful glances. , -.:
"1 think I've got a pair of shoes
that will tit you, in here," he -said, and
took her into a place tlit looked some
thing like a .clothing ".shoi.,- Then he
found the shoes. , , ,
"Do you like them?" he asked, as
she stood up in them. ' f " . V v
. Xo, sir; they are queer to my feet, "
she said, -faintly 1 '
rait you will wear them, won't
you? Jts getting cold weather no W,
and besides you are too large to go
without shoes." ,
I Her great eyes sought hiv! At that
moment tlie T soul ia them i startled
llilll. rl-J' -i'i -':--p ' ..1.
" I'll tell yen true, sir," she-salt hur
riedly ; 4-my mother'Il put theni shoe?
up for lifptor.'i -. - . :"
' The gentleman looked perplexed.
. Do you know that a good many
women who drink very hard have
leen made good aiid sober wme"?ue
said-a prayer in hi heart. , ? , -. ;-
She shook her head.
, ' My mother will have it, sir. ' She
don't know what she's doing when she
get-iit.". -..,, ;,t.r f. .:.--r--...'f
, "And youl ray girl, do yon like it?"
"Well, sir and the girl's face fairly
flamed, Middlin." ' - '- '
Poor Mag;. ,:. When had. she t had
council before, "such as she listened to
on that memorable ' day ? '3 She 'shyly
folio wetl her new found friend Into a
light, pleasant room, wliere were pie
ttvreaaud'a piano, and 'girls no older
titan herself at fltudy, who seemed very
contented ami hapny.-Never,-j itv all
her -lifti, had she dreamed 6f sucli po3
sibilkiefi t as, in a confiised' way,inow
floated befoto'lieiCmind:!' -WjC ?
1 wisn I wa
sullenly : and than
One morning h
shoes. They were
and s wearing wot
the woman left.
kleatl," said Mag,
was all she said.
he looked for her
tie. Eut cursing
uot the remedy
He did not sit lirst
agonv took
such a nothing hi
t. Somewhere in
soul there was a
Sew Ilctioar-.
now for evils a tlkey had been liefore.
Something restrained her; that feebh
Ihckt-rmg ot conscience that the
had lightened, fee-
distinct Iv felt.
ith her basket half
s, sue met mm on
iru be started, lier
"i'in .i tender word
ble 1 ideed, but yen
One morning v
full of cold scrajj
liroadway. lorw
fact:, llaming wijli sudden liea'uty.
notice her.
posesion of her
and au
it the iorgottcii out-
csist can feel, ilut suddenlv some
pitying, watehiul
ctl i'.imou tlie a run.
Why, this is
said, going up to
girl. heart hi his
Yes, sir," she
tears changing to smile.
unseen angel, t ench
ant 1 be turned.
Mag, I think," he
her. 1 le had that
replied, '.the coming
shoe are
she falter-
teehng in
bright .
had lecn
wretel if d
been so
Why, Mag! O, the'
gone." " i to;d you. sir
"Ye, ves: I'isi not blaming vou,
my dear." O. if Mag could ha ve gone
down on her kuef to him right there
on the gay and crowded street ! "
" We'll liope J'(r J.etter times," lie
said gravely, " What if I should see
your motlier ?" I '
"Oh, sir," and her mouth began to
work, "she's gone very low, but it's
since father died; only since father
died." !
" And how long is that ?"
"Five years sir, or may 1k more,"
was the trembling answer.
Mag could think of nothing else all
day but that he had met" her and
had spoken to her. Oh. that one little'
tender word! What fruit it was to
Mag went homo. Death
there before her. Tlie poor.
woman, to whom she had
nid beautiful a thing, had fallen
a drunken covulsjon. 2s o , one
was near to help, and there shb 'had
died gone forever. ' ,
" O Miig." sobbed her aunt, broken
and frightened at the sight, "let's you
and 1 be better than w e have been.
1 couldn't die ro." J r
Mag no longer had her mother to
keep. Poor child, was it possible for
her to mourn much ? ' What had she
to remember besides blows, and paths,
and cruelty? 1 - 1
She never rested till - she had found
her friend- she never t ested till she had
found a heaven for herself and her
aunt. "- " . " " ; "
Willyou believe me when I tell 3-011
that to-day Mag is a beautiful, aye, a
refined young lady? that she is teach
ing school in' a Wrestern village,' and
that all ljiis sprang from one word of
tenderness, one -little word of four let
cr, which he who had the Heaven
shut up in his heart, spoke in an im
pulse of tender pity ? , - ; . -
; Do not ho above your business, no
matter w hat tliat calling may be, but
strive to be the best in that line, lie
who turns Mtp his nose f-t. his work,
quarrels . Aviiii his bread and butter.
He is a lioof smith who quarrels with
hi. own sparks '; there is no shame
about any honest calling ; don't be
afraid of soiling your hands; there is
plenty of soap to be. had.? All trades
are fod to traders. You cannot get
honey if you are' afraid of bees, nor
plant com ii'yon ifr afitiid of getting
mud on your boots. When we dig
lields with a tooth-pick,' blow along
with a fan, and grow plumb-cakes in
flower-pots, then it will be a nice time
tor dandies. --Above' all things avoid
laziness. There is plenty to do in this
world for every pair of hands, placed
upon it,-and ''we- must so Work that
tlie world, will be richer .because ot our
haviug lived in it. .-.. . f; :; .
Fellow si-tr-rs brethren, men,
women and children, generally and
particularly speaking. You needn't
hustle any pages for the text, for it
ain't there. It is a special dispensa
tion to your appointed pastor ; and he
hurls it at. you for what jt is. worth
Where the hen scratches there she ex
pects to jind a bug. Did -you cotne
from the race track' of the world to pa
rade your " trotting harness" before
the inoek and lowly? Have you
dropped the dazzling rattles of busi
ness and pleasure to while au id!e hour
away, listening to the -mournful mel
ody that i. rung by angel hand from
the sacn-d harps that hang forgotten
'upon the drooping .willows of morali
ty? Or are you 'tinseling for the al
mighty dollar? Verily I say unto you,
where the hea scratches there she ex
pect to lind a bug.
"Mv drowsy Nearer, we are si lot of
damaged goods, trying to palm eur
seives oil' upon each other for more
than our market value ; and- the old
firm of Time, Death & Co., is doing a
heavy commission business upon our
sltick in trade. I hear the mallet of
death, with its mechanical tap, tap, !
and solid " going, going," and the
next minute down it will come down
upon some ot your unconcious iieau.
and we shall be folded up like tents of
the Arab, and as silently borne awajr
to the other side of Jordan, whtxe the
dry goods man refrains from troubling,
and the grocer has nothing to say,
anil tlie weary hen ceases fmt 11 scratch
ing and the precious bug i found. Jn
the mid-t of lite we are in debt, says
a nobie prophet, who wa near kin to
your beloved pa-tor. If any of you
are tempted to tarry in the tavern of
life, and fail to settle 5our accounts
with your landlord, may tlie text rise
un befoi-e you like a fabulous Arabian
I hero, only toret from the rough and
j tumble giant, and deter vou from that of
utter depravitjr .where bummers lead
tru-tful Ihmis to scratch up the bugs
they devour.
Your undivided attention is further
solicited to the signification of the
text, metaphorically and collectively,
in small packages to suit the capacity,
from the boy sucking peanut peace
fully 0:1 the corner, to the hardened
sinner who talks so proudly in
your pis-tor's presence. And woe
unto vou, voting woman, sea-sawing
up the broad aiJe with your new bon-
nett and streamers firm, lor your
fanev neckcloths go 011 until vou slip
ovtx-a I ale. of cotton and are left to
drill away over the brimstone sea of
national disgrace a hy-wonl and jest
thtit you loved not wisely but toj well
No beloved, I warn vou now, if you
manifest symptoms of such cowardic
a has been handed down to vou from
high place', the biggest pair of stogv
tjoot in tins congregation will rise up
m judgment against you. and kick
vou out into the' broad road that leads
to everlasting ruin.
And liuali v, when you cut out the
crut from vour brown bread loaf and
scraiK? the liard beaiis from the top of
noon-tide ixt, if 3011 cut n little, below
the crisp for the beggar's ami outcast's
portion, your conscience and diges
tion will trouble you less : and as 3011
steal out, as some of 3011 v. ill to-night
where the silvery moon cf memo3'
hangs over the haunted hills of. the
past, and bow at some hallowed linger
post that ponts the way a broken heart
to heaven, may use eternal venture 01
tlie evergreen hope spring up in the
ban-en spots trod hard bjrthe busy feet
of tlie -absorbing, now,, and bring
vou' ' to the sweetness" ot that
peace and tenderness of that-love that
overflows continually, in deeds and
words lor the elevation ot the rag a-
nmflins -.who 'march iu the rear, ranks
New ineArsic Kittens.
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Meantime When one's notefalls
. Borrowed discourses "Lent sermons.
The largest cup of frolic the. hic
cup. 1 louse decorations Women. '
A hair'em scare 'em invention Tlie
A woman's berst point Point lace..
Deadlocks Chignon. .
liackganmion A lady's waterfall.
Burning Vords A dictionary In
The dress circle Crinoline.
of humanity for ,lh barbarians .arc
not all in the ragged hie, but, "many
a gem of purest ray serene, wants but
a lilting from the tilth to shine. , So
mote it Je. Brother Slowfast, circu
late the platter for the root of evil, un
til if is all rotted out of this place.
For verily I'say unto 3011, the hen
that scratches here expects to Cud
bug. Shell out. ,
Violent exercise. iseldom. useful; It
-was noticed by the early Greeks that
ho one who hi early youth .won the
prize at the OJi'mpic games ever dis
tinguished himself afterward. The,
same principle holds good hi regard to
overtasking the mental powers in early
life. An-, overworked brain, is . the
source of soitows hi latter years
'.The ex-Emperor -Napoleon's income
is stated by a-Gernjan paper to be. 25,-.
000 a year,-which, will be increased tq
S(tirj00 bv tltoDrtweedS of the prowrty
-".T . ' r-i . 1 - aZ T.i : .
ou may enjoy au tneso tmngs 11 reeeutlv sola in j3pain:oy,uie jiiuuress
yuit ww, Biyj;euiKi,-' were me goon
ma's i tiartnig t woitlis:; ; And xnhPL . hot.
Uie evy, heart lesiithing she had always
so "Wisconsin has abandoned the. grand1'
The School Festival Quarterly
magazine, devoted to original matter,
for Day School and Sunday School
Kxhibitious, and iublio Occasions.
The October number of this popular
Magazine (which was destroyed by
the great Chicago fire, when all ready
to mail), has been reprinted, and has
just reached 11. As its subscription
list was burned, the Publishers request
U3 to ask their address,' stating what
numbers were 3et due them, and to
remit their subscription for next year.
Dot all teachers and pupils subscribe
now, for the School Festival-they all
need It. It cots 011I3- 50 cents a year,
in advance, or 15 cents for a single
number.; The'. Publishers ,were very
heavy losers hy tne great tire, but
tlK?y cloirt pi-opose to allow tneir sud
scriliers to lose anything. Send by
mail, to Alfred L. Sewell & Co., Pub
lishers, Chicago, 111. -j i j ' . ; .?
't It is sa.iI that there is ? no plivsi
cal sufieriusr' "50 creat as dviiiz from
thirst, "r Soldiers on the "battle-field.
will risk their lives often in 'crass-
ing'an exposed "road ,'cr fpace to
get a drink of water. .. .rr,nero . is, no
substance that can give . reliefno
luxury but' would ,gUifllj', be ex
qliapge.4 for a c"i of coM .water 'by
oifcjwlto is thus iierisluug.. ?
A liiht'to mothers treat your babies
The "rest" of the week Sunday.
Smoking carriages Engines......
A long staircase (starecase) A tele- ","
scoie. -
A Hand-to M outh lxtstence That
of a dentist.
Mere matter of form fitting a dress.
A deer" country A stag-nation.
A green .grocer One who trusts.
The last thing out The gas.
Piece makers Seamstresses. .
Girl loafers Female bakers.
A dead language Obituaries.
A match game Incendiarism.
Preferred stock That which is best.
The modern song of love Cupiditj.
The color of a storm Blew.
Damaged garments label suits.
Steady 011 his pegs A shoemaker
Parlor magazines Kerosene-latnp?.
Maids of honor Those who do not
jilt suitors. ' , i
"jialiey" slaves rinter s uevus.
A chop for breakfast Hash.
The war of measure A line of
battle. , I
Pleasant checks in life Bank
checks. - " v' --'
The raw material Undone steak.
A head wind A sneeze.
To tho.-e who are in pecuniary difll- '
cullies Oct out. " i '
An eccentric chuck Chucking an
old maid under the chin. ...... ;.
Drawback Toothache.""
" Home brood" The children. '
Boston's favorite Jamaica plain.
"A dip in the ' briny" Pickled
pork. - .v -
Something to clialk dpwn The
price of milk.
On the rise A baker's stock.
A "picked nine" The31ue3.
1 low to be wise Drink sage tea.
A ery much red Tomatoes and war
news. - ,
Noose-paper-The marriage certifi
cate. 1 ' -; ' '
The Aldermen to their dinner
Gorge us!
A" crack corp The burglars. : ;
Doing a heavy business The iron
'' Advice to doetors Live and let
Jive, ,.; - : ,.',
The hciglit of the season Fahren
heit. - -i-i-. i -.! - ; :
. What auctioneers like to see For
bidding countenances, ,
i A bawl-room The nursery.
Steady work Walking 011 the tight"
; Spicy details Statistics of the nut
meg State. , . M -
The oldest top i 11 the world Moun
tain top. .
. Wide-awake hats Those without a
nap!' ' ; -:'' '
-! High words Dialogue in a bal
loon. .
Universal topics The.' Rhine and ;
tlie rhino. .
Contraband of war Hie pipe or
peace. . j
J he proper beverage ior in 1 it. men
Pail ale.
Tlie minister of the interior 'Wit- i
ties.".'. ..
Geometrical figures of the bibulous-
Itye-tangles.' : ; , - .
The hire class Laborers. ; . ,
The lore classASeholar's. ;:"
Crewel business Worsted work. : ; -
A time to run When you are in a
hurry, f
- To make a hot bed Set the mat
tress on fire. . , ,. -
Ths best "church service" Matri
mony. ' - - ; .
5 Tlie sweetest of strains Trying to
lift a prctt girl on a horse.
The wav" to raise the wind Fan au
,heires3 at Saratoga -r :, '.
fctage carpenters Actors v.ho saw
the air and bore the audience. ' " '
n CoutentmentT To sit in the houso ,
and see other people stuck in the mud.
The greatest curiosity in the vorld
A woman's '.:'
Joint proprietors Butchers. - e
In attached couple Oyster-shells;
V An obscure life Tlie fly's in am-
-K Flat : falsehood Lying on your
back.' , "" .. . -. "'
'-- Vegetable, philosophy Sage advice
Light employment Building cas
tles in the air. -
The swiftest arm of mil zfeir-f eer
viee-The fleet. . - - .
1 i
j t -
' 'kiacUy-"liut not cordiaWy;
' Some one; feeling that actions are bet-
it nam worus, uas said : "We read of
the acts of the apostle3, but never of
their resolutions." ,
1 !
f i TTie Methodists of the country aro
going- to raise !f 200,000 for their Chi-. :!
etigoijrethren. NewEnglaud liiruisu
es 20,000 ' . .