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    i- r. Purged lu the Fire
.i UVIO - 11C1 UUI I Vf lit ' JlVft ICll US ' u
Christmas ; etory ? Please do T" The
speaker was a little maid of six years old,
but a dozen voices echoed the request. -
ered, to the tiine-honcrcd custom, round
a blazing fire under my grandfather's
roof. We veeri a merry party, corupria
inir some fifteen cousins, all ages, with
thoir respective parent?, and a few tiiar-
rlArl . enri ' nnmnrriarl nnftlfie nnd flnntl.
TJncla Herbert, otherwise Mr. Herbert
aa the husband of our aunt Alice, but
though thus only indirectly related to us,
1 think bo was with the younger ones at
any rate, the best beloved of all. Per
haps because be had no children of his
own, he was always specially sympathetic
in youthful troubles, and especially lea
lent to youthful misdoings. However
grave the offense, we were always sure of
Uncle Herbert's intercession ; though he
never failed privately to admonish the of
fendervery gently, but so gravely and
seriously, that bis quiet words would
bring tears to eyes too proud to weep
under the severest punishment, and tame
the most rebellious spirit to submission
and repentance. He would be very mer
ry at times ; but there was a gravity
mingled even with his merriment, as of
. one to whom the more solemn aspects of
life are always present. - His devotion to
.his wife was remarkable, even to our
youthful eyes. No one could say that bis
affection was demonstrative, and yet no
nA nrilil t J n V a iiAm wn C tria t TA7 l
vuv xrwau wo lue wvaaj lij j ,
together, even for an hour, without feel
ing that aunt Alice was more precious to
Ler husband than anything else in the
.world. Wherever his eyes wandered,
they always seemed to come back to her
as a resting place, and however deeply,
to all appearance, be might be engrossed
.in conversation with others, he was always
able, by some magical process oi intuitiou,
to divine her wants or wishes, and silent
ly to supply them. Her furs were the
Warmest, her silks the softest; nothing
, was too costly, no trouble too great, that
ministered to her pleasure. There seemed
to be eo such thing as forgetting, no pos
sibility of mistake, wherever she was con
cerned. If she had found a four leaved
shamrock, and had good fairies constant
ly attending ber, she could hardly have
'been better served. Nor was aunt Alice
behindhand in returning her husband's
devotion. II .7 was many years older than
she, bat I fcc.-vv the difference iu tLeir
ages' increuscd, if anything, her pride and
pleasure in his Ire. JS'he never did any
thing (indeed slii- had no need) to test
or draw attention to his devotion, but she
quietly abandoned herself to his tender
care. She seldom thanked bim in words,
at least in ccrapnny, but he was thanked
enough by the luoSt of perfect, love and
penect peace wiucu was mo uaouuai ex
pression of her geatJe gray eyes.
On the present occasion Uncle Herbert
was seated in a liij!i-backcd oaken chair,
with aunt Alice 'en' a footstool beside
bim, and the rest of the party grouped
around in a simicircle before the blazing
fire. The candle were not yet lighted
but the flame shed a ruddy light through
out the room, throwing into bold relief
me carveu wort ot ine. oaiten lurunure,
and brightening with a ;euiai jjluw tin
red berries and daik-green leaves of tin
Christinas evergreens. It was just the
moment for a fireside iiirnry ; nnd as uncle
Herbert was known to be learned in le
gend and German fairy-tales, which be wa3
wont to tiarrate with much quiet humor,
our little cousin's request met with gen
cral approval. Uncie Herbert did not
immediately reply, bot pat apparently
reflecting; and the flickering firelight,
playing over bis face, showed us that he
was in a serious mood. Aunt Alice
glanced op at him inquiringly; and I
thought to myself that 1 had never seen
her bright young face (for she was many
years younger than the ret of oar aunt
and uncles) look more perfectly beautiful
than it did that night; and I caught my
self pondering, balf-uncousciously. how
it bad come to pass that she should have
married one so much older, and to all ap
pearance, eo unlike herself, aa sober gray
headed ancle Herbert.
- "Well my dears," said ancle Herbert at
last, "I will tell you a story, a true story.
I don't think it is quite what- you ' mean
by a Christmas story; but the events
about which I am going to tell you hap
pened at Christmas-time, on this very
night indeed, twenty-seven years ago.". "
We all settled down to listen, and, af
ter s minute's pause, he went on : -
"It was Christmas-eve, or rather
Christmas-day, for twelve o'clock 4 had
struck, and the few people left in the
streets were getting gradually fewer and
fewer, till it seemed aa though the police
man and tbe walls would shortly have
London to themselves. It was a bitter
cold night, and the snow vas beginning
to fall. Most of tbe bouses were dark
and silent, though here and there lighted
windows atd stray sounds of music and of
happy voices showed where a household
was seeing Christmas in, and in giving a
merry welcome to the happy season. Out
of a brilliantly lighted house in one of
the West-end streets thero came a young
man, who looked as though he felt ' but
little share of the general rejoiciog. : He
was barely twenty years of age3; but I
though so young, bis cheeks were flushed
and bia gait unsteady with wine, and bis
face was contracted with a look of hope
less despair. And little wonder! The
house which he had justlcft was a noted
f anting bouse. He had been tempted by
aa companions, and had -mi.t,i
Icwt-lofct far more heavily than he could
afford. One Bra brings on another. In
rain hope of recovering his losseswith
tbe insane persuasion, - common f to 1 all
gamblers, that be must win in the end if
ha could but play a little longerhe had
takes without leave a large sum of hi
etapScjer's money, and had slaked it, and
lost.. And then, all at once, a horrible
remorse, a mad despair, seized upon him.
Kr,vr that it wa tnn ,;if ha . .1 -..n
magnitada of bis crime j ' he knew too
Will that tbe montr. which, when W T.
- pected to be able to restore it secretiv he
iiSii liiouguioi as oorrowea, . the 11
ivwujkvft v vj m . ci jr uiueicfHnime. Lie
knew row that disguise it as he . tuijeht.
. taa ttivag of that money was a theft.
:-Almjf"l)M be felt in imaeioarfoa ''"the
C.-'jJmd upon Lis eoJUr, tbe hand
cuffs on his" wrists.. 'He could see tbe
witnesses come forward to bear testi
mony to his crime 5 he could hear the
voice of the judge pronounce scntencj on
the thvf. lio dared not meet the con
sequence of his sin; and iu his mad de
spair, fearing to face the offended man,
he had resolved to rush, by suicide, into
the presence of an offended God. lie
was now hurrying home to drink his last
draught upou earth, the - draught that
brings sleep, whoso waking is eternity.
With his bands clenched and bis hat
crushed down upon his forehead, he was
rushing madly on, when he heard a sound
of shouting, and the tramp of galloping
horses. " He looked up, - and saw that
the sky above him was red with a lurid
glare; and then a runner passed him
with the terrible cry of "Fire 1" A house
was on fire in one of the streets through
which he had to pass; and with a strange
feeling of reprieve, he turned aside troui
the road to his death to see the sight,
tie elbowed his way right and left at the
pressure of bis muscular arms. The
dwellers in tbe burning house had been
somehow got out, and now stood ball
naked and shivering in the street. All,
it was thought, were safe ; but just as he
reached the group there was a fearful
snrieK, tor it was found that there was
one, tne youngest, missing, The poor
mother sobbed acd screamed, and was
only held back by force from re-entering
the burning building, and perishing with
her little one. The father, wrinjnnsc his
hands like-one distracted, offered a thous
and pounds to the firemen, if they would
but rescue bis child.
"It can't be done sir," said 'one of
them ; if you said a hundred thousand,
it couldu t be done. The floors will fall
in, in five uioute, and it's certain death
to enter that house again." .
The red flame was already shining
through the nrst floor windows, aud
through the open door could be heard the
roaring of the fire, which was fast gam
ing hold upon the staircase. A thought
Hashed across) the youasi man 8 mind hi
minutes were numbered, his lite was
worthless ; its last act should be a wor
thy one, and it he perished in the at
tempt, he would be jiuilry of one sin the
less. With quick eager questions ho
ascertained where the child was. . The
fireuicu guessed his intention, and held
him back.
"Don't go, sir, for God's sake! it's
wasting two lives instead of one. : We're
uot cowards, sir, but this is certain death
If you attempt it, the Lord have mercy
upon your poor soul !"
Amen !" said the young man ; and
throwing of! the hands that held hint back,
be rushed into the house aud up the stair
case, which creaked and crackled under
his feet. : -
The fire was raging on the first . floor
above. ; The first floor landing was al
ready in flames, but the young man, with
a fierce leap, sprang past the burning
spot, in another second was in the room
where the child lay. The room was filled
with smoke, and here aud there the flames
were darting through the crevices of the
flooring He could not see the bedstead
but the little frightened voie, sobbing,
"Papa, dear; do couic p:ipi !"-. guiding
him to the spot where the child lay.
'I will take you to your papa, t dear,"
he said ; ''don't be frighteued."; Then
quick as thought he wrapped the little
one in 1 lie blanket and bean to retrace
his perilous route. Quick, however, oh
he bad been, the flames had gained
ground, and scorched his feet as he step
ped over the burning floor. lie rushed
to the window, thinking that by means
of a ladder he could escape that way ; but
pouriujr from the windows below him
was a sheet of flame. The burning stair
case was the only road. - Tying his band
kerchief round his mouth and nose, to
keep out tbe suffocating smoke, he groped
his way to the door. To his horror he
heard a crash one-half of the staircase
had gone.
A deadly terror seized upon him; the
last hope of escape was lost. The life
which a few minutes since had seemed a
burden too heavy to bear, suddenly grew
unutterably precious. His eyes. wre
blinded, his throat scorched by the thick
black smoke, and the tongue of the flame
was leaping up around ' him seeking to
devour him. .With awful distinctness
all the evil of bis life crowded into that
oneTearTul moment, shone out as clear as
noonday before his eyes. . Instruction
wasted, good advice spurned, good reso
lutions, etc., rose up before him ; and
one and all seemed to dra bim down
lost, lost,, lost for ever -and lor . ever ! a
moment siuce he dared to live, now - he
dared not to die. That awful horroi lent
him superhuman strength, v Threading
his way through the flames, which were
now rising all rouud - him, he crept down
as far as he could, and then grasping the
broken handrail, swung himself over, and
dropped as best be might, a depth of
some fifteen' fflet. into the hall below.
Fearfully burnt, he bad just strength
still holding bis burden iu his arms to
stagger into the street, and fell senseless
into the firemen's arms. -
For many weeks ho hovered r between
life and death, iu tbe intensest physical
and mental a-rony. . For uioet of tbe
time be was delirious,, and haunted by
the memory of that awful moment when
standing on the brink of death, he -bad
looked over into the abyss of eternity.? As
he regained his reason a new teiror came
over himthe dread of the con-equeoces
of liU crime. He r-ever woke without
fearing to find the officers of jusiico at
his bedside, waiting to carry, bim before
thejudj:. But this la-l tear had Jot
its former horror; being ae it were, swal
lowed up in his overwhelming thankful
ness at having been saved troui a ' tar
greater crime, the crime that ,lnow,c
repeotauce. On bis bed of pain heprayod
as never before prated with a penitent
and thauklul h. urt; kik! bv the lime he
was able to sit upri-h t he was rendv to
endure without flinching the shame "and
piiu vi in puuisntnent. f or some weeks
the evil day was delayed but at last, us
ne was Degiiitiiog to regain strength, a
visitor was announced, and bis employer
entered the room. With a beating boart,'
but still resigned, ho felt that bis hour
w is come, and nerved himself to meet it.
lo his surprise hi uustvr made o allu
sion to hi misconduct, but kindly praised
Ims courage and his daring deed ; aud the
inou-bt flashed across him that his folly
and sio were null unknown, and if ha did
but keep hu own counsel, ought so re-
mai iorevcr.'. The tempter whispered,
"be silent V and for a moment be was
inclined to yield ;: but" his good ; angel
triumphed. With a bowed bead ami
downcast eyes he told Ike etory ol Un
sin, and waited to bear bis sentence from
themau be had w ion tied. for; a lew
moments the good old Iran (God hies
him) was silent, and thea be said with
tears in bis eye : !
"My lad. I am glad that you have told
me this, very gUd ; although I knew it
before. You have committed a great sin,
and you have suffered a ' heavy punish
ment. ' Thank God, who in his mercy has
saved you from a far giciter . sin 4 bin
whose punishment is for ever and ever,
i'ou have been through a firey trial: let
your future life show that you' have been
truly 'purged in the fire, j hot your ot
feuse against myself, God forbid that I
should add to your punishment I for
give you with all my heart, my boy, and
you need have no fear abwut your coming
back to yoor old place ini the office, ' for
uo one except myself will ever know a
word of the matter. One thing, however,
you must promise me never to enter a
gambling house, or stske money at
"That I do, sir, upon my bon " he
began, and then stopped short, as the
unfitness of the word, from one in his
situation, flashed cruelly upon him.
"Nay, lad," said (he old man, holding
out his hand, "don t take it back, it is
just the way in which I waotyour prom
ise. Upon - your honor, mind. It is
tarnished now; let it be the Tabor of your
hie to make and keep it bright.
And with God's help be did. He rose
from that bed, where lor so many weeks
be had Iain in peril of his lite, au altered
man. His former trieuds wondered at
the change, and declared that he had left
bis youth in the fire : but they knew
nothing of the fiercer fire which during
the long weeks had raged in bis bosom,
and had scorched away j the relish for
youthful follies. Having stood so awfully
near to death he had learnt to value life;
and to strive so to use life that death
should be no longer terrible. And, so
striving, God prospered him. The father
of the little girl that he had saved was a
wealthy man, aud with !generous kind
ness helped him even ogaiust his will
His kind old master stood hi faithful
friend, and. even tuade opportunities of
showing his confidence in hi 111 ; aud fur
man v years past he has been a partner iu
the firm, a rich and respected , merchant.
Very few know bis 6Ury. It is not a very
merry tme, but it was uppermost in my
mind when Effie asked lor a story it
mostly is on Christmas-eve, and therefore
I have told it to vou. j
'Who was the young man, uncle?"
said a childish voice, fllave we ever
seen him ?"
"Yes, my dear, you know bim very
well." !
'But what became of the little pirl
that was saved, uncle ? 1 Js she still alive
yet."" ' -J'T -' -
"My dears," said uncle Ueibert, 'the
little trill is now your ujuat Alice." 5 I
Just then the firelight, which bad
grown dim, flickered up in a blaze. Aunt
Alice Lent over uueie- Herbert' haud
and ki-scd it. and as she rui-ed her head,
we could see that there were tears in her
And we guessed the rest of the story.-
,A l'r.AOUSrjaicKKN I'lTy. On the
first Oof, February the eity i of uenes
Ay res South America,) contained over
2UU.UUU inhabitants; ;t last accounts
from there, over a moiiili ao, it contain
ed scarcely 4l,00dw The cause is yel
low fever.' During some' days in April
as many as 400 died in a single day J O"
one day nearly 1 ,000 j corpses were
waiting interment in the, city cemetery.
Duriug whole weeks there were scarcely
laborers enouuh to prepare coffins, carry
out the dead and bury them. As might
be supposed, there is a' great scarcity' of
physicians and l purses, notwithstanding
many have gone there from Montevideo,
aud other cities. In "many iustances,
bodies remain in houses several day be
fore they are discovered.:- Families are
scattered, and in many instances, parents
have abandoned their .cbildien through
fright? ' . t - j .. j i i i i
ltich and poor, alike, are stricken with
the terrible malady. As a . rule, the
inhabitants : taking rpfujre in the small,
mud-built huts outside the. city, which
are considered more safe. Here they
sleep upon the ground, paying as high as
SJ50 and S50O rent per month for their
miserable obodes. . j '--.. -
The tallest editor iii the United States
is 6 feet .7 inches in height ; he was pro
duced in Indiana. The shortest vege
tates in Alabama at an elevation of 4 feet
2 inches. The fattest man perspires under a
fljsh weight of 398 pounds; three
States' claim the honor of his birth. . The
leanest weighs 93 pounds ; being consid
ered "light paper," no State ' has' Ctime
forward to claim him. The most pious
has not missed saying a blessing after his
meals but once iu forty, yearsf"! he excep
tion being a case of badly cooked hash.
The wickedest - is a oatelite of the Sun ;
he has a wry looking . face nnd a' tasty
throat for ryel The3 bfiridsonicst' speci
men of the editorial ass, is tbe managing
writer of an Arkansas paper." , The
rigliest hang up bis hat in a rookery in
Philadelphia ; which fact aeconnts for
the conv utsions prevalen t among tbe
children of that beautiful; city. .
The Harvard College Ghost.
Old Harvard; jn our time, though fre
quently troubled with spirits, suffered no
annoyance whatever with "ghost. Sci
ence aud unbelief bad frightened them all
away, and the increase of imputation had
lett no secluded .spot 111 all Cambridge
suitable for a ghost's promenade. Still
however, thire lingered some old tradi
tions of ghots in .former times, who had
m-,de these classic shades their haunt
ghe-t real and fictitious. Among these
of the latter description, one has still
dwell in our memory from the narrative
ut the lamented artist; Washington Alls
ton. The' in substance as fol
lows : ' Jl .
In those reunions which used so often
to take place in tbe students' chambers.
lor conversation, cigar-smoking, ana
social enjoyment, the subject of ghosts
had been very frequently discussoa
Some students from tbe country told long
and dreadfuf stories, . well authenticated
by their grandmothers and maiden aunts,
of real, veritable ghosts appearing in the
old fashioned legitimate way, dressed in
long white robes and making appalling
revelations of crimes and hidden treas
ures, and then vanished instantly
going off without beat of drum, and leav
ing the astonished and horrified spectator
in the most pitiable state.
To these narratives many of the etu
dent auditors would "seriously incline,"
while others counterfeited belief, in order
to induce Ahe narrator to afford 'them
more entertainment of tbe same sort. In
fact, on one occasion the whole coterie,
witb a single exception, declared their
unqualified belief in ghosts. The stories
that they had just heard were too accu
rate, circumstantial, and authentic, to be
doubted, ihere was no - withstanding
the accumulation of evidence. The
single dbseuter from this opinion, how
ever, stubbornly declared that there
must be some mistake. The thing was
too absurd iu itself to gain his belief.
He would never believe in ghost till h
should see one : with bis own eyes. A
for fearing them "lie" would like to see
the ghost that could frighten him "
One of his fellow students, as far from
a real beiiet in supernatural appearances
as himself, resolved, ueverthe.ess, to put
the hero's courage to the prcof.
Accordingly on the next evening after
that when this lemarkable conversation
took place, at a Very late hour, he die-B
ed himself up iiuwhite, and quietly glided
into the chamber of his companion who
was lying alone iu his bed aud wide
awake. f --i -
The ghost-student, '. knowing that his
friend always slept with loaded pistols
under his pillow, had . previously takeu
care to draw out the bullets from them
for he was too well acquainted with the
impetnus character of the other to doubi
that he would u-e them 011 such an occa
sion. On the apj etrance of the spectre
the hero sat up in bed and very deliber
ately took a survey oi' him, us well as the
"struggling.' iiLXMilienin's misty light"
seining in at the windows wiiuUi peuuit
The gho-t glided across the room, and,
sianding before the bed. raised his hand,
in an awl ill and, menacing" manner, ac
cording to tin: iu-t approved fashion of
ghostdom. Si ill l!ie wli da. pcrl'oi iiKince
filled to shake the firm nerve of the
Harvard gh-t sei r. He only , laughed,
and shouied nl-ud in melodramatic form
of speech, - Vanish ! I fear you. not "
The spectre was morioule.-s, still stand
ing und gazing upon him . with ghastly
masked face. Our hero, at length, de
termined to put -'the apparition to the
proof, and "teach him never do Come
1 here no more,", took one of tbe pistols
from beneath his pillow and fired it point
blank in the spectre's face. When the
smoke cleared away there stood the
grim figure,' as before, immovable '; Snd
apparently invulnerable. Instansta -neously
the appalling belief came over the
mind of- the uuhappytbeholder that ; be
was uctually in the presence of a spirit
from the other world,? All his. precon
ceived opinions all his habits of thought,
all his vaunted courage vanished at once.
His whole being was changed ; and be
in.-tnnily fell iuto the most frightful con
vulsions . '; u i ' -
His companion, who bad been watch
ing the effect of his experiment; became
al umed in his turn, called in others from
the'entrv who had participated in the
illtimed joke. Medical aid was ealled in,
aud every appliance resorted to for his
r covery. lJut it was all in vain. Con
vulsion succeeded eouvulsion ; -and the
unfortunate youth never recovered suffi
cient consciousness to be made aware of
the trick that had been played upouhiin,
until the melancholy scene was closed by
bis untimely death."' . -
This etory has its moral. The mind
of man is too delicate and complicated a
structure to be tampered ..with"' by -xperi-metsof
this description. Vfiaieyer tiiay
be one's opinion of ghost, it is - danger
ousto Counterfeit any thing of this kind
for. the purpose of. producing terror ,jn
the miud of another.
v During the winter of 1867, Hary
McN , while acting iii the J capacity ol
commercial tourist,!, e. drummer, visited
Wilmington,-N. C , and Stopped at one
of the "first class" hotels. At the break
fast table he gave an elaborate order tu
the waiter, and ' included in it two ; soft
boiled eggs. Sambo went off to the kitch
e 1 but soon returned uixi . asked, - Mas
Boss, did you want I hem eggs scrambled?"
No," said Harry,' "! ' want theln soft
boiled-", 'i VA,1 inabt,; sar," and off he
trotted again. ; In few.; moments - be
loomed in again, and rembrked in a most
persuasive tnio, "3Ias I3, you'd bet
ter have iem .- eggs scrambled.: "What
the d 1 do you mean rf"i roared Harry.
"Weil; Mass lioss, said Sambo. "I'll tell
you; deui ggs ain't very fresh, and
Uoy'U look better scrambled.'-' " llarry
cauoeKed the order for hen fruit in to to.
- 'About 100.0UO.OUO otaio bug are in
tho vicinity of Oshkosb, as counted by
the editort ' ' -' il .'"-
Whether it was because he did not
thoroughly know what was coming,, and
so declined to commit himself, or wheth
er bo had a delicate consciousness that to
reply to such a question would imply a
misconstruction of its purport, Jim main-I
tamed a grave silence, merely shutiug
his great hands alternately, the one
above tho other, upon the vertical handle
of bis pick; The uncertain light in the
eyes of ihe speaker grew by impercepti
ble decrees into a positive gleam of in
tense longing, as he continued : "
"Jim. 1 m not a feller to ask favors;
you know that. Kver since we two've
been parduers, you ve never knowed me
to git a man to hold my dust while I at
tended to the cards, without my bein
willin to hold bis'n the same. Now,
pardner, I feel that I can't drift no fur
ther on this level, and I gapss I've got
to go down lower. But 'fo'e I go, I
want you to tell me, honest, who 'twas
shot me that night at the fandungo over
to opanisn Uamp. 1 ho thought that I
was fired into by some stranger who
wusn 1 a rafcin no nana, and come near
havin my light Eouffed out by some one
unbeknown to me, is not a good thought
to die on. When 1 get down yonder.
1.1 k t .. . T.
aaumeyas me -w no made this yer
hole in yer bacic r id like to tell eui,
so't they could spot him when he comes
laint no case ior numan justice; wo
haven't got nothing invented yet as'd
ao ngnt 10 nun. Ana, Jim, don t you
never go tor him yourself; that man's too
mean for killio'." . The dying man ceas
ed, but Jim lowed his bead lower and
lower over the pick handle in silence,
and seemed struggling , to suppress 1
sob. Finally he asked, in an almost in
audible toue :
"Bill, are you quite sure you're plaj
in' out fast ?"
"I'm a coiliu' up my riata, Jim." ;
,,"How loug mou't you last yet T
"ot more n ten minutes at tbe
side." . ,
Jim straightened himself upon
rock with a jerk.
"Bill. I won't never get after
feller leastways, not till 1 commit
cide. I fired that shot that's a doin'
for you !' Then, half apologetically
didn't know you then. Bill, or I shouldnt
a shot without singui out to you that
was on it."
i nat extremely moribund miner rose
to his feet; mote properly, there was
vast upheavd of his frame, w hicli -eemed
to expand at every point a it fi.ndy
towered ulott like a blasted cedar :
"Jim," he fliiued out, "bourd's a fair
t . .
piay i ana ever since we two ve lieeu
parduers vou never k no wed mc to tak
back a cud. But iu saying what . I di
about human justice, 1 throned away a
queen when 1 ki.owed 1 held a right
b wer. Jim, I take back that play ; I'm
alter your scalp, pardner ;
i nc spot is still pointed ont to the
. .T " ""Very Cool. .. a r-
'-'Ju ,t mi'
A mountain traip a narrow, ortuons.
difficult path.;;Two miners with their
estates tied roftesio'd sinng acrtiiss
their backs, scrambling wear ly . upit
Just at tbe steeot part the foremost
halted short, turned9 about, deliberately
uuslung bis pitek, sat down upou. it. aud
sighed. Ail he lisiked across the green
expanseof tho valley betcvf, to the brown
majesty o the'-rippoifite -range, and ovr
in'o the fa; hornless 1 ethe beyond, a iook
not of earllr crept intt hi eye, impress
ing his face with"Bmething ofthe glory
of ibje llansSgnration. His .Companion
rough and hard though he was. observed
the change, And appeared to have Mime
vague and iinporfe-t idea of its nature,
for, without a word, he' grounded hi
own baggage; and-, sat h'uisclf tliooght
fully upon, a rx-k.r For some 'lime ihe
1 wo maintained a silence, which "was in
tensified rather than broken by the j 1-1
disiinguisbatle mnvmor of the river, a
thousand feet beliw. The wiud whi
pered it eternal secret t the pinessitd
ihe sun;' tlamhig-' grandly ubov, flung
wave alter wave 1 light against the bill,
wiiieb MTt back faint pulsations of - heat,
as it were an cho. , . t ,-'' ' '' ;
'Jim," and tho voice of tho' miner
w is ehoke I and husky, a- troubled in its
lower depths by struggling emotion
"Jim," we fwo've sfcestn good. frienda
ain't wa?" -
Heroism ond Cruelty.
. t ...
A lnos' roiicuing lust.itit-c or heroism
and one of the in it arr .eious acts f
cruelty, the truth of which is vouched
for by the 'trust re-pectabtu authority,
occurred during the Clumbia struggle
for independence.
The Spanish General MoriUo, the mjsf
blotd-thirsty and treacherous - tool of
ihe Spani-h King, was created Count ut
Curtliagcuia and Marquis de la I e ria,
for services which rather entitled him to
be butcher cr h ing man. While seated
in his tent one day, he saw a young boy
before him drowned in tears. '1 lie chiel
demanded of him ior what purpose he
was there. ' - ... . - if
The child replied that h-j had come to
beg the life of his father, then a prisoner
in Morillo's c uip. "What can you do
o save your father V asked the General.
"I can do but little ; but what I can
shall be done. '
Morillo seized the litllj fellow's ear,
and said :
Would you suffer your ear to be taken
off to procure your lather's life?"
''I certaiuly would' was the undaunted
A soldier was acordingly called, and
ordered to cut- off the ear 'with a single
stroke of the knife.
The boy wept, but did not resist while
tho barbarous order was executed.
"Would you lose your other ear ra'htr
than fail in your purpose?" was the
next question.
"I have suffere'd much, but for my
father I can sutler still," was the an
swer of the boy. ,
The other ear was taken off pice meal,
without flinching on the part of the
noble boy. .
"And now go I" exclaimed Morillo.
untouched by his sublime courage; "ihe
father of such a eon must die."
, In the presence of his agonized and
vainly suffering sun, tho patriot father
was executed. Ni(ver did a life picture
exhibit such trutkfiul lights and shades
in national diameter, sue! deep, trcaeh
erous villainy,
heroism !
such . lofty, eulhusiaat.c
.The commissioner of internal revenue
has decided that the act of July 14, 187J,
abolishes the exempli n heretofore pro
vided for iho apoi heearics, under para
graph thirty three, sec; ion seventy-nine,
of the act of OuryjTes-s id' June 8U, 1804
This paragraph, which it i decided Iu,
een repealed, provided that apo hecar
ies who had taken out license as such
should not be required to take out a
license a retail dealer of liquor in eon
sequence of selling alcohol. Under the
decision it would appear that apothecar
i alter April 30 must take outlicciie
a retail dealers in liquors. - -.,
. It is said that Horace Greeley - ortc
uttempivd to if up a fahsMiitb!e - irt
after the Jenkins sty le, and - wrote as-fo
I iw:' "Mri, John Buchanan was unu-u
ally chnrmirig with orange bloswHii
ber huir, devollette dress and long trail.
Horace was absent and failed to read tli
priMif sheet.-: when what wan tho lady
indignation on reading.' ooxfc -moiniog J
"Mr. Buchanan wa continually churn
ing with an ourangoutung fastened to tier
Qair, a discolored 0
tail !"
,e, and in ber shirt
"DolUnger is now a mnch ; a name ''ft
interest tit the apoNiotiu world as bat of
Peringer in the pistolic. One ,' uur
religious cotemporarics hopes ,th Wo
lings? movement won't prove a "flasa la
: . CD A RLE i A. DXSX, Editor.
A Newspaper oi t'ao Present Times - ,
Iajsudjafor Teojlj Xavf oa CartU.
tocloaii.R rrni3 . 5:cc!-. :lci. Mercluat, Pro
fm.onai Men. Wmuars, Tulniars, al I i--'
ne.- or Bouvi Fo'.at. aaa tUo Wlvc, Soas. and
Saiuhtar ut all
Or toM ttnfe Ob Cent a CdpyjXet there be
830 Cml at ev try Post Office.
m m ! 1 in f j(H S
r tbs nmt (ix aa t geaernt cJiaracter : as
Tltfe WEKKtf , bd't Willi crcater rarlety of
mlaeel'aaeona roalin, ad fnrnlsMDZ (be nw
to its anoacribw. with cie4ter tresbaea. beeanre
U comas twice a weeiclasteaa otoace onlr.
A premtnontlr rcaa -.b'e newspaper, wita the
laraea eiroaiackm in tbe womL Krre. Inrto
iwident. and tearlet in politico. 'A I the newa
from evi-rjirbera. Tr csu;a m oopy ; bj wall,
60 ceiiu a mouth, or go a jrttax.
Five copies, one rear, aaparaieiy ae dresaS. '
Fear Italian.
Tea roDie. one Tenr. senxratelr addreasea (aud
aa enn copy to tbe getter a or clno)
r . - - j Elakt JJolIare.
Twenr eonlea, one yerxr, emratelr addreed
(-d an exura copy to tue uettar dp of c:nb).
Fifty enpl-a. one rear, to oae Idras? (and tbe
Ssnu-Aeelc'.y one yenr t rotter i p cr tlnb),
. Tblrty-throo Dollar.
Fifty oopleSjOna year. enatataiT andraase and
tue Seuil-Weekly oneys.!--o rrptt(-r nf-o rlu,
- riitrryflre Dollar.
pne btired Wflaa, one rear; t ruo ad lrcf
l tn-1 ctit Lialiy tor oni; year tn?bcff.-fter u-'Of
c i. Klfty Dollar.
One hir wired ootee, iio nr. ,iarntlv d.
dre-e'l .an '. ibe iioUy lur o.e yr to i ne r.-ncr
up ofelabj, - sixty Dalian,
.FiYeeoDlct.oeyciii.wnaratdir !(!!. . s
. - Eiiiitt Dollars.
Ten fc lc. ore verr f(-iarae!v aaarefased
. an cxtracopy t tetter iw r -l t).
r-.- ' Sixttea Dollars.
tn Trr-t fiffl. j orcle?. ci;cis,. or diaft- mVnr
Yorlc, wheriTef r-jre:.lriit If not. register
tne leue.-i Cojtaiuins: i;o nr. A tctres
I. W
ESni, vri; Inb 1. hnr,
SaoolSee. New Yore City.
? r$ ' s. ; - f 1" 'g
s 1.
-"i ' r v v ? r "..' IT'-
, -. J
'" THE
ILI.-IIKAD PAPEU. bU rizcsl jast received
'. ani lor j-ale at tUis ofuto, low for cash.
Ca'l t e rft'nt'rt-t rrTcnl-9 1- llirir l-rfi cworr.
roe. X f - Newlv Arrived " ((oiku, cnr. p-. im
rart c f t:e f'lovir article tor -t t -vitri
It rr tul --trrt Inawi i piled. WHOLE
BALE iict ii sstoih:.
Fhtfti E'-rn. I Tti din's PtrrAjT'ss
Patkxt MivtmiK. I Dpi i8T' trSBitts,
FSRXTtAI. Olt?, I 1'tBFl H1TF1EI,
vmic"! r-8 offT c tbo lowrf t CeFh rrkics, and
aro determined not to lo ondt reold.
e. n. McDonald & co, Exs feasciccc, cau
. A Ou mALJmA.,
Our Drujr It' fciios l.tat cl in S.m Fran-i.tA.-o,
tins At er our lcj-t wifilii3r and esijrs.-
i g .nr thanks tir tbe lib ral iair- n.ise
we h-j recti. ed for m .re thnn tKC:!tr-ine
yenre. 1 irinir wbii-h eiiui we Lave len r-t -adiiy
ena.e I in thj Urn : l.n-iuuss in Calif rni:i. wc
be tu say ill i onfeiiitMu e f l!ie rapi I irrw-b f
Dr. Walker C'iilitviiii:i Vinegar Uilie . ni
ir a'l orr the Vnituil r?t:tt- nti-l enuntii-- far
In-yonil. w- r devote mix entire
lime to sail b:tin::K. - :
We are tba Ol'lst Drug firm on t'lQ Pat ifii-C-ar
ami th s orily pn?. enlinoiia linger tlio
amc pnprieti;r sin-e 1S4J, antl liwve letemiin-!
t 811 our Inr-t. frosportifl. and w.H establiabed
lmin- on favrallj tcrm. ' V
This i rare ofportnity for men witb mians.
"f enterioa into a protitublo liujiucas wiib atlvan
lajrvs never bef'iru 0Vo l. 1 s- : -
For lutrtk-nlar t mioiru of
11. 11. A1. I0NI,I CO.. ,
B. TI. MrIosALD, M'iiilep!e Drnggis-U.
J. C. Spkvckb. t f -Sa t Krnnriiico. Cat.
N. B. Until a sale is rS'le we phall rontinne
our importations and keep a lane slock of frveb
coo ls constantly on hand, and fell at prices to
defy competition.
The Great Medical Discovery !
, Jl 52 i- Hondred3 ef Thousands 51"
Zf2 Bear testimony to their Wonder- rb
cS fal Curative Effects. 2 s.
5fHK AEI0K WAWO-FoitTB has Greater
Power than any other other Piao-Fort
and in its mechanical eonstruelion it it wore per
fect, and therefore, more durable tbaa any Instru
ment constructed iu the uraal modern style, - '
The aranement of tbe Agraffe, tbe manner of
tringing.tbe peculiar form and arrangement of -tbe
Iron Frame, -';
Supersedes all Others. .
''i fr".,'.ii.t jfc if. 1 ;3iU$V1lf:-
The use of a hart, (which is a part of the Iroa
Frame on a line with the heavy steel stringing,
gioa '"
Great Strength
Where most needed, and in this respect all other
Pianos fuiU ;,:' jr
Theconctruction of tbe WBEST PL.ANK, into
which ihe Tuning Pins are inserted, is such tfetrt ti
ls impossible f r tho pins to become loosened, or
the Wreet Plank i;sclr to vplit, a ia too often the
case in other 1'iano-ForU.s,
Tbrougl.out the entire scale, the excellent Singing;
Quuiii-, tbe .-, ,
... .-. S .-. ., A- ...-.(..
- Lepgth and Purily on YilraU'on,
Ail go to prjvo what we claim, vis. ! that the
Arion PinnoForte
Is tho Eeat Instrument Manufactured.
THE DF'uflsvTIEJ 1ST 3? s
Are used Exclusively ia llio .
. i ' OP MU.-ilC '-' - :
' '' of New York cltj.' l.J J I .
T ; . :' I - y ;. '
The mnstnerrs tel n p'nno esn receive is con
ttitnt use in a Constrvatory.
V id
-o , Sri
SS CARirt n n 1 ri 1 e S
'. a,e w -w r u 11 1 1 e x f r t
Uade of Poor It am, -Whiskey, Proif
Bplrltaavna Kefaeo l.iqnwradocturt.d.spleed
and sweetened tJ plcaso tbi tasto. called 'loa-
' Ics,"" Appetisers, "Ceetorcrs," c. tliat lead
tbe tippler on to drunkenness and ruin, bet are
" atrno Medicine, mado from tbe Native Uootsand
Herbs or California, free Irani all Alt olx-Uo
Stlmulstnia. Thoyero tbeiiltKAT Itl.OOU
. rtlRlFIEKaaJ LIFE tJlVISti PI11N
CIPI.Bapcrr.ct Kcnovatcr asdInvIoratcr of
- too System, carrying c 0 a: I rolsosoas matter and
restoring t'e blood to t bcaltfcy eoRfiltion. No
person cat take tbess El tors accorillii to tib-vc-tloaeadrjmaialsjnaw.ll.
Far Inllantinulory nail Chronic Ithcn
atulans nnd tiour, l.vs:ci;. ir InU:-a-ett
loo. Diliaux, ltcmlticut nnd tutor
ntttent Fevers, I),ca fef tha ISIoorf,
Liver. Kidaeyn, and Bladder. t-uo Itlt
Icra bavj ocoa most aaca jatu'. Smta
esMC ara oaascd by Viiintcd niooil. wlt:ek
Is generally rrsJsesJ ty claatferaofit cf ta-
' DiswlwoOreanw ' ' ' -
Headache rela 1 1 IbJ El.ouiuo.-a. Co-.ii.-:., T.;;:t
nesaof tbC!icst.lj:zz:aja3.Sor.rrriic:at.,o .s of
the EtomacJi, Cad tasU 1 1 t ia u:h B lloi
tacla, ra:p:t..t:oaort:i3llJa.-t, Iaaaai;iart.a oj
- the Luzss.P1-' la t:o-'oa" etVM K'daoys.aad
nbuadr.d ofjcr pa otul symptoms, oxj tuj c--
torpid liver al bowla, rcnJc of a
equalled eacaey 1 1 cieaasins t..o blood cf til
.. Imparities, ed Ini partus uaw Hi aad 4W
tiie wliolosystom. ...
- FOB HK.tS lIfEAES. rr-.-.rt:on.Totr,
taltmcuai.Blotobva. Sota. 1 bu.-ilis. rustulcs.
Bo'.la. Carjiaaslas r.Us-T.-o:saa. resl:ioa J. Cor
Evss.BryIP-t-.ttc:i. 6carS.: Uisolorat.oaa of
tbo Ekl namors aad Bis:ai of tu Skin, of
" whatever naau ornatnr-, arj Ktcrilly dus np
aadearrladoaiof taa systaia Ia ebor t j by
5 tue o of tbosJ Bitters. Oco bottla 1 1 such
- eases win convince tbe nest laeredulous or tbete
curative otTects. . . , ... ,' , - . :
" Clcaaso tbs Vltiatol Blood wbcaover yo-ttlai
Ma Imparities borHlnr turouirh site ai.i la !mv
ples, Krupiloaa cr Sores t clcansult whin you
nd It obstructed end elugsish U the veinst'
cleanse it wbea It la foul, aad your f jul;nts will
' tell yen erbea. Seep fie blood jmro and tha
. lMilthelsyetomwaitollow. .,
pX. TA PB aid otlicr TO Irtrktna- la
' the system of aomanyahouaaads. 'nrj effectually'
. iiciinTnl tn-i rift For f.ill diroottoaa, rsad
carefally tbedremtor aronnd caob bottle.
j.WALtUB. Prepsteter. IL IL' UdOOITALD as
CO Druggists and Ooa. Aeats. Saa Francisco, .
Ce!aad at aad St Commerce Street. Sew Vorlc
Read The Following:: .
I j.flordj me muvh lcaure to give yon, io three
lew lines very sim-trr ttstim..uii.f fur the Piano
Fortes of your wannlucture. We have now used
tbe "1'ateut Arion Pianos" in nor Conservat- rics
Ur ytsr, and have hU a fair opportunity of tet
fng their durability during tbat time. Tbe Pianos '
have been played upon almost constantly frons
murDtng tiFl night, and a Piano mcrt iudeed be
good oue when it will lwarencb constant . use-with
out fbowinar siens of defection. As for rmiaiia .
in tune, it out rivals any Pinno known to tne".'
Tticir peculiar sweetness of tone in the weble ,
(as compared to other Pianos with tbe ordinary
metal arnlfo arraniri ment 1 is su etrikine Lbat I
have had pnpilsrcmark, while taking thcirlesioo,
that ulthough they had at home what Ibey sup
posed to be one of Ibe bxl makes of Pianos, (till
the treble was very ti ncd compared with the
"ARION." . .. ..... ... ....... . ,., .. :
, What makes them still more desirable i their
uniform volume of tone, which enables an Artist to
perform a composition in i:s true character. '
Tn total, X can eonscientiously endorse all tbat is
claimed by the Arion Piano Forte Company for
tbf ir superb iustrumonts. as I coroider tbem u.
perior lo any other make. - ,
Congratulating you upon the great ruccess yon
1 avo obtained in tbe manufacture of so perfect an
instrument, I remain, yours, ..,..-
Very tru'v, '
New Tork, SeptcmUcr 3, 1S70. . , - Ly -.i.
f I. II -. . j U -Jk -.Si I i i , , A,
We want first rial's and responsible Agents ia
(. very city and town where we have not nlready sp
poiuted tbem. . , .
I lVc have jnst Published rj:
f" '
Our annual Illustrated Pamphlet, which con tain &
a lull uenTij'tiou ut tb ii-.ttirior cunsirUA-tioi oj tue
fjt ut Am. a 1'i.ii.o-i uibj, and all tbe obcr lead
ing Piauoiiwl tbe pruuipui makes; illustrated with
i uu, tin. t,ulra;tiug tbe Anon with ail mher firsts
c.a.- l'tanws, aud pioving :
Why and Where
On - Pianos are superior to any in the market.
Onr pamphb-t contains erir vmgs i,l all the dif-
t syis ff ii s-nmient. that we maniifartnre..
zwia ; a :uli ilescriptni f each, so tbat a person
an -iol tne style Jiey. may dcerre tn order, with.
i t io a-snrw-re that ti e will reo rro Jnst a e.d
;. !... . , " . . , . . . ..
. ....... . n,., nvpvfM-.uj ..i.iuaii m meet it.
We b iv milil 'vcr Five Thouxand Pi ncs many of
(I o n beinr wl.ippcl trreat liivtimree; ar-d we have,
in v.-ryvtrei-eivvd Use 6rat-cmplaint. Aa we glvej
a writiew guarantee wib every Piano wemanafuc
ture. for fv y. uis. ihe pun baser rune o rl-k. t
n m'tftil a tcrittaraurp ,mj,k!tt wkicA me mait
Ae, nnd M!iea tfi.m write Male icAal paper yon ease
f -'s Wecanti'.o lbs puhlicfrom pnrchasinza
rbrnn Pmno, which bas riet.'itiy been put iu tho
market, bearing tbe name Aiion." All peruine
Armn P.ario-1 ht-ar the name "Patent Arion.'-' and
can oji'y lte pur hxre-l from nr How Jfork Ware,
ro ma. or our authorized Agents throughout the
UniteJ States. . .
AH Hods of
Musical Instret -"e;jlhdr
inuN fii'
JTo. SM Brodw.y, Tgmm, York Ci&f.