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    Letter from Munchausen.
. chili.; - :
' Talcautano, Cbili, May 1,
I ' loft Montevideo and Uruguayan
territory about four days ago, by a route
that is not much traveled; winch is not
to be much wondered at as the facilities
are none the best for comfort, rest, or
refreshment. On the morning of the 27th
of last month (April), I, with two na
tives, went outside the harbor, in a small
loop i of tea tens, for a few. hours'
cruise. -..
The day was quite calm and pleasant,
and we were emboJdeued to keep our
little craft standing out to sea at
least ten miles intervened between us and
the shore. Toward noon the breeze
freshened somewhat and Donna Maria
our sloop, danced over the rising waves
in & charming manner. . We were com
pletely rapt iu our enjoyment and forgot
to look out lor danger in tact we antic
ipated none when suddenly we were
aroused by a loud noise, something be
tween a hissing and the roar of thunder,
exactly like the escape of a heavy volume
of steam under hijrti pressure. . There
Was no time for consideration. A tre-
Tbe Death Sentence ot Jesus Christ.
inendous watenpoat was beariug right
down upon us, and before the boat could
be put about she was lifted several hun
dred' feet iato the air and fell with
crasU that broke her up into frasrments.
I just bad time to see this effect of the
catastrophe when I was again caught up
and shot with amazing velocity by : the
force of the column oi rising water. It
seemed to me that I must have been
carried up at least two miles, when
found myself struggling on the surface of
what appeared to be a vast sea of water
and mist.., lbere was no land in si"ht
and X felt sure that my hour had come
Being a. good swimmer, however, I de
termined to keep afloat as long as possi
ble in a desperate clinging of nature to
life, and 1 struck put manfully without
navmg any definite point in view. I he
day passed and night came on, and the
full moon rolled clorioulv up into the
heavens, bringing back to my mind the
recollection of a voyage I made on the
Pacific ( Ocean twenty years ago, in the
whaling ship Mattakeeselt, when during
the enchanting nights, we were be
calmed in the tropics, we used to assem
ble on the main deck over a hundred of
us and sing "Roll on, Silver Moon."
It was like a lovely dream lkigerinjg ia
tb.e memory.
On the afternoon the day following I
descried a singular object swiftly ap
proaching from the west. I made for it
and succeeded in grasping hold of what
proved to be the buauches of a tree. I
clung to it, scarcely knowing why, and
suddenly found myself descending. I
was concious that my progress laterally
Was stopped, and that I was descending
the branches of a tall tree, and judge of
my surprise when I found myself precip
itated to the ground in the midst of a
dense nina trrriwinir nn iKa itnmmit
of a high i mountain. My situation was
at once apparent. I had been carried up
by the waterspout into a deuse cloud,
which, impelled by a strong easterly
wind, bore me swiftly across the .conti
nent, and here I was on one of the peaks
of the Andes, having made a distance of
nearly one thousand miles, as the crow
flies, in twenty-seven hours, as near as I
could judge, which I think you will say
was tolerably gcod traveling. I was
chilled through and fatigued, so that rest
and warmth were the first demands of my
Having no matches or tinder-box I
was obliged to produce fire by the ab
original method of friction. So to this I
applied myself, and after rubbing two
dry sticks together assiduously for more
than an hour, I was at length gladdened
by a .successful 1 result fiist smoke and
then a flame. I at once pushed a little
pile of leaves and twigs under the side
of the trunk of an immense tree that lay
prone on the ground, and in a few mo
ments more I was quickly smoking my
ipo by the side of a blazing fire. Not
ing, however, for in a short . time my
log, to my consternation, began to crawl
slowly away, and utter angry noises.
"Would you believe it, instead of a big
pine log, as I supposed, it was an enor
mous anaconda, probably the largest ever
seen by any traveler. It would have
oecn a great pleasure for me to have got
his skin as a curiosity for the Central
Park Museum, but I didn't do it. I did
aot remain there long enough. I left,
got awayy exiled myself from the spot.
Tha Indians who alone inhabit the
country commiserated my forlorn condi
; tion and fed and clothed me in such at
tire as they bad to afford, and we e kind
in forwarding me to the settlements,
-i The place where 1 landed from the
load was one" hundred and ETty miles
from Santiago, the Capitol of Chili.
From thence I proceeded through the
Kind assistance of the American Charge
d 'Affairs, to Talcahuano on the coast
which, you. know is but a short distance
below Valparaiso. I am here awaiting
an opportunity to proceed to Panama, and
New York or San Francisco, as instruc
tions which I hope to receive from you
on ' arriving at Panama, shall direct.
v . Wm. K. Munchausen.
It is hoped that the officers of the
State Agricultural society will be able to
take such action in regard to the proposed
invitation to Horace Greeley, to visit
Oregon this fall, as will bring about
that highly desirable result. Any rea
sonable appropriation of money y that
might be necessary to pay his expenses,
eteir would be returned fourfold to the
Society by aeeuriog Mr. Greeley's attend
ance at the fair. The inducement of
seeing him and of hearing him deliver
the annual address would bring out two
thirds of tbo people of Oregon on that
: la divorce case heird ; at Bangor,
Ke.f on Tuesday, the case was entered in
eosrt, noiifraon defendant proved, default
ed, testimony beard, divorce decreed,
ai certificate Issued in just eight min
siee and a quarter.
We fi;id in a copy of the New Lon
don Coun., Democrat, sent to a friend,
the fallowing transcript of tho sentence
of death, pronounced upou Jesus Christ,
with the specifications upon which the
same was founded-'-transiated from the
columns of the CahUshe Zsitung a Gor
man paper. ; ...s . . ,.- '; v
We have been requested by several
readers to publish the sentence pronounc
ed by Pontius Pilate, late intendant on
the Piovince of Lower Galilee, that
Jesus of Nazareth shall suffer death by
the cross. ; , - .
In the seventeenth Tear of tho reisrn
of the Kmperjr Tiberius, on the 25th
day of the month of March, in the most
holy city ot Jerusalem, during the ponti
ficate of Annanias and Cataphas.
Pontius Pilate, intendant on the
Province of Lower Gallilee, sitting in
Judgment in the Presidential seat of the
prsetor, sentences Jesus of Nazareth to
death, on tho cross, between two robbers.
as the numerous and notorious testimony
of the people proves,
1. J esus is a misleader.
2. He has excited the people to
sedition. - ,
3. He is an enemy to the laws,
i. He calls himself the Soof God.
5. He calls himself falsely the King
of Israel.
6. He went into the temple followed
by a multitude carrying palms in their.
hands. " - '"--!.-- -
Order the- first centurion Quirilus
Cornelius to' briug hiut to the place of
execution. "
Forbids all persons, rich or poorj to
prevent the execution of Jesus.
The witnesses who have signed the
execution against Jesus, are
1. Daniel" Rob a hi, Pharisee.
2. John Zorobabel.
3. Raphael Roboui.
4. Capat.
Jesus is to be taken out of Jerusalem
through the gates of Tournes.
This sentence was engraved on a plate
of brass, in the Hebrew language and on
its 8iaes are the following words : "
similar plate has been sent to each tribe
It was discovered in the year 12S9, in
the city of Aequilla, iu the kiugdom of
.Naples, by a search for the Uoman antiq
uities by the commissaries in the French
army of Italy. Up to the ti'uo of the
French campaign iu southern Italy, it
was preserved in the sacristy of the Car
thusians, near Naples where it was kept
in a box cf ebonv. Since then the relic
has been kept in the chapel of Caserty.
The French trauslatiou was made literaliv
by members cf Commission of Arts,
Demon had a fac simile of the plate en
graved, which was bought by Lord How
ard,ou the sale of his cabinet f.r 2,800
francs. There seems to be no historical
doubt as to the question of authenticity.
The reasons of the sentence correspond
exactly with those of the gospel.
A t-'i-rlitiusr Man.
A Thrilling Adventure.
One dull day in August, just after
noon, a balloon- rose in the air at tho foot
of Cloet Hills, on the western tdgo of
the central plain of Lplaud.T It was
inflated with the lightest of gasses which
chemical skill could produce, and it
rose with amazing velocity. A mile "up
and it entered a stratum of cloud more
than a thousand feet thick. '; Eiuer"insr
from this, the sun shone brightly on the
air ship j the sky overhead was of the
clearest and depest blue, and below lay
cloud-land an immeasurable ; cl ud
whoso surface looked as solid as that of
the earth not wholly lost to view. Lofty
mountains and deep, dark ravines, ap
peared below the peaks and sides of these
cloud-mountaius next the sun, glittering
like snow, but casting shadows as if they
were solid rock. Lp rose tho balloon
with tremendous velocity. Four miles
above the earth a pigeon was let loose ; it
dropped down through the air as if it had
been a stone. The air was too thin to
enable it to fly. It was as if a bark laden
to the deck were to pass from the heavy
waters of the sea iuto an inland unsalioe
Llake; the bark would sink at once into
tho thinner water. Up, up, still higher!
What a silence profound 1 The hights of
tbo sky were as still as tho deepest depths
of the ocean, where, as was faund during
the search for the lost Atlantic cablo, the
fine mud that lies unstirred from year to
year as the dust which imperceptibly
gathers on-the ' furniture of a deserted
house. No Sound, no life- only the
bright sunshine falling through a sky
which it could not warm.
Up five miles above the earth ! higher
than the inaccessible summit of Chimbo
razo or Dawangiri. Despite the sunshine
everything freezes. The air grows too
thin to support life, even for a few min-
Ono of the generals of the 'Lost
Cause" says, at tha time of the attack
upon Fort Pillow, the Confederates had
converted a Mississippi boat into a cot
tonclad, the mate of which was a big,
double fitted sample ot a river bully,
"full of strange oaths," aud enforcing
his orders by knocking men about the
head, and said: -."
Just before we came into the fight he
came swaggering up to me and said :
"Well, General, I suppose when one
side or the other's licked, you big meD'll
quit and shake hands i : ;
"Yes, Jim," said I, "when . the fight
ing is over, I expect every man to go
home and attend to his business."
"That ain't me," Jim eaid,smiting his
left palm with his fist like a sledge ham
mer, '-for if ever I ketch a Yank south of
Cairo, I'm going to smash bins."
A ten inch shell that came whistling
over the boat interrupted any further
remarks just then, and shortly after we
were putting away at the Federal boat in
about as hot a fire as I ever want to see.
I am sure that there were one hundred
guns opened upon us, and we got one
broadside so near that the flash of their
guns 6et our cotton bales on fire. Our
people fought well the other sido were
too strong for U3, and we. had to drop
down the river. . During the action,
while cannons were roaring, boats sink
ing, shells shriekiDg and bursting all
around and the air filled with flame and
smoke, I quite lost - sight of Jim ; and
after we had dropped down tho river, out
of the fire end all hands repairing daroa-.
ges, that valiant hero crept out from
behind a cotton bale'," and sneaking past
me with a flag of truce, said :;;
"General, I ain't so mad as- I was.
This ain't the kind of fighting I'm used
to ; and when them fellers get ready to
stop throwin them iron pots arouod, I'll
quit if they will."
- The second agricultural fair ever held
in Home has just taken place with grat
ifying success- Jd ode ral'arm tools were
seen there for the first time, and the sur
prise arid wonder of the campagne farmers
was something painlul as well as inter
esting. Wood's reaper and mower mide
its formidable appearance. Some modern
English farm tools bad been presented to
the Pope, but were carefully stowed away
as objects of curiosity in one of the
museums, instea'd of thoir being used.
It is sad to spend long-years in per-
Tpntinnr n inVAntinn ftnlir In bavA it fail
. 0 j - - -- - --
when put to a practical : test. But ' if
any thing can add to the bitterness ' of
such a failure it - must be to have it an
nounced in such an unfeeling ' paragraph
as the following : "The inventor of a
new" fire-escape tried it at theAstor
House, last week, and in about the time
that a fire would have destroyed a block
of houses, reached the sidewalk, with all
his ' wearing apparel except bis boots,
drawn up aruuuu ma iievik.
Tha Knrrrx?iiinto Uniim savs that the
rapid purchase and large shipments of
wool from California are due to a convic
tim ' that the - nrevailinsr epidemic at
Buenos Ayres will be fatal to the ship
ment of wool from the Kio i de la Plata
this rear. The amount counted on trom
that quarter was 125,000,000 pounds.
Aa Iowa farmer inculcated early ris
ing ia a little orphan bound boy by set
ting him on a hot stove for getting up
The Trinity Church Property.
Indianariolis is steadily keeping pace
with her sister cities in the matter of first
class sensations The last we have to
chronicle is in reference to a settlement
of sotae New York property, by which
W. II. Caldwell, a well-known grocer oi
this city becomes possessed of a cool
million. The following is a brief history
of the ease : For the past thirty or forty
years the relatives of Mr. Caldwell have
been identified with the movement of the
Anneke Jans heirs to obtain possession
ot the Trinity Church property. They
based their expectations upon the fact
that one or two Anuckes are in the fam
ily, and some deeds, leases and other pa
pers that have been handed down
through the family. Finally they all be
came disgusted and gave up the claim,
refusing to have anything further to do
with the matter. These papers came into
the possession of Mr. Caldwell, and when
he received a letter from an uncle in the
South, saying that a representative of
the A n 1 1 eke Jans heirs had called upon
him for information which he wa sup
posed to possess in reference to the claim,
he turned his whole attention to the mat
ter of looking up the record. He finally
became convinced that the papers he held
was of the greatest value to the Trinity
Church corporation, and accordingly
about five years since, he made a p.-opo
.sitiou to tho trustees- to sell them for
8100,000, which was refused. Mr. Cald
well thru mad'i another examination aod
discovered that the papers he held refer
red to eight acres of land immediately
adjoining the Trinity Church property,
fronting on i?ultpn street and Uroadway.
utes. Two men only are in that ndveti- ! Further examination showed that in the
turous balloon the one steering the air
ship, the other watching: the scientific
instruments, and recording them with a
rapidity bred of long practice. Sudden
ly as the latter looks at his instruments
his sight grows dim j he takes a lens to
help his sight, and only marks from
his falling barometer that they are ris
ing rapidly. A flask of brandy lies with
in a foot of him ; he tried to reach it but
his arm refused to obey his wilt. He
tries to call ou his comrade, who has
gone up iuto the ring above ; a whisper in
deep silence would suffice but no sound
comes from his lips--he is voiceless.
The stecn-uiau comes down into the carj
he sees his comrade iu a swoon, aud feci'
his own senses failing hint.
He saw at once that life and death
hunjr upou a few moments. Ha seized or
tried to seize the valve, in older to open
it and let out tho gas. His hands are
purple witii intense coid they are para
lysed, they will not
He seized the viive
year 1773 John Cosine, his great grand
father, leaded the pr.rperty f r 09 years,
previous to removing to Pennsylvania.
In leases of this kind, eldom if any
thing is heird of the property again ' by
i he heirs of the original owner, but iu
this instance Mr. Caldwell clearly and
fully established lie record to '.he prop
erty, the lease ou which expired in 18t."i.
lie made another proposition, this time
to the porsous occupying the eight acres,
offering to -ell his individual interest and
the papers in I is possession forSl,0J!',
UUO. After .examining Mr. Caldwell's
papers and the records, tho gentlemen,
through their agent, agreed to the terms,
and i'U last Friday Mr. Caldwell left for
New Yoik to close up the transfer. Yes
terday he returned home, having in his
possession the authority of the ac-eupants
to draw ou them for 1,000,000. Mr.
Caldwell says that after arranging his
Anecdote' of O en era! Jackson.
busiuess matters', in this city he will
respond to h; wiil. l spend the rest ot his days in Kenlnc-ny..
with his teeth, it ' which is the native State of himself and
opened a little once, twice, tin ico
balloon began to --descend. -.Then
swooned marksman returned to his
The j wife, lie takes his good fortune very
the i considerately, but s.iys he is on hunt for
cou-J more. While in 'New York le learned
sciousnuss, and saw the steersman stand- j of 200 acres in Harlem that, was in the
ing before him. He looked at his instru
ment ; but now the barometer was rising
rapidly; the ballojn was descending.
Brandy was used. They had been
higher above earth than mortal man or
possession of John Cosine at the time of
the lease of the eight acres referred to
above, aud he is satisfied that ho can
work out full and satisfactory claim to a
It lie does,
believes it,
i Conxiius auderoiit will : have to pay
j t he balance of the purchase money on his
senses were failing him, ad i iamous Harlem freight dpot site. Jit-
with its intensely rarefied diumijiolis (lad.') Journal, June 2d.
A disconsolate citizen of New Orleans
put the following question to one of the
papers published there : . -
'iur. Xioytur-! hat what I wish to
ask yoa U whether strychnine what the
police gives to dogs won't pizen the hu
man being after sassiogers baa been fried.
Please put in the paper bow this ia, fur
if fried strychnine is pizen, I go again
: jours, till poisoned'
Drawing across the
getting acquainted.
Drawing across the the eyes : I am
Takinir by the center : you are too
Dropping: we will be frienJs.
Twirling in both hands : indifference.
Drawing across the cheek : I love you.
Drawing through the bauds : I hate
you. -
JjettiDg it rest oa the right cheek : yos.
Letting it rest on the left check : uo.
Twirling in the left hand : I wish to
get rid of you.
Iwiriing in the right hand-:. 1 love
another." f .
Folding it : I wish to speak with you.
Over the shoulder : follow me.
Opposite corners iu both hands: wait
for uie. s
Drawing across the forehead : we are
watched. i
Placing it on the right car
r possession of that property -.
any living thing bad ever been before, j and he speaks as though he
OnejEuinule more ol l'laetioc ot compulse
ry inaction on the parr of the steers
man, whose
the airship
gas, would l:avebcen floating unattended,
with two corpses in the wide realms of
A Stratagem. A few evenings f-ineo
as Justice Fvans was leaving his ifKee,
he was confronted by two charming
young ladies, who requested a private
interview. Conducting them back to his
office, the bland magistrate inquired iu
what way he could oblige them. "You
are a Justice of the Peace, are you not?"
the eldest and by far the prettiest of them
inquired. "Yes," he said. "And can
marry people that is, can marry a
lady V' "Well, yes, if the lady brings a
bridegroom along with her. I'm , not a
marrying man myself," rejoined the
trembling magistrate, fearing lest ; bis
own liberty was involved in the issue.
Oh. not at all, said the damsel, and
turning to her companion, continued, "I
reckon, Willie, j'ou can strip ; on these
togs. No sooner said than dooe ; the
young lady's companion commenced to
tear off her dress with a haste that prom
ised speedy nudity. Inexpressibly
shocked (for the Judge is a very modest
man), he turned to escape trom thcroom,
vh.n a second glance he could not "re
strain revealed to him the fact that the
supposed young lady io process of strip
ping oft her female gear was not a gui
but a strapping boy, who had used the
disguise to get his dulcina in tbo pres
ence ot a magistrate. Of course this ex
plained the situation, aud without more
ado the Judge proceeded to joiu theic in
holy bonds "until death , or the divorce
courts should them sever." In remu
neration for his trouble, the bride gave
him a smacking kiss, and went on- her
way rejoicing, lo use the Judges own
expressive phraseology, that kiss was
beautiful. A. O Picayune.
How to Makf, Love. A sugar
hearted love-dunce writes to a literary
paper asking how ho shall go to work to
win the affections of a woman. , Attend
Sapsoul : Don't talk about "going to
work" to win the affections of a woman ;
it can't be done iu . that way. The more
you work iu that way the more the will
hate you. Push her into the duck pond
and pull her out by the hair. If you are
afraid to do this, jump in yourself and
let her pull you out. Lend her money,
borrow some from her. Make her be
lievo that she has deeply wronged you,
and then forgive her. Deeply wrong her
but don't ask to be forgiveu. In short,
contrive either to lay her under a last
ing obligation to you, or lay yourself un
der a lasting obligation to her. It docs
not tuako the difference of a headless pin
which, so far as concerns the result.
lip desirous of
you have
I have a
changed. ;
Placing it on tho left ear
message lor you.
.Letting it remain on the eve . you
very cruel. .
inding it around the forefinger
am engaged. '
Winding it arouud tho third finger
am married.
N. 15. Practice makes perfect.
Comparative Product of Cerkai.s.
The United States pr-xJ aces more grain.
in proportion '-to population,- than any
otlu r eouutryTirThe' worM. " The" Danu
biau Principality -iloutiiauia, is second
in ratio ! of production, and liuropcan
llu-sia third. v :AeCording to the eo:.8us
of 1870, the United State, with a popu
latum of Bl.I4o.lo. produced 1,21,-
128.452 bushels of grain of all kinds.
This "Wan at the rate of 33. 2 bushols to
each 'person.
Roumania, with a population of 3,804,-
848, produced 134,49,903 bushels, or
just 25 bushels to each person.
European Russia, with a population or
Gl ,325,923, produced 1 ,358,437.500
bushels or 23 1 bushels to each person,
while the- product of all Europe 4,58o,
lti'5.821 bushels, "and her population
289,375,284; or just 16 bushels for each
person. ...
Ry the census of 1853, the United
States produced 30.3 bushels for each
person then in the country by the same
ratio of increase in production, our cen
sus of 1870 will allow a product of a little
over 40 bushels to the person.
America i agriculture runs too much to
cram We are exhausting our soil for
tho benefit of Mother countries. We
had better export less grain and import
Jessjsugar, tlax, silk, wine, brandies, etc.
Wo as a nation ought, and can produce
nearly everything, as a nation, wo want
to eat, use er wear. . Wc have the soil,
climate, skill, labor, and all tho other
elements of production.' We only need a
systematic application of the means' in
our bands, -Pacific Rural Press,
A widow who resiled in Washinston
during Jackson's administration, related
the following incide nt to an acquaintance
of the writer's. "I never knew," she
began, "what it was to have a care or a
worry about tho future while tnv hus
band lived ; but lie died suddenly, leav
ing me poor, with several small children.
I tried takiDj; in boarders. Now and then
a debtor would take French leave, and
urgcunnis nurry to ask for his little
Din, ana thus deprive me a wholfl
years's labor. Oiie inciate, however, a
very stylish clerk in one of the depart
ments, was kind euouijb. to stay until ha.
owed me more thau five hundred dollars.
lie wore the finest broadcloth, and the
most expensive jewelry, and patronized
me iu such a grand way that I rarely had
the courage to dun him. At last, the
grocer nearly drove me distracted about
the bill I was owing him, aod I went iu
despeiation to Mr. Jones. '"Now really,
Mrs. ," he said, calmly lookiug
down ou me with serene pity, you ought
to know that this isn t the way to treat a
gentleman of mv standing : I aw fear
I shall bo under the necessity of leaving
if I am to be annoyed about that paltry
sum aiiain." I supposed I was a fool,
but dared not answer him, aud withdrew
looking as guilty as if he had dunned me
Now, Jones often boasted at the table of
intimacy with the President. He con
descended to speak highly of him as a
ura nd old hero, on cordial terms with
his friend Mr. Jones. In my distress I
actu-l'y put on my bonnet and went to
asic Jac.cvon to assist me. I met with
many rebuffs from porters and servants,
but 1 had courajjer, until, to my
dismay, 1 lound mvselt iu the very pres
ence of the President of tho Uuited
States; then my affairs looked small
enough. I 'felt as if I could crawl through
the keyhole easier thau do such an er
rand with the keen look from under Mr.
Jackson's brows upon me. lit saw my
embarrassment and I don't know soon
had ine telling ai! my troubles to him
as if he had been my own sou. 'Dear
me !' 1 exclaimed at last, I doti't kuuW
how I dared come to yn. but Jones pr--fessecl
to Le on ; ucli intimate terms with
your I'sceHtiicy.' 'Ah !' he said with a
twinkle in his eye-; then I think I must
send him my aitfi,ytijh. Do will value
that!' and sutinir down to his desk he
wrote a few scathing lines to his friend,
Mr. Jones, who'Wori fine clothes at a
poor widow's expense, and commanded
It i tn to pay me at once, or resign his clerk
ship, by cou-m:tud of Andrew Jackson,
President ol the United St:ites ol"
America. V. is autograph, indeed .' Why,
that Andrew .Jackou crossed the entire
thect in h tters as b"g ; nd bl ick ns a
thundercloud. When 1 went to pour
the tea that uiglit, I gave Mr. Junes the
Hole, saying. -l calSud on the President
to-day, and ho sent yui this.' 'You V as
if I had been a puppy under his 'feet.
Then iu his strand way 'One of his lit
tle notes on business, brobably. l'utyou
should hiive seen his face beiore he got
to that auftijrtijJi ; he tried to look proud
and indiiluivut ; he tried to eat his sup
per, but I pitied him. lie stopped after
supper,. laid down what money he had.
humbly be'ged my pardon, and iu a day
or tv.i brought ma tho whole sum. After
that, all went well with me. You see, I
had these words always iu my mind
Come to me again, 31 rs. ; the wid
ow and tho fatherless shall always find in
me a friend ' I c.ui assure you that I
prize ! those parting words moie, perhaps,
than Jotu-s did the Prcsidvut's .auto
Wh." .
OaKCONiANS in Utah. The follow
ing is from llu Dalles :
A private letter from Major M. P.
Berry, dated June 10th, informs us that
he had arrived at the place of his desti
nation iu Idaho Territory. " While at
CorimiC" be made a short visit to Salt
Lake City to see Governor Woods, wh-o
he loun-d well aud doing well. He also
met Hon. Samuel K. May, formeriy Sec
retary of Stats of Oregon, at the Mor
mon Capital.
CHABL.S) A. D.VSA. Editor.
A' Newspaper ot tie Present Times
IntSudad for Peoplo Now on Earth.
Including Farms s. Meclianlcs. Merchant. Pro
fessional UK, WuiKara. Tulakers, and l Man
ner ot Boaei Folks, aa J tba Wives, Sons, and
Daatiierj of nil sac&.
Or la taan On? Cent a Copy. Let thers bs a
850 Cina at every Ttnt Office.
or tha ocio tixo aa.l geaeral character as
THE WEEKLY, bt vrtth a ereaicr variety of
tnift-el!aaeoti rcadinir, and furnljtiia tne nwa
to it suDcriouis with 171 cater fraatioes. beeunso
U com 03 twice a woe Instead otoaco only.
A r-reemino itlv raalih o newspaper, witn sue
larks' circ!t aUjit la Uie worul ITo. lnile-ne-tdent.
at:t t.-arie-K in nuiitiiv). A 1 ttie new.
from ev- ryu-tior... i r.. ceata a cupy : by mall.
50 cwt u m jutii. or SO ajatr.
Five copies, one year, ajuaratelyacdress-d. ' ,
Four Uollars.
Ten rorles. one Tr. eerrately addressed (aud
aa extra coi.y to the b"'.t no of "-lap
- Eiirltt Uollnra.
Twenty copies, one year, senftratelv addretsea
. .i.d an ex:a-a cjjiy v tue Hotter up of cinb).
Fifteen Do llura.
Fftv cnrl"- coe Tear, to one aidren rind tutt
'jtM- eci:y one yitr i s tr inter ni cf elub,
Thlrty-thrca Dollars.
Ft"Y rrtp'P' w Tear, epftrareiv (:ii:d
t..e Suuii-WjeKly oaeyerirto trt-trer m- o- t'.ir ).
Tiiirry-Sva Ioltar.
Cn ' r'nTTrp1 cv 1-s, nri? ti rm 1 Q tr-r
I in 1 tlii i-'iil-y for wni; yewr u tu f.-usr ot
cn. i'iity Sol!ar.
Or.p b-i !.lre t e-aii'S. oil's t -nr. stra:-at ly nd-d-e.3'!
n.i ! tlioa!!yitrone ysr ru ; 11J- ir-nif r :
up ofclu'a;, - feiny l)oiiar.
irrr sr.-!ir-v,i's:ii.Y sux.
rrc tovl&. oi-e ycct. tPiKU-att-lr a'li '.
- ILlgut IJoltar-.
Zen cor ic?, o::e verr ftai-n'e'v aarrusod (aii t
KiJleen DolUra.
In TfT-t r1T.- ole- r"r--s, v (iififr- mVrv
Vosis. wi.i-revirr cpvum It .t. nguui
liti 4;;t e.-i cj:aii, .a lat-. A ilre
6aa nines. Sc Vuric Ctty.
S ILLJIKAD r.VPKR. all fizos,' just received
ami for hiIj at tros uCn-e, low fur fash.
DzJk ca3 rsisca::, til.
Ci.i t'-o R'tnt-on r.f T?a!c-Tj to tlirlrlarir assort.
Riv-:'.? i-f '-fwlr Arrived" Cloods, con pnnoil In
rart cf tne Hiilowtnit artleles. tiir' t er wtta
i v.-rr ti:i: ' I:Tt In a tcil Bcrplicd WUOLE
SALE Illtl Ci tiTOH E.
lUtt-sT MEii"txif. DrKiuia-m' fcejiDEIBa,
TitVSSKS: f-ri-POETiBS I Sl!KKlt llEKES,
FniTttL Oils, I i KBFl MEBlrs,
Eim:xs On.. I Pist8 4JD Oita.
Vvlilc'i vra cfl-. r r.t thn towrft Caph rricca, and
sre determined not to be undersold.
E. n. jlcDOX ALD t CO., Eas FEiSCIECO, C4X-
TOli biLLL',
Our Iri!j liHaiiicsS lucat'.-d in San Fran-
i.-4'.o, t'al. Al-'r oi:r l-c.-t wishes, and expres
iiijj Mtr t!i!iiik- f-r tho lilur;tl jiaironaK
wo have l'.ir mi than twenty-ono
years, dining which rieritil we have brcn ftcailily
encase I in the lrs bu.-ines iu CalittTuia, e
lg tn say iu ron.-e iticin-e .f the r)it growth tf
r. Wttfticr's C'iliiimt:t .Vinegar iiitle.8, now
sj.n.a.1 over the rt:tt-s and countries far
lieyou.t, we are nceeitated to Uavoto our entire
tittle 10 said ttr iiKS?1.
We are the Oidesi Drug firm on the VaeiBe
C-tast tin 1 the o;.ly one. continuous ntider tha
same proprietors ine 1 l1.', itnd have lieiermintd
t-i s-ll onr larT'.', prt';peru;i3. and v?elt established
bu'inySft on favora'-l'. terms.
Tiiin is a rtire ooi'oitn: ity for men with tr.eans,
of entering into a t ositiihle liusiness Ti ith advan
lat.s never hefore ofTete-t.
i'or rartieulars t rmuire of
it. II. .MeIfXALl A CO..
It. If. MePo.v.U.I, Wholesnle Prajririrf.
J. i 'fet:xcFn, j f-an I'rant-irtfo, fal.
B. Until a 9M0 is Ta to re' slottl eor.tinne
ottr importations aud keep a Inrs;e t:k of fresh
ooils constantly on hand, and sell at prices ti
defy t-oiajH:t:ti,lJ.
T6e Great Mfdical Discovery !
s-f Hundreds of Thousands
Bear tcRtlmonr to thlr "Wonder
ful CutuUtc XL&GCtB.
Power than any other other PisDo-Forts maun -
fac-tnrcd... .
and in its mcrlianieal construction it Is mors per-,
feet, and therefore, more durable than any lustra '
meat constructed in the aual modern style.
The aran semen t of the Agraffe, tbe manner of
"Tinninc, tho peculiar form and arrangement of
the Iron Frame,
Supersedes all Others.
The use of a bart, (which ia a part of lbs Iron
Frame) on a Hue with the heavy steel stringing, '
Great Strength
Where m st needed, and in this respect all other
Pianos tail.
Tho construction of tho WREST PLANK, into
wliieh ihu Tuning Pins are inserted, is such that it
s imp s.-iUle for tha pins to become loosened, or
he Wr.-'t Plank itself to vplit, aa is toe often tho
ease iu othur Piano-Fortes, ' -
Throughout the entire scale, the e.tccllcot Singing
Quaiiiy, tho - 1
Length aud Purity on Vibration,
All go to prove what we claim, viz.: that tbo
Ariou Piano-Forte .
Is tbe Best Instrument Mannfaotured.
"I went fn tfie Ijooislafure last year,"
Raid a Genrgiair. "Well. 1 went to Au
pjtista and tuttk tllnner at a hotel. Jli-ht
beside ttie at table fat a iiietiibor from
one of the liask towns, wh't hud, pel haps,
never taken diurier at a hotel before iu
his life. JJofore his place was a dish ol
peppers, mid he kept looking at them.
i''iu.iilj, us tho waiters were slow about
biiugiuu up the things, he took up bis
fork and soused one iuto bis luouth. As
he brought down his grindera upon it,
the tears came into bis eves. At last,
Fpiiting tie popper inio his hand.-,
he laid it dowu by the s-ide'of his plate,
an 1 in a voice that set the whole table in
a roar, exclaimed . "Jest lie there aud
Dr. Toi belt, editor of the' Kansas City
(Mo.)VY w., who recently destroyed hiui-
ii-ell 44i tiiorphiiie,- left, a letter to a
Incnd id defense of suicide, lie arua.i
with much force and some eloquence the
riyhtof a man to hike: his own life, and
declares self plaapbter ta be no evidence
of insani'y ; but, on the contrary, at least
in many cases, 01 the highest wisdom.
Ilia suicide seems to have been lonji con
templated, and to have been committed
only after much calm and serious reflec
... 11 1, , '1 11
At the Prospecc Park races, New
York, June Hilt, the srreat race for S4,-
UU0, free to ail, was decided.-; Twq thous
and dollars of the puise went to tins fiivt
horse, SI, 0U0 to the comu, $UK to the
third, aud SICK) to tho fourth. "Lucy,"
"Goldsmith laid," "Auierieati (Jul,"
and "Oeorjre Palmer" started. ,iJ"Aiuer
iean Girl', won the first heat iu 2:20, and
"Goldsmith Maid" won tho next three
io 2:2012:21 2:211.
John Boeraft, and old citizen of South
Bend, attempted to coinmit suicide by
swallowinjr un ounce of laudanum. On
being asked his reason for the - act, - he
replied ; "Business is business ; I wish
to meet General Jackson at 4 o'clock this
afternoon, and I am goiojj to eee hiiu."
He was pumped out.
Little Dear- ' Papa, I wi-h you would
give uie aome spirit Tarnish." Papa
(puzz.ed "What does the child mean?"
Sweet fnnoccut "Why, Mary says tba.
is what makes your nose bo red I"
tn ?.cc l
S 2 I
g -J g' - cO.I
2'- - -S. 5 ;
5 rS -jSiSfe.'$4e& S
T . tl -
Are used Exclusively in the '
of cw York city. J
The most severe test a p'anacan receive is con
Etunt use in. a Conservatory.
Cca! -Slie ollowiii:
It uffords mo cinch plc-arro to give jouj in thes
few linos, a very sincere testimonial for the Piano
Porte of your nianntaeture. Wu Lave now used
the '"'Patent Arkiu Pianos" in or.r Coni-ervaturieS
f'ora y ar, and have had a fuir opportunity of loft
ing their durability during that time. Tbe Pianos
have teen flaved- upon almost conetaotiy, from
uiumiug till niglit, and a Piano must indeed be m
good one wbeu it will l.caisnch constant asewilh
out showing of defection-. As for remaining
in lr, it out rivals any Piano known to nte. v
Their peculiar sweetness of tone hi tbe treble
(as compared to other Pianos with the ordinary
metal acniffo nrran;;i ment ) is so striking that I
haro h.iil u)ils remark, while taking their lesoo,
that although they had at home what they trap
osed to be one of tho best makes of Pianos, still!
the treble was very wirey t ned comnared with the
What makes them tt'iU more desirable is their
itnif.rim vniunie ofiiinc, whii h enables an Artist to
rerfirin a composition in i s true character.
In total. I run coissen ntious!y endorre all that is
' lainied by the Ar'ma Piano Porte Company for
their superb inr'nitnouts, as I consider them u
peri'ir to any i iher make. i ; i C'i "
Conj:rnti:ljtiti't you upon the great success you'
' eve ol ta i ci in tie iniinnfa tore ot so perfeo sn
instrument, J remain yours,
Vcrv trnlv, -HENBY't-CHKOEDEK,
N'cir York, September 3, 180. r r . , t
; "' SS $
ax A
U5 i
ilaio cf Poor Iiuni, "iViiln'ior, PrnoT
Siiirltu and itcftiso I.iqaurauoctor. J,cj;lccJ
aai sweetened t-i l Iojsj tho ti-,t3, callad 'io:
ics,,AmcUo3,, " Ucstorcia," .t-C tiiot lca'1
jo t:pplCi- out) tlruakcnn; s oi'.d ruin, tntaro
a trno Mel'tclne,niaJe frosa tl;c 2Cat:vo 1:00:3 and
Herbs of California, free frim uli At-oUtlto
Stiiuuianis. Tlicvare the U It EAT ill,C331
I'UIllKIEit nil I.IFK JlVIX(j PltlN
CIPI.Eapcrr.ct Ilcr.ovr.tcr aiidiuvlso-i'.orof
t:ic Ey-iVeir., carrylns cT all poisonous matter and
rcitoiius t!.o tlocd to r. tuaUi y c3EC:itio:i. Xo
pcoa cas tiho thcra 11 :crs accorJia t'octrcc
tlou and remain Iocs unwvll.
For Inilamiuiitory nii-l Chronic KUca
inntilM aud t'atlt, lj dloila. or Iudi
centlau, nilisuu, ICcmUlont anil Inter
nilttcnt Fovcru, I1sccm of tho :iood,
Liver. Ivlilueyn, nn.l Ittaittlor. tltcco Kit.
tets have beca raoat sitcssuni!. fcln:h
traMC are catisod by Vitiated Filood. v.hic:i
Is ircnorally prodnccd by tljranucrncat of ths
Iis:fitSve Orcnun.
Headache. 1'a'al In tho fclioaICo;-!, Coutfhj, T.
iicbs of tho Chest, Dizziness, Sour Eructation of
the Gtotnach, Bad tasto la lia Ionth U-Kous At,
tacks, rclpttr.tion of tha Heart, lnftauuuaUaa of
tho J.nn?.Pai.i la the regions of the Uldaeys.and
o hundred other paialnt symptoms, crj tho oi
sprlngoof Dyspepsia.
TUy luvlorath9 the Stomach and sthnntato tho
torpid liver and boweia, wiilch render thorn of un
equalled eQcacy la clcaagins t!;a blood cf oil
Impurities, Bad impartial newlI.'J a-td v.'ifor ta
tho whole system.
FDKSlilN ni-ar.AHF.S.Ernpt'.ons.Tetfcor.
Fait, Blotolics. Kpota, 1'liupU-s, Pustules.
Bolls, Carhoncles, Kias-W01 ma, fcer-.I J-IIcaJ. Cro
Eyos.nrystncla'-, Itah, Scarfs. Ulscoloratior.a of
the sail, riamors and Diseases or the Skin, of
-vhatcver asms or nature, ara Ktorally dog un
andcarrled oat of tha cvstotn In a shor t,nio by
tha use of these Bitters. One bottle ta sort)
cases will convince tho most Incredulous or their
curative ofTccts.
Cleanse tho Vitiated Blood whenever yoa find
Its Imparities bnrstinK thronith the skin la Fira
ples. Eruptions or Bores t ctoanse it when you
find It obstructed and sluggish In tha veins;
cleanse It when It Is font, and your fooling will
tell yon when. Keep tho blood pure and tba
health of tho systsci will follow.
PIS, TAPS and other WO It 31 S. Jurklnirtn
the system of so many thousands, era effectually
destroyed and removed. For fall directions, read
carefully the circular around each bottle.
CO DragirlBts and Gen. Agents, San Francisco,
Gal,, and 82 sad St Commerce 6 tree! . New York,
M'e want fint tin's and rrsponsihle Agents. Iw
' vc y city and town where we have not already ap
pointed them. . , . : .- ; J j
Vc Iiave jiirl PnblilieX '
Our annual Illustrated Pamphlet, which 'contains
a lull uo.-et ii ttnu id the interior eunstrueliuu ol tha
Put nt Ariuii l'uiio-t-oi te, and all tbe other lead
ing Piutioi ot Hie prim ijial mukes; lllaetrated with
cuts, tliiiseotrafttnj; tne rtrioa with all other firsU
eiiLrs I'usut, aud proving ' .
Why and Where -.
;- - - '' ..- v - - .i:-r 1 cr
Our Pianos are superior to any in the market.
Onr pamphlet contains engravings of all tbe difV
fer -vt styles of instrument that we manufacture,
civ in a full description of each, so that a person
can elect the tyle they may. desire to order, with
the assurance that thev will receive just at good a
Piano as if they were in our warerooma to select it.
Wo have sold over Five Thousand Pianos. many of
tliotn taint; shipped great distances, and we have
never yet received the first complaint. 'Arwsrv 1
a written guarantee with every Piano we manufao- '
ture. for five years, the purchaser ran no risk. '
Ihm'tfuil to writtforimr pampMtt tehitk tsestati
F i-m, nud tuirn you irrtfe stars mkat paper yon sets
'Am worire t. - 1 . -
X. It. .We caution tbepublirfromparchssinfta
cheap Piano, which has recently been put ia the
mm-ket. henrins the name "Arion." All genuine
Arion Pianos h-arthe name "Patent Artoa.'-and
can only be purchased from our New Tnrk Ware,
rooms, or our authorized Agents throughout tha
United States, . . , .
, !. All kinds of
Slusical InstrnncKts ,
Anion riA::3rc::::;;;T
Ko. 5S4 Broadway. Kw York ClHr.