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    U. S. Official Paper for Oregon.
SATUll DAY, FKIJKUAliy 4, 1S71
With tlic" fall of Paris it would seera j
that the last hope of the .Republic had J
IFor rnrrimrv devasted, C-ov i
1.11 ,rUh wounds, hleedins at "n 1 lanos tl,e 1 atent Anon, for instance.
Axrortr with dissensions and strife
mA ja j injr Investment."
" Few parents know ' that they cannot
make a better "paying" investment than
putting money into a musical instrument
without regard to' their children, being
"all hoys" or "all girls" or a mixed col
lection. Why ? Wc will show you : take two
parent's, let one put 8500 at iutereat, and
the other invest in the latest improvement
. ., ,rm 1- . 4
t the feet of her conqueror, bound
hand and foot, with no shadow of hope of
success in a further continuance of her;
struggle. At an untold cost of life1, and
blood and treasure, she has . fought the
most terrible aud disastrous., war the
world ever saw,Tut by superior force she
is' compelled nt the close to accept euch
terms as tie victorious Germans may of
fer.;.,Tha . conditions . imposed upo
prostrate France are (almost crushing,
"yet are not so bad as would result from a
j rolongatiort of the unequal " duel. - We
hope that peace may once more, fuld her
wings oyer Europe but who can. tell?
We await future developemcnts with no
liffle interest. ' '''"' ,:''"''; - 1 ,: -
" .. ' .,' ' . .. ' ' '
xne new city on the Uoiumbia, Tivtr,,
Kalama.laid out by the Northern Pacific
Railroad -Co., x recently is stiUjcreatiog
and all properly laid off in lota aud blocks,
which are now offered to the public. , The
new city is located on the Colombia riv
er, about forty miles below Vancouver,
r;rT.'-iThe N. P. . Co: are prepar
ing to erect dockSj ,, depots, warehouses,
eti; at this poiut, making it their head
quarters on the Columbia. . Mr. B. Black,
formerly cleVt irr the Shermau IL use at
Chicago, has secured six lots, on which
he proposes to erect a hotel with . a front
of soventy-five feet, so arranged as to ex
tend1 it one hundred and twenty-five feet,
riia a depth of eighty feet. It will be
three stories high, be covered with. a.
Mansard roof, aod ,.wiU .eost 515,000.
This looks as -though there was great
conuuence letr in tae xucare - or lvaiama
the "be autiful'gir!. ' - .: ;
suppose ten years have elapsed : what
wouiU probably le the resu.t in the two
families fmetberV Children harrfGeiwral Grant to understand that he
Senator Williams. A Washington
dispatch to the New York. Tr.Zuno,
Japuary 9th, says :
As the name of. Senator , Williams of
Oregon, has been mentioned, to the em
barrassment of both the Senator and the
Piesident, in connection with the offipn
of Attorney General, it is proper to state
that the incumbent, Mr. Akerman, has
no intention of resigning, and the Presi
dent has intimated no desire for his re
tirement. During an interview with tlic
i , ti . .. -
i lesmeui 10 aay, senator Williams gave
The SmU Francisco Vhronu fe don't liko
the manner in which President Grant treat
ed the Pacific delegation, who, it will be re
membered,. ioterTiewcd him at the, White
House recently, and recommended Senator
Williams as the proper person to fill a po
sition in his Cabinet, about to be made
vacant" ty the retiring of Akerman, as
urrently reported. 1 It says these
gentlemen were treated rather discour
teously, and asserts ; that . Senator Wil
liams is the peer of any member of his
Cabinent, as at present constituted, and
Lis Friends Vn J the Pacific Coast were
entitled to a respectful hearing from him.
While agreeing with the Chronicle that
Senator Williams is the equal of any
member of Grant's Cabinet and deserves
the fullest . consideration at his hands,
yet we are inclined to the opinion that
the. delegation was over zealous ia the
matter; and upon the whole, were treated
about righUfor their ofliciousncss.
grown up seeking music . and pleasure
away trom Home, subject to many temp
tations, wnue ms money by interest has
doubted? the'pthxfBiilyJhaf e boepme
performers and lovers of music, and
through life look back to their home cirr
cle and their home sougs with pleasure,
they have missed many dangers by their
home attractions and ihcy have the Pi
anltiXIA3H & t'illlkZk$,
It is surprising how few persons know
where the modern Piano commenced or
originated. Nearly 200 years ago . in
ueriunftY f by tlic way Mr. Mariner, ' the
patentee of the Arion, is an American
German) they invented what we call the
"Dulcimer" which was brass wires stretch
ed actress.. a box and played upon with", a
stick iu each hand ; next .they made a
" t'lacicord," in which 'they used a key
board, to be played upon with the fingers
like the present Piano, the shape of this
and the : Dulcimer were tapering ; the
next stop was the "Clavieetheriuin" of a
square form, little leather hammers struck
the catgut, strings; next came "Good
Queen Bess," (who was as bad as the
Devil could make . her) the " Virginal"
made in Kngland,. so named iu her honor,
it had metal strings whielj were snapped
by Quills affixed to the back'end of the
The greatest advance was the "Jlarp
sichonl' shaped like pur Modern .Grand
Piano, "it "had "wires stretehed across
Bridges, and its "Action" was the same
as the Virginal. ' They made a square
Harpsichord which they called a "Spine t
the wags of that day used to call them,
with-their Quill actions. " scratcli with
a sound on the end of it" Yet upon these
simple, rude instruments, Beethoven,
Mozart, and Handel composed their glo
rious inspirations. Thus little by little
have arrived at perfection in our musical
instruments, uutil the "summit of per
fection" is reached in the far famed Patent-Ariox
Piaxo-Fgutk, which con
tains many valuable improvements over
the "ordinary Pianos of the present day.-
From the I'hiladctyhia "Monti of Pence."
Bis.makck.'s Tekms. Following are
the terms of peace offeied by Bis
marck to the French nation :
1. Cession of Alsace and part of
Lorraine, known as German Lorraiue.
2. Money indemnity of one thousand
million francs.
S. Forty war ships from the French
4. One of the colonics now held by
the French which 1 cannot learn. The
money indemnity must be guaranteed by
the municipalities. If refused, the
property of rich individuals will be held
possession of until aequicsccnco is obtain
ed. c
not an applicant for any oflice, and that
anybody asking office for him did so
without his consent , aud against , his
wishes. ' ' ' -
"" Good NEtts to Oreooji Volunteers.
--On the 14th of last month, the Senate
bill to pay two . companies of Oregon vol
teers, before tho : House Com m it tee on
Military Affairs, was reported back from
that Committee with, the recommendation
that the feill pass-' 'Folfo wing is the text
octjwu? g'v v.; J:,'i ;;,;.', ;
The bill provides thai the Act of Con
gress entitled 4.n Act to authorize , the
Secratary of War to settle and adjust the
'expenses of tho Rogue river Indian war,"
approved July 17 j 1854, shall be extend
ed: to the two companies of Oregon volun
teers commanded by Captains Jesse Walk-
Vt-MIl VHIJ, tl&U 1UUI UtifTlCS
te suppress Indian hostilities in .Ore gon
tilf eal'foT the payment1 of the
eims; known is f lie Itatnaway t irpvush
CtsmJ? aava th JiuZh'fia which, him Tioon
miuuuu. uu ink iigut si: tur years,
amounting to about fortyr thousand dol
lars. ' ivithout much debate the bill pass
ed, and it is altogether probable has r e-
eifed-tbe signature of President. Grant
eretajst Cm the same day Mr. ffagley
farther added. ,Ji - s t, . s
X have been instructed by the Commit-
eee on MiliUry Affairs to .report back,
whs a recommendation ibat the same do
pass, m bill til., JR. No. 2,040) to amend
an Act approved March 2, 1851, entitled,
Aa Act to provide for the T payment' of
the expenses incurred by the Territories
f Oregon and Washington for the ' sup
pression of Indian hostilities therein for
the years 1855 and. 1856." r
' This looks as though Uncle Samuel in
tended to pay ine- whole Oregon war debt
ef 1855 and 1S56, and will be good news
to. those who have waited so long "for their
dues. . - ' , , ,
v.The indieations are that the census ro-
wiU biow 'hat the population of the
United States is nnder ' forty - millions i
pjrobably. not over thirty.six or thirty
save millions. We will have about the'
mm number of inhabitants as credited to I
Eraneo, or Prussia with her German de.
peBieneies. Ha it not been for the re
Eelnon .the, population of the United
States would have been between 42 000 i'
eOO;anL 45,000,000. . .X
' V " ' ' ' '' ' '
. Tha-3aryswUe (Cat) Appeal,' one of
r host exchanges, has entered npon'its
twentysthird volume. It is one of the
hest newspapers published in our sister
S&ate) and. we wish it tl fullest of pro.
Eutj tad sacccss. , " ,
Chief Justice Chase! The Cincin
nati Enquirer, the Democratic organ of
Ohio, editorially.says this : .
As the friends of this distinguished
citizen, as well as the public generally,
aro interested in his health, we quote the
following in regard thereto from a letter
on private business, written vis by a
trienti in flew l ork, on; the 4th ; inst. :
"I visited Chief Justice Chase yesterday.
and found him much better than I ex
pected, lie is quite worn and broken in
face, but moves about easily, and con
verses with his usual ease and " trrace.
His wit is as lively as ever, and his judg
ment as clear". I . thiuk we all should
feel quite glad of this, for Mr. Chase,
with all his foibles, is still, as I think,
the greatest man we have to-day."
Chas. Lamar, of Portland, has brought
suit against John Phillipi for the seduc
tion of his wife, laying his damages at
30,000. , . . - -. "
The French General, Bourbaki, at
tempted suicide after his defeat at Bel
fort. His life is despaired of.
Adverse Hei'OUT. Iu the House
proceedings of Januaary 14th occurred
this :
Mr. Cobb, of Wisconsin, also, " from
the Committee on Military Affairs, re
ported adversely upon the petition of
Jesse T. Thompson, George B. Mekler,
and fifty others, disabled soldieis and
inmates of 'National Asylum, at Dayton,
Ohio, askmg Congress to authorize the
issue of transportation, arms, blankets,
and rations to enable them to remove
and settle in Oregon,undcr the auspices
of the Oregon Ctlony, No 1, amjt moved
that the Committee be discharged from
the further consideration of the
and that it be laid on the table,
motion was ajrreed to. ,
Small pox
Walla valley.
Js prevailing in Walla
Telegraphic Summary.
Fort Benton (M. T.), Jan. 31.
Charles B. McKnight and a man named
Ross, belonging to the .post at Mussel
Shell, while out hunting on the 11th.
Ti e Eugeue City Guard is the Deur
ocratie organ of Lane county. Here is
what it says of tho Democratic State
gan, the Portland Herald, In its
issue t '' '
The .Journal innocently asks if the
vauy xieraia nas suspended. . it is
dent that is has suspended so far as
Jonrnttl is concerned. - And thereat
rejoice.. We have not had a copy of the
'.'party: organ"Uaflu2ted ou us for about
three weeks, aod our cup of joy was filled
to overflowing.;, H e are truly glad that
we have some one to enjoy pur bliss with
us. hv not stop tile a weekly ? We
have not the slightest use for it, as
never nas contaiuea an original idea, nor
an item of news, since we first.: made- its
aequaiataoce.j t '' f. 'ftm&'MU.
From Arizona we learn that -'.t Indian
raids of late have .been of frequent occur
rence all over the Territory, the Apaches
having attacked -tho Gila and Pinio : Res
ervations, places hitherto regarded as safe.
The citizens were' to have amass meeting
on the 1st, to consider measures for - the
public safety. . : ' . " . ','
On the 28th uh. tho people of Corinne
(Utah) luxuriated ina terrible hurricane,
accompanied with thunder and lightnings
which swept over the town, throwing
down houses, chimincys, and doing other
' The rainfall in California is reported as
very general throughout the , State, and
the people look forward hopefully -to large
Tho.' Tartars ; in China ' have ' again
"revoluted" ; and : have already seized
many important places. At last dates
the revolution had . assumed alarmins:
proporUons.1: . vr
'Heath and Southern! y stage robbers
who escaped from Camp Douglas (Utah)
someiiwo since, have BcejolcaughLj WI
Xenia (Ohio) girls are said to have a
pleasing habit of kissing strangers in the
street, and then wildly; screaming, "Oh
niy ! I thought it was cousin Charlie !".
Upon the receipt of the news ! of -the
capitulation of Paris, " tho citizens of
Berlin were thrown into a perfect frenzy
of excitement. - .
Bismarck 'Denies neirotiii'tinir to return
the Eaineroi
lam, ot i'russia.
Prince Frederick Will
-uroaiter to be styled Imperial;, Hi
neas and Crowa; Prineo of Germany.
.i '-:Vv-:,J'"'' "t' i if... ,
. The English ParUament meets on
19th of March nexl.
Small pox is reported as cpideinio
London, and rapidly increasing. ' "- '
were shot and killed by a war party cf
Sioux Indians. .
Grass Valley, Jar. 31. Kobett
Cute, the man who was hart by fallin"
down stairs, teunday morning, died from
his injuries this afternoon.
Colusa, Jan. 31. Mr. Shaw, of the
firm of Bond, Reynolds & CJ., and W.
W.Thomas of this place, were severely
injured tnis afternoon by the running
away of a team which they were driving-
; -
Advices from Tahiti announce the ar
rival there of the German bark Gazell,
with barley, from San Francisco, cap
tured off Iquiqui, Peru, by a French
steamer, and sent there as a prize.
Rivas, Mexican Consul, under orders
from Mexico, declines to sign any clear
ances for vessels or goods for Magdalena
ta5"-. XJie Lower California Company
having advertised free ports, free trade,
etc., he notifies the public that Magdale
na bay is not a port of entry, and any
goods loaded for there -will bo liable to
seizure, The only Dort of entry on the
peninsula of Lower California is La Paz.
The Curlew, chartered by the Lower
California Company, ; being refused
clearance for Magdalena sailed without
papers. t . . : f .... .
The United States . steamer .Nyack,
from Honolulu, with advices from the
crew' of the wrecked war steamer Sagi
naw is now due, and her arrival looked :
fur with much anxiety. ' ,
Reno, Jan. 31. About 5:30 p. m. to
day, while the ' Susan ville stage was
approaching town, at a point one and a
half miles north, two men masked jump
ed from behind the sage ; brush, , one
catching the leaders by the head -i and
covering the driver with a revolver, the
other covering the passengers with pis
tols in each hand and calling on j all .to
raise their hands. The driver was then
requested to dismount, when they search
ed him and obtained $150 in coin. Major
Eggleston, U; S. A., was then requested
to dismount which ho , did, when j the
robbers searched him and found $200 in
his pockets, and requested him to remove
the belt around his waist, which contain
ed $7,000. The robbers must have
known of the fact and followed .him . for
some distance. .While they were exam
ining the Major, the driver, from whom
they had taken a revolver, drew a dcrin
ger and fired at one of the villains; ; and
undoubtedly hit him in tho breast, as ho
fell to the ground and afterwards got up
and staggered off, '"firing as"; ho went.
The other robber , decamped, and -, the
report of the pistol caused the team to run
away. Tlrcy.ran a distance of half a mile
before they were stopped, ; when . Lieu
tenant Hay and another man rvrocceded
back to follow tho robbers. When they
arrived at the scene of tho encounter they
lounu wo :iajor s belt containins the
$7,000 and the $200 of private funds.
Montgomery (Ala.), Jan.: 21.
Judge W. P. Shelton, Grand Master of
the Grand Lodge of Free Masons, of
Alabama, died last night.. He was , for
merly Chief Justice of the Supreme
Court of the State, , Both Houses of the
Legislature add the Saprcme Conrt ad
journed until Monday in respect ' to his
memory. ' , - ... . - i . t. -
. ' ' roREiax . "
London, Jan. 30. -All rivers are
open for transportation to Paris.
Bismarck leaves France after the" meet-'
ng of the Assembly at Bordeaux. .
: The early return of the Emperor Wil
liam is expected. The report of his re
turn on Tuesday is unauthenticoted.
The Germans rigidly maintain pass
port regulations during the armistice.
Lille, Jan. 30. The armistice as
tounded the North. The impression is
rather favorable, but undecided, await
ing conditions of peace. )
It is said the Germans have invested
Abbeville, notwithstanding .the armis
tice. i London, Jan. 5 3l. The armistice
begins instantly in Paris, in three days in
the Departments, ending at noon of Feb
ruary 19th. , :The dividing line divides
the Departments of Calavados and Ornc,
the Germans holding SarAndro,- Loire
and Cherloiret and Youne, iu the neigh
borhood of Jura. - ,j -) ff
It is expe'etedthat the sea forces are
included in the armistice and capitula
tion of prisoners of war,, to remain iu
Paris. After surrendering their arms
the National Guard and gens, d'armes
remain under .arms as - a police. All
Franc-Tirreurs'are to be disbanded.
A Berlin dispatch says the Bonapart
ist negotiations with Bismarck ' take an
important turn.
A later dispatch says there is conster
nation at Wilheluishohe is consequence
oPthe proposition to call a Constituent
Assembly. ; ;;, ir;..- .,
Lonuon," Jan. 30. Gauibetta ratifies
1 r.. i . , ...
iu vapiiuiauou, ana wui not resign.
Later Gauibetta is reported to hav
curaniutea suiciae. L&incc contradictedj.
The Empress Eugenic, .after a stormy
interview with Duke de Pcrsigny, order
ed hiiu to quit her presence, since he
persisted in urging her to couscut to tho
dismemberment of France.
There are demonstrations in several
French towns against the armistice and
mutilation of France, and the municipali
ties appear to maintain resistance, .and
have seut deputations to Bordeaux with
that. object. " . .
Bordeaux, Jan. 30. Gauibetta tel
egraphed to day to Favre at Versailles
requesting him to break the silence main
tained by the Paris Government, to state
the name of the minister whose arrival
was announced, the "motives of delay, and
positive information respecting. the condi
tion ot Paris. ; ' , .
Rumors are current that Von Moltke
was greatly dissatisfied with the Crown
Prince's army on the occasion of the sor
tie of the 19th. He thinks ground was
lost unnecessarily, and expressed his
opinion openly. - There is a growing cold
ness in consequence between tho Crown
Prince and the comrnander-ia chicf.
New York, Jan. 30. A JLrald spe"
cial, dated Versailles, Jan. 29, says Fort
Valerian was entered last night by the
Prussian engineers to draw the mines.
Heavy guns have been moved imo the
forts, as the eiiceinte is strongly armed,
and no confidence can be placed in the
fickle populatijn of Paris until after a
general disarming. A strong force of
iuf'antry aud aitillery moved forward to
cover the working parties. The object
is to snare further bloodshed, and :ive
an opportunity to the French people,
through an asseinblyof representatives at
Bordeaux, to tfeeide fur war or peace.
Elections will Lo permitted in all the
departments, wiCli free circulation of the
deputies throughout the country. The
Army of Paris and regiments of the line
Marines and Mobiles, will be prisoners.
With the exeeptioii cf 12,000 men requir
ed to maintain order in Paris, all troops
but the-National Caards willjjo dissolved.
The French troops will deliver arms,
flags and field artillery within fourteen
days. 1 he trench may retire into Paris
armed, and the cannons of the forts are
to be delivered up, but the enceinte guns
are to bo dismounted and tho carriages
delivered to the Prussians. Tbe guns
are to be left. A line of demarkation is
drawn between the enceinte and forts.
The Freneh position, extends "to the
enceiute only ; the Prussian portion to
within five liundred paces from the
enceinte, with certain topographical mod
ifications. Fort Vincenncs will remain
in the hands of the French. ' -
Paris .. remains ; completely invested
from a military point of view, but 33
miles of road will be repaired and'' per
mitted to convey sufficient supplies for
the daily subsistence of the population.
Bourbaki's army and the . fortress of
Belfortare not comprised in the armis
tice. The Prussian's line of demarkation
for the Southern armies is to be the line
oC the Loire. , .' - .
Fuvre : returned to Taris vesterdav
evening. Not moro than three weeks'
provisions remain- in Paris at the pres
ent time. , The "French at Versailles
generally rejoice . the approach of
By the latest report of negotiations it
appears that Bismarck- demands two
provinces, a French colony, twenty war
ships, and 1,0"00,000,000 francs as the
final terms of peace. The capitulation
will only be regarded-as a military ' act
apart from all political negotiations.
The following is an official dispatch by
the Minister of the North German Con
federation at Washington to the North
German Consul j of -this? city, received
to day The forts of Paris arc surren
dered. " An armistice for three, weeks by
land and sea is agreed upon. The Na
tional Assembly i3 summoned at Bor
deaux.' '..v.-; - t
London, "Jan. 29, A Versailles dis
patch just received' says the 15th Saxon
corps at lO.o'clock to-day occupied Clar
cnton,. Montrougo aud Vanvrcs. The
Silosian corps occupied Ivry aud Biectrc.
Immediately after the occupation of the
forts by the Germans, tho Provisional
Government still retaining its authority
in Paris, will summon a National Assem
bly, which body will decide ou the form
of the future government of Franco.
London, Jan. 29. :Empcror William
has sent the following to . the , Empress
Augusta: . .
Versailles, Jan. 29. At 2 P. M.
last night an armistice -of three weeks
was signed. The Regulars and Mobiles
arc to be retained in Paris as prisoners
of war. The National Guarde will un
dertake the. maintenance of order. AVe
oecupy all the forts. Paris remains
invested, but will be allowed to rcvictual
as soon as arms are surrendered. The
National Assembly is to be convened at
Bordeaux in a fortnight. All artnie3 in
the field will Tctain their respective posi
tions. . The" jroutid between the opposing
lines, is to be neutral. . , ......
vrixxiAxn tjavibson,
. Oflice, No. 6 Front Street, -
FORTL ANI. in the most desirable localities, con
HOUSES and STOKES; ulso,
- IMPROVED FARMS, and valuable un
cultiirBtd LANDS, located in ALL parts of the
REAL ESTATE and other Property pur
vlmsod for Correspondents, iu this CITV and
throughout the STATU and TER1UTORIKS,
with great care and on the most ADVAXTA-
NESS transacted.
AGENTS of this OFFICE in all tho CIT-
1KS and TOWNS in the STATE, will receive
descriptions of FARM PROPERTY and forward
the same to the above addrueg. 3v22
A. Wheuler, dealer in fancy aud staple Dry
Ooodd, llat, Clothing, Boots aaid Shoes, Groce-riu.-,
Crockery, Hardware, Iron and Steel, Wagon
Timber, Pious, Agricultural Implements, etc.,
etc. , , ... . .
Motto "Small profits and quick returns."
i .
: i .... - ..
. ' NEW TO-BAYJ i " ' j . NKV TO-DAY..'
. ! . : -
cheek at eight.
Interest allowed cm time deposits in coin.
Exchange on Portland, San Francisco and
New York for ?ak at lowest rates. .
Collections made and promptly remitted.
Refers to 11. W. Cor'octt, lleury Failing, W. P.
Ladd. ;. ,., .
Baukinff hours from 8 a. st. to 6 v. it. 15
Albany, February 1, 1871. 22v3
To the reople of Albany.
rnUE UNDERSIGNED bavin" rented and
J refitted the FRANKLIN MARKET, form
erly occupied ly Mr. Sears, hopes to be ablo to
furnish the putno with as good MEATS, both as
to quality and variety, as the country affords,
anil expects to be represented there by a good,
accommodating man, and H?ks a liberal portion
ufyourpatr..nu2C. DANIEL CLARK.
Albany, February 1,. J S71-22tf
ID. U. 37A.-X-,
Physician, Snrgton & Aecoucher.
Hot 1, Albany, Oregon. Special attention
given to Surgery and Chronic diseases. Consul
tations in English, (iernian or French. 21v.1
Take IVoticc.
Grood 3ZStvx-sixxisi 2
' ; .' Will call at the
GASH store',
as we sell for
and will soil chc;yer tinder this system of doing
CASH paid, for nil the KCOS that may bo of
fered, at the CASH STORE cf
Jan. 7, 1S71-1S R. CHEADLE & CO.
' THE f
Tim 1 11 rn.T I UrtTl H' t 1
Power than any other other Piano Forto uiana-
rnnlnroil !
and in its mechanical construction it ia more per
fect, and therefore, more durable than any instru
ment constructed in tbe usual modern style.
Tho aranmment of the Agraffe, the manner of
stringing. the peculiar furm ttnd arrangement of
tne iron Jrame, , : j -;i
Snierse!cs nil Others.
The Qso of a Lart,( which is b. part of tho Iron
Frame) on a line with the heavy steel stringing.
gives - :.. ' i ,
Great Slrciiffth'
Where most needed, and in this respect all other
1'ianos tail. !'-.
The construction of the WREST PLANK, into
which tlu Tuning Pins are inserted, is such that it
is irnpoB.-ible for the ins to become loosened, or
the Wrest Plunk iiseif to split, as is too oltcn tho
case in other Piano-i ortcs,
Throughout the entire scale, the excellent Shining
qualify, tuo , j ;
Jjcmjtli and Purity on . Vibration,
All go to prove what we claim, viz. : that (he
Arioii Piauo-I'ortc
v -
Id the I! est Instrument Manufactured.
"Wisconsin" IZought Out!
T ed the stock of M. Pearson, and added to it
a large assortment of . -
solicits the natroaasre of his friends and the pub
lic. The stock is well Bclocted. and will be sold
At the Lowest Prices.
We mean TRADE, and will kWo too VALUE
RECEIVED... .; , j. .. ' Jfi'l
aiVE U S A T It I A Ia .
" O. W. YOUNG,
Corner First and Broadalbtn streets.
Are used Exclusively in tlio
of New York city.
The most pover;; tc-t a pinno can receive is con
ttant u.-e in a Conservatory.
The Last Call.
A indebted to K. CHEADLE .1 CO., by note
or book account, will give it their attention at
once, as we will make co-ts on the same if not
settled soon. K. CHEADLE i CO.
Jan. 1. 1S71-1S
and dealer iu
Oilers, in addition to a lull supply of ...
. such as
BLANK. HOOKS, new styles,
MUSIC BOOKS, of all iad.,
Frosh lot ot NOVELS, -
as well as -
I'airiaii Itlarblc ' Vsisti a
Writing leskt3
I'ortlblios, . ';
"Work boxes,
, t riules,
' : AND MASY "OTHER"'" '
Musical Iiisstiuiiiients
i . including the- '
Champion Mechanical ,
, A ll of which ae, j a matter of course, . ,
' - TO BE HAD 02, '"
E. W. PIKE.-
Albany, Docvtnbcr 24, 1370-16
Keail The roSIon issi;:
: .": '-: . " I x. . v-"
It nfTorde me much pliaure to give g-ou, iu the.e
ienr line, a very sincere tesihm.uial J'or the I'iuno
Fortes of 3'our inanufaeture. AVe fcave now used
the 'i'utcut Avion 1'iauos" in our Conservatories
for a year, an 1 have bail a fair opportunity of test
ing tlieir durability during Ibat time. The 1'ir.nos
have been played upon almost constantly, from
moroiing till nijjht, and a Piano mcrt indeed bo a
good one when it jvill bear such constant use with
out showing sigua of defection. As for remuiuiny
in tune, it out rivals any l'iano known to me.
Tbeir peculiar sweetness of tone in the treble,
Cas compared to other 1'ianos with tbo ordinary
uietal agraffe arrangement ) ia so striking that I
have had pupils remark, while taking their lessons,
that although they had at home wbnt they sup
posed to be one of the best makes of Pianos, still
the treble was very wirey t Bed compared with tho
"AlUON." i
W bat makos them atill moro desirable is tbeir
uniform volume of tone, which enables an Artist to
perform a composition iu its true character.
In total, I can conscientiously endor-e all that's
claimed by the Arion Piano - i'orto Company for
their superb instruments, as I consider thcui su
perior to any other makfu. !
Cougratulatiug you upon tho great success you
I are ohtatucd m the manufacture of so perfect an
instrument, I remain yours, -
Very truly, I
1 director.
New Xork, Septembtr 3, 1S70. j
. :;'---t i ;
AV'c wantNfirst class and rcsponsibio Agents in
every city and town where we havo not already ap
pointed them. " 1 ,
We have Just Published
Our annual Illustrated Pamphlot, which contains
a full description of tbe iuterior construction of the
Patent Arion Piano-Forte, and all tbe other lead
ing Pianos of the principal makes; illustrated with
euts, thoscotrasting the Arion with all other first
class Pianos, and proving .-j .
Why and
Oar Pianos are superior to any in the market. '
tfcir pamphlet contains engravings of all the dif
ferent styles of iuatrumeuU that we manufacture,
giving a full description of each, so that a person
eon select the style they may desire to order, with
the assurance that they will receive just as good a
Piano as if thoT were in our irararanm, to ;
We have sold over Five, Thousand Pianos, many of
imu.h oumg Euippeu great aistaners, and we linva
never yet received the first complaiuf. As we give
a written guarantee with every Piano, w monutac
ture. for five years, the nurcbaser mm . ri.L
JUoh'iuU to tcriieor our pamphlet trliuk icemail
trneu yuu tcrtlc mtute ulmt paper uou ,-iu
thin u-iiic ,'. . ' . i 1
N. U. We caution (bo public from purchasing a
cheap Piano, which has recently boon puVin'tbe
market, bearing tho name "Arion.": All centime
i moo ueariuo name "1'atont Ariou, aud
cau only be purchased from our New York Waro
rooius, or our authorhod Aguuts throughout the
i'nitcd Statef. I
All kinds of i
Musical lustrumcnts Supplied.
We want your Produce," anil will give as good
a bargain as can bo found in this Vmrgh. Call
and see ue. . O. W..-VOUKG,
Pearson's old stand, corner First and Broadalbin
jau21 streets, Albany, Oregon. : , v3n2tt ;
Is thevmost popular style of PhotoprapU now ;
niado. Call and see. A. J. WINTEK,
Jan. I1-19 ' : ' . : i Albany, Orcgon.-
I do not wish to inforuryou, rcaler, that Dr.
Wondurful, or auy other man, ba discovered a
remedy that cares Consumption,, when tbe lungr
arc nearly half consumed, in abort, will cure all
diseases whether of mind, body or estate, make
men lve forever, and leave death to play for want
of work, and is designed to make our sublnnary
pjjucic a uunsiui , iirauifCf iv wuieu jioarca ii
self shall bo hot a aide Low, i Y hnva hoard
enough of that kind of humbnggery. JJut when
I tell you that Dr. Sage' Catarrh Remedy vili
positively cure tho worst eaes of Catarrh in th
ilea l, l only assert that winch thousand can
testify to. I will pay $j00 Reward for a caso
that I ennnot cure, a pamphlet giving symp
toms tind other information sent free to any ad
dress. This remedy is , , ...
Price SO cents. Sent, by mail? postpaid, on re
ceipt oi sixty cents, or inur paci'nges tor two uoi
lars. Deware of roHnterfiitt and vorthfetr imila-ti-n.
See that my private .-tamp, which ia a
positive guarantee of Oenuinencss, is npon tho
outside wrapptr. Remember that this private
Stamp, ir&ued by the United States Government
esprcs!y for atarupinr-r my r.M-dicineg-, has my
portrait, name and address, and the words "IX.
P. Certificate of Genuineness," engraved npon it,
and need not h!"iuistakt:n.. , Don't be ewindkrd by
'travelers .and others, representing themselves aa
Dr. Sugc ; I am tbe only man now living that has
the knowledge and ripl.t t" manufacture the Gen
uine Ir Sago's .Catarrh . Remedy, aud I tnever
travel to sell this modioiiie. ' ? : -' , f
; - - it. V. PIKRCE. M. D.
2I:si3 m.1 Seneca,-tre..t, JluiTalo, N. Y.
Jfo, 55 J Broadway, New York City.
" - jrres p????lrt"'';-'';'-
AnlnfalliMo blood pi-bvieh. poBflesa
lng rare toxic and xcavnc properties
a certain rare for bbeuutim. cotrv.
NEl'BAUii., and all kindred Disease.
It completely restores the system when Im
paired by disease, revives tho action of tho
nnni'i and gesital oauin, radi
cally cores scstoFuui, hilt Buncuja,
and all EatiPTTt E mm cctmeoiis Dis
eases, givea Immodlato and permanent relief
in DTiPEnu. EavsirELAs, Tumors
Bolls, Scald Head, Ulcers and Sores; eradi.
eates from the system all traces of Mercurial
, Disease, " ' ' '' ' " '
It Is PUHELV t ECETABLR, being made
from an herb found indigenous in iHiTni.
. It .is theref oro peculiarly suitable for use by
Females and Children, as BLOOD aKistia
FiEst ui uirovaTon.
, Far Sal by all Druggists. ,? . X
BCDi Heron. hostbtte oo.
AGKNTS.' '...'J-'!'j
C20 and 531 Market Streot, '-
Ban Franoiaoo, -
"n i
ciniii TiiATs'cioi;csii.i
'tisjTiiE-iiiiar liKMiii
Every day brins trong proof of the great valuo-
Dr. P. Meredith. Dei.tist, uEco So. 132 West
Sixth street, stales iu follows : -
Cl.V(TNATI, October 1, DS0.
. Messrs, J. N. HARRIS & CQ Ueuts : About
one year ago I took a cold which settled on my
lungs. A violent cough was tho consequence,,
whioh increased with severity. I expectorated
large quantities of phlegm and matter. During
the last winter I becutoo so much reduced that I
was confined to my bud. The disease was attend
ed with cold chills and night-sweats. A diurrhuea
set in. My friiiis thought I was iu the last
stages of consumption, Aod could not possibly got
- well. I was recommended to try
The formula " given to me, which Induced in
to give' it a trial, and I will Only add tbat my
cough Is entirely cured, and I am now able to at
tend to my busiuess as usual. ; Your respectfully,
., . .. ........ i. , P. MiiRKDITU.
Alt afflicted with Cough or any Throat or tunc;
trouble should nso A lien's Lting Balsam without
dulay. J. N. HARRIS A CO., Bolo Proprietors
Cincinnati, Ohio.
'' CAUTION. 1 1
- Do not be duceived you who wunt a good, tued-t
icirtov and desire Allen fj$ Halmnm.' Do nob
allow unprincipled dealers t9 sell you a prepara
tion called Alleu's Pectoral Balfaiu -see Ibat yon
get ALLEN'S Ll'NU BALAAM, and you will
Lava the bent Cough remedy clforutl to Iku publio
i tti.t uitti v..o,. - .
! . " " ..... ..w J . I. . . . .. .1111. , . . .
. ' for sXi.E liY ;
b'i'i A .631 Murke.t-at.. iSan FraiicUeo. ' f.
Ajreats fas California and Pacific Stataa.
uov ' Sir Soldiy all Br;;gUt.--fVS. -7tr