The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, October 01, 1870, Image 2

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    U. S. rapcr for Oregon.
i Hood, which ia more than 11,000. Con-
sequent !y they are much grander than
' mountains of cvcd greater elevation, which
; vises fiom plain.- six or seven thousand
. " rrr: :.. feet in hight, like those ot Utah and
OCTOHKll 1, 170. ; Colorado. 1 can see Mt. Hood at this
, moment, while I am writing. The snow
; is in strange contrast with the weather at
ei;;ht--six decrees.
following exccediu-lv ! " f, CaT Diwppointment,
,. . . . r , ; on a larjre snnu lsianti, i saw more man
well written letter descriptive of the great j tl.ounand seals, rittht in the mouth
i T "R T, TR & R APHIC. reported, semi-offieially, to have been
i captured.
The New Nwrtliw cut.
We take the
The Cosmopolitan Hotel, or Portland,
after a thorough overhauling, has been
reopened under the chargo of Al. Zieber
and D. Ilolton, two of the most popular
boys in Portland. AVe predict a big day
for the house under tl.eir management.
A joint stock company has been or
ganized in Portland, for the purpose of
.Northwest from the J'rczs of the 16th ; ,,f the river. As the Columbia sometimes 1 building a new hotel on Front street -Sept.
It is woithy of geutial pei usal: , sends its fresh water ten miles out to sea, j said hotel to be two hundred feet square.
Portland, Oregon, July
the 5th
29. To my
it is evident that salt warer is not indis-
surprise, wTien I arrived here on ; penaaLle ,to these strange animals. What j D fa ,j
:h instant, I found the thermometer i a splashing they made when our litt e
90 degiees. It reached that point Reamer blew her whistle 1 c tried to -- present sta.
The Bulletin says that a man named
in Walla Walla vaV
ate to Scptemher 'lO.
Torus, Sept. 27. A dispatch from
Lille, isept. 20th, says the following news
has been received here by a carrier pig
eon from Paris, dated the 23d : Division
ot ( Jen. Mandhay yesterday 'attacked the
heights of Ville Juit, sou li of Paris,
which were occupied by tie Prussians.
! Uazaino told Favre : My Emperor
! placed rue at this pott, and 1 thall hold
: it tili I fi.ll.
I London,- f:'ept. 2K. Tile British
Cabinet met on Friday, to consider t lie
question ot intervention.
foreign patent has expired, a patent on
the same article in this country cannot
be extended.
London, September 20. A special at
lvuuen sends to-day particulars of an
action reported from loiitiaa. Theie
! was an important en vagenient and re
sulted in the complete defeat of the
taining a sharp Prussian ire for some
j time, our troops captured tiie. redoubts of
.Maulm. He occupy tiieiii now. i tie
son cut, from fourteen ! WSH,U , -,4.U11U ""
every day from the 3d to the 13th, but ; trrouM tnem nnu anve incm oac.c to i acres, one nunurea tons or nay over j!c forcc of French made a recon-
went down everv iiitrht below 05 detrrecs. ! 'u " "-- seven tous to the acre. i noisance and drove the encmv from the
Ia lUStice to the clim-ito. I must sav this i w,tn our Ilecl or vn,5 111,5 fcma" Doal-
1 he 1 rtissian corvette, lierlhia. ar- Germans. The action was foneht on the
rived in Susiiie, after a protracted en- j line of the Orleans Railroad, beyond
trajrement with three French filiate. ; i Epiuay station, sixteen miles from Paris.
Advices from Tours state that re;t I A coluniu of 10.000 Prussians, ad-
The battle began at 3 A. u. After sus- ! confidence ani enthusiasm prevails among vancing from Spence, two miles on the
the people and troops m Paris. ! plateau of Iomreiiieau, attacked the
1 he Aorti Oi-mian (iozettc censures i Preuch forces, inferior iu numbers but
occupying a lormidable position above or
near lrettle, which commanded the roau
the Ltuteu Estates lor its recognition
the trench Republic.
degree of heat is very rare. At Astoria, ! wlJ ,,eUo,T ;';1 his tail waggishly
and all along the coast, it is entirely un- ' at MS 33 ,he dlv'eiJ unJur 'hboa'-, , .
known. There SO degrcos is sellom , 'n' p;lh,K;u fisheries of the Columbia
reached in summer, and the freezing be worthy of a letter by themselves
point not often in winter ; and this, mind whe" 1 llave lcarn. ,norer al,out the,u
you, under the 40th parallel. '1 hey surpass anything of their kind.
The menu temperature of last Januarv , ome devote themselves to canning, oth
was 41 degrees and a fraction; that Jf J ws M salting in kits and barrels. The
.Tnlir CD ,lr..- Aimmf A X , - fi-!i a re i t c nor in mis s I most of them
September, Ml degrees; October, 52 ' weighing from twenty -five to forty pounds, i The "divers" (subuiariuc armor wear-
November, 48 degrees; December, 42 8on,c as ,,U,CM vcuty. cSiy- A,l-'!ers), who are cn-aucd on; the rocky
t foundations for the piles of the new dc-
The new depot now in course of com
pletion for the O. & C. Railroad at East
Portland, is to be one of the largest and
most imposing in the Jstatc. It will be
between scveu and eight hundred feet in
length, over one hundred feet wide, and
the platform will b twenty-five feet
Great rejoicing throughout Germany ! to Halatin. Villiera. Cnchet and Lasclcs
over the capture of Strassbiirg. ) The attack bean at 0 A. M. The
JNEW lur.Ii, Sept. 2'J. startling
above low water mark.
village of Uroucy. The same day Gen. ncs 01 ultJ masssingoi an immense itus
iloirrooa- K-t.rimrir J 'A .iir.,.. AJ .r..l. tishcrmcn get about tweutv-bve cents a
e.. J J J - o J " --
1 with the measles and sent home.
i A quartz ledge recently discovered
.1 1 ilAnrnna Arllt Ai lljmmna r-,,. head lor them. In 1 liilailelnhm vou
degrees; June, 57 degrees. People Viv" j wuulJ "Aly give five or six dollars for J rot Ren. llolladay is building opposite
ii.gin the Fame latitude, near the Atlantic onC- '''0 strangers they are a great deli- j Portland, -work two hours in the forenoon
coast, at Montreal, for instance, can ' cacJ 1,,lt t,ie residents do uot hanker ; anij two l,ours ja thc afternoon, each
scarcely credit these figures January 9 them The number caught every ! man wnU,v w;ier F()r t).is .-
degrees above freezing, and July 10 de- season i almost ' .U div-r !' i.r -.v
prees below summer heat, liut'thcy arc 1 eify contains K,O0n mhub- . tJ !l J,ur fU I" r.
the result of careful observations made at' itu".ts u1' a11 rat'es and complexions. A Of one hundred children attending
Astoria by the Government. : variegated iKiuquct of human posies two primary schools in Nevada, on the
The rain fall is not less remarkable. 1 could be gathered here .f most diverse j ju September, seventy were taken
will give it to vou in niches and tenths l,uls aua :agrauee, noni io
In the last fourteen years the smallest pearly white, brownred, yellow, coppcr
ciuantitv in nn rear wn T.7.S !n,.l in : colored, and tui key-egged faced.
18G8, and thc largest 100 inches Ct i'dit ! One morning, as I sat at breakfast with ; near San Rafael valley is pronounced
- - - V-. ; .1. . 1 T ..f.& .1. A I I .. . . .t .,
uie uoor open, i saw a sigui inui eouiu very nCi. .v piece taken troin the
not be witnessed in an Eastern city, while j ,,.c wci hin sixteen oullce contained
liero it is an everyday occurrence. lt ! ,.
reetly opposite a barber shop, run by nc- i fourteen ounces ol pure gold. J he
; grocs, and a laundry operated by China- j excitement in that neighborhood is intense.
men. The Africans and the Mongolians-j Ti e Owyhee Arahtnthe reports that
were airing themselves outside. Along ; Jcff Standifer and party arc prospecting
came au Indian with his souaw and half- i , . , ., ., ... ,
,. , - ., , two huudrod miles north ot Missoula,
grown lemalo papoose; and in the oppo- j
isitc direction two Caucassians and an , where rich diggings are reported to have
i Irishman. The five races, with their res- j been found.
i pective irrand divisions Lurope. Asia
French forces, mainly consisting of
Gardes Mobile, with battalion of the line,
and six mitrailleurs in position. The
trench retreated under cqxc"oTnWOOUs,
aud brought the Germans on until they
were brought into range of masked bat
teries, who opened on them suddenly
with tremendous effect. The Piussian
of her purposes and policy in continuing ; column was cut and the French charjrud
llreaeh enough ,,ie war wi.t'1 France. j on their flank, drove thc fragments iu a
at ! there is great uneasiness in iei !m hurried retreat down the steep and rapid
1 i morn f un n t m ll ilir ft t
tacked the village of Pienetitie, one mile i conveyou tins morning in a special
north of St. Dennis, which the Prussiaus I t,yIua I-"'Joo cnrrespomleut. It is stated,
had occupied in considerable force. The j ln addition, that the Russian Minister at
euemy were driven out of the village, and the Col,rt ,jf" Rerhn, has been instructed
the French troops returned to St. Denis I t0 demand of Prussia a full explanation
Rkui.ix, Sept
Office, o. l Front Street,
Special Collector of Claims,
! and London
A Cabinet meeting m the ; deseent hovnr.d the. town of Loitcherv.
Focus" Sept. 27. Following dis- i latter capitul, whiciiwas to have been : toward Corbets and Louis. There the
:h from the Prefect ol the department ' 5:6,1 011 I'l i'O"' called for to day. i Germans attempted to make a stand and
in consequence ot the urgent dispatch- ! reform, but the French artillery winch
the hritish Minister , h, hrought up by the cross roads
to !M)g!:imi to inter- , 0 the country, here opened
to warrant an assault has been mad
St rassburg
paten Irom ttie I retect ol tuedepar
of the Loire, dated Orleans, to day, has
just been received by the Minister ol
War: The Generals here, seeif.g they
cannot resist the overwhelming forces of
the enemy commanded by Prince Albert,
have just evacuated Orleans in good
I.oMuiV Set.!.. 1?7. 1 ;i':iiite reTilliii-
atimr the Reniiblic, denial. ds orders of ! prevails overywlo re.
the Emperor or Empress to surrender.! 'I he 'll-jnt,h has a balloon special
It is now said that Dazaino has not. f. .Irom .lours, rtutea eilnesday evening
lioin j.ord lyons,
at Tours wiil be se;-'
I view am! explain, before all Europe is set
I iu flames.
London, Kept. 20. The military
I preparations of Hiissia are proceeding on
; a ttgantie scale. Tins greatest activity
on them
i again with more cltect than belore. J tie
' retreat, was converted into a
; the ( Jeruian troops fled in all directions,
j throwing away their arms. !
I he v rench captured all their artillery, i
A lnrjre amount of CITV and KAST rOUT
LAN U Prnportv for Pale.
Also, IMPROVED FARMS, and valuable un
cultivated LANDS, located iu all parts of th
Investments in REAL ESTATE and other
PROPERTY, made for correspondents.
CLAIMS of all descriptions promptly collected.
JIOI SES and STORKS leased.
All kinds of Financial and Oeneral Agency busi
ness transacted.
Parties having FARM PP.OPF.RTY f..r salo will
pleaso furnish descriptions of the same to the
AGENTS OF THIS OFFICE, in each of the
priucipal CITIES and TOWNS of this STATE.
juuo i rro-tf.
Xo dt mht a very crcditablo display may be ex
pected on the grounds of the Asricultural Society
dur'uiR Fair Week, but there is no show in or
about Rrownsville equaling the splendid assort
ment or goods on exhibition at 'Wheeler's store.
TV.A I.nnn ..r.fnllv Ucll.l-tod with Bll CVO
to the wants of all classes of people, and will
repay the time expended in an examination.
When you want to buy or look at goods, or
talk over thc news, go to Wheei.eb's.
New Goods P. C. Harper, of liar
per & Co., First street, goes below sooo
to lay iu a new snpply of Fall and Wini
ter goods.
Wheat. Our buyers arc now paying;
route and j Co and 70 cents per bushel for w
directions. I
Om the 20th Sept.. 170-, at the residence of her
! Uav i
standards, and bet ween 000 and i 00 men ! county
bv licv. Mr. Williams, Mr. John W.
batt el ies aud cannon , witli two regimental I ,i 'in.. Ilulena C Pike all of Linn
?detz on any terms
feet four inches) in 18i7. Thc heaviest
fall in any month wa! two feet and seTcn
tentha of au inch in December, 1;V7;
the lightest one-tenth of an inch iu June
1869. No wonder these people are web
footed. Away from the coast thc rain
fall is less, aud the temperature more
Last Sunday I was compelled to re
main all day at Astoria. Roing unac
quainted with the calibrc of the preach
ers, and not liLinir to take hp.ivv risks
in that direction, f took to tlm tcnr,.l4 in Africa. America, and Ireland were rep
company with an old settler. I was well i resented on twenty feet of sidewalk. The
repaid for the temporary sacrifice of my Raddy was ragged, but he looked as if he
The idea of the cession of tire island
of Cuba by Spain to the United States,
is said to be training
usual devotional amuscmeuts
On steep hill tides, several hundred
feet above the liver, were trees six, eight
and ten feet in diameter, aud more than
two hundred feet high, and so close to
gether that the antlered elk cannot move
among them except by circuitous paths.
I am relucta
we have
5onie scattered saplings, and a few runt
cd pines and oaks, and a good many
thickets of underbrush, out of which,
from necessity we make saw logs ; but
forests and full-grown trees we have nut.
What think you of trees that will cut
thirty thousand feet of lumber 1 and
what think you of a square mile contain
ing at least three hundred trees three
hundred feet iu hight. and two hundred
feet without a limb ?
In coming across 1200 miles of un
shaded desert, I wondered what had be
come of all thc trees. I have found them.
They are here on the Pacific slope. Some
great convulsion has swept thorn fioiu
the land's centre to its western rim. Na
tnre in tno of her "mighty throes has
owned them all.
(iod help them if he
ferod to surreudc
whitever. I
l.oxiins, Sept. 27.--The arrest of '
dacohy, the noted Liberal, has given pro- j
found-offense throughout North tier- ;
many. j
Oiu.KAXS, Sept. '11. Frinec Al- !
brevht's cavalry encountered the French
troojis, gathered for the defense of Or
leaus, near Anthony. After three hours
hard fighting, the French retreated on
Tours. Prussians occupy Orleans to
morrow. London, Sept. 27. Public opinion in
KngUnd is reacting against I'rus-ja. The
pretensions of the latter is alarming thc
round :n Madiid. i r tliel1 own saiety. i,oru t,an-
1 , ,. . , t , . : novas in a speech showed how suddenly
, A dispatch from I.o.nbay reports that , a Q urj, co,jarsc um5el. a ne;v
, the German corvette Medusa, and the j SVsi,ti nt warfare, and d. f. nse'esfl Kn.r.
The laundry business is almost monop- ; rrench corvct I)up!ex, have made ar. i land is frightened into r morse tor not
, 1 1... ,1. i l. ........ T1..H .1. ,l.n,. I 1 . I .... 1 ...
forcing t lie dovernmcut into active meui
ation, Sept. 27. I'jxeitemcnt in
creases over the arrest of Jacoby, and an
imposiug protest has been sent to IJis
marck denouncing the nia'nitainanee . of
military law, now that danger of invasion
has ceased.
LONDON, Sept. 27. Evidences of a
plot fur another rimp tie i-tnf, projected by
Napoleon, has been discovered at Lyons.
liKRt.ix, Sept. 27. A inaiii festo is pub
lished demanding the co o; oration of the
rnnnli ir. establishini' united Germany.
Tin years ago she had but j xh0 manifesto is regarded as forcshadijw-
ing futme political agitation.
IAUMstaiT, ept. Zt leiegraui.s nave
been received from Ludwigsdiutcn, an
notiueing the surrender of Strassburg at
f o'clock Monday afternoon.
Loxiiox, Sept. 2S. Heports thicken.
Hussia is preparing for war. 'J lie army
of the South has been mobilized, 'ilielate
moycuH'-nts towards the border
are ominous.
An armistice of -torty-eight hours has
been concluded at Mezieres. for the re
moval of the wounded.
'r........ , oc .i: ..!. :.. .
.iitn ti o-rrfliim n-fiut o-.m to 1 in I n:l f . till iMrilltinc ot tlie sti-muor .Xc-aioi . ' . 1 . 1 . J
" ' 1,1 r m. ti. . l-.- ! reeeiveu, and anuouncrs that the 1 rus-
trouble between Kuss.a and Prussia. ; U,F" .f.u,,,. "F aIttllI, bave not entered Orleans
wo had not been anion u: lira and spruces ? ILe turmer has massed an mmiensa army j P v . - r4 ,
on the frontiers of the latter, an j vvas leaky and urtseaworthy and was aban
through her 3Iinisfcr at Perliu demands I doned to the Spaniards,
an immediate aud full explanation as to j (J. W. Clark, a well known Ohio river
why Prussia still cuntinucs the war on ! steam boat pilot, fell down in a fit of apo
Franee. Of course this suddeu and j PW in a 8trj a5 Lo.,lis- ,-
eTitenitier .il. and uiirii almost instant v.
resenting that the Prussians vi ro rc-
,.,l."c,,, I, . v.,.l ; ..i..l tr.r.t ' Cuiiipliiueuts rcceiveii.
wliomiendered in a body ai-d were sent , fhUr anti.ipilti(mB of bappiuess bo
turning towards Pari
; next day to L,nartres. .Among- mo pi is- i m(,re thal rcllnzCd.
! oners are two Colonels of the Prussian t
Oa 'luesday last the 1- rench made an- uo aml a number of Saxon officers.
other sortie from Metz. The forces eon- 1
sisted of cavalry and artillery, and were : If you have a discharge from the nose,
protected by the guns of fortress Qucleu. ; offensive or other wise, partial loss of the
The affair resulted in a defeat ol the i sense of smell, taste or hearing, eyes wa
French, thoutrh they carried off all their i tering or weak, feel dull aud stupid or
1 , , I . , , ',.,-..- - ........ 1 . .1
i;,i.i 1.-.. .K m. Ti..,. .1. it,.;, i
H'.t-, tT t.llllH..-;t-. llt. 'J . ,. I 1 I - T
.. ,, , . , ,(. ,i i j 1 rangcinents for a duel, iu the Jap
woi k well, and at halt the prices charged , . ' 1
by Urdget and Dinah. These represent ! ancse waters at an early day.
that Johu soon rubs the garments into ; Mr. Win. Bond, of Krie county, I'emi-
ductantly cornp"c!ledj& admit that laSs. l"lt tljat is uot the experience of i tfvlv;Hlia who recently arrived iu Poi t-
.- nn r..r..itj .. F"i V. l.-.vo those who atrcnize them. At every turn o , , c c
e no loreata in the iisrv- e tiae J land, comes here for the purpose of irar-
you win see ineir omi names on muiis, , -Ton-
Duck Chung. Took Yune. Sing , chasing 40,000 acres of land, upon
Kee, Loong Song, Kee Wah. Here, as i which aboutfifty sturdy old Pennsylvania
in San Francisco, they are sober, quiet, Dutch farmers, with their families, intend
ar.d industrious. 1 have heard no
pectable person speak ill of them. A
million would need fewer policemen to
keep them iu otder than a siugle precinct
of your Fourth ward, ii the attempt
should ever be imnle there.
The rich valley of the Willamette is a
to setde.
Washington Territory has a population
of 23,450, as shown by thc census just
n. .;..,,-.. . Tt, i!,,.,.,t ..ri
prairie eighty miles lontr and from twenty ."' " . j v .u i -
Y ,. .,J r r . . .- ! Curmiissioticrs appointed bv the I resi- i
to forty wide. It is the best portion oi ; , , . , - . i .
.. . l.. i x .i . .-;..
' f , i t ,, t r.t v.,rt.-i,-f ,,.-.,t lli.t riif.ii t- I I . f t-o
the State, and is fast lillintr up with a ; . , ' , . ., , ,. .
-r , . ,n, . - ;. . . , ; lection of eacn twenty miles section ot
thriity population. The river, troni which , , ., ..... .
-t . t' 1 . i , .i .u i '"C tlreuon nj l a htorriia lvailroad
it takes lU name, tlows from the south, ( ,, . ,.- . , ,
, . . .... , . , ' lesers. Ocarv, risk, and ieavier com-
anil empties into the Columbia one huu- 11.1,1-- .- , 1 1
. , . ; pleted their inspection ot ihe secontl vec
drcd miles from the ocean, l'ortlaod is 1 . , 1 ., n, , .
HUH Ol I Hl lll UlliCS Oil J lILMIll . X 11CII
. ...:li l... .1: 1 .1. .
ie scat of -soverunient, forty miles furth- 1 , ' . 1 ..w- , 1 ,
. - it... ...11. - .1 : L. 10.11 1 iiieu i ul 11 au 111 " i" mi , uuu jiom
manv little trees ec u? ard Albany, the third town in the ' , ' ,, v 11
man nun iicea. t' j , : that source will be made public.
State, sixty miles. T. P. 1 1
i i-:.... 1 . 11
. ,. ft ,.: . . i rivuitr iieeomiis 110111 iij.aiii i epui t
Jly Uregonian, speaking of a certain T , , , ,, . . .. . ; , ,. e ,, , .. , ',
y . c. I ..iff, Irtlt.Trti.i.a rvt ,t,l.l ui, f., . ., . 1 1 1'-t f .- tli l.frilir.n- ot t 1 1 ft li-fiiintr rilrfiilfir
wounded and dead, together with Prus
sian prisoners.
Mi-jzn-.ui'.s, Sept. 2S via Lnxo-ix, 20.
An armistice has been concluded with
the Prussian forces around this .lace,
which will probably continue until Oc
tober 7th.
Verdun is be.-ieged. but the Prussians
have made no active demonstrations.
L'xii)N, Sept. 20 - lamhtirg corres
pondent writes on the 27th : The reserve
corps i.if ISO.Oi'') men )
Frankfort to reii.fjiee the
iJKttr.ix, Sept. 20 M'uliiight. The
greater portiou the French officers, pris
oners in German, have signed a bitter
protest against Napoleon. They charge
him with treason and the betrayal of the
interests of the French people from the
i very commencement of the war. j
Negotiations for the entry of tjhe
I Southern German State-- into the NorfU-
' cm Co:ifedera;'ei;i have failed.
l.oMioN, Sefit. Iviissian papi r-
; assert, that the Government is .irminid to
i prevent Prussian aggressions and ast
i tiotis of eooiiuest.
Paris letters say
; faith in t he rest.i;
; the Ktnpire, and that it i- 1 ism aruk's
determination to re-tore him.
debilitated, paiu or pressure in the head,
j take cold easily, you may rest assured
; that you have the Catarrh. Thousands
j annually, without manifesting: half of the
: above symptoms, terminate in consumption
; and end iu the grave. No disease is eo
' common, more deceptive or less under- j
, stood by physicians. 11. V. Pierce, M. i
V., of Duifalo, N. Y., is the proprietor of j
: Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy a perfect I
: Specific for Catarrh," Cold iu the Head," '
sed throiiL'h ! or catarrhal headache, which he sends to
Prussians in any address, p st paid, for sixty cents, or '
four packages for 2. 1 aniphlct sent tree.
Sold by druggists. I
Ono Iliindred Teams
Five Xliaiicli-etl 3Ien I
To work on the 0. A C. R. K., south of Jefferson.
Apply to John L. llnllett, on the work.
Ott. 1. lS70-4tf General Superintendent.
Sale ol" Town ots
Ijur.srAXT to an okieii of tub
County Court of Muriou eounty, Oregon, at the SeptciMiwr lerin tncreol, IS,U, I mil
thi: imp
atlun of
.N a poiC! i n
The blocka
if the mouth of
lilbe has been renewed by
thrown thein here, and bv some ma-ie ! twelve miles trmn the junction; Salem,,
tealizing our spread-eagle Latin, "L Plu
nous Lnum, out of
made one big one.
Telegraphic Summary.
IX. September 21. Special
. expose fur pale at puhlie auction, to the highest
hi'lilor, nt the Court lionise door, in thc city of
Albany, in Linn eounty, Oregon, between .tho.
tmers oi' 11 A. .M. ami 4 l. M.. I-'ule to eoimueneu-
-rr; , ! at 10 o-elo-k A. M., of
' llKAI-lxn ox its txos, say all who Saturiiiy. 4!le 20?h jav of October. lTOr
have made use of Dr. 11 7,- Jlahaiti of ., r,lU,v:,, ,i,.striin.,i rcui citato .-itu.ite.l i.i
117'? ( 'In ', and by such Use cured t Hai kh-iuuu's a.Mition to the city of Alhany, aud
themselves of coughs, colds, and consump
tion, tho prudent will always keep this
remedy by lhe.m. 2
Some of the Democratic organs in.
Oregon have published the resolutions
adopted by the Democratic State Conven
tion of Iowa, but they mvjrleeted to print
Convention rejected.
tj as tliOSt ulssi tall pnr-liase priee ihoviii and have a lceil as 50011
liberties of the people of this : . al' ! nfl-rovcl hv the Cuuty c..urt.
t he
ei n
t-5 i.l.l. . , , . I
than three or four feet in diameter It i
we had not been among firs at
nd hemlocks that greatly exceeded
this measurement 1G0 from the ground, I
would bav'e looked upon my friend as a
jpkerJ Put here they were all around
me like a trail, and its commingled
branches shutting out tho light of day ;
more than half the earth's surface cov-
Thcv 1
came near the city, halted, and then com- i
meticed to move back toward Pari., j
Civilians whom they captured say that
kk I
b!e to the lb nidi ioh;iiiii Jacoby, !
er of the Democratic party, has b
imprisoned at Kocuig:-burg. by ordej of
the military authorities, for callin:: a
meeting of partisans, who drafted reso
lutions against the annexation ot Frejich
territory. The Democrats of Mutiich
passed similar resolutions. j
Paris papers compute the personal! i:i
hundred Inu
tile resolution the
lZi-aulvwl That we eoin.lei
irons to t'tiu
country, and de.-true' ive to on: lorm ot
government, the Usui pations of Congress
in its innovations upon the long etablish
cd national prieiples, by whicii are de
teiiniu.d the lights of thc States with the
federal union; and in the exercise of ille
gal and unfair means t effect and com
pel States to accept amendments to their
Coti.-titutions; and we decl:re that it is
the lir.-t essential to the perpetuity ot our
system ot government, that each State be
tree aud untramuie'ed in
i desires with reference to tiny amendments j
hclotifiin i to the heirs of the la c Harvey Gordon,
ilei'tvtsiM!, to-wit : J,-ts No.'s '!, 4. 7 and 8, in .
Mock ?. 10-i ; Lots X.i.'s :i, 4, 7 ami ., in l.loek
lft.'. ; the tve.t hiu'f of Moek JOS ; l.otg Xo.'j ;;.
4. 7 ami S. in l.loek lift ; Lot No." 3, 4 7 and
in Mock 114; Cue wH halt' of block 11 j : a!l of
M .. ks 121. U'5 ami I'-'S : and lot 1. 2. 3. 4. i
an4 ti. iu block ll'li. 'i'enn- of 5ul tiuM C'oin.
tiie-ibir'l in hunil : ou--iliird r one year, and
oiio-third intwo yeaj-. X tc;. to be friveit for tho
! -fv:rrfl piiynicnt. l)c:,rio tcu pi-r eent. intere.
Ii.-el to be deliverol wlien the lait payment i
in ide. Anv one ib-sirin to lo so, cflu pav tho
TU'' p-;-?rnt fl-uri.--hin con'litiou nml brilliunt
pro.pei. ts cl' ihe ei.'y of Albany, make it a desir
able phi".' for investment in lots, either by ppecu-bit-Ts
i.r pcr'in.1. i!eirirjr a perimoient, pleasant
Ii m:e. All com.: nut, nn'l if you ilnn't lvant ti
Iav, sec stli.. bii-9. roi't h"w much tbt-v will nv.
O t 1, 7 :l-t P. 1.. WILLIS, liuardian.'
ered by their cigantic bases. I measured
I .... i i i c. .... ii. i r r... :t
; uiiiooKeu ioi aiep un iiic pat l ui iiu.vm,
l iuice Albert received a aisiiatcii. whicii ' (-
, , , . , , , lions ot 1 lanes.
seems to nave smiaeuiy cn.ingea nis
rilans. Ih
uatcd r ontainblca. 1 hev nnpo:
a trunk that hud becu felled inside of the
town. It was twenty-one feet iu circutn
frence eighty feet from the stump, while
this measured thirty-three feet above the
inequalities of thc roots. A gentleman
told me of a fir, sixty-two feet in girth as
far up as be could reach and this is on
the hills. General Crook told mo that
even this is surpassed by the red wood
forests, further south, and near the shore.
Of the last named variety are the excep
tional big trees of California.
The moment I entered the Columbia
river I was amazed at the arboreal luxu
riance of the hills. It was a rich treat
to gazo once more on nature's favorite
hue, after passing four days on thc desert
and three more on thc ocean.
Ia all fruits but tropical ones, this
country is equal to California. Its cher
ries aid plums I have seen ; its apples j civilized "-lobe
ana pears i. nave neara oi, ana they are
just about iu proportion to the trees. Tho
cherries are nearly gone, and thc plums
began to come iu. One early variety is
already exaustcd. The curculio has not
discovered this country yet, and you can
generally tell how many plums you are
going to get by counting thc blossoms.
The size of them will depend upon the
space they have to grow in.
What would you think of a pair (not a
pair of plums) weighing ice poitmls ? I
have heard of such, and from what I have
seen of other thiDgs, I am persuaded to
believe it. If you show this letter to any
one you had better suppress tho writer's
name, for there are people who will cred
it all sorts of ghost stories, and yet reject
with scorn any material fact that con
flicts with their narrow experience.
The trip up the Columbia river is brim
ltM of pleasure and instruction. It is a
glorious river- next to the Mississippi
and St. Lawrence, the greatest in North
America in its scenery far surpassing
the former, and equalling the latter.
From tho mouth of the Willamette and
other points, fivesnowcovered mountains
an be seen ; Mt. Hood and St. Helen's
within 40 miles; llanier, Adams, and
Jefferson, much more distant, but all
nowclad as far down as visible.
When I first came in sight of Sf.
Helen s, I thought it was the grandest
10,000 feet high, but it rises almost di
rectly from the sea level ; and so of Mt.
sets thc whole of Kurope in a tremble,
and thc greatest eicitc incut is manifested
as to what it all means. Old England
is in a terrible stew, and thc Government
is soundly berated for not attempting
mediation when there was a hope that
fhe Soldiers' Union of Ohio, l'eousyl
vani i and Yisijinia, assembled in old
Camp IJrown, Wheeling, Va , September
22. Col. Curtis W. Vaughn was elected ! Yesterday, but were tentilsed.
President. j MF.XKt.l.SHLIM, Sept. 2S. The sur-
tiellv& Carroll's store at Patterson X. i render of Strassburg was signed at 2
j J., was robbed of 8.30,000 worth of dry j o'clock this A. M. Four hundred and
I r.n,tc -,.-. tl. I- ,f s:. .,(,. ith..r .'"id i tit'tv-one officers and seventeen thousand
such an attempt would have proved sue l ijurCi'ars removed the plunder with a ' nien laid down their arms at 8 o'clock.
l 1 ll.l . -11 1 . .1,. 1. , C .1... ... , I 'I'l.
cessiui. v nai win uc me result, w me horse, and have escaped
course affairs have taken, it is at
i (,-..., i,.i.;. c.,.- i!,.,f i-.n.
e Prussians have entirely evac- ' - , , , .... i .... . i.' , ; . i ,,J; ,
. , , . ,J siderabie numbers ot remans are Icavlin
itainblea. 1 hev imposed no tax, . . i- i I '"
Loeivumiotjxic;iit.iiJiiiiy. j
A letter from Ncismes says : When 'the
llepublic was announced, the descnd
ants of the Huguenots tried to hunt
duwn aud shoot the Uishop of ."Ncismes,
an American Catholic in the neighbor
hood, and he was obliged to take refuge
in the woods.
There is a report, that a plot has been
discovered among thc French population
but made heavy requisitions for provis
ions and forage.
A dispatch from Kpiual, September
ith. says the Prussians attacked Uaew
aud alterations to t lie Constitution of
the United States.
The resolution was proposed by Mr.
Kvuns of the Ottumwa Vq ti ri(nrff and
tabled. It recites jut what (Jovernor
( i rover argues for in his Inaugural.
What do tlie Democrat of Oregon think
of the Democracy of low a. ' Stat.
'Rights tabled by a Democratic State
Con vent ion!
Vdiuinitrator's Notice.
XoTK'K ia hereby given tbnt T. thc nmlcr-
-!c-d. havti been ni the County Court
nt' the eounty ot Lmio. Stale f Oregon, .Vhuini
tmti.r of the estate i-f James Nixon, deceased.
Ail pernios having claims again.-t gaia estate ard
hereby reoncste'i io pr,.s'iit them, with prop r
CXprcSO'' its j vuuehevp. to the nni'lcriiie'l at Albany, Oregon,
. 1... ; wiiliin pix nwuohs of die date hereof.,'lS7- JOSEl-n NIXON".
A clerk ill au Frio hotel has a uiaguiri- ;
cent scheme in view. It is a circular hotel. !
to rest on a pivot like a locomotive turn !
table. Tlie object is to give every gue.-t j
a "front room'' that being an almost in- j
variable reiiuo.-t, by assiuniii'' guests to j
$10,000 STOCK or
General Merchandise,
Now bring foM to clso lusim's, consisting of
J) ii en o o t s i
present hard to foresee. It may result
in a general war, in which thc whole of
Europe will be engaged, causing such
terriblo destruction of life and property
as has never been witucssed on this
earth of otls. The transactions of thc
next few days will be looked for with
bated breath by thc people of thc entire
Our Legislature has not fairly grappled
with the Chinese question as yet. Do
our Democratic Solons intend to follow
in thc wake of their California brethren,
and, after making such a terrible hulla
balu all through the canvass about the
"dangers to bo apprcheuded fiom the
hordes of rat-caters," adjourn without a
word pro or cou in relation to thc Chi
nese ? Come, procrastinate no longer ;
let us have one good howl from you at
In the Legislature on Tuesday last,
Senator Fay arose to a question of priv
ilege, lie referred to an article which
recently appeared in the Portland llr.r
ald, iu which it was charged that a can
ditato for U. S. Senator had attempted
to secure his election by corruption and
treachery. He denounced the article as
scandalous and scurrilous, and evidently
jointed at him. On his motion a com
mittee of five was appointed to investigate
the charges made, by the Herald.
Thc District Attorney of Philadelphia
has been instructed from the Treasury
Department to appeal all cases involved
in the recent decision of Judge Strong
to the Supromc Court of the United
States. 4
The statements about thc imperfect
armament of the fortifications of Paris
.I . -ii . . . . i i
no Placc win oe iu once occupicu oy me i ,,-,,.,,.,. MnlliriH Sent !, '1st
besiegers. .. .. j The town is declared in a state of seige.
. uliio, et'p. j. i no ci irj'o.-i lioii n.
" iKr, ,,l-.., 11,.... I 1 !,,,.
at Sedan to secure the French guns and ; . ' . ' , , . . '"T
( i t tit its tlt. icui upon JCl CO C Ol
of nearly every description ; together with
resist the (Jermans to the last grows
stronger in the west and south. Troops
continue to pour into Tours.
Advices trom Paris to Sunday thc 25th,
have been received by balloon. Perfect
order exists in the city.
Ihe PrusMaus have inarched into Or-
fwenty thousand stand of arms have
been discovered.
A report has reached lloueti of the
escape ot 10,000 r rench prisoners.
At a Jloston prayer-meeting a brother '
was praying while the church bell was i SHOVELS,
ringing, arid the minister, thinking thc ; SPADHS
boil had rung long enough, told thj sex- !
We received to day copies of I'iiaro j ton to "go aud tell that fellow to stoj
and the Ganfoix of the l'jtl:, from an ; The sexton, mistaking his instructions,--;
American lady, who made the journey went and told the prayist that tlie nun.
aw nnnfirmoil h tin. nrnMiatimi nf Vin. '. """' ' . ,. . ' j from Paris to Dieppe in au open conch, i wter wantcu nun to "dry up. ... A duel
" w J ...W .... -.,c m.rl ,.t nnnt n til l.,lll'illf,ll tl . ' . ... I ,,
, . - 1 i. . .11 . it... no, unit ...c uun w , f .. : li , ..
' I Ulltl lilt. tUlt
The coming State Fair promises to be
a "whopper," at least in the number of
people who will assemble there. 'Almost
everybody we meet say they are going.
Count us iu.
cennes and thc removal of the old style
guus to the city. Uut a small portion
of tho wood in the neighborhood of Paris
has been destroyed. Those at Clermont
already afford shelter to the Prussians.
Prussian soldiers praise the bravery of
thc French highly. They relate that a
company of troops of the line, not the fan
tastical windy Turcos, were reduced to
fiftoen nicn, at the battle of Weissenburg,
and when asked to surrender replied with
a volley into the German ranks. The
next moment saw every man of that
heroic band stretched blecdiug to the
The Idaho Telegraph Company was
incorporated in Uoise City, with a capital
stock of 150,000. Thc object of the com
pany is to build a line of telegraph from
Elko, Nevada, by way of Cope, Silver.
Poise, Idaho, and Centrevillo to Placer
ville, and lioise is to be the principal
place of business.
There is said to be a ,:corner" in the
peanut market in Cincinnati. Thc crop
was "short" last season, and a Cincinnati
firm has been buying up all tho peanuts
that could be had, to make the "corner,"
and run the article to a "giddy" point.
The firm claims to have 300,000 bushels
in store, and the quantity still increasing.
On five acres of land iu Poise Valley
220 bushels of good clean wheat was rai-ed-an
average of 44 bushels to the acre.
Joseph Daniels,of Peabody,Massachus
etts, is under arrest, charged with attcinp
ting to outrage the person of Mrs. Dur
casshelober, his mother ii . law.
Iroad lines were cut.
displayed an American flag and
the city.
... . - i- - i i i
i copie rchiuing in mo .-m ourns oi : ,,-,, ;,v,,1t ,i;(r.ltv
Paris have returned to their, from j Thro u a c.llious statement
which tncy una ueen uiivcn oy tne law- ; jr0U1
She ! wa prevented by an explanation.
lessness ot Mobiles
Prussians t opened fire on gunboats
while" passing St. Cloud recently, killing
and wounding several of the French.
Prussians are erecting a battery at
Severes. A lively fire was opened on
them from Fort Dessey while they were
at work.
London, Sept. 28. Telegrams from
Carlsruhe say that at 8 o'clock this morns
ing the gates of Strasburg were opened
to the Crcrniin troops. Ihe citizens yes- I
terday, driven to desperation, posted a
white flag on the Cathedral, but Ulrieh
ordered it removed. Surrender was
afterwards compelled by the citizens and
garrison. ,
In Camp nkau Mktz, Sept. 26. At
noon on the 23d, the French sallied forth
in considerable numbers against the
Prussian right. The battle raged until
7 o'clock, wken the Germans, receiving
support, assumed the offensive, and drovo
the enemy within their lines. On the
24th a still more despcrato attack was
made. The French advanced in long
line, the infantry supported by artillery
and cavalry, covered by the cannons of
tho forts. Once tho French gained a
temporary advantage, carrying the out
works of the Prussian lines, but were
finally forced to retire under thc protection
of their forts. No details of tho battles
have been roceived.
London, Sept. .28 Montmedy is
We call this a pretty incident, which
t ild-iv occurreu recently in a u estern town: in
! ..-.! 1. . 1. - . - I .11 . 1.
just returned from Germany. lie bays ! .6"-' "lo 'i'"cr a..os ,o oe
the Southern States are only using Pru's- ! before the others so that no
sia in the war to eventually T.roelaltn a i ,,:,n" .u,ay h.Qr w,ie t,ie' crowd out
i . . f 1. . . r . x . ii i t
a well known American irentlekuau I ",u ' "? ,ouu, 11 lHU V scnooi is a
1'er-ublic. The Republican sentiiuent,
i ho says, is general.
Luglish civil ciigiucers and chemists
are the inventors of the projectiles for
ute on tho walls of Paris against the
Prussians. They are charged ivith
petroleum, and spread a sheet of llauie
over'a surface of sixteen to twenty square
yards.- Two hundred workmen are ac
tively encased in nianufaeturinir them.
together. Not long ago the building
; took fire, and the scholars rushed for. the
! doors from all the rooms but one the one
w lie ro the lame girl had her desk. There
the girls sat quietly in tho excitement
until their unfortunate compauion had
passed out beforo thei, as usual, when
they followed with an outburst of fright
as intense as their conduct was noble.
Tim n.-tm.I..inn U'.,ulwnnn to IflO I
A letter lrom Sir Henry Lytton Pujlwer , 3jj8 Ti'ic Distl.;ct of Columbia 131,889- j
an increase since IMjO of seventy-nine
per cent.
to the liondon Times, rcproachin
English Government for apathy in
cause of peace, has produced a marked
cileet upon the public sentiment here
the ministry incurring the reproach .j
j Nor for OtiEGON.-No such thing as
I this happened as the cars were first view-
The Russian Government transferred ed near Wacor.da station, a few davs an-o
forty million roubles, lately on deposit at j for the first time by a Webfoot belle:
the Rank of France, to thc London She was standing hand in hand with
A Washington dispatch of September
21st, says : j
Commissioner Fisher to day refused
the application for extension ot the jMar
shall pateut for the pneumatic process of
manufacturing iron and steel by which
the Bessemer Etecl is produced, and (after
to-uiorrow this process will be open to
the public. The Commissioner decided
adversely to the application, on the ground
that the origiual patent lapsed in iLtr
lanu in IM'S', atn ry our laws after a
1 t. .:,i. i
uei luvei, wiiii eye anu mout ti agape,
watching the coming of the first train on
a new railroad. The locomotive was
quiet until it came into the depot, but
when the whistle blew, as the engine was
stopping, tho girl burst out with the ex
clamation, " Why, la! she came plum in
afore she bellcred."
From the Roise city Xtatesmaii of Sep
tember 20th we get this:
Chief i ustice Chase was recently afflic
ted with a t tioke of paralysis.
MILL and
no p k ,
a lure assortment ; ulfo.
Iron Axles,
Thimble Skeins,
Rlacksmith Tools,
&c., itc,
All to foe Sold at Cost !
Allianr, Sept. 24,1870-3
Administrator's Notice.
il John V. Smith ami Marparcll Osboru, havo
tbis Jay, by the County Court of Linn county.
State of Oregon, been appointed ro-adininixtratnr
and aihnini."tratrix of the estate of James Martin,
deceased, lato of Linn county. State of Oregon.
All person having claims against said estate are
requested to present them to the undersigned at
Peoria. Linn county, Oregon, within sis months
from the date hereof, wi'h proper vouchors.
Administrator A Administratrix.
Dated, Sept. loth, 1 7"-vnw-l -
3J-01- SEicxlo 2
ciiab:f,i:s itownrs
Premium Wagons,
J.ilv DO, lf fO-inf