The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, September 24, 1870, Supplement, Image 5

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8 kc. rVe , further c;a-.'ru, Tint j iug ... su.'U nuuiu, ' wtt:t .-u. :i d.vuiaii ,u and more than one-half pint ; d one
the hi hereinbefore provided ba 1 oe Bwesced ! annexed, the corporation so in uc.uult shall . dollar and fifty cents' per dozen bottle,
upon t..e i.'nii:t, profis, and income for the year j ..r cit, as a pci.ulty, the sum pf e thousand -contanining one-half pint each, or less ;
ending on the thirty-first tlnv of December j ,i.,Uars : "' iun "f uy default in mak- ' in boities containing more than on-;
. preceniog Hits time for levying and c .I- ; j r re,..lcring said return, or ot any uefauir u.rt ,.., ghall D8T. in addition to
bix dollars per dozen bottle, at me ra t?
of two dollar per gallon on tue quantity
in excess of one quart per hnttie i j ro-
vided, That any liquors containing more
Icctuuz Hid tax. mni snail he levied mi ihc tirsl
oy ot March, eighteen hundred hii1 wvhiij
one' alio eighteeu hundred a id sevei ty-two,
and be due and payable, mi or before t!.e toir
lietil dav tif April it: each of said years. Aud
Prr.Lic No. ltit-1
AN Al'T to reduce internal taxes, and :
A 4t nacif ? ftj th Senate anr? nnnf J?p j
Ti t n Hun m;'ut i' r limt hiy -f M:it, j
iH.xes i:V iie n-ven;y ti n h Pc?itm tf ;
tie utt '." An ::r li ptovitto mtMri:l
If -;it; t ?np:r? t b' Vti-.H'nT . I iV in
t. i f-f t n ii i ?T-S ? U-lt . : ti f 'P'Tlier yitv
ytitt," Hj j'r-v-tl J uno t't'tv, ivitlitceu hint j
i HTTii f?.xiv Iimr. a iitnetui'-tl hv M tioii i
T'-i i.t" t;;e u-vniiirt ju'I iq;i!OVt d j
July Ihirtrt-ii, l iiravn hmn'te-l tn tnxty fix. I
fl 5
atd a- bv wi'iii'ii iw ot t: ;uifvii i
rertit: a''? at fiiovt-d Nirth two, -.l,ti-fn
Hundred mhJ 'X:v evin. I.e. und i":t!i!e uri" j
herrf.y. re pa'.e i; " i-ut t!:i aer i.!l r.t le l.fid j
to rrpfiil or l;i hliv rvav ut'.iv t 111- .wi;J I .1
on lieiver h!po-';! hv fnid iccriou. or t!.
p'. ;al taxes tsi.p, hv :wt approt.i
.Jn'v tvvntv. eiiite!i i:atiiivd and -t.Tv-
cilM't. OlUllJed "All lit r illli:rlHC tHSS t'tl
li ipm i;s nwi tot'.ivr.i. ami lor o!hcr pur
1 tiej,' ir the a:-T a'tm-iiato-y the-eof.
f-tc. I. A.tti If i' fur'Urr tnt't'it. That
on a:M RiT-'rtlje Mr;; day of ( irioWer. e-irlitr'i
h; niirt.i H i vo:-.:y, tK (.-;-.! t:txv--. o';
-rtlr! i;Tiror !'V fl;? i"lerl!ii u-vth; f laws
iow ia tort--. vini: 'si-ettii i.K-ii t;..--s
u iaie lifn t'V ('Xir'tiH iavv i;tivi t-V
;.iap-, iird the l?.te. on i.i't-- ol tef ttjlno.
ro. tTtaT::fa'. turei tu;o-' hiiiiii', cijur. ltr
ai d :::i;;it lit.ti;! -i fi-niis, a::i :'ie.
Mil !'T iai'i i;rt. llo;ro"i (! ) ;
i,:itu-vM liiii'a'srad Tl.i .ixty ei.r'
?.div:or-r lhciHT, L?. and I
rv l;ie..r-J. 1
iwen: y ,
t:c. :t. And l-i it ''.r.'.'r fur!
n r.:id n!:nr f-rjt .iav of i'IoU.r, e'.vliTi
-::n. re.i :ivi! fcvr-;!Tt iliO ihxls i'i pod oy t:
i ;:c" tl rrriiv1 ;r. now iu It-rft1, !.cn-
ied. t-e.
io ai-d i"ti:ee!..ii. .i piti'portis, au-I on !
rerriip. ,
'SBC. 4. .Iff? f ? If further en-irt'l. That i
on crd alter u iiist ;!nr of t N-io-n-r, tii;!.te--n !
hnmh-edaud oc'.y. iho ',; lax Hii("'-d
in u li'.-.iulo i on r ro:::u. y nntr for a ! '
t n:o than till- hati.i' I d lialx. nil i oil irff;!''.- '
f t any rum i:--tir-r, or .'t liis pymeii: ot
:ty !ci.r. and t: i :an.p t.-.x imposed in et-ed- ;
iif f. on r innel pietrrved tish. t-. and
wirt RMaii; ar- Uei e'jy repealed. A'.i.i no URinp i
lm:i I e mjitited n;n th.' trmuferor
ment ot h l!i r;tiai:ti. whtie :i- or ?Ua lU;-tnl
li.trrt! it secures h-irt ' b'"ea ola' dulv ,.:npii .
ai.l th pr.-t netor or ptopitelvr if arttcje
rtTi'od in 'Hid scltr.dtr.r V, that! Inr' isi;
hift or their own i ie or tov-iifu tor sljnnr to t
r?rt eperiMiiv for hi'n or tlteir own pro(,ri:a ,
arltrie-i. ihail n allotred t!t lu!i'wi
r-rnnji'pioi!, i:anit'v: 1
Oil amounts purchased t o!, t'or.e rf not '
thati filly doiiai- nor more tiinn l'-ve linn-
tired dollar", tie ;er er.Tr.n:: and on amounla :
oerr je hunsired dd!t. ten per centum on
rhe upionnt pnrr!;a-ed. l'rovitiei. That j
I'.ieiler or iiicuu 'tnatc'.es. uud ciar Sights.
and wax taperi", may lie re.:io'd from tao ;
t Inee of !iiam:f..emri for vx;ur: to a foreign ,
r'lull'.ry wi:io-ii; payri.atit of rux, or a'l.xiu i
in pt tiiere:, 'liefer loieh rn!'- at-d reirnljO '
ionta.-t the Coinvi, -tamer of internal Hevenue
rnnv pre?crite: and provi.-lous of exirlin .
Una iucuaateia i.eiewiili aiv i.eiely te i
tc. 5. An-l ie i!f-:thrr rnac!ei. That
Hi iiii'i one hundred and f.!ry eii;iit of trie, art j
t-nnrJei "An art t-r provide itirei nal revenue to !
api'' r:. the ifovernuient. pay mtereat on the j
palnic dent. Mild i r o:'ier pe rposi-e,' approsed
Jiine tl.nty. eu-'ate. n iiumSred and nixry four, j
a atiiem'.ed by -!i-r:."ii nii.e of t!i internal j
jftciiur act, aptroneU Jul T lllirteeu, eitliteeti ;
tinudred and istyix, tie, and l.erehy. j
wnienoed by isTriki:tr ont toe vo'd ''Qfrv do!- ;
Uib" in llie ieeond proio. and inertia in !
1 u tlicreof the foilowini;: Jonhle tue :i'ii; uni J
of tax retuainint; unpaid, but in n caf le'n ;
tivc dotlarir;"" alo. 1j cirikina out the;
word -sixty iu t!o third proviso, an i iu 1
et:ttc in liea thereof the words seventy- :
one "aio l-y strlkinrf out the wowl sixty, f
seven" in the laet provis . and in-rtinxiu lien ;
j-jere'd t'oe wtild- 4tevelrty-t wo.'' ;
SaC. 0. And le it f-irther er.'ictrrl, Tht i
thjero eaail be levied ami co lecte-i anniiMliy. an j
in addition to anv miiiu annuiiliv due and un
paid a ter tlie thirtieth day of Apt ii. ud ior
ten davit afier notice and demand thereof hy
the collector, there slull 1 e levied uu i coiiei;. a peiiHliy. the ioiii of five per --iiiiihi on
the amount uupaid. aiiit iuterebt on aui anlouui
rt. liie raitt ot one per ceniuiu per u.inili ir.un
ttia time the name necaiue line, except trout Inn
en iite of de fi, i.:srtiie, or iunoivei-t per-
St!C II. And te it further rncrtfl. T!n-t
it itiiail t.e the iluty of every tti-iu ot la-vril
aye. vhose ltooi income uuriinf tiie pi-ecedinc
vear excee-ieil two tiionau'l oollare. t- noitie
.-tiirt remier a return on or lf io th-; day lie
ilfiiatvd hy law, to tlie Heni-latit ane .or ot t!i
tii-erict in'winch he rcMde of ih- ir'ot-9 aui-.i'.r.t
f hta income, uaiun. and pioiita as ittoier t'ri:
i.itr not including the iitnounr lei-cid- ! t'orli
.-iiv t oi !'oi-.iii..n wlio.-e fli ers, as ail ho- ed
hv iaiv. wirldiohl ami pay e t.te a pt rcernutu
if the dividetnia made and of the iti:-..-ft or
conoons pal i hv such corporal ion . n r that poi-
1 io.i of the ritarv or pay received for erv ivn m
tlie evil, miliuti'y. naval, or other sei ot
tiiH fiole.! Stuleit. n- un he::. liar. r-:retet.!::
live, or ilei-tale in t'olijr-'. fr e:l wlttcli lax t
l.aa been t-edacled, nor tlie "an" ot minor;
cliioiren not rei-eiveil, an l every iru irdiaii ami
irusree. exe 'tiior or a.iul'niti'iaioi-.aiitl a'iy per i
won acting iu any otiier lid a ia.'y capcify . ocas j
Ie.l leut aiteut lor. or c.aiar:ue:- ot. any n.m !
reKiiient a.len. deriving income, uai-::'. and ,
piolitu trout aliv I iusine-. trade or jirnt.-tii.ioli
canted on in th Tailed Slates; or iriuu rcntsof
ici.l CBiitie miii.iied therein, uin.ll in dn and j
leader a retai n a ufureeaiil 1 1 the a--iMuii' n j
(.siur ot toe dit-tncl iu which h- resi.t. s of tiie j
ji.i.o.: i picciie. uanl. and pro!i' of any . r or iers a ttr wtioia tie ict- I he
iii'. nrM-.Mii- ithsli ir-.piire every Mich reriirtl lv 1
!.e vor.i'.td hv the rntiii ot tie- paity r-ndei-inn 1
ii. and may i' the aiiiount of any return.
Klter uoii. e lo puca party, it he im reai-m t i !
believe thac tlie stine is uiidcitcuie.l. in ca.e '
itny per-oa itaViiti a rosi :..e .ule an above, oi ;
t -!t ILo.-eaiiil .lol'ars or more. sh:t!l neuiec or i
ri-lu-e t- uiake ali.i irtuh-r fili ii relurn, or j-lrtil
rentier a fti!e r fiautiuieut relurii. tlie a..yo?ior '
or i tie aeen-laiit nnni-'-nr until in tKeHU-h relnin. j
i:ceo-diiltr to tin: hct I it-.miaiuta tie call o'tm:
bv li ex-i:.-:i:t;i":t ot sul per-nt, tr ot Iim
L-'t.'-.i'i';iiv-'iiii'i, tirliy any oiia-r t-viaeiice. i
and e 1 1 u ' i a ll. at. a peuairy, lo tin; amount of j
U.T tlae therrt'iti, fifty per cec-ttnn iu all cane uf ;
vfiituli ncith-ct or rel'i-nl to make aniiiretiler a !
re! tii n, a ml ooe liuudre-t per ceuusui in alt cae-t 1
ol a f tif or iraUiiuteiit return inivi:i-r tn-cu ivu-
uerei:. Ttio lax all.i the aldni-ai llierrln ai J
penal: . fc'.l .11 he Mf.-e-eed a oi c-oPe.-t-;i in the
l.-iaiinsr ptoviued Jtir in ease- oi wiiioil neiec-t :
or leliisai lo letnier a return, or ot reit h-nav.' a ;
IttUe or ti.-dii!ent retui ll. .tn! in peti.!ty e.'laii ;
be as-ei-t-ii np. 'ti aay treon tor Ma-ii i:cii-;-i '
or retu-itt. or for mak -ni: tir reuiieriui.- ii ti4i.-e j
orfiaitiiu e:-t retui ti. except after i-i-iioahie no- i
lice ot the tune itlnl piai-e t;J :reHriu:, to h- ret;
ciaisit hy tti C.nli:ot.tiaeier t! ime'-ri tl U-.-vc
Hue, so i.s iu tivvj tue per--.'a eaai-e.t an op;tor
tilmtv to be ileartt: ltie.1, 'ihi". ctihecl
ir, tb-pi::y cai-.-tor, aa-etoi , i iis-e'i
p-r snli perm t to lie pa-li-!iei in any uia.:.ncr.
aiica iuc itne returns, tir any pari thereot. ex
cept ea -'n et.ei-al ftatistic. uol spcciiyiu;' toe
ltauied ot i.oiiviiitiaii or fs rt:t. u.t In: may notke
pnoiic. nniier bii..-1i ruies ami rrniaiionM h
t'oui'iitetfi.ater of lntertiai ilevcnue bi.b.:i pre
1 -it the invnioiit : ttio lax a rvnnin-il, or i f ;
nav part tin rcoi". the asseiisment. ami coilee-
t o'i ol the taxes and penttlty Khali lie in ac-
eordanco with lae seacral jruvision of law
ri:i other cases of neslcct and refusal.
i tzc. IT. And or it further enacted, That
! fecitoni ooe hundied and U'rti'j-ono
; one hundred ati'l tvtesti-iwo, ami uu
! numlreil and twentj-three of the net of
j 'mi t hit ty , eijtiteeu butidred and sii
j etitt'.'.e 1 ' An act 10 provide in-
lernai revnitie to joppnrt. Iti- gut'eru
i nietit. to pay interest, on tUe f.nbilc debt,
! aud for ot'i.-r purposes," :.m -udctl by
' me act ot July ttiirteeu, eig li.f-eti huri-
.ired and siixlv -sil , and the, a ;t of 11 arch
; ts'u f ifr-nteeu huudred and B.xtv--eren,
; tiUa.l lie ronstru'-d t impose the taxes
lueretii metittiiue.1 irt the iitpt. da-y ot
' Atijjimt, ei(;i:teeo bun iled and seventy,
i but -if -r Hint dtt no further litie-i u'mll
i tie .-vied or :iies?.ed u;;der s-bid aec
j nor:3 ; mid il acts au 1 parti" ot acts r
' luting to te txtis herein ree4te.l, and
j t bat ail tiiti prov ia of a 4 id acts, shal I
I continue in full force for ievviao- and
i nrliectina; ail taxes properly ntje.sel or
j liable to be a-ssea-ted, or accruiu un
I -ler the - provi'ijinn of for'tier actd, or
dratvliael.!. the rtijiit to wriieh hiva Hi-
ready accrued or which ui-ty ii?retf r
j accrue under rtnrd ams, ari l for maiutaiu
inK aim cotitiniiiojf licens, nee', pecai
ris, an 1 foriretcures in -urred uod.rauy
tiy virtue thertof. And t hi act FhaJi not
e consTueil to affect aay act tlotie, riht
Accrue 1, or penally incurred, under form j
' null, but every audi rihl is hereby i
t o-iveti. And for carrying oat arid coin- i
S nietintrail proceed intzs w inch beea
j i.rt'u iy commenced or that may be com-
J i-.ieticed toVuforce such !iofs, penalties, I
.' - it i . ' I" irfeiluris, or eritniunl pro teeilin- j
11... ler stid acts, and for the! puuishineu'
of crua-3 of vtfhtcii -tuy paitr bhaU be or
i;ii bceo Sound iruil'.v.
Src. l . And It .' further emirt'd. That
ill-. Pre-idt-rit is ueteuy amauriaru to a:i
nes tt an-1 unite vein -ara tittier, ivrrtor
uiun atlj tiiiiiij; colU-ctiou titetrica,
wpenever in his tipitdoa ir. will reduce thc
exneufH ot coiieclttio; the tntrrual rTi-
nue wittiout imp tiriuj itie t.iL'iei.t-y ot 1
t a st-rvtc-; sn.l t hi-rr-u t'ti shall re--it: j
but one c'ollec or an i o e ai or f n
fit-h eoi -i ii disri-t. Anu the i..-.t j
ii;u; is l-o anii.oriied to mill .liiiaie 111 j
ike mafiiier. at hm ti'screi ion, any two j
or more ftjjo nine; supervisors i i ,-1 r i i-1 e . 1
'and to retain or appoint one supervisor
ftir t-nt-.h coaohd ai eii district.
than twenty two tier centum ot au-otioi
which shall ,be entered uoder th- name
of wine, shall be forfeited to th- United
j States : And provided rte-.Tnat. v. tnes,
brandy, end otuer spirillum liquors im
ported in bottles 6hall be packed iu pack
agea containing uol leas than use tto.-n
bottles in each pat-keti ; and ail t-uch
bottles shall pay an additiopl duty of
three ceuts for each bottle ; u.i allo ut;e
shall be made for breakage unless such
breakage in actually ascertained by. count
aud certified by a custom house- apprais
I er ; aud ao ruucii ot section imi-nnir 01
an act enlitieu "An aci 10 1 en u.-.
Hie collection of duties on import and
tonnage, " approved lart h nvo, t-oei.-teen
ituudred and ntii.oy-:ittje as pro
vided for allowance for ltkK 't"1
breakage, is nereoy tepened
O.i brs-tsdy and other spirits tnariu
factured or tiistilletltrom ur-'in or ot,
er materials, anil ml othe wise profi le, i
for. two tl tllsrs per proof ifaiion : Pro
iid-.-d. That eacu and every pa-ue or
wine riiilon of meutireuieiit (-hMil he
counted as at l- '.st one proof fjslloti ;
and the Mtaui-tr-i for do er'uiritog Ih
proof of brandy imdo her spir.t. and
of witie or Huu rs or anv Uiutl iutpnrt-
edf shait he tbe ,-n.uie as that Which ts d.- j
ft ied in the second' section of the Act J
imposing taxes on distilled Fptri'S and j
tobtcco, and 'or nt"ier purpose ," - ;
proved July twenty, eh::'f:i hundred
atul tx'y-eitfbt. j
O 1 cordials, l.ij iieurs, arrack, absynth, ,
kirsb waser, veiuiiitij, r-tani, nnd trth
er f iii i r apintou beverages, or bitten 1
ontw'oing spirits, and uol otherwise ;
provitied tor. t -o d 11 It rft per proof ga?-"j
Ion : J'rovtded, Tint any br.xudy or other !
-ptritoiis iitjuors imported in casks of less j
rdim-U V tllitn fourteen alims shall be j
forf.-ited r.o the L ulled .N.-iitt-g. j
lit pimento and on bl tck. white, and j
red or Cayenne pepp-r, five cents per-!
potlntl. 1
Oi giage.rroo', two cer ts per poind i
jjiuer, cr.ujnd, live cents
nutmegs, twesty
i:.'. And or it further ennrted,
llj yllO'l r.rav-.ti. atlle t-f er llie
n.t.-iitt- of this act the liunibi-r f as-15-nt
assesots einpioved -hall be perm--etittv'
reiiuced t-v tpe dif-chstre of all dli
! SrtC
! Tiiat
iab 1 4 no
it.- 5
- pt-ciall v ' o t he a?-5es.-ioerT of any taxe.
tvhich stiiiii hire iien atoti-tied by law;
ai-id the C.iiutsst -sioner of Internal ii.eve
mid .duil bii f-niiTcd fu.thvr to reduce
Pes. 12. Ai " it further emnrted. Tiatt the number of asii-iaut . assess. irs :n 1 pro
when the return of ti: iiersoll iu lucre. ucil tiv i portion to any reduction of the service ot
tiie anstsiaut iisesor, suua person tnav rxm.ii tmt.k ami aiCouur ttud be peliuittel I
prove attd ttai-laie, under oath, li.e aiiioiint i
ini.'oBie liable to he assessed; ttit such oath and 1
evltfclice slla.t let be collcdl.-ive of titu tacts, )
ts'-rs.-.taelit wbictl il;ts ttoeu friac
ereafier fie tj.t.lf, t;y tiie r.-pe
u rtit)tt ot the l.ttt-raal taxes.
or mat
wair.-fre nrovttieil. for the veara t-nriifeen '
lirtndred and seventy and eighteen htmtlred
und .-evenly one. and no h nger, a tux 01 two
and one half per centum upon the vr tins. prof
tia. and income of every person rerj.tiini; in th-?
L titled States, .and of every citizen of the
United flutes re'idiux ifi.roa 1. dt-rived from
anv source whatever, whetaer within or with
out the United Main, except as hereafter pro
. idti; ami a like tax amiunHy npmi the vains
pmtits. atid i'li ons derived Horn any bn-itieas
trade, or profession, carried on iu the t'uite't
Sta'es fv anv prson re-iittrit: wittumt the
l"i.. ted bta'.es.'sud not a.citizcn thereof, or
rotu ranis of real rsta'o withm the LTnited j
Sia'es owned by anv person residing won- 1
at tit United Males, and itot a" citizen i
lueieof. !
Sic. 7. And ie ii fur'f:r enirtfd, That)
in estiaaarinir the truins, pr. tirs. and income 1
any psruon. there shall be io'1 h.iie.l nil iu- !
r-u:e aer.vea jrotll ht iuo -t pioj-ei...
rnts, interest received or ac-ru-J upon hII
.ftes. bonds, and c.ort gages or oti.ei- forms
of tndtditedness bearing interest, whether
vaid or not. if irood ami ctrliectalde. int-re-t
.pou notes, bonds, or other aecitnties of the
i'titted States; and the ii'tiount of li pretni'iiui
on goltl aud coupons; the (.u'.im, profus and j
ami no eiediictioiis cianued in tnch ca.s-s snail
,l.e allowed until approved- by tlie assi-'aut a
sessor- - Aay peretiu may appt-ai ti-om the de
cision tif the assistant asse-sor, in such cases,
lathe assessor tt the district, luij hi-d ihii.ii
tiieretm. uttie-h reversed Py the t'ounnisslttnei
ot Internal .teveuue. sh.tii he liaai l'ae tni-iu.
time, and manner o! pi ocee-iiu-. siiao be suit
e-:t to rej;uia;i-i;;s to ho piesc: i led oy llie Com-utissiouet-
tf lu.emai Ut-veaue.
it-ec. i.l And jC it further macied, Tiiul
anv prso:i,iu tits' own t)eai;t( or at
such filuttiary or SKett, stinlt tin per
mitted to declare, under oath, ihit
or his ward, betieficinr. , or pr;ncij al,
wss not possessed of i.a income of two
thousand doiiars, iiablo to b-- as-et-d
at.cor:iug to tne prtrvisions of this ect :
or may ueclsre taat an iccutue tax tn.s
bffca assessed and p-ittt elsetvjere in ttte
Same year, iitt.a-r aathnrtty ef l'ie Wai
ted States, ti pou t) is inc on-, gtu, and
profits, or tuose of his want, betieti -i.-try,
or principal, an reij-iity-d by ; and it
the assistant asseas-ir sh-til nn ;',ai 1.-1: d
ot thetrutb of the declaration, men per
sou ehr.ll taereuoon be exempt i'.-utn i .
come lax iu the Said district.
SrX -0. And he it ".-; -t.t'r i i..c'. n'. Thai
section sixtv seve'j ..--r --lit act approved
July tunteca. eivntecn tutKired au.s .-m-
six. entitled "Au ad to reduce inter-j
tin; ta.1v1 ion, and loaim-nd ail at t ent:- ;
I i Ue to !
Sec. 14 And be it further eunctei,
That consuls of foreign government who
are. not citizens o' the Cuind ."-tares
sta'ii he. exempt from ar.y luronietax in - j
posd by tuit act, which tiny be derived j
from their official emoiiieuts. or tr nc
property in f ireigu countries : 7Vn ;Vi i
1 fit tae government wriicla sii-.-n chl
suls m .v rt-prereut shall extend similar
ntm lion tu Consuls of t be Um'ed 5 atcs-
tb'd "act to J I o v Slit i 1- It I i ni l e
j supoort- the govrn:d n', to iay
i tin in.- ptiofit: U.'irt ..lid ior other j-iirpu:-I
es." ap.roved June i'ltrty, eiy;itee'i titin
t deed ami sixty tour," oe fiuen-ied by in
1 inserting -ifter tlie voriis "tam in esse
! civil or t'finihiid,'' the e. otds 4at isw or
! in C'j lity ;" i"!so by ics-riing after tr.e
1 iviir-jj "ii the suit -vere com mt need in the
: cour- iielow by summon;-,'' tiie words
I f i.iowir.g : tsubpoetiii, fu-tition, cr by
1 i.i;v oilier fotirt 01 a-titiu t-xcept as hete
t iaatfer prtiviiied ; al-o, by ime.-rting a'
i ter toe urus "or if 11 commeuced
! b v c pias, ' : it. e -words following : "or
i t) - any siaiilar form of proceeding by
! w .i. h a persona! arrest is ordered."
j St.C 21. ind be ii fit rtner r-irrd, That
! after ibe thitt. tirst nay ot December,
j eigdteen hiiDtir'-d and 8svi-ntv, iu i. u ot
i the duties now liupost-tt by law uu tue
j ariicies herein it-r er:iia:erted or pro
i Tided for 1 mporti-i. tnna foriyu itciintries.
j there ep-ttl le levied, collected, alltl p-ild
! ttte I. diowing duties aud rates of duties,
1 thai is to say :
j On leas o! ail kinds?,
j pound
i On ctfir.-e of all kinds,
fifteen cents per
tnree cen
Oa c
j pom 1.
I Oti -
or coco
two cents per
O .
1)1 t'inti e.nion nu
-ei.t s p -r p not
() 1 m tee. r a euti -fi t'e ct nts p
Ol cloves H e cetlls p- r poiirnl.
tit clote sit-ms, three c't-t-per po'iud.
O a cassia a;. d cas.-ia, vera, ten cents
per pound .
O i c ts-t 1 buds and ground cassia,
te -ity cents p-r pound.
0 1 ail other spice-, twe-ity cents per
p ut! J : ground or prepared, iti r j cents
pt r p.jiin J.
On i'ic...-ti, or manntac:t;re.J cloth,
wo'eti or 111 c'-- t 1 ptl -i os ot ui'h size,
shape, nu t t tin, r;r it: sii.-l; rii-iiin-r
as to lie fit t"r corsets, v-heti va ue
at SIX dollars pt r it 7. J ,r '-ss, two .1. 1
lavs d -zeii ; hen valued over stx
d-diars per .1 -i-.-Loj. i ti i riy-t-i v.? per ecu
tu-.i Vsloreill.
On eyeicts of every tle-cri ..t;GU. ,-;x cents
per t ho tsi;u i
11 i uit ram trice, six cents per p iiiinl.
Ontt'i is on til- pkin, iL s.nne r-ites as oti
other vvnot. the tpi intttv and va uu l b- as
ce. fa'ueil under such t-uh'S as t he a cn.o.iiry id
the 'i"re.tsiii-v mac pi-e-.c. ilie.
1 Iu ll-i straw, live dollars per t ill.
:i llax not hai ivle-1 - 1- tire-ist- I. tvveitty dol
lars per ioi.ioh f! tx intchUd, known a dte.-sea
it.;-re-t t lint-, foity tl-d:ars tier ton.
. Hrpu:- '. 1 ftl h i-np. cialiil.i, olid ttti-ier like stib-li-
j fnttts tor ll'illlp. Hot- o heiwios provided ior
I IWentv live tl ilt.-trs i.,-i- ton.
j tin the tow of Uax or hemp, ten tl-dtais per
1 Ion.
( I m jute, s itl'l. coir, and Sisal grass, tifieen
i doliars tt---r ton.
i (lit jute bin-, six dollars p-r t ni
1111 voiioa hauiii. or t,i her manufactures.
; 110: ottierwise pt'-videii t"i', scuahle for p,e
j Uses to whicil ctCtotl i.:i'i;ili is a.-ptied. e uu-
posed Hi in put oi ii-.-c.lp. j it e. !U i ,
i otmny li.i:sltii'Hiyi-i'ini, or o.a.-r lu-iieriaK
;;ud valned kl seven c-nts .,r h-s per sijiiari-t
1 yard, two cents per pound: v tin.l o-.-er
: sevt-lt c-Ilts p-r bijaare yard, ttlfee ecUTSper
j pound
1 I til irnu in ptcs, st-v-.n dollars per ton.
j tin cast scrap iion of evt.-. v description, six
1 do'lai- per t i
O i t ro't'it sarap iron of everv des.-rip
! lion, eihl tlniiitre per tmi. Provcleti, Tnal
i nothing shail be deemed scrap iron ex -opt
! tva-te tir retnse iron that has been t-i actual
( u.-rf, and is ht onty t- be i-eniii-iiitacuircd
j 1 -i: sworti hitoies, 1 iiirl -Ii ve p.M' centum ad
I valo: em.
I Oa steel raiiwliy bar. one mid one ipiarter
! retit per p. 11 -viiied. Tnal triflai con
i vi r e i, c.tsi , or tua ie In. 11 in-u -y tii-- Its
j seiner or pn -utanti-- ptocc-s, of tv h .ttfver Innii
J or tlcsci ipilou. siiatl hecl.l-te i 11. slech A'ni
: provi led Puttier. Thai round iron in c iU.
! liiree-six et-ntiis of an inch or less in di imeler
1 vvle-tiie." c ta e:i with ili'-l :i tr ,-iot s t-.-aled.
of anv bitsiiiC-ss. pr 'fe-s'.iui. Irtstie.
aiiv amonnt reeeiveu as Hilary or pay ior 1
ri-es in the civil, military , s vai, or other;
jrvire of the United Statee, or as Ssnat r. j
snresentat: vo. or delecals l'l Congress; ex- j
eepi that nortioti thereof from which, nniier j
natliorittr of acts o: Omgrcee previous hereto 1
k tax of live per centuai sn itl have been
withheld: the share of any person of the j
.rain, aud profit, whether divided or not. d j
i! companies or partnership, but not' inclu- 1
ding the anioutit received from any c iriiora- j
nous whose t-Hicers. a HUtbirlzed i y law. .
withheld aud pay as taxes a per centum of
the dividends made, ami of interest or coup. 1
paid OV BUCU corpoi,. ...u...-.
ixed within the vear from of reKl es
tate pnrchased within two years previous to
the year trom which income is estnua'ed;
the amount of sa'es of iivo Hock, u,jar,
woo' butler, cheese, pork, beef, mutton, or
,.ii:.r'nieatl. hay and k'rain fruits, v.tfeiam.s.
.... i., nrniiuctioue. beintr the snuviti t.r 1
produce of the- estate of p-srsou, but not
including any part thereof consumed dnectly 1
" hv ihelaiQilv; aud all orher gains, profits, and
income diawu ftom any source whatever, but
not including the rental value of the home
stead ned or occepied hy any persou, or by (
hi family.
Sic 8 Knd le it further enacted, Tha !
mUitary or naval pensions allowed to any pet j
son under the laws of the United States, an l
. tw Vh.iasaiid dollars of the trams.
profits, and ineome of any person. '"' "- where said
Uipt fira said income tax; 1.1 'he manner . - b
u-llinafter oroTided. Only one deduction of otnefe
... thoo-and dollars shall be made Irom the
luKregate income of all the members of any
f.milv composed of one or both parent, and
' "e or more minor children, or of husband an l
Hvifa- but when a wife has by law a separate
Z' I, bevond the eontrolof her hnsbaud.and
,7Zg stparnt. and prt from him. sneh de
dactiou shall then be made from her income.
2fns sad profits; and guardian and trustee.
1 a"l be allowed to make the deduction nifavor
r.rb ward cr beueflciary except thnt in ess.
' or mere ward, or benefiria.ies eompns
ed i- onefamily. havi.g joint property "'Wrest,
onlT ene deduei-ion sh.ll be m id. in their fa
or Kor th. purpose of adow ng said dednc
Tton from tee income of any r.!i!on or soe..!
eommnniiy holding oil their property and the
- rncn.rtlrefrom j.intly and "Z"-
five of the p.r.ou. composing . and
anv remainioine fractional nnmbei of soch per
"nT."e than five oversucb KP "fBfi!!;
hall be held to constitute a family, and a
diKt ou of twothoinnind dollar, sbsll be alio--dfereae!.
of said families. Any
incomes, trains, and profit, of .ucl MOjw,
row due and unpaid, .hall be iwiMd "f
lected aecerding 10 Ibis proeision, c?P' t12a'
th. dednctionsball be only one thousand dollars
for any year prior to eighteen bandred and
Bsc. 9. And t it further ectr t. That
i. addition to the exemptions prodded in 1 tbe
preceding Kction. there .hall be dedncted frem
the gains profits, and income of any person all
national State, coufrtv, and municipal taxes
paid by blm within the Tear, whether such per-
- son be owner, tenant , or mortgager; all bis los
ses actually sus: aioed during the year arising
from tires, floods, shipwreck, or incurred in
trade, and debt, ascertained to be worthless,
but exeinding all emiroaied depreciation oi
values; the amount of interest puid during the
year, and the amount paid for rent or labor to
' r aitival : land, or to eouduct any other business
from which ineosie is derived; the amount
- pa'sl fer the mat of the house or premis ; occu
pitd as a residence fr himself or hia family,
and t'ie amount pa d oat f-r usual or 1 rdinary
repairs. No deduction shall be made for any
amount raid out for new buildings, permanent
i Burovementa, or betterment, made to increase
ike value ct aoy property or estate.
Sec. lo. Ami be it further enactei, ! f ere shall be levied and Collected :
for and ii tiring the year eighteen hundred :
ant! seventy one a tax of t wo aid o:e tia f 1
per centum Oti the amount ot all inlet- ;
tst or coujions ptvid t.n bond tr titotr
evidences ot detit issue' and payable in 1
one or more years aider date, by any A
the corpora'.ioas in this section herstnai- !
tr i-numerated, and on the amount of
all dividends of earning, inoomrt, tr g-tta i
hereafter declared, by any hatiK, it ast i
couins-tiy, savirigs iostitittior., trisurance
company, railroad company, caual com
pany, tcrnpike cotnp-tny, canal naviga
tion company, and slacu water coin puy,
waeoever aud wtierever the sano; shall
be payable, ami to whatsoever person the
tame may be f!ue, including mm resi
dents, wether Ci tir.-ns or aliens, and on
til undivided profits ot any such corpo
ration which have accrued and been earn
ed and added to any surplus couttntrent.
or other fund, and every such corpora
tion baviug paid the tax as aforesaid, is
ttereby authorized to deduct aud with- j
1 1 J . . . ,1-v in h.i 1 sn a 11 r-1 nf '
no, ti ttoi. - c -. - - - ---
iuterest,, coupons,' and dividends an
atnouut equal to the tax of two and one
hall per centum "ti tbe same ; and toe
payment to the United States, m pro
vided by law, of the atuouut of lax so de
ducted from the interest, and dividends
afofesaid, shall disch-trge the corpora
tion from any liability for that atnouot of
said interest, coupons, or dividends,
as due t'J any person, except 111 case
corporations nave provi led
an express contract ; t'ro-
vided, Ttia-t the tax upon the dividends
of insurance companies snail not tl"
deemed due until such dividends are
payable, either in mo-cey or otherw'se ;
and that the money returned by inutal
insurance e jlnpaniei to their policy bold
ers, and the annual or semtanual inter
est allowed or paid ta the depositors in
savings bank) or savings institutions,
shall not be considered as dividends ;
and that when any dividend is ins,.!-", or
interest as aforesaid is paid, which in
cludes aoy part ot tbe surplus or con
tingent fund of aoy corporation wbicb
has been assessed and tbe tax pail tiere
on or which includes any part of the
dividends, interest, or coupons, received
from other corporations w bose officers are
authorized by law to withhold a per
eentum on the same, the amount of tax
so paid oa that portion of tbe surplus
or' contingent fund, and tbe amount of
tax wbicb bas been withheld and pail oa
dividends, intere-t, or coupons so re
ceived, may be deducted from tbe tax on
such dividends or interest.
Sec. 16. And be it further enacted,
That every person having tbe care or man
agement of any corporation liable o be taxed
under tbe last proceeding section, shall make
and render to tbe assessor or assistant assses
sor of the district in which such person has
bis otSce for conducting th8 business of such
corporation, oa or before the tenth day dtne
month following that in which any dividends
or sums of money beeome due or payable as
aforesaid, a true and complete return, in such
form as the Commissioner of Internal Reve
nue may prescribe, of the amount of income
and profiits and of taxes as aforesaid ; and
there shall be annexed thereto a declaration
of the president,- eashier, or treasurer, of the
corporation, nnder oath, that the same con
tains a true and complete account ofthein-
On ground or prepired rat t, or cocoa
five cetos per potioti ; and ou ccociule,
sevsn cents per pound
() 1 all moUsse.-, live cents per gallon.
On tank notio n -iron of cane
j -a tee, in- la''.., concea 1 rat ed tot-latla, and
concentrated inobisaes, one aud oce-nai!
cents t.-r pound.
On ra w or mu
above mi'iiner seveu, it itcti standard 111
color, one and three-quarter cents per
poun-i. "
(t i all raw or ma'cavajo suga.r above
numrier seven, Dulcii standard in color,
and or. all other sugars not above nura-
. e. . .1 .-VA- nrrtreHtrl
come. ana P", "vl" " j , tainincr not more than one pint each.
auUIL 1U1CVUV ft
And for any
1 rtnd all .it-set inlions of iron wiie. and
oa leaves or shells, one cent per wai. h ir 11 i-a component part, mo otin-i-A ie .
sspecit'c-aily etiillijerii.'ed itad-pi i tor. shall
pav tlie s.nieuuiy as iron wire, tn-int. cop
pered, or iiiii-e.l: And provided farther. That 1
ptt el. co.'jiite ciai'y known its crinof 10-. cotset ,
and hat s'c I wire, shall pnv duty at the rate I
ot nine cents per ro mi! ami ten p-r centum i
ad valorem. f
On rough or siufniis-ie 1 grimisiones. one 1
dollar and iiftv fears per ton; on lutislied .
krrinrisftoics, iwii iol!ars per ton
, : ilii treestoiie, s tndr-t .-lie, ttrarrite, and all '
ovudo stigir not I i,,,;;,.,,,;. or m m:,.eIW :oue'. except mirble. i
1 t tte dollar ami lit.y ct.-uts per ton. ;
j On ail sawed, di-esetl. or polished marble.!
; marble slahs. ami marble paving riies. thir-v
i per centum in valorem, ami ia adtbtioti taeii- '
i tv-iive cuts per superliciai aipiare foot not ex 1
' cet-tfiui; twti inches 10 ttli-'kuc.-e; it mort- than j
1 to-, 1 in-dut In. fhtckli.'HS ti-11 Cl'tils tier ttt it ill 1
tier ten Uutcn standard in color, two I Mildiiioii to the alio. e i ate lor each inch or!
certs per pound.
Ou all other sugars above number ten,
Dutch ttaudard in coior, and noi above
ti umber thirteen, tutcb ste.n lard in col
or, two and one-tt'jarier cents per pound.
Ou ail other sugars aoove number
thirteen. Dutch stattdird in color, and
not above number fisieen, Dutch stand
ard in coior, t wo and three, quarter cents
per pound.
On sal other sugirs ahnvn number
sixteen, Dutch standard in color, and
not above number twenty. Dutch stand
ard iu color, three and oneqinrter cents
per pound".
On all'eugsr above number twenty,
Dutch standard in color, and on all re
lined losf, lump, cru-hed, powdered, and
graainl vted sugar, four cents per pound:
Provided, That the Secretary of -the
Treasury shall, by regulations, prescrihe
and require that s imples shall bs taken
by inspectors fioin the hogshead, box,
or other package, ia such a manner as
to represent a true average of the contents
of the package, and from a suliieient
cumber of packages of th same mark in
each and every invoice, so the sam
ples OO which the classification is made
shall be a fair average in quality of the
sugar imported uoder that mark, and the
classification shall be adjudged on the
entire murk,, accordingly ; and the
weights of sugar imported in casks or
box-r eball be marked distinctly by the
custom-house weigher by scoring the
figures indelibly on each pacttage :
.Provided, That all sirup of sngsr-cane
juice, inelada, concentrated nielada, or
concentrated molasses, enter-d under
the name of molasses shall be forfeited
to the United States.
On all wines imported in casks, con
taining not more than twenty two per
centum of alcohol, and valued at not
exceediog.forty cents per gallon, twenty
five cents per gallon ; valued atover
forty cents, and not over one dollar per
gallon, sixtv cents per gallon ; valued at
over one dollar per gallon, one dollar
per gallon, and in addition thereto twen
ty five per centnm ad valorem
On wines of all kinds, imported in
bottles, and not otherwise herein pro
vided for, the same rate per gallon as
wines imported in casks, but all bottles
containing one quart or less than one
qnart, and more than one pint, shall be
held to contain ooe quart, and all bottles
containing one pint or less shall be
held to contain one- pint, and shall pay in
addition three cents for each bottle.
On champagne and all other ; spark
ling wines, in bottles, six dollars per
dozen bottles containing each not more
than one quart and more than one pint;
and three dollars per dozen bottles con-
frnctional part thereof in excess tit tw-t inches
iu thickness: Provided. That if exc-etlmg s 1;
inches in thickness, such iiiat-hlo -had tic sub
jeel iu tue duly 11 -vv itupo.-ed upon maroie
nn hair cloth of the descri jstimi known an
hair seating, eitrhteeu inches or over,
forty cents pur smiare yard: less than eighteen
inches v.-itie, thirty cents pere mre y tr.l
Du haircloth known as c inoiine cioib, and
on all othwr maitiiiaeiu res of hair not omter
wise provided for. thirty per cciituui ud va
lorem. tin hair-pins made of iron wire, lifty per
cent ad valorem.
t in auulitte dyes ami c ilors, by whatever
UHitnJ known, tiiiv-eeiits per pound, and thirty-live
per centum ad valorem
On buttons and on ornaments fo-desses
ami outside eHnuetits ma le of -ik. or of
waich silk is the c-impoiieur, material ot chie
value, and C illfaiulUK no wool, wo sted, or
goats' h tir: fitly per cei. turn ad valorem.
tin nickel, thirty c.-nts per po-nn I.
On nickel oxide niid alloy of nickel wiih
copper, twenty cents per pound.
iOii watches, watch cases, watch movements,
pails of watches, and watch materials, twenty
live per centum atl valorem.
On . watch jewels, ten per centum ad va
tin live aiiiuials. twenty per centum ad va
lnrem; Provided, That animals specially iin
ported for breeding purposes trotn beyond the
seas shall be admitted tree, up-m proof ihereo
satisfactory to the Secretary of the Treasury
and miller such regalatiou's as he may pre
scribed. And provided furtlier, That teams ot
animals, including their harness and tacxle,
actually owned hv perao-ts immigrating to the
United S ates witii their families, from foreign
countries, and in actual lire for tbe purposes of
such Humiliation, shall also be admitted free
of duty, under audi le-iiiuiious as tie Secre
tary ot the Treasury may prescribe: Ami pro
vitied further, Tuai. ad animals hrouwtiit into
llie United Mates tempt ranly and for a period
uol exceeding stx uniiilbs, tor the purpose of
exhibition or competition fir prizes offered bv
any agricultural or ractug association, shall he
admitted free of duty upon bond being first
given, in accordance with regulations to be
prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury,
with condition that tbe full' duly hereinbefore
'uiposed shall be puid in case of the sale ot any
such animals ;n the United States.
Ou orauges leui us. pine apples, and grapes
tweuty per centum ud valorem; and ou limes,
bananas plantains, shaddocks, mangoes, and
cocoaiiufs. leu per centum ud valorem: Provi
ded. That no allowance shall be mads for loss
by decay ou the voyage, uuless the said loss
ahull exceed tweuty live per centum of the
quantity , and the allowance then made shall
be only for fhe, amount of toss in excess ot
tweniy-tive per centum of the whole iuautiry.
On Zaute. or other currants, and prunes aud
plum's, two and one half ceins per pound.
Uu neat's foot oil. and all animal, whale,
seat, aud tisb oils, tweuty per centum ad va-1
Un oil made of linseed or flaxseed, thirt;
cents per gallon, seven pounds and a half o
weight to be estimated as a gallon.
Ou-heinpseed and rape, ed, and other oi
seeds of like character other than linseed o '
flaxseed, oue half cent per pound.
tin linseed or tia -seed, twenty ceiits pe
bushel of fifty six pounds weight: Provided,
.f&i&tt-Sm., ....
That no drawback slialll he aloed
cuke made troiti imported see
tin sesittne seed oil or I entie oil, and cotton
seed oil. thirty cenls per gallon.
I m se auie seed, ten per centum ad valorem.
i 'ii opium, one dollar per po aid.
On opium prepared tor. smokintr, and on all
o'her preparations of opium not. otherwise
provid d Ior, six dollars per pound: Provided.
Thai opium prepared tor smoking, and other
preparations of opium, depnsjted iu bonded
warehouse, shall not be removed therefrom for
xtiiiilaiiou without payment ol duties-, and
bi c'.i c'.utia- saall not be lelunded.
Un nit.i-phi. ami ,, aii f morphia,
one dollar per ounce.
On cotton thread, yarn, warps, or warp
yarn. ii"t woinol upon p.mts. whether single
or advanced beyond t'ps condition of single by
I wistiu two or more single yarns lonether,
whether on hi atus or iii bundles, skeins, or
cops, or in any other form, valued at not ex
ceeditin; forty cents per pound, tn cenls per
pound; valued at over forty cents per pound
and not. exceeding sixty cems per pound, t weu
ty cents per pound; valued at. over sixtv cents
per pnuiil land not exceedilln eighty re'iitsperl
lininin, iturty cell a per pound ; valued at over
eikthty cents per pound, forty cents per pound;
and iu a-iditton to said rates of duty t . amy
per centum ad vjIoiciu
kc 21 And be it farther tn.ictrd. That
after the thirty-first day of December, eiirhtceii
hundred ami seventy, iu add Hon to imported
artirl snow by lw exempt duty, and
not herein o lierwise provided for, the follow
itiir a ticlt-s hereinafter euiiiiiueraied and pro
vided fir shall also be free:
Ac.d, areitiou-, crude.
ci.t, nitric, not chemically pure.
Acid uuiiiaiic.
Acid, oxalic.
Acid, picric, and nitro-piciic: Provided. That
cai b iys containing acids shall be suhject lo
the same duty as if empty.
Aconite, root, leaf, and bark.
Alkaoet rout.
Albtmien and lactarine.
Amber, gum.
Aniline oil, erode.
Ammonia, crude. 7
Aiinoio seetl
Ariols, crude.
Asbestos, not. miinnf.ictnred.
At tides imported Ior the use of the United
States. Pr-ividetl. Thai 'llie price of the same
tlit! not include (he tbuy.
Articles. . he i;i-owih- 'produce and mntiufac
lure of the United States when returned iu
the same condition as exported; Provid. d.
Tiiat proof ot the identity of articles be
made under regulations to tie prescribed bv
lite Seireinry ! the Treasury; and if such ar
tidesttvere subject to interna! lax at the liiae
ot et trtalaia. tax shall be proveti to
f a" c heeu paid before ex imrratiou ami noi re
nude t. ' ltd all ads and p irts of hc s hereto
f re p issed pre-eriltiiig regulations in regard
lo Kiich iiitportat ions are hereby rt peal; tl.
liaaiboos. uuiiia iiii'ucrured.
i-.trke, viz: lnilla. 1'ernviau. f.itna. euli
saya, aud ili clnciioaa barks, Canella alba,
po t.e-ratiate, croton-, cascardia. and ail other
bark- no otherwise privided for.
Iteiia.iouuu, root ami leaf.
itio ui.'ie.
ltu.erappli s. colocynth.
iterrits, nut-, and vegetables for tivi-in z or
n-eil t-n-coiiii o -icg dyes, not othersri.e iro-
id-d t.-r iu this nc .
Hells broken and bell metal brok.ii,and fit
on!, lobe manufactured.
it. met cut le, not m.tuiif.iclir'eil. hones
jrro'iud an-l ca.cined. hone and b -tie ash
lot-main. la. -lure ot phosjdia'es and ien i:z-rs,
11 arks wh ca have been printed and mann-faciiii-ed
I'tinre than tweliiy lears.
iti im-t 'lie, crllile
tin r stone in blocks, rtuiirb t-r unmanufac
tured, anil not bound up into mil! Stones,
ilu. in; e aves
urate cd lime.
( 'oliiiiibo root.
(' ai lia i let.
t 'a.-r, it- or cu.torcuni.
Catechu or t-ufcli
Cargut or whip gut, utimatitifa'-tared.
' ' ul, aiiriiraciie.
Coccj..ilas imlicas. j
4' .. ia.i ci.-ula. or helillock, seed and leaf.
( '. aPnear.
iv.ilec'ittos of antiquity .specially imported,
and no' for -a!c
'tiatk anil cl ft' s'titie. utimanufacttired f
I ot k w .od, or c irk bark, uu nanufactured.
ti.ti lieli ui, iiumamifaciured.
I 'utrie lish houn.
I) aiimtid ti net or hurt.
f'ra. ius blood.
liitn-ty ore or rock, not pulverised, n it
i-spa tti, or Sanisli yrtea. and other grasses
and p-dp, for ttie uiatitif.tct.uie of paper,
fibrin, in all forms.
Kisti. fri-sh tor immediate etnS7ttp'iou.
I'mli f r "
Kind null viouutl liii.t sttmes.
K.ilae disfit'tiis.
r'a.-hioii plates euttraved nu Mecl or on
wo-id, c:! -red, p aiii
Kur skit. s of all kinks not diesed in any
tibtss, broken in piects. which cannot le cut
for u-e. and lit only lo oe remauufaci ured.
Cii4iio. and other animal manures.
finals. Atabic. .leddo. -euegal, Barbarv.
lia t India, t.'ape, Australian, ytiiu benzolu. or
be: jauoit, jL'Utn' copal, sandarac, tiamar, uhiii
Po-e, cowrie, mastic, shell ic. trairac .nth, ole
baiutti. iruiac. niyirh. bdellium, i: u bauum,
and 1.I1 gums not other'vise piovided for.
tlutta pcrcha, cruile.
li'tat sitllis. raw.
Horse and cow hair, not cleaned Utid
lire s--ed.
I io. -ts. lioi-ns. and horn tins.
Hitie canines, raw and iu llie hair, for glue
elf k
1 letnlo k bark.
Ilyoscvaiini or henbane leaf.
loiiiue, crude
ladia-ruhher. crude, and milk of.
Ivtu v aiitt vegetable ivory, uumaiiafactiireit.
Jet, unmutiufacturetl.
.luuiper and laurel berries.
S. Lace, crutle, seed, buttcn, stick, shell or
iiiva, unmanufactured,
Life-bouts nnd life-saving apparatus, spee
cialiv imported by societies itteorporated or
established tu encourage the saving of human
I.iiptdriee rout.
Litmus and all lichens, prepared or nut pre
pared. l.os and round unmanufactured timber
not. otherwise provided for, aad ship timber.
.Madder root., of ill kinds, ground, aud
gr.iuud tuutigeet or ludiau madder.
.Manna. . f
M iss, Iceland, nnd other mun i, crude.
Ma?k and civet, crude, in natural pod.
Nilrate of soda, or cubic niter.
Oak bark.
Ore of a itiuiuny. or crude snlphuret of.
Orange aud lemon peel, nut preserved, can
died, or otherwise prepared.
O.chill, or archill, iu the weed or liquid.
Palm nuts and piilui-mit kernels.
Palm and cocoa-nut oil.
Pa tiling, statuary, fountains, and other
wori.s of art. tbe production of ar
tists: Provided, That the fact of such produc
tion be verified by the certificate of any con
sul or minister of the United States indorsed
upon the written declaration of the nrtist :
And provided further. That all paintings,
statuary, fountains, and other works of art,
the production and property of nu American
artist, now beta tor payment of duties in any
custom-bouse of the United States, shall bo
surrendered to such artist without payment of
duties or charge, upon bis affidavit filed in the
departm.-nt of Iho Secretsry of the Treasury
that the same are tbe. production of such ar
tist. ,
Paintings, statuary, fountains, ond other
works .if art, imported expressly for presenta
tion to national institutions or to any State,
or to any municipal corporation.
Philosophical nnd, scientific apparatus, in
struments, ad preparations, statuary, casts of
marble', bronze, alabaster, or plaster ot" Paris,
paiutings, drawings, and etchings, specially
imported in good faith, for tbe use of any so
ciety or institntion incorporated or established
for philosophical, educational, scientific, or
literary puuposes, or encouragement of the
Uno arts, and not intended for sale.
Household effects of persons nnd families
returning or emigrating from foreign coun
tries, which have been in actual use abroad by
tbem. and not intended for any other person
or persons or for sail, not exoeeding tbe value
of five, hundred dollars.
Phosphates, crude or native, for fertilizing
purposes. -
Plants, trees, shrubs, roots, seed-eane, and
seeds imported by the Department of Agricul
ture, or the United Stales Botanic garden.
Platinum vacos or retorts for chemical uses,
or parts thereof. '
Potassa, muriato of.
Quassia wood. '
Ka 's, of cotton, linen, jute, and hemp, and
paperwaste, or waste or clippings of any kind
fit only for the manufacture of paper, includ
ing waste rope and waste bagging.
Kesins, crude, not otherwise provided for.
Hose leaves.
Saffron and satHower. ,
' Sarsaparilla, crude,
Soaweede not otherwise pn vided for.
Scatnmony, or resin of scamnieny. '
Sandal wood.
gieek, fenn
. erwise pr
. anion , cai a way , n . o .- . t a,
. cummin, and other seeds not
idcil for.
... 'eaves.
of every description, n it tuanuf ac-
Snrimps, or other shell fish.
Skeletons, aud other pieparation of anat
omy. Silkworm eggs.
Specimen of natural history, Lntnny, and
mineralogy, when imparted for cabinets as
objects of luste or science, and not for sale.
Stiuills, or siila.
Sweepings of silver or gold.
Tapioca, cassava, cassada.
Tea nluuts.
Voniiizrtii, or of copper.
Wood as lie, quid lye of, ami i,.,t-ro!t nshe.
Wands, viz : poplar, or other "wood lor tbe
manufacture, of paper.
Wnorm seed. Levant.
Xylonite, or Xylotile.
SIC. 23. And b'tt further ennr.ted. That
for the term of two years frmn ond after the
passage or this act, and no longer, machinery
and apparatus designed only for. and adapted
to be used tor. strum-towage on canals, and
not now iinuiufaetured iu tbe United States,
may be imported by any State, o! duty,
subject to such regulations as may bo pre
scribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.
And also that for tlio term of two years from
and nftee the passage of this act, and no lung
er, machinery, adapted to the cul
tivation of tan soil, may be imported by any
person f ir his own rise, free of duty, subject tu :
such regulations of the Secretary of the Treas
ury as before provided
Sec iii And be ir, further enacted. That the
wnid "saltpeter," as used in section seven of
tint net of March three, eighteen hundred and
six'.y-iiirec, allowing drawback of duty on
foreign saltpeter manufactured inlo gunpowd
er io tbe ti nitcd States, and exported thcre
Iroiu. shall be construed to mean the element
of nitre so used, whether it be the uitiatc of
putaah or nitrate of soda.
Sac. If, And le it further enacted. That
section fifteen of the act approved July four
teen, eighteen hundred anil sixtv-two, enti
tle I ' An act increasing, temporarily, the du
ties on imports, and for other purposes," and
sreti m four of the actio amendment thereof,
approved March three, eighteen hundred and
sixty-five, be. an 1 the same are hereby, so
amendeo, that no ship, vessel, steamer, boat,
barge, or tlat belonging to any citizen of the
United States, trading from ntio port or point
within the United States, to another part or
point wtrhin the United State, or employed in
tho hunk, whale, or other fisheries, shall here
after be subject to the tonnage tax or duty
provided for in said acts ; and iho proviso
:n section una hundred and three cf the "Act
t i provide interim! revenue to support tho
g ivcnitiieal and to pay the interest on the
public debt, nnd for purposes," approved dune
thirty, eighteen huudred nnd sixty-four, ro
iiiiiring an annual special tax to bo paid by
boat's, barges, and fiats, is hereby repealed.
?c 2d. And l.e it further enaete.i. That
ell i ap art -d goods, wares, and merchandise
which may be iii in the public stores or bontl
e.l warehouses on the day and yeaf this act
shall take effect, shall be subjected tti no other
duty upon the entry thereof for consumption
t'l'niti is the same wire imported respectively
after that day : and all goods, wares, and
merchaii'lis-- remaining in bonded warehouses
oti the day and year this act sb iil take effect,
and niton which tho duties shall have been
n lid. shuli be entitled to i return! of the dif
fer 'Dec li.-tween the amount of duties paid and
the amount of duties said goads, wares, and
merchandise would lie su'tjert tu if the same
ware imported resp -etivcly after that day.
Sec. "7. And" le it further enacted. That
all provisions of existing laws whereby any
tax or duty is laid upon be.ptests or doriccs,
r transfer deed, crr.iit. or gift, made er in
tended to take effect after the death of the
:ranii'i, or any real or personal property, in
trust or of hertvisn, f..r public use of a literary,
educational, or charitable eheraercs, or upon
any real or personal estate which may become t t any trust as aforesaid under any
pa-t or fatarc di-p sition. which if made io
favor ,.f au individual, would confer on him a
slice .'sion , be, un 1 the same are hereby, re
pealed, ami no taxes heretofore levied there
under, but not paid, shall bj collected.
, oi'iitiiiii us iiforesiiid, exept tut packages
designated for examination, shall be trans
ferred, under proper supervision, directly from
:ie imparling vosse. to the cars, vessels or ve
hicles in which the same is to bo transported
to its final destination ; and if transferred
from tho importing vessel to any bonded or Hfier leu days' notice and on tb return
ami mihi . f i lie-tie ot depJtti ,La 1 io r
interest at a rue do' exceeding two a id
a half per cet.t per a Hum ; ami any
n I:, on tit. of gold coin so de sued may b;
w tbdraan from deposr at aoy time after
thirty days from 'b- date or oeposit, aud
other warehouse, or to auy other dace than
such car, vessel, or vehicle, it shail tie tikou
possession of by the collector as unclaimed,
and deposited in public store, nnd shuli not be
removed from such store without entry and
appraisement, us in ordinary cases. Hut the
Secretary of the Treasury may. iu his discre
tion, and with sueii precaution ns lie shall
deem proper, authorize the establishment of
bonded warehouses .especially ami exclusively '
appropriated to the reception of such meridian- -diso
in cases where its imiiici'.iuf e transfer to ;
tbe transporting car. vessel, or vehicle shall!
ba impracticable. lint merchandise remain- i
ing io such warehouse more than ten days i
shall be deprived of the privilegesconferred
by this act, and shall be taken 'possession of
by the collector as unclaimed, and held until ;
regularly entered und appraised
Sec . 31
of entries, oaths, bonds, and other papers to 1
required, and ail ruie? and rcguia
ot said i eitifioates : Providtd, That the
interest on ail such flt-po-iis shall cento
and determine at the pleasure of tbe Sec
retary of 'be Treasury. And not less
than iweoty-tive per cent ot lb-coin de
posiied for ur r presented by said certifi
cates i f deposits shall be leiained In ibe.
treasury tor tbe payment ot said certifi
cates ; and the excess toy ond Iwenly-fue
per cent, may tie applied at the discretion
of tbe .-Secretary of Ibe Treasury to the
payment or redemption of such oolstand
ing bunds of ibe Uuiled Stales heretotoie
issued Hiia kuowu as IDe Dvt-rwenly
bonds, as he may designate under lhe
-provisions of the foiir'h section of this
j act : and any certificates of deposit is
sued hs aforesaid m-v l. - a ...
31. And be it further ennetel. Thattho ! .r wi,D i..,-. ' . J
ry of the Treasury shall prescribe forms r Laaf. T '":.U- I"
.i... i a . ., i lntiiiiD! i..r auv oouda iinlutrci.,i
' issued by this act..
tions, out inconsistent witu law, to be observed
in the execution of this uct, which shall liavo
the force and effect of law.
Se- 6. And Is? it further enacted, That Iho
United States bonds purchased and now held
in the treasury iu .tccirtlaiice with the provi
sions relating to a sinking fund, of section five
of the act entitled "An act to authorize the
issue of muted Stales notes. ...i r- ,,.
Sec. 3i. And be it further enacted. Thattho
J privilege of this act shall extend to tue ports
of ..ew lura, in the State of New York demptioii t,r luuding thermit, and for runditiir
'tnn. in too State of .Massachusetts ; Provi-; the tl.ialing debt of tho United States" uil-di-in-c,
in the State ot Rhode Island; Phila-! proved i'cbruurv twciifv-f.r.i. t... !. t. "
,ii. .:.!,. i tl,.. Kt,.. .. o- -i... :..' i..i. : ,i i ..-j raum nun.
-"'i'""; -...w ... . , i,...-..nitiiiii ; ....tu- i ..i.-.t iw,t sixiy-ktvo, mni mj mc:
more, in uiu .tune hi aiaryiaii': ; ort,litt
the State of Virginia: Charleston, in
ii , lit . . - "ut
, in , bauds which huvo been purclmsed by the See
the r taty of tbe Trcnsurv wit!.- t.. . t . t
Statu of South Carolina t Savannah, in the ; the treasurv, anil now hdd in the treasury i f
State of (Jeorgia; Xcw Orleans, in tho State ' Uie United States, sh.ill hv csnc!fled snd'dcs
of Louisiana; Portland, in the State of Maine; stroyed, a detailed record 'of sucii bonds so
UuDa'.o, in the State of Xcw York : Chicago, cancelled nnd tlc-troyod i e first mode in tho
in ther Stato of Illinois; Cincinnati, iu tiie 1 books of tho Treasurv Itepartment Anv
Siato of uhio; Saint Louis, in tho State of boids heremter am, ,. ...;.i .:..i '".. ."
Missouri; Lvansville, in the State of Indiana: I ami ail other United sit., i..- i 1
Milwaukee, in the State of Wisconsin ; Louis j or paid hereafter by the ! niled States shall
vilie. in the State of K-ntueky ; Cleveland, in also iu like munner be recorded canct'lllcd
th.) State of Ohio ; San Francisco, in th j and destroyed, and the amount of the bond
State ot Cdlilornia; Portland, in the State of of each class thin r,i,ve been caticelfl'cd and
Oregon ; Memphis, in Iho State af Tennessee: destroyed shall be deducted respectively from
...o. ....... ,,. me i-um to ami'nii uiiu to i nc uiimuin tu earn class of (he outstnndip"
importations from tir to Europe, and from or j debt of the United Stales, in addition H
to Asm, or the isluutU adjacent thereto, via
tuo t, n.ted Stutes.
other amounts that uiav h i,,...ii ... . u-
demption or payment of the t. ..!.;;.. .1..1.'
See. :in. And be it further enacted. That at 1 bluing S ,hl ft. riUg
each of sa.d ports for which an appraiser of , a llie Secre.sry of the Treasurv Jh.U
imported luerchnndise is not now provided for j from time to time direct to the ,
by law. there shall be appointed ... appraiser i the public debt us pro vided V Tn see ,T,m five
of imported merehaiidi,.,, at a salary of three i f ,L0 art aforesaid. Ami tks, ,uonn dollars per unnum. und also such i be applied is hereby apprt.pri Ued noitmillVfor
number of weighers, gangers, measurers, and . that purpose, out of the .
...-j w.-,.- -- I. . luipttrien poo. is.
provisions of ibis act. who shall receive the !
ordinary legal compensation of such officers. !
niorted goods
Approved, July 14, lsro.
S'.-c.3r. And be it further onaste !. That any I Pcbli f isi 1
p-rsnii maliciously opening.' breaking, cr en-! ' " J
tering. by any means whatever, any car. ves-I AX ACT lo establish post roads,
set. vehicle, warehouse. or package containing i ,
liny such merchandise delivered for transport- I tt ennct.dhy the Senate and f.mtrnfTtep
atiou as aforesaid, removing, injuring, break- ! f the t mtrd tstute, of Ameru
ing. or ueiacing any .oca or seal placed upon
such car, vessel, vehicle, warehouse, or pack
age, or aiding, abetting, or encouraging, utiy
other person or persons so to remove, break,
injure, or deface sneh locks or seals, or to
open, break, or enter such car, vessel, or ve
hicle, with intent to remove or cause to bj re
moved unlawfully any merchandise therein,
or in ui y manlier to injure or defraud the
United States ; and any person receiving any
merchandise unlawfully removed from any
such car, vessel, or vehicle; knowing it to have
been so unlawfully removed, shall lie guilty of
felony, and in addition to any penalties hereto
fore prescribed, shall, on conviction, bo im
prisoned not less than six mouths nor more
than two years; and any person swearing
wilfully false in any oaih prescribed in this
act. oi by the Secretary of the Treasury in
pursuance of authority to make all rucdfnl
regulations conferred upon him bv this act,
shall be guilty of wilful aud corrupt perjury.-
Sec. r,S. And bo it further enacted. That
sections twenty nine, thirty, thirty-one, thtrty
tvo, thirty - three, thirty - four, thirty-five,
thirty six. and thirty-seven of this act shall
take eftc. t on the first day of October, eighteen
hundred and seventy.
Approved, July If, ISrd.
.'. An'! be it further enacted. Ths-t in !
all eases where t ihace.i is required to be put up i
in packages, a prnvided by section 1
; stxty-tvvn ot an act entitled " Au act imposing
i taxes on distilled spirits and tobacco, and for
o' purposes. spj. roved .July twenty, eight-
ecu hundred aud sli.-i'i be lawful
f ir the Commissioner of Interna! Hevetiue to
u'liuv the same to be put iu metallic packages:
Vi.r.'e.y. That, they shall lie so constructed
wi:h such corrugations for receiving nnd pro
teetiug the revenue stamps as the Commis
si oicr may approve.
Pus .10 Xo. 10...
AX ACT to authorize the funding of the na
tional debt.
site. 1'J. Aud be it. further enacted. That
whenever any luf-n ban-disc, except wine, dis
tilled spirits, and perishable or explosive article--,
or articles in bulk, imported nt the ports
of Xetv York, in the State of Xew York ; Phil
adelphia, in th') Stut'i of Pennsylvania: Uris
ton. iu file State of ala-'ic.hasctts ; Hall irncire.
in the State of Marvi.itid: Portland, in the
.Maine : 1'nrf. Huron i.a tho .-date of
-M icfiigan : New Orleans, in the Stale of i.ou-
i-iaoa : and San l-Vancisco. in the State of i
1 California, shall appear by ihc invoice or bill !
i ot lading und by the manifest to bo consigned j
i to and destined for either of the ports specified
! in section thirty-five of this a-T. the collector
I at the port of arrival slut!! 'permit the owner,
; agent, or coiisi-nee to make entry there if lor
t warehouse or immediate transportation, in
; triplicate, setting forth the particulars in such
entry and the route hy' which such goods are
j to be forwarded, whether by laud or water. '(
1 The entry having been compared with the in
i voice nnd duly sworn to. and such an examin
ation of tho goods and merchandise having 1
j been niad j as will satisfy the customs officers i
I that the eitin-3 corresponds with the manifest
and in nice, atid the duties estimated ou tho
vajue and quantity of the invoice, and on the
execution of n baud as hereinafter provided,
j the collector shall deliver the same to be tm-
mediately transported to such port of destina-
tion. at the sole cost and risk of such owner,
j agent t-r eousiguee. And goods and incrchan
; riise imported to any of tho aforesaid ports of
entry, aud designed for any port designated by
the thirty-fifth section of this act, the e .Hector
of saopport shall give priority in time to the
examination of sai l goods and
for the purpose of forwarding tho sumo to their
port of destination, and said examination shall
not necessitate the transportation of said goods
and merchandise to the warehouse or'apprais
ers office ; and such merchandise so entered
j for imuiediatL transportation shall not be sub-
ject to appraisement anil liquidation of duties
' at tne port ol first arrival aforesaid, but shall
undergo such examination as tho Seorctary of
the Treasury shall deem necessary to verify
the invoice and entry, and the same examina
tion and appraisement thereof shall be required
and had at tho said port of destination as
would have fleen required at the port of original
importation if such merchandise had been en
tered for consumption or warehouse ut such
port. j
Sr.o. .".0. And! be it further enacted, -That
the bond required by the foregoing section
shall be in a penal sum ot ut least double the
invoice value of the merchandise, with the
duties added, nnd iu such form, und with such
number of sureties (not less thap two) as shall
be proscribed by the Secretary of the Treasury;
aud tho sai.l sureties shall justify, by affidavit
taken before tbe collector of customs and at
tached to tbe said bond, in an amount at least
double the penalty of the bond, and the said
collector shall oertify to their sufficiency ; and
tho said bond may bo executed at the port of
final destination, and transmitted to the col
lector of tho poTt of first arrival, as provided
by the act of March two, eighteen hundred
und ihirty-ono.
Skc. And be it further enacted, That
merchandise so entered for transportation shall
be delivered tu and transported by common
curriers, to be -designated for this purpose by
the Secretary pf the Treasury, and to or by
nono others ; and such carriers shall be re
sponsible to the United States as common car
riers for the safe delivery of such merchandise
to the collector at the port of its destination ;
and before any f-uch carriers shall be permitted
to receive and tjransport any such merchandise
they shall become bound to the United States
in bonds of suoh form and amount, and with
such conditions (not ineonsistent with law)
and suoh security as the Secretary of the
Treasury shall require.
Sen. .12. And bo it further entfrted. That
merchandise transported nnder the provisions
uf this act shall be conveyed in ears, vessels,
or vehicles, securely astenedt with locks or
seals, under the exclusive control of the offi
cers of customs ; and inspectors shall be sta
tioned at proper points along tho designated
routes, or upon any car, vessel, vehicle or
train, nt the discretion uf the said Secretary,
and at the expense of the said companies re
spectively. And su.h merchandise shall not
be unladen or transhipped between tbe ports
of first arrival and final destination. .
See. 33. -And be it further enacted. That
merchandise so destined for immediate trans- ,
' tf eitarltd ly the Senate atid limnne of
Jicjireitntttticia vf (he Cnited Stuteg f America
in Cnjren asxemhied :
That the Secretaiy of tho Treasury is here
by aiittiarized to issue, in a sum or sums not
exceelitig in the aggregate two hundred mil
lion dollars, coupon or registered bonds of the
Knifed States, in such form as he may pre
scribe, au-I of denominations of iifty Hollars,
or some multiple of that sum, redeemable in
coin of the present, standard value, at the
pleasure of the United States, after ten years
from the tlaie of their issue, and bearing in
terest, payablo semi-annually in such coin, ut
the rate of tivc per cent, per annum ; ulso a
sum or sums nor exceeding in the aggregate
three linn (red million dallars of like bonds,
tl.o same in ail respects, but payable at tho
pleasure of the United States, after fifteen
years from the date of their issue, ami benring
1 mtere-t at the rate of four and :i half per
cent, iierunuum ; nlso :t sum or sums not ex
ceeding in the aggregate oue thousand million
d. .liars of like bonds, the sumo in nil rcsnects.
but payable at tho pletsuro of the United
States, after thirty years from the date of their
issue, and bearing interest at tha ra'e of jour
per cent, per annum ; all of which said several
e!a-scs of bonds and the interest thereon shall I
oc. exempt irom laxaitim ,u any lorui i,y or
unoer State, municipal, or- local authority :
and the said bonds shuli have set forth and
expressed upon their face il.o above specified
conditions. siud saall, with their coupons, be
made payable at the Treasury of the United
States. But nothing iu this act. or in any
other law now in lorec. shall be ennstraed to
authorize auy increase whatever ol the bunded
debt of the United States.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That the
Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized
to sell ami of any of the bonds issued
under this act, at not less than their par value
lor coin, and to apply the proceeds thereof to
the redemption of any of" the bonds of the
United States outstanding, and known ns five
twenty bonds, at their par value, or he may
exchange the same for sneh five-twenty bonds,
liiir fur par ; but tbe bonds hereby authorized
shall be used for no other purpose whatsoever.
And a sum not exceeding one-half of one per
cent, of the bonds herein authorized is hereby
appriqiriateu to pay tne expense oi preparing,
issuing, advertising, and disposing of the same
Sec. fi. And be it further enacted. That the
psyment of any of tho bonds boreby author
ize, l otter tne expiration of the said several
terms often, fifteen, and thirty years, shall be
mado in amounts to be determined from time
to time by the Secretary of the Treasury at bis
discretion, the bonds so to lie paid to bo dis
tingmshed and described by the dates and
numbers, beginning for each successive pav
ment with tho bonds of each class last datod
and numbered, of tho time of which intended
payment or redemption the Secretary of the
l reasury snail give public notice, and the in
terest on tbe particular bonds so selected at
any time to bo paid shall cease at-the expira
lion of three months from the date of such
notice. ,
Sec. 4. And be it further enacted. That
the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby
auinorizeii, wnu any coin tn the treasury
t Ittie united states which be may lawful
Iy apply to such purposes, or which ton
be derived from the sale of any of the bonds
the issue of which is provided for in this
act, to pay at par and cancel any six per
rent, bonds of the United States uf the
kind known as five-twenty bonds, which
have become or shall benrafler become
redeemable by tbe terms of their issue
But tbe particular bonds so to be paid
and cancell I led shall In all cases be iu
dicated and specified by class, date, and
number, in the ordr ot their numbers
and issue, beginning with tbe first num
bered and issued, in . public notice to be
given by tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury,
and in three months after the date of
such public notice tbe interest on tbe
bonds so selected and advertised to be
paid shall cease.
Sec 6. And fcs it further enacted, That
the Secretary of the Treasury is nereoy
authorized, at any time within two years
from the nassece of this act. to receive
nf tha United States on deposit
tor not less than thirty days, in sums of
not less than one hundred dollars, with
tbe Treasurer, or any assistant treasurer
of the United States authorized by the
Secretary of the Treasury to recejve the
same; who shall issue therefor certifica
of deposit made In such form as the Sec
retary of the Treasury shall jreicribe,
That-the following be established us pott
I roads:
j From Seotlsboro to Is-ba'ion '
j Kn ui Kvergreeu to t okernlle.
; Krom Abbeville, via Martinsville und Smith-
viI!e,to Columbia.
Trom lluuleville to Center Hill.
Krom Iiuiitsvilie, viu Meridian ville to Fay
etteville Krom Xew Market to Klora
Krom i arkin's fork to llnui.r'. Suiioii.
"'roui Troy lo i izark.
From Toodiiis to Vernon.
From Oz..rk, via. ilaw liidge atid Elba, to
I roln Oarriaoii point, to Hamhy's Mil's,
Vrdm He Vail. lilufl io Pine.
T'roiu llatesvilla lo Ash Flat.
. Frtio Marshall to Dover.
Krom Col on Plant io Desare. -
From Itriukley to Augusta.
FroiH Darduiielle to Wuldrou.
From Galena lo '.'arrolllon.
F rom l'urrison lo Forsy the, Missouri.
r From Moiiticello to Auoin n.
From I. -ttie Kuril m Austin, vin Pardon's.
Bayou Metre, Yates Mill, and Bollamy s aud'
Kr m Walnut Orove to Wickenbnrg.
From Prescotl to Willi, im-on's Valley
From Prescoit, via Wulnut Grove, to Wick
enbnrg. Krom Prescott to Woo1, Valley.
From Wb kenbiirg to Vu'ture Mine.
From vVtiulsey Valley, Buy Bug; and Maple
Shades, to Blaca Canon and Wiukeuburg
F'rom Kilvtlle. via Oak Run. Round Moun
tain. Cayton's Mill Brings, and George laike, '
to Lake Civy.
From Yuka to Little Shasta.
F'rom Ctttisloga to Kelsey.
From Tuolumne City lo Miliertou.
From S n Itatael to Xicasinu'
From Ukiah to Iionud Valley.
From Miliville to Fort ISidwill.
Fn m Santa Ko-a to Sonoma.
From Snn Jose to Santa Clara.
From Happy Camp to Waldo, in Oregon.
From Susmiville lo Kumbnrg.
Froif. Tuolomune City, via Ward's Landing
and Applmes. to Milleiton.
Krom bau Rafael, via Xiciasts. to Petaluma.
From Oroville, via Taviorville, Creseut
Mills, aud Greenville, la Round Valley.
brum San Diego, via Sail Bernardino, to
salt, lake City, Utah.
From Vacuville. via Vara, Pleasant Valley,.
Scoggins, near the mouth of Puta Cation; aud
Buck Lye. to Woodland.
From Xapa City, via Sonoma, to Santa
Rosa. x
From Knelling, via Ilopemn, Alexandria,
Dover, Hill's Ferry, and Cotton wood, to S4ll
Luis. -
From Canrp Bidwell. California, via Goose'
Lake Valley, lo Camp Warner, Oregon.
Canyon City to Colfax.
From Kvans to lilackhaw'k Point.
' From i any on City to lireenliorn.
From Pine Blull'to Golden City.
From Algona to Yankton.
From Liucolu ia Whitehall.
From Camp io Yauktou.
From Vermillion lo Laybrook.
From Coon Bottom lo
From Jesse tdue's to Alu'.ivaute, in Ala
bama. From Palnika to Okahumpka.
From Ocala to Camti Izard.
From Camp Izard to Crystal River.
From Xew Troy to Clear Water Harbor.
r rom Starke lo Lake City.
Fioin Tampa to Fort llar'risen.
F.oiu t'alatsa to i'unn's Lake.
From lola In Abe Spring.
From Ocnesse io Mariauna.
. F'rom Lake City to Waldo.
From I-cesburg lo llie county site of Maua
te. County.
From Pensacola to Freeport.
From Leesburg. via Suuiptcrville, Benton,
aud Fort Meade, to the county seat ef Ma
uattee. From Tallahassee, via Jackson's Blulf, to
From Tallahassee, via Ceiiterville and Iamo
nia, to Th.imasville, ileoria.
Fiom Lake City, via Previdence. and Jlar
ney vine, to Waldo. ,
From Sopcbopy to Henry-Anderson f,
on tbe Ocklocknee River.
From Mariauna to.Abe Sp'rings.
From Stark, via Lake Uuller, to Lake
From Weiser to Salubria.
From Idaho City to Looo Creek Mines.
From Pajeiteville to Salubria. .
From Pierce City to Missoula, ia Mon
tana. INDIANA.
From Lima to Scott.
From Coster's Cross Bosds to Boone
Grove. '
From Indian Field to Kewanna.
Erom h'ewville, via Canoperand Salem,
to Wilshire.
From Acton to Clarksboro.
From FiJImore to Belle Union.
Frcm Carpeutersville, via Faireastle,
to Russellvilte.. ,
From E'aosville, Tie. Hickory Branch,
to Mount Vernon. . ,-,
From Mooresvtile to Monrovia.
From Martinsville to Cope.
From Harorick's Station to Poland.
From Chestertown, via Jackson Centre, .
to V.lpnrai.o. , i , '
From Porte r B vross nuaus, " uvuub
Grove, to Tassinoog Grove. j
From Kentlaoa, via aioioco, to nervey.
From Monterey to Indian FteldN j
From Rochester to Kewanna. ,
From Manhattan to Poland.
Fro-n Loogootee, via, RacleiviUe, to
Clark's Prairie.
, 4