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    V. S. Official Paper for Oregon."
SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 1870.
nmre-yr 'Bruin mrifrang
, Latest News. From tlie feest iufor-.
cjatiou at hand as we go to press, wo will
fcavc a little over three hundred majority,
in the valley and coast counties, to pit
against the eight hundred and odd ma
jority received by Stnhh in the Eastern
counties two years ago. The Republican
majorities are : Marion 300, Multnomah
410, Clackamas 67, Yamhill 22, Wash
ington lS5,Clatsop71,UentoD 25 1,040.
Tillamook, Coos and Curry may possibly
augment this majority 150, which would
give us a total ot 1,190. The Democrat
ic majorities 3re : JLinn 244, Laue 220.
Douglas 40, Josephine 40, Jackson 250,
Columbia 11, 1'olk 40 S45. Nothing
definite habecn receired from the coun
ties oast of the mountains, bnt the proba
bilities are that the Democratic majorities
Tvili reach five hundred, which will elect
the ticket by a small majority. -
In the Legislature we haye twenty
members of the House and nine of the
Senate, so far as heard from. We may
secure a member from Uuiatilla.and the
Grant delegation.. - .
. Result. Contrary to tha expectations
of those who ventured their tvto dollar
gold and a half pieces on the success of
the Republican State ticket on Monday
l ist, Democratic seems to have beeu the fa
vorite ticket from some unexplained cause.
In fact the Democracy claim to have
majorities ranging all the way from 350
to 800. AVc arc rather inclined to the
opinion, from the news that has reached
us, that this cla:m of our political ene
mies is pretty well founded. The major
ities ma; be smaller than the siuallestor
larger than the largest claimed, as, from
the way we are informed Democratic
jutJges and clerks of the election, in some
counties, performed their duty, no major
ity is too large for them to attain. They
went in to vri'u, no matter at what cost. If
the reports of the outrageous and unwar
ranted conduct of Democrats having
charge of polls in some of the comities
east of the mountains prove true, we
shall not be surprised- to hear the major
ities they now claim more than quadru
pled when the full rcturus are received.
There is a slight hope that Jo. Wilson
may be elected to Congress, but it is
more because we wish it than for figures
to show for the faith that is in us. If it
proves on a full count that wc have lost
Judge Wilson, then we have only elected
the Judge of the District, R. P. Roise.
With the loss of Douglas county our
hope for the Legislature vanished in thin
air. As near as we can remember, with
out mincing matters, we are radically
beaten, and our only consolation is to be
found ia the hope that two years hence
wj will return the compliment, only in a
more radical and decisive manner. We
,are beaten but not disheartened.
Following is the vote polled in Linn
county on Monday, taken from the poll-
books as certified to by the judges and
clerks of the different precincts. As we
have not time this week to give them in
tabular form, we merely give the inajorir
ties :
For Csngress Jas. H. Slater 244 ma
jority. For Governor L. F. G rover 2C5 ma
jorit. .
Secretary of State S. F. Chadwick
201 majority.
Treasurer L. Flcischner 316 majoiity.
Priuter T. Patterson 260 majority.
For Judge of the 3d. Judicial. District
B. F. Bon ham 265 majority.
- For Prosecuting Attorney N. L. But
ler 354 majority.
For State Senators R. II. Crawford
247, and E. Holt 255 majority.
For Representative's Geo. R. Helm
244, W. F. Alexander 240, Thos. M lin
kers 255, John Ostrander 246, Wm. S.
Elkins 242 majority.
For Judge J. J. Whitney 196 ma
jority. For Commissioners Martin Payne
229, James heeler 241 majority.
For Sheiiff R. A. Irvine 280 major
ity. For Clerk A. C. Jones 89 majority.
For Treasurer Jas. Shields 253 ma
jority. School Superintendent T. J. Stites
214 majority.
Assessor Jas. B. Spcrry 244 majors-Surveyor
Thos. Riggs 242 majority.
Coroner Wm. Q. Stewart 248 majority.
It is unnecessary to remark in this
connection that all the above named gen
tlemen aie Democrats.
A San Francisco dispatch says the
recently arrived party of Bostonians, re
turning from a sail around the harbor,
which did not extend to Yallejo, repair
ed in mass to Laodberger's champagne
cellars where Arpad Ilarathzy spent two
hours in explaining the complete process
of champague making in all its stages.
None of tho party drink intoxicating
liquorsrbut 100 bottles of champagne
were consumed in illustrating the con
dition of the wine rn its various stages.
The St Joseph (Mo.) Herald is appar
ently not very well satisfied with the
Governor of that State. Understanding
that ho is making some efforts for a re
notnination, it remarks that "although
he is acknowledged to be the best, greatest
and most brilliant Governor Missouri
ever had or ever can have, yet almost all
of the people in its part of the Stale have
made up their minds- to submit to the
sorrow of attempting to get along with
out his valuable services after this year."
Congressional. Hale's amendment,
making exemption. of $2,000 was adopted
by 138 to 52. Judd's amendment, to
confine the tax to invested capital, and
Putter's amendment that the income tax
cease after 1870, wero rejected. Fenkle
burg's amendment was adopted, limiting
allowauce for house rent to S500.
Brevities. The age of reason that
in which yot always give one.
Grit is better in the character than be
tween the teeth.
The person who had a finger in the pie
ws a cook.
The man of iron will has gone into the
foundry business. ' ;
Never eat a " square meal." You may
choke in trying to swallow it.
If silence is wisdom, why isn't laziness
ability? -
Eating house keepers are accustomed
to see pnople with open countenaucea.
A prominent Rad in this city cats radish
regularly at every meal.
The inner man '" is often hinted at in
accounts of banquets.' ; Who is he ?
Chinese tailors never observe the fit
ness of things or at least of patrons.
The man who kept a steady eye to
bus:ncss for several years squints badly.
The man whose, belief was staggard is
thought to have previously taken some
thing. . - .
Tom Hood says that all bald men are
respectable.' The roll of respectables in
this coiintry must then be gratifying by
Angling doesn't pertain exclusively to
fishermen. Politic-tins, wife hunters,
clergymen and many others, high and
low. practice it as cocks crow
or duns dun.
The committee of Congiess on Re
trenchment has discovered that during
our civil war, and while we were assisting
the Mexican Government to drive awuy
its foreign invaders, that same Mexican
Government was carrying on a systematic
plan of smuggling goods to and fro along
the border, taking cotton into Mexico and
in return supplying the Confederates with
arms and ammunition. -There has been
a gTeat deal of false sympathy wasted on
"this so called "Republic of Mexico," and
the good turns donetthem by our people
have be-in repaid with evil. People who
have returned from a residence in Mexi
co, declare that the people of that coun
try manifest their hostility to Americans
whenever opportunity offers. Uncle Sam
will have to teach them one more lesson,
which will prove a lasting one.
The Chevalier ship canal project, for
constructing a canal through the Isthmus
of Darien, is likely to meet with a back
set. It appears that the United States
Government has a prior franchise from
Nicaragua, obtained by a treaty signed
by Mr. Seward in 1867, and one which
the Niearaguans could not Fell a second
time. ' This is the only franchise worth
having in their dominions f and they ap
pear determined to make the most of it,
by selling it over and over again to who
ever will purchase" "The Chevalier sale
is said to be the fourth one on record.
Agrand hotel is to be built in the Yo
seuute valley, facing the Bridal Veil falls,
bjjt .company of French .and English
capitalists It i supposed that a large
French bouse in San Francisco is inter
ested". A large force of men are likewise
at work, on the Mariposa aud Yosemite
turnpike. This road is expected to be
f.oished by the middle of July .next
Travelers . then will only have twenty
miles of horseback riding to" reach the
valley. J...Q' - ; - ' T ; -
The new Constitution of Illinois pro
vides that 'f every person ".who obtained
a certificate of natarlization before Jan.
I, 1870, shall be entitled to vote, and
as tbe- Naturalization laws atkuit of the
naturalization of women, there arehose
w!o contend that such women can vote
nader this clause. -,
Incosim. The rate of taxation ob iu
cnaies is reduced from five per cent, .to
three, and all incomes below twothou
Fii dollars are exemct frouj tsxation.
The Orkgon Railroad. The Marys
villo Standard of May 21st says : Wurk
progresses rapidly on the line of the Cali
fornia and Oregon Railroad. Four hun
dred and forty laborers are at work, and
iron rails were laid, on the 19th instant,
within one mile and a quarter of Nelson's
Station V- and the grading completed
about a mile north of this point. Rut
notwithstanding the rapid progress, the
V will bt finished so as to enable passen
ger traius to run to Nelson's before next
Thursday or Friday. There yet remains
about six mile3, which are partially gra
ded, and one mile not broken. The pile
driver was removed, on the 19th instant
to the slough (branch of Butte creek),
and it is anticipated that a passenger
train will enter Chico on or befure June
Remedy Foh Poisons. If any poison
is swallowed, drink instantly a half a
glass of cool water, with a heaping tea
poonful each ot common salt and ground
mustard s'tirred into it. This vomits as
soon as it reaches the stomach. But for
fear that seme of the poison may remain
swallow the white of one or two eggs or
drink a cup of hot coffee these two be
ing antidotes for a greater number of
poisons than any other dozeu of articles
known; with the advantage of their being
always on hand ; if not, a pint of sweet
oil, lamp oil, drippings, melted butter or
lard, are good substitutes, especially if
they vomit quickly.
i , i f
The editor of the Mobile Reyixter re
lates that when ho was in Washington,
in the spring of 1861, as one of the
Confederate Commissioners to Mr. Lin
coln's Administration, he met Ger.
Goicououria, with a puzzled smile on his
face. As they grasped hands, he said:
"You are very queer people in this coun
try. Here you are in the South in a
revolt against the Washington Govern
meet, and I find you a reprcsetantive of
the pronunciamenlo, quietly walking the
principle avenue of the capital of the
power against which you have rebelled
Why are you not in prison? Why don't
they garrot you?"
City of Mexico dates to June 1st
have been received, and report- the
Guaymas revolution ended for the pres
ent. '- -; " ' ' ' -v.; " !
Violent earthquakes have occured in
the State of Oaxaca, Trad in" the" city or
that name 103 persons were killed, and
53 wounded. One third of the city is
uninhabitable. The earthquake extend
ed to the miners where 1 1 persons were
killed and many wounded. Buildings
in all parts of the State are destroyed.
There is a family of nine brothers aud
sisters in- Maine whose circle has never
been entered by death. The youngest is
now sixty-three- and the oldest seventy
nine, and their united age is C61 years.
They have eighty children, 114 grand
children and fifteen great grandchildren.
The Showhegan Reporter is responsible
for all these statements. i
The news of a recent massacre of Jews
in Roumania, received in this country, is
disbelieved in London. The Continental
News Agency of that city deny that any
such massacre has ooeurred. , , . i
' The debate on Beck's amendment,
taxing Government bonds was very sharp
prii.cipally between Geueral Butler,
Ikck and Eldridge in favor of, and
Schenck agaiiibt. The latter denounced
the proposition as flat reupdiation.
Twe: ty niue Republicans, among whom
was Sargent, voted in the at5ro.ative.
Gen. Espartero is credited with saying
that he will refaec the crown of Spain,
even if tho Cortes offers it to him.
Horace Greeley was reported very ill on
Monday, and serious fesri were enter
tained of L!ecovery..
Female Employment. The Paris
ian dry goods employers decline hiring
the female clement, on tho ground that
shopping is done nearly entirely by fe
males, who prefer to purchase of males,
as woman have litt'e confidence ia wo
men, and that an adroit salesman can pass
off upon women the merchandise
where women would fail. This is an
assertion which the woman's rights
loiks ought not to allow to go forth un
contradicted. -
Bleeding ffoin the nose is always re
garded as an unwelcome event, yet in the
opinion of Dr. Hall, it always is benefi
cial, preventing headache or more seri
ous illness, and sometimes arresting
apoplexy or sudden death. Therefore
it t-hould be immediately arrested,
by applying a mustard plaster between
the bhouldcrs.
In one of our large cities, a short
time, ago, a Western editor was met by
a friend, who taking him by the hand,
exclaimed ;'"I am deligh'ed to see you.
ilow long are you going" to stay ?"
'Why, I think'' said the editor, -I shall
stay while' my money lasts." "Ilow
disappointed I am, " said the friend, "I
hoped you were going to stay a day or
two." .
"Dr. Mar Walser," says a - Brenham
(Texas) paper, "made her debut in the
court-house to lecture upon her .favorite
theme, the equality of the sexes. Only
one lady was in attendance. The speak
er. after a lew preliminary remarks, be
came so offensive predicting that, in
the social and -political development of
the age, ladies in the South would soon
think nothing of marrying negro men.
and especially those who had been eleva
ted to official positions that at this part
of the programme four fifths of the au
dience left in disgust.. The door keeper,
too, having imbibed in too much 'tangle
foot,' was about this time non est inven
tus, and there was ' a general 'confusion
worse confounded.'"
An analysis nfthevotein the Houre
on the proposition to abolish the income
tax, shows that thirty Republicans and
twenty eight Democrats voted for, and
one hundred and nine Republicans and
seventeen Democrats against.
Advices frotujllome report a violent
scene in in the Council between Bishop
Marvel and Cardinal- Bells during the
discussion on Infallibility. The bitter
lanzuaze created much excitement.
A man said the only reason why his
dwelling was not blown away in a late
8 tor ni was because there was a heavy
tuortajre on it. i
Miss Clare Burton, a jig dancer now
performing at the Adclphi Theatre,
Boston, is not only a very exemplary
lady,' but also a member of a church.
The meanest man in the world lives
in Chicago.' He stole his wife's-false
teeth, and then got a divorce on account
of her "physical defects." "- S -
, T- ' ' j "
A San Fraucisco correspondent writes :
" By the last Panama boat there arrived
a lady whose life is the centre of a cen
tury's tragedy a lady whoso constancy
and devotion will be the theme of future
homes, and far eclipso the fame of fabled
Penelope. ..' A cruel rumor, started some
month ago, by a city paper, that a waif
had drifted ashore near San Diego, con
taining mementos of the arctic heroes,
reached ber at Rio Janeiro, and so she
hastens to San Franciseo distance, fa
tigue, age, all forgotten, in the wild hope
that the sea may have, revealed rne
of its sorrowful . secrets. Poor . lady t
Eighty years old; twenty years desolate;
still clinging with, a heartsick longing to
the idea that the ocean will yet tell the
mystery of the past. " .
It has turned out as we surmised some
time asro in rcjrirtl to the management of
the election in Wat-co county. The Dem
ocrats had every judge and clerk of elec
tion in the county. They were prede
termined to use their power, and did use
it. irst, they ' refused on the most
trivial and unfounded protest to receive
votes. Men were ruled out who had the
most undoubted, lawful right to vote. No
Uepublican was allowed to be inside
where the votes were received, an.dt";:afier
tho polls were cl sod the canvassers delib
erately threw out a large number of votes
I his was the manner in which the '-election
" was conducted. Persons who
were at the Dalles on that day state that
the Kepubl'carjs would not have been al
lowed to carry the county if there had
been two hundred more of them who
weic legally entitled to vote. They who
" managed" the thing were resolved-to
succeed in their purposes at all hazards.
We "shall be much mistaken if a Con
gressman or a Senator, ' elected " by a
fraud of this description. will ever obtain
the seats they covet." Orejniu'au.
: : j
The new constitution of Illinois, which
is about to bo subu'itted U a vote of the
people, contains restrictions upon taxation
and State and municipal expenses which
are quite as stringent as the similar re
strictions in the constitution of Oregon.
The credit of Illinois, in case the cm.sti
turinn is adopted, cannot be pledged be
yond the amount of $250,000, without an
express vote of the people to that effect,
except in cases of invasion or insurrection.
The debts of counties, cities and towns
are limited to five percent, of the taxable
property therein. The State is forbidden
to pay. assume, or becomo responsible
for the debts or liabilities of, or in any
manner give,, loan, or extend its credit
to, or in aid of, any public or other cor
poration, association, or individual." The
same prohibition is extended to municip
altics. but is to be the subjec of a sepa
rate vote. ExperiTie in Illinois has
shown that restrictions of this sort are
necessary to iht public welfare. Oreja-tiiaii.
The Linn County Teachers' insti
TCTE Was attended by a fair represen
tation of the citizens of the county, and
was characterized with unusual interest.
Tho addresses delivered by Rev. E. R.
Geary and Rev. Mr. Butcher were able
and instructive. The discussions were
marked with a irenerousgood feeling, and
with a zeal that showed an earnestness in
the couse of education. A new Consti
tution was adopted, changing tho name
to the Iji'mi County Editcutional Society.
I he principal object of tho Society, ac
cordinr to the Constitution, is to furnish
opportunities for free exchange of opin
lous amon its members concerning school
government, disputed points in any branch
of education, different text books, and all
other subjects calculated to promote the
cause of education. The following reso
lutions were adopted, some of which called
forth spirited discussions. Resolved, That
it is the opinion of this Institute, that the
clause in the school law, requiring Teach
ers to give public examinations on the
last days of each quarter, and iuvitini;
the County School Superintendent Id bo
present should be abolished. Re.ficeil,
That the school law should be so amend
ed. as to make it the duty of the directors
of school districts, to levy such tax upon
the property of their districts, as may bc
necessary to enable them to make, such
provision for schools and school houses,
as is now required bv the law. Resolved,
That the reading ot the Bible should not
be prohibited in our common school
Res'lied, That the thanks of this Society
lie tendered tc Kev. E. 11. Geary and
Rev. Mr. Butcher, for interesting and ex
cellent addresses : and also to Miss Mary
Williams, Mr. F. M. Gray, Miss Alice
Gray and Mr. II. C. Phillips, for the
readinjr ot essays ; and also to the citi
zens of the vicinity, for their kind and
generous hospitality. The officers for
tin! next sesssion, were chosen to fill the
following places; Rev. E. R, Geary.
President; J. V: Crawford, Vice Presi
dent; N. II. Clayton. Secretary; Mr.
Silsrn and J. W. Mack, Executive Com
mittee. Adjourned to meet, July, 1871, at
Harmony Church. Jims 6th, 1870.
T. L. Po.jter, Sec. -
J. . Bentfey.
on abort notice, and with neatness and dis
jMr- JO.I Rinds of Repairing Done. -
Albany, June 11, 1870 40
Disc rip tive LI t
or -..
Real Estate Dealer r, Alt any, Ogc.
JE I T T S 9
Mowers I Reapers I
And all kinds of
Agricultural Implem'ts & Machines
On hand and for sale by ;
My28t'70-38 Albany, On-
: by
Personal Our old townsman, J. IS.
Sprcngcr, the popular and energetic pro
prietor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel ol'
Portland, called on us Friday morning
His hosts of friends here were tleased to
see hi in looking so handsome and happy.
The Cosmopolitan in Jake's hands 'is do
inii a land office business. " Success to
Changed Hands. The grocery cs
tablishment lately known as F. M. Red
field Si Co'., has changed hands, and is now
owned by Mr. Du Uois, whose card will
be fund iu today's paper. This gentle
man proposes to kei-p good the fWuter
reputation of'this house, and invites all old
customers to call upon hiiu and as nianv
new ones as will. We can recommend
him as a prompt busiucss man.
Flattering The vote polled for
Geo. R. Helm, Esq., is very flattoiing
! indeed, considering I lie great exertions in
certain quarters (by Democrats) made to
defeat hiiu.
Lots 1,2,7 and 8, Block 19 good bouse, Ac.
Lota 3 und 4, " 10 " "
Lot 6, 24 " '
4 Lots in IB bouso and barn.
4 Lots in 44 ,
Lots 3 and 6, in " 118 no improvements.
Lot 56 " " '
Lota 5 and B, in ' 2 good bonse.
25 feet on First-street, in Block 3, with a No.
I Frame Store-bouse two stories.' Rents for
$25 a month.
For particulars apply to
J. C. MENDEM1ALL, Agent,
junll-40 ' Albany, Oregon.
- o
ST 0
3 fc
CO 9
. fa
ft c
. o
- a
Y WIFE, Amnnda Kester. havintr lsfc my
bel and (xianl. I iierdliy warn all pers ni
nut to h.-irbnr or trut ter n niy account, as I
will pay no dt:bt3 coutrattjd bv her.
Albany, June 4ih, 1ST0 ivti
Persons bnviog the
Wheeler & MeUck lindles Chain
Threshers, -
can bare them repaired so Ihey will clean the
grain as well as any Tbresbor, and Uean as
as their power-will threh.
- Flax Fans,
MADE TO ORDER ONLY. In short, all other
Asricnhural Machines and implements made and
repaired. . -
We are completing arrangements to manufae
ture Seed Sowers, Sulkey and Uung Plows, of tha
best patterns now in ae.
jpkf All work wai rutted made of tbe best
Shop on corner of Washington and Second-s:s
Albany. Oregon. - 3Sm '
May 28. 1870. '
Having just received a Large and well selected
Stock of
seen as
Hammers, Hammer?,
Hammers, Hammer,
Sledaes, Sledpes,
' - Sledges, Sledges,
Saws, feaws, Saws,
Saws, Saws, Saws.
Planes, Planes, Planes,
Plane, Planes, Planes,
Corss-Cut and Mill Saws,
Together with a targe assortment of
Nails, Nails, Nail?, ...
Nails, Nails, Nails,
Spring, Sprtnri, Sprinjr,
Springs, Springs, Springs,'
xiCS,'Th.;mblc-Skcins, Bolt, &c., &c.
Williams h;is introduced a joint reso
lution authorizing the Secretary of the
Interior to increase the compensation of
Assistant Marshals, for taking the cen
sus, fifty per cent.
While regretting that the Vhicora was
prohibited from passing through the Sault
Ste. Marie Canal, the Ottowa -Aeirs pro
tests against the adoption of retaliatory
measures, as calculated to do much inju
ry in the end. It also adds: "We should
remember the interest of the Imperial
Government as well as our- own, aud
Great Britain has already enough unset
tied disputes with America without our
rushing her hot haste "into new ones.
Religious The Congregational As
sociation of OregOT will meet on tho lGth
inst. (Thursday ' next), in this city.
Ministers and other" wishing to attend
will be passed at half fate on the P. T.
Uo's. boat. -
Soda. Larry Mulligan made his ap
pearance in our office, just as we were go
ing to press, loaded down with soda in
bottles. It makes a pleasant drink this
warm weather, and we drink to Larry's
health. Here's to you Larry.
Berries. Master Charles Elkins yes
terday made " the office "a present of
some fine large strawberries. Charley- is
quite a little -man, and is as smart as a
atcel trap.":Thanks,' Charley.
Thanks We ure under obligatiors
to Messrs. Geo. It. Helm, A. N. Arnold
and A. C. Jones for favors.
Washington Territory. Latest
dates assure the election of Mr. Garfield
by a large majority. ' s
Who baw ! Several marriages are in
contemplation within the next few days,
and well, never mind the fun.
The leader of the baad who furnished
funeral music fo the burial of John
Bell, at Nashville, last summer, has sued
the Governor for the amount of his bill.'
, Barnnrn has purchased a section of
the "Big Tree" bark Tit Mariposa for
$100 and sends it . cast for exhibition.
A report -is current in Washington
that Secretary Fish is to be . superceded
by Senator Morrill, of Maine.
.An Imperial decree -announces a uni
versal exposition in Vienna, in 1873.
Three boxes rule the world the bal
lot box, cartridge-box, andband-bor.
In this city, June Stli, 1ST0, by A. N". Arnold,
J. P., Mr. Theodure Burmester and MUs Dana
Humphrey, both of this city.
. ComplimvnU received.
How Janes, or "any oth r man" voted in 1SG2
i a question of ivry littlj moment to mi st peo
pic. Whether Irvine or HichanUon, boih of
wbom arc said to buve filial the office of Sh'TifT
Accentatdy in tho pa.-t. ball exerciso the fuw-tious
for the ensaine; two years, i-oucetns U4 but lifle ;
but the qnettitm iu wtiieh everybody has a:t abid
ing phonal interest k Where shall wc buy
ourjjoo'ls? Where can we get the greatest re
turn fir nur ni in'-y ? Who br ught priees down
to the lowest living rate? an.l kept tluui ihcre?
Ask tbejt qut s:ions of any one who has taken tbe
trouble t investisate, and you are certain to set
this rep'y At Wheeler's S'.ore. in Brownsville.
Whe.l-r is the man who is entithd t- your en
oourajsemerK anti support. Yon who are wise
will do well to head the reply, and maintain and
support the man who broki iha combination. All
kinds of conn ry Produce taken in exchange f. r
(roods. New Goods received every wick. Ca h
paid for Wo d, liacon and Lard. Plows. Iteap r ,
Mowers. Threshers, and other agricultural ma
chinery fur sale. Go and fos them.
willi am DAVXESON,
"office. No. G4 Front Street,
Adjoining th.- Telegraph Office. Portland, Oregon.
Special Collector of Claims,
Acennnts, Notes, Bonds. Drafts, and Mercan
tile Claims of every doscriplifn throughout Ore
enn and the Territori. . WILL BE MADE A
ED, as well as with a due rezard to economy in
all business matter intrusted to his care and the
proceeds paid over punctually.
Real Estate Sealer.
Sept. II tf. .
The Great Eamily Medicine of tbe Age.
IlaTe elapsed since the- introduction of tbe Pain
Killer to the public, and yet at th? present time it
is m-ire popular and commands a larger sale than
ever before. Its popularity is not confined to this
country alone : all over the world its benefit ial
effects in curing tbe '-ills tb it flesh is heir to," are
acknowledged and appreciated, and as a pain
killer it fame, is limited to no country, sect or
race. It n eds only to ho known to be prized.
Thirty Ykars is certainly a lonjr enough time
to prove the efficacy of any medicine, and tbat Ibe
pais killer is deserving of all its proprietors
claim for it, is amply proved by the unparalleled
popularity it has attained. It is a sure and ir
rECTiTB remedy." S Id by all Druggists.
Price 2jcU, tOcts, and $1 per bottle.
Directions accompany each bottle. : June, TO.
X. i S. DnBois,
C10JTSTANTLY on band and roecivins,, a
) Jare ttock of
droccrica aud Provision, '
Wood and Willow Ware. Tobacco, Cigars, Con
feetionery. Yankee Notions, Ae., e.. Wholesale
and Ketail. opposite K. C. Hill 4 Son's drug
store, Albany, Oregon. j40 '
2 ,f-i
a j
O 1 1
- g S
- - So
s s
o . ZZ
a .
W cc
tm S
J. "C: M ENDEN 11 A LL,
Notary Public,
made and attested. Conveyances and col
lections attended to. 36-'70
Auy one wlio wants to wiu can do so by
calling ou
li- C- HILL & SON,
AT HO, thankful for past patronage, still in
T T vite ;ho attention of Linn county et at., to
tucir uuequailed stock of
A-ents for Dr. D. Jayne f on's preparations,
H. II. II. Horse MeJicina, etc. ,
Do you like medicine for its bitter or nauseat
ing UsteT We nav tbas description. D w
want the effect with an aromatic tfte? After
taking a few doses of our Elixir, twill be eo very
pleasant that yur prejudices
Must surely tum awry,
and the preparation .
" Will !osb the name of pnysie.
but nint the effeet )
Physicians and customers from the country
may rest assured that their orders will be prompt,
ly a'tended to. Prescriptions carefully and cor
rectly compounded.
Have you the impolite guest called scorn? We
sell "Corn Slayer," wuieb. surely does Ibe work,
without pain.-' Do you d sire a book of any kin,
a Gold Pen, an Album. Stationery, or such? W.
S. Driggs is with ns, for the accommodation of
all favoring bim with a call..
D" yoa want a fine Watch, a set ff Jewelry,
cheap or dear ? J. V. Titus sells the same, under
tbe imne raf. 'm -
Come and see vs. Buy a Book. Buy a Watch.
Bay a Pill. Buy something or nothing, but come
aud see ns. anyway. A well snrinkled Boor and
a cool d'ink of water In the summer, and a warm
stove surrounded by comfortable chairs in winter
constantly kept for the accommodation of all,
Albany, May 14. '70-3 -
Also, a welT Selected Stock of
Wagon TlTntoor,
All f w':ich we arc now oflVring to the publio
ut low raUs. Aj v. e sO:,ke thj bus'ness a spec
ialty, we can and will keep a better assortment at
lower prices than any bou;e in this city.
Reccivi g and opening a large, an J splendid
assur merit of
Which we oGer at reduced rats.
W. 11. KUHN A CO.
In the Montcith Fire-proof Brici, First-it.
March 12.-70-27
, DEllll II
HOOtS, SllOOS,Cl30rf
Closed oat at about cost. "
II X X W A. It E ,
A well Selected stock now n hand, and will
be filled up constantly, aud
The best assortment kept in tbe city, and eon
stantly re.-eiviajj freh supplies, ,
All who want bargains give mo a call.
Albany, March 5, 1870-28.
Botanic Physician and Surgeon,
or Curtis Coll.'go of Cincinnati, Ohio,
employs in prac. Uo neither Men-urj-, Artenio,
Morpbind r in." other poison. bn relies on such
agents ns act iu harmony with life, and are en
tirely harmless. j ,
OFFICE In Parrish's brick, over tbe post
ltesitlen,ce Wa'er street, below Pierce's ferry.
Albany, April SO. 1870 34
I. IS. 1U1, JI. D., -
Albany, - .- - -'Otsron,
RtKf-L ..
Albany, April '70.-32 !
C O L. O It . S
That Photograph Best,
LET, M0R00N, "d cp 0RAKCE.
Those that take Whits, or nearly so, are '
Purple, Blue, Crimson, Pink, &c.
Sept. lS.69-2 J. A. WIXTER.
ITLANK Deads, Mortgages, etc.,
13 latest stales, and for sale low.
on hand -
athis oScq.