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    SJw JVitaBg Agister.
l,a Mountain tUe Aeronaut.
Josh Hillings as a Philosopher.
There scents to be four styles of minds: j
1st. Theiu persons who khowif it's so
"J. Them who knows it ain't so.
3J. Them Phcllers who spl:t the dif
ference and ;uess at it.
4th. Them who don't care wich way a
thinf goes.
Thare is but few men haz character
enuff to lead a life ov idleness.
Them who retire from the world on ac
count of its sins and peskiness inust not
forget that they have yet to keep com
pany with a person who wants as much
watching as eunybody el.-e
Necessity begot invention, invention
begot convenience, convenience begot
pleasure, pleasure begot luxury, luxury
begot riot and disease, riot and disease,
between them, begot poverty, and pover
ty begot necessity again and all this is
a rcvolutioa of man, and is about all he
can biins on.
! Most people decline to learn only by
tficir own experience. Aud I guess they
are more than half right, for I do not
'$pnse a man can get a perfect idee of
molasses by letting another fellow taste it
for him.
An individual, to be a fine gentleman,
has either got to be born so, or brought
so from iufancy ; he can't learn it sud
den, any more than he can learn to talk
From the Tribune, March !.
John La Mouutain, the famous aero
naut, died at South Dcud, Ind., on the
14th of February. La Mountain's lile
was full of adventures and of incidents,
which were frequently moro interesting
than agreeable, lie was among the
most fearless aeronauts in this or any
other country, and pursued his chosen
profession with a higher- object than
merely to make money by exhibiting
j himself, lie was compelled to make
How Mrs. G. Got Well.
Torn .Gordon's wife was a victim to
imaginary ailments. Dr. Valentine, her
physician, understands her whims and
oddities so well, that he humors her in
every caprice. If she imagines rheuma
tism is her complaint, he agrees with her,
and prescribes some harmless potion. If
she thinks her appetite decreasing; some
bread piils keep her in good spirits'until
the fancied symptoms of some other dis
ease induce her to send again for him.
About three months ago she complained
of a pain in her side, and, as usual, the
doctor was summoned. After prescribing
three or four bottles of different harmless
compounds, he said :
"All you want, to assist jnedicine in
ttle rousing. Al-
Iniun correctly by practicing ou a torn:
I wonder if there ever was an old
luaid who ever heard of a match that she
make ,,, ; i:.
oaioon ascensions ior me amusement oi i ti,i, :i,f ;a ,; u ;a not.
the public as a means of support, but he dani,rous. Just atiSUUie a lit't0 energy,
hoped to make his experiments useful in , ad wi, recover. lCmember, rouse
the-advance of science and the develop-j ' if
ment of meteorological theories. lie j .)(.. t
finally died poor, at the age of 41. A
pet theory of LaMouutaiu was that there
I was a current in the atmosphere corres
ponding with the CJu'.f Stream in the
! ocean, and flowing steadily from West to
East, lie was ambitious to be the first
aeronaut to cross the Atlantic, taking
advantage of this current. lie built the
famous balloon "Atlantic" for this pur
pose. Tl is is one of the largest, strong
est and most beautiful balloons ever made.
The aeronaut determined to test his the
ory bv a land voyage first, and started
j from St. Louis to the Lacit, accompanied
by dunn isc, .nr. I lytic, an cuitor oi
j the J!ii'tri Republican, and Mr. Gager,
thought suitable.
If a man wants to get his true dimen
sions let him visit a graveyard.
IThe Will for the Deed. "I must
not forget those stockings ; there is a bas
kcl full this week."
Jennie's mother said this in a wearied
waV. The little girl was playing in her
rocm, and began to think about helping
'Where are they ?" she askc-J.
'In the sitting room," tliJ mother an
Bwered, and thought no mote about it.
An hour later she wont i! .vn st.iirs.
There sat Jennie in the large arm
chair by the open window, tha b.t-ket on
the table before her, and her little lingers
very busy.
'Mother," said she, looking up with a
"bright smiled "you have twelve pairs of
stockings and I've done hair of them."
Jennie had given up a whole hour's
play to help and relieve her mother ;
but she was a very little girl and she had
made a mistake. She had sewed the
man oi ljostoti. Hie party
air over nine hours, pasinsr
holes over aud over. And she meant to
do her best, the stitches were close and
tizht. Her mother knew that it would
he at least an hour's work to rip them j
out, but she would not disappoint the j
loving heart by letting her know she Lad j
not: fully succeeded She said only,
"well, you're a dear, good little girl, at.d j
now you may run out and play." j
Away went Jennie, very happy in the j
thought that she h i 1 helped her mother, j
And she had ; rbr the kindness and love j
she had showu her were more precious t ;
.that mother's heart than gold, and Tght-
ened her care. Pleasant thoughts kept i
company and made her needle move taster.
All of us little fuiks. and trrown folks,
arc liable to make mi-takes, even when ;
we really try to do right. But the love ;
of Christ is only shadowed forth faintly j
by that mother's love. He, too, takes -,
the will fur the deed ; whatever is done !
out of love as done to him, and sees that j
no. true effort is lost, but makes it to do ;
good some time, some way, whether we !
.see it or not. Vermont Chronicle. !
o i
! were in th
over Lake Lrie, aim into 2sew York btate.
i Up to this point they had enjoyed what
; seemed to them a calm, though their
m i-uis must have been very rapid.
. U'hiie crossing Lake Ontario, a tornado
seized the balloon, and it was. left a wreck
in the woods of JeJTerson county, N. Y.
: The ; Atlantic"' had traveled 1,180 miles
in less than ten hours. This disaster
; ruiued La Mountain's plan of crossing
she ocean for the time. He Was sad
dened, but felt that the trip had impor.t-
i ant results in showing the velocity of
aerial motions, and demonstrating the
: fact that a baloon might cross larjie bod
; ies of water. A small balloon was made
! from the remnants cf the "Atlantic,"
; and he started oa a trip from Watertown,
New York, with Mr. John A. Iladdoek,
editor of the R former. The trip was a
remarkable one. The voyagers, who cx-
pecte 1 to return iu a few hours, were not
i heard from for many days, l'ublic ex
i citement became intense. The mystery
: was at last explained. Having no coui
! pass, the aeronauts had lost their bear-
ings, ami were carried far into the dense
i woods of the Ottawa reservation, in Oan
j ada. After wandering fur ninny days
; subsisting upon leaves and berries, they
j were accidentally discovered, in the last
; stages of starvation, by some Indian
1 scouts in the emplov of a lumberman.
Their story was widely published and
illustratjd by the newspapers. When
: the war began, La Mountain turned his
' attention to. military balloons, and wa?
; the first aeronaut engaged iu the service.
I The advantages gained by ballooning
j were very uncertain, however, and the
! cntere system was soon iiven up. The
Alter the doctor had retired, the pa
tient fancied that at last some serious
disease was beginning to manifest itself,
and, like a fool, she went to bed in de
Tom understood the case thoroughly,
from long experience, and said to him
self: "She wants a rousing, does she?
Well, I'll give her a surprise that '11 start
'er !" aud a bright idea ran through his
Mrs. Hake, an attractive young widow,
was eugaged to act in the capacity .of
nurse to Mrs. G., and Tom thought her
j attractive qualities might be made avail
; able in jrivini; the patient the necessary
j rousing.
j A short consultation with the beautiful
young widow resulted in the arrangement
i of a plan, the execution of which was to
j influence Mrs. G. to ever after throw
; physic to the dogs.
j Late the next evening Tom called
Mrs. Hake aside, and said to her, loud
enough to be heard by the invalid :
"Door Fanny, she i sure to die at last,
and you and I may begin to arrange for
our marriage."
" 'Twill be a relief to her," continued
Tom. "I, too, have suffered as well as
she, but with you, the picture of health,
my happiness will be complete."
The widow threw herself upon Tom's
shoulders, her arm about his neck, and
began to chew his vest in mcuthfuls, to
smother her laughter.
"How soon shall we get married after
she is dead ?"' asked Tom.
'I suppose you will be willing to wait
a week or two V simpered Mrs. Hake,
as she took another mouthful of vest.
The invalid uttered an exclamation and
landed on the floor.
'You think I'm going to die, do you!"
she exclaimed. "I'll live ! to spite you
both !" As for you," she continued,
turning and grasping Mrs. Hake by the
hair, "out of my house, you designing
vixen ! I will act as my own nurse here
after." From that day to this, Mrs. G. has
enjoyed perfect health.
Corn and Wheat. The corn crop j
throughout the Uniju for 18(53 was more j
than four times as great as that of wheat. ;
The former ajrerregated 905,"000,000 j
bushels, while the latter reached only
224,000,000. Illinois was the largest
producer of both wheat and corn ; that
State having reported 138,303,000 bush
els of corn and 28,500,000 bushels of
wheat. The product of California for
that year was 20,000,000 bushels of
wheat and 1,200,OUO of corn. Illinois
and Wisconsin are the only two States
that exceeded California in the yield of
TIobrid Example. A young lady in
Rochester was the other day, while alone,
. wo suppose, engaged iu the intellectual
and dignified operation of turniug sumer
8ts. She succeeded admirably in turn
ing heels over head, but on coding down,
managed to land so that a big needle ran
into her heel, and a doctor hail to be
callod to remove it. She is a married
woman, let it be said, for the relief of
maidenly modesty. The moral is obvi
ous never turn puddings.
Scene at the Atlantic Telegraph
Office. Fond wife : (to telegraph ope
rator) "O, sir ! I want to send a Hs3
- to my husband in Liverpool. Ilovr can
I do it V
Obliging operator : "Kaaiest thing in
the world, ma'am. You've" got to give it
to me with ten dollars, aud I'll transmit
it right away."
Fond wife: "If that's the case, the
directors ought to put much younger and
handsomer men in your position." -
(Operator's indignation is great.)
The terrible punishment of brandin"
is still inflicted in the U. . Army. We
.1 I i ' . L 1
read in a late ashington paper of a case
approved of by the President, in which'
for desertion, Private .Win. Barber, Co.
?- K, 38th Infantry, was sentenced to hav
last serious adventure of La Mountain
occurred in Michigan, and probably has
tened his death. An impatient crowd
cast him off before he was ready, without
and overcoat or instruments, and the
valve rope tied several feet above the
basket. lie shot like a rocket up into .a
heavy cloud of mist and sleet, which
froze the valve board fast. He climbed,
with frost-bitten fingers, upon the net
work, and tore the balloon with his teeth.
The opening extended so far that the
balloon collapsed, discharging its gas, and
fell with geat velocity from the heigt of
nearly two miles. Tho aeronaut was
picked up benumbed and insensible,
though not dangerously injured.
Prince Pierre Bonaparte. Fierre
Bonaparte, murderer of Victor 2foir, is
now fifty-five years old, ha3 aleady, it is
well known at various periods of his life,
had violent encounters in which he dis
played a certain savage courage, and
which in more than one instance proved
fatal to his adversaries. He belongs to
the Canino branch of the Bonaparte fam
ily that branch among the'members of
which tho quickness of the Corsican is
most apt to show itself. His elder broth
er, Cario Bonaparte, Prince of Canino,
played a conspicuous -part duriug the
worst disorders f republican Home.
Prince Pierre was also a "lied" of the
deepest dye at Paris before his imperial
cousin put an end to the short republican
era in 1851. Pierre Bonaparte, in Home,
in early youth, in 184G, killed with his
own hand one of the papal pclice a lieu
tenant of carabineers, who had been sent
to enforce the order of the Prince's ex
pulsion from the Pontifical dominions,
and wounded two others. Later in life
he had acme fatal affrays in Albania, and
so stormy was his disposition, and so vio
lent his conduct that the -liuglish Gov
ernment of the Ionian Island had to re
quest him to withdrew from Corfu. In
1849 he was chef de battalion at the siege
of Zaatcha, in Algeria, and was cashiered
by the Minister of War, J1. Houtpoul,
for leaving his post without permission.
The Prince fought a duel on this occa
sion with a journalist who ventured to
make some comments on his conduct.
He then retired to private life, receiving
the Kmperor's pension as a member of
the imperial family, though not enjoying
the rank of an"imperial prince." He
was not, like his brother JUucicn, proino-
the letter D branded on his left hip, half
oi nis neau snaveu, to De drummed out
of the garrison, and imprisoned on Ship ' te to senatorial honors.
isiana ior wree years.
The rite of circumcision is oo longer
universally practised among tho Jews.
Sixty-three Jewish physicians of Vienna
have published a manifesto against it,
and the Ilabbinical Congress at Philadel
phia resolved that the male child of a
Jewish woman is, even if uncircumcised,.
by the very, fact of his birth a member
of the Jewish community. -
A correspondent of the Maine Farmer
"has a new use for eats. He says : My
' Way to cure a sulky steer th'at lays down
when you first yoke bim, is to take a cat
. and let her put her paws on the end of
the steer's nose, and if nesessary hold
her rather hard. My word for it, ho will
be oa bis legs qaick.
A negro woman in Virginia, 71 years
old, recently took it into her head to
learn to read, write, and so she entered a
school, and regularly every day brought
ten cents which she paid to the teacher.
She got along very wdl until near the'
end ot the school week, when she "missed
her lesson," and was ignominiously kept
in during recess, much to her chajrrin
and greatly to her disappointment at not
being permitted to "play with the rest of
me cniiuren.
Superstitious members of the Califor
nia Legislature ascribe the earthquakes
and the tremendous fire raging in the
southern part of the State, to a Divine
judgment for the repeal of the Sunday
The Harness so far as Heard
From. A poet says : "Oh '. she was fair,
but sorrow came and left his Trttrcs
there," What became of the rest of the
harness the poet don't state. Ei lc Dis
patch. Oil, no! Further down the bill of
poetry it says : Couia wi me, my lassie,
and I'll take thee to my JLtme..'' The
balance of the harness is still missing.
La Crosse I)ci rat.
You are mistaken about that. The
same poet, speaking of the same young
lady, says : And all the Lines that sor
row had kft faded out in joy. The rest
of the harness is still missing. Ex
change. No; still another has turned np, for
further on the muse informs us that
"Loving hands and simple flowers had
decked her for the Brldirf." Nothing
yet has transpired as to the w-hereabouts
of the rest of the harness. York Ilcj-tdt-llca?i.
AH a mistake, for had not Wall said :
"Give me but what this lidl has bound ;
take all the rest the sun goes round."
Don't be discouraged friends, the rest of
the harness is bound to come. Ohio
Slate Journal.
Of course it is, for hath not the poet
said: "When Greek meets Greek, then
comes the Tug of war." Pass along the
balance. Toledn Iilade.
No more ; no more. We'll give only
wtat Gratiae'io proposed for Sbylock : A
Halter gratia ; nothing else, for God's
sake. Chicago Republican.
A Veil, but the harness is not complete
without the Collar. Brutus said to Cas
sius : "Go show your slave how Cholei
ie yovL are." If your harness is not yet
complete, then "Saddle white Surrey'for
the field." Union and American.
Search the Tiber for the balance ;
probably it came loose when Horatio,
"with his Harness on his back," plunged
headlong into the tide. Mobile Register.
Gentleman what is your harness worth
without a Bit ? In the words of Shake
speare we exclaim : "Follow your func
tion go and batton on cold Bits."
Waufcgan (111.) Gazette.
.What would your harness be without
Buckles, Thread, or a Headstall ? Shake
speare also says : "And a Headstall of
sheep's batten, one buckled and an
other laced, and here and there pieced
with pack thread." -
Wisconsin's wild-cats have cost her
during the year 1808, 12,310 in the
way of bounties to the slayers thereof.
An American author of eminence re
cently called on Cailyle, armed with a
letter of introduction from Emerson, and
the urbane Thomas slammed the door in
his visitor's face.
A Nevada editor was presented on
Christmas with a bible, and a bottle of
whisky was added to induce him to ac
cept the gift.
A boy five years of age, having stolen
a can of milk, his mother took him to
task with moral suasion, and wound up
her discourse by exclaiming: "What in
the. world were you going to do with the
milk, any how ?" "I was going to steal
a little dog to drink it," was the crushing
"AA'hy is the name of George AA'ash
ington any more respected and honored
than mine?" said a teacher to a pupil.
"Because he never told a lie," was the
discriminating, but not over complimen
tary reply.
A gentleman named John Alexander,
of Belfast, Maine, has forty-nine feet of
sons, who weigh 1.500 pounds. 11c has,
besides, two daughters, who do honor to
the physical proportions of the family
The moustache and goatee were first
worn in Spain to distinguish Christians
from Moors, this'being as nearly the form
of a cross as the beard can be cut
A recent English traveler" on the
plains on the Argentiue Confederation
speaks of a certain Cacique Nabidrigist,
who, at the age of 120, can "mount a
horse, wield a lance, and go into the bat
tle-field with as much apparent vigor as a
hundred 3-ears before.
A gentleman of Houston, Texas, was
awakened by stranse soueds the other
i night, and going out to his garden found
three negroes busily engaged, two in di
ging and the third in reading aloud from
the Bible. They were after the pirate
Lahtte s gold.
Uil cake is continually increasing in
demand. Milkmen are said tofiud it the
most valuable food for their milch cows;
by its use both the richness ind quality
ot the. milk being greatly increased.
A New Orleans husband, arrtsted for
improper behavior in a concert saloon
went to prison rather than accept his re
lease on condition of telling his wife what
company he was takeu in.
Miss Robertson is the leader of the
woman suffrage movement in Ireland
where 20,000 persons have petitioned for
woman suffrage.
It was Dr. Holmes, we believe, who
said that easy cryinu widows take new
husbands soonest. There is nothing like
wet weather for'traus-planting.
According to the Revolution, there is a
faro bank ou Fourteenth street, AVashing
ton, kept by a woman, where tho women
clerks of the Trcasusy go to gamble their
salaries away.
A uice little game has been stopped at
the New Yoi k Custom House. Seme of
the men have been accustomed to wear
"stomach canteens," fitting about the
body under the coat, into which they
would syphon off li'jiior from the casks
A Weekly Newspaper,
Containing- 23 colnms of matter,
In the City of Albany,
gSO Per -A.t-1 tlu m,
is months $2
First xtreit, (tippovite Pttrrinh & Co.'s store,)
l'll i. unfair v - v .
During the late strike of printers at
Pesth, the managers of one of the news
pers invited tho subscribers to assemble
in one large room, where all the manu
scripts of which the journal would have
been composed had the printers not re
belled, was read aloud.
A well-known young lawyer obtained
a divorce for a pretty and wealthy client.
He sent a bill of 81,000. Tho next day
the lady called on him, and inquired if
he was in earnest in proposing to her.
."Propose to you, Madam! I didn't
propose to you," replied the astonished
attorney. ' ;
"Well, yon asked for my fortune, and
I thought you would have the grace to
take me with it," was the calm reply.
The lawyer wilted.
"Mother, what did father pray to
General Grant so much in church for,
yesterday ?" asked the bright little daugh
ter of a ministerial friend, lately, j "I
don't know that he did, -i sis." "AVhy,
yes; don't you know? lie was always
saying: Grant, we beseech thee." :
unloading, carry it away, empty it safely
and return.
A Newburyport man recently placed
seventeen open barrels in a row, and
jumped from one into the other, without
stopping, through the whole number.
This is a feat hard to beat.
About 300,000 bales of cotton are re
ceived in Boston annually, or 1,000 bales
every business day in the year. About
40,000,000 in value of cotton, and near
ly one-eighth of the entire crop of this
country, is received at that port. It is
said that Boston, after Liverpool, is the
greatest consuming port, for cotton, iu
the world.
Angelina having said that she was
twenty-five years old, Augustus expressed
great surprise, remarking, " "How can
that possibly be, Angelina ? I was born
on the same day with yourself, and, being
twenty-nine, it must be " "Ah ! but
remember, Augustus, that you have
lived much faster than I."
James Fisk, Jr., is reprrted to be am
bitious of buildini; a more magnificent
depot in New York than A'auderbilt's
monster station. He has offered 000,
000 for a site on Ninth Avenue.
An Irishman that was very near sight
ed, about to fight a duel, insisted that he
should stand six paces nearer his antago
nist than the other did him.
The strongest newspaper articles yet
written against the women suffrage move
ment are said to bo from the pens, of
On the complaint book of the St Louie
city engineer there is the following epis
tolary curiosity :
"Ilerr Inspector Sir : Ter ist ein tam
pad blase in der Seitvo k (sidewalk) in
der Franklin Ebcnu Streets vor mein
Hans unt I vanthim fiz quick, at yon
strals mciu vrow unt der Kinder she
fall in dem, and now 1 gits tam doctar
bill zo- bay."
AVIXO a very fair assortment of material
we are prepared to execute, with neatness
uud dispatch, all kinds of
Jos x-jJb.x:DJ-a?x:Da-c3-
such as
Cart Is,
Ball Tickets,
of" nil Icintlis,
! at as low 6nros as a duo regard to taste and good
work win allow, t hen you want anything in
the printing line, call at tho Register office.
Pmo, YI0LIX and 0RGAX,
Ilia own or Pupil's Residence.
prepared to furnish nil classes with constant em
ployment at home, the whole of tho time or fox
the spare moments. Business new, light and
profitable. Persons of either sex eaaily earn
from 50c to $5 per evening, and a proportional
sura by devotinjr their whole time to the business.
Boys and pirls can earn nearly as much a men.
That all who sea this notice may send their ad
dress, and test the business, we make this unpar
alleled ofi'er t To such as are not well satisfied,
we will send $1 to pay for the trouble of writing.
Fall particulars, a valuable Bample, which will
do to commence work on, and a copy of The
People' Literary Companion one of the largest
and best family newspapers published all sent
fres by mail. Reader, it you want permanent,
profitable work, address, E. Q.ALLEN & Co.,
10m3 ., ; ' Augusta, Maine.
fly&Cy Machine. A double-thread jp&Cj
lock-stitch Shuttle Machine ; stitch alike on both
sides. v
&Gif Celebrated Common-Sense
JtHI I Family Machine. Both ma
chines fully Warranted for 5 years. Machines
sent to any -part of the coast by express, C. O. D.
Agents wanted in erery town on the Pacific coast.
Liberal commission.
Hume Shuttle Sewing Machine Co.,
2y G. G. TRAVEll,
131, First St., Portland.
Ijessons ylvcn in the t rench nrrguagc.
For particulars, enquire at tho corn Broad
alb in anl Second streets.
Refers to Prof. Johx BniGGS.
FTHIE undersigned gives notice to the general
1 public, that he is now manufacturing tho
CJaIeI!rjr Patent Plow !
and any other stylo of plow that may be ordered.
Also, particular attention paid to
Horse Shoeing. Wagon and Darriag-e
and General Jobbing.
All work entrusted to mo will receive promptf
attention, and be executed in the best possible
manner with good material. A share of public
patronage is solicited.
Shop on corner Ellsworth and Second streets,
opposite Piece' Kerrv. F. WOOD.
Albany, November 21, IRfiS-II
Insurance Company
mrciiAVAiv & HEARS,
Oregon, and Washington, Idano and
Montana Territories,
Cash Plan, Low Rates, Strictly Matnal.
All Policies Non-Forfeiting by their
Terms. J
No Restriction on Travel, Residence or
Policies issued in Gold or U. S. Curren
cy, as desired. j
No extra charge upon women.
j : .
All varieties of Policies issued.
Large Cash Value upon Surrendered
Policies. i .
E. 8. MERRILL, Agent,
oct9-5 . Albany, Oregon.
Chartered by special Act of Congress,
Approved July 25, 1863.
Cash Capital, -
CLARK, Philadelphia
A Executive
JAY COOKE, Chairman Finance
HENRY D. COOKE, Washington, Vice Presi
dent. EMERLON W. PEET, Philadelphia, Secretary
A Actuary.
E. S. TURNER, Washington, Assistant Sec
retary. FRANCIS . SMITn, M. D., Medical Director.
J. EWING MEARS, M. D., Assistant Medical
Cash assets -.$7,000,000 00
Cash Dividend, 1867.. 62fl,573 65
Cash Dividend. 1808 788,197 86
Total surplus dividend.y. 3,512,771 00
Losses paid in 1808 : 675,500 00
Total losses paid 8.342,100 00
Income for 18C7 - 2,852,031 41
No extra charce for traveling; to and from the
Atlantis States, Europe, Oregon, or the Sandwkli
Islands. .. -
All Policies non-forfcitinB;, and governed by the
non-forfeiting law of Massachusetts, .i
Policy holders the only persons who receive d it
derdsin-tbitf Company, wuicn are aocmrcu
and paid annually ; first dividend avail :
able' at the payment of the second
annual premiums. All Policies
remain in force as long as
there is any surrender
This old and popular Company, (the oldest Mu
tual Lile insurance company iu iuu
country) insures at the low
est possible rates.
Tho stability of this Compa-iy, with its past his
tory, increasing capital and business, aud the sat
isfactory manner in which it has discharged its
obligations in the past, are guaran ces for the
future sueh as far-seeing and careful men require
in thoir investments.
Persons generally, who thoroughly understand
the workings of Lifo Insurance, are anxious to
avail themselves of its equitahlo provisions.
Full information will he given to those who
desire, at the Agency.
Home Office, 39 tato Street, Boston.
Pacific Branch Ofiices,
30 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.
Room 3, Curter't Building, Portland, Oregon,
EVERSOItf & HAINES, General .Agti.
Allany, September 19, IS68-2y ' 1
prgnE attention of persons contemplating in
B suring their lives, or increasing the amount
of insurance they already have, is called to the
special advantuces offered bv the NATIONAL
Farmers fan Ride and Plow
Br SEcrniso oxe or the
The National charter, tho lartje capital, the
Low Rates, the common-sense plan, the definite
contracts, the honorable and fair uealins, tho
Non-Forfeiting Policies, the perfect security,
tho liberal Terms of the policies, etc., etc., rend
PANY of the United Slates of America worthy of
the patronage of every buincs man.
This company, during the sixteen months of
its existence, has issued
$20,800,000 INSURANCE
The extraordinary rapid progress of the com
pany attests the estimation in which it is held by
the public, and the large amount of new business
transacted it is the best evidence of the popular
ity of its principles, nnd its adaptability to meet
the requirements of its Assurers.
By the Charter of the Company, certificates of
obligations will be issued, agreeing to purchase
its policies at their value nhicb, when accompa
nied by the policy duly as&igaed or transferred,
are negotiable, and may be used as collateral se
cur ty, in making loans from the Company or
from other parties.
The Hon. Jno. E. Sanford, Insurance Commis
sioner of Massachusetts, in his Report for 1868,
speaking of Dividends in Life Insurance Compa
nies, says , " The sooner such guarantees cease
to be made, and such expectations created, the
sooner Life Insurance will come to rest on its true
motive, and men insure their lives for security,
and not for dividends. The best and the most
popular companies will then be those that prom
ise only equity, and render all that they promise,
and furnish the best security, with the most up
right and judicious management."
" By the Stock plan the full cash effect of the
premium is immediately secured to tho insured,
the Company taking all the risk. By the Mu
tual plan, the full value in insurance of the pre
mium paid, is not secured to tho policy-holder,
who takes a portion of the risk himself."
Manufactured and sold for the very low price of
FJT1HE simplicity and practicability of this new
JL Plow commends it favorably to the special
notice of every farm .-r. It possesses a decided
superiority over all other plows now in use. The
wheels are four feet in diameter, and run on the
nnpluwed land. Its entire construction is in no
way complicate 1. The plow is managed in every
manner with ease, and require, only two levers
to bo used in making any alteration. Tb. supe
riority of the '-Gay" Plow will be clearly shown
by the following certificate :
AVe, the undersigned, citizens of Linn county,
Oregon, having purchased and used upon our
farms the "tJay" Plow, hereby certify that tho :
same has given ns entlrcsntisfaction. Its facility
for adjusting to suit the depth of furrow without ,
movi g from the seat, is simple and easy. M"e
like the plow f..r its draught, because the same is
brought to bear directly upon the p!-w-beam in
stead of the carriage ; al-o, Lccnuso it is strong
and durable, all except the wood-work being con
structed of wrought iron no castings are used.
The wheels running upon the solid land is an ad
vantage over other gang-plows, in striking off
land and in plowing, not having to make the nec
essary changes in the machinery, ami the Scat ia
always level, not thr wing tho "driver forward or
more of it can be accomplished by the use of this
Plow than by hand.
Vre take pleasure in recommending the "Oat"
Plow to our brother farmers, as one having no
superior in Oregon.
J. a. REED. " TV. P. ERTIOM,
May 20th, I860.
The "Gat" Plow is manufactured ty II.
Goulding, Portland Machine Shop.
All orders will be promptly attended to by ad
C. F. CAY,
Portland, Oregon.
May 22,
Albany Agents.
J. BARROWS A CO., Agents
for Linn A llenton counties.
for Linn Benton counties.
Policies Issued In
Croltl ot Currency,
For Oregron and Washington Territory.
Albany, September II, IS69
of the best pattern
Tin, Sheet iron and
Copper "vv xro 1
and the usual usortment of Famishing Goods t
oe Obtained in a
Repair neatly and promptly ejru-uted, tS.
oa reaiouabla tervit. "TK
"Short reckonings, make long friends.
Front street .................... .Alhany.
Neit door to Mansfield A Co.
jPyfteztiY use
6m SALEM, 0R15G0N,