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    V. S. Official Paper for O.cgon.
Owyhee. ironi the Avalaiuhe, 01
March 2Gth, wc glean the following :
A purty of tributers at work in the
I'oormau mine came upon u rich body- of
silver ore somewhere iu the south works.
'1 here is said to be a thousand tons iu
siirht of a vein of ruby silver, as rich
and as large as ever the l'oorman was in
,, , P ..,. ,-,, t most prosperous days. the conse-
B.OD. Uv the change ot name tmrn r i
S tt J . idttcnce was a -reat excitement anions
kJ yOregon Central to Oregon and U.11-1 ma ju,.,. simie ef whom had almost
T?.IIrrn(I nn. nn organization eliecieu n
The Orf.c.ox and California Rail
vi-or ia its new and uo longer The Republican lerritonal Conven-
. , T , ,, .i tion. at Boise City, meets April 12th.
ul career. In dropping the old . ' ... . " , .. ,
" . , ! It will bo composed ot it delegates,
it has thoroughly dispel.ed the , Tllo jjemoeratic Convention, consisting
i'nrgotteu they held certilicates.
an entire new basis, the new company j l'urties who went tu San Diego are re
has "Ot rid of the embarrassments which j turning, they look well, but have not
hamncred the old, and starts out with made auy money t.y the trip
fresh vhror ia its new and uo longer
idea that it is a rival of the projected j cf 40 delegates, will meet at the same
road on the West side. It deserves well j place May 2d.
of the whole people of Oregon, because Vr hundred tons of Golden Chariot
. . ., ; ore, crushed during the mouth or icb-
of its great prospective importance to the , fJ UeJ 35,050 nearly 00 per
whole State, it being the initial of a sys- tolK
tern of railways which is to build up and j pacj. tra;l)S and teams arc in demand
eventually make Oregon one of the first ; to transport freight from Kelten to vari- ; ct to such an cstcut that it may take
States, iu roiut of wealth and import- j ous parts of the Territory. j some weeks to restore steadiness. Sever-
O. S. Hizard is constructing a " per- j ul ul " B""" n'""
pctual motion " machine, and be isn't i ? 1 a reuueuon oi to tu per con . iron,
crazy either.
There is now a force of 80 men at
Canin Three Forks, and it is the inteu-
! tiou of Colonel Copniuacr, as soon
The Diiy Goods Fiuur ix New
York. Eor several days a desperate
fight has been going on between Stewart
and Claflin, the ki:igs of the dry goods
market. Stewart started it by ''marking
down" below Clailiu's figures. Claflin
followed suit; Stewart cut down again;
th&x Claflin ; then Stewart; then Claflin
again ; theu Stewart ouce more, and so
l he war has gone on for a week. Dry
goods men tell me ihcy never saw the
market so excited as it is by this war
between the two great houses. Both
parties are sellingat prices that are abso
lutely ruinous. '1 rade was so disturbed
by their op erations that the agents of the
different mills held a meeting and decid
ed not to sell to any one except at a cer
tain fixed price. Stewart had been sell
ing some liues far below the ageuts' jui
ces (losing heavily of course,) and they
thought to steady the market by giving
notice that they would not sell to any
man who attempted to undersell them.
Stewart coutiuues his "bear" operations,
however, and the excitement is rising to
u fever, lie has demoralized the marfc-
ance, ia this great Union of ours. It
"cannot accommodate the demands of the
whole western portion of the State ; no
single line of railway could do this for
cither section. The business of the val
ley demands abroad on each side, and as the weather moderates, to take a
cvcntuallv this deuiaud wili be met. At ! scout through the mountains to find it'
present we are far from rich, and we have ! t,,ere are V d &kios l' king around.
not capital enough in the State to build Jo,hn .1Ju.rk was evicted at Elko of
, , , , I murder in the second degree, for killing
even one road, and are compelled to call j a chin:llnuu near Toano not long since.
on foreign capital to aid the enterprise. T,iC Union pae;fic tra;as fuileJ tQ
Capital is charry about cutering upon ; reach Ogden to make the connection
enterprises of this kind in a compara- j twice this week, owiug to bad weather,
lively new and undeveloped couutry, and ! On the night of .March 12th the jail
wo are fortunate indeed in securing for ! at Diamond City. Montana was forcibly
, , . , , , .,. : filtered bv the igilancc Con:uiitte and
our road the capital and ability now em- ; w Pa'trick. who was confined for the
barked in it. For these and "many other
reasons that might be enumerated, the
road now being pu.shcd to completion
should receive the hearty approval and
best wishes of our people, relying on the
i murder of John Reuser, at Oregon
guich, on the 4th, was taken out of his
cell and hanged to a beam in the jail.
The stage coach on the road to Helena,
on Sunday evening, March 15th, with
1 ton i:l.iMi''ir nil Dunnnmn f'irwtiiwt -it
fact that the new impetus thus given to : ,)ry crce!r" 240 miles above Coriune.
every branch ot industry, and the inercse ; I ho night was intensely cold, and two of
last week's prices. The fight is charact
erized by outsiders as ''throat-cutting.
Stewart's pugnacityjind capital will carry
him through, but houses not so strong as
Telegraphic Smuaiarj.
St. Albans, Vt., April 1. For several weclsa
an uiiuFual supply of money orJur drafts from
rhil:ok:!.liia mlSew Yorkhavs been received at
the Burlington post oflice payable to a hundred
known Fenians. Myste.iou.iinoveruents lately of
loaded teams from hero to Underbill and st
for.l, 8.)ine miles c;it and not on railroad, have
been notieod. For two Sunday nights past, trains
and teams bound uorth have passed Fairfax tow
ard FairScld village, near Canada, largely in-hal-itd
by Irishmsu, mot of whom are Feuians.
New York, April 1. llaytieu advices state
that Saffet was iuduvtod iuto office with imposing
eeremouies. Th rebellion is not yet subdued.
T lie rebels are before Aux Ayres. Mr. Weimer,
United tatea Consul, lias been seized and is held
as a hostage by Uien Fn.-as in the South.
Chicago, April 1. The Jturutd'a special says
the Supremo Court stood on the question of re
opening the Leal TemUr decision : Those in
favor were Miller, Davis, Swaine,' Strong, Brad
ley. Dissenting, Wilson, Chkf Justice Chase.
Clifford and Field. The acliou of the Court caused
much comment in both Houses of Congress.
Wasihsgtox, Apiil I. An euvov from Bacz,
named Cohen, who anivul and was t -day at the
White House, is said to bring important informa
tion as to alfiiirs in .tn I m:ngo.
Monroi:, April 2 A. party of armed men last
night utiacked ti e j.iii at Washita, Paris, and
killed J. JT. Ust'!i:;, Hucria. an l l-elea--ed a man
who was i'l bis ca ; oly, named Breamer. The
assassins alo k.ii;.l a colored man, a witness
against Breainur. and set fire to thu jcil door to
prevent the ocjpe of other prisoners.
1'EiitoiT, April 1. The wholesale dry goods
storj of Farriiigion. J.IcMillen & Co., was burned
to-night ; toss, STi.OOO.
Foiit Shaw, April 1. A messenger just ar
rived from the Piegan Camps reports the Indians
very submissive and all the Picgau chiefs anxious
for peace.
Xtw York, April 1. The following is the Ue-
pmmean u--ket for Ihe coming .Judi-iai election
Meeting of the Republican Stats Convention.
his will probably go bv the board before Win. M. Evans, Chief Justice ; Win. Mason,
the storm blows over. X. Y. Cor. l'.os- ?;' E,"m:tl- Cha-i. And.-ew. X -ah l.avis Jr
(on Journal.
lleurv lUigeboom, Assistant Justices of the Court
of App.-als-
Tho tJeneral C;)inmilte of the German Democ
racy, ctaimiiig to r. pres-.:nt t'lii ty ihuisand votes,
n-.luot 'd resolutions in lavor of Tweed or the Old
The police of Dublin seized a lame t Demo :racv.
number of revolvers aud a quaiitity of am- i tf'-a.vsre.v, IVnn , Aprii 1. The Avonda!e mhio
, , . , , ' 1 will be worked on Mond. iv. t:ie Cr-t time Since the
munition on the Liverpool s tea mora yes- dUflst(.r of Sl.1)U.,uiK.r u:t.
tjrday. Ciikm'I , April 2. The Tribune' Washington
,ri i i- T 1 1 i spei-ial s:iys almost evervbodv is of the otiinion
The popular discontent in Ireland ,L ;, r.cent Teuder Uion will be re-
seems increasing. 1 lie papers publish a ! versed and the constitutionally of the act fully
Nominations Platform, Etc.
Portland, April 7. (Jen. Palmer nominated
for Governor, and Judje Wilson for Congress.
Pomx iNO, April 7 J. 15. Jas.Elkins received
the nomination fur Secretary of State, liirh for
Por.Ti.AND, April 8. The Republican State
Cornei, lion made the following nominations yes-
.iv : II. .n. Josep'u li. WiLioii. of Wasco, for
C ' e s; (an. Jot-l Psi'umt, of Yaiuhill, for
tl .ycr j. r ; 3i. Ilirseh, if Marion, for Treasurer,
l.v u;l . i ; James Klkins, of Linn, for Sec
1 e i. y .r h
PlaL ' rm V.'y endo- cs !ho adinini-tration ;
denouii. es all forms of repudiation as a national
crime ; national honor requires the payment of
the publie iu.Iel.t 'rlnc-s not only accordiug to the'
loiter but the spirit of Ihe law under which it was
conf ra: t.: l. 0;-poscs any change in tl e natural
ization laws which shall admit to citizenship any
f reiguers not now entitled thereto under said
laws. Favors universal amnesty ; favors a judi
cial system of railroad and liver i improvements ;
that Congress should make us liberal grants of
Tbe'utin".!t unanimity and harmony prevailed
during the entire session. Judgo Wilson starts
immedialely to open the campaign against the Al
bany nominee f r Congress.
Lateh. For State Printer, Kiucnid, of Line ;
Judge 3d Judicial District, Boise, of Polk; Pros
ecuting Attorney, Powell, of Biun.
lung list of outrages recently committed , ai'jVuied.
., - . 1 Litters f.-on
biieiC. -
It is reported at Home that attempts
to conciliate the opposition
the Cutiij-
'm RcDubMeans in Connecticut 8;iy
not much i felt in the canvass there.
Democrats are working but little, and the Repub
lic i:;- ;;ro eonn-l.nt of re-elc'titig Gov. Jewoll.
cil of Ministers has been abandoned. j Cit. Committoo of the -Senate to recoucile Senator
A White Tine miner who came east on j ''' " een-tary of the Senate has failed.
, , , i i- i . : sultmilte 1 sii-ws ina? the lattorhas beoii
a palace Car, and Mept With his boots ell, ' cn ie.ivo ring to control l-acoie Coa.-t appointments
savs the beds are "as soft as down on a j over the luad i f Colo, who demands that he bo
maiden's lips " tarne I out of ofliee l't.-r snch eomluet. TLc result
' . J probably will be a now election next week. da-
1 he einpet or ot t he ! reneil IS now OlIC j.,r r.en. lVrl.-T l'oo.c, correspondent of t'ie Bos-
iu th volume ..f emigration, will speed
ily bring about a realization of a railroad
system which will give Oregon a position
in the sisterhood of States to which her
many and unrivalled advantages entitle
The telegraphic announcement that
bonds of the road to the ainouut of five
-millions of dollars have been negotiated
,l. : i:...,.i ....,. ! ot the largest landed proprietors in irriain. r " pnou.-uea nere u.i s as "
t V. IllilUUIII . J 1 11 1 li t- id lv I 1 I tF,CiI ,
to ae
leath. The remainder started on foot i 1Ie l,as Lee" buying laud in that country
uiti.-i protaiueut ca:cii late for the pa.ition-
WASiiiNt; is, April 2. Thy Prsulcnt was c-cr-
(nuujil iuut by tli.; Kt'- u'dicau assoeinu n.
' 111 honor i hi; m(i.;.'ii ';0 t t.unrt's annouinjini'
111 dll. i ,
for Sand Hole Station. Three of them lor the 1:,st ten 3curs-
l.-.I .1 1...JI.. e l e A V., I T..., . '
ii-auucu mere, uauiy nun, aim lutir 11 J"u" ";"' """ the ratineatioii of the 15th Amendment. F
; were tound dead on the road. ihe tenth j says it is his lirst attempt at a joke, con- j r,..-,. i.ta to some remarks by o I. Forney, as
' is Uiisin. i fides to Current Notes his belief that the follows: can n?-iire iho.-e presnt that no
I ... . I Book Of atute is rock-bound. i consummation since the close of the war allbnls
; C INCINNATI -MUNICIPAL ILECriOX. j There is a Prince Napaleon, a SOn-la- rih Am u-luicut to tha Constitution of the United
; Cotuplete returns show an average mnior- s i..,,- turt Cir,r r Ti-ilv Knt Tir ; ir f tiiics iy thrc
itv for the Republican ticket ot" over oT-
000. The new board of Aldermen stands
fourths of the States of the Uuiuti.
I b :ive t!;e grca e -t anxiety ever since I was
aKe I this Hoa.-e, to knw that this was to Uc
sourod. " It iooUoiJ lik the roalizatinu of the of Ink'ioudciHe. (Ap:auc.) I
rannot .-ay near us nmeh on this u-jeet as I
'would like to, not being accustom "d to sp n:kin-,
but I thixik you for vur presence this evening."
Xtff Yoi:k, April 2. --James Fi.-k, Jr., lias
:en eehj'-ted as Co.Unel of the Ninth I'leimcnt.
Colonel Uuifie aMiiacd the Lieutenant C'oloneh-y.
Wn.iNGrox, iel., April 2. At the school
.t..,it; ,rt t-.l-.v nn,-,,, I (or fl.A Ttrwt ilr.lrt in
A Missouri centlcman carries about I thi Site. "
along the line of the road, aud it the ! vices of the 20th, state that the revolu- with hiui a meujeiito ot a lost brother in j Baltimore, April 2. (Jovemor Bowie vetoed
intention to work at all points as many j was progressing throughout thorite- j the shape ot a cane cut from the tree on j SaryTan Invite
men as can be advantage. It is j ruIC- 1 !ie ftatc of L,iviil iai j1Dt-"J j which that relative was hanged for horse ; under th nr-vi.-?i n.s of the biil are described as
as we have befoe Stated, rv.-Ma r TkAwvI.Inf.oT...rv i .... . . ! Cm -ago, April 2. The Tribune' Xcw Y.-rk
iai :iya s-;erai prominent, ciiizciis ic-it
ia Germany, is a guarantee that a suffi- t 15 llepublicau. G Democrats, and 2 Io-
: . . P r i -n i c .x. ' Jependents. The Council, wi'h members
cient amount of funds will be iorthcoui-, . . , Oo, ...
, liolaing over, stands . Hepublicans, 10
ing to rapidly complete aud fuily equip : i)elIi0crats at,a 4 Idcpeudeuts ; School
the road for business. Our information , Jinan1, 25 for Bible iu schools and 22
is that a large number ot" men are al- i against.
Teaay employed in various rapacities ! FBOm South Ameihca.-
the uiurdeier of ietor Noir. I la is a
Liberal, aud oppos-ed to iuijierial KUtoe
racy, There is said to be 700 laborers out
of employment in San Francisco. The
old Parisian plan of street improvements
is supposed to silence the clamor fur
1. in 11 County Convention
The Union voters of Lion county are requested
to meet ut their rjiective places of voting in their
precincts, on SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 1870,
to chonsi! Jikgntes to represent them in the
Comity Convention, to bo held at the Court House
iu Albany, on
Thursday, AprJl lst, ls70,
at 10 o'clook A. M. The several precincts are
entitled to delegates as follows :
... 5
... 5
... 4
... 3
." 2
Albany 8
lirtiWiisvilh; 5
lirush Croirk 2
Center .' 3
Franklin Uutte 4
Seio 4
Sanliain 3
Orleans ,
Sweet Home
J. 11. FOSTER, Chin.
E. E., Secretary.
-Caracas ad- I
the intention.
1 i-i - ; Jtuuji uviau. aw.....r v.. va..-.a-. ; , Ul(, u ; j ot ;ne tl. KUbject of much ! i ork last ni-ht ia th.- Jiivclitm of Cuiai.a. Ku-
city this season, and it may be completed i President Momgas, with his fleet, faned c01m'e Jt j France -uid the tiublie pre-! ' '" jr' "' a ,!'' '" lhe :r"I,!i' r Ihe vinity ot
to a poiat'twenfy-fire miles soath. And i h j is deluded with both'pro and eon. " lT!T
it is our solemn conviction that, beforo I he WOO,,J retttrn " 1 a:r0 abe"- The Americans n-sidont in Hamburg h Far,vi,U street have be n s,ut away
' : . . . !- i o I I uu oecupafis uutuo premises are ignorant ot
tn. A Vermont naner tells this sforv : ! "a "asu'url v,..., . thvir a s:,;laii..n.
Jddces of Elc tiox The following judges
for the June election have been appointed by
County Court :
Albany Precinct, Poll No. 1 J. II. Ilackleman,
alien Parker, C. Mealcy.
Albany. Poll No. 2 S. Montgomery, Martin
Eupcr, Joseph Nixon.
Orleans Joseph Hamilton, J. T. Slate, John
. Peoria James Garrett, S. I. Haley, II. A.
Uarrisbnrg E. B. Moore, J. W. MeMeckan,
A. W. Waters.
Krownsvillc W. R. Kirk, L. C. Rice, John
Iirush Creek R. C. Fiuley, X. J. Rice, Robert
Waterloo P. G. Canuical, Bart. Curl, Charles
Sweet Home A. P. Njc. A. F. Thompson, J.
P. Mack.
Lebsnon Wm. B. Gore, Joseph Moist, J. W.
! Bell.
Center J. U. Dirtithitt, Matthew Bryson, Eph.
Syracuse J. T. Crooks, S. T. Jones, Christian
Seio Wash. Crabtree, Alfred Shelton, B. W.
! Redman.
j Franklin Eaite R. Pollard, n. M. Brown, D.
j Mover.
Santiam U Burtonsliaw, 1. Hctchcr Crabtree,
J. 1. Combs.
cpresseu tue oj
ion in our hearing that "farmers in Ore
gon would be better off if we never had
a mile of railroad built," have shed ihe
Tnoss from their junis, we shall hear the
brill whistle of the iron horse, warning
s that the "ears are on time."
Unsettled. The Democratic party
seems to be in an unsettled condition all
over the State, just now. After the
June election there won't be enough of!
the rotten concern left to make a respect
able "settle." The last Dallas IlcpubU-"
an contains the following adverti.?emcnt:
AH Democrats who are opposed to the
workings) of cliques and combinations,
and who desire a fair expression of the
'true Democracy of Polk, and all who
ieel dissatisfied with the late couuty con
vention, bed at Dallas, on March the
19th, 1870, are requested to meet at
Dixie, on Saturday, April lGth, 1870,
for the purpose of devising some means
by which they can harmonize the party.
By request of Many Democrats.
Bonds Negotiated. A telegram of
April 2d fcays that 5,000,000 of the
bonds of the Oregon and California rail
road bare been negotiated in Europe.
We expect soon to bear the Democratic
bowl of another outrage perpetrated by
these bondholders on the people, and an
other attempt to apply their late doctrine
of "equitable adjustment."
Tviru.r toila f It w sfnrir
About thirty-live years a-o John Clou-h ana Dy tlle W:,y ' reuauriii- us national ; ion. April .i.-iiie citc,.
...1 K-,rinv (;;ilt .;.lrriill -,, .'V characteristics uumistakcable have elect- 1 last ey.n.o-adopted a calling upon I ho
arm i army Irlliei we.e married, anu ar- i , Legislature to pa.-s ih.- new charter as it came from
terward lived iorseveral years in Norwich, j ed Uanbaldi piesident tliereul. i the Assembly, iciryii.s many of la features as
filial niix is rai'in" in Tucson and ; vast im!.ro euun: s wniuii meinoeis naa r.r
1 o r-
Northern Arizona. , It is most fata!
among the native population; but few
cases among the troops.
Contracted. The Capital Lumber
ing Company, of Salem, have contracted
to furnisb rough lumber at 11 50 per
thousand, aud flooring at $19 90, for the
furnishing of the Commercial Hotel of
tbat city. Their contract calk for 130,
000 feet of lumber, says the Statesman.
"" 1 1 ' -
Fifteenth Amendment. The first
time fhe elective franchise has been ex
ercised by the colored people in this
State was oa the 4tb in Portland, where
the tax-payers attended a school meetinS
and voted for school officers
, ' i
f . Legal Rate.4 The California Legis
lature has passed a bill raising the rate of
interest from 7 to 10 per cent, where
there is no special contract.
L'ive years after, Clouirh disappeared.
and it was shortly afterwards reported
that he had died in Massachusetts.
Mrs. Cloush was by and by married to
Nahala Davis, and they have lived in
Norwich ever siuee; have raised quite a
family of children, and accumulatad con
siderable property. The farm is deeded
to Mrs Davis. A few days ago Clough
reappeared, claiming his wife, and per
haps hoping to get possession of the prop
erty. Eben Taplin, a friend of Mead, the
Urattleboro sculptor, has carved an eaule
from a solid block of Vermont granite.
Its wings are extended, measuring. three
feet from tip to tip, and average only two
inches in thickness. They are worked
to a perfect edge, and the feathers and
quills upon them are' very faithfully rep
resented. Sculptors have held that the
Vermont granite could not be cut into
slender and beautiful work ; iu fact, it is
only with the bardest tools and heaviest
iron mallets that it ccn be cut at all.
This master piece of work is to surmount
a soldiers monument in Rochester, Vt.
White Pine is a lovely place to live in.
The A-(cs of one day last month has the
following in relation to a White Pine
zephyr : "At the present writing we are
in the midst of. the most terrific storm
we ever experienced anywhere. The at
mosphero is not intensely cold, but it
curls about with a rapidity, variety and
industry not at all charming. The tin
roof of the oflice has gone tff entire, aud
all hands are at work without shelter.
The gale is so terrific that repairs can
not be made, and we are compelled to
freeze it out, praying for an early subsi
dence of the storm."
years recommended as necessary to municipal
It is reported that a meeting has taken place
between II oiaco Ciee!ey a.d John Monis-cy iu
ilie Quebec JJcrcurt says tliat u IS : for the Uovcrnor.-uip t.y tha Youinc Democracy
Pkesented. In the House a bill has
been presented and referred extending
the swamp land acts to Minnesota and
Oregon. It should pass.
Paid In. Jackson couuty bas paid
into the State treasury her quota of tax,
amounting to $7,600.
Mckdeb Tbial. The trial of McFar
knd bas begun in New Fork, and excites
the most intense interest.
A Comauche Indian a few days ago
brought his squaw to a pioneer artist to
have ber picture taken. The artist got
the squaw in position, when the old Co
manche thought he would .. investigate
the mystery of making squiw's pictures.
He aecoidingty raised the cloth and look
ed into the camera, when he was aston
ished to see his wife standing on her
head. At this he grew indignant, and
even beat her for assuming such an un
dignified attitude before the soldiers,
but as she stoutly denied the offence, be
continued his experiments, and at last
came to the' conclusion that a machine
that would stand his squaw on her head
in half asecond, without her knowing
anything about it, was exceedingly bad
A correspondent of the Evening Press
says emigration from Ireland to the Uni
ted States increased to a remarkable ex
tent within the past lew days, due to the
probable passage through Parliament of a
bill for the preservation of life and prop
erty in Ireland.
Prince Pierre Bjnaparte is reported to
naye sailed for America. '
proposed to buy American silver in Can
ada at live per cent, aud sill it to the
United States, and that SI. 000,000 in
half aud quaiter pieces have been order
ed. On the 4th, at Salem, J. W. Gamble,
a carpenter, had bis arm terribly broken
and crushed, while working in the Capi
tal lumber mills, by being caught bet ween
a large drum and belt wliilo adjusting
the latter. m
The Eucene City municipal election on
4th resulted as follows: 10. L. Bristow,
A. V. Peters and Geo. Humphry as
Councilmen ; A. A. Smith, Recorder ;
Mark Stevens, Treasurer ; T. J . Dunton,
Marshal Also school district i election
of F. B. Dunn, re-elected Clerk, and
Thomas Belshaw-, Director.
Port au Prince letters pay Winner,
American Consul recently arrested by
Jacqtict, Chief of llaytien insurgents, is
still held as hostage at Des Apricots.
The English, French and American con
suls, at Port au Prince, have taken tho
matter in hand, and a fleet, consisting of
one English two llaytien men-of-war,
have been sent to liberate Winner.
Several Chicago business firms have
secured good-looking females to collect
their bills. The only trouble is t.iat
bachelor debtors aro inclined to show
cause why the dear dunncrs should call
again. j
What a contrast there sometimes is be
tween the adjective and the adverb! Re
flect, for example, on the wide difference
that exists between the man; who is con
stant in love and the man whois constant
ly in love.
A member of the Alabama Legislature
recently arose and moved that ''Mary
Ry'an Randolph be brought before dis
house on telegram wire.
An Illinois woman who wanted to go to
a masquerade party as Mary Queen of
Scotts, looked through the Bible to acer
tain bow the character was dressed.
A'learned doctor, referring to tigh"; la
cing, avers that it is a positve benefit
inasmuch as it kills all foolish girls, and
leaves all the good ones to grow up to be
Virginia received 847,000 from its
oyster tax last yi ar, against 805,132 the
preceding year.
"I wish, Sally," said an incautious
swain at Parkersburg, "that you were
locked in my arms and the key lost."
It is stated by a Catholic journal, as
positive, that not a Catholic woman on
earth is in favor of woman suffrage.
A Schenectady firm wants to exchange
350 velocipedes for Confederate bonds.
A -Kentuckian has raised 12,000
pounds of hemp from nine acres of ground.
A HcntlJ'e cable disuatuli say Phillip"!, who is
intimaicly acjuni'ited wiihtbe proposed purchase
of Cuba by the Cniic I Stales, bad been arres'ed
nt Q'leunslovt-n eharcl with embo:'.7.!e-eat from
the Treasury Department of New York, and was
remanded to X'riso'i.
Sew Tons, Aprils. Two colored men voted
at lV-rt'iaoiboy. New Jersey, on tho adoption of
the new c!!--r, last 'f iairs :.iv, tae tht votj under
the amendment iu IMe C S. Coiisiitution.
Ni:v Vonic, A;.ril 4. Tho Tribtme says it is
impis.-ib!e iut lo re can be any truth ia the
sialeme: t jus: tee.--i aphed that Phillips, the em
bezzler, juit cap ured in Ireland, aud Paul S.
Forbes, our li.i:or at Madrid, are the same
person. Korb s. is t o well known to make the
story other than ridiculous.
Xtw York, April 4. A ninsR meeting on be
half of Cuban independence, to bo held to niht
at Co"pcr. Institute, under the auspices of the
Cuban League, of the United States, promises to
be an imposing demonstration. Mayor Hall will
preside. Speeches are promise 1 from lien. Hunks,
Jlons. L. Woodward, T. Fitz-J"hn Mitchell, Hi.r
a e tirceley, Richard O. Oermaiu, Cassius M.
Ciny, J. T. Taylor un 1 o hers.
V tica, April :i. The lower hall in Clinton vil
lage, was burned last uight. Lost-, $22,000.
Loi;isvn.i.K, Ky., April 3. A disastrous firo
occurred iu the ludia.ia Stale Prison this aficr
noon. Cells were emirely destroyed. One con
vict, a colored boy, was sullbcuied iu bis cell.
Tina shops and factories in connection wilh the
prison wero not injured. Loss not yet known.
IIavasa, April 3. A general movement of the
Spanish troops against the rebels iu the Central
Department is commenced, ."cparate columns
left Puerto Principe on 'he morning of April 1st.
Another marched from Puerto Del Padre to attack
tho reax. Vulmaleta lias advanced to Canto.
Oeueral ticoynccho is iu the mountains behind
Sebanieo. Ho reports 300 rebels surrendered
theror aud that he .discovered and captured a
depot of artillery, upp?sed to be the only onu the
insurgent possessed. Prisoners report the insur
gent forces in a statj of dissolution.
Two powerful torpedoes were recently taken
from under the rails oa tho Nnevitas and Puerto
Principe railroad, where they bad been placed
for the purpose of blowing up pascin trah.s.
Loxuon, April 3. Th'j Irish Cored bill passed
both Houses of Parliament. Thj House of Lords
met Saturday to leeeive the expected message
from the Queen approving the bit), but it was not
sent in.
Betting on tho University boat race U six to
four in lavor ot Ihe Oxfords.
Pahis. April 3. A Parliamentary crisis is im
minent. The Kniperor desires to submit the now
order of things to a vote of the people, and Min
isters are not willing to permit discussion on .S'.-a-attta
(luntultitm by corps Liegislutif. Nothing
definite on these points are known now, but dec
larations from tho Cabinet ara expected.
Prince Pierrs Uonaparte is still in prison. It is
said ho will go to lielpium.
Hartfoiid, April 4. The Democrats make
gains in both houses of the Legislature, and will
possibly carry tho Senate. Th city . gives Eng
lish 4S majority. Chapman, Democratic candi
date for Mayor, is reelected, with the rest of the
ticket, by over 600 majority. The Democrats
have four majority in the Council. - English isno
doubt elected Governor. The Legislature is elope,
but the Republicans claim a majority in both
Evans, CAr,., April 5. A dispatch to-day from
South Pass, Wyoming, says, the citizens of that
place formed two mounted companies to follow the
trail of the Indians who murdered the miners a
Cow days ago. They threaten to supply them
selves with ammunition from tho only ammunition
store in the place. Fonrcilizens are still missing.
They went out with the men whosa mutilated re
mains were recently brought in, aud were proba
bly murdered by tho same band.
- The Supreme Court has decided that
the rebellion was officially and judicially
closed on the 17th of August, 1866,
Slddes Dkatiu Mr. Kosenstein, of the firm
of II se:.s;eia & Mendelson, merchants ef this
city, left on Tuesday's boat, en route for San
Francisco. A telegram was received here by his
wife on Thursday, that he had only went as far as,
Oregon City, where Le sickened and died. No
particulars. Mr. It. was a hale, robust looking
man, and his death was as uulooked for as sudden.
Dead. Toe wife of the Kev. J. D. Driver died
at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Portland, on Wednes
day, April 6th, of hemorrhage from the bowels.
Thanks. Wc are under renewed obligations
to Mr. John Uriggs for late Eastern and European
files. What would a man do without friends.
As soon as we can catch our breath, we are on
the ratify.
The New Orleans Tims hints that on
the arrival f our Minister at Pekin. he
will be officially recognized as lli-Low.
to trust my suns, Charles V. L. or William F.
Simpson, on my account as their guardian or as
thicr faiher, for I will not bo responsible for any
liabilities or pay any debts they may contract
after this date.
Harrisburg, Ogn., April 5, 70-3l-6w.
Railroad Tics Wanted.
Office Oregon and CALiFonNiA Hail- 1
road Co., PonTLANn, April 1, 1S70. J
to contract Cor the delivery, on the Line of
the Oregou and California Railroad, between
Parrot's creek and Albany, of
100,000 TIBS,
of the following description : Eight feet long, 6
inches thick, and 10 inches fuce, with the bark
taken off. To be delivered between the 1st day
of May and 1st of September, 1870. Proposals
for hewn timber aro invited.
For particulars apply at the Office of the
Tho Salem Statesman, Albany and Corvallis
papers please copy and send bill to Company's
Offi e. ! upr9-31-lm
W. II. KU13JV & CO.,
Having just received a Large and well selected
Stock of
Hammers, Hammers,
Hammers, Hammers,
Sledges, Sledges,
"Sledges, Sledges,
Saws, Saws, Saws,
Saws, Saws, Saws,
Planes, Planes, Planes,
Planes, Planes, Planes,
Corss-C t and Mill Saws,
Together with a large assortment of
Nails, Nails, Nails,
Nails, Nails, Nails,
Springs, Springs, Springs,
Springs, Springs, Springs,
Axles, Thimble-Skeins, Bolts, &c, &c.
Also, a well Selected Stock of
"Wason !I7ira.?3or,
All of which we are now offering to the public
nt low rates. As we make tho business a spec
ialty, we can and will keep a better assortment at
lower prices than any house in this city.
Front street, Albany, Oregon.
Where at all times will be found the latest Peri
odicals, Mugaziues, Newspapers, Boks of
all kinds, Writing Paper, every variety,
all kinds and sizes of Envelopes,
and the mw', beautiful
This stock has been selected with great care, and
none but First-class articles are kept. Goods
received direct from San Francisco by every
steamer. Terms moderate.
Give me a call. W. S. DRIGGS.
Albany, April 9, 70.-31-ly.
Guardian's Sale of Heal Property.
virtue of an order of the County Court in
and for Linn county, Oregon, made at the April
term thereof, A. D. 1870, tho undersigned, Guar
dian of the estate of James Cammings and Olive
Cummings, minors, will sell the lollowing des
cribed real estate at public sale, at the Court
House door, iu Albany, in said county, on the
lOtu day of May, A. D. 1870, to wit :
The undivided two-sevenths' interest in fee
simple of the east half (with the exception of fif
teen acres heretofore, sold to John McNeil) of
Donation Land Claim No. 42 Not. No. 2590, the
whole of said cast half containing ICO acres, and
situated in Linn county, Oregon.
Receiving and opening a large and splendid
assortment ot
Which we offer at reduced rates.
In the Monteith Fire-proof Brick, First-st.
March 12.-70-27
Closed out at about cost.
HARD W All ,
A well Selected stock now on hand, and will
be filled up constantly, and
The best assortment kept -in the city, and con
stantly receiving fresh supplies,
AU who want bargains give me a calL
Albany, March 5, 1370-2C.
nusiriEss ippj
Albany, ... . Oreg-on.
American & Swiss Gold & Sifter Watches
Of every description. Direct Importer of
the very best
S W I 3 S M A D E W A T C II E S ,
Gents and Ladies Sizes.
Of all Kinds constantly on hand. 1
San Francisco Prices.
Every Article Sold aud all Repairing
Done, Warranted.
We claim to keep all
14 and at prices that defy competition.
Perfumery, Toilet Goods, Ac.
Our Goods are FRESH and
Front Street, three door below Connor',
Albany, eb iz'70-j vregon.
Branob. office,
.lbany,. Oreg-on,
J. C. MEXDEMULL, - . Agent, -
Established July, 1SGS. An office where
general information concerning tho resources of
Oregon can be obtained frco of charge.
Loans negotiated on firM Mortgage. Real Es
tate and Collateral Seem itks. We have for sale
a large ainouut of property located in tho town
of Albany. Also, Fannin lands, of every des
cription, located in Linn and other counties in
this State.
To the citizens of Albany and vicinity, and to
tho owners of Real Estate : We take this method
of calling your attention to our place of busi
ness. Having determined to open a Branch Of
fice in your city, we can offer y on a medium for
obtaining purchasers one that is appreciated by
buyers, as it saves them much time and labor in
searching for what they want. Our principal
Agency, at Portland, Oregon, is thoroughly es
tablished, and the oflice so well furnished for giv
ing information upon Real Estate, that it affords
the most complete facilities for all parties having
business in our line.
B3 You incur no expense in placing yonr
property on sale with us unless a sale is made.
Office on First street, opposite Post-Office.
Albany, Ogn., March 23, 1870. 29tf.
J. C. MEXDEMIALl, Agent,
Office First st opposite Post Office, Albany, Ogn.
IT JAVE for sale in the city of Albany, adesira
L XX ble Homestead, Lots 1, 2. 7 and 8, corner
Third. Fourth and Klswortn streets, one or me
best localities in the city. A good one aud a half
story bouse, with all other conveniences." Apply
ta s J. C. MENDENIIALL, Agent,
Albany, Oregon.,
IN presenting the claims of this NEW KNIT
TING MACHINE to popular favor, we aim
at no more than a brief and candid statement of
its actoal merit. We confidently claim that the
CLIMAX KNITTER is superior to all other ma
chinos in the follwiug respects :
.1. Simplicity of construction and operation.
2. Completeness and excellence of work.
3. Convenience of shape, size and weight ef
4. Durability of machine. i
5. Rapidity of work.
6. Cheapness.
It is so simple in its construction and in its
workings, that less than half the time is required
tt lenrn to knit on it than on others. With It th
children of the household can do all the knitting.
It is made entirely of iron and steel. A man's
sock can be made in thirty minute. It makes
tho regular old old-fashioned knitting needle
stitch or loop, (with several others if -desired) ;
turns the heel, making it of as good shape as by
hand, without any sewing ; narrows or widens,
at the pleasure of the operator, and makes a per
fect toe. Any article tbat can be knit by hand,
can be manufactured on this machine.
Persons who wish to. see the machine in opera
tion, are requested tc hll on the agent in this city.
Agents for Oregon. .
Albany, Ogn., Feb. 12, 1870.-23
Have just received from
Ssixii Francisco,
a very large and well selected stock of
At Prices to Suit tile
Their stock consists, in part, as follows : A iorgv
supply of
Denims, Hickory Stripes, Checks
Sheeting's Elcached and Uublc?f
Frciicit Col(onnilr
. - Canton Flannels'
SoavT" 331an 1 ct
A Spendid assorthieft
srrn is
S-tts. - , -
Emprtf ClotJis,
Fancy Patterns,
Balmorals ami
Fancy Notions,
Trimmings, &c.
Ladies and Misses Hoods, Hats, Nubias, Ac.
A good Assortment of '
gent's FirtNisniso coons, tc.
A complete assortment of Men's and Boy"f
Also the latest style and quality of
Ladies, Misses and ChilJreD's Shoes.
A splendid assortment of
Croccrics, Qucensware and Glaswar !
Hardware, Pocket & Table Cutlery,
Window Shades, Lace and Muslin Cur
tains, Carpeting. 1
In fact, almost everything usually kept in a r-
tttlla'ing bonSht-our" good, or the bt term,
the market will afford, and selected ti ,
great care, wo feel warranted in saying that we
fin offer as great inducement, to ctom a,
any house in the trade, and hope, by strict at.
tention to business and the want, of ttomr..
to merit a liberal patronage from the public
Sa, Remember the place. The housa fort
merWoccupiod by I. Mansfield Bro.
. p. C. HARPER & CQ,
Albany Oct. 30, 1S69.-S